Thursday, 2013-02-07

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martyoneHi, anybody using quilt with OBS? Does 'quilt setup *.spec' work for you? Always/sometimes/newer?07:29
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Stskeepshmm, i haven't used quilt for spec personally07:30
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chriadammardy: seeing some strange behaviours when I make modifications to .service or .provider files, especially if accounts with those services/providers already exist.  I guess this is an unusual case, since it should be stable, but for example I changed the type name in some services from "email" to "e-mail" and subsequently some accounts broke.  Is there some tool or something which can "fix" the accounts db if the changes are small enough?08:14
chriadammardy: in particular, running "ag-tool list-services" appears to resolve some of the issues i'm seeing (in particular, reloading the .provider and .service files at least, which allows account creation to work if it broke after an upgrade due to changes)08:15
mardychriadam: unfortunately no; I'm afraid you'll have to revert the changes or fix manually all recurrences in sqlite08:15
chriadammardy: just wondering if there's something else / preferred which I could run as part of a %postinst section of my package, to fix08:15
chriadamah ok08:15
chriadamno problems08:16
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mardychriadam: we plan to setup a notification for when the XML files are added/modified/removed, but so far we didn't have a real need for that08:16
chriadammardy: I guess it's probably not a real issue (since I shouldn't be changing the content of those files randomly, and certainly they will be stable eventually) but during iterative development sometimes things change.08:18
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VDVsxchriadam, I normally remove old accounts08:33
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chriadam%post: rm -rf ~/.config/libaccounts-glib/accounts* && touch ~/.config/libaccounts-glib/accounts.db && ag-tool list-services08:34
chriadamsounds good to me ;-P08:34
VDVsxfor now is ok, and we'll have less bugs, eheheh08:35
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VDVsxmardy, btw, the cryptsetup extension in signon project is not maintained anymore ? it depends in a old patched version of cryptsetup08:43
mardyVDVsx: yes, we are not using it in Ubuntu, nor are the Tizen people08:45
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mardyVDVsx: I would actually suggest to go for encfs instead; it uses FUSE, and can be mounted as a normal user08:47
mikhasheya mardy08:47
* VDVsx wonders if he should also remove it from mer, since it pulls some additional packages not used by anyone else 08:47
mikhastoo bad I didnt find time to chat with you last weekend :-(08:47
mardymikhas: hi!08:47
mikhasI am glad you work on something useful and that MeeGo Online Accounts, err, UOA … err accounts-soo prevails08:47
mardymikhas: eh, the place was so big, I didn't see you anymore08:47
mardythanks :-)08:48
mikhasI never believed in GOA.08:48
mardymikhas: the nicest thing is that the Evolution maintener is writing an e-d-s plugin for UOA08:50
mardyVDVsx: do you use e-d-s in mer/sailfish?08:50
Stskeepsnemo/sailfish uses tracker at the moment08:50
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Stskeepsi'd add a frowny face but i have to stay neutral08:51
mikhasmardy, yeah, was shocked to see when that patch by mbarnes landed08:51
mardyStskeeps: :-)08:51
mikhasStskeeps, you might want to start looking at EDS again =p08:51
mikhasat least contacts are fast to fetch now08:51
Stskeepsnah, we should all switch to a json database, i hear that's hot currently08:51
* chriadam vomits08:52
mikhasEDS is the opposite of hot08:52
mikhasit's so ancient your mom probably used it08:52
mikhasoops, was that a mom joke? dam you lennart08:52
VDVsxsome parts of EDS are written in ocamel isn't ? :D08:53
Stskeepsphaeron: happen to know what happens when you do an aggregate and linkpac to it?08:53
phaeronStskeeps: hmm I guess it can work if aggregate includes source08:54
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Stskeepsgood morning dr_gogeta8609:08
Stskeepsso what brings you here to #mer?09:08
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sledgesFellas, we experienced this with Platfrom SDK while miccing Nemo handset-ix86.ks yesterday: Error <kickstart>: Unable to run ['/bin/cp', '-f''/usr/share/zoneinfo/UTC', '/etc/localtime']!10:25
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sledgesI mean '-f', '/usr/... :)10:26
Stskeeps--pkgmgr=zypp ?10:27
sledgeszypp gave python stack trace err :(10:28
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sledgessudo mic create livecd -A i486 handset-i486.ks --pkgmgr=yum10:29
sledgessame thing for two of us (me and DaltonX)10:29
sledges(I also hand to prepend PATH=$PATH:/sbin/)10:30
Stskeepsgrab the sdk from i think10:30
Stskeepsrolling something10:30
sledgesDaltonX, from here:
sledgesI'll update the wiki then10:31
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sledgesI'm getting these (is it my ISP?..): - Timeout exceeded when accessing ''.11:44
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sledgessecond try succeeds11:45
sledgesbut gets stuck on a successive repo :{11:45
sledgeshmm, latest rolling still cannot build i586 nemo (neither yum nor zypp)11:47
Stskeepscommand line = ?11:47
sledgesignore the timeout bits above11:48
Stskeeps-A i68611:48
