Sunday, 2013-01-20

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CosmoHillnight night00:58
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Stskeepsmorn all07:38
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StskeepsRaYmAn: happy birthday!08:06
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RaYmAnStskeeps: thanks :)08:14
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lpottersuppose I should 'port' the sensorfw backend to qt5 at some point09:06
Stskeepsnot a bad idea09:06
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lpotterI suppose we want to use something besides /etc/xdg/Nokia/09:20
Stskeepsperhaps nemomobile09:20
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Stskeepsgood morning Venemo_09:22
Venemo_morning Stskeeps  :)09:22
lpotterhmm sensors looks in QtProject/ now09:23
lpotteror some env09:24
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lpotterstill nokia'isms in sensors09:29
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VDVsxlpotter, or /QtProject, looks like is what is used nowadays for those paths09:38
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rcgkulve, ping09:43
kulvercg: pong09:45
rcgkulve, after upgrading the kernel, did you check if suspend/resume works properly?09:48
rcgat least for me it is broken here09:49
rcgbut otoh it looks like that my sim card is recognized :D09:50
rcgjust trying w/o sim inserted to test if that might be the culprit09:50
kulveI wonder why it broke.. I would assume there's quite little changes in the android kernel..09:50
rcgit suspends and powers on instantly afterwards09:51
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rcghmm looks like w/o sim it works properly09:53
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kulvercg: you need to rfkill the modem or something. I guess it doesn't sleep and therefore wakes up everything else09:58
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rcgkulve, ah yes, good idea09:59
rcgbut at least it recognizes the sim card, which is already a _huge_ improvement :D09:59
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rcghmm nope10:06
kulvercg: let me know if you know an udev rule that can run ifconfig when usb0 appears (after modprobing g_multi)10:06
rcgand it seems to be the wwan interface is not shown via rfkill10:07
rcgjust blocked everything and the problem stll persists10:07
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lbtwhat the hell is it with some UI designers? I used to have a filter button labelled 'unread' ... I now have a tiny infinity sign that is supposed to be glasses that I need to hover the mouse over to figure out it's the unread filter10:24
rcgkulve, did you experiment with udevadm monitor etc. to get your udev rule up and running?10:28
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glueckselfkulve: you could probably adapt the n900 udev rule, see
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kulveglueckself: that's quite close, thanks12:21
glueckselfyou're welcome12:22
glueckselfhave to go now, bye12:22
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rcgkulve, i found a way to fix suspend12:25
rcgreverted the nexus7 kernel to your latest revision12:25
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alteregokulve: that's the rule for the host, not the device. I found all that stuff ;)13:05
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alteregoI'm not really that proficient in udev rule creation, I'm gonna try installing the usb moded stuff in an image now and see if that just works ;)13:05
kulvealterego: I would guess it assumes certain kernel modules that probably aren't there13:07
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VDVsxStskeeps, just to let you know that the latest qmf release that I submitted to mer brings a regression from upstream, already sent a patch there14:58
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phdeswerkulve: About the usb. Mer uses usb-moded. Which enables to have automatic set-up for usb. It handles stuff on plug-in. And it allows to have a UI to have different modes depending on what you want.15:31
phdeswerIt also starts on demand user space processes etc...15:31
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alteregophdeswer: what kernel requirements does it have? Will it work with g_ether / g_multi (pretty much the same)16:09
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jkorkeanwhich sb2 pattern should I install to compile for N950?16:22
jkorkeanok, found it16:25
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phdesweralterego: a working power_supply notification and g_ether are the minimum16:28
phdeswerg_multi support is not there yet16:29
alteregoOkay, so it uses g_ether, is there any documentation on how it uses that? As the nexus kernel currently has g_multi, which is a combination of g_ether & serial16:29
alteregoOkay, can you point me to the project?16:29
phdeswerBut also just packaged a version that works with the android gadget. Just need an android device + original kernel to test and finalize it.16:29
