Sunday, 2013-02-10

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Stskeepsmorn all09:53
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Stskeepslbt: please prepare for a prerelease this afternoon11:36
Stskeepsand that we need to add Core:x86_64 to the release scripts11:37
lbtso what is the python problem?11:38
Stskeepsit crashes in etree basically11:38
Stskeepson both opensuse 11.4 and debian whatever is on cmds11:39
Stskeepsactual segfault11:39
lbtcan we update cmds11:39
Stskeepsi don't mind11:39
Stskeepswhat do you want to bring it to? testing?11:39
lbtyes, it's an internal service11:40
Stskeepsit'd help a lot for sure11:40
Stskeepsi'm a bit ill still so could you do the needful? everything i touch seems to blow up, so :)11:41
lbtpython 2.7 and/or 3.211:41
lbtsure - I had a relapse on friday too11:42
lbtrest yesterday and feeling more human today11:42
Stskeepsi'm at a point where i have to put saltwater into my face, so :P11:42
Stskeeps is what i managed to do while sick though - glibc+cross gcc fully bootstrapped in obs from x86 side11:43
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lbtthe toolchain isolation?11:44
Stskeepspart of it, yeah11:45
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Stskeepsjust WIP at the moment, but it really cleans up a lot of nasty crap11:45
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Stskeepsand i've renamed it to "SDK" and "Core" instead11:47
Stskeepsso SDK would take in mic and other things11:47
lbtslightly confusing given platform SDK11:49
lbtbut I see what you mean11:49
Stskeepsso the idea is that platform sdk would be the thing that actually contains the bits that build the core11:49
Stskeepsand bootstrap cross compilers etc11:49
lbtOK, yeah11:50
Stskeepsso only place there'd be build loops would be in platform sdk11:50
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lbton 48611:51
Stskeepsand/or x86_64, yeah11:51
lbttrue, we can get a 64 SDK - and possibly move to that too11:51
Stskeepslet's see how it evolves.. if i'm right it can co-exist with current model11:53
Stskeepsalso gives nice features like accelerated qmake etc11:54
lbtwe need to look carefully at the -t option in sb2 too11:55
Stskeepswhy -t?11:55
lbtI'm not to thrilled at the moment11:55
Stskeepsoh, tools11:55
lbtand it means that the rootfs is using the 'wrong' version of tools11:56
lbtI think a proper solution would be quite complex in zypper/rpm space for dependencies11:57
lbtanyhow... cmds is updated, can you test?11:57
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Stskeepshave to vacuum, then i will12:07
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Stskeepslbt: lessee..12:45
Stskeepslbt: segmentation fault12:46
lbt2.7 ?12:47
Stskeepssays 2.6.812:47
Stskeepsarh, modules not installed for it12:47
lbtyou need to be explicit in the #!12:47
lbtwhat does it need12:49
lbtcan't see it in the wiki or README12:50
Stskeepspip install smmap12:50
Stskeepspip install async12:50
Stskeepspip install gitdb12:50
Stskeepspip install GitPython12:50
Stskeepsphaeron: when you have a moment (not high priority), can i see the version numbers of your lxml, python, libxslt, libxml2 etc?12:50
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Stskeepslbt: would it be quicker to mk_vm a 12.1/12.2?12:52
lbtyou know we have MINT for a reason... :P12:52
phaeronStskeeps: I already showed you those versions12:53
Stskeepsphaeron: my apologies, i'll look in my logs then12:53
Stskeepslog.02-08-2013:[13:45:17]<phaeron> libxml2-2.7.8-9.fc17.x86_64 libxslt-1.1.26-10.fc17.x86_64 and libxslt1-1.1.26-15.8.1.x86_64 libxml2-2.7.8+git20110708-3.11.1.x86_64 work on my side12:53
phaeronpython 2.7 at least12:54
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phaeron(12:08:15 PM) phaeron: python-lxml-2.3-6.1.3.x86_64 also worked for me ( opensuse 12.1 )12:55
phaeron(08:27:22 PM) phaeron: Stskeeps: yes well I am not doing anything weird with lxml. you could work around and uninstall lxml and install celementree and it will fall back to it12:55
