Wednesday, 2013-02-06

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CosmoHillnight night00:12
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martyonehi, I have problem using 'mic create'. For some ks files it "Failed to apply configuration to image". For other ks files image is created but trying to boot it it hangs on syslinux initialization, repeating "Initial menu has no label entries!". I noticed that mic reports only 13 packages to be installed while in mic logs on I can see hundreds of packages being installed.08:02
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Stskeepsmartyone: show me the command line you're using with mic08:04
martyoneStskeeps: sudo mic create livecd --record-pkgs=name --pkgmgr=yum --arch=i686 handset-i586-vm.ks08:05
Stskeepsok, try with --pkgmgr=zypp08:05
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martyoneStskeeps: with zypp it exits quite soon with code 139. Just after issuing "Info: zypp architecture is <i686>"08:09
Stskeepsmartyone: okay, can you try to get the SDK from instead?08:09
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martyoneStskeeps: that seems to help - now downloading 471 packages. I tried this SDK one hour before, but with pkgmgr=yum :-) thank you08:13
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Sagemartyone: check that you mic version is at lest 0.1408:18
Sagesdk-version --core latest --sdk next --go08:19
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martyoneSage: yes, now it is mic 0.14 (Mer 0.2011 Mer)08:23
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martyoneStskeeps, Sage: image successfully created and booted. Thank you.08:28
Stskeepsno problem08:28
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VDVsxStskeeps, humm, don't find this one in mer, looks like it was added after I submitted the other accounts packages:
VDVsxStskeeps, can you please create a new repo ?08:36
Stskeepsin a moment, i'm looking at a commit i made yesterday and wondering what the hell i was smoking08:36
VDVsxStskeeps, no rush, those flu medicines sometimes have good stuff inside :P08:38
Stskeepsthat it definately looks like08:39
iekkuStskeeps, yeah, you have been talking about drugs lately..08:40
mikhasiekku, only lately?08:42
mikhasI feel that Stskeeps has been high constantly for the last 3 years.08:43
mikhasHow else would you come up with ideas such as Maemo Reconstructed and actually invest so much time in it?08:43
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iekkumikhas, but _speaking_ about...08:44
Stskeepsmikhas: i'm just ahead of my time08:45
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CosmoHillGCC tests: real1244m44.330s >.<09:13
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davidqihi Stskeeps, mer-next-sdk is the latest version of mer sdk?09:47
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Stskeepsyes, in-development one09:48
davidqinot the latest release version ?09:48
Stskeepsthink we'll make a release soon but it's pretty OK09:49
AardStskeeps: my wishlist for upcoming release, account-changes in, sqlite in09:49
davidqiis this the one which support wayland underlying ?09:50
Stskeepsdavidqi: ah, sdk isn't related to that :) mer release is already out with that content09:50
StskeepsAard: sqlite's in after i fixed build of it09:50
Stskeepsaccount changes.. the stuff vdvsx just sent?09:50
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davidqiStskeeps: 'mer release' is the release of mer root fs, right?09:51
Stskeepsdavidqi: not exactly, mer release is for example09:52
davidqithen , 'mer release' is the base for 'mer sdk' to create customized 'mer root fs', am I right?09:53
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Stskeepsmer release is just a mer release, a mer sdk is a different path, which provides tools for creating mer root fs'es for example :)09:54
Stskeepsso an older sdk can for the most part build a file system based on new mer release09:54
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davidqithen what is 'mer release' used for?09:55
Stskeepsmer release is basically all the content, the packages, the source code that is mer core :)09:56
Stskeepssdk doesn't contain this09:56
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Stskeepswhen you see a URL in .ks, that's the mer core it uses09:56
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davidqijust like "repo --name=mer-core ... http://...."?09:57
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Stskeepsdavidqi: shows it nicely09:58
Stskeeps(warning, big svg)09:58
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davidqiStskeeps: , is there a .ks file that enables the wayland support?10:02
