Saturday, 2013-02-02

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timophhow's the hangover in brussels?07:14
Stskeepsmy ears haven't equalised pressure from my flight so i can't hear too much07:15
Stskeepsotherwise pretty ok :P07:15
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timophbtw, are there any live feeds for the mer, etc. related sessions?07:18
Stskeepsnot afaik07:18
Stskeepsfosdem isn't very hi-fi :)07:18
timophhopefully they are recorded and shared by someone07:18
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sledgesyes, there are videos from last years, but I do not see a camera where im sitting at the moment ;)10:23
Stskeepsmoo sledges10:23
sledgesmoin Stskeeps :)10:24
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Stskeepsmoo mikhas12:35
mikhasStskeeps, hi12:43
mikhasdidn't see you yet, still busy preparing my talk *ahem*12:43
Stskeepsyeah.. i'm a bit elusive but let's see if i survive12:45
Stskeeps(got a really nasty cold)12:45
Stskeepsyour talk is tonight right?12:45
mikhasI should be excited and motivated but somehow I am … not :-(12:46
mikhasEven though Rob Bradfort's Wayland intro this morning was really nice.12:46
Stskeepsit's sunny outside, the world is bright and you have good sw, what's not to be motivated about :)12:46
Stskeepser, future is bright12:46
Stskeepsand yeah, good summary also to show to co-workers12:47
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mikhasYou are right.12:47
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mikhasBut next time I am going to outsource this damn slide production business to some Chinese sweatshop.12:47
Stskeepsi've been in powerpoint land the last week, i know how you feel12:48
Stskeeps48 slides at one point..12:48
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Stskeepsand libreoffice impress is really not a good tool for this12:50
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Stskeepsanyway, i hope i'll survive to see your talk tonight12:50
jussicalligra doesnt do a bad job ;), but yes, slides are evil12:52
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mikhasNeed to meed with a OpenEmbedded guy now, for actual-on-device-debugging of Maliit …13:02
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RzRsledges: back at qml room , with thp going to hspace party16:25
SKonstantin_N9ha, have fun guys16:26
aiffsailfish sdk will be avaiable by the end of feb!     good  news16:27
Uninstallhello *16:27
Uninstallsledges: are you here?16:27
RzRhe is at fosddem but hard to catch16:27
RzRdo u have his email ?16:27
RzRnokia connecting pple16:28
* Uninstall waiting for mail address16:29
Uninstallanyway I'm looking for him for mer on i.MX53 (freescale)16:33
sledgesUninstall, can always contact here, im very approachable :))16:34
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sledgeseml@nemo channel16:35
Uninstallsledges: which mer rootfs can I use for that hardware?16:35
sledgesran lipstick and kde pa a year ago16:36
Uninstallsledges: last version is ok?16:36
sledgesit got heavier since ;)16:36
Uninstallsledges: what about the freescale firmware16:38
Uninstallwhich one I should get?16:38
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Uninstallsledges: what about uboot?16:40
sledgesiy has it all16:41
Uninstall(so sad, I have to register on that website)16:44
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Uninstallsledges: I'm using L2.6.35_11.09.01_ER_images_MX5X.tar.gz17:15
Uninstallis it ok?17:16
Uninstallwhere I can find armv7l image?17:18
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sledgesmer qmlviewer .ks kickstart17:20
UninstallI have to build it right?17:20
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* Uninstall is looking for the ks file17:23
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sledgeswith mic in platform sdk17:30
Uninstallsorry for my dump questions, I'm rather new to mer. I've only used scratchbox and maemo at the N810 time ;)17:31
sledgesgreat start!17:32
Uninstallyes, I've been lucky at the time, I was at the 2008 KDE aKademy in belgium and they gave away about 100 hundred of n81017:32
sledgesnjce :)17:33
Uninstallcan you remember where I can find the .ks file? google is not really helpful right now17:33
sledgesgood to have you, but now im off with jollians offline17:34
sledgestill tomorrow!17:34
Uninstallok :)17:34
Uninstalljust last question: qmlviewer .ks + L2.6.35_11.09.01_ER_images_MX5X.tar.gz is all I need?17:34
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Uninstallsledges: right?17:34
sledgeson platform sdk wiki17:35
sledgeslbt just said17:36
Uninstallok, thanks :)17:36
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timophStskeeps: how's fosdem so far?17:55
Stskeepsit's okay, just wish i could enjoy it more - conferences where you have a nasty cold is not fun17:56
