Monday, 2013-02-11

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lbthmmm - fixed the buildresults00:09
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vgradeRaYmAn: Uninstall
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mvogtcan anyone help me with a sb2 problem?  when I run 'zypper ref' inside sb2, it dies almost immediately with 'Url scheme is a required component'03:37
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* situ dips Stskeeps's finger in hot coffee06:21
Stskeepsi think it's just better to submerge my head06:21
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Stskeepslbt: kulve: build results seems fixed07:33
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kulveStskeeps: so it seems :)07:55
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RaYmAnvgrade: you did notice that the stock u-boot can boot kernel & rootfs from ext. sd, right?08:15
Stskeepsqtwebkit is too damn fat08:15
Stskeepsends up with a 15gb filesystem for building08:15
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RaYmAnas long as it's only for building :P08:16
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BostikStskeeps: not much of a surprise there :)08:22
Stskeepshas anybody ever sued those symbols..08:23
Stskeepser, used08:23
Stskeepshmm, "- WebCore has been split in a few more convenience libtool libraries, which should fix problems with linking in some architectures and with make's command line length limit.08:27
Stskeepsah, webkitgtk..08:27
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Stskeepsmorn rcg09:39
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auri__lbt: ping10:09
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Stskeepslbt: random sight, obs worker cache filled up10:17
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Stskeeps51gb worth10:18
Stskeepsjust emptied it10:18
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Stskeepsh-4.2# /etc/init.d/obsworker start10:23
Stskeepsredirecting to systemctl10:23
StskeepsSuddenly the Dungeon collapses!! - You die...10:23
* Stskeeps blinks10:23
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dm8tbrStskeeps has been eaten by a grue?10:25
Stskeepsit certainly seems so10:25
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Stskeepsi think it killed my screen session10:28
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* lbt adds debian 6 as DoD build target to mobs so he can fix createrepo so he can fix Tools rolling repo xml so repodiff works so he can see WTF needs promoting from Testing...11:01
w00tlbt: how do you like your yak shaved?11:03
lbtit's annoying when every step is actually in your TODO list anyhow...11:04
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vgrade_RaYmAn: do you think it checks the external first11:26
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RaYmAnvgrade_: no. If you boot while holding down both buttons, the u-boot reads kernel and rootfs from ext. sd11:37
RaYmAnIt requires all that data between the partitions as well11:38
vgrade_RaYmAn: both buttons being the power slider and then the home?11:40
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RaYmAnvgrade_: yes11:43
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RaYmAnvgrade_: I've only tested it by copying all os stuff from internal to external (include partition table, fs's etc), but it definitely works11:43
vgrade_RaYmAn: and there was no need to update kernel command line for root=11:46
RaYmAnit does that automatically11:46
RaYmAnit's a feature of the bootloader/uboot, not ROM11:47
RaYmAnif you use your device for anything, be aware that if you accidentally let go of one of the buttons too soon, it does a factory reset intead11:48
vgrade_RaYmAn: I'm just using for Mer11:52
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lbthmm bug triage - and I think iekku is off today12:02
alteregoYeah, said she was back Tuesday.12:06
lbtBug triage starting now :)12:07
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lbtphaeron: ping - looking for the magic incantation for DoD in OBS12:49
lbt"download on demand: cannot read metadata: open: No such file or directory"12:50
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lbtI think I missed a trailing /12:52
lbtgood docs - ty :)12:52
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lbtphaeron: but.... not working13:15
lbtwhat actually does the download?13:15