Stskeepsdavidqi: not yet, i got sick last week10:02
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davidqioh, sorry to hear it10:03
davidqiare you OK now?10:03
Stskeepsnot 100% :) it's flu season here in europe - but i'm working on seeing if i can replicate my old setup10:04
davidqiif the picture can be searched inside, that will be better10:06
Stskeepsyes, there's a tool called AgileBrowser that i use to make this with10:07
Stskeepswhere you can browse in10:08
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cxl000stskeeps vgrade verified qt5-qtplatformplugin-rpi using qmlscene -platform eglfsrpi of minimer12:42
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cxl000qwindow-compositor is display wayland client12:43
cxl000qml-compositor and greenisland display backgrounf image and cursor but no wayland clients12:44
cxl000packaging still needs some work to ensure all runtime plugin requirements are installed12:46
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cxl000qmlscene -platform wayland minimer also works but the other clients are flashing between rendered and black window12:51
cxl000as the animation plays12:51
cxl000qmlscene also lacks decorations12:52
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vgrade_cxl000: thanks for testing eglfs plugin13:53
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vgrade_cxl000: I think there has been some work done on client side decorations for qt compositor recently13:54
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vgrade_cxl000: not sure I can help with flashing issue though, Stskeeps may have some thoughts13:55
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vgrade_Stskeeps: cxl000 also just seen this,4645113:57
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vgrade_Stskeeps: separation into plugins per hardware platfrom, wonder where they got that idea :)13:58
Stskeepsyes, it's a good idea13:58
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vgrade_cxl000:,1001079 for qt-wayland changes for greenisland by plfiorini14:04
plfiorinivgrade, cxl000: green island is not (yet) compatible with these changes14:08
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vgrade_plfiorini: ok14:26
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Stskeepshmm, seems like armv7tnhl might finally have stabilized14:36
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phaeronStskeeps: \o/14:38
vgrade_plfiorini: you get your raspberry pi yet?14:39
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Stskeepsphaeron: upgraded binutils and to gcc-linaro 2013.01, seems to have done the trick finally..14:41
plfiorinivgrade: no it's missing in action14:43
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plfiorinivgrade: i should cancel my order and buy it from another store but i'm afraid rs components won't give me my money back because they are clearily not capabable of doing their job14:44
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plfiorinivgrade: they don't even reply to my mails14:45
Stskeepswhen did you order, out of curiousity?14:45
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plfioriniStskeeps: 2nd Dec14:45
Stskeepsi ordered through rs and got it pretty quickly, but that was like ~5 months ago14:45
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plfioriniprobably there was a problem with my order but since they won't reply to my emails we'll never know14:46
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vgrade_plfiorini: I have a spare f you need onw14:46
plfiorinii don't even have a tracking number because they shipped it14:47
plfiorinivgrade: i would prefer mine 'cause i payed it :)14:47
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vgrade_plfiorini: np, offer is still they if you change your mind14:50
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plfiorinivgrade: thanks!14:52
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Stskeeps /fast/carsten-glibc/home/abuild/rpmbuild/RPMS/armv7tnhl/glibc-2.15-1.armv7tnhl.rpm15:40
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Stskeepstoolchain solved the way-too-unstable thumb2+neon port15:43
yuntaoh, can we use that on n9?15:44
Stskeepsbut not on n90015:44
yuntahw broken tumb ?15:44
*** drussell has joined #mer15:45
yuntado we have any benchmarks appropriate for this situation ? :)15:46
Stskeepsmemory impact should be notice-able15:46
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Stskeepsok, said that too soon about armv7tnhl16:54
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* CosmoHill walks into the channel wearing army boots and overalls18:07
Stskeepsyou got drafted?18:08
CosmoHillwe don't do that here18:08
CosmoHillas of yesterday we do gay marriage tho18:09