Stskeepsespecially since i'm only 2 days into my 7 day travel schedule, finland included..17:56
timophstopping by tampere or helsinki only?17:57
Stskeepshelsinki only i think if nothing changes17:58
timophI'm pondering if I could come up with a Mer related topic for my master's thesis18:00
Stskeepshmm, what area of study?18:00
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timophinformation technology18:01
timophmainly software related stuff18:02
d9500is this an appropriate channel to ask about hardware support for mer-based smartphone roms?18:02
Stskeepsd9500: well, it depends, but usually hardware adaptation is hard18:02
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d9500Stskeeps, yeah, i see there's a mer-based plasma active image for the nexus 7 tablet now (though it's considered an experimental one,) but i was wondering if there were any roms--nemo, plasma active, or others--that could even be installed on some of the more recent high-end smartphones.18:07
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M4rtinKa Touchpad Nemo/Plasma image would be nice :)18:18
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d9500M4rtinK, i'm thinking plasma active would really shine on a a galaxy note 218:20
d9500of course, i'm not sure if i wouldn't lose phone functionality by flashing that onto the phone, even assuming there was a working rom18:21
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UninstallI can't build any image because it doesn't find modprobe18:25
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M4rtinKd9500: no idea, as my only Android device is currently the HP Touchpad running CM9 :)18:26
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berndhshi folks, I miised the last 13 months :(18:56
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CosmoHillhi berndhs19:02
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berndhshey Cosmo19:03
berndhsi want one of those phones with the Mer core19:04
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berndhshow is Reading doing this season  Cosmo ?19:05
berndhsor did I spell that wrong19:05
CosmoHillnot so well but we're putting ourselves out of the relegation zone19:05
CosmoHillwe're in the top ledge this year :)19:05
berndhsthat is not terrible19:05
berndhsyou know I am a Borussia Dortmund fan ?19:06
berndhswell, I am :)19:06
berndhsmany Permier League fans like us now, seeing how we treated City :P19:07
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berndhshow is Mer doing ? they provide the core for the Jolla phone, right ?19:08
CosmoHilli think so19:10
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berndhsi moved to California again19:13
berndhs4th time in my life19:13
berndhsapparently the song "Hotel California" is about me19:14
vgradeUninstall: search for modprobe on
CosmoHillberndhs: where from?19:15
berndhsoh i'm from everywhere, germany, canada, california, florida, ...19:15
berndhsborn in germany, that's why the Borussia affiliation, can't shake that sort of thing19:16
Uninstallby the way mic can't find linux-firmware package19:19
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Uninstallanyway I can't find anymore moku repos for iMX5319:19
UninstallI would really love that integration stuff19:20
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Venemo_hey guys19:42
Venemo_how is Mer/Nemo on the Nexus 7 nowadays?19:42
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Morpog_MobileIt seems maliit is still broken on it19:49
Morpog_MobileOtherwise I would have tried already19:50
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Morpog_MobileIt renders all black when shown20:08
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Venemo_Morpog_Mobile: yeah I know what maliit is20:59
Venemo_Morpog_Mobile: just dunno why it is so troublesome20:59
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* Cosmohill watches QI on bbc 222:31
*** zenvoid_ is now known as zenvoid22:39
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wmaroneQI is unreasonably good22:56
wmaroneand I'm disappointed that it doesn't get screen time here in the US22:57
SpeedEvilI don't much like Stephen Fry, when he's being Stephen fry.22:58
SpeedEvilhe's a bit up himself.22:59
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Cosmohillhi SpeedEvil23:05
*** arcean has joined #mer23:06
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Cosmohillnight night23:18
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rsequeirHi there23:43
rsequeiralterego are you online ?23:44
rsequeirdo you know if there is a repository which pre-built image of Mer/Nemo for the Pandaboard ?23:45
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rsequeirgoing nut with the mic tool + .ks described in the SDK guideline...23:51
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