Friday, 2013-01-18

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CosmoHillnight night00:11
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lbt[ol]: if you don't get to the ml then mail me privately please00:35
[ol]lbt: I've received confirmation of subscription to
lbtok, getting late here - just wanted to make sure00:38
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lbtalterego: see
lbtyou may need to rm the var/lib/rpm/__ db files and rpm --rebuilddb01:11
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yuntasome black magic again....01:18
yuntawhat are modes?01:19
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situMorning all03:11
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Bostik-sigh- openshot is broken (for non-gnome desktops only, possibly)06:07
* Bostik creates propaganda06:07
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davidqiStskeeps: when will next version of mer release?06:13
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Stskeepsdavidqi: probably thursday06:27
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* Sage is preparing to kick the **** out of the mer cobs07:51
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Sageapparently I broke something in mer cobs as it doesn't respond to even 3 package creq anymore08:02
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Bostikinteresting, mer mentioned in HN thread09:33
Stskeepswell, shmerl's involved09:35
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lbtyunta: mapping10:15
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Bostiknext personal project - repeat my daughter's setup with Mer + Qt510:21
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Bostik  is the current one, built to allow both of me and my wife to hopefully use our own computers without daughter making constant demands10:27
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lbtlink to monitor ? :)10:29
lbtalso ... awwww :D10:29
Bostikit's a lilliput10:29
lbtno, monitor, not little girl10:30
lbt*g* ... sometimes english humour just misses :D10:30
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Bostikaye, occasionally10:31
Bostikand from what I can see, that is NOT a touch monitor (no backfeed USB, no idea if the HDMI link actually would feed pointer data in return channel)10:31
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alteregolbt: thanks11:00
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lbtanyone having problems with sb2 and zypper in targets11:41
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alteregoCool, thanks :)11:55
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lbtalterego: report?12:43
alteregoNot tested yet, give me about 30 minutes.12:44
* lbt watches snow and looks at last carton of milk12:44
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lbtwent kitten throwing a few mins ago12:54
lbttoss them out into the snow to see how deep it is12:54
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vgrade_looks like a bit of a delay in getting home,
vgrade_why is the uk so bad when it snows13:06
lbtneed a mashup with weather maps :)13:06
vgrade_snow is going east, just like me on my way home :(~13:07
lbtvgrade_: because it's a rare event and the cost of being prepared > cost of dealing with it13:07
lbtseems to me that before 4 years ago this kind of thing happened once every 4/5 years13:08
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lbtmany years we never even had snow13:08
kulveit was -20°C here in the morning.. No snowing though :(13:08
Skrysame here, sun is shining13:09
kulvenot that surprising I think ;)13:10
Skryyeah, probably not :)13:12
iekkulbt, -27 here13:12
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lbtiekku: you've seen my car...13:17
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iekkulbt, no, i haven't :D13:19
lbtnot a snow car...13:21
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alteregolbt: now even zypper ref segfaults -_-13:29
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alteregoHrm, and zypper is broken in sdk too O_O13:31
alteregoI'm getting a segfasult for zypper in the sdk chroot :/13:31
alteregoAh, my SDK is old?!13:33
* alterego updates13:33
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alteregoWeird, zypper up isn't doing anything13:35
alteregoMaybe I'll just reinstall the whole bloody SDK13:35
lbtno need13:35
