Tuesday, 2013-02-12

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chriadammardy: VDVsx mentioned that signond sometimes doesn't automatically refresh access tokens from Google OAuth2 signon.  Is there something we have to ensure that we do, in order to allow signond to automatically refresh, or should this be handled automatically, or is something else going on?06:53
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mardychriadam: can I see what parameters you are using with Google? There's a small trick to apply08:42
mardychriadam: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~online-accounts/account-plugins/trunk/view/head:/src/google.vala08:43
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mardychriadam: the important points are: you must use the web_server authentication mechanism and add the access_type=offline param, which is non-standard08:44
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chriadammardy: ooh, interesting - I was using web_server, but not using offline param08:49
chriadammardy: but the issue we were facing was related to requesting two different sets of scopes, apparently08:49
chriadammy apologies - my fault :-(08:49
mardychriadam: np08:50
chriadamneed to upgrade to latest signon-plugin-oauth2 in nemo, I think ;-)08:50
mardychriadam: ah, right, I should probably make a release :-)08:51
chriadammardy: another question: I notice Facebook now allow login without using ClientSecret : eg http://developers.facebook.com/docs/howtos/login/login-for-desktop/  -- is that flow supported by the signon plugin?08:53
chriadamup until now, I'd been providing the ClientId + ClientSecret inside a QML file - but given that that is plaintext, I want to avoid embedding the ClientSecret in a plaintext file...08:54
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mardychriadam: sure, but I think it has always been like that08:55
mardychriadam: maybe FB documented it only recently08:55
mardychriadam: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~online-accounts/account-plugins/trunk/view/head:/src/facebook.vala08:55
chriadamuser_agent ?08:56
chriadamI assume that's the default08:56
mardychriadam: yep08:56
chriadamgreat, thanks08:56
chriadammardy: btw, dunno whether this interests you or not, but I'm also in the middle writing some QML adapters for various social networks https://github.com/nemomobile/nemo-qml-plugins/pull/8008:57
chriadammardy: hrm, another question - more security related this time: the AccessToken etc appears as plain text to dbus-monitor.  Is there some way to encrypt that stuff during the dbus calls, to avoid the risk of snooping apps from stealing those tokens?08:59
mardychriadam: interesting! So the Facebook components acts like a model for the ListView?09:01
chriadamyes, basically09:01
chriadamwhat's exposed as model data, depends on what the "node" is.  eg, if some album, the model data will include the photos in the album09:02
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mardychriadam: I'll show it to the guys working that in Ubuntu; we are currently using libfriends, but let's see09:02
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mardychriadam: about the security question, we had a way of hiding the token in Meego, by encripting the parameters dictionary09:03
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mardychriadam: but now we don't have it anymore, and I don't know how hard it would be to bring it back09:04
mardychriadam: the long term plan is to use a p2p connection between the clients and signond, so everyong uses its own socket09:05
chriadamtime for me to head home - gnight!09:09
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Stskeepslbt: please do a prerelease09:30
Stskeepswithout x86_64 right now, there's one-two changes i want to do09:30
lbt21 feb ?09:30
Stskeepsi think 18th09:31
Stskeepsi dropped toolchain upgrade and we might OK it before09:31
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lbtI'll keep x86_64 in as a test run - I'll remove it from the repo once it's published09:40
Stskeepsit hasn't fully published/built so09:41
Stskeepsbut ok09:41
lbtah, didn't realise that09:41
Stskeepsso that's why i'm a bit wary of it right now :)09:41
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lbtit's running - I'm afk for a couple of hrs09:53
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rcgis there any im client for nemomobile or plasmaactive yet?10:38
rcgspecifically xmpp or icq10:39
Stskeepsused to be peregrine10:39
w00trcg: nemo has messages, which if you configure an account in telepathy, will give you xmpp messaging, and if you fiddle with tp-haze or whatever, you might be able to convince icq to work10:41
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rcgStskeeps, i see, apparently it is not in CE:Apps anymore10:41
rcgw00t, i see10:42
