Thursday, 2013-03-14

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vgrademorn berndhs00:52
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berndhsbeen out of the loop, this working for a living stuff is messing with my mind00:55
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vgradeberndhs: day job means we can come here I guess01:29
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kyyberilbt: ping07:16
kyyberiwell, might as well state my issue07:19
kyyberiSome months ago I started making Mer Dashboard called Meet-Mer07:20
kyyberiit is implemented as Rails app and sources are at
kyyberiTo get it in use, it needs to be "gemified" in other words broken into gems07:21
kyyberiI did try that, but failed miserably07:21
kyyberiI would need some help so that we could get that dashboard in use07:21
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kyyberihere's one clip about that it does and what it looks like
kyyberiand another with bugs and tasks listing
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kyyberiassuming that some sort of dashboard is still needed/wanted07:27
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kyyberiafk ->07:46
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Bostikyeah, something to that effect09:05
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Stskeeps'lo alund :)09:43
alundafter updating my nexus 7 yesterday, networkmanager is not running, and "systemctl start NetworkManager" gives an error. how do i start it?09:43
Stskeepsmm, that'd be rcg area09:44
Stskeepscheck systemctl status NetworkManager.service ?09:44
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alundStskeeps: thanks. why doesn't systemctl work like on other systems? (not requiring me to type ".service")09:46
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Stskeepsalund: perhaps older version09:46
Stskeepsit used to not, i think09:46
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alundStskeeps: sounds likely :)09:47
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Jucatogood day everyone! I was wondering if anyone could point me where to get started to get Mer running on some device (Arnova 7 G2, cheap Anroid tablet). I absolutely have no idea about hardware adaptation or if it's even possible with the device, but I would love to run Plasma Active on it for development (otherwise it's just gathering dust)09:58
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alundafter update, i can't use my qml app any longer. works fine on the desktop, but on the nexus something is wrong with the qml intepreter, some elements gets 0x0px size10:25
Stskeepsrpm -q --changelog qt10:25
Stskeepsor libqtcore410:26
alunddoesn't look new at all10:28
Stskeepswell, show me it anyway10:28
alundlast change is from january10:28
Stskeepsthe top10:28
alund* Tue Jan 29 2013 Oleg Girko <> - 4.8.3n- Add default handling for any arch other than arm, i386 or mips.10:28
Stskeepsok, so not that recent10:29
alundi give up10:29
alundmaybe it will be usefull for one or two things after next PA update, but at this point there is no single thing that it is goog for10:30
Jucatoso ... any pointers in the right direction would help. it runs on a Rockchip RK2918. specs are
StskeepsJucato: generally: you need to be able to flash your own kernel, boot it and your own root file system10:31
Stskeepsand build your own kernel10:31
Jucatousing the android kernel? (it has a custom rom available so I'm guessing the kernel is available)10:32
Stskeepsthat's fine, but you have to rebuild it yourself10:32
Jucatook. thanks. gonna do some research on how to do that :)10:32
Jucatonever tried to do this kind of thing before. I've always relied on others doing the porting, but I don't think anyone would port Mer to this thing :)10:34
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alundit seems like my time is screwed up10:47
alundit appears to get the time may 1. 2000 14:56 from ?!10:48
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alundapart from that, the mer system reboots suddely very often in this state10:49
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lbtalund: there's a bit of a problem on time - there's a service that should run that isn't installed10:49
alundjust freezes and reboots, it used to happen frequently but not every 10 minutes like right now10:49
alundlbt: is it fixable?10:49
lbtit's OSS - of course :)10:50
lbtcan you ssh in as root@10:50
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lbton both emul and sdk VMs10:52
lbtthen reboot is easiest10:53
lbtwe've never had a 'freeze/reboot' report AFAIK - more details on that would be useful10:53
Stskeepskaltsi: think you can do a glibc patch that sets vfpv3-d16 for glibc?11:00