lbtmanual install of libsolv0 and libsolv-tools13:35
alteregoWhere from?13:36
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lbtfor i in $(curl | grep libsolv | sed 's/.*>\(.*.rpm\)<.*/\1/' | egrep 'solv0|tools'); do echo rpm -uvH$i; done13:40
lbterr -Uvh13:41
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Stskeepsmoo faenil13:43
alteregolbt: still no joy, not sure what I've done wrong here -_-13:43
faenilStskeeps, yo master, how you doing13:43
alteregozypper up just exists after "Loading repository data..."13:44
alteregoeit code 13913:44
alteregoIf that means anything13:44
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lbtalterego: sorry afk14:28
lbtsdk-version --core latest --sdk next --go14:28
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lbtalterego: sudo rpm --rebuilddb14:28
lbtalterego: sudo zypper ref -f14:28
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alteregolbt: making progress now, started from scratch, but so far so good.14:35
lbtOK - ty14:35
lbtI need to make a fresh SDK chroot image and a new vbox image too14:35
alteregoJust waiting for SDK to update on this ridiculously slow internet -_-14:35
alteregoReally liking my new laptop though14:36
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* merlin1991 larts whoever did the .gitignore in sb216:18
alteregoHmmm ..16:19
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alteregoNothing, just a weird error, I was installing sb2 improperly16:30
merlin1991alterego: I'm currently sitting on sb2 aswell :D16:33
alteregoCool, well, everything is a bit annoying because the internet in my girlfriends house is rubbish ;)16:34
alteregoMaybe I'll fix it for them this weekend ..16:34
CosmoHillalterego: fix her interwebs16:36
CosmoHilli need to fix our interwebs but I can't stand dealing with BT16:36
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lbtmerlin1991: problems ?16:40
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC16:40
merlin1991lbt: so far I'm good, I'll know more when I get the actual rootstrap and toolchain :)16:41
lbtyeah - you want a nemo rootstrap ?16:41
*** andre__ has joined #mer16:41
*** yunta has joined #mer16:43
merlin1991lbt: would be nice to test my setup16:44
lbtfor n9/n950 ?16:44
merlin1991rather n900, don't have a n9/50 set up for nemo yet16:44
*** jpetrell has joined #mer16:45
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lbtcan't upload .ks to wiki ... sec16:45
merlin1991hm what would I need to go from .ks to rootstrap? (I don't have the mer sdk lying around, just built my own sb2 + qemu here on debian-testing)16:46
*** auri__ has quit IRC16:48
lbtyou'd need mic + sdk16:48
*** fk_lx has left #mer16:49
*** faenil has joined #mer16:55
*** reels has quit IRC16:57
merlin1991lbt: no rootstrap available in tar.gz form?16:57
*** jayrulez has joined #mer17:00
alteregoComplete network drop out then, oh the joy17:04
*** Jaded has quit IRC17:04
*** Jaded has joined #mer17:05
*** Jaded has joined #mer17:05
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lbtmerlin1991: hmm17:09
merlin1991I don't want to dl the full mer sdk, toolchain + rootstrap should be enough to get me running17:09
lbtI can make you one17:09
alteregoIt's really not that big :P17:10
alteregoHow big is the vbox image compressed lbt>17:10
lbtfew hundred mb17:11
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC17:11
alteregoYeah, teenie :)17:11
alteregopackage cross-i486-binutils-2.22-1.2.i486 is intended for a different architecture17:12
alteregowut ? ..17:12
merlin1991well but where's the point of running sb2 natively on my machine when I'm going to use a virtual machine17:12
*** yashshah__ has quit IRC17:12
merlin1991heck I wanted to avoid that :D17:12
*** yashshah__ has joined #mer17:12
alteregoThen download the SDK chroot.17:13
lbtmerlin1991: we use the SDK VM or chroot to prepare a sane starting point17:13
lbtthen inside that we use sb2 for all builds17:13
*** norayr has quit IRC17:14
alteregolbt: any idea why I'm getting these arch resolution issues?17:15
merlin1991hm what is considered to be a "sane" starting point?17:15
*** bef0rd has quit IRC17:15
alteregomerlin1991: clean, the SDK is compiled with the same compilers as everything else, if you're using different sets of libraries, compilers, etc. Then we've got a harder time debugging when something goes wrong.17:16
