Friday, 2013-02-15

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JunJihow can i set priority on a plugin so it can be detected first by autoplugging than any others recommending for a certain stream?06:26
Stskeepsin context of gstreamer or which?06:26
JunJiStskeeps: i'm so sorry ;(.. my mistake i thought here is #gstreamer06:27
Stskeepshehe, no problem06:28
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lbtgood news, syslinux 4.06 works on mer-next ... <- sage
StskeepsSage: btw09:02
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StskeepsSage: looks kinda bad :)09:56
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w00tlbt: are there any examples of git-pkg being used inside mer?12:19
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lbtw00t: I use it extensively in mer-tools12:20
lbtI need to iron out the bugs there - then persuade us to push it to mer-core12:21
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w00twhat sort of bugs do you have?12:21
lbtthe bugs are generally 'too many steps' ...12:21
Stskeepsor "lbt made it12:21
w00tI'd like to consider using it for Qt (/mobility), because they're just getting out of hand12:22
* lbt hugs w00t12:22
lbtso phdeswer has been using it in mer-tools too12:23
lbtit supports a few models12:23
lbtthe cleanest is pure git12:23
lbtie the upstream doesn't post-process the git archive command to make a release12:24
lbt(eg syslinux *does* post-process git so we need to be clever)12:24
w00twe can deal with that, thankfully12:24
lbtso look at mic12:25
w00tlbt: so if I have a git repository containing tags (e.g. v4.8.3) and a branch rebased off the currently released tag (mer) containing our patches, it's easy to head from there?12:26
lbtyes, trivial12:26
lbtis it in github?12:26
lbtor gitorious12:26
w00t for instance12:26
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lbtso, rolling platform SDK has gitpkg in it12:27
lbtmmm that's all of qt isn't it12:28
w00tyep ;)12:28
lbtI was about to clone it so I could walk through with you...12:29
w00tit's only 502mb12:29
w00tcompared to mer's qt.git, that's tiny (~1.4gb iirc)12:29
* w00t mutters about binaries in git12:30
slaine_What happened with the Cordia guys ?12:30
slaine_Did that effort get sidelined12:30
lbtw00t: yep - and this will be really nice to help trial that12:30
* lbt has an old git tree - copying, remote add, update12:30
Stskeepsslaine_: the tablet part capsized due to stupid OEMs12:31
lbtw00t: cp -a still going ...12:32
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w00tlbt: working on Qt is fun, isn't it12:32
slaine_Stskeeps: similar problems to what the Vivaldi guys had I assume12:32
lbtw00t: actually I miss it :)12:32
slaine_I was more thinking about the software effort12:32
lbtdoing the touch scrolling for fremantle was fun12:33
Stskeepsslaine_: YEAH..12:33
Stskeepser, yeah..12:33
lbtw00t: pulling from 4.6 -> now12:34
w00tlbt: wow, that is old :-p12:35
lbtfirst tree I found12:35
lbtqt-n900-vanilla ...12:35
*** KaIRC has joined #mer12:36
SageStskeeps: n900 kernel packaging is still that mess12:38
SageStskeeps: someone should update it to our new template12:38
lbtw00t: so anyhow -
w00tlbt: you were involved in that port?12:39
Sagethe packaging it currently has is so complext that I don't want to even try to fix it as is :P12:39
lbtw00t: no, just playing on the community side12:39
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lbtin that url are 2 interesting files, the _service and _service:gitpkg:_src12:40
w00t_service looks fairly straightforward12:41
w00tnot so sure on the other12:41
lbtit should be json/xml  :)12:42
lbtit says "git structure", make a tarball called mic-0.14.tar.bz212:42
lbtuse 0.14 tag to make the tarball12:42
lbtnow make patches from 0.14 to 0.14-mer512:43
w00tare there any restrictions on the mer tags? does history have to be linear, or can I rebase -i/etc?12:44
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lbtgit needs to be able to make a patch sequence from tag A to tag B12:45
*** FlameReaper has joined #mer12:45
lbtso that means I usually rebase our commits to a new upstream tag12:46
*** disco_stu has joined #mer12:46
lbtI have done all kinds of things, force updated tags, rebase -i .... all fine12:47
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lbtgod this clone is slow12:48
