Sunday, 2013-02-03

lbtrsequeir: ?00:01
lbthaving issues?00:01
rsequeiryes.. maybe comes from me also.. finished dining drunk00:02
* lbt thinks back to last night.... mmm00:02
lbtmay help00:02
lbtthese are very new ks - untested00:03
lbtI'm writing a talk for tomorrow atm - ask questions here and I'll try to respond eventually00:03
lbtprobably tomorrow00:03
rsequeirwould like to run mic command using mer-minimal-lipstick-pandaboard-armv7hl.ks00:04
lbtcommand has cnaged00:04
lbtmake sure you have newest SDK00:04
lbtrolling that is00:04
rsequeirjust download it tonight00:05
lbtsudo mic create fs <ks> --arch=armv7hl --outdir=/srv/mer/targets --pkgmgr=zypp00:06
rsequeirwill try right now00:06
lbtif you have @BLAH@ in your ks they are 'tokens'00:06
lbtyou need to add00:06
lbtfor any tokens00:08
lbtwe use that so one ks can work on many similar arches etc00:08
rsequeirnot work.. I am using MIC2, said obsolete..00:10
rsequeirwell will try to succeed by 1/2h. If not: bed.00:10
rsequeir anyway would be great to have the prebuilt image to flash directly on non volatile memory !00:11
rsequeirlike linaro ones00:11
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rsequeirwould like to make some memory performance tests00:13
rsequeirI work for the Micron company inj Italy00:14
rsequeiron eMMC00:14
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SpeedEvilperformance tests on different SD?00:18
rsequeirwe are designig eMMC, and have various projects on the pipeline00:19
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SpeedEvilthis channel tends to be rather dead at this time.00:22
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #mer00:22
SpeedEvilit's an interesting and valuable topic00:22
rsequeirin fact it is late..00:22
SpeedEvillack of transparency and exposure of prefailure indications are real problems.00:22
rsequeirwhat's the best moment / channel according to you ?00:23
SpeedEvilsee if you can catch ShadowJK , he's likely to have some ideas, having done relatively extensive testing.00:23
SpeedEvilperhaps 4 hours ago00:23
rsequeir:) ok00:23
SpeedEvilto 10 hours00:23
SpeedEvilin some ways a 'get out of my way, and just be a dumb NAND controller' mode would be nice :-)00:24
SpeedEvilrather than trying to do hacks on the CPU side to attempt to guess what the memory controller is doing, and to stop it doing it00:25
SpeedEvilswapping, for example00:25
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SpeedEvil#maemo, #edev, may also be fruitful.00:26
rsequeirok at normal hours of the day00:27
rsequeirusing images at
rsequeirclearly would not support the Pandaboard, right ?00:28
rsequeirPanda BSP not included ?00:28
SpeedEvilI haven't yet installed met00:28
rsequeiron a target HW chipset you mean ?00:29
SpeedEvilstupid autocorrect00:30
lbtrsequeir: I will help with this - and show you how to automate it00:30
lbtbut I'm in a hotel in brussels atm00:30
rsequeirlucky you00:31
lbtand next week is busy - in Helsinki00:31
lbtwe're at FOSDEM \o/00:31
lbtbut I would really like to help you get it sorted out00:31
rsequeirfrom my side, I am based in Napoli00:32
rsequeirwell Naples00:32
lbtyeah - those ks are on a system called 'img' which is an auto-image generator00:32
lbtcool - we have an Italian in Helsinki00:32
lbthe's not on #mer very much atm00:33
SpeedEvilopen source the mmc code! :-)00:33
SpeedEvil(doubt it, would be fun tough)00:33
lbtrsequeir: so Mer doesn't support *any* HW00:33
lbtwe ask all vendors to provide a Hardware Adaptation00:34
lbtwe do have community ones for a number of boards00:34
lbtand 99% sure pandaboard is there00:34
lbtSage: would know more00:34
lbthe's asleep00:34
rsequeirsmbdy dais on the mailing list that Panda was supported00:35
