Saturday, 2013-02-16

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situAnyone knows where can I get builds for media center for plasma active ?06:59
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rcghey dm8tbr, how is it going?07:57
dm8tbrI should regroup and get back more into embedded hacking08:05
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Meiunthe pengpod dev wants to create an official mer prebuilt for pengpod08:11
StskeepsMeiun: cool, shouldn't be too difficult i guess08:11
Meiunlast i heard from him he was mucking about with dhcp and configuring networks cause hes not used to connman08:12
Stskeepsshould be working pretty out of box with wifi08:13
Meiunits to pull updates, not for wifi08:14
Stskeepsfor usb networking it's a bit more fun08:15
Meiunhopefully he gets it working. find linaro on allwinner a10s in general is suprisingly sluggish even comparing to mer with plasma active08:18
Stskeepsmer's intended for 60fps devices and cuts some features to do so08:18
Stskeepsfast startup times by applications, et08:19
Bostikif only I somehow got 2-3 months of completely free time, I could at least attempt to reproduce Intel's trick of selectively fragmenting NAND for optimal read pattern at startup08:21
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rcgdm8tbr, ic08:24
StskeepsBostik: readahead + use as input for ubifs?08:24
BostikStskeeps: even lower, they reorganise (okay, regenerate a new layout for) the NAND blocks so that applications that are needed at startup get their libraries and *only* the symbols they need in a single linear "long read"08:25
Meiunyou know ive not had a mer a10 to compare against but ive a feeling mer would displace gentoo for personal best a10 based board benchmarks08:25
BostikStskeeps: thus my use of the weird term "selectively fragment"08:26
StskeepsMeiun: especially if you build with armv7hl..08:26
odin_Bostik, surely it is simpler to profile startup access patterns (device, ino, offset, extent), work out what files they are accessing, then allocate an additional space on NAND to alias/copy that same data in 2 places (the original and the place used to speed startup)08:27
Bostikthe trick is that I think I know how to do that, I just don't know how long it would take to make a working prototype08:27
Bostikodin_: now that's a neat idea08:27
Meiunwell to be fair though my gentoo a10s seem to outperform everything except in out of the box stability/lack of bugs08:28
odin_you can have a user-space application manage the arrangement after every bootup if you wanted, it isn't file system specific, it and is integrated a block dev layer08:28
Meiunkde on arm arch of gentoo may as well almost be alpha rather than beta08:28
Meiunso mer would be a hell of a new first place08:29
Bostikodin_: didn't know that, thank you08:29
StskeepsMeiun: isn't the a10 a cortex a9?08:38
Meiunits a808:40
Meiuniirc a13 is cortex a908:40
Meiunno looking at it thats a8 too08:41
vgradeMeiun: I have done a mer + nemo build for mele1000 (a10 based) stb08:43
vgradeMeiun: Plasma needed more RAM then the mele08:44
vgradeMeiun: a PA build for cubie is on my list08:44
Stskeepsanybody played with any of the kind of usb stick devices?08:45
Stskeepslike cotton candy but a1008:45
vgradeStskeeps: the is also an imx6 one which looks good08:46
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Meiunvgrade ive seen exactly such a build but have never done it08:46
Stskeepsi'm kinda curious about the pricing08:46
Stskeepsand source availability08:46
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vgradea10 is getting better as community are very involved, but still not up to the omap, imx standard of support08:47
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MeiunStskeeps i have a mk802ii that runs gentoo if that counts08:48
Meiunive not tried building mer for it08:48
Meiunthats a 'stick' and a1008:48
Stskeepsdo you flash it or is it booting off microsd?08:49
Meiunyou can do it either way. theres more support for microsd and flash is mostly microsd > manually flash08:49
Meiunsomewhere between raspberry and what pengpod dev is trying to do with the automated flash scripts08:50
Meiunyou can make custom imgs for livesuit for any a10 but its too hackish for me08:50
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Meiunif only cubie boards didnt demand me to be creative with case designs if i wanted to make a tablet out of thme09:08
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Stskeepsvgrade: btw, it looks like substantial effort to get llvmpipe going on ARM09:42
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* Stskeeps watches armv7hl x86_64 compilers build10:06
iekkuis it entertaining?10:11
Stskeepslike watching paint dry and sometimes turn red10:11
kyssetrue artist10:12
iekkui assume that means "yes"10:12
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vgradeStskeeps: I thougt Mer had mesa-llvmpipe-* for arm, or is that something else11:11
Stskeepsit does but it doesn't actually work in gallium mode11:11
Stskeepsit uses very intensive intrinsics from x86, no NEON ones mentioned, etc11:11
vgradeah ok11:12
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Stskeepso/ mdfe11:25
mdfehi Stskeeps11:27
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* merlin1991 thinks it's kinda funny, how mer is intended for 60FPS whilst modern games (on consoles) still run at crappy 30FPS11:39
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Stskeepswell, displays update at 60fps11:40
merlin1991Stskeeps: I'm all for it, just saying that it's kinda ironcial, that you target small handhelds and achieve 60FPS whilst full blown consoles still are too weak11:41
Stskeepsi think the clue here is s-video11:42
Stskeepshdmi can do much better11:42
dm8tbron mobile I think WP started out with that?11:42
Stskeepsin games, at least11:42
dm8tbrand their consistent graphics performance is respectable11:42
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cypa1what about powervr vidoedriver?15:21
cypa1just installed nemomobile onto Asus X101CH netbook15:21
Stskeepsmer doesn't have hardware adaptations15:21
cypa1OK, go trying vesa15:22
cypa1have to reboot to do so15:22
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cypa1you wait - I'll be back 8-)15:23
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