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w00tlbt: ok, cool12:54
w00tI think that's the way I'd treat it too12:54
w00tkeep a mer branch which gets rebased/hacked all to hell and just tag it from time to time12:55
lbtyep - that's fine12:56
lbtactually - clone that mic repo12:57
lbtand use gitk --all to look at it12:57
lbtsee the old mer tags12:57
w00tthat's easier said than done.. let me see if I can get gitk to work12:57
lbtalso some thoughts on branches and naming in here
w00thelps if I have gitk installed ...13:00
w00tlbt: your README says "X.Y.Z-R" for mer, but in your mic example, it's 0.14-mer5 (upstream version-merR presumably?) - why the "mer" addition?13:02
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kulvercg: somebody on #ubuntu-arm mentioned that there's a new bootloader for n7 (with the new Android release). I guess we should again test if the fastboot -s works now. I will be afk for a week though..13:44
*** FSCV has quit IRC13:47
lbtw00t: a mistake really13:49
rcgkulve, ic, alright13:49
w00tok, so suggestion is still to avoid it?13:49
rcgkulve, just don't want to test with my current device as i have a somewhat "stable" state right now13:50
rcgand i am using it actually on a more or less daily basis13:50
kulvercg: np. I can test later. Fastboot -s would be more convenient for many, although not as useful as the moslo stuff for the rest13:50
rcgkulve, have the other device somewhere else and no access to it until monday13:51
rcgkulve, i see13:51
rcgso, fastboot -s exports the userdata partition?13:51
rcgdon't know all the command line switches by heart ;)13:52
lbtw00t: you tell me13:52
kulve-s was for flashing big images in pieces. But it hasn't worked so far13:52
lbtw00t: the problem is that it doesn't really matter13:53
w00tlbt: I think it makes some sense having it, it marks the tags as bing much clearer vendor, but I guess it doesn't really matter13:53
lbtand git-pkg doesn't care13:53
lbtyeah - I think it matters a lot more for things like OBS13:53
lbtwhere we install mer versions of tools in suse machines13:54
lbtso you have obs-server-2.3.1-mer6 and obs-server-2.3.1-213:54
lbtthe latter is from suse...13:54
rcgkulve, i see13:54
rcgkulve, so only flashing :/13:54
rcgimho moslo is great because you can not only flash this way but also do other stuff like reading old logs and fix config files etc.13:55
rcgso, personally just having an option to flash bigger chunks of data is not that much of an improvement13:56
rcgbut that may be from my narrow perspective as a developer ;)13:56
*** mikhas has joined #mer13:57
kulvercg: I agree. But for somebody that would like to try using the device and not so much develop stuff, fastboot would be much easier13:58
rcgkulve, indeed13:59
lbtw00t: hmm - barely worth using that old repo :)13:59
w00tlbt: there's been a lot changed since I guess13:59
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lbtno tags in your repo ?14:00
lbtbad w00t14:00
*** fk_lx has joined #mer14:01
w00tlbt: I don't do tags of my stuff at the moment, there's not much point since it's not acting as a release tree14:01
lbtyeah - but I don't see upstream tags either14:02
lbtif there are any14:02
w00tthere should be...14:02
lbtgit push --tags14:02
* w00t looks at that14:02
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*** aurium_ has joined #mer14:05
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Stskeepslbt: revert done, feel free to prepare a prerelease at your leisure14:06
lbtis it idle?14:07
lbtI'd expect sb2 to cause a massive rebuild14:07
lbtor maybe the dependency is not explicit enough14:08
Stskeepsit's not very explicit, no14:08
Stskeepsone thing i'm working to sort out14:08
lbtbit tight on space14:09
*** phaeron has quit IRC14:09
lbtlooks like 20G / prerelease atm (or 10G dependin on when that old df -h was done in my screen...)14:10
lbtw00t: so if you push --tags we can walk through a _service build14:11
*** aurium__ has joined #mer14:12
w00tlbt: it's running, but, it takes a while14:12
w00tWriting objects:  69% (20582/29714), 10.01 MiB | 27 KiB/s14:12
lbtoh, so the clone you have on github is partial14:13
lbtI see14:13
*** panda-z has joined #mer14:14
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*** yashshah- has joined #mer14:16
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*** techlife has joined #mer14:25