*** jpetrell has quit IRC17:17
alteregoHow are we supposed to reproduce issues you may come across? Without spending hours doing what you did to get it to work, and even then we may miss some steps ;)17:17
merlin1991well but if I get the toolchain and the rootstrap from you guys I already have your set of libraries and compilers17:17
merlin1991only debhelper/automake and friends could be different then17:17
*** jayrulez has joined #mer17:19
alteregolbt: fakeroot-1.12.4-1.3.i486 is intended for a different architecture ..17:19
alteregoderp ..17:19
lbtalterego: wot did you do?17:19
alteregoI'm just trying to install scratchbox with zypper ..17:20
lbtalterego: OK - lets check some context17:21
lbtNew SDK?17:21
lbtand this is inside the SDK, not sb2 zypper?17:21
alteregoYes, I untarre SDK, did sdk-version upgrade, zypper ref and up.17:21
alteregoThen tried to install the SB2 patterns, and I'm getting this error.17:22
alteregoOn quite a few packages.17:22
alteregoBasically, can't install any of the cross toolchains, fakeroot, etc.17:23
lbtgrep arch /etc/zypp/zypp.conf17:23
lbtgrep arch /etc/rpm/platform17:23
alteregoNone specified.17:24
alteregoHang on ..17:25
lbtseems reasonable17:25
alteregoWhy does /etc/rpm/platform have armv7tnhl-meego-linux in it O_o17:25
lbtyeah - that's bad17:25
alteregoThis should be a fresh install ..17:25
alteregoShould it be i486 ?17:26
lbtremove /etc/rpm/platform17:26
* alterego has a go ..17:27
*** bef0rd has joined #mer17:27
* alterego wonders what created that file ..17:28
* lbt too17:28
Bostikokay, this is just too good an image link to pass up as it fits perfectly here too17:28
alteregoWell, if I get this working, I'll try redo'ing the steps and seeing if I can figure that out.17:28
Bostik... because it's true17:28
*** VDVsx has joined #mer17:30
alteregourgh, internet is sooooo slooooow17:30
alteregoIt'd go faster if I usde 3G -_-17:30
merlin1991alterego: hm I know that feeling17:32
*** jpetersen has quit IRC17:32
alterego I think, tomorrow I'm gonna nip in to town, buy a couple of those PLC adapters and use it so I can get wired in my gf'ds room, rather than relying on this crappy wifi signal.17:32
lbt*sigh* mer img decided to stop working yesterday17:33
SpeedEvilthere was a merder17:34
merlin1991hm chroot image takes 10 mins to dl here17:35
*** aportale has quit IRC17:41
*** siavoshkc has joined #mer17:46
*** rcg has quit IRC17:48
alteregolbt: yeah, that fixed it ..17:50
lbtgood - keep an eye open - could be a bad pkg17:51
lbtif you still have the tarball then check that for me?17:51
alteregoYeah, I'd hazzard a bet on Mer-SB2-armv7thnl but I'll try to validate with another clean chroot.17:51
*** Artox has joined #mer17:52
alteregolbt: and now sb2 works straight away :)17:53
alteregoBut I don't have your updated lua rules yet ..17:53
lbtyou don't?17:54
lbtI pushed them to --rolling17:54
alteregoWell, not unless they're in the SDK repo now.17:54
alteregoAh, so I do then ;)17:54
lbtrpm -q sdk-sb2-config17:54
lbtthat's a bad version17:55
lbtsdk-version ?17:55
alteregoCore: 0.20121224.1  Tools: Rolling17:55
lbtsudo zypper ref; sudo zypper up17:56
alteregoNothing to do ..17:56
siavoshkcI like to put Meego in my nook18:00
lbtalterego: I'm an idiot18:01
merlin1991lbt: got that .ks handy?18:01
alteregolbt: hmm?18:01
lbtforgot to accept the SR to Tools :/18:01
lbtthat I sent myself18:01
alteregoLol, well, I don't care, because it's working :P18:01
siavoshkcWhere is the instructions? :)))18:01
alteregoBut do the update and I'll do it.18:01
lbtsiavoshkc: welcome to Mer18:01
merlin1991lbt: n900 not n9 ;)18:01
lbtmerlin1991: same architecture18:02
*** yashshah__ has quit IRC18:03
*** ka6sox-away is now known as ka6sox18:03
siavoshkcWell, am i even at the right place?18:03
lbtsiavoshkc: nook colour ?18:03
*** yunta_ has joined #mer18:03
*** yashshah__ has joined #mer18:03
lbtI have one too FWIW - I don;t have it working atm18:03
merlin1991lbt: which pattern do I need then?18:04
siavoshkcNow we are excited18:04
alteregoI'm tempted to stick Mer on my Nexus 718:04
alteregoBut I've just got it, and it's working quite nicely ..18:04
alteregoEven if it is android -_-18:04
lbtmerlin1991: you build that ks as a fs18:05
lbtsiavoshkc: it *will* work - no worries there18:06
merlin1991lbt: but then I only have the rootstrap? and still need the toolchain, or am I totally off track here?18:06
