Friday, 2013-03-15

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CosmoHillnight night00:46
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Stskeepsmorn all06:25
* Stskeeps is looking forward to seeing how armv7tnhl impacts memory usage06:32
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fk_lxgood evening ;-P06:35
Stskeepsgood evening guantanamo? ;)06:35
fk_lxit's 23:35 here06:35
fk_lxso almost midnight06:36
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Stskeepsfk_lx's gone to the US07:03
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Stskeepsmartyone: i'd like your time machine, the one you use to make changelogs from 3013 in ;)07:24
martyoneStskeeps: :D and this is not the first lime - I also managed to type 2014 somewhere07:25
Stskeepsmartyone: in an interesting twist, rpm complained because it was not chronologically correct07:27
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zuhWith a fresh SDK install of I get from mic create fs, did I miss a init step or is that mkdir just missing "-p"?08:11
Stskeepsdoes /var/tmp/mic/cache exist?08:12
zuhIt's a symlink to parentroot /var/tmp/mic/cache but there's no mic in /var/tmp there08:13
Stskeepssounds like lbt area08:14
zuhCreating it manually seems to work, but...08:14
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martyonemardy: hi, I am working on MER#683 - it is to make libsignon tests (1) installed and (2) pass in mer. I wonder if (which?) the tests can be run under non-root user?08:23
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mardymartyone: hi! I usually run "make check" as ordinary user as part of the build, and they pass08:24
mardymartyone: let me check the bug report08:24
martyonemardy: ok, I will provide also the output of the tests in a second08:25
mardymartyone: so, we removed the xml files because we were not using them, and they went out of sync08:25
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mardymartyone, kontio: in Ubuntu we are running "make check" as part of the build (dh_auto_test works just fine)08:27
martyonemardy: yes I noticed the changes in git history, AFAIK on mer the aim is to test the sw deployed on target/real hw08:31
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martyonemardy: so here is the tests.xml , out-root , out-non-root
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martyonemardy: first when you look at tests.xml, compared to the original xml files, most of the test sets are not split, i.e., the binary is not called per function. It didn't work for me - this is expected I guess?08:40
mardymartyone: it should work even by calling per function, but I wouldn't swear, as I usually run them all together08:41
mardymartyone: anyway, I see that both root and non-root tests are failing, according to your logs08:41
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martyonemardy: whe I tried it, it segfaulted a lot becaue one test function instantiated variables the other functions used later08:43
martyonemardy: comparing the root and non-root out, there are two differencies:08:46
martyone(1) TestPluginProxy::wrong_user_for_dummy() is skipped with message "must be run as root"08:46
martyone(2) message "signondaemon.cpp 354 init Failed to SUID root. Secure storage will not be available." is issued on pre_steps08:47
kontiomartyone: if it is not possible to split it by test_ function call, then just run the whole test binary in tests.xml08:47
martyonekontio: yes, I do08:48
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mardymartyone: 2# is harmless08:51
lbtmorning all08:51
martyonemardy: good :-)08:52
mardymartyone: do you have a security framework, like AEGIS?08:52
mardymartyone: if not, there's no point in running libsignon-qt-untrusted-tests08:53
martyonemardy: I haven't heard of before08:53
mardymartyone: those test work only if a security framework is in place08:53
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kontiomartyone: mardy: no AEGIS or similar atm :-)08:55
kontiomartyone: so skip them for them08:56
martyonekontio: ok, what about #1 - the single test case requiring root. On wiki there is TODO regarding running tests as root08:56
mardymartyone: ignore that test, I think we'll remove it :-)08:58
martyone:-) ok08:58
kontiofine with that too08:58
martyonemardy: have you checked my work in progress on gerrit?08:58
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mardymartyone: no, which one?09:14
martyonemardy: ah, mentioned in the bug report :-),125209:14
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martyonemardy: if you as the developer of libsignon have any observations on it.. especially the qmake stuff which I really fought with :-)09:15
mardymartyone: yes, I suspect thre are easier ways to do it, let me check09:18
martyonemardy: ok, take your time :-)09:18