*** techlife has joined #mer14:26
w00tlbt: tags are there now14:30
lbtgot 'em14:31
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer14:32
lbtw00t: so ... I did git checkout -f --track w00t/mer14:36
lbtand am now on a local mer branch14:36
lbtthen I do gp_setup --pkg14:36
lbtand I'm ready to add some packaging14:36
lbtwhere's the spec/changelog ?14:36
w00twhat does gp_setup --pkg do in practice?14:37
lbtit makes a new, orphan branch with .gitignore and empty _src14:38
w00tit mentions it sets up a packaging branch - but running it on a git repository..14:38
lbtI have a super-clever script that automates all this14:38
lbtbut it's so complex that it's unusable :/14:38
lbtso... I assume you have that lot checked out 'elsewhere'14:39
w00thang on14:39
w00tI'm about to find my repo and start doing this locally too14:39
w00tlbt: what package does gp_setup and friends live in in the SDK?14:41
*** phaeron has joined #mer14:41
w00tokay, that was stupidly obvious14:42
*** bkantor has joined #mer14:42
w00tfedora.vm:(chroot-MerSDK):~/code/qt% ls                                                (W06 - 02/15@14:42:35 UTC)14:42
w00t.git  .gitignore  _src14:42
w00tso far so good... :P14:42
*** techlife has quit IRC14:43
w00tnow where were we?14:43
* lbt looks for a quick way to get those files14:43
w00tI have a local clone14:43
w00tI guess you don't ;)14:44
*** techlife has joined #mer14:45
lbtI have root on gerrit ;)14:45
*** techlife has joined #mer14:46
lbtso git add ,14:49
lbtgit status shows 15+ files14:49
w00twait, which files am I adding?14:50
lbtnot the patches14:50
lbtand not the tarball14:50
w00tok, so desktops, pngs, and the like14:51
lbtyes, mainly spec/yaml/changes14:51
*** ikona has joined #mer14:51
lbtbut qt is a bit heavy on Source<N>:14:51
lbtwhich is fine14:51
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*** FlameReaper has quit IRC14:52
*** xmlich02 has joined #mer14:52
lbtnote the yaml shows:{name}-everywhere-opensource-src-%{upstream_version}.tar.gz14:52
*** xmlich02 has quit IRC14:53
w00tok, added14:53
w00tI guess I need to remove that from sources14:53
lbtso now we make a _src14:53
*** xmlich02 has joined #mer14:53
lbtwe're using 'git' not pristine tar14:54
w00teven though we're no longer going to be using that tarball?14:54
w00talright, I'll take your word for it14:54
lbtwe can change it to be more honest thoug14:54
* w00t opens _src14:54
lbtstart with git:14:54
lbttarball is qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.3.tar.gz14:54
lbtso git:qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.3.tar.gz:14:55
lbtnow we need the tag from git...14:55
w00ttag is v4.8.314:55
lbtyes, that's where the mer branch forks/rebases14:55
*** yashshah- is now known as yashshah_14:55
lbtso git:qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.3.tar.gz:4.8.3:14:55
*** yashshah_ is now known as yashshah14:55
w00tand my branch is (currently) 'mer', no tags - can I use that, for the time being?14:55
lbtI have a trick14:56
w00tso: git:qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.3.tar.gz:v4.8.3:mer ?14:56
lbtoops I missed the v in my line up there ^^^14:56
w00thehe... good thing we're both typing :p14:57
w00tand that's it for _src?14:57
lbtnow ... for fun... run gp_mkpkg -n14:57
w00tit's doing .. something14:58
lbtgit archive14:58
lbtgziping it14:58
*** arcean_ has joined #mer14:58
w00tok, it spat out some stuff14:58
lbtls -laF14:58
lbtlook sane14:58
w00tat a quick glance, yes14:59
w00tI have a tarball, patches, and my original sources14:59
lbtnow I have script that edits yaml/spec and replaces the patch section14:59
w00tand packaging14:59
lbtbut I kinda stopped work on gitpkg before integrating it14:59
lbtso for now you cut-n-paste the yaml patches into your yaml file15:00
w00twhere do you want bug reports for gitpkg?15:00
w00t(gp_mkpkg --help appears to try create a tarball and stuff)15:00
*** arcean has quit IRC15:01
lbtyou must have an old one15:01
w00tI zypper ref'd before installing it, so I hope not15:01
lbt  -n, --no-checkout  Don't force checkout the latest pkg branch (useful if15:01
lbt                     working on packaging)15:01
w00tsdk-version is rolling tools / 0.20130124.0.215:01
kaltsiI get that error too, with gitpkg-0.0.1-1.1.1.i48615:01
lbtwhich kinda tells you I'm running a local build :)15:02
w00tso long as it's fixed15:02