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lbtyes, I'm sure it is00:35
rsequeiras previous Meego history00:35
lbtyep - but I'm not sure how well maintained it is00:36
lbtI don't have a pandaboard so can't test it00:36
lbtbut as long as there's no new kernel config needed we should be fine00:36
lbtit may be that the kernel would need a couple extra CONFG_* settings to work with new systemd or something00:37
rsequeirbut would you recommend another platform for testing Mer00:38
lbtlbt_away: ^^^ note for self when I get home00:38
lbtrsequeir: hmm00:39
lbtMer is designed to go on 'any' hardware00:39
lbtso if you want to use pandaboard, we make it work on there :)00:40
rsequeirthat's the point I need to better understand, so used to BSP on Symbian00:40
rsequeirsounds good !00:41
lbtanyhow... I really must do this talk ... 1:40am here00:41
rsequeirok so when you have the Mer image working, it also a shell that you can access with smthg similar to  adb ?00:42
lbtyes, depending on HW we use serial or ssh00:42
rsequeiradb is not compatible I imagine ?00:43
rsequeirbasta, no more questions ! will leave you sleep and connect another time to discuss this00:44
lbtno, it won't be00:44
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lbtand yes, please do :)00:44
rsequeirthanks for your help00:44
lbtnp - glad you're exploring Mer :)00:44
rsequeirsee you next time lbt / SpeedEvil00:45
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rsequeirlongtime following, now need to put hands on it00:45
rsequeirgreat project00:45
rsequeirciao !00:46
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dm8tbr*yawn* another day at FOSDEM08:58
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Stskeepsi'm so glad i'm still alive, was really thinking i had to go to a doctor yesterday :P09:13
Stskeepsbut feeling much better today09:14
dm8tbrgood to hear09:15
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aiffword  hard?09:21
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sledgesmorninging :)10:18
iekkugood ningning10:18
* sledges listening to kde pres :)10:20
sledgeslbt was supporting here lasy night10:22
sledgesfrom an afterpub?10:23
*** saju has joined #mer10:23
sledgeswhere did  you land after a meal? :)10:23
* Stskeeps is watching firefox os talk10:24
Stskeepslesson number one: never rely on online content in your presentation10:24
sledgesonline html5 content :))10:25
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* lbt wonders if network-manager team may be more receptive than connman10:26
*** jade has joined #mer10:26
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lbtjust thinking about the issues with usb networking10:27
lbtconnman attitude seemed to be pretty inflexible ... "no"10:28
dm8tbrStskeeps: I haven't seen such a badly prepped talk in a long while... It's painful to watch!10:28
Stskeepsyes, especially since it seems like the SW behind isn't half bad10:29
dm8tbr*double* *face* *palm*10:29
dm8tbryes, that makes it so painful10:30
Stskeepswell, i'm still into firefox os app compatibility as the idea is good10:30
* dm8tbr supports that10:30
* dm8tbr will be happy to help test that10:30
Stskeepswell, romaxa's stuff of b2g on raspberry pi seems like a good basis10:30
Stskeepsie, running in 'app' mode10:30
Stskeepsran on top of debian10:31
*** plfiorini has quit IRC10:31
Sagethat firefox talk is recorded if I'm not mistaken so time to watch it based on that feedback ;)10:31
Stskeepsskip the first 15 mins10:32
*** plfiorini has joined #mer10:32
dm8tbrand get the slides URL10:32
Stskeepsi'm thinking that a burger would be a good idea right now.. hmm10:32
* dm8tbr isn't ready for lunch yet. just had a banana10:33
* Sage is going to eat after 13:00 or so 10:33
jonwilI need to go cook food too :)10:33