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mardymartyone: I think it should be possible to remove the install/uninstall rules by using something like: create_tests_definition.variable_out = tests_definition.files09:22
mardymartyone: but I didn't test it, so I'm not sure09:22
martyonemardy: yes, I know this features. The problem is the file does not exist at the time qmake run so it decides to simply not to create the install rule :-\09:23
martyonemardy: now I realized what you meant09:25
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martyonemardy: you mean it would realize the file is to be created - hm, I will give it a try, but according to what I saw in qmake source code, I am afraid...09:26
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martyonemardy: only after I tried it - no success - I realized variable_out is valid for extra_compilers, and here I use extra_targets :-(09:42
martyoneBTW, using extra_compilers would do it too, but I am afraid that trying to express "compile the test binaries into tests.xml" in qmake would be even bigger mess :-)09:42
mardymartyone: qmake is... mmm... fun :-)09:43
martyonemardy: exactly :-)09:43
martyonemardy: so If you think it is acceptable what I did(?) ..any other observations?09:46
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mardymartyone: it looks fine to me :-)09:48
martyonemardy: ok, big thanks for your help ;-)09:48
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kaltsiwhere does mer's qt5 come from? The Mer:Qt5 and Mer:Qt5:Devel projects have the build disabled for all archs10:04
kaltsi(in cobs)10:05
Stskeepskaltsi: mer core10:06
Bostikkaltsi: as far as I understand, Stskeeps builds them in mer OBS, and they are (pretty well) based on what I've done with the packaging so far10:06
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kaltsiall right, I was searching for something that says 'qt5' but qtbase is the thing10:13
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kaltsiBostik: so you have a hand in qt5 packaging? I'll be proposing a change to it any-day-now to make qmake accelerable with sb210:15
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kaltsithe proposal in a nutshell is to repackage qmake for qt4 and qt5 so that they can be installed at the same time.. right now /usr/bin/qmake and /etc/rpm/macros.qmake conflict, the other files are already in qt4/qt5 specific dirs10:17
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kaltsithey would get installed under /usr/bin/qmake-{qt4|qt5} and /etc/rpm/{qt4|qt5}/macros.qmake instead10:19
Bostikkaltsi: yay!10:19
kaltsithen we'd need a package for each that installs symlinks that select the qmake and macros file that is needed by the package being built10:20
Bostikthe macros.qmake part is something I'd love to see resolved neatly, everything else is pretty much just a choice of "which one do I symlink?"10:20
kaltsiI noticed that rpmbuild only looks at files under /etc/rpm/ if there are subdirs it doesn't scan those.. so I can make /etc/rpm/qt4/macrofile and a symlink /etc/rpm/macros.qmake -> /etc/rpm/qt4/macrofile and rpmbuild will be happy10:21
kaltsiare there other utilities besides rpmbuild that want to take a look at /etc/rpm/ ?10:22
BostikI've automated the packaging to some extent, see specs and helper script at
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kaltsithanks, I'll take a look at those later today.. I'll make a patch to osc first10:23
Bostikthere are a few improvements to the script I need to do, but first I'd have to find a couple of nights completely devoid of other activities10:24
Bostik... due to baby daughter, not easy to manage10:24
kaltsiaww :)10:24
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xavinuxhi people, how are you11:01
CosmoHillI'm good, still waking up, how are you?11:04
xavinuxiekku, Hi yesterday we were talking on how to start helping with bugs verification. I could install the Virtual Machie i Virtualbox and on Vmware too11:04
xavinuxvery well CosmoHill11:05
iekkuxavinux, nice :)11:05
xavinuxtrying to familiarize with Mer11:06
xavinuxyes nice!11:06
xavinuxnow, can start with bugs or you suggest me to do something else? I  think can start reading about MerĀ“s arquitecture....11:12
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kaltsiStskeeps: do patches to 'osc' go through the gerrit contribution process too?12:28
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Stskeepsno, that's in mer tools12:28
kaltsiso lbt is the gatekeeper there12:30
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Stskeepsand as with any adventure stories, you have to pass a difficult puzzle..12:31
lbtin general we should upstream bugfixes and seriously consider the cost of adding feature patches12:31
kaltsilbt do I fork this poject?