lbtlike I said - no-one was using it ... so I just hacked here15:02
lbtwill push15:02
w00tso.. I just realised something funny15:03
w00tI never committed the result from copying the packaging and I'm now no longer on whatever branch it prepared me for I guess15:03
w00tor was that expected?15:03
*** panda-z has quit IRC15:03
lbtyes, all good15:03
w00tI'll edit my yaml then15:03
lbtyep, then run specify - and 'n' the request15:03
w00twhich request?15:04
lbtspecify will ask about a download15:04
w00tah yeah15:04
w00tused to that ;)15:04
w00twell that's intriguing..15:05
*** panda-z has joined #mer15:05
lbtnow, there is one issue15:05
lbtyou first though15:05
w00tnever mind, user error15:05
lbt%setup -q -n %{name}-everywhere-opensource-src-%{upstream_short_version}15:06
lbtwhen I run git archive I specify a prefix of src/15:06
lbt%setup -q -n src/15:06
*** FlameReaper has joined #mer15:06
lbtnow, if we don't like this we can find a way to fix it15:06
w00tI don't honestly mind - I tend to just use %{name} for my own archives, but that's just from habit15:07
lbtyeah I wanted mer to be consistent15:07
lbtit turns out that pristine-tar based packages will use the traditional name so that's not going to happen15:07
lbtso fine15:07
lbtgit status15:07
lbt_src, spec, yaml ?15:08
w00t all looks fairly ok to me15:08
lbtgit add _src qt.spec qt.yaml15:09
*** vgrade_ has joined #mer15:09
lbtand time to try it out - I always get something wrong :)15:09
w00tall three done15:09
lbtgit commit -m"Initial gitpkg of v4.8.3 against mer branch"15:10
lbtTo the batmobile Robin!! ... or the OBS at least15:11
lbtoh wait15:12
w00tas in, the pkg-mer branch?15:12
*** pcat has quit IRC15:12
lbtnow we should really tag things15:12
lbtbut it doesn't force that15:13
lbtbut the commit in pkg-mer has a fixed set of patch names15:13
lbtand, if you wanted, you could simply have           git:qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.3.tar.gz:mer15:14
lbtand no patches15:14
w00tand that then packs the mer branch into the tarball, and no patches?15:14
lbtfor hacking that's fine15:15
w00tone clarifying question: I don't have to deal with these tarballs, do I? :P15:15
lbtfor release mgmt ... not so much15:15
w00tgood, I was about to start crying15:15
*** vgrade_ has quit IRC15:15
lbtI just went to
lbtand made a new pkg15:16
*** bef0rd has joined #mer15:17
lbtdo the same in some place that builds against mer15:17
*** Jucato has quit IRC15:17
lbtclick "Add service for source processing"15:17
lbtannoyingly it errors and you manually "edit parameters"15:18
w00tdirectly or indirectly? (I think the only one I really have to hand is branches of nemo, so if I can't reuse them, I'm going to require a bit of hand-holding to figure out how to add the right thing)15:18
lbtindirect is fine15:18
w00tbranch of CE:MW:Shared it is15:19
lbtit may screw up your other pkgs - and ideally you want just i486 build - but we can do that later15:19
w00tit's empty as i delete everything after submit but keep the branch around15:19
w00tso it's fine15:19
*** Jucato has joined #mer15:19
Stskeepslbt: aard: bostik: phaeron: :)15:20
lbtStskeeps: nice - and I think w00t may be about to become a gitpkg convert (hope so anyhow)15:20
*** Jucato has quit IRC15:20
w00tso I clicked 'add service for source processing'... then clone from gitpkg blah blah?15:21
lbtnow you pick 'github' for the service15:21
w00tokay, now editing parameters15:21
lbttag ... is the tag of the pkg-mer branch15:21
lbtbut pkg-mer should work fine15:21
lbtrepo is the simple name of the repo15:22
w00tand repo.. how should that be formatted?15:22
lbtso lbt/qt for me15:22
lbtcorrect, no .git suffix15:22
w00tok, done that15:22
lbtnow it has to clone the 500Mb repo15:22
w00t(I hope it keeps a cache of these around, else that could get old quick)15:23
*** VDVsx has quit IRC15:23
lbtso incremental pull is super quick - even for the mega-tarball method15:24
w00twhat about in our case where we both add the repo at the same time?15:25
w00tor should I not ask :P15:25
lbtdisk is surprisingly cheap15:25
lbtalso notice the same git repo can have multiple *totally* independent packaging branches15:25
lbtbut share (or not) patch/rebase branches15:26
lbtpkg-mer pkg-nemo pkg-sos15:26
lbtnb just hit refresh on the obs page15:27
w00tsays service in progress15:27
lbtstill working15:28
lbtI shoulda let you do yours before doing mine :)15:30