phdesweralterego: it loads g_ether and sets an ip (you can also configure a gateway etc...)16:30
alteregoHrm, Hmm16:30
phdesweralterego: source here: and the doc dir contains most of what you would need to know16:31
phdesweralterego: let me know if something seems missing. I'll gladly add something.16:33
* phdeswer needs to check out g_multi in the future16:33
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alteregophdeswer: the interfaces you're interested in are much the same.16:37
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phdesweralterego: probably. Just need to try out how it work exactly.16:39
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iekkuhmmm, now new bugs for mer17:00
iekkunow? no...17:01
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iekku0 bugs, 0 tasks17:01
iekkudo we need triage to walk through older ones?17:01
iekkuStskeeps, lbt? ^17:01
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Stskeepsit feels like tommorrow will be a sick day for me :(17:03
iekkuuhhuh :/17:04
iekkuhope you get better soon!17:04
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* alterego wonders if /etc/sysconfig/network might be a good place to look ..18:18
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Artoxalterego wonders if /etc/sysconfig/network might be a good place to look ..18:21
Artoxis it about setting static IPs on Mer?18:22
alteregofor usb018:22
Artoxwell, I was fighting with that some day. Mer comes with connman which will do dhcp by default18:22
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ArtoxI ended up writing a python script to run at boot time that sets na IP via dbus18:22
alteregoyeah, this is somewhat annoying18:23
Artoxwasnt able to find proper documentation on the connman /var/lib/connman/settings file18:23
alteregoI want console access18:23
ArtoxI have my script packaged for Mer18:23
Artoxon cobs18:23
Artoxit works when the device is connected to a computer during boot18:24
Artoxthere if its of any use18:24
Artoxthat way I gained reliabkle access to console on my gta0418:25
alteregoCool, thanks, still would prefer a proper solution which handles hotplug18:25
Artoxit should be possible to tell connman a default profile for usb0918:25
Artoxbut I havent found documentation18:25
alteregoIt ignores usb* devices18:25
Stskeepsit's not fond of gadget devices18:26
Stskeepswhich is fwiw another long discussion18:26
alteregoYeah, I just want a really simple, way for it to configure usb devices, outside of usb moded.18:26
alteregoJust something basic people can use when developing on new hardware.18:27
Stskeepsusually i just hardwire ip= into kernel command line18:27
alteregoYou can do that? I've only seen mac addr ..18:27
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alteregoStskeeps: cool, found it. :)18:29
Stskeepsdepending on if the interface is up automatically or not18:29
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[ol]Does anybody know where to get "osc.spec" file? I want to build osc for Mer x86_64.19:15
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StskeepsMer:Tools probably19:28
Stskeepsits python too touch19:29
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[ol]Stskeeps: Could you please point me to git repo where its history is stored?19:36
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Stskeepsno such, grab it from Mer:Tools19:44
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lbt[ol]:;a=summary - but I'm about to move it to github20:14
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[ol]lbt: It contains no osc.spec file.20:16
lbtread for what is happening20:16
lbtit puts the packaging into an orphaned git repo in the same repo20:17
lbtthat means that the source repo is identical to upstream20:17
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* CosmoHill slams his head into the desk22:15
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shmerlHi. I'm trying to build libvpx and it has issues with using nasm. It builds OK with yasm though.22:25
shmerlAre there any plans with adding yasm to Mer?22:26
lbtiirc I did something really bad to use yasm inside the virtualbox build22:27
shmerlI just installed it from source before when needed/22:27
lbtI think I built it as part of the vbox build22:28
lbtif you package it then I think it's reasonable to request inclusion22:28
shmerlOK, I'll look into it/22:28
lbtcan you do some research to justify it though22:29
shmerlWell, Mozilla builds require it for one.22:29
shmerlI'm trying to see why libvpx breaks with nasm now.22:29
lbtsts may know the ins-and-outs of assemblers but I don't22:29
shmerlI'm not sure about differences between them either.22:29
shmerlYep, same story - it breaks on regular Debian build as well with nasm.22:31
lbtok,off now -  early night tonight o/ :)22:32
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CosmoHillnight night23:49
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