Tuesday, 2013-01-01

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rcghappy new year00:23
CosmoHillhappy new year00:33
CosmoHillrcg: are you english?00:33
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rcgCosmoHill, nope, german00:42
rcgwhy? :)00:48
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Stskeepshappy new year to all00:51
rcgso, some of us are actually around ;)00:53
Stskeepsi've been out :P00:54
CosmoHillrcg: curious00:54
rcgStskeeps, hehe, spent a nice evening with my fiancee and had a marvelous view on the fireworks here from a place near our new flat :)00:56
rcgCosmoHill, i see ;)00:56
rcgCosmoHill, you are from the uk?00:56
rcgCosmoHill, aye, so you guys are actually one our behind cet, right?00:57
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CosmoHillfor your return01:09
rcgjust connected via university vpn01:11
rcghacking a bit after fiancee went to sleep ;)01:12
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CosmoHillnight night01:32
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lbtHappy New Year \o/02:40
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rcglbt, thx, same to you :)02:42
* lbt has a new year resolution - do more fun stuff!02:43
lbtbut now... bed o/02:43
rcgsounds like good plans :)02:43
rcgand good night02:44
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vgradehappy new years , atb vgrade02:54
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phaeronmorning , happy new year09:21
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situphaeron: Same to you.09:25
phaeronlbt: https://github.com/openSUSE/open-build-service/commit/869d83838a4055e87635bb7d13af6dafedbacafb is needed in our fork to work  with rails309:34
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Stskeepsmorn all11:06
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* Stskeeps yawns12:51
* CosmoHill offers coffee12:56
CosmoHillor a bloody mary12:56
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Venemo_N9happy 2013 to everyone :)16:13
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rcghey Venemo_N9 :)16:25
rcgsame to you :)16:25
Venemo_N9thanks :)16:26
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faenilrcg, Venemo_N9 happy new year to you too o/ onward sails!16:29
faenilAnd happy new year to everyone in this room :)16:30
Venemo_N9thx :)16:30
Stskeepshey Venemo_N916:31
rcgfaenil, hey, thx, same to you :)16:31
Venemo_N9moo Stskeeps :)16:31
CosmoHillhappy new year16:33
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Stskeepsevening fk_lx :)19:31
fk_lxhi Stskeeps!19:32
Stskeepshad a good new years?19:32
fk_lxof course19:32
fk_lxprobably you've got my short message19:32
Stskeepsyeah, i was in a cinema and couldn't answer :P19:32
Stskeeps(out of battery)19:32
fk_lxco-authored by Venemo19:33
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fk_lxStskeeps: and how about you, do you had good beginning of year?19:38
Stskeepsyeah, quite good - though went home early-ish, watching 2 hours of french movie with polish subtitles wasn't my cup of tea19:39
fk_lxpourquoi? Francais est tres belle language!19:40
Stskeepsi do understand a bit of french but .. :P19:42
Stskeepsnot when drunk.19:42
fk_lxso it quite opposite when it comes to me19:42
fk_lxwhen I got a bit drunk yesterday I was speaking German with some lady from Dusseldorf19:43
fk_lxalthough I'm a beginner when it comes to German19:43
fk_lxone thing I know is that I will rather not learn Hungarian19:46
fk_lxdifficult as Finnish19:47
fk_lxwhen I was in Helsinki I bought a calendar for 201319:49
fk_lxand the Swedish names for days of week are quite similar to English19:50
fk_lxFinish ones are just crazy19:50
fk_lxbut one thing is interesting when it comes to names of the months, as far as I remember last three months have the same names in Finnish and Swedish19:52
fk_lxany linguist here to explain that? :-D19:53
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shmerlI know that Finnish affected creation of Quenya :)19:55
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edgar2octobre: lokakuu (finnish), oktober (swedish)19:59
edgar2november: marraskuu (finnish), november (swedish)20:00
edgar2december: joulukuu (finnish, literrally "christmas month"), december (swedish)20:00
fk_lxit looks like I was wrong20:01
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fk_lxedgar2: are there any months there which names are the same in both languages?20:01
Dottifk_lx: no20:02
fk_lxso the calendar I've bought has bugs :-)20:03
r-AIt's bogus :)20:03
fk_lxI will have to send complain to Rovio, that Angry Birds calendar has serious errors and I demand a replacement or some plush toys as an apology :-D20:05
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fk_lxhey faenil20:12
faenilfk_lx, evening20:12
faenilhappy new year!20:12
fk_lxhappy New Year 2013 (unlike 2013)20:12
faenilthanks :)20:13
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fk_lxbtw. I have a big respect for Finnish people for the fact that they didn't destroy symbols connected with times when Finland was a part of Sweden or Russia20:16
Stskeepsthat's just because it takes effort20:17
fk_lxStskeeps: :-)20:17
fk_lxbut in Poland it isn't that way20:17
Stskeeps'lo pcfe20:18
fk_lxeven there were some people who wanted completely demolish Palace of Science and Culture in Warsaw, because it was gift from Russians20:18
shmerlWell. Poland gave back the Lublin Yeshiva for example, even though it was a medical school since after the war.20:19
fk_lxshmerl: thanks for some positive example :-)20:21
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Stskeepsso, any bets on what Ubuntu is showing tomorrow?20:22
fk_lxa tablet?20:23
BostikStskeeps: if I was to bet anything, it'd be on Ubuntu-powered Steam box20:23
Stskeepsyeah, but they're talking touch20:24
Bostikbecause the great secrecy around the announcement implies external gags, not just company-internal ones20:24
Stskeepstrue, CES's coming up20:24
Bostikmaybe WiiU-like "remote control tablet" to go with the box?20:24
fk_lxI'm reading a funny article in which author states that Canonical is pushing now into the mobile, because it failed world domination on desktops20:27
Stskeepsi hate the catch up work that comes with open source projects at times, it's time to be ahead instead20:29
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fk_lxI've decided to go for the first time to FOSDEM - but the funny thing is I am going there by train ;-) 12h of ride :-D20:38
Stskeepsgood :)20:40
Stskeepsi plan on taking a plane20:40
fk_lxI would also prefer a plane, but train is twice cheaper :-D20:41
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