*** jayrulez has joined #mer15:31
w00tstill in progress, but I see files now15:33
lbtyou may want to disable some arches for now15:35
w00tok, now it's done15:35
lbtBad source: /home/abuild/rpmbuild/SOURCES/0001-Description-Avoid-.pc-directories-created-by-quilt.-.patch: No such file or directory15:35
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC15:35
*** Mirv has quit IRC15:35
w00tI don't see my patches there15:36
w00tshould I?15:36
*** heymaster has quit IRC15:36
w00tshould I have committed them to pkg-mer? :-)15:36
w00twas thinking that sounded backwards, but thought i'd check anyhow15:37
*** plfiorini_ has joined #mer15:37
*** plfiorini has quit IRC15:41
lbtw00t: I think something bad happened cloning both at once15:44
w00thehe.. I did ask :P15:44
w00tis there any way we can force it to retry?15:44
lbtdoing that now15:45
lbtuser can retrigger the service15:45
lbtwas getting fatal: Not a git repository (or any parent up to mount parent )15:45
*** sp3000 has joined #mer15:46
*** veskuh has quit IRC15:46
*** FlameReaper has quit IRC15:48
*** edgar2 has joined #mer15:49
lbta simple "git clone" is hanging15:50
lbtyeah - this looks like a github issue15:52
*** jstaniek_QFridge has quit IRC15:53
*** FlameReaper has joined #mer15:53
lbtyep - it's hanging15:56
w00tI can clone github locally15:56
lbtgit clone git:// .15:56
*** plundstr has left #mer15:56
w00tCloning into 'qt2'...15:57
w00tremote: Counting objects: 16097815:57
lbtremote: Counting objects: 681426, done.15:57
lbtReceiving objects:  25% (173801/681426), 130.00 MiB | 3.29 MiB/s15:58
w00tyep, recieving here too15:58
lbtlooking good15:59
lbtthat's better16:02
*** sledges has quit IRC16:03
*** slaine_ has quit IRC16:04
lbtw00t: want to disable some build arches there16:04
lbt is how it should look16:05
lbtclearly the backend needs to handle git clone failures better16:05
w00twell, if it's building now and that's (more or less) that's all there is to it, then there's really no need to keep it at all is there?16:05
*** sledges has joined #mer16:05
*** sledges has quit IRC16:05
*** sledges has joined #mer16:05
lbtwell, I bet something is broken :)16:05
lbtso it's worth letting the i486 build16:06
lbtbut yes, that's it - it's fairly simple16:06
lbtsuggestions to improve would be welcome - as would patches16:06
w00tdisabled everything except i48616:09
*** ikona has quit IRC16:10
w00tone point of interest that I note are that you have to hack patches in packaging directly still - is that a design decision?16:10
w00tit does remove dealing with tarballs, which is good16:12
w00tI'm just thinking that it's a bit clunky to have to run gp_mkpkg and change patches in packaging (and update OBS/???) each time16:12
*** yashshah has quit IRC16:12
*** ikona has joined #mer16:12
*** yashshah has joined #mer16:13
* w00t vanishes for a bit - kamilla home16:14
lbtthe objective there was to make the packaging traditional16:16
lbttypical usage does not involve running gp_mkpkg at all16:17
lbterm s/typical/ideal/16:17
*** ikona has quit IRC16:22
*** himamura has joined #mer16:30
*** patrikryd has quit IRC16:31
Bostikcross-x86_64-* !!16:31
Stskeepsyeah, let's see how it'll evolve16:32
Stskeepsit's a much cleaner toolchain that's for sure16:32
*** pcat has joined #mer16:33
*** NIN101 has joined #mer16:37
*** proyvind is now known as peroyvindkarlsen16:38
*** FlameReaper has quit IRC16:45
*** savaaZ has quit IRC16:46
*** savaaZ has joined #mer16:48
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC16:50
*** yunta has quit IRC16:53
*** Artox has quit IRC16:56
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC16:59
*** Artox has joined #mer17:07
*** stefan_schmidt_w has quit IRC17:07
*** siavoshkc has joined #mer17:07
*** siavoshkc has quit IRC17:10
*** martyone has quit IRC17:19
*** panda-z has quit IRC17:19
*** chebastian has joined #mer17:22
*** Morpog_PC has joined #mer17:23
*** FSCV_ has quit IRC17:25
*** FSCV has joined #mer17:27
*** auri__ has quit IRC17:27
Morpog_PCStskeeps: are you going to eat your (red) hat now?17:30
*** mikhas has quit IRC17:30
Morpog_PCUbuntu Phone will be released on Nexus 4,
Stskeepsnexus 4, which one of them is that? omap4?17:31
*** sardini has joined #mer17:31
Morpog_PCSnapdragon S4 PRO17:32