lbtchilli burgers are good10:35
lbttoday is dog+waffle day :D10:35
berndhsyou eat dog today? In korea ?10:36
Stskeepsalso, for the love of god, learn how to disable screen blanking when you do the 'oh my slides are on the phone itself'10:37
lbtberndhs: I told you ... Samsung ;)10:38
Stskeepsright, food time10:39
dm8tbrthe pain the suffering10:39
*** lbt has quit IRC10:43
berndhsi'm in California now, we eat cow, pig, fish cooked and raw. Vegans say we should eat life that can't even run away.10:43
sledgesbut food eats salad..10:44
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berndhsbacteria get the last word in eating10:59
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RzRhi sledges11:10
RzRi am close to the door11:10
RzRi see thp and an other french meegoon chouchoune11:11
*** harriv has quit IRC11:12
*** harriv has joined #mer11:12
dm8tbrmer meetup after the talk? ;)11:12
*** lbt has joined #mer11:14
chouchounehi RzR ;)11:14
sledges+1 mer meetm11:15
sledgesgood stuff RzR :)11:16
sledgesim in midfdle next to zchydem11:16
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gryAs I understand it, mer is just a core, not a complete system, is this understanding correct?11:45
Stskeepscombine it with a hardware adaptation and it boots, combine it with a UI and you have first step towards a product :)11:45
Stskeepsit's a nice way to have multiple UI or for that matter device hw adaptation projects share a common core, instead of doing it all on their own11:46
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #mer11:46
Stskeepsso you can focus on what makes your device hw adaptation, or UI, great11:47
*** arcean has joined #mer11:47
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gryis there something well-cooked for n950 end user? I can see Nemo, Sailfish, and Cordia, and would be ok with helping out with some development for those, but I don't quite see how they are different (other than that one of them has a maemo UX while the other two don't)12:09
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Uninstallsledges: no progress with the i.MX53 board :/13:07
*** varikonniemi has quit IRC13:12
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kysseRock around the clock14:20
*** jayrulez has joined #mer14:20
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lbt_ooh, wifi not overloaded14:25
Stskeepswoo :P14:26
Stskeepslbt_: i'll be missing your talk, decided it's more important i get well :P14:26
Stskeeps(so i'm at hotel)14:26
RzRin front of quim gil wikipedia presenation14:27
Morpog_MobileAre there any recordings of talks?14:27
RzRyes most of them14:28
RzRphoronix guy des some too14:28
Morpog_MobileAny clou where to find?14:28 in a couple of weeks14:29
lbt_Stskeeps: np   - it's streamed  - you still get to see me :D14:30
*** e8johan has joined #mer14:31
RzRquim is promotting ios and android now ... how ironic14:32
Stskeepswikipedia can't pick sides, the information it provides is important to get to everyone14:32
Stskeepsno matter if you're on a locked down featurephone or a open tizen device14:32
*** techlife has quit IRC14:33
RzRi would expect more crossplatform developments ... but its more easy to say than to do14:34
*** techlife has joined #mer14:34
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vgradecxl000: \o15:35
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sledgesprogress, getting back home..... :) Uncompressing Linux...16:44
sledgesfinally data mobile16:45
sledgesUninstall, where did you stop?16:45
sledgesgry, Sailfish ux is C00L, that's the difference :)16:49
*** Venemo_ has quit IRC16:50
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vgradeStskeeps: I'm updating Pi eglfs plugin and was wondering where this came from
vgradeprobably don't need it the Pi plugin16:57