CosmoHillanyway, I just got back from my first welding lesson :)18:09
Stskeepsah, that explains the YMCA outfit18:09
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merlin1991<Stskeeps> but not on n900  hm I bet freemangordon disagrees :D18:24
Stskeepsmerlin1991: yeah, but i'm not getting into that discussion18:25
merlin1991though I have to say his thumbified maemo runs quite fast compared to stock18:26
merlin1991btw I had a fancy Fatal: kernel too old message from sb2 today18:26
Stskeepsthe reasoning is that a full gles 60fps system demands much more of a system than maemo5 ever did, so the impact of branching cache being cleared would be noticeable18:26
merlin1991turned out that some silly mupped built a crosstoolchain with a glibc that has min kernel version 3.7.318:26
merlin1991which does not like to run on my 3.2.0 kernel :)18:27
merlin1991and then crosstools-ng fails to dl stuff, because apparently did rearrange the ftp18:28
Stskeepsisn't embedded fun?18:28
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC18:28
CosmoHillmaybe I can combine my welding course and computer science to make robots18:28
merlin1991well I'm happy I'm finally doing it for work and not only for fun :)18:29
merlin1991but it does not want me to be happy18:29
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #mer18:29
merlin1991any hints on the lightes package manager out there? I'm not exactly in the mood to build perl just for dpkg + apt, and I have nfc about all the others :D18:30
*** SfietKonstantin is now known as Sfiet_Konstantin18:31
Stskeepsfrankly i think rpm is fairly nice, :P18:31
Stskeepsbut i guess ipkg is more light18:31
*** rubdos has joined #mer18:31
merlin1991hm looks like ipkg is dead and all the cool kids use opkg nowadays18:32
*** jjarven has joined #mer18:33
*** yashshah has quit IRC18:33
*** yashshah has joined #mer18:33
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC18:36
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #mer18:38
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*** pcat has joined #mer18:42
*** gabriel9 has joined #mer18:44
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC18:49
merlin1991Stskeeps: but I'm hanging in, eventually this crappy hotel wireless will give me all the stuff I need to happily cross compile in sb2 again :)18:50
mikhasooooh sb2 users18:51
*** rubdos has quit IRC18:52
*** vgrade_ has quit IRC18:52
*** dcthang has quit IRC18:57
*** dcthang has joined #mer18:58
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*** edgar2 has quit IRC19:55
Stskeepsso, wipebinaries does not always remove everything20:03
*** two3four has joined #mer20:05
*** zalan has joined #mer20:05
Stskeepsoh dear god20:09
*** tom_say has quit IRC20:09
*** jade has joined #mer20:10
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*** bolo has joined #mer20:18
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lbtStskeeps: no, it doesn't ... annoying isn't it20:21
[ol]We all know that value of sin(x) can reach as high as 5 during war. It would be logical to assume that two can be negative at some exceptional circumstances.20:21
*** tilgovi has joined #mer20:22
lbthey [ol]20:22
[ol]lbt: Hi!20:23
lbtdid you survive FOSDEM un-flu'ed20:23
[ol]lbt: I was thinking so until yesterday, but my hope vanished today... :-(20:23
[ol]lbt: What about you?20:23
lbtit got me on the plane on the way to Hel20:24
lbtfairly light dose so far20:24
[ol]On the way to Hell??? :-O You'd choose better airline next time. :-)20:24
[ol]Did you have snow on Tuesday?20:25
lbthere, yes20:25
lbtin Finland20:26
lbtnot in Reading AFAIK20:26
[ol]Yes, in Finland it's normal. I was just confused whether you were flying home first or straight to Helsinki.20:27
lbthome on sun, fly out on mon, back tomorrow morning20:27
* Stskeeps only made it back to poland20:28
Stskeepslbt: well, i have some cleanup work after i botched gmp downgrade :)20:28
*** Guest38500 has joined #mer20:28
* Stskeeps gets out butcher knives20:28
Stskeepsunresolvable: 37820:29
lbt[ol]:  jolla were saying at FOSDEM that their SDK is released in a few weeks so it'll involve pushes to mer too20:29
Stskeepsand that's when i started looking for my vodka20:29
lbtStskeeps: yeah - I'm looking at the buildresult thing again20:29
lbtI see the calls returning 200 at the api side20:29
[ol]lbt: Changes to Mer are always welcome, especially positive ones. :-)20:30
lbtso I'm worried the fe DB is having problems20:30
*** yashshah has quit IRC20:30
lbt[ol]: yeah, the Qt SDK is looking very nice now20:30
*** jade has quit IRC20:30
*** yashshah has joined #mer20:30
*** jade has joined #mer20:30
*** jade has quit IRC20:30
*** jade has joined #mer20:30
sledgeslbt, yup, wanted to suggesti to look at COBS as working instance of buildresults to ease rootcausing20:35