*** VDVsx has joined #mer17:36
*** FSCV_ has joined #mer17:39
*** sp3000 has quit IRC17:42
*** Martix has joined #mer17:42
*** FSCV has quit IRC17:42
ka6sox-awayreleased on N4? how much did they pay Qualcomm for the driver set :P17:42
Morpog_PCFebruary 21st17:43
Morpog_PCmaybe they are using libhybris and paid nothing?17:43
*** pirut has quit IRC17:44
*** Martix has quit IRC17:46
*** jayrulez has quit IRC17:46
*** sledges has quit IRC17:48
dm8tbrka6sox-away: I suspect they recycle the android hardware-adaptation. but we'll see...17:48
ka6sox-awayGoogle never released it to be recycled17:49
ka6sox-away(unless they just appropriate it from the existing image)17:49
dm8tbrthat's what I meant17:49
ka6sox-awayMorpog_PC, probably :P17:49
*** Martix has joined #mer17:49
dm8tbrwhich would make their images non-distributable17:50
*** ka6sox-away is now known as ka6sox17:50
*** mdfe has joined #mer17:53
*** jayrulez has joined #mer17:59
*** sledges has joined #mer18:01
*** sledges has joined #mer18:01
*** arcean_ has quit IRC18:01
*** jaded has quit IRC18:02
*** jaded has joined #mer18:02
*** jaded has joined #mer18:02
*** bef0rd has quit IRC18:04
*** jluisn has joined #mer18:05
*** ashakunt has quit IRC18:05
*** arcean has joined #mer18:05
*** bef0rd has joined #mer18:08
*** yashshah has quit IRC18:09
*** yashshah has joined #mer18:10
*** glueckself has joined #mer18:17
*** bef0rd has quit IRC18:18
* Stskeeps yawns18:19
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC18:26
Stskeepswell, it certainly looks like that i'll be in a much tougher spot regarding justifying open sourcing any of my cool stuff from now on18:31
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer18:31
Stskeepsthank you canonical18:31
* Stskeeps goes find a beer18:32
*** savaaZ has quit IRC18:32
*** arcean has quit IRC18:32
merlin1991hm how does canonical affect that?18:32
merlin1991or is that in regard to libhybris / Nexus4 talk above?18:33
Stskeeps - hidden from public view, no downloadable source packages18:33
*** bef0rd has joined #mer18:33
*** savaaZ has joined #mer18:34
merlin1991What license did you originally put on libhybris?18:34
Stskeepsit's apache license as android linker it's based on was18:34
*** martyone has joined #mer18:35
rcgStskeeps, i cannot follow right now?18:37
rcghave the time to explain a little bit more in detail?18:37
Stskeepsrcg: so, it seems like wonderful Canonical has taken libhybris for themselves, making released versions of it and hiding their source of it18:38
Stskeepsseems like it's part of their ubuntu phone offering18:38
Stskeepswhich is rather rotten18:38
rcgStskeeps, oh my.. sounds bad indeed :/18:38
Aardwell, it's not the first time canonical is not playing nice with others, but probably the first time easily visible in the open18:40
*** arcean has joined #mer18:41
*** edgar2 has quit IRC18:42
lbtStskeeps: mmm18:54
*** plfiorini_ is now known as plfiorini18:55
* lbt -> tango for the first time in ~ a month18:56
*** Guest62414 has joined #mer19:00
*** KaIRC has quit IRC19:03
*** Eismann has quit IRC19:04
*** phaeron has quit IRC19:07
*** pcat has quit IRC19:12
*** furikku has quit IRC19:13
ali1234Stskeeps: to be fair they haven't released binaries either, or have they?19:29
ali1234anyway the binaries and source are supposed to be released at MWC19:29
Stskeepsali1234: yeah, it'll be open sourced there19:29
*** pcat has joined #mer19:29
Stskeepsi'm just not fond of this kind of behaviour anyway19:30
ali1234which part?19:30
Stskeepsbig reveals and tagging other people's projects with versions and same name :P19:30
Stskeepsanyway, it'll be a benefit to everybody when this is oss, mer's ready to receive it19:30
ali1234yeah this is nothing new19:31
ali1234the problem is when they do the big release, and you don't like the changes they made19:31
ali1234and they say "well, if you don't like it, you should have participated more"19:31
ali1234when the whole thing was developed behind closed doors19:31
*** Aristide has joined #mer19:31
ali1234this is their classic MO19:31
Stskeepsyeah.. well, so it goes19:33
Stskeepseither way, it's one more step towards less dependence of android in mobile space19:33
ali1234hopefully they didn't make bad changes :)19:35
Stskeepsseems like the rumours of a ubuntu display server was true though, from what i can see19:35
Stskeepsbut enough about that :)19:35
ali1234heh, i've been asking about that, got a spooky silence :)19:36
