Wednesday, 2013-01-16

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Guest85486I have installed xbmc. But when I want to install a PVR addon named  mythtv,it says cannot connect with sth in windows.Even I cannot install it in android because of "does not have the correct structure".Anyone  can help?01:16
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CosmoHillnight night01:27
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kysseIt's workin' time!05:55
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situMorning all06:04
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lpotterI thought about doing that from time to time06:18
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lpotterbut I rather enjoy what I do06:25
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Stskeepsi wouldn't mind on occasion to outsource some grunt work06:26
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kontiohehe reminds me of a finish cartoon (Pasila, for the one which know it), there was a construction site, where the Finns subcontracted Estonians, the Estonians further subcontracted it to Portuguese, the Portuguese subcontracted it to the Chinese, So Finns, Estonians and Portuguese were playing cards and the Chinese were working...06:29
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situMorning Bostik07:03
Bostikbeing up and being awake truly are different things07:10
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davidqiStskeeps: I found my current mer has wayland compositor installed, can the compositor work well now?08:17
Stskeepsdavidqi: you might be able to get it working with qt5-qtwayland-nogl and qt5-qtwayland-nogl-examples08:17
Stskeepsand qwidget compositor08:17
Stskeepscan't help too much with that part though, you'll have to dig into some documentation08:18
davidqiwhere is the documentation?08:18
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Stskeepsdavidqi: might be good inspiration08:21
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Stskeepsdavidqi: this is really bleeding edge stuff so i can't really help you08:23
Stskeepsyou just have to dive into sources and other people's uses of it08:24
davidqiok, thanks a lot. do you think there is expert somewhere who can help me on this?08:25
Stskeepsyou'd probably have to get paid consulting from somewhere08:25
davidqiso where?08:26
davidqido you know some place who can help, even with consult fee?08:27
Stskeepsi think digia probably has experts in that area, but you should be able to figure out how to get qwidget compositor up on your own08:27
Stskeepsisn't that complicated, start with getting qwidget-compositor in /usr/lib/qt5/examples going08:29
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Stskeepsmoo lbt09:20
lbtgoddam ... prel09:21
lbtlast night wasn't fun09:21
lbtok - date?09:21
lbt*sigh* ... coffee didn't make the fingers yet09:22
auri__lbt: ping..09:23
lbtauri__: hey09:23
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CosmoHillhi sledges10:10
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davidqiStskeeps: what do you think if I port xfce to mer, which is using GTK+?10:57
lbtdavidqi: you'll need to port any gtk stuff too10:58
davidqiyes, but is it necessary to port the desktop to a device which support opengles 2.0?10:59
lbtdavidqi: we won't take gtk into Core - but have no problem with people layering it on top of it10:59
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davidqiI mean, my device does not support opengles 2.0, can I port xfce with mer?10:59
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sledgesyou can layer it on top of mer, davidqi11:00
lbtthat's up to you - if you need gles then you would need sw rendering11:00
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davidqido you think GTK+ porting to mer is a reasonable workload? and also, after GTK+ porting, how much workload is the porting of XFCE?11:02
davidqisledges: have you done similar work?11:02
slainedavidqi: There was a project to port the n900 Hildon desktop to Mer, Cordia iirc.11:03
slaineI'm not sure if it's still active11:03
sledgesGTK on mobiles reminds me of GPE:
slainesledges: good times11:04
sledgesbut I'm stone-ageing here :)11:04
jonwilDoesn't N900 Hildon Desktop whole system rely on any number of closed blobs?11:04
jonwilOr are there ways around that?11:04
sledgesdavidqi, I haven't done work of that scale, no11:05
leinirslaine: i'm sure some people think Qt on mobile reminds them of the greenphone ;)11:05
Bostikooooo, I've used that!11:05
slaineleinir: what was that iPaq env based on KDE ?11:06
leinirHum... that i don't remember :)11:06
davidqiis there any project porting mer to n900?11:06
sledgesthat was Opie (Qt) and GPE (GTK), good old iPAQ times11:07
phakodavidqi: nemo runs on n900 and is based on mer11:08
leinirsledges: aah yeah, Opie :)11:08
davidqithen, nemo does not need glesv2, right?11:08
sledgesOpenmoko spat more loads: SHR, QtMoko, Om 200x, ... I think a couple of those are still alive around GTA0411:09