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rcglets see if this works on plasma active as well :)10:43
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rcgalright, apps work but adding an account via account-ui fails with "mc-tool waitForFinished failed, QProcess says: 0"10:56
rcgon plasma active that is10:56
rcgwell, nevermind, may look deeper into this later10:56
w00tinstall mc-tool11:05
w00tI forget what package it lives in11:05
rcgw00t, ah so it is in a package :)11:08
rcglooked for it briefly but didn't find it11:08
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w00trcg: telepathy-mission-control I think11:10
rcgw00t, right, that was the correct package11:12
rcgnow it failed returning 1.. just rebooting to make sure all services are up11:12
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rcgtelepathy-gabble was missing11:25
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rcgw00t, i just add an account "myname@my.jaber.server.com" and password is simply the password, right?11:39
w00trcg: fingers crossed ;)11:39
w00tit's been a long while since I used that tool11:39
rcgwhen requesting to go online it seems to be stuck on changing to online11:40
rcgw00t, hehe i see :)11:40
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rcgbut well, it is already quite some progress.. now it "just" needs to actually connect :D11:50
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martyoneStskeeps: hi, yesterday I asked about dbus when logging via SSH - do you remember?11:56
martyoneThe problem was a new session bus was launched instead of connecting to that one started for X session.11:56
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martyoneYou pointed me to eat which I actually used. The work was supposed to be done from /etc/xdg/autostart/eat-store-env.desktop . But it seems the xdg autostart thing was already replaced by `systemd --user' - was it?11:58
Stskeepscorrect, eat-device should contain a service for that too though, - i don't know your setup 100% :)11:58
Stskeepsif you could elaborate a little more about your UI startup process, no need to mention details, then i can guide better11:58
martyoneI found your package home:stskeeps:user-sessions:Mer:Tools/eat doing it the right way11:59
martyoneI am using image from http://releases.nemomobile.org/snapshots/0.20130124.0.2.NEMO.2013-01-27.2/11:59
Stskeepscheck if the eat you have that does it the right way11:59
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Stskeepsthen if you ssh in with the eat SSH key you should be getting the right environment11:59
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martyoneStskeeps: my eat-device does install the old/etc/xdg/autostart/eat-store-env.desktop and does not install the new systemd service. It comes from Mer:Tools and it is the same in Mer:Tools:Testing.12:02
Stskeepsokay, then i didn't get that upstreamed12:02
Stskeepsfeel free to patch the Mer:Tools one12:03
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martyoneStskeeps: there is a submit request pending in your home:stskeeps:user-sessions:Mer:Tools/eat (4 months ago) - so far I have a little experience with OBS - would it be possible to somehow proceed this?12:07
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Stskeepsmartyone: just branch/copy from my old version12:07
Stskeepsi think eat might have moved on12:07
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martyoneStskeeps: ok, I will try to not mess things much :-)12:08
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Stskeepslbt: how's prerel coming along?13:15
lbtjust looked and it seems good13:15
lbtcpio failure but the retry code caught it13:16
lbtcpio error detected: Retrying http://fe.in.merproject.org/public/build/Core:armv7l/Core_armv7l/armv7el/_repository?view=cpio&binary=gconf-devels13:16
Stskeepsthe system works13:16
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lbthttp://releases.merproject.org/releases/0.20130218.0.1/builds/ .... 64 is there atm13:16
lbtI can wipe that though13:17
Stskeepsnah, should be okay..13:17
lbtOTOH we can just use it to sync in cobs and catch any issues13:17
lbtit had finished the build13:17
Stskeepsjust remember to add it to mappings.xml13:17
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lbtyeah - that's the kind of 'oops'13:17
lbtso should a 64bit gold cross-link a 32bit webkit?13:19
Stskeepsthe irony here is that qtwebkit ran out of space on 64-bit build13:19
lbthehe ... yeah13:19
Stskeepslet's get it imported then, i guess13:20
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Stskeepslbt: ping16:00
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lbtStskeeps: pong16:36
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Stskeepslbt: any idea why sdksomething --next -go would make it use mer-next?16:39
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lbtsdk-version --core latest --tools next --go16:39