ali1234have you seen their QML components?19:36
ali1234it's got some funny stuff wrt resolution independence19:37
ali1234i still don't like that every platform has a totally different set of components19:38
ali1234seems to make using a cross platform toolkit slightly pointless19:39
Stskeepsi don't either, but components are really also about different look and feels19:39
*** SouL_ has joined #mer19:52
*** SouL_ has left #mer19:52
*** plfiorini has quit IRC19:53
*** plfiorini has joined #mer20:02
*** pohly has quit IRC20:04
*** yashshah has quit IRC20:06
*** phaeron has joined #mer20:06
*** yashshah has joined #mer20:06
*** Guest62414 has quit IRC20:08
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer20:09
*** tilgovi has joined #mer20:10
*** jstaniek has joined #mer20:17
*** notmart has quit IRC20:24
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:24
*** SouL_ has joined #mer20:29
*** bef0rd has quit IRC20:35
*** Fluttershy0 has joined #mer20:35
*** Artox has quit IRC20:38
*** SouL_ has quit IRC20:46
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:47
*** SouL_ has joined #mer20:59
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:01
*** alund has joined #mer21:03
alundi run mer and plasma active on a nexus 7. on that platform there is a problem with the marble package, it should have run a tool in the prebuild stage to convert it to the plasma-mobile version for some qml files, and because of that marble-touch is not usable21:05
alundi described it in the plasma active issues wiki page21:05
alunddo i have to file a bug for that?21:06
alundanother problem is that there appears to be no qt-mobility package - there are source-, debug, localisation etc packages, but not the normal binary one.21:09
rcghi alund21:12
rcgcould you post a link to the wiki page21:12
rcgwith respect to the qt-mobility issues: could you check in /etc/zypp/zypp.conf that you have an entry that reads "arch = armv7hl"21:14
alundrcg: ok, thanks. link in a moment..21:14
rcghow did you install marble-touch?21:16
alundrcg: first, i do have the "arch=armv7hl" entry in zypp.conf21:18
rcgalund, good ;)21:18
alundrcg: i installed by using an image found on the xda forum, and lager updated using "zypper up"21:18
rcgif you want you can try my nemo-compatibility package21:18
rcgalund, i mean, where did you install marble-mobile from21:19
alundrcg: which does...?21:19
rcgallows you to run nemo apps on plasma active21:19
alundrcg: marble-mobile, afaik is part of the installed marble package21:19
rcgthe problem you describe very much sounds like this could be solved by nemo-compatibility21:19
rcgto install it do the following:21:19
alundah, that is nice - i hope to be able to develop for both plasma and nemo :)21:20
rcgzypper ar -G wonko-pa-testing21:20
rcgzypper in nemo-compatibility21:20
rcgthen follow the instructions21:20
rcgessentially you need to run "" as root and then "killall -9 Xorg"21:21
alundok, will do...  where is the copy-from-laptop-paste-to-nexus function?21:21
rcgssh should do ;)21:21
alundthe maalit keyboard is not so good yet :(21:25
rcgalund, if you added my testing repository you can update the keyboard21:25
rcgzypper up maliit-active21:25
rcgor so21:26
alundthe transperancy does not quite cut it21:26
rcgand then restart the keyboard21:26
rcgkillall -9 maliit-server21:26
alundi did install a updated version21:26
alundsome time ago21:26
rcgoh, that may be my one :)21:26
rcghmm i see21:26
alundmuch better than the default, but still not quite there imo21:26
rcgany progress with the nemo-compatiblity stuff?21:27
alundno package found21:28
*** SouL_ has quit IRC21:28
rcghmm, it should be there21:29
rcgmaybe do a "zypper ref" first21:29
*** crevetor_ has joined #mer21:29
alundwait, forgot to zypper ref21:29
rcgbut it should actually sync a new repository the first time you try to do an install after you added a new repo21:30
rcgevening Stskeeps21:30
alundthe wonko repo failed21:30
alundmaybe i typed wrong21:30
alundhow to remove?21:30
rcg"zypper rr <repo-name>"21:31
*** jayrulez has quit IRC21:31
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC21:32
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer21:33
alunddamned keyboard :(21:33
alundneeds a click sound21:34
alundnow i get data :)21:34
crevetor_Stskeeps: hey ! I got freedreno working on the Touchpad, is this what glestest should look like ?