sledgesand zypp is the way to go these days?11:49
sledgesok, I'll update the wiki then11:49
sledgesthanks Stskeeps! ;)11:49
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sledgesso wiki should explicitly read - i586 .ks must be done with -A i686 ?11:51
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DaltonXsledges, stskeeps: I got it working with the rolling sdk, -A i686 and --pkgmgr=zypp :) thx12:58
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DaltonXI guess /etc/mic/mic.conf should be modified so zypp is used by default - if this is what is recommended13:01
sledgeseventually I bet that change will be pulled in13:07
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sledgesdoes Mer accept BSD? :)14:52
Stskeepsbsd license? yes14:52
sledgesok, sfiet konstantin jusrt replied that he'll relicence his libqfb to bsd from gplv3 (re: conversation in  #jollamobile )14:53
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* sledges has no idea what that is semantically14:53
Stskeepsah, to14:54
* sledges needs to find a 'simple english' licencing explanator with Alice and Bob examples14:54
* sledges is eating and typin with one hand now14:55
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jonwilwhat is libqfb?14:57
sledgeslib Qt/QML FaceBook14:57
sledgesfrontend is called "Friends for N9"14:57
jonwiloh ok14:58
sledgesnice, it has Graph API tied to QML14:58
sledgesit looked like a start of my dream app (done right and buggless as opposed to harmattan)14:59
sledgesbut apparently Jolla is doing the same thing for middleware (in nemo-qml-plugins)14:59
sledgesso we'll join the effort (now just licencing bits are under question :))14:59
sledgesbut UI might still have to be developed individually15:00
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auri__lbt_away: ping15:08
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sledgesso if I my .ks changes /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/99-omap.conf , it gets overwritten next time xorg-server updates - how do I get around this?15:12
Stskeepsthat shouldn't happen15:13
Stskeepsbut best way is to package it15:13
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dr_gogeta86sledges kudos15:15
dr_gogeta86i'm using it15:15
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sledgesdr_gogeta86, kudos to Sfiet_Konstantin15:16
dr_gogeta86but I need messages implemented well15:16
* sledges is just someone who wants to contribute very much but can't get around to actually do it15:16
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Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: I'm considering rebasing to nemo middleware for Friends15:17
Sfiet_Konstantinrewriting my python scripts to add functionalities to the nemo plugin15:18
Sfiet_Konstantinand, as I said on twitter, I will happily use BSD. I often use GPLV3 for my apps, but when there is a need of contributing, I use the license that the project use15:19
dr_gogeta86sorry but FOSDEM 2013 slides15:25
sledgesSfiet_Konstantin, nemo MW is BSD?15:25
Sfiet_Konstantinwell at least the "social" part15:26
Sfiet_Konstantinis BSD15:26
Sfiet_Konstantinand don't worry, if the "stock" Facebook for Jolla is closed, I will port friends15:26
Sfiet_Konstantinbased on the same social15:26
dr_gogeta86tnx a lot15:28
sledgesdr_gogeta86, yw15:28
sledgesSfiet_Konstantin, yes, the UI can always go ahead ;)15:28
* sledges cheers15:28
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lbtauri__: pong15:43
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sledges<nostalgy> Just ran `zypper dup` on my good old MeeGo 1.2 on Asus EeePc (use daily) - deltarpm finally worked and installed 11 updates :}</nostalgy>16:56
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Stskeeps[ol]: btw, take a peek at test:toolchain19:50
Stskeepsbased on your glibc source package19:51
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[ol]Stskeeps: Did you use glibc just with a patch disabling multilib?20:32
*** blauzahl has quit IRC20:32
Stskeeps[ol]: well, this is based on your glibc bootstrapping code.. it's a bit of an experiment20:32
Stskeepswhere the arm/mips/etc ports are bootstrapped20:32
[ol]From SRPM?20:32
Stskeepsas in, i peeked at your srpm20:33
[ol]Yes, this was somewhat dirty hack to make it bootstrap on x86_64. But it requires my patches for bootstrapping gcc as well.20:34
Stskeepsthose i have20:34
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Stskeepsthe goal is to attempt a core-toolchain split, not sure of practical usage yet20:35
Stskeepswell, rather, sdk-core split20:35
Stskeepsso core isn't self-hosting20:36
[ol]Also, instead of using approach as in gcc, I've just added a couple of variables to glibc.spec: crossarch and bootstrap, and I was just specifying these variables manually to rpmbuild: --define='crossarch x86_64' --define='bootstrap 1'20:37
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[ol]I don't know whether it's possible to make OBS build several variants of packages from the same .spec file using different --define's as args to rpmbuild.20:38
[ol]And I'm not even sure that it's possible to perform this kind of multi-stage bootstrap with OBS.20:38
Stskeepswell, that's what i'm trying atm20:39
[ol]It would be a good unexpected result for me if it's possible.20:39
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Stskeepsi think it might be useful for making small cores, like, busybox + qt5 and very few dependencies20:44
Stskeepsand if done right, could co-exist with current builds20:44
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