lbtsiavoshkc: the problem is that everyone who's done it so far has been more interested in putting videos on youtube than on documenting how other people can build on their work :/18:06
lbtmerlin1991: you know we have an SDK for a reason18:07
lbtit's so you don't need to reinvent the wheel :)18:07
merlin1991well I'm currently looking at the wiki and it tells me I need to zypper some pattern to get the tools18:07
siavoshkclooks like an advanced thing to do18:08
merlin1991which brings me back to my question18:08
merlin1991which pattern? :D18:08
lbtso did you get the SDK ?18:08
lbtOK - so zypper search SB218:10
merlin1991srly just tell me already, which one of the 6 patterns is the right one for nemo on n9/n900 :D18:11
siavoshkcAnd my problem is that I am windows oriented while devs and Mer itself are linux oriented18:11
lbtmerlin1991: ok - armv7hl18:12
merlin1991lbt: thanks :)18:12
*** plfiorini has joined #mer18:12
siavoshkcSo there is no bootable iage ready to download?18:12
lbtmerlin1991: thought you knew that bit - np ... bit loaded here18:12
lbtsiavoshkc: sorry, not at the moment18:13
siavoshkcI hope i dont have to compile anything18:13
lbtsiavoshkc: you'll need to get your hands dirty18:13
lbtI suggest trying back here in a few weeks - ping me then18:13
*** kelvan_ is now known as kelvan18:13
merlin1991hm fancy, sudo must be setuid root18:13
lbtI would like to get my Nook running this stuff and when I do I'll post instructions18:14
*** kelvan has quit IRC18:14
*** Martix_ has quit IRC18:14
*** kelvan has joined #mer18:14
lbtuntil then you may want to explore linux a bit - get virtualbox and stuff18:14
siavoshkcI have linux on my virtual machine, actually I have ubuntu, Ach, openSUSE and Mint on my VMware18:16
*** blauzahl has joined #mer18:16
siavoshkclbt: Maybe we can do this together18:17
*** arcean_ has joined #mer18:17
siavoshkcYou tell me what to do and I will follow you18:17
* siavoshkc thinks what a great idea18:18
lbtsiavoshkc: normally I'd say yes but I have a huge amount of work at the moment and won't be looking at the nook until after FOSDEM18:18
*** Bryanstein has quit IRC18:19
*** Martix_ has joined #mer18:20
*** arcean has quit IRC18:20
siavoshkcNo problem18:21
lbtfeel free to hang around18:21
lbtthere's work happening on the Mer SDK18:22
lbtyou can try that out and build some QML apps for the emulator18:22
siavoshkcInvoke me when it was its time18:22
alteregoRight, next task is to get latest Qt Creator on laptop18:23
siavoshkcwhen is FOSDEM?18:23
lbtalterego: debian?18:23
alterego lbt ubuntu18:23
lbtgood enough18:23
*** mikhas has joined #mer18:23
lbtlibqt4-private-dev package18:24
alteregoWhat's the difference between mer-qt-creator and the upstream qt-creator?18:24
alteregoIs it a branch with our stuff that hasn't been added yet?18:24
*** Martix_ has quit IRC18:25
lbtwe are tracking upstream closely18:25
lbtso yeah, we're just not merged in yet18:25
alteregoBut still recommended to use that branch?18:26
alteregoOkay, cool18:26
siavoshkcFeb 1st18:26
siavoshkcthree days?18:26
*** Bryanstein has joined #mer18:27
lbtweekend event18:28
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean18:30
siavoshkclbt: I will come here after FOSDEM, hope to see you. I maybe even helpful, I know a little bit about development :-)18:33
lbtgreat o/18:34
siavoshkcbye till then18:34
*** siavoshkc has quit IRC18:35
lbtok, doing another push of --rolling18:35
lbtseems to have a stale 0.10 hanging about18:36
*** calvaris has joined #mer18:36
*** Superpelican has quit IRC18:40
*** ced117 has joined #mer18:42
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alteregoHrm, to I bite the bullet and flash my nexus 7 with mer ...22:34
sledges"another one bites the dust"22:35
sledgesand by that I meant Android :))22:36
alteregoI don't mind android on it, at least it's useable. But I would like a device to seriously play with mer, qt5, wayland, etc.22:37
alteregoAnd the nexus 7 is a really sleek device.22:37
sledgesand the goals is to make it usable!! ;22:37
alteregoand "cheap" ;)22:37
alteregoSo, I'm going to need a hybrid tegra3 / mer xorg, connectivity, blah.22:38
alteregokickstart that is.22:38
*** yunta has quit IRC22:39
sledgesright kulve ? ;)22:39
*** yunta_ has joined #mer22:43
*** zenvoid has quit IRC22:47
*** zalan has quit IRC22:47
*** calvaris has quit IRC22:50
SpeedEvilalas, I don't believe it's real22:50
sledgesah reminding me good old times with iMX ;)22:51
sledgescannot be so cheap..