Stskeepscrevetor_: cool - and yes21:35
crevetor_good :)21:35
crevetor_now to get plasmactive running21:35
alundrcg: installing.. how do i utilize it?21:36
rcgdid you run the script and restart Xorg?21:37
rcgafterwards you can give marble-mobile another try21:37
alundxorg is restarting...21:37
alundplasma booting21:37
rcgoh, and you can then also install other nemo apps like com.substanceofcode.twimgo21:38
rcgor meepasswords21:38
rcgand the like21:38
alundvery slow, kde 4.10 will be much better in that division!21:38
alundrcg: where do i find those?21:38
rcgyou need to install these via zypper21:38
alundcan i list them somehow?21:39
rcgis marble-mobile looking better?21:39
rcgwell you can do zypper search if you want to look for certain apps21:39
alundcan i update marble?21:40
rcgi think there you find the currently available nemo apps21:40
rcgdon't know21:40
alundthanks :)21:41
rcgyw :)21:41
alundso i installed a nemo app, should it show in PAs launcher?21:43
rcggive it some seconds21:43
alundah, it is :)21:44
*** SouL_ has joined #mer21:44
alundwoking nicely (flickr-qml)21:44
alundlooks like the qt demo21:44
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer21:44
alunda "real" flickr app is on my idea pad, but i have a problem with plasma, kio makes apps crash at exit in some cases, when i use qml property binding to set image sources21:47
alundthe sample app is not really useful, but looking fine.21:48
alundany recomendations?21:48
rcgwell, play around ;)21:48
rcgand a source for that mobile version of marble would be nice21:48
rcgso far i only know of the one that is installed by default on plasma active21:48
rcgwhich pretty much looks like the desktop version21:48
rcgi think twimgo and kasvopus are pretty nice apps21:49
rcgtwitter and facebook client21:49
alundrcg: marble-touch is installed, but there is no icon for it. and it is broken, because of the issue described in the wiki. in addition, i think not building the desktop version at all, and showing the mobile ones icons, would be smart21:50
rcgalund, ah, indeed :)21:51
rcgdid you try to run it after installing nemo-compatibility?21:51
alundwon't work, the qml files used are old, for meego21:52
alundit runs on n921:52
rcgthat's what nemo-compatibility also tries to take care of21:52
alundha, it actually comes up :o21:52
rcghere it runs21:52
*** kkszysiu has joined #mer21:53
alundnot working comletely well, i cant find out how to zoom in21:53
alundi have marble friends :o21:56
alundnot very useful, VERY hard to zoom :p21:56
alundthe routing thing does not show, neither the tracking21:57
rcgyeah, but it's a start21:58
alundone of my goals is to try and get the gps working...21:58
alundyea, great :)21:58
alund<3 marble21:58
rcgah cool :)21:58
rcgwould you ping me if you made any progress?21:58
alundthe firmware is there, so it is a question of researching how to make it play21:59
rcgthen we could try to integrate gps into the standard install21:59
alundi have some starting points21:59
rcgnice :)21:59
*** SouL_ has quit IRC21:59
alundits non-free, but it should be possible to get it working, based on information from the non-google android people21:59
*** Fluttershy0 has quit IRC22:00
rcgif you want the firmware install the nexus7-fw-installer22:00
rcgand follow the instructions22:00
rcgthe script should automatically download the closed source fw bits then22:01
alundi did that22:01
alundi have bluetooth running, but i did not succeed doing anything with it yet22:01
rcgroger, i see22:02
*** yashshah has quit IRC22:02
*** yashshah has joined #mer22:03
*** asdfafew has joined #mer22:05
*** wubudubudubudu has quit IRC22:08
*** jayrulez has joined #mer22:12
*** zalan has quit IRC22:13
*** SouL_ has joined #mer22:14
rcgalund, :)22:15
*** cs278 has quit IRC22:16
alundthe nemo apps are missing nice icons in the launcher - probably plasma does not find them?22:23
*** cs278 has joined #mer22:23
rcgyeah, some of them have this problem22:29
rcgothers show icons22:29
rcgi assume that the ones without icons use *.svg files as icons22:30
rcgwhile the others that work use *.png22:30
rcgbut i didn't really test that theory yet ;)22:30
rcgi just know that my apps use *.png icons and those are displayed properly.22:30
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alundrcg: in any case, this adds to the pool of apps, which is very good :)22:43
* alund would love a ui package manager designed for touch!22:43
alundapper is quite horrible to use on the nexus...22:43
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crevetor_Hey guys, in obs how do I create a package that provides pkgconfig(somePackage) ?23:58
crevetor_right now I have a package that BuildRequires pkgconfig(somePackage) but obs can't resolv it23:58
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