Saturday, 2013-01-19

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Stskeepspl_fringe_finale: enjoy ;)07:49
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pl_fringe_finaleStskeeps, :)07:55
kulvealterego: which .ks you used?07:57
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Stskeepslbt: do you have time for a snapshot today?09:59
lbtaround all day09:59
lbtplan is to test rolling SDK and try to do an SDK release10:00
lbtneed to make and test a few images10:00
lbtso snap should be fine10:00
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lbtwe're snowed in anyhow :)10:00
lbtStskeeps: nb ... do you mean "now" or when you've made changes?10:03
Stskeepsi've made changes already10:03
Stskeepsshould be reay buil10:03
Stskeepsalready built10:03
lbtso ASAP is fine10:03
Stskeepswhenever you have time, no rush10:03
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Stskeeps /11:20
alteregokulve: I mixed in the hardware adaptation stuff from plasma active .ks file into a mer-core xorg + qmlviewer11:21
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sledgessnowed-in rules :))11:26
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alteregoRight, unlocked bootloader11:38
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alteregomoslo installed ..11:42
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alteregoHmm, doesn't want to boot my image :/11:49
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alteregoAh, that worked :D11:54
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Stskeepshello Modeuse12:12
Modeusehello Stskeeps12:13
Modeusecan you help me?12:13
Stskeepswell, you can always try to ask12:13
Modeuseis it possibale to run mer on the Lenovo Ideatab K1 ?12:13
Stskeepswhat SoC is it?12:14
Stskeepsthe question is always if you can flash your own kernel, root file system12:14
Modeusesorry I'm a noob :(12:15
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Stskeepsyeah, hardware adaptation is hard :)12:16
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Modeusei don't know if it helps you but i can flash my Tab und run cyanogenmod on it ^^12:19
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glueckselfis this the right channel for mer with plasma active on nexus 7?12:45
glueckself(about orientation support - mtev & sensorfw)12:46
Stskeepsif rcg is around, else #active also exists12:46
glueckselfhmm, don't see a user named rcg here12:48
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Stskeepselse you can always ask/discuss12:49
glueckselfok, well, i modified the mtev driver to support setting orientation via xinput12:49
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glueckselfi also can read the accelerometer data from /sys12:50
glueckselfbut I'm not sure how to configure/use sensord to rotate the screen12:51
glueckselffor now, I wrote a script that runs xrandr & xinput rotate, but I'd like it to run automatically12:52
glueckselfs/xinput rotate/xinput to rotate/12:52
Stskeepsthere's a few diff approaches.. nemo avoids rotation and apps self rotate, as xrandr is too slow for animations12:53
Stskeepsyou can listen on contextkit and rotate accordingily12:54
glueckselfoh. if the application rotates and the screen stays the same, then the touch-input doesn't need to be rotated either, does it?12:57
Stskeepsyeah but i'm not sure active does that12:57
glueckselfhmm, I've read somewhere that xrandr can't be used because of lacking animation support or somewhat12:59
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kulvealterego: I have some sort of .ks for nemo, if you are interested13:12
glueckselfdo you have the information how to read the accelerometer-sensor? or should I explain it here or write down somewhere else?13:12
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Stskeepsperhaps kulve would know/be interested13:14
* Stskeeps has to go13:14
glueckselfk, thanks!13:16
kulveglueckself: accelerometer-sensor on nexus7 seems to provide data through a some sort of generic interface13:17
kulve"Industrial I/O"13:18
glueckselfjup, but it needs to be configured first (two echo's)13:18
kulvefor nemo, you would need to add support to sensorfw package to read that. I don't know how plasma active does its rotation13:19
glueckselfneither do I ^^13:19
kulveI started to write a plugin for sensorfw for IIO but I didn't get far13:19
kulveglueckself: if you are interested in PA behaviour, ask in #active13:19
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glueckselfI'll check there later (have to go soon)13:20
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kulveglueckself: please report to me whatever you find or do related to that :)13:21