Stskeepslbt: in this particular case we wouldn't ever get upstream support12:32
Stskeepsif it's the armv8el stuff12:32
kaltsiprobably this project
lbtlucky you - so many to choose from12:33
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lbtwhat does Mer:Tools:Testing say?12:37
lbtI suspect mer-tools is correct - but it should be based on Merproject (which is iirc, where we keep obs git tree)12:38
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lbtI think I need to define mer-tools as Mer:Tools code12:45
lbtwe also currently package/build osc for non-mer - if we continue we should do that in our 'OBS' project12:46
kaltsithe current version is "0.135.1-mer1" should I make it -mer2 ?12:47
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lbtkaltsi: lets do it properly - I got the naming wrong12:53
lbtinside mer SDK we don't need 'mer' in the release. That's implied (...looks at Stskeeps...) the mer1 is useful when installing the mer version of osc in suse or debian or something12:54
lbtso 0.135.1-2 (which sorts >mer1 I think)12:55
kaltsihow I can I check with rpm?12:55
kaltsiwith dpkg I can use dpkg --compare-versions to test version strings12:56
lbtmm I used to have a 1-liner that did that12:58
kaltsiwith dpkg 0.135.1-mer1 is > than 0.135.1-212:59
jake9xxlbt: that's one nice 1-liner ;)13:04
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kaltsi0.135.1-2 is less than -mer113:07
kaltsifrom debian days those -somethings should always start with a number; -0something13:08
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kaltsiso, -mer2 it is or 0.135.213:16
crevetor_Aaah Galaxy S4 so exciting... not.13:17
StskeepsJust Another Android ?13:17
crevetor_"We added some more cores, a little better camera, a few useless functionnalities"13:20
crevetor_8 cores in a phone, that's certainly usefull... Seeing how sailfish runs on the N950 I don't know what it would do with the extra power13:21
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crevetor_WTF :  1.6 GHz quad-core Cortex-A15 and 1.2 GHz quad-core Cortex-A7 octa-core Exynos 5 Octa13:22
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crevetor_I misread the end I thought it wa 1 quad + 1 octo13:23
crevetor_+ a tri-core gpu13:23
crevetor_lots of cores13:23
crevetor_"we also built in a nano nuclear plant so the phone lasts 1 day on a charge"13:24
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lbtkaltsi: get 0.136 from upstream :) ?13:37
kaltsiopenSUSE:12.1:Update has 0.139 .. shiny!13:39
kaltsiit's probably safer to do this minor edit13:42
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kaltsilbt do you have some pkg I should install to be able to run "osc up -s" for local _service file processing? It says 'obs-service-gitpkg' not found15:03
lbtnever done it :)15:04
kaltsiI'd like to test changes in _service file without pushing them to the obs server15:05
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lbtmeh - branch it15:07
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kaltsiI know.. I just deeply hate the obs server and would like to avoid it at all costs15:08
lbtsuck it up :D15:10
lbtor ... figure it out and tell me?15:10
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kaltsiwell it was easy15:19
kaltsicopy the stuff from your github git-pkg project to /usr/lib/obs/service/ directory (or basically run make install for that) and then it works :)15:20
kaltsithat's in the mersdk chroot15:20
kaltsiI must practice making good git commit comments.. managed to create a patch named:15:21
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Bostikkaltsi: perhaps "Add architecture and scheduler maps", then more descriptive text in the body of the commit message15:33
lbtkaltsi: neat15:33
kaltsiBostik: much better, thanks :)15:34
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kaltsiStskeeps: thinking about accelerating glibc localedef.. what if there was something ugly like an extra package that only installs /usr/bin/localedef.accel (or something) and glibc build would check if such a file can be executed and would use that if so.. ugly but could work19:08
Stskeepsi'm even fine with localedef19:08
Stskeepsbecause we can rely it's the right one19:08
kaltsiso it would just call the standard localedef if it's there? (it's always there)19:09
Stskeepsyes, if cross compiling that is19:09
Stskeepsi'm OK %if 0%{?qemu_usermodesomething}'ing a patch for that19:09
Stskeepsthere's a macro we can use to see if we're cross compiling, so19:10
kaltsithat should do it19:11
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Stskeepscheck the prjconf in project-core for armv7l/19:15
*** mdfe has quit IRC19:16
Stskeepsfor the macro in question19:16
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ArtoxIn case anyone is interested, I created a pythong script that creats a network manager system connection21:30
ArtoxI am now going to package it and somehow make it run once21:31
Artoxto get static ip working21:31
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Artoxand it works :) ssh access with Mer, NetworkManager nad the GTA0423:37
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