alundlbt: i don't know how to generate information about that, it freezes and after a while reboots.11:02
kaltsiStskeeps: yes, if you point me to where I should do the changes :)11:02
* kyyberi back11:02
kaltsiStskeeps: which git/obs/project is the source for everything :)11:02
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alundafter pasting the script and rebooting, i am at jan 1. 2000, 15:23:2411:12
StskeepsRTC issues?11:13
alundmaybe so11:14
alundhow can i know?11:14
Stskeepswell if it resets at every reboot11:15
alundwait, the ntp thingy was turned of in PA settings11:16
alundbut turning it on does nothing, the apply button was forgotten by the designers11:16
lbtalund: nb .. the stuff I told you about vboxservice - sorry, thought I was on another channel :)11:16
lbtbit of an unpleasant morning so far :/11:17
* alund kills off X to see if that works as an apply button11:18
alunda very longish operation, for some reason plasma-device is a veeeeeeeeeery slow starter11:18
alundlbt: quite unpleasant for me, as far as my nexus concerned :\11:19
alundntp is now appearently on, but date is wrong11:20
alundntpdate does not exist on the system, has it been replaced by som systemd thingy?11:21
alundgiven the plasma widgets to manually adjust time, that is plainly not possible11:23
alundthose are a usability disaster11:24
alundmaybe becaue of the screen resolution, but i can't set the date and time11:24
alundor, not easily11:25
alundthose spinners so easily goes bonkers, and the hit area is not working well, it is too easy to hit the next row11:26
alundlbt: do you know if ntp is used, or is is some systemd thing that sets the time? because it doesn't work.11:27
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lbtalund: you'll need to check in #active for that11:30
alundlbt: ok, thanks11:31
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alundlbt: what was the other stuff good for then?11:34
lbtthe SDK and emulation stuff for sailfish/mer11:34
Sfiet_KonstantinJucato: did your question got answered ? (about how to run PA on the Arnova 7 G2) ?11:35
alundi'm not using that at all ..11:35
alundmaybe my device lost the time setting, it was 100% drained for power11:36
alundmy guess is that PA requires ntp11:36
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kaltsiStskeeps: the glibc -mfpu option should only go to the tnhl version?11:47
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JucatoSfiet_Konstantin: um. just a bit. I'm still a bit lost because I've never tried to make a custom firmware for any Android device before. but I guess it's a good thing that someone has made one for this particular device so I guess I just have to find out how he/she did it11:50
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Sfiet_KonstantinJucato: well, first question, is the bootloader open ?11:51
Sfiet_Konstantinor unlocked ?11:51
Sfiet_Konstantinsecond thing, if you want to boot an Android derivative, you have to see in specialized chans / forums (like XDA)11:51
Sfiet_Konstantinif you want PA, you might (will) need a linux distro derivative, and mer have that role11:52
Sfiet_Konstantinbut you might need to have a compatible bootloader (dunno how are the android ones so ...)11:52
JucatoSfiet_Konstantin: oh I definitely want PA. and yes definitely Mer. :)11:53
Sfiet_KonstantinJucato: first task: find spec and bootloader11:53
Sfiet_KonstantinJucato: for example: you might need fastbood11:54
Sfiet_Konstantinbut I don't know android world much11:55
Sfiet_Konstantinafter that, you will be able to deploy a basic image on it11:55
Sfiet_Konstantinbeware it is a lot of trial and error11:55
Jucatonp about trial and error. I guess I'm even ok with bricking this thing :)11:56
Sfiet_KonstantinJucato: btw, if it works, be sure to do a vid and share it :)11:56
ArtoxI have been wondering a bit about pot scripts using mic11:56
Artoxwhen are they executed?11:56
JucatoSfiet_Konstantin: hehe sure. I'm going to take notes too :)11:56
Sfiet_KonstantinI have never done adaptation on ARM SW, and all I learnt is from Mer Wiki, Nemo and the Mer platform SDK11:57
Sfiet_KonstantinJucato: you definitely need fastboot i think
JucatoSfiet_Konstantin: I might have to ask around in other places and android forums. I'm just hoping that it's a good sign that someone was able to make a custom firmware for it11:58
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JucatoSfiet_Konstantin: btw, which "spec" is this? (I'm currently thinking of .spec files for RPM packaging >.<)12:00
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kaltsiarmv8el arch name bugs me a lot :)12:04
Stskeepswell, i think you recall the discussion12:04
kaltsiyeah sort of..12:05
kaltsibtw why is this repository and project Core:i486?