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phaeronlbt: of packages on demand ? the repo server13:20
lbtyeah, I uncommented the print13:20
phaeronlbt: why won't it be working , it is working for the other ones I created :)13:20
lbt  #print "fetching: $url\n";13:21
lbtand it doesn't print13:21
lbtI got the url wrong and wonder if it's just not looking anymore13:21
lbtthe usual WTF is it doing stuff really13:21
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lbtthe error is : "buildsystem setup failure"13:21
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lbtthe build log is much more helpful: "404 remote error: remote error  Not Found"13:26
phaeronlbt: after the first setup if you change url etc. you need to manually remove files from backend and rescan repo13:26
lbtwhat files?13:26
phaeronalso maybe it needs proxy ?13:27
lbtno proxy needed13:27
lbtI've rescanned a lot13:27
lbtdeep scan13:27
lbtforce scan13:27
phaeronlbt: only reposcan after rm -f /srv/obs/build/$prj/$repo/$arch/:*13:28
lbtdid that13:29
* lbt goes to look at ios build systems13:29
Stskeepslbt: i bet they're more scary.. Mach kernel, etc13:30
lbtthe docs really are good - it's OBS fucking crap error reporting that's the problem13:30
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martyonehi, logging into a (virtual) device via SSH and issuing `DISPLAY=:0 qdbus' it did not connect to the existing session bus. Instead, it launched a new instance of session bus. As a result I cannot reach apps executed as part of the X session. What step did I miss?15:00
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Stskeepsmartyone: probably the dbus session address in environment :)15:03
Stskeepsmartyone: there's a tool called eat-device you can use to get this, or just extract the right dbus from a process's environment i think15:03
Stskeepsit depends on your startup method how to do this15:04
Stskeepsif it's user session (systemd) or uxlaunch15:04
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lbtStskeeps: just a pre-release reminder15:06
Stskeepslbt: yeah, not yet15:06
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lbtalso I just updated to createrepo 0.9.8 on cobs release machine15:06
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martyone_Stskeeps: hmm, I am sure I do use eat-device at least to make key-based login working :-\ maybe I missed something more..15:09
Stskeepswell, you can ssh to the user (after a reboot) with the eat key then15:09
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* situ finally gets Nemo installed on his ExoPC.16:58
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[ol]lbt: Where the x86 hardware adaptation you mentioned in Brussels Grill is located?17:39
[ol]lbt: Also, could you please give me URL of that web interface showing where repos of Mer-tools packages are located?17:41
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[ol]phaeron: This is just one place where some of Mer tools packages can be found. I'd like to be able to see other places.17:55
phaeronI am not sure what you mean17:56
[ol]phaeron: For example, less. Where is its repo?17:56
phaeronthere is no less in mer core17:57
kulveStskeeps: re: vkb black screen issue. There's a "charging not started" (or something like that) banner shown when I boot to nemo and while I can see the banner ok, everything else goes black17:57
phaeronis everything17:57
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phaeronless is in mer tools17:57
[ol]phaeron: Yes, it is. But where is its repo?17:58
[ol]I presume, somewhere on Github?17:58
phaeronthere is but less is not in git either , just in
[ol]phaeron: Exactly. This means that its repo is somewhere else.18:00
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phaeronwhat I am trying to say is that it is not in git at all (yet)
Stskeepsjust a normal obs package18:01
crevetorguys, where can I find the latest version of spectacle ?18:01
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Stskeepswithin platform sdk rolling rrelease i guess18:08
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lorenzIst plasma active hier vl ein Thema ?18:31
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dm8tbrlorenz: mehr in #active WIMRE. But we prefer english in general.18:31
*** ccssnet has joined #mer18:32
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lorenzdm8tbr I want to ask about supported Devices ?18:33