Stskeepsi'll test that too i guess12:55
lbtwe have lxml iirc12:57
lbtStskeeps: try now12:58
Stskeepslet's see12:58
lbtusing apt for most pkgs, pip for gitpython12:58
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Stskeepsno crash yet..13:00
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Stskeepslbt: phaeron: not able to crash it with python2.713:07
lbtgood - we could probably have done this on squeeze then13:07
lbtwe just didn't have 2.7 installed13:07
phaeronStskeeps: I guess after this test we should really consider packaging mds and its deps :)13:08
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Stskeepsphaeron: i made a patch that does the whole <enable per-package stuff within mds2 btw, so it modifies the _meta xml tree13:16
Stskeepsso i can take it into use without breaking cobs and other ones not supporting it13:16
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* Stskeeps ponders idly13:24
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phaeronStskeeps: you mean patch to the projects git13:25
Stskeepsto mds2 itself, so i dont have to patch the project-core git13:25
Stskeepsit looks what packages are enablei58613:25
phaeroninteresting :)13:27
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Uninstallhello *14:53
UninstallIt seems that mic can't find qt5-qtqml for arm14:54
Uninstallshould I add any repository?14:54
Stskeepswhat mer release do you use?14:54
UninstallI've just downloaded latest sdk version14:55
*** arcean_ has joined #mer14:55
Stskeepsand what arm arch?14:56
UninstallI would like to use armv7l but mic can't find it14:57
Uninstallso I've been trying with armv7hl and it can't find Qt5 packages14:57
Uninstallwhere I should add this repo to mic configuration/kickstarter file?14:57
*** arcean has quit IRC14:58
Stskeepsshow me your .ks, it might simply be you use wrong names14:58
Uninstallok, wait a second15:00
Stskeepsand the command line you give to mic15:00
Stskeepsfirst off, it's now qt5-qtdeclarative instead15:01
Uninstallsudo mic create fs freescale_i.mx53_mer_kde_plasma_kickstart_.ks -o . --pkgmgr=yum --arch armv7hl --pack-to=freescale-mx-mer-image.tar.bz215:01
Stskeepsand some of those are gone, i think15:01
Uninstallwhat about armv7l?15:02
Uninstallmic can't find it15:02
Stskeepsyou need to change repo line if using armv715:02
Stskeepsin the .ks15:02
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Stskeeps is a x86 .ks i've used with qt515:03
Stskeepsfeel free to use for inspiration15:03
vgradeStskeeps: are se still blocked on arm for llvmpipe15:04
UninstallI've seen my mistakes ;)15:06
UninstallI didn't even notice that armv7hl was hardcoded in my ks15:06
Stskeepsvgrade: i havent tested llvm 3.2 yet15:06
UninstallStskeeps: does zephyr repo contains QtQuick2?15:07
StskeepsUninstall: mer core itself contains qtquick215:07
Stskeepsthat's qt5-qtdeclarative*15:08
Stskeepsqt-qtquick1* is qtquick115:08
UninstallStskeeps: so... do I really need zephyr repo for Qt5 stuff?15:08
Stskeepsjust showing you package names15:09
Uninstallok, thanks15:10
Stskeepsthere's days when i really had a horde of master's thesis students to investigate random topics..15:10
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vgradeso, booting mer filesystem on Kobo now but kernel needs some systemd deps, fingers crossed the source I have is good15:17
Stskeepswhat kernel version?15:19
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vgrade 2.6.3515:21
vgradeso should only require some CONFIGS setting15:21
vgradeStskeeps: nice to have serial on this one15:22
Uninstallvgrade: are you using i.mx508?15:23
vgradeUninstall: yes15:23
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Uninstallvgrade: nice15:23
Uninstallvgrade: I'm trying to get i.mx53 working right now15:24
UninstallI have the quick starter board15:24
vgradeUninstall: yea,15:24