Stskeepsn900 has glesv211:09
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leinirQtMoko's alive, yeah :)11:09
leinirbut... yeah, what a train wreck that was :P11:10
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veskuhauri__, have you seen Mer plugin loading failing with "Could not resolve dependency 'Core(2.6.1)'"11:13
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lbtveskuh: make clean11:14
lbtI got that11:15
davidqiStskeeps: Hildon needs glesv2 also?11:15
Stskeepsdavidqi: to run effectively11:15
Stskeepsyou might be able to use razor-qt11:15
veskuhlbt, ah ok. I did make distclean but I guess it was not enough11:15
lbtveskuh: should be even cleaner :)11:16
lbtfor me make clean and then qmake -r worked11:16
lbtalso - I just tested the x86 sb2 cross chain with an x86 target and that works11:17
slainesledges: That was it11:18
davidqiStskeeps: do you mean, mer + razor-qt + some other window manager , can be a solution for me?11:18
Stskeepsdavidqi: possibly, but if you're doing a phone, you should just make a ui from scratch11:19
Bostiklbt: in anything dealing with large Qt source bases, fresh build in git-archive'd tree is a good validation round11:19
Bostiklbt: from personal, painful experience...11:19
davidqiat the same time, opengles 2.0 is not necessary for this solution11:19
davidqiis it , Stskeeps?11:19
slaineThat's all getting off the point davidqi, what I was trying to say was there was an effort to port the n900 Hildon desktop, which as I recall, relied on gtk2 and as a result there should be repo's from the cordia project that have gtk2 alreadyt11:20
Stskeepsdavidqi: what you'll want to do is to get the infrastructure working and then get a good UI team working to make nice homescreen/apps, etc11:20
davidqican the "mer + razor-qt + window manager" be the so-called "infrastructure"?11:22
Stskeepsi wouldn't recommend it as a phone infra, it's more of a desktop thing11:22
davidqiyes, a phone function is only part of my device,11:23
Stskeepsi meant, phone/touch UI :)11:23
davidqimy point is, if my device does not support glesv2, (then wayland can not be used), is it possible to use solution above to run a desktop on mer?11:25
Stskeepsdavidqi: well, try out razor-qt11:25
Stskeepsdavidqi: lists packages/repos for razor-qt11:26
Stskeepsbut be aware it looks like
Stskeeps(if you can access that)11:27
sledges(i could)11:28
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Stskeepsdavidqi: anyway: if you want to do a good low end phone UI, start with qwidget-compositor from qtwayland, customize it to your needs, then make a small bunch of qtquick1 applications11:28
davidqiso cool a desktop11:28
Stskeepsit's hard work to do a phone UI and non-GLESv2 is not exactly what users expect of performance from phones today11:29
davidqimy target is a device with phone basic functionality11:30
Stskeepsso it's possible to make one that only uses SW rendering, but it will probably underperform11:30
davidqinot a phone11:30
Stskeepsand it'll take a lot of effort from your side11:30
Stskeepsthen razor-qt might make sense for you11:30
davidqiregarding qtwayland, does it need glesv2 also?11:31
Stskeepsit can run in a 'nogl' mode11:31
Stskeepsbut it restricts you to qwidget and qtquick1 apps only11:31
davidqinow, can I say , there are two solutions: a. use qtwayland / qwidget-compositor, b. use razor-qt, right?11:32
Stskeepsis your plan a touch device or a laptop/mouse kind of thing?11:32
davidqitouch device11:32
Stskeepsthen you should really just make a nice QML interface as you can't use desktop on touch11:33
Stskeepsit's not good UI :)11:33
davidqiwhat is the matter with touch related things?11:33
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davidqiwhy is the desktop not used on touch?11:34
Stskeepsyou can't hit desktop elements easily, they're too small11:34
Stskeepsthey're meant for mouse usage11:35
davidqiCan I use qwidget-compositor as desktop?11:36
davidqio , I ever ran weston on my ubuntu11:36
Stskeepsdid any of your team ever work with qt?11:37
davidqiand is it true that there is no icon on the compositor support?11:37
Stskeepsbecause you'll have to do some qt coding to get something useful going11:38
davidqiwe ever work with qt on UI application development , on N911:38
davidqiStskeeps:  can I say , there are two solutions: a. begin from  qtwayland / qwidget-compositor, b. begin from  razor-qt, right?11:41
Stskeepsdavidqi: i'd suggest a) as it's most future proof11:43
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Sage/usr/bin/ld: can not read symbols: File truncated11:59
Sage/usr/bin/ld: BFD (GNU Binutils) 2.22 internal error, aborting at merge.c line 877 in _bfd_merged_section_offset11:59
Sage/usr/bin/ld: Please report this bug.11:59
SageStskeeps: rebuild? :)11:59
Sagethis mer sdk rbind mount problem I'm having is a bit problematic :P12:04
Sageor well, as long as I don't umount anything it works :)12:04