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glueckselfjust fyi, to use the mpu6050 (sensor in nexus 7), you need to set the buffer length ("echo 10 > buffer/length", 10 was just a random value - probably wrong) and enable the buffer (echo 1 > buffer/enable)13:22
glueckself(ups, wanted to write it anyway, thus the "just fyi" I forgot to remove ^^)13:22
glueckselfthen you can read the data from in_accel_{x,y,z}_raw13:23
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glueckselfall files are in /sys/devices/platform/tegra-i2c.2/i2c-2/2-0068/iio:device0/13:23
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glueckselffor the gyroscope, use in_anglvel_{x,y,z}_raw instead13:25
glueckselfyou may also need to enable them via {accl,gyro}_enable13:26
glueckselfthat's it13:26
kulveyeah, and that's generic (i.e. not mpu6050 specific), so it would be nice to have support for that in mer/nemo/PA13:27
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glueckselfI'll try to make it work, but it may take pretty long (don't have much time)13:28
glueckselfbut I can provide you everything I find or write13:29
glueckselfis the right place to write everything down?13:34
alteregoglueckself: yeah, we can organise it all later if we need to split it up13:35
glueckselfok, thanks!13:36
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alteregoStskeeps: how would I go about getting USB networking working on a core mer image? This is on the Nexus 713:46
glueckselfI wrote it down in the wiki, have to go now.13:48
alteregoglueckself: thanks :)13:50
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phdeswer_Stskeeps, glueckself : ping me sometime next week. I'll help getting usb up.15:47
kulveifconfig usb0 up15:50
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David__how to devoloping mer15:50
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phdeswer_kulve, I was talking about the automatic system on plug-in on the device side in Mer for the Nexus 715:54
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alteregophdeswer_: that's what I want :P16:07
phdeswer_alterego, well I have to run now, but I can make some time to help you guys out to make it work. Should not be hard I expect ;)16:10
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vandenoeveri'd like to try mer on an archos tablet16:39
Stskeepssure, archos g9?16:44
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kontioStskeeps: I build a kernel with nfs support for the Mer SDK VBox, now in the post install script it complains:"grubby fatal error: unable to find a suitable template" any idea where I can get template?16:52
Stskeepsbrb eating, sorry16:54
kulvephdeswer_: alterego: what's the benefit on having something automatic on the n7 side instead of hardcoded ifconfig?16:55
vandenoeverStskeeps: family pad16:58
alteregokulve: plug and play, I like g_ether and it's how we do it on all the other devices :P17:02
kulvethere's g_multi that supports serial, ether and mass storage at the same time17:02
kulvethat's already included in the n7 kernel17:02
kulvewhat's currently missing is "modprobe g_multi" and "ifconfig usb0 192.168.x.x up" for "plug and play"17:03
alteregoThen why isn't it working? :)17:03
alteregoHrm, okay.17:03
alteregoI'll do that now then.17:04
kulvecould you try setting console=ttyGS0 in bootargs? It would be nice to get that g_multi loaded automatically17:04
alteregoI'll give it a go17:04
yuntakontio: did you do it manually, or you packaged?17:05
kulvealso add systemd-console-ttyGS0 to your .ks. With g_multi loaded you should see /dev/ttyACM0 on your PC and get login over usb without networking17:05
kontioyunta: I copypac'ed it from CE:Adaptation:x86-generic17:06
kontioand adapted kernel-adaptation-pc.config17:06
yuntaand then you zypper up-ed ?17:06
kontiorpm, since zypper seg faults ;-)17:06
yuntaso, kernel updates never worked on sdk vm17:07
alteregokulve: didn't work :)17:07
yuntasad we forgot about that.....17:07
yuntakontio: you can still force your kernel to work, if you stop boot process and select it manually, but it's non-trivial (even if it seems to be)17:08
yuntakontio: but I'd just build a new image with your kernel17:08
yuntakontio: ah, right, you can also just substitute vmlinuz or something like that17:09
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kulvealterego: well, could you try mkdir /etc/modules-load.d and adding g_multi.conf file that has the word "g_multi" in it? It should then automatically modprobe g_multi17:09
kontioyunta: ok thx, probably the fastest at the end, I set the symlinks in /boot for vmlinuz to my kernel, but it booted into the old one17:09
kulvealterego: if that works, I could add it to the kernel .spec17:09
kulveor configs-nexus7 maybe17:10
alteregoYeah, I think configs would be better ;)17:11
alteregoWhich is what I'm having a look at now.17:11
yuntakontio: /boot/extlinux/vmlinuz* ?17:12