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:53
SpeedEvilI suspect a scam22:53
*** zenvoid has joined #mer22:53
sledges~200$ says chinese link from youtube..22:53
alteregohmm, the tegra3 adaptation repos must have moved -_-22:54
alteregoHrm, missing /obs ..22:56
alteregoSounds familiar ..22:56
*** SouL_ has joined #mer23:00
*** SouL_ has left #mer23:01
[ol]This buyer has 99.6% positive feedback.23:01
*** yashshah__ has joined #mer23:03
*** yashshah- has quit IRC23:03
*** Estel_ has joined #mer23:03
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*** Estel_ has joined #mer23:03
CosmoHillnight night23:04
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC23:04
SpeedEvil[ol]: the account does23:07
SpeedEvilthis does not mean it's the same person23:07
SpeedEvilplus, he has around three weeks of sales before it becomes obvious he's not shipping23:07
[ol]It says "154 sold". If it was scam, why no negative feedback?23:08
sledgeswell, it'd be just £20 to loose anyhow :))23:09
[ol]I heard that if there is a complaint, buyer protection kicks in, and seller receives no money.23:09
sledgesmust be some defect23:10
sledgessimilar listing (nearly same looking description):
[ol]May be stolen from the factory? :-)23:12
SpeedEvil[ol]: because they don't know any thing's wrong till three weeks from now23:13
sledgesthey are buying them out every minute!23:13
alteregoWell, image built correctly, but I'm tired. So think I'll wait until tomorrow to unlock the device and attempt to boot my minimal mer image.23:17
alteregog'night folks.23:17
sledgesso have you bought one guys? ;)23:20
sledgeslmao I just did :))) thanks SpeedEvil23:25
SpeedEvilgood luck23:25
SpeedEvilI have no idea whatsoever if anything will arrive.23:26
sledgeswell it says limited stock, so probably they're emptying out before chinese new year23:26
M4rtinKwhat about porting Mer to an E-Book reader with E-Ink screen ? :)23:27
M4rtinKlike: :)23:27
sledgesand from 9 available it became 10 available all of a sudden again (and someone bought even after me)23:27
sledgesor to a russian dual-sided one M4rtinK ;)23:27
M4rtinKwell, I'm currently researching this one & it looks kinda nice :)23:28
sledgeswow another iMX processor23:28
sledgesit looks like Freescale's picking up again23:28
M4rtinKthey already use Qt, have all source to all (?) of their stuff on Github & as there seems to be an alternative firmware project, there are probably no important bits missing :)23:29
sledgesnice openish solution :)23:29
sledgesI get Freescale's BSPs from their website (the good old dreaded LTIB ;))) quite a bit of mess, but a tamy beast in the end23:30
M4rtinKalso: :)23:31
sledgesahh c00l23:31
M4rtinKso I'm really looking into getting one :D23:31
sledgesdefo a good adopter23:32
sledgeshope it's bootloader not locked etc23:32
sledges(same for my latest "bargain" :)))23:32
M4rtinK+ PyQt & Python :
M4rtinKsledges: according to here: : "It is possible to create and flash a custom firmware. You've got root on your device right out of the box."23:35
*** dakovaci has joined #mer23:36
sledgeswin ;)23:36
sledgeslooks like iMX HA will receive some attention soon :)23:39
sledgesI'm intrigued by what KDE PA3 are doing for tablets23:39
*** Estel_ has quit IRC23:42
*** Estel_ has joined #mer23:42
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*** Estel_ has joined #mer23:42
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