Uninstallhave you managed to get OpenGL ES working?15:25
Uninstalland what about X11?15:25
Uninstallvgrade: anyway I've managed to get systemd working with that kernel15:25
Uninstallif you need it I have my .config file here15:26
vgradeUninstall: just popped it open yesterday, looked around a bit, made a sdcard this morning.15:26
vgradeUninstall: on 508?15:26
Uninstallon i.mx53 QSB15:27
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Uninstallvgrade: take a look to this file:
Uninstallfrom line 127 to line 16315:28
vgradeah ok,  should be the usual suspects for systemd ,
vgradeUninstall: :)15:29
Uninstallsome config options are missing in your kernel version15:29
Uninstallbut it is enough15:29
Uninstallyou should search all that CONFIG symbols15:30
vgradeUninstall: re GLES this board does not support15:30
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*** FlameReaper has joined #mer15:43
UninstallStskeeps: armv7l version fails :/15:44
Uninstallsystemd[1]: could not find module by name='autofs4'15:44
UninstallFailed to inser autofs415:44
*** jjarven has quit IRC15:44
UninstallNo control group support available, not creating root group15:44
UninstallAssertion 'path' failed at src/shared/path-util.c:63 function path_get_parent(). Aborting15:45
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vgradeUninstall: CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS set to M or Y15:49
Uninstallalready done15:49
vgradeto Y ?15:49
vgradeUninstall: what kernel version?15:51
Uninstallthe kernel is working15:52
UninstallI've been using a armv7hl mer version15:52
Uninstalland it has been nicely working on it15:52
vgradeah ok15:52
Uninstallbut we are not supposed to using armv7hl on this hardware....15:53
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StskeepsUninstall: show me your .ks with armv7l15:54
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StskeepsUninstall: ditch the zephyr-session and the zephyr repo at least15:58
StskeepsUninstall: and what mic command do you use?15:58
UninstallStskeeps: ok15:58
Uninstallsudo mic create fs freescale_i.mx53_mer_kde_plasma_kickstart_.ks -o . --pkgmgr=yum --arch armv7hl --pack-to=freescale-mx-mer-image.tar.bz215:58
Stskeepsyou probably need --arch armv7l for an armv7l image :)15:59
Uninstallsorry, that one has been changed15:59
Stskeepsand you manually install your kernel/hw adaptation?16:00
vgradeUninstall: are you sure you have your modified (for mer) kernel in this image16:00
UninstallStskeeps: I just copy modules16:01
Uninstallvgrade: the kernel is ok16:01
Uninstallthe kernel has been dd-ed on the SDcard16:01
Uninstallwhat i've done was to move my old / to /old16:01
Uninstalland to extrat the armv7l stuff16:02
StskeepsUninstall: init=/bin/sh and zcat /proc/config.gz | grep CONFIG_AUTOFS16:02
*** jjarven has joined #mer16:03
Uninstalllet me check16:04
Uninstallanyway I'm pretty sure I've added it16:04
Uninstallmoreover it should be optional16:04
*** nsuffys_ is now known as nsuffys16:05
Stskeepsfor systemd i don't think it's so optional16:05
*** melonipoika has joined #mer16:06
UninstallStskeeps: it is a module16:06
*** jade has quit IRC16:07
Stskeepsdid you depmod the modules?16:07
UninstallI mean CONFIG_AUTOFS416:07
*** jade has joined #mer16:07
*** jade has quit IRC16:07
*** jade has joined #mer16:07
UninstallStskeeps: I've just copied modules directory to /lib/modules16:08
Uninstallthe content of that directory has been created by ltib for mx5316:08
*** panda-z has quit IRC16:09
Stskeepswonder why it can't insert it16:09
Stskeepsso i was thinking the depmod format might be in wrong format16:11
Stskeepsgot a working .ks for armv7hl?16:11
Uninstallright now I'm generating a root filesystem without zephyr... if you wait some minutes I'll tell you if it is guilty of that problem16:11
UninstallStskeeps: yes, it is the one I've paste to you before16:11
Uninstallit has been nicely working16:11