yuntakontio: I think it uses kernel from /boot/extlinux, not the one in /boot17:13
kontiothere is a vmlinuz-3.6.1, I could point that to mine... I'll try17:14
yuntabe careful with symlinks, I'm not sure they work :D17:14
yuntakontio: also, you may want to alter /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf for different kernel commandline (if you need it)17:15
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alteregokulve: adding that file works.17:16
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kulvealterego: ok17:16
alteregokulve: I'm just going to check to see how we set IP in nemo, I think it's udev rules.17:16
yuntakontio: also, keep the old kernel somewhere there,in case yours doesn't boot17:16
alteregokulve: then you can add it to config-nexus7 package :)17:16
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kulvealterego: I was just thinking when to run that ifconfig command. Using udev rules would solve it :)17:17
kontioyunta: :-) yep renamed the old first, but something went wrong...17:17
alteregoYeah, I'm just trying to remember how to do it. want me to pastie the appropriate file when I'm done?17:17
yuntakontio: did you get stuck in bootloader stupid loop ?17:18
alteregokulve: then I'm gonna look at getting power button to work ;)17:19
kulveit works at least for PA already?17:19
alteregoNo idea, not used pa17:19
kulvenot sure what nemo expects17:19
alteregoI'm not using nemo17:19
alteregoI'm just mer core17:20
kulvewhat then?17:20
kontioyunta: it booted the Kernel and systemd started, but something went wrong (and it went to fast to read), and now systemd tries something with emergency mode...17:20
kulveand what do you want the power button to do? To shutdown maybe? :)17:20
alteregoexactly :P17:20
kulveI think nexus7 works correctly related to that but I'm not sure if Mer core supports power button?17:21
kontioyunta: I guess I just broke that image :-)17:21
kulvei.e. I think there is /dev/input/eventX that has correctly named power button17:21
yuntakontio: I've seen that happening. Try booting your old kernel.17:21
kontioyunta: is there a way to catch the bootloader and tell him?17:21
yuntaiirc there is17:22
alteregokulve: yeah that works, I just need to add a handler to it somehow.17:22
yuntatry holding esc when it boots17:22
alteregoWhich I'm not sure how to do with systemd ..17:22
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kontioyunta: ok I try17:22
*** noopman has joined #mer17:22
kontioyunta: arrow key did it... got it booting the old kernel17:24
yuntabtw, you can still try to boot your new kernel, just with init=/bin/bash instead of systemd17:26
yuntathen you can check if your modules are accessible for new kernel17:26
yuntaand other shit like that17:26
alteregokulve: it would appear something has changed.17:26
kontioyunta: ok thx, I have the bootmenu now, that I can choose the kernel17:28
alteregoStskeeps: what configures usb networking now?17:29
alteregoStskeeps: there used to be a udev rule for it, but seems that has changed?17:29
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alteregoProbably something todo with usb_moded ..17:30
yuntaalterego: phdeswer_ is your best ref point on that I believe17:31
alteregoYeah, he mentioned helping, but we're not using usb_moded yet.17:31
alteregoMaybe I'll add it and see if I can get that to work instead ;)17:31
kulvealterego: can you find the udev rule from the history of some package? It could be the easiest way to get it working with n717:34
alteregoIt would be nice to have something working right away I suppose, let me look.17:35
kontioyunta: ok I got it up, it failed to mount the shared folders, but that is not a problem, since I want to test nfs instead :-)17:35
yuntanice :)17:35
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alteregokulve: can't find anything :/18:24
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kulvealterego: ok, maybe Stskeeps or somebody can hint later..18:39
alteregoI think I'll investigate usb moded, as that is how it's done now in nemo, and should be easily replicated.18:42
*** Master-Passeli has quit IRC18:42
Stskeepsprod phdeswer_ on usbmoded18:42
alteregoBut I've got to go out to a birthday shindig now, so I'll look in to it when I get some time :)18:42
alteregoStskeeps: yeah, he already offered his help when he's free :)18:42
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kulveStskeeps: what's usbmoded? Does it relate to host/slave usb switching?19:19
Stskeepskulve: like switching g_ether|g_mass_storage|charging only, etc19:19
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kulveall those are supported with g_multi..19:28
Stskeepsi think it does more, such as user notification/et19:29
kulveyeah, probably19:41
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