*** springz has quit IRC16:57
Stskeepsprobably not, but it's useful anyway, i think16:58
Stskeepsit's basically cos of android drivers16:58
*** bef0rd has quit IRC17:01
Uninstallsledges: I dind't find any board specific repo17:16
*** Artox is now known as Fluttershy017:16
sledgesUninstall, board specific = hardware adaptation -> you're constructing it nkw without knowing ;)17:18
sledgess/nkw/(the repo)17:19
Uninstallanyway to be honest I've not even been able to boot the board :/17:19
Fluttershy0Good Evening17:22
Fluttershy0is anyone aware how to force some static IP with networkmanager?17:22
Fluttershy0I did it with connman but the plasmaactive image I try atm uses networkmanager17:22
Fluttershy0and I have no gui yet17:22
*** techlife has quit IRC17:23
kulveFluttershy0: for plasma active, #active could be another channel to ask in17:24
*** techlife has joined #mer17:24
Fluttershy0yes, though ist just about how to make NM do a static IP when there is indeed no PA gui17:25
sledgeshappened to me many times :) you can download prebuilt sd card imagesskimages from fsl, too17:26
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC17:28
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*** the-gibson has joined #mer17:39
*** the-gibson has joined #mer17:39
Fluttershy0looks like ifcfg-wlan0 is valid17:40
Fluttershy0I didnt think the stuff in /etc/sysconfig/network would be used when NM is around17:40
Fluttershy0thx sledges17:41
Uninstallsledges: fsl = ?17:41
*** yashshah__ has quit IRC17:42
*** yashshah__ has joined #mer17:43
UninstallI have to take more time on that website17:43
UninstallI've found an ubuntu image17:43
Uninstallthat is an .exe file17:43
*** jpetersen_ has quit IRC17:43
Uninstallinside a corrupt zip archive... :/17:43
*** jpetersen_ has joined #mer17:44
*** nsuffys has joined #mer17:45
Stskeepshey nsuffys17:45
sledgeshope you'll sort it out Fluttershy017:45
Fluttershy0I am not sure I will though17:45
Fluttershy0might jsut killall NetworkManager and use ifconfig commands17:45
Fluttershy0until I get gui working xD17:46
nsuffysHey Stskeeps :)17:46
sledgesUninstall, it's tricky, go for Linux iMX board support section17:46
Stskeepsnsuffys: how's it going?17:47
sledgesFluttershy0, was to suggest that too ;)17:47
vgradeStskeeps: updated Pi eglfs plugin for 5.0.017:48
vgradeStskeeps: looking at qt-wayland-rpi now17:49
nsuffysStskeeps : Very well and you ? (and very impatient)17:49
Stskeepsvgrade: i added a new trick to qt-wayland, should help a bit17:49
Stskeepsnsuffys: sick at fosdem, but otherwise good17:49
*** plfiorini has quit IRC17:51
vgradeStskeeps: what do I need to know.  I see qt-wayland has been updated in last days17:51
Stskeepsvgrade: that i use the like trick17:51
vgradeah ok, nogl, composite etc. So add a rpi line17:52
*** asdfafew has joined #mer17:52
nsuffysStskeeps, take care of yourself. I've follow fosdem on Twitter because I could not go. But I go to MWC :)17:53
*** two3four has quit IRC17:53
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*** two3four has joined #mer17:55
nsuffysI can finally meet the Sailors :)17:55
*** Eismann has quit IRC17:57
*** Eismann has joined #mer17:57
sledgesthey're Jolly good sailors :))17:58
Stskeepswhat, how much did the guys get to drink yesterday ;p17:59
sledgesno rum though :)17:59
alteregoI definitely had too much :P18:00
sledgesas in free rum18:00
sledgesalterego, you were there too? :)) well, remote late hello then18:01
Stskeepsno, alterego just drinks a lot18:01
sledgesdm8tbr brought his friends18:02
alteregoI did last night -_-18:02
*** auri__ has quit IRC18:03
*** newfluttershy has quit IRC18:03
sledgesso this morning you looked like &)18:03
alteregoI wasn't even awake this morning :P18:04
