Wednesday, 2013-01-02

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CosmoHillnight night00:53
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situMorning all04:44
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TheorboIs Jolla planning on having LTE or WiMaxx (4G) for their initial device?06:25
jussiTheorbo: probably better to ask that one in #jollamobile06:25
jussioh, I note you have already...06:26
TheorboI did, I'm being a bastard and spamming.06:26
jussi(should of looked first hey :P )06:26
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SpeedEviliin general, it is unlikely that a non open standard would be used06:45
SpeedEvilif you can only use a device on one provider, then no, that's not happening06:46
SpeedEvilas it would require the active cooperation of the provider06:47
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Sfiet_Konstantinmorning niqt08:43
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Sagelbt: phaeron: No idea if this needs to be done some other way but is something nemo really needs soon as the zypp backend in mic is so broken atm.08:49
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phaeronSage: why didn't you take the stuff from github, I put the  packaging there too09:22
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Sagephaeron: mic 0.14 breaks stuff fstab for example and I didn't have time to check rest of the stuff myself09:25
phaeronSage: I thought you said it should work09:25
Sagewell, uuid generation seems to break stuff and livecd or liveusb failed as well09:25
Sageso those needs to be fixed and I don't have time to look at those atm.09:26
SageIt should work but it didn't :/09:26
phaeronSage: ok I can revert the changes that does the fstab thing09:26
lbtmorning all09:27
Sagephaeron: jnikula found one char error there which might be easy to fix actually09:28
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lbtsage, phaeron: mmm so fix mic 0.14 or backport that patch ?09:29
phaeronbackport / revert09:30
phaeronlbt: also we need that patch for obs-webui09:30
phaeronshould be  in your scrollback09:30
lbtdon't see it09:34
lbtand of course, now I do :)09:35
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rcgheh, well, the ubuntu guys try to keep expectations high09:45
rcgkinda reminds me of that good ol' simpsons episode :)09:50
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phaeronlbt: thanks , I'll report if anything else looks broken and then we can roll new rps10:09
lbtwe're falling a long way behind10:10
lbtand Stskeeps' sb2 patches are not upstream10:10
* lbt biab10:11
sledgesHappyNewYear! wishing you all Qt times :)10:20
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Stskeepsmorn Venemo12:29
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Venemohey Stskeeps  :)12:29
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Venemowhat's up?12:29
Stskeepsnot much.. bit ill today12:30
Venemome too12:30
fk_lxhey people :-)12:32
fk_lxI'm also coughing but only a bit12:33
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mikhasif you were 100% healthy  first week of the year it would mean you didn't party hard enough =p13:14
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sroedalI'm not ill, just tired :(13:15
Bostikboth :/13:16
Sfiet_KonstantinI ate too much :S13:18
Sfiet_Konstantinthat implies sick and tired13:18
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sledgeslooks like XMas+NY holidays never work as a 'relaxation' bit :)13:35
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vgradeevening all18:45
fk_lxhi vgrad18:46
fk_lxhi vgrade18:46
Stskeepsevening vgrade18:47
vgradewonder how ubuntu are allowing andriod driver support18:48
vgradeon new mobile os18:48
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loliisSFWHey guys. I recently saw the ubuntu OS and it looks far too bloated for my taste. Mer, on the other hand, might be a little more to my liking. Is there a good resource for people looking to install Mer?18:52
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TheorboAre you a developer or are you a linux enthusiast looking for a mobile OS?19:00
loliisSFWlinux enthusiast looking for mobile OS19:01
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TheorboYou aren't looking for Mer19:09
*** plfiorini_ is now known as plfiorini19:09
TheorboIt is nothing like a fully functioning mobile OS19:10
TheorboReady to be launched.19:10
TheorboIndeed, it is only a foundation lacking middleware and a user interface.19:11
