Sunday, 2013-02-17

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brad_qqqHi all,I created a project using mer kit.When I build it,it always said "make: Warning: File `Makefile' has modification time 10 s in the future".How to solve it?00:53
CosmoHilltouch Makefile01:04
CosmoHillnight night01:04
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sbaughHey, if I was going to ask a question about Mer on a Nexus 7, where would be a good place to ask that?08:07
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Stskeepssbaugh: rcg when he's awake, or #active :)08:15
Stskeepsdavidqi: ping08:15
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Stskeeps <- nice08:55
sbaughStskeeps: that was what I was going to ask about :D (issue with the keyboard not working and not being able to update because i couldn't type to connect to wifi)09:04
sbaughStskeeps: it's even smoother than the video shows09:04
Stskeepssure, camera's don't even record in 60fps :P09:05
Stskeepswhich you may ponder a bit and wonder the implications of that and that many people rely on bad camera recording reviews of devices09:06
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alundif you ren plasma active in mer, you could give my calculator a spin:
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Stskeepsalund, #active's very good :)11:49
Stskeepsrcg, a lot of positive attention on your video11:49
alundStskeeps: i like it, but it have some way to go.11:58
alundi updated the package btw, so it should work now :p11:58
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Stskeepsalund: sure, most of oss uis lack compared to more production ones12:15
alundStskeeps: on the desktop, i believe KDE is as good as anything, but PA is new ground :)12:16
alundStskeeps: and so is mer, there are child deseases12:17
Stskeepsalund: danish, btw?12:18
alundfor example, i just rebooted pr accident, because the ui is weird12:18
alundStskeeps: yes. are you?12:18
Stskeepsyeah, used to live in aarhus while studying, then moved to warsaw, poland12:19
alundStskeeps: well, hi then :) I've been to warshaw long time ago, before the revolution12:21
* alund lives near svendborg12:21
alundhalf the times PA boots, something goes wrong, and it has to be restarted12:22
alundlike icons missing, or the activity switcher missing images12:22
Stskeepswe're running a different system on top of mer in sailfish, mer's the solid part :)12:24
Stskeepsso i think PA will mature over time12:24
alundbut i have trust in it, so i start producing a few apps so it can be used for something... hopefully it will be easy to release the same apps for nemo and bb10...12:24
alundhopefully with PA 4, some of the most important problems will be solved12:27
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rcgmorning vgrade12:51
mordlaitoin poirotin nauhoittumaan ja imuroin menossa olevan historiadokkarin koneelle :)13:03
mordwrong chan13:03
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phaeronStskeeps: hey13:51
Stskeepso/ phaeron13:52
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aiaiiaPlasma Active, in a nutshell, is a Linux distribution (based on Mer as a core) that is specifically optimized for tablet computers.14:10
aiaiiamean mer use  kde?14:10
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Stskeepsaiaiia: no, mer is just a core :)14:14
Stskeepsit's more that plasma active uses mer to make easier products and worry about higher level things like nice and performant UI14:14
Stskeepsjust like sailfish uses mer14:14
aiaiiaso  mer  like  qt?RIGHT?14:15
aiaiiaA  LANGAE14:15
Stskeepsnah, it's more like a handy set of components you can take14:16
aiaiiabtw,  jolla can run Nexus 7 too?14:18
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alundaiaiia: i run mer/plasma active on nexus 7 right as we speak :)14:31
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kulvethereäs a nice video about plasma active on Nexus7 on ruedigergad.com15:03
kulvethere is..15:04
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Fluttershy0serious error is serious: Info: Retrieving zypper-1.8.3-1.1.armv7hl.rpm [496/564] ...error: not an rpm package15:15
Fluttershy0trying again now15:15
Fluttershy0I was wondering btw wy mic does nto seem to use yum even if I tell it to15:15