sledgesnsuffys, your Seadot os picked some traction recently on here18:10
*** Mihanizat0r has joined #mer18:10
*** bef0rd has joined #mer18:10
nsuffyssledges, I discovered seadot by chance. The project looks great ! Since Nemomobile, I'm Mer addict18:12
*** shmerl has joined #mer18:12
nsuffysBut i failed to compil myself the WeTab IMG :/18:13
sledgessame here :)18:13
*** andreibechet has left #mer18:13
*** bef0rd_ has joined #mer18:14
sledgesvgrade did OBS repo for seadot. home:vgrade:test18:14
*** bef0rd has quit IRC18:14
sledgesas they are lacking hosting18:14
nsuffysyou have direct link ?18:16
sledgesnsuffys, its generic packages, notbspec for wetab18:17
nsuffysSorry for my English.. ^^18:18
sledgesdw, i got you clear18:19
*** pohly has joined #mer18:19
*** furikku has quit IRC18:28
*** melonipoika has quit IRC18:28
*** melonipoika has joined #mer18:29
nsuffysNice +480 view for my vid of Seadot... If it can help the project.. :)18:31
Uninstallsledges: ok, I've found out what was the issue: my serial port....18:32
sledgesthays why i thought you syarted it :)18:32
*** norayr has joined #mer18:32
sledgesUninstall, yes you are on wonderful journey of constant discovery ;)18:32
*** Cosmo[PB] has joined #mer18:33
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC18:33
*** Cosmo[PB] is now known as CosmoHill18:33
*** melonipoika has quit IRC18:41
*** hyde has quit IRC18:41
*** thopiekar has joined #mer18:42
*** melonipoika has joined #mer18:44
*** Frye has joined #mer18:51
*** FSCV has joined #mer18:52
nsuffysI never noticed that Mer have official account on Twitter ! @MerProject :D18:55
*** sp3001 has joined #mer19:00
*** two3four has quit IRC19:02
*** two3four has joined #mer19:02
sledgeswho owns @NemoMobile btw? I'll supply them with new logo and text19:05
CosmoHillhi sledges19:06
shmerlI proposed them to open a Diaspora user too.19:07
*** Venemo_ has joined #mer19:07
*** Aristide has quit IRC19:09
*** Aristide has joined #mer19:10
*** pvanhoof has joined #mer19:13
sledgessure, it will get going. Sailfish confused and stopped things a bit for Nemo, but now I think it's still awesome prototyping (or code ux by example) mobile os, woth 100% freedom19:13
*** Mihanizat0r has quit IRC19:14
sledgesjust that our little team (including qwazix and sivang) discovered nemo twitter was takem by someone way earloer :)19:14
shmerlIf things work out well (with opening up stuff) Sailfish and Nemo can merge at some point.19:14
shmerlI mean if Jolla decides to open things completely.19:15
sledgesi was to say sailfish might not be 100% free as ib freedom19:15
shmerlThat's up to Jolla to decide. But if they'll open it up - it only makes sense to merge them.19:15
sledgesyup, so thats why nemo thPR came to a stand-by19:16
shmerlWe'll have to wait until things will be clarified anyway, right now not enough info is known.19:16
*** jayrulez has quit IRC19:17
*** Cosmo[PB] has joined #mer19:21
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC19:21
*** Cosmo[PB] is now known as CosmoHill19:21
shmerlI'm trying to upgrade the SDK, but it says: The following package updates will NOT be installed:  mer-kickstarter osc pacrunner pacrunner-python python python-cheetah python-iniparse python-libs python-lxml python-urlgrabber python-yaml rpm-python spectacle yum yum-metadata-parser19:25
shmerlIt it expected? There is some dependency on python 2.7 which can't be normally resolved19:26
sledgeswell, nemo id use for lightweight solutions still19:26
*** wubudubudubudu has joined #mer19:27
shmerlsledges: It can have it uses, the question is of resources, i.e. if you have people to maintain them all effectively.19:27
shmerlI.e. if division produces the lack of resources - you should ask yourself if there any point in division in the first place.19:28