dm8tbrlorenz: I know of at least Archos gen9 and Nexus718:34
dm8tbrlorenz: but try joining #active and asking18:34
dm8tbrthere might be devices I'm not aware of18:34
lorenzThere are more devices on the active wiki, but its not very actual18:35
*** rcg has joined #mer18:36
dm8tbrlorenz: you can ask rcg :)18:36
lorenzAnd the active Channel dont anwser me ;)18:36
lorenzrcg ?18:36
lorenzAAhhh ;)18:36
dm8tbrrcg: lorenz wants to know about plasma active on $devices18:36
lorenzSpecial on Touch Ultra/Netbooks :D18:37
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rcghey :)18:38
lorenzHey :)18:38
rcgsorry, can't say much about those18:38
lorenzAh, thanks anyway18:38
rcgam only using plasma active on tablets; specifically archos g9 and nexus 718:38
*** bef0rd has joined #mer18:39
lorenzhaha, like dm8tbr told me ;)18:39
lorenzHow buggy ?18:39
rcghmm.. the nexus 7 version i have here crashes occasionally18:39
lorenzWitch one is better, the Archos or the Nexus ?18:39
rcgiirc the archos g9 version is more stable18:40
rcgbut for archos there is no accelerated hw-playback right now18:40
lorenzMore Stable means ? ;)18:40
rcgi also thing the nexus has a better touch input18:40
SpeedEvilstock unroofed has random reboots for me18:40
lorenzSounds Terrible18:40
lorenzI register for Vivaldi...18:41
rcgwell, there are different versions for archos.. the one without any hw-accel is most stable18:41
rcgthe one with hw-accel on archos is more stable than the nexus 718:41
rcgif you wanna put it in some order wrt stability: archos g9 (omap) > archos g9 (pvr) > nexus 718:42
*** dijenerate has joined #mer18:42
rcgthat's at least my subjective impression ;)18:42
lorenzAnd when i am true to my self, i dont want to support the Asian Wrk Conditions and the Tantral War in Kongo...18:42
rcgwrt usability i think nexus 7 is better18:43
lorenzYeah, cuz this, i think Vivaldi is the best one then hnn ?18:43
rcgand nexus 7 has the better perspective imho, mainly because the ubuntu guys actively maintain it atm18:43
lorenzAhhhhh nice to now18:43
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lorenzThanks dm8tbr18:44
rcgmost bits from our hw-adaptation are taken from the ubuntu guys18:44
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lorenzAhhh rcg you test the other active plasmas like suse ?18:45
rcgbtw, what exactly do you mean with "other plasma actives"?18:45
lorenzsuse and these other one...18:46
rcgwhen speaking about distributions: i only installed ubuntu once on the nexus 7 but except this i am using plasma active18:46
lorenzlet me search in ddg.gg18:46
rcgwith plasma active i mean the touch optimized mer-based distribution18:47
lorenzyeah, i remember there is a kubuntu also..18:47
lorenzMaybe Balsam or SuSE runs better ?18:50
rcgdon't know18:50
rcggenerally, you have the problem that you need some kind of hardware adaptation first18:50
lorenzAnd Vivaldi ?18:52
rcgso far we have hw-accel for video (at least mp4) and 3d, wifi, 3g, and bluetooth working18:52
rcgwell, the vivaldi guys would of course provide such an hw-adaptation if they are going to sell something18:53
rcgbut honestly, there is still much room for improvement18:53
*** ev0ldave has quit IRC18:54
rcgpersonally, i am using the nexus 7 on a more or less daily basis but i think this is still for enthusiasts18:54
rcggiven how much works simply out of the box for end users on android there is still much to do18:54
lorenzwhat you think about the ouya ;)18:55
rcgand so far, on the same hw, android was much smoother, for both archos g9 and nexus718:55
rcgi think i heard about it but am not quite sure18:56
rcgas said for using it i consider it for enthusiasts18:56
lorenzNvidia Tegra 3 with 1 gig Ram, completly open source hard and Software18:56
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC18:56
rcgor for developers as devkit18:56
*** Aristide has quit IRC18:56
*** tg has quit IRC18:57
lorenz99€ New18:57
lorenzI think i still wait for Vivaldi and buy it second Hand..18:57
rcgi see18:57
*** Aristide has joined #mer18:58
lorenzSo, think the Ouya can rise up the Linux Desktop18:58
rcgessentially, i didn't want to wait for vivaldi and so i bought my first archos g918:58
lorenzUnderstand u18:58
rcgthis was somewhen in late spring or early summer last year ;)18:58
dm8tbrgood choice, but I'm biased18:59
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer18:59
lorenzI stay on focus for my Desktop Distris ;)18:59
lorenzIn devolping, i means19:00