Uninstalleven without /lib/modules directory16:11
Stskeepswhat happens if you boot with init=/bin/sh and try to modprobe autofs4 ?16:12
Uninstallwait a second... SD is card is being used by tar right now ;)16:13
* Stskeeps has to go for a bit as well16:14
*** edgar2 has joined #mer16:26
UninstallStskeeps: it was zephyr session16:28
*** rcg has joined #mer16:31
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*** dr_dan has joined #mer16:36
*** rubdos has joined #mer16:39
dr_danhi.  can anyone point to a working mer .img file for the Pi?  i tried one a week ago ('pi-qt5-plugin.img.gz') that someone here was kind enough to point me to.  but at boot time i get a bunch of journald errors: 'Failed to write entry, Argument list too long.'16:40
dr_danI am using a Patroit 8GB SD Card .  class 1016:41
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*** Martix has quit IRC16:45
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rcgkulve, i just created a "nexus7-fw-installer" package16:53
rcgwith this one can easily download and install the proprietary firmware blobs16:53
vgradedr_dan: thats one of my images, not sure about the errors you are facing though17:07
*** pvanhoof has joined #mer17:07
vgradedr_dan: I will be building an image soon to try out some gstreamer stuff so I'll put  up a link on the wiki17:08
*** melonipoika has quit IRC17:12
dr_dan@vgrade:  thanks for the info.   im looking forward to your image update.  does the images you build come up to UI?  or just to the screen (no UI)17:12
*** melonipoika has joined #mer17:12
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC17:13
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dr_dan@vgrade:  holy cow!   i had no idea mer was that good on a Pi.  ;-)17:20
dr_danthis has serious potential !17:20
dr_dan@vgrade:  even tho the previous pi-qt5-plugin image is crippled for me (journald errs).  i can still get in via ssh.   whats the login?  i tried pi:raspberry but that didn't work.17:25
RaYmAnvgrade: awesome that you started on kobo touch :P Got any repos yet at all? :) It's been on my ever-growing list of stuff for a while now ;)17:29
kulvercg: great :)17:33
vgradeRaYmAn: no repos yet, just popped open the device yesterday, did some snooping, u-boot setup etc. made a sdcard with mer fs which boots but needs the CGROUPS options so just built a uImage from source17:33
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:33
*** Martix_ has quit IRC17:33
RaYmAnIt's quite cool they use an sdcard for internal storage, so it's easy to mess with :)17:33
vgradeRaYmAn: we should be able to put a uboot config on the internal sdcard which then boots from exteranl card slot so people don't beed to open the device17:34
vgradeRaYmAn: also nice to have serial port as well17:34
RaYmAnvgrade: yeah, about that..fancy documenting that? :P perhaps with tx/rx/gnd17:35
vgradeyea, will throw up a wiki page, you need a 3.3v convertor17:36
RaYmAnI got plenty of USB TTL adapters with 3.3v :)17:36
vgradedid you see my tweet with the pic?17:37
RaYmAnthat's why I specified the tx/rx/gnd markings part ;)17:38
vgradeTX,RX,GNS are marked on board17:39
RaYmAnI did not notice that lol17:39
RaYmAnI like your connection :P17:39
* RaYmAn ponders if vgrade is as bad at soldering as he is17:39
vgradeRaYmAn: never even tried, but its the sort of thing I would suck at17:40
vgradeRaYmAn: were you working on adam at one stage17:42
RaYmAnvgrade: yes17:42
RaYmAnfor far too long17:42
* RaYmAn still has two and a half adam lying around17:43
vgradewhat was the blocker?17:43
RaYmAnI got a tf101 =P17:44
RaYmAnsceen quality of adam sucked soooo much comparatively17:44
vgradeah right17:44
RaYmAnand now I have a tf201 which just has an even better screen, heh17:44
RaYmAnI loved the shape of the adam though17:44
RaYmAnand weight distribution17:44
dr_dan@vgrade:  whats the login for your images?  pi:raspberry  or other17:49
vgradedr_dan: sec17:50