*** asdfafew has quit IRC19:29
*** FSCV has quit IRC19:32
*** jayrulez has joined #mer19:38
*** yashshah__ has quit IRC19:39
*** yashshah__ has joined #mer19:39
*** sardini has joined #mer19:46
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC19:54
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer19:58
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*** ced117 has quit IRC20:02
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*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:08
*** two3four has quit IRC20:08
*** two3four has joined #mer20:08
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #mer20:10
*** apostrophe has joined #mer20:21
sledgesshmerl, i see a point in nemo (or lipstick+subset of nemo) being used in adhoc/specified embedded solutions20:26
sledgesmade by the company I work for20:26
*** bef0rd_ has quit IRC20:26
sledgesso resouces/traction/customers fuelling it are present20:26
shmerlIsn't Sailfish using mostly the same components?20:27
shmerlSo it's really the question of modularization.20:27
shmerlAnd unifying the projects.20:27
sledgessailfish ux is a full fledged mobile environment, nemo ux is towards something more prototypeable20:28
shmerlWell, if there is a benefit in making a lightweight ux - why not.20:29
shmerlWhat I worry about is a diverging of resources which can happen despite possible intentions.20:29
shmerlJust look at Gnome and KDE.20:29
sledgesit's a manifestation to what a primitive ui can look like, with attraction factor20:29
Stskeepsnemo/lipstick helps show that you can do homescreens and ui's really easy20:30
Stskeepsand when sailfish silica are out, you can see how you can do components really nicely too20:30
sledgesgnome and kde do everything (for desktop) . just like sailfish does for mobile. if you have a parking meter prpject in acompany , it is controllable20:31
Stskeepsi'd like to see people do something else than mobile or tablet for once20:31
shmerlseldges: There are also razor qt and xfce for example. I guess they match closer to what you mean.20:31
Stskeepsie, wearable glasses prototypes, etc20:31
shmerlStskeeps: Right.20:32
sledgeswhat i mean requires an embedded os (mer core suitez, as provides bibd points for peripherals an embedded board may include)20:32
sledgesjust expand lipstick icons to 3x3 on screen, and you get primitive IVI UX :))20:33
sledgeswe had projects where customer asked for an ivi mockup for their POCs20:34
*** jpetersen_ has quit IRC20:34
sledgesand the great thing is, mer is scalable20:35
sledgesso not limited20:35
sledgessurely i could go for buildroot and qt on fbdev,20:35
sledgesbut these days customers want all sing and dance20:35
*** pvanhoof has joined #mer20:36
*** bef0rd has joined #mer20:36
* Stskeeps kicks off mer x86_64 build20:43
*** bef0rd has quit IRC20:52
*** bef0rd has joined #mer20:53
*** two3four has quit IRC21:12
*** arcean_ has quit IRC21:13
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*** phaeron has joined #mer21:58
UninstallFailed to mount /dev: No such device :/22:04
sledgesUninstall, need to recompile kernel with CONFIG_DEVTMPFS22:05
sledgesif you are already running mer rootfs under imx i gather ;)22:05
*** mvogt has joined #mer22:05
iekkusledges, home?22:06
*** sardini has quit IRC22:07
Uninstallsledges: yes, I'm trying to run it ,)22:07
Uninstallnice, thanks22:10
sledgesdo you have ltib installed Uninstall (hmmm sounds funny :))22:10
Uninstallno, I don't22:10
*** norayr has quit IRC22:11
sledgesthy cannot escape ltib's wrath mortal ;)22:11
*** Aristide has joined #mer22:12
Uninstallsledges: <-- is this the right place to get it? it doesn't look maintained22:16
Uninstall(they still use CVS)22:16