rcgdm8tbr, how come? :)19:00
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC19:00
dm8tbrrcg: btw, you should talk to av500 if you need updated sources etc19:00
rcgdm8tbr, roger that :)19:01
lorenzdm8tbr: Thanks a lot :D19:02
rcgright now i need to finish some nasty administrative/bureaucratic stuff for work :/19:02
dm8tbryeah, I'm currently on the last days of handing off one of my projects at work. will still entail some administrivia...19:02
lorenzrcg Thanks a lot to :)19:04
rcglorenz, yw :)19:04
*** plfiorini has quit IRC19:05
lorenzOne last question for now:19:05
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC19:05
lorenzWhat kind of os your both drive on your desktops ?19:05
lorenzmhn nice ;) DE ?19:06
CosmoHillfedora and win7, not that you asked19:06
CosmoHillhi Stskeeps19:06
rcgevening Stskeeps19:06
rcglorenz, fluxbox19:07
*** yashshah- has quit IRC19:07
lorenzHey Stskeeps & Cosmo: :D19:07
lorenzCosmo and DE/AM ?19:07
*** yashshah- has joined #mer19:07
CosmoHillKDE on the desktop, gnome on the laptop19:07
lorenzrcg nice ;)19:07
CosmoHillI used to have gnome on the desktop but I changed the graphics from Intel to ATi and had to reformat >.<19:08
CosmoHillbtw, fedora is a bitch to JFS19:08
*** SouL_ has joined #mer19:08
*** SouL_ has left #mer19:08
lorenzCrunchbang on hercules nettop, arche17 on notebook and Chakra on my Coming Soon Desktop ;) :)19:08
*** furikku has quit IRC19:09
lorenzI preferd Distros, who the DE/WM is ONE with the System..19:09
Stskeepsgood thing mer isn't a 'distro' then :P19:10
lorenzI do not drive mer: Only ask for devices here ;)19:10
CosmoHilllorenz: I use windows and mac all the time :)19:10
lorenzCosmo Ah ;)19:11
CosmoHillthere DE/WM is one with the sysem19:11
CosmoHillapart from x11 on mac19:11
CosmoHilland metro on windows19:11
lorenzOn Windows is nearly nothing one :P19:11
rcgwell, i am using fluxbox since quite some time.. only had a short period in between during which i was looking for an alternative but after trying gnome3 -> xfce -> lxde i came back to fluxbox ;)19:12
rcgStskeeps, ;)19:12
lorenzrcg E17 is your Answer BELIEVE ME ;)19:12
lorenzMageia 2 for install or the brand new ArchE1719:13
lorenzfor testing only19:13
rcgaye, ic19:13
rcgwell i gotta get back to work...19:13
lorenzic means ?19:13
lorenzok, fine19:13
lorenzNice Time :D19:13
rcgic == i see19:14
rcgat least i use it that way19:14
lorenzEnlightment is quicker than openbox on all my Systems until now19:14
*** lorenz has quit IRC19:16
*** pvanhoof has joined #mer19:19
*** Artox has joined #mer19:25
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC19:28
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer19:29
*** tg has joined #mer19:29
*** plfiorini has joined #mer19:29
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC19:49
*** jstaniek has joined #mer19:54
*** shmerl has joined #mer20:01
Stskeepsevening shmerl20:02
shmerlHi Stskeeps.20:02
Stskeepshow's it going?20:02
*** Morpog_ has joined #mer20:03
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC20:04
Stskeepsshmerl: i've been sick with a really nasty flu for 10 days, first semi-sane day today so i haven't had time to properly deal with the tmo questions20:04
Stskeepsanybody who saw me at fosdem can testify to me looking like death20:05
shmerlYeah, I've heard about it. Feel better.20:05
*** savaaZ has quit IRC20:05
*** savaaZ has joined #mer20:07
shmerlStskeeps: Some folks at TMO were thinking that Jolla dropped the questions, but they were told that you were just not feeling well.20:07
Stskeepsnop, not dropped, it sits right in top of my inbox every day20:08
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC20:10
*** tilgovi has joined #mer20:12
*** hanigjen has joined #mer20:17
*** icota has joined #mer20:19
*** sardini has joined #mer20:23
*** pvanhoof has joined #mer20:31
*** jpetersen has quit IRC20:40
*** alexxy has joined #mer20:40
lbt[ol]: hey, back now20:47
[ol]lbt: Glad to hear from you again! Did you recover from your flu?20:48
lbtgetting there20:48
lbt[ol]: I would like to migrate all packages to git-based eventually - however it is most beneficial for those packages we hack on20:48
lbtso it's a background task at the moment20:49
lbtthe x86 HA is in nemo20:49
[ol]lbt: Do you have an URL?20:50
*** notmart has quit IRC20:50
[ol]Is it somewhere in OBS?20:50
*** cxl000 has quit IRC20:52
[ol]Strange... It has grubby, but not grub...20:53