*** alien_ has quit IRC20:35
sledgeshello Oleg :)20:35
*** SouL_ has joined #mer20:35
*** SouL_ has left #mer20:35
[ol]sledges: Labas naktas! :-)20:36
lbtsledges: hey.... the webui calls the api a lot ... most calls are working20:36
[ol](Is it correct Lithuanian?)20:36
[ol]sledges: How's your health after FOSDEM?20:38
*** jade has quit IRC20:40
*** tetris4 has joined #mer20:42
Stskeepslbt: the good news is that a mds + core release == excellent to resurrect from20:42
*** Aristide has joined #mer20:42
lbtmake HOWTO notes20:43
*** xuedi has joined #mer20:43
Stskeepsthe bad news is that i had to go into :full and rm the offending packages since wipebinaries is such a wimp20:43
Stskeepsand rescan repository with obs_admin20:43
lbtyes, iI need to do that for sdk-setup rpms20:43
lbtbut I'm moving Tools to mobs soon so...20:44
lbtlazy :)20:44
xuediHi folks, does anyone have infos about mer/sailfish on the pengpad?20:44
lbthey xuedi20:44
Stskeepspengpod you mean20:44
sledgeslabas vakaras, but you were close [ol] :) My health is stable (knock wood 3x), paldies :) how's yours? did you catch anything off Stskeeps ? :)20:44
xuediwoops, a Freudian slip :-P20:45
Stskeepsxuedi: if you have kernel sources and ability to flash own rootfs and kernel to your device plus opengl es2 drivers, you're off to a good start..20:45
sledgesi believe you're firebugging loads atm lbt :)20:45
*** jade has joined #mer20:46
*** jade has quit IRC20:46
*** jade has joined #mer20:46
xuedi@Stskeeps: cool, hope they get the last blobs out of the system soon then :-)20:46
Stskeeps[ol]: do you happen to have the glibc patches for bootstrapping?20:46
[ol]sledges: I've got some infection most likely from somebody else at FOSDEM in public transport.20:47
sledgesow, well I hope you'll get well soon. i didnt use public transport, so that pinpoints the chances ;)20:47
[ol]Makes sense.20:48
[ol](I meant, "at FORDEM or in public transport", but you've got in already.)20:49
[ol](I mean, "you've got it".)20:52
Stskeeps"I mean" is language's s/foo/bar/g operator20:54
[ol]This is about me now:
sledgess/I mean\(.*\)/s\/\1\//20:57
*** bolo has quit IRC20:57
[ol]Yes, I'm aware of this style, but for some reason I don't like it. May be some trauma after using csh...20:58
sledgesthat makes you more human, and I like it20:59
[ol]Great! I've finally passed Turing test! :-)21:00
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:01
*** jjarven has quit IRC21:01
sledgesthere is still a remote chance you are just a machine though..21:01
[ol]An android, for example.21:03
sledgesor a fish :)21:03
Stskeeps[ol]: seeing the bootstrap logic in gcc made me wonder if i could pull off the toolchain-core split, so i was interested in if you had glibc packaging that could be used for compiler bootstrapping21:04
*** jayrulez has quit IRC21:06
[ol]Stskeeps: Yes, I have heavy modifications to gcc, glibc, binutils (not so heavy) and even kernel-headers that I didn't submit yet. They's little bit messy, but I can submit them for review anyway.21:06
[ol]I've submited mangled gcc to OBS without submiting to git because I was much less familiar with OBS at that time.21:07
Stskeepsi'd like to see the glibc packaging before submission, out of interest21:08
Stskeepsi've submitted some of your build:x86_64 stuff already to get things rolling21:08
[ol]Uh oh...21:09
[ol]I hope my changes to gcc are OK (at least, I use this gcc to build x86_64 packages).21:10
Stskeepsyes, i had to modify things a little bit but otherwise quite goo21:10
*** andre__ has quit IRC21:10
*** phaeron has joined #mer21:11
*** jayrulez has joined #mer21:11
[ol]What a relief... I've just missed this part when submiting other changes for code review.21:11
Stskeepsi also ripped out the -accel support while i was at it, was good to make it a little more readable21:11
*** alien_ has joined #mer21:12
[ol]I didn't know what this -accel is about, so I've left it intact.21:13
Stskeepsyeah, it's from the old cross approach21:13
Stskeepsevil mix of x86 and arm binaries :)21:13
*** DaltonX has joined #mer21:13
*** arfoll has quit IRC21:14
[ol]And I didn't get why it was necessary to repeat almost the same part for all supported architectures. So I've refactored it to have much less repetitions.21:15
Stskeepsthere was a hiccup, you can't do echo | sed in BuildRequires:21:16
Stskeepsobs rpm parser doesn't go that deep21:16
*** arfoll has joined #mer21:16
Stskeepsbut that one got fixed by a bit of pre-setting in precheckin.sh21:16
*** melonipoika has quit IRC21:16
*** arfoll has left #mer21:16
Stskeepsbbl sleep21:18