lbtis what you want16:39
lbtsdk-version --help16:39
lbt( --next : short for: --sdk next --core next )16:40
Stskeepsok, kaltsi16:40
Stskeepsran into that, sec16:40
lbthehe ... better than the old version ... back then "sdk-version --tools next" would remove the mer-core repo *lol*16:42
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Stskeepskkszysiu: so you got dalvik built for glibc or?18:57
rcgso, xmpp appears to be broken?18:58
rcgjust tried on my n9 with nemo and it doesn't work as well18:58
rcgalso tried to build different version, all seem to have the same issue18:59
kkszysiuStskeeps: no, its still bionic18:59
Stskeepskkszysiu: ah - the holy grail is still dalvik on glibc :)19:00
rcgalso, the debug output is not really informative19:00
rcgGABBLE_DEBUG=all GABBLE_PERSIST=1 DISPLAY=:0 /usr/libexec/telepathy-gabble19:00
rcgthis just gives nothing19:00
kkszysiuStskeeps: youre much more experienced than me19:00
kkszysiuMay I have couple of questions?19:00
Stskeepskkszysiu: else you should take a look at hm, what was it called19:00
kkszysiulibhybris is quite great19:00
Stskeepsyeah, but not really meant for app usage, it's more for using bionic libraries :)19:00
lbtSage: where's the HIGHMEM kernel ?19:01
kkszysiuStskeeps: but if I rewrite dalvik to use libc, could we use libhybris then to play bionic-dependent games?19:02
Stskeepskkszysiu: i've been in touch with people making commercial solutions around android for work so i can't help that much in that area :/ but apkenv has been used on n919:02
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Stskeepsfor that kind of purpose19:04
Stskeepskkszysiu: http://thpmaemo.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/dalvik-hello-world-on-harmattan-in.html , https://github.com/pakesson/ParallelDroid19:05
kkszysiuDIdnt saw it19:05
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kkszysiuStskeeps: ok so this option described in post below is quite simillar to mine, but I have zygote etc running already19:12
kkszysiuI started writting something like ParallelDroid but then I stuck  because I cannot mix both libc and bionic together  :)19:14
kkszysiuI wanted to modify SurfaceFlinger to use wayland :D19:15
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Stskeepsthat's probably an interesting project19:19
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kkszysiuStskeeps: If I port dalvikvm and all android related libs to libc then it will be possible to use libhybris as a compatibility layer for games compiled using bionic?19:26
kkszysiuThats purpose of libhybris?19:27
Stskeepskkszysiu: purpose of libhybris is to use bionic built libraries, nothing more, nothing less :)19:27
Stskeepswhat you can do with that and dalvikvm is up to your own imagination19:28
kkszysiuGreat :)19:28
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[ol]Stskeeps: Today I've finally decided that I've recovered enough to split my changes to gcc into series of small logical commits, but when I did git pull, I noticed that you already commited my changes. Thank you for that!19:33
[ol]Less work for me. :-) Sorry I didn't do it earlier.19:37
Stskeeps[ol]: no problem, i've managed to evolve them a bit too19:39
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Stskeeps[ol]: check out https://build.ci.merproject.org/project/monitor?project=test%3Atoolchain19:43
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer19:44
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[ol]Strange: https://build.ci.merproject.org/package/live_build_log?arch=i586&package=cross-armv7hl-gcc-stage2&project=test%3Atoolchain&repository=Mer_SDK19:46
[ol]cross-armv7hl-kernel-headers package should include linux/errno.h19:47
*** Frye has joined #mer19:48
Stskeepsfwiw i did some work on gnueabi -> gnueabihf19:48
Stskeepsso that might be why19:49
*** jstaniek has joined #mer19:49
Stskeepsie, it looks the wrong place19:49
Stskeepswork in progress :)19:49
*** Frye has quit IRC19:49
[ol]Also, I've not yet submited my changes for bootstraping kernel-headers and glibc. These changes should come together with changes to gcc.19:50
Stskeepsyeah, i did those too19:50
Stskeepssee the cross-glibc :)19:50
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[ol]Stskeeps: http://review.merproject.org/118220:00
[ol]This is for kernel-headers.20:00
Stskeepsyeah, i've done something similar in my test:toolchain project20:01
Stskeepswill merge it when it's a little saner as it's a major cleanup in how things were20:02
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[ol]Stskeeps: Looks like the patch to disable multilib in glibc in your last commit is empty.20:53
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[ol]Stskeeps: See http://review.merproject.org/118321:01
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