*** Jucato has joined #mer12:06
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kaltsiwhen I do my branch from Mer:MDS:Core:armv7tnhl, should I put armv7tnhl to the repo/project meta or i486? I put armv7tnhl12:07
Stskeepserr.. in <arch>armv8el</arch>12:08
kaltsithe arch says that but the <path has i48612:08
Stskeepswell, you need both-ish12:09
kaltsiwell I'll put this to my "magic - need to understand later" list12:11
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kaltsiI wonder if I could separate building the locales from building glibc.. that step takes forever on arm12:49
Stskeepsi've considered that myself12:49
kaltsithe step is very easy to remove from the spec12:52
Stskeepsyeah, but we can't remove it entirely12:52
kaltsimaybe it could be made into a separate package that gets only rebuilt on request12:52
Stskeepsi want to accelerate it at some point12:53
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kontiolbt: I want give gitpkg a chance but no idea what I need to do :-) I have a git repo which is supposed to be upstream and I have already some packaging existing... so what gp_setup options do I need to set?12:56
kaltsikontio, does readme here help? :)
kontiokaltsi: I'm studying since a while, but I can't see my use case :-)12:57
kaltsiok :)12:57
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Stskeepsmartyone: i appreciate the sentiment in line 9 of,sidebyside,1245,2,libaccounts-glib.spec but could you change it to the full filename?12:59
Stskeepsit won't be terribly nice for whoever upgrades else :)13:00
martyoneStskeeps: actually I was of the same opinion :D but see
Stskeepsyeah, that's a little too literal13:03
*** Martix has joined #mer13:03
*** calvaris has quit IRC13:04
Stskeepsbut ok, that's what packaging guidelines say13:04
kaltsiStskeeps: btw would you like to have this mfpu as a patch or is just a spec-file change enough?13:05
Stskeepsspec file should be fine13:05
kaltsigood :)13:05
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lbtkontio: yep - I'm actually working on gitpkg in the evening at the moment13:38
lbtwhat's your use case?13:38
lbtI'm removing gp_setup - too complex to explain/use13:38
kontiolbt: for the moment I gave up and used git archive :-) but use case would be: I have already an obs package, the git repo we will be in future "upstream" so how to set up gitpkg to work...13:39
*** niqt has joined #mer13:39
kontioyou know for some of the tdriver packages, we will be upstream...13:39
kontioso would need a setup as for e.g. sdk-webapp13:40
kontiokind the same use case... but how to set it up... I didn't get from the readme13:40
lbtOK, I'll explain that in the docs13:41
kontiook will give it a shot once the docs are updated :-)13:43
lbt"Worked Example: Importing oprofile" is close to what you want13:44
lbtbranch names are wrong iirc13:44
kontioI did something like that, with "gp_setup --existing --pkgdir=~/OBS/home:kontio:branches:Mer:Tools/qttas --base=1.5.3", but then it complained about "Please commit or stash them before using gp_setup.", and some "No such file or directory"... so I had no idea how to continue from that...13:46
lbtyeah - it's bloody complex and a bit fragile13:59
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Stskeeps /whois dlewen14:09
Stskeepswell that turned awkward quickly14:09
kaltsiany ideas why when I enter the mer sdk root and install emacs, C-tab won't work in that emacs? tab works but M-x describe-key C-tab describes <tab> for me, not C-tab14:10
lbtkaltsi: hint - emacsclient works :)14:11
lbtand no14:11
kaltsiahh.. I never got used to working with emacsclient :-/14:11