TheorboWhat you are looking for is Nemo19:12
TheorboAnd Nemo is not exactly what you are looking for either.19:12
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loliisSFWthanks Theorbo19:16
loliisSFWI was thinking about using Mer in conjunction with Plasma Active19:16
loliisSFWdo you think that would work out well?19:16
Stskeepsplasma active -uses- mer :)19:17
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Stskeepsevening jstaniek19:46
jstaniekevening Stskeeps19:46
Stskeepssaw the ubuntu phone news?19:46
jstaniekStskeeps: how are you?19:46
kysseubantoo phone, who cares.19:47
Stskeepsi'm good, a bit of post-newyears illness but i'm good19:47
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jstaniekthx for the link19:47
*** yashshah_ has joined #mer19:47
jstaniekin other news, well informed guys on /. believe tizen is maintained by LF, lol19:48
Stskeepsyeah.. well19:48
jstaniekso I've been working for this fscking foundation for 3 years not moving from Poland, yeah :/19:50
Stskeepswell, either way19:54
Stskeepsall this serves very nicely to make a huge dent in android's armor19:54
ali1234it's QML you know...19:54
Stskeepswhich is good19:55
fk_lxyes, the best thing is that Android will have a lot of competition19:55
fk_lxtime to break the duopoly :-)19:55
ali1234nah, won't happen19:55
ali1234might be the final nail in microsoft's coffin though19:56
jstaniekStskeeps: it's all good unless I hear from the Tizen people that QML is just another javascript framework like Cordova ;>19:57
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Stskeepsevening Venemo :)20:10
Venemohey Stskeeps  :)20:10
*** shmerl has joined #mer20:10
StskeepsVenemo: seen ubuntu phone news?20:12
VenemoStskeeps: no20:12
Sfiet_Konstantinit is purple, like ubuntu on desktop20:13
VenemoI've been troubling myself with qml20:13
Venemoit's like everyone is doing a phone os nowadays20:13
Sfiet_Konstantinbecause everybody can20:13
Sfiet_Konstantin... thanks to Qt20:13
shmerlHi. Any idea what they mean: "yet it uses the same drivers as Android."?
* Sfiet_Konstantin think about libhybris20:14
shmerlHow exactly they just use all the same drivers?20:14
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Stskeepsshmerl: i think the answer is libhybris there..20:14
Venemoeither they copied libhybris from Stskeeps or made something similar of their own20:15
VenemoI need a QML expert20:15
Venemocan't solve something20:15
shmerlYeah, would be interesting if they could clarify this.20:15
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jstaniekStskeeps: hmm, ubuntu phone uses QML?20:27
Stskeepswhat else would you use if you were sane? :)20:27
jstaniekthat's the first I doubly checked20:27
jstaniekwhat happens to GNOME then? late adopters? ;)20:28
lbtVenemo: did you pastie the QML problem ?20:28
Stskeepsjstaniek: i have my opinions on how gnome failed to enter the space :P20:28
*** shmerl_ has joined #mer20:28
Stskeepsthey entered it with maemo20:29
jstaniekStskeeps: doubly interesting times ahead :)20:29
jstaniekbtw, I am looking for imx6 (Single or Dual) dev boards, is there anything cheaper than the ones on
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*** shmerl_ is now known as shmerl20:30
shmerlIt's good that they use qt5 - lot's of potential to share the developer base and applications.20:31
*** kallela has quit IRC20:31
Venemolbt: yes I did20:32
Venemolbt: although it seems that I've solved it20:33
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Venemotransitions are a pain in QML20:36
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*** sivang has joined #mer20:46
sivangAndy80: it is not open source......"yet"..20:46
Venemohey sivang :)20:47
sivanghey Venemo sup?20:48
Venemofine :)20:48
Venemoworking on a Qt Quick 2.0 UI for IRC Chatter20:48
Venemofound a bunch of bugs in Qt 5 so far20:48
sivangVenemo: well ofcourse, it is a young release :)20:49
Venemosivang: if I were in a bad mood, I would say some offending words about it too20:50
GeneralAntillesIRC Chatter on everything!20:51
sivangGeneralAntilles: haha20:51
Venemosivang: anyway, it is very nice to see you back in the community :)20:51
sivangVenemo: I'm here and there, twitter is easier when you're on the road and dealing with pesky real life stuff20:51
sivangVenemo: you wanted to discuss stuff?20:51
Venemosivang: yes, sent you a PM20:52
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*** Qt is now known as jstaniek20:54