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*** yashshah has joined #mer17:50
*** phaeron has joined #mer17:52
*** Dalton has joined #mer17:57
*** M13 has quit IRC17:59
*** Milhouse has joined #mer17:59
dr_dan@vgrade:   thanks!   im in.18:00
dr_danyeah,  it didnt come up all the way.18:01
dr_dan[ 5724.985673] systemd-journald[49]: Failed to write entry, ignoring: Argument list too long [ 5745.829740] systemd-journald[49]: Allocation limit reached, rotating. [ 5745.847314] systemd-journald[49]: Rotating... [ 5745.863291] systemd-journald[49]: Reserving 2047 entries in hash table.18:01
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dr_dan@vgrade: even tho I had journald error.  particle and minimer still works.  nice!18:28
dr_danoh.  and it looks like Cinematic works too18:28
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dr_danvgrade:   have a great evening. and i will check the wiki from time to time to check for any images with gstreamer stuff18:31
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vgradedr_dan: bye18:35
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rcgkulve, great news: bluetooth is working in plasma active :)19:21
rcgjust wrote a post about this on my blog19:22
rcgi added the required stuff (like a systemd service for automation) and dependencies to the nexus7-fw-installer package19:22
rcgthis package now also has some packages in its "Provides:"19:23
rcgwhile bluedevil seems to work reasonably well without those packages it hast these in its "Requires" section19:24
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC19:24
rcgso to fix this, in an admittedly brute-force fashion, i simply put those in Provides for the nexus7-fw-package right now19:24
kulvercg: ok, nice work19:31
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vgradeusual story, kernel source in public git is not the right source21:08
vgradeso the eink display does not get powered21:08
vgradeso frustrating21:08
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Venemo_vgrade: surprised?21:10
vgradeVenemo_: well, I'm more upset with myself falling for the same trick over again21:12
vgradea little bit different this time a I bought this from a large high st retailer in the uk rather than some chinese ebay21:13
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UninstallStskeeps: thing doesn't run nicely on that hardware :/21:58
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crevetorvgrade: there ?22:48
vgradecrevetor: hi22:52
crevetorvgrade: 2 questions : 1) does PA2 need 3d acceleration ? 2) I got it started but I get only a black screen and I don't see anything in the logs, any ideas on how to debug ?22:53
vgradecrevetor: does not need but it will be a bit of a slideshow without.22:54
vgradecrevetor: Stskeeps always says make sure your egl/gles is sound by running test pacakges in gfxtest package I think its called22:56
vgradecrevetor: there were some reports of black screen recently on g922:56
vgradebut I think those were fixed22:57
crevetorOk I'll make sur my egl/gles works first then :)22:57
vgradewhere are you getting your filesystem from22:57
vgradeif its a new board best to go in small steps22:58
vgradeinit=sh, then xorg+xterm, then egl/gles22:58
vgradeI've just found out that the kernel source for my kobo eReader is not the correct source22:59
vgradeso the eInk screen does not switch on :(22:59
crevetorvgrade: still on the HP TOuchpad :)23:02
crevetorvgrade: I have Xorg working23:02
*** FSCV has joined #mer23:02
crevetorbut I'm trying out freedreno and haven't compiled mesa yet so no GL support23:02
vgradecrevetor: ah, I saw there was some good progress on both freedreno and lima23:05
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crevetorvgrade: yeah the freedreno gallium3d implementation works so I figured I'd give it a shot23:07
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CosmoHillnight night23:22
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