kaltsiand at this age, it's too late :D14:12
lbtso do you use X version of emacs?14:12
lbtor pure terminal/console14:12
*** mdfe has quit IRC14:13
kaltsinormally X, but I just open copious amounts of them, or hunt one that's open and C-f the file I need14:13
kaltsiC-x C-f14:13
lbtyep - I designed the platform SDK to be emacs friendly14:14
Stskeepsyou did what14:14
* Stskeeps gets out pitchfork14:14
Bostikwhere are the tar and feathers?14:15
kaltsitar -f14:15
*** jayrulez has quit IRC14:16
dlewenStskeeps, haha :)14:16
Stskeepsdlewen: welcome to #mer ;)14:17
lbtdidn't you realise?14:17
dlewenStskeeps, thanks :)14:17
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kontiolbt: can you consider pls, that works nicely with w00t's qt patch 0029 in Mer14:37
kontiowould be nice if we can have that with together with next mer prerelease14:38
lbtgrumble - tell me when your gitpkg question is for Tools ... it's mandatory there14:39
lbtkontio: are you do3rm4n ?14:40
kontiolbt: yep14:40
lbtok, cool14:41
*** e8johan_ has joined #mer14:41
kaltsiah it's not emacs in sdk chroot that eats my ctrl-tab, it's the gnome terminal14:48
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*** xavi_ has joined #mer15:43
*** FSCV_ has joined #mer15:46
xavi_dear sirs, I would like to contribute verifying  fixed bugs, and would like to know what do I nedd to sart15:47
xavi_I m new to the project15:47
*** sampos has joined #mer15:49
dm8tbrwhat brings you here xavi_?15:50
*** jayrulez has joined #mer15:51
*** rferrazz has quit IRC15:51
*** slaine has quit IRC15:52
xavi_interest in Linux for mobile devices.Sir. I work in an ISP from Argentina wiyh Linux Servers, own a Nokia N9 and very interest in this Operating System15:57
xavi_I ´ve already create an account on Mer page15:58
xavi_thanks for your welocme Sir15:58
*** pirut has quit IRC15:59
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dm8tbr xavi_ ok16:22
dm8tbrxavi_: you should probably also subscribe to the mailing list16:22
dm8tbriekku: got time to give xavi_ some hints?16:23
*** Fortuona has joined #mer16:23
*** Artox has quit IRC16:23
xavi_m8tbr I ´m also suscribe to the mailing list16:24
xavi_the MER-GENERAL one16:24
*** bef0rd has joined #mer16:24
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer16:24
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xavi_I'm a little lost on what to do16:25
dm8tbrthat's a good start then16:25
dm8tbryou could start out by running a Nemo image in a virtual machine16:26
*** SCV__ has joined #mer16:26
xavi_yes that´just what I would like to know16:26
xavi_so as to be familiar and understand a little more about MER16:27
xavi_I try to follow the steps in
xavi_is this ok?16:28
*** ortylp has joined #mer16:29
dm8tbrxavi_: you could try this first
*** niqt has quit IRC16:30
*** auri__ has left #mer16:30
dm8tbrthose images are Mer + Nemo. Nemo is middleware and UI.16:31
Stskeepsplfiorini: happen to have played around with kms and virtualbox?16:32
xavi_oh that´s ok Sir16:33
xavi_I was looking in the incorrect place16:33
xavi_yes I´ve been reading, Mer is only the core without Hardware drivers and UI16:35
xavi_I was interested in that the Mer Core16:36
dm8tbryes, it's just that the core doesn't do anything without those other parts16:36
xavi_start verifying  simple bugs16:37
xavi_Mer only start a Linux OS in the smartphone16:38
dm8tbrabout QA you can talk to iekku once she shows up16:38
xavi_Ok Sir she can guide me how to start....?16:39
*** zeq has quit IRC16:42
*** rcg has joined #mer16:42
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*** NIN101 has joined #mer16:51
xavi_hi iekku how are you16:51