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zenvoidStskeeps: of course I can be wrong, but I have the impression that ubuntu phone is achieving android hw compatibility because they have built qt and their user interface on top of the actual android core system22:23
*** sivang has left #mer22:25
shmerlzenovid: Then it's a fake Ubuntu.22:25
zenvoidubuntu is just a brand, they can use it on any product they want22:26
shmerlSo far they were very vague about exact architectural approach.22:26
*** rodrigo_golive has quit IRC22:27
zenvoidthat's my prediction ;)22:28
zenvoidno glibc22:29
shmerlI doubt it. Since they'll loose out on all their repos and it would be rather stupid for them.22:31
zenvoidwhy stupid?22:32
shmerlPossibly some chroot with X running over Android graphical stack.22:33
shmerlStupid since they won't be able to leverage any existing reposiotries which are vast (coming from Debian).22:33
shmerlLibraries, and etc.22:33
shmerlUnless they port them all to bionic instead of glibc.22:34
shmerlwhich is an insane amount of work.22:34
zenvoidwell, I consider running X over android also a possibility included in my prediction...22:34
zenvoidconsider it this way: google develops them the core system, they only maintain their UI and possible their patches to qt22:35
*** cxl000 has quit IRC22:35
zenvoidthey don't need to worry about hw compatibility22:35
shmerlzenovid: They already have Ubuntu for Android project. I think this one is different.22:35
*** hasselmm has quit IRC22:35
zenvoidyes, this one is different, is a new UI with qt22:36
*** dijenerate has quit IRC22:36
zenvoidand no java VM22:36
zenvoidbut I still thinking it wll be based on android libs22:37
shmerlWell, Firefox OS did that, but it's sort of cheating.22:37
*** gabriel9 has joined #mer22:43
zenvoidif I were to *commercially* launch a new phone platform, I think I will cheat too22:46
zenvoidanyways... they don't seem to mention the license of the source code, I'll wait for that...22:47
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Venemoshmerl, zenvoid: or just libhybris23:06
*** mihero has quit IRC23:07
shmerlVenemo: Yeah, but they didn't credit libhybris anywhere so far. That's not new to Ubuntu - they don't often credit Debian either. But still.23:07
Venemomaybe they are even using lipstick23:08
Venemowho knows23:08
VenemoI'm not surprised they are not crediting23:08
*** icota has joined #mer23:09
shmerlI'm not surprised either, but that doesn't mean it's good :)23:11
shmerlLike that joke went: What many people don't understand about Linux development is that it's truly a team effort: Red Hat develops the kernel, Novell develops the applications, Debian does the packaging, and Ubuntu takes the credit! —Joke found on a bathroom stall at LinuxWorld Boston 200523:14
*** Jay_BEE has quit IRC23:19
*** Aristide has joined #mer23:20
rcgwe are all in the same boat, the army rows, the navy navigates, and the air-force does water skiing23:20
rcgor so.. a rough translation of a proverb i heard back in the times when i was in the army ;)23:21
Venemoso my opinion on the ubuntu phone announcement:23:24
Venemolots of bullshit and eye-candy, but limited usability23:24
Venemolots of little things from familiar places copied together23:25
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:25
Venemoas always, they are bullshitting very nicely23:26
*** fk_lx has quit IRC23:26
Venemobut let's see how they will manage23:26
Venemoalthough they should've invested in Jolla :P23:28
shmerlVenemo: The same way they could be invested in Debian in the first place?-)23:28
shmerlCanonical just likes to do their own thing, so that's the basic drive.23:29
shmerlI mean it's more political, than really a technical issue.23:30
VenemoCanonical also likes to do things dirty and give people lots of bullshit23:30
shmerlWell, that comes in addition.23:30
Venemonice thing is that they're using Qt!23:30
Venemoso at least they got that right23:31
Venemobut wtf. since when are they the "best linux on ARM"?23:32
*** ced117 has quit IRC23:32
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shmerlThey aren't newcomers to claims that they are best :)23:33
shmerlBut there is a good side if they'll push for more drivers and devices.23:34
shmerlThey did a decent job with Nexus 7.23:34
shmerlDid they manage to get some missing drivers, or all of them were available already before their efforts?23:35
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Venemoshmerl: not sure23:42
Venemoanyway, I'm gonna sleep now23:42
Venemohave a nice evening :)23:42
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