*** alien_ has quit IRC21:19
[ol]Have a good night. I'll wait a couple of days to submit my changes because I'm afraid now I can introduce more bugs that fixes. See the avalaunche of my self-corrections in this chat above.21:20
Stskeepsi had that feeling after looking at my gcc package during today21:22
*** arcean_ has joined #mer21:25
*** arcean has quit IRC21:25
sledgesna zdorovye21:26
*** lbt has quit IRC21:29
*** jluisn has quit IRC21:32
[ol]sledges: Спасибо! :-)21:32
DaltonXnoob question: I'm trying to build a Nemo image using the Mer platform SDK with the following cmdline "sudo mic create livecd -A i586 -o . handset-i586-vm.ks", but this fails with "Error <creator>: Failed to build transaction : syslinux-extlinux-4.05-1.2.i586 requires". Any idea why?21:35
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:37
*** phaeron has quit IRC21:39
*** XenGi has joined #mer21:39
*** marnanel has quit IRC21:52
*** nicola_ has joined #mer21:54
*** nicola_ is now known as niqt21:54
*** mvogt has joined #mer21:56
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*** marnanel has joined #mer22:00
*** marnanel has quit IRC22:13
*** jayrulez has quit IRC22:15
*** alien_ has joined #mer22:16
*** marnanel has joined #mer22:23
sledgesDaltonX, how old is your mer?22:26
*** yashshah has quit IRC22:26
*** yashshah has joined #mer22:27
sledgesold/young ;)22:27
*** marnanel has quit IRC22:27
DaltonXmy mer?22:27
sledgesmer sdk22:27
DaltonXwell, just got it from some link on the wiki22:28
DaltonXI think I got this one:
sledgesDaltonX, congrats, we're getting the same error :)22:30
DaltonXahhh, good22:30
DaltonXI mean... uhm22:30
sledgesmight have to use i486.ks ..22:31
*** Artox has joined #mer22:31
sledgeslemme try22:31
*** rodrigo_golive has quit IRC22:32
sledgeshm, the i486 ends with Error <kickstart>: Unable to run ['/bin/cp', '-f', '/usr/share/zoneinfo/UTC', '/etc/localtime']!22:36
DaltonXseen that one too22:36
DaltonXI get the same error if I use -A i686 with the i586.ks22:38
sledgesbut where I'm coming from is that mer sdk is i486, so might not like building i586 images (which should not be the case, at it has no problems building arm ones) <- great, you just found a bug..22:38
sledges..or two :)22:38
DaltonXthat is kind of good22:39
DaltonXcause I was feeling rather clumsy not getting it to work22:39
*** himamura has quit IRC22:39
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC22:40
*** zalan has quit IRC22:40
sledgesDaltonX, try adding --pkgmgr=zypp22:44
DaltonXwork maybe a little better, but ended in a python backtrace22:46
sledges-A i486 still ?22:46
sledgesplease paste that backtrace to (or at least most relevant couple of lines here directly)22:47
DaltonXah.. no .. i58622:47
sledgeswell, should work with either --arch though..22:47
sledgesyou can try re-running with --pkgmgr=yaml instead22:48
DaltonX  File "/usr/lib/mic/plugins/backend/", line 190, in selectPackage22:48
DaltonX    if in self.excpkgs.keys() and \22:48
DaltonX  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/", line 3037, in <lambda>22:48
DaltonX    __getattr__ = lambda self, name: _swig_getattr(self, PoolItem, name)22:48
DaltonX  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/", line 55, in _swig_getattr22:48
DaltonX    raise AttributeError(name)22:48
DaltonXAttributeError: name22:48
DaltonXok :)22:48
sledges(as I thought :))22:48
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #mer22:49
DaltonXgot a backtrace for i486 as well22:50
DaltonXwith zypp22:50
sledgessorry, this'd be the remedy: --pkgmgr=yaml22:50
sledgesdouble sorry lmao :D22:51
* sledges needz zZzZ22:51
DaltonXah :)22:52
DaltonXthx for the help so far :)22:52
sledgesfingers cross(compile)d this time ;)22:52
sledgesthough in theory all look positive :P22:53
DaltonXError <kickstart>: Unable to run ['/bin/cp', '-f', '/usr/share/zoneinfo/UTC', '/etc/localtime']!22:53
sledgesif that's with i586, means we're advancing :))22:54
DaltonXwith yum. I guess yum is the default?22:54
DaltonXno that was 48622:54
DaltonXI can try with i58622:54
*** jayrulez has joined #mer22:55
DaltonXback to original error when using --pkgmgr)yum with i58622:56
*** phaeron has joined #mer22:57
*** niqt has quit IRC22:59
*** marnanel has joined #mer22:59
*** Jucato has joined #mer23:01
*** imunsie has joined #mer23:07
sledgessomething gets borked in the middle DaltonX23:09
sledgesI'll look at this more tomorrow23:09
sledgesmeanwhile last resort is to try other create methods (fs, raw)23:10
sledgesbut this is just for a quick-check23:10
sledgesg'nite fore now  :)23:10
DaltonXgood night, and thanks for the help so far :)23:17
*** fk_lx has left #mer23:27
*** hasselmm has quit IRC23:31
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