iekkuxavi_, happy :) it's always nice to see new people joining16:52
xavi_Thank you very much..I would like to contribute verifying  fixed bugs, and would like to know what do I need to sart16:53
xavi_dm8tbr tell me to download first
xavi_think in starting start verifying  simple bugs16:54
plfioriniStskeeps: yep but couldn't get weston to work (but it might be the dri driver missing)16:55
iekkuxavi_, first you need access to bugzilla, trying to find introduction for that16:55
plfioriniStskeeps: gotta run see you later16:55
*** plfiorini has quit IRC16:55
xavi_iekku I have opened an account in the Mer page and bugzilla16:56
iekkuxavi_, ok then :)16:56
xavi_is there something else I must do?16:57
iekkuxavi_, no, not really16:58
*** Shaan7 has joined #mer16:58
iekkuif you don't have devices where you can test16:58
*** tilgovi has quit IRC16:59
iekkuxavi_, here's a list of the bugs/tasks which should be fixed:
iekkuxavi_, it depends on your background what are easy to verify for you17:01
*** xavi_ has quit IRC17:01
*** ced117 has joined #mer17:01
*** calvaris has quit IRC17:02
iekkui hope i didn't scare him :/17:02
*** xavi has joined #mer17:07
xaviiekku_sorry I was desconected. I will be buying a Nokia N9 and till I ´ve got it I have a Dsktop with Uubuntu 12.04 and Virtualbox installed on it with a Debian and Centos Servers virtualized17:07
*** calvaris has joined #mer17:08
iekkuxavi, did you get the list before you were disconnected?17:09
xavino sorry I was telling you that I have a MER account and a Bugzilla account17:10
*** calvaris has joined #mer17:10
xavicouldn´t read your answer, sorry17:10
iekkuxavi_, here's a list of the bugs/tasks which should be fixed:
iekkuxavi, can't say which are easy to verify, it depends on your own bakcground also17:11
iekkuxavi, search for the one you can try to verify, then check it's realy fixed and add comments, including the release you are using17:12
kaltsiStskeeps: about osc and -p option.. it almost looks like osc cannot prefer any local arm[v7tnhl] packages when building with 'armv8el' arch/scheduler17:15
xaviiekku, these are bugs that have been solved and need to test if it really works?17:15
kaltsithere are a couple of functions in the python scripts that pass around 'architecture' which gets set to 'armv8el' and then a thingy that looks at the local packages which are fooo-1.0.armv7hl.rpm and checks if armv8el matches with armv7hl .. doesn't -> don't prefer17:16
iekkuxavi, yes17:16
iekkuxavi, if they do work, you add comments and change value from "status" field to "VERIFIED"17:17
iekkuxavi, if the fix doesn't work, then you add comments and change value from "status" field to "REOPENED"17:17
iekkuif there's items you can't understand how to verify you can ask help here. and if there's items you can't verify, just skip them.17:18
*** yashshah has quit IRC17:18
*** yashshah has joined #mer17:19
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xaviiekku, ok I understand, but do I need a Nokia N9 to start verifying resolved bugs or can test them with the virtual machine?17:20
iekkudepends on bug :)17:24
xaviI will start trying to install the virtual machine17:28
*** FSCV_ has quit IRC17:28
kaltsiStskeeps: yep that's the reason .. small patch for osc coming later17:29
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC17:30
*** vgrade_ has quit IRC17:31
xaviiekku, thanks for your kind attention, securely will need help17:33
xaviand sorry for the trouble17:34
xavihope can help17:34
xaviin this project17:34
iekkueverything counts :) if you have any questions, please ask17:36
*** stefan_schmidt_w has quit IRC17:36
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