*** ScriptRipper has quit IRC22:20
*** arfoll has joined #mer22:20
*** zalan has quit IRC22:20
*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer22:24
*** two3four has quit IRC22:28
*** rcg has joined #mer22:29
sledgesand they use Comic sans22:29
sledgesstay away :D22:29
*** two3four has joined #mer22:29
sledgesthe story is, freescale gives you their maintained ltib with latest imx53 packages to build with it22:30
rcgwell, cern also uses comic sans ;P22:30
rcgbtw just made it back.. apparently connecting a locomotive to a train is a highly technical procedure that can even result in 30+ minutes delay22:32
Uninstallsledges: ok22:32
rcgat least at deutsche bahn, i.e.22:32
Uninstallwget: command not found o.O22:32
*** ka6sox is now known as ka6sox-away22:32
* Uninstall wonders how to install wget inside mer platform sdk chroot22:33
sledgeswget is GPL3 or smthng22:33
sledgescurl is the way to go :)22:33
sledgeswelcome to the realm of purified GPLs ;)22:33
Uninstallltib needs wget...22:34
Uninstallsledges: you mean that mer doesn't have any GPLv3 software?22:34
sledgesltib you'll use on your host PC22:35
sledgesmer goes for freedom licences (/me not a licencing guru, but wget not in mer due to those aspects)22:37
rcgbtw sledges you also made it back well?22:37
sledges(though `man wget` in my host says GPL >=v1.2 , something is fishy around)22:37
sledgesUninstall, download ltib from here:
sledgeshey rcg ! yup, made back fine :)22:37
Uninstallemerge says that wget is GPLv322:37
sledgesok, so my memory parity is still sane :)) getting a hang of those licencing licences.. :))22:38
rcgsledges, great :)22:38
sledgesonce I used Deutsche Bahn, the conductor lady was standing in a doorway screaming at us "bitte zurueck bleibn!" when we were 30seconds late to catch the train to prague :)22:39
sledgesUninstall, install L2.6.35_11_09_ER_SOURCE :)22:40
Uninstallnice, thanks for all the help ;)22:40
sledgesand patch it later with L2.6.35_MX53_1109_PATCH_IMAGE22:41
sledgesI assume you have i.MX53-QSB22:41
cxl000vgrade o/22:41
sledgesyup, then those two is the way to go22:41
sledgesthe PATCH_IMAGE has a nice README~PDF how to patch installed ltib22:42
rcgsledges, yay. not nice. but that's how they are..22:42
sledgesinstall L2.6.35_11_09_ER_SOURCE first, hope your ubuntu is not too new, otherwise some errors may encounter during inst, but nothing what you couldn't google out ;)22:42
* Uninstall is running gentoo on the workstation, ubuntu on the laptop 22:43
sledgesit will compile host packages (like cross- toolchains) and place them under /opt/freescale, then will install the rest of ltib where you'll specify22:43
Uninstallkubuntu I mean ;)22:43
*** Jason has joined #mer22:44
sledgesshould be all doable, it's linux after all, so in worst case you'll have to do some package-naming-mind-matching ;)22:44
sledgesonce ltib is in, you can configure it for a imx53-loco (it a codename for QSB)22:45
*** plfiorini has joined #mer22:45
sledgesand afterwards configure its kernel, and compile it22:45
*** Jason has left #mer22:46
sledgesif you are around tomorrow, I will be able to give you more info how to fiddle kernel .config for mer22:46
sledgessince I have it on my worktop22:46
Uninstallok :)22:46
Uninstallthank you a lot22:46
sledgesgood stuff, thanks for reviving this :)22:46
UninstallI will try to work on it tonight, I hope to get it working anyway22:46
Uninstallthank you for your help22:47
sledgesif you are ambitious enough, you might bring it's (at least the main) adaptation to a mer repo22:47
Uninstallsledges: it would be ok for me :)22:47
sledgesso other won't have to go through this again what we are going through :)22:47
Uninstallsledges: how is opengl acceleration on that hardware?22:48
sledgesI should've done that year ago, but thought it won't gain interest/laziness/lack-of-competence-in-mer-repoing etc :)22:48