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lbtyunta: webapp accepted to Tools:Testing - please check12:20
lbtthen I want to push to Tools and do a rolling snapshot12:20
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Sagelbt: yunta: I ponder why test-definition is in nemo mw, it is in mer tools as well right12:23
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yuntalbt: ok, building image now.....12:43
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Sage <- where did all the workers go? :)13:04
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Sage <- where did all the workers go? :) <- lbt13:04
Sagelbt: ps. if you give me access and tell me the way to do it I could also start doing that kind of kicking13:05
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VDVsxStskeeps, what is the eta for next mer pre-release ?13:11
Stskeepssnapshot today, why?13:12
VDVsxhave new qmf that I would like in, but not reviewed yet, will be this night only13:14
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yuntalbt: so, bundle 0.4.0 got accepted in Mer:Tools, and webapp in Mer:Tools:Testing. Mer:Tools:Testing still has bundle 0.3.4. Now image building complains it can't find bundle 0.4.0 although I did include both repos in ks.13:31
yuntaI listed Mer:Tools:Testing after Mer:Tools, so is it possible 0.3.4 overlays 0.4.0 ?13:32
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kyssewhat a fuck is this colored text13:33
kyssestop it13:33
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Tm_Tkysse: huh?13:46
kysseDid yunta use somekind of style at his text?13:47
sledgesirssi is blue on black here (I know #pandaboard gets coloury at times, so irssi can do colours)13:47
sledges(i.e. my whole terminal is blue on black if anything ;))13:48
kyssehmm, wtf. It's my hilight options.13:48
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fk_lxsome problems with that virtual machine based Mer SDK:19:00
fk_lxit happened when I've tried to create image using mic (using Zephyr kickstart file from Stskeeps)19:01
fk_lxany ideas what could cause these kind of thing?19:02
*** ortylp has joined #mer19:04
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Sagephaeron: there seem to be still some empty responses in the cobs19:15
Sageerr.. sry it was the meego cobs actually that returned empty during sync19:16
*** edgar2 has quit IRC19:17
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rcgbtw lbt you are aware that on b.m.o in the webfrontend the build results overview is not displaying correctly?20:17
lbtrcg: yeah I have work to do there20:17
rcgalright, no rush, just checking ;)20:18
*** ortylp has joined #mer20:19
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lbtSage: I'll take that  --make-rprivate - but I'm a touch concerned... says "A private mount does not forward or receive propagation. This is the mount we are familiar with. __Its the default type__."20:36
lbtso maybe fedora (or newer kernels) has made --bind no longer default to private20:37
*** Martix_ has joined #mer20:44
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lbtStskeeps: any reason bash is such an old version?20:49
Sagelbt: ok20:53
Stskeepslbt: gpl320:53
lbtstill, we're looking to include dash for that iirc20:53
Sagebusybox ;)20:53
lbtboth ?20:54
Stskeepslbt: yeah, such an old thought that it's mentioned on my whiteboard i left in my own apartment20:54
Stskeepsi'll get to it.. ome day20:54
lbtbash4 + completeion is nice for SDK20:54
*** jjarven has quit IRC20:56
Sagelbt: based on the doc I don't see there any disadvantage of the --make-rprivate. In normal case it shouldn't do anything and if those mounts are for some reason shared it sets them to private.20:57
lbtagreed - just saying that according to that doc, it shouldn't be needed :)20:57
lbtI accepted it and am testing locally20:57
Sagewell I agree that it shouldn't be needed :)20:58
Sagebut doing this kind of thing requires safeguards in some places at times20:59
lbtyep - what I'm unhappy about is that it *is* needed for fedora20:59
*** ScriptRipper has quit IRC21:00
SageWould be nice to hear other bleeding edge distros21:00
Sagewith latest kernels etc.21:01
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:01
lbtsend an email to ml ?21:02
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sledgeswell Mer tab on QtCreator doesn't work on ArchLinux :{21:45
sledgescannot spawn the WebKit bit due to lib clash21:45
lbtsledges: please log a bug on Mer BZ - there's a component for it21:52
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC21:52
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sledgesah ok, though back in the day I found this Stskeeps told me off that non-Ubuntu is not worth considering though ;P22:03
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lbtwell, archlinux isn't going to get the amount of resources aimed at it as debian/ubuntu/fedora/suse22:06
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sledgestrue, :))22:15
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