[ol]Looks like it uses syslinux.20:54
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC20:54
*** ortylp has quit IRC20:54
Stskeepsgrubby's just a tool for many different bootloaders, i believe20:55
Stskeepsi'm not 100% on the reasoning for non-grub to be honest20:55
lbtgrub is insane?20:55
Stskeepsintel was very much about fast booting20:55
lbtsyslinux is not?20:55
Stskeepsthis is going to turn into a vim vs emacs argument and i'm about to go to sleep20:55
lbtactually grub is fine - grub2 is insane20:56
Stskeepsthat i might agree more about20:56
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer20:56
lbtbut having used syslinux more recently I think it's a good option20:56
lbt[ol]: hey, you can pxeboot with syslinux + friends ... do *that* with grub :)20:57
Stskeepsi've done pxe with grub, i think20:57
lbtI recall EFI support in grub20:57
[ol]lbt: You can boot off LVM without having a separate "/boot" with grub2. Try to do it with anything else.20:58
*** ortylp has joined #mer20:58
lbt[ol]: you just need to find the sectors....20:59
*** arcean_ has quit IRC21:00
*** kkszysiu has joined #mer21:00
Stskeepsok ok, we can argue technologies anoher time :P21:00
* Stskeeps heads to sleep21:00
*** arcean has joined #mer21:01
[ol]I propose another cool topic: rpm vs dpkg!21:01
* lbt proposes .spec vs debian/21:01
lbtthen we can have a meta-argument about what to debate21:01
[ol]This is a sub-topic: differences how rpm and dpkg are built.21:02
*** yashshah- has quit IRC21:03
hanigjenlbt: could you enable by meego account hanigjen2 for OBS access?21:04
*** yashshah- has joined #mer21:04
lbtdone, have fun :)21:04
hanigjenthanks :)21:04
*** kkszysiu has quit IRC21:04
lbtbtw, did you register recently hanigjen ?21:04
hanigjenyes, just now21:05
hanigjenhad some problems, but got around it21:05
lbtno problems getting an email?21:05
hanigjenyes I had21:05
lbthow did you resolve that21:05
lbtI need to figure out what's happening :)21:05
hanigjenbut it worked after logging on with OpenId and then completing the registration21:05
hanigjenno idea why21:05
lbthow odd21:05
hanigjentried twice the non-OpenID way without success21:06
hanigjen(if you have access you can delete the dalton & hanigjen accounts)21:07
lbtit's going away in a few months so not really worth it21:07
lbtmake sure you have mer account though21:07
*** hasselmm__ has quit IRC21:08
*** phdeswer has joined #mer21:08
[ol]OK, so now x86_64 port is essentially stuck between Mer OBS and MeeGo OBS. Mer Core is being built successfully in Mer OBS, but everything useful (like hardware adaptations and Plasma Active) is in MeeGo OBS. Do I understand situation correctly?21:08
hanigjenfor wiki/bugs?21:09
lbthanigjen: and new obs21:09
hanigjenoh? new obs? not seen any mention about that on the wiki21:09
[ol]What is the recommended procedure to clone a project from MeeGo OBS to Mer OBS?21:10
lbt ... eventually21:10
lbt[ol]: there isn't one yet21:10
lbtI think there's a backend solution21:11
[ol]lbt: OK, which one is less unrecommended then?21:11
lbtwe did nemo by hand as we're refactoring it21:11
[ol]Just "osc co" from MeeGo OBS and then "osc ci" the same files to Mer OBS?21:11
lbtnemo and the ha is on the new OBS at the moment21:11
lbtyou can copypac21:12
lbtit has -t21:12
[ol]What is the difference between and
lbtso typically 'for p in $(osc ls $prj); do osc copypac $prj $p -t mobs $p; done21:13
lbtci is for building mer core21:13
lbtand is supposed to be robots only21:13
lbtbut someone around here is too hacky ... mentioning no names since he just went to bed21:14
lbtso the build instance is a general work area21:14
lbtI'd like to move tools to ci too21:14
*** kkszysiu has joined #mer21:15
*** arcean has quit IRC21:15
[ol]OK, so which OBS is recommended for me to build Mer core with HA and Plasma Active?21:15
lbtbuild all of mer core?21:16
lbtI think what you want to do is build nemo HA against mer core x86_64 ?21:17
[ol]My final goal: having repos with Mer Core, hardware adaptation and Plasma Active built for x86_64.21:17
lbtright - so as soon as we do a release of mer x86_64 then we'll import that to cobs (and mobs)21:18
lbtthen you can branch the HA and add that target to the branch21:18
lbtwhen it all builds, you SR that to sage21:18
lbtand he'll add the target to main HA project21:19
lbtprobably something very similar for PA21:19
lbthowever, the PA guys need to sort out what's happening on the OBS side21:19