sledgeswell it's all softfp22:48
sledgesI think I got ~45 FS22:49
sledgeswith glestest22:49
sledgesyou saw the videos, right?22:49
sledgesthey are accelerated22:49
Uninstallyes, the one on youtube22:49
sledgesit's not a powerful beast, but was carrying on even with KDE PA in a funny but moveable way :)22:49
UninstallI would like to get Qt5 running on it22:50
sledgesand wayland? ;)22:50
Uninstallthat would be cool22:50
Uninstallbut Qt5 on top of whatever is enough ;)22:50
sledgesany project you are pursuing? ;)22:50
Uninstallsledges: just a demo for work22:51
sledgeslol, /me is in the same shoes with pandaboard now :) great!22:51
Uninstallour company decided to use mer for embedded stuff22:51
iekkuUninstall, wow! that's cool!22:51
sledgesI instead trying to persuade my company to do it, hope will win soon :)22:51
sledgeswe'll support you as much as possible22:52
*** himamura has quit IRC22:52
sledgescause that's a penetrating PR :)22:52
Uninstalliekku: well, it was a rather easy choice :) Our company has been founded by some KDE/Plasma developers :)22:52
*** ian--- has joined #mer22:53
iekkuUninstall, explains a lot :)22:53
iekkubut anyway, it's cool22:54
Uninstallnext step will be to set up a Jenkins machine with mer sdk :D22:54
rcgUninstall, do you happen to work with mdfe?22:56
CosmoHillhi iekku and rcg22:56
rcghey CosmoHill22:56
iekkuhi CosmoHill22:57
sledgesrcg, yup, but it was rather an entertaining night in Munich after we missed that train, so everything happens for a reason :))22:57
sledgeshi Cosmo :)22:57
rcgsledges, hehe great :D22:57
Uninstallrcg: mdfe?22:57
rcgUninstall, nevermind.. i just heard of the jenkins+mer-stuff from him22:58
rcgdidn't know this is a rather usual setup22:58
Uninstallwell, I'll ask him about it :D22:59
rcgbefore that i always considered jenkins pretty java-eco-system specific22:59
rcgbut that's likely me being narrow minded in that case22:59
*** norayr has joined #mer23:00
* rcg keeps learning new cool things all the time :)23:00
* CosmoHill should23:02
Uninstallrcg: it works well with everything23:02
Uninstallit just need some work ;)23:02
*** plfiorini has quit IRC23:02
rcgright, ic :)23:02
sledgesok, now truly /me zZzZ :) ciao23:03
rcgbtw iekku do you go by plane or train?23:06
CosmoHillmagic carpet?23:07
iekkurcg, plain. brussels-amsterdam, amsterdam-helsinki23:07
iekkuCosmoHill, i prefer hoover23:07
CosmoHillmy friend says we can go london to brussels return for £6623:07
CosmoHillit better be return23:07
rcgCosmoHill, was a nice game but i'd doubt this will be any good given the weather in brussels atm23:08
rcgiekku, yay, brussels-amsterdam is a pretty short flight23:09
*** wubudubudubudu has quit IRC23:09
rcgbut i should get off to get some sleep.. didn't sleep well in the hotel and was very tired the whole day23:10
CosmoHillmaybe if there were less hookers23:10
*** plfiorini has joined #mer23:11
rcgwell, am even too tired to give a reasonable funny response to that comment ;P23:11
CosmoHillhow about Ms Buttercup, can she come up with one?23:12
rcgsee ya'll.. was very nice to see you irl :)23:12
*** rcg has quit IRC23:13
*** Fluttershy0 is now known as Artox23:13
*** Artox has quit IRC23:15
*** sp3001 has quit IRC23:16
*** Aristide has quit IRC23:16
*** thopiekar has quit IRC23:17
*** plfiorini has quit IRC23:19
*** plfiorini has joined #mer23:20
*** phdeswer has joined #mer23:30
*** yashshah__ has quit IRC23:32
*** two3four has quit IRC23:32
*** yashshah__ has joined #mer23:33
*** two3four has joined #mer23:33
*** lbt_away is now known as lbt23:35
CosmoHillhi lbt23:44
CosmoHillI hope your compile boxes are faster than mine23:44
*** jonwil has joined #mer23:54

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