StskeepsFluttershy0: clean your cache i guess15:18
Stskeepsand --pkgmgr=zypp ?15:19
Fluttershy0no --pkgmgr=yum15:19
Fluttershy0dik why, if buzilding works now I can pastebin a log15:19
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Fluttershy0<Stskeeps> Fluttershy0: clean your cache i guess15:29
Fluttershy0how'd I do that?15:29
Fluttershy0since I jsut got an error about rpmdb checksum beeing invalid15:30
Fluttershy0 /var/tmp/mic I guess15:30
Stskeepsthere's a mic-cache or something15:31
Fluttershy0I just deleted that folder and now it downlaosd all new15:32
Fluttershy0anyway mic cr fs plasma-active-armv7hl-gta04.ks -o . -A armv7hl --pkgmgr=yum --pack-to=plasma-active-armv7hl-gta04.tar --logfictive-build.log15:33
Fluttershy0it downlaods and isntalls zypper and idk why15:33
Fluttershy0oh typo15:33
Stskeepsoh, because we don't use anything but zypper in the actual imags15:33
Fluttershy0no, no typo xD15:33
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dm8tbrhmm, did anyone look at recent intel-SoCs and Mer?17:09
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dm8tbraka: is there a hw-adaptation for e.g. Atom E640T kicking around somewhere?17:09
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MSameeris there a way to clone from mer repository without having to register?17:41
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MSameerosc did it17:44
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Stskeepsdm8tbr: what gpu?18:20
dm8tbrStskeeps: EMGD *grumble*18:21
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Stskeepsdm8tbr: hrmmm18:22
dm8tbrthe necessary bits and pieces are available if you want GLES. it does work with 'VESA' too18:22
Stskeepsdm8tbr: wayland?18:23
dm8tbrhaven't looked at it. If not it might be possible to convince them, given that they are actively pushing it for embedded, but with 2x HDMI...18:24
dm8tbrI'm currently building a Yocto image for it, just to mess around a bit18:24
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dm8tbrit's a neat little black box and it's even _passively_ cooled!18:26
dm8tbrnot like the exo-pcs...18:26
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Stskeepsah that18:33
dm8tbryup. I think I saw one during FOSDEM too18:33
dm8tbrI'll either put something on them that makes them work with e.g. or I'll get 802.15.4 (aka zigbee/6lowpan/...) working and play with that18:35
Stskeepsany clue on pricing of something like that?18:37
dm8tbrarrow (one of the distributors) lists USD 99918:38
dm8tbrintel seems to be happy to give them away though to interested parties...18:39
dm8tbrnow that the hw is actually available18:39
dm8tbrI signed up for mine during ELC last year. Got it in January. About a month before the next ELC...18:39
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sledgesdm8tbr, make our mouths water with a sample application of an m2m kit18:44
dm8tbrsledges: let's see. haven't made my mind up yet.18:45
dm8tbrthe easiest should be the digital signeage thing for devaamo summit18:45
sledgesbut in a nutshell, that box is a router+hub(+sensor?)18:45
dm8tbrnot really18:45
dm8tbrmore of an embedded industrial PC18:45
dm8tbrwith a bazillion of options18:46
sledgesah ok :)18:46
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dm8tbrthe 2x HDMI is neat and hints also at digital signeage applications. think pedestrian precinct double-sided billboards18:47
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sledgesso what does M2M stand for (machine2machine)?18:49
sledgesas it doesn't sound like that anymore :)18:49
dm8tbrthe zigbee stuff can be e.g. for home automation18:49
dm8tbryou could have a home status screen attached and connect to the internet over wifi or ethernet or 3g while controlling stuff over 802.15.418:50
sledgesnice, it all sounds some cool ng stuff :)18:51
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kulvercg: nice video20:18
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rcgkulve, thx :)20:30
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Artoxdoes mer still provide a version of that fits the 4_08 graphics sdk by TI(that is xorg 1.12)21:17
Artoxapparenlty the image I just created runs 1.1321:18
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CosmoHillnight night22:45
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