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #mer21:20
lbtsimply put - mer is a typical, poor, oss project. Most of the infra funding (>50%) comes from private individual contributions21:20
lbtand we need to find a way for big users (like PA) to contribute to build loads21:21
[ol]In the meantime, can I just create a home project with subprojects for core, HA and PA, and build everything there?21:21
[ol]Or should I install my own OBS server for that?21:22
lbtit would not be very friendly atm :)21:22
lbtI think we'll have the 64 bit target there this week21:22
Venemo_N9you mean, x86_64?21:23
lbt[ol] did it21:23
Venemo_N9[ol], thanks :)21:24
Venemo_N9can I ask what was the motivation for it?21:24
[ol]Venemo_N9: I have a x86_64 netbook/tablet convertible, and I want to have Plasma Active on it.21:25
lbtand yes, checking my backlog - we are planning an x86_64 mer in the next pre-release21:26
Venemo_N9most people just settle for x86 on such hw :)21:26
lbtyeah - except I now have to figure out how to export/import it :/21:26
*** jayrulez has quit IRC21:29
*** arcean has joined #mer21:30
[ol]I would probably settle for what came with Placma Active, but unfortunately that kernel does not have brcmsmac module for some strange reason. So I had to rebuild something anyway.21:31
Venemo_N9nah, good evening :(21:31
Venemo_N9i meant :)21:32
*** phdeswer has quit IRC21:32
*** phdeswer_ has joined #mer21:32
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC21:32
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:34
*** jwalck has quit IRC21:35
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC21:37
*** jwalck has joined #mer21:37
*** ortylp has quit IRC21:45
*** ortylp has joined #mer21:45
crevetorvgrade: just saw your picture on twitter. Is there anything to see ?21:47
*** wubudubudubudu has quit IRC21:49
*** wubudubudubudu has joined #mer21:50
M4rtinKcrevetor: that E-Ink reader ? :)21:54
vgradecrevetor: :)21:56
Sage[ol]: lbt: when ever there is x86 version of mer core I can enable that arch for x86 adaptations21:58
vgradecrevetor: its the qt wayland background. its not really optimsed for 4bit greyscale21:58
lbtSage: ty  :)21:58
Sageand also for the mw etc parts21:58
Sagejust let me know when that 64-bit is there21:58
M4rtinKvgrade: should be 8bit or 16 bit for the Wifi version21:59
M4rtinKvgrade: according to Mobileread wiki21:59
*** SouL_ has joined #mer22:01
*** SouL_ has left #mer22:01
*** jayrulez has joined #mer22:01
vgradecrevetor: this is the what the wallpaper looks like in colour,,r:5,s:0,i:94&iact=rc&dur=1406&sig=115877190032627593022&page=1&tbnh=168&tbnw=300&start=0&ndsp=7&tx=34&ty=8722:03
*** mvogt has joined #mer22:03
*** jwalck has quit IRC22:04
vgradeM4rtinK: 16 grey levels, 4bit22:05
*** pohly has quit IRC22:05
M4rtinKvgrade: oh, of course22:05
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC22:05
M4rtinKyeah 16bit doesn't make sense22:05
M4rtinKmea culpa :)22:05
*** keithzg_ has joined #mer22:08
M4rtinKI think with a proper Qt input plugin22:09
M4rtinKand maybe some Qt E-Ink components22:09
M4rtinKthat replace all refresh heavy & animated stuff22:09
M4rtinKeq. paged list view22:10
M4rtinKprogramming E-Ink devices using QML might be quite an interesting exercise :)22:10
M4rtinKBTW, the key-navigation work currently discussed in the QtComponents ML might be also of use22:11
M4rtinKon devices that don't have touchscreen22:11
*** zenvoid has quit IRC22:14
vgradeM4rtinK: the eglfs Qt5 plugin evdevtouch picked up the zForce-ir-touch device on the kobo.  That functioality needs to go into the linuxfb plugin22:14
vgradeM4rtinK: I have a link to the Qt4.8 qpa plugin if you need it22:15
*** bef0rd has quit IRC22:16
M4rtinKvgrade: sure, can take a look how it works :)22:17
*** kkszysiu has quit IRC22:17
*** kkszysiu has joined #mer22:23
*** bef0rd has joined #mer22:24
M4rtinKvgrade: thanks ! :)22:42
*** himamura has quit IRC22:42
*** juhovh has quit IRC22:45
*** zalan has quit IRC22:46
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*** Smuli has quit IRC22:47
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*** humans63 has left #mer22:51
*** tomageeni has joined #mer22:54
*** vgrade has quit IRC22:54
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*** vgrade has joined #mer23:00
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*** chriadam|away is now known as chriadam23:44
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