Friday, 2012-12-28

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TheorboAny active developers listening?02:40
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wmarone_probably not right now02:53
wmarone_couple more hours as Europe wakes up02:53
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chriadammardy: where does libaccounts-glib store its information?  I'm trying to change the <type> of a service, by modifying its .service file, but the service type never seems to update.  I've tried removing the .service file and replacing it, I've tried removing libaccounts-glib and reinstalling it... nothing seems to work.04:15
chriadammardy: it's strange, because if I copy the modified service file to a new name, ag-tool list-services lists the renamed service with the modified type... but I can't seem to modify the type of an existing service (ie, one which has been picked up by libaccounts-glib previously)04:16
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chriadammardy: nvm, special has pointed me to the .config db :-)04:24
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lpotterchriadam: maybe it uses gconf?04:36
chriadamlpotter: no, there's an sqlite db.  rm it and rerun ag-tool, and all is well :-)04:37
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Bostikokay, time to see if I can qtwebkit built for arm07:04
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Bostikoh... the arm/NEON thing has moved to another path...07:36
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davidqiI am now trying to boot mer on qemu, but now I am directed to a login prompt, rather than the qmlviewer. Is there anyone who can help?08:04
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Stskeepsdavidqi: login prompt on screen or on terminal?08:18
Stskeepsanybody here who has ever played with qemu (system emulation) and gdb'ing into it?08:21
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BostikStskeeps: you mean 'gdb qemu process'? $deity forbid08:47
Bostikeven I wouldn't dare to do that08:48
StskeepsBostik: no, start a qemu x86 and boot a kernel inside it, then gdb attach to the qemu, access kernel data structures08:49
Stskeepsor add breakpoints08:49
Bostikholy crap08:50
Stskeepsit isn't so much weird, people do it regularly08:50
Stskeepsthere's even methods to extract dmesg, etc08:50
Bostikno, I haven't - and to my shame I'm not sure I've thought about that kind of approach ever08:50
davidqiStskeeps: can you continue help on solve problems of run mer on qemu ?08:51
Stskeeps[09:18] <Stskeeps> davidqi: login prompt on screen or on terminal?08:52
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davidqion terminal08:52
Stskeepsdavidqi: and Xorg -noreset & DISPLAY=:0 qmlviewer works inside that login?08:53
davidqiyes, after logged in with root/rootme, Xorg ... qmlviewer can work well08:53
Stskeepsdavidqi: please get me output of 'journalctl', all of it08:54
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davidqiStskeeps: oh no, I remove ttyAMA0 for a test, but now log in with root/rootme can not work08:56
Stskeepsdoes mer/rootme work?08:56
davidqiso I have to change the ttyAMA0 manually again08:57
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davidqiok, let me try08:57
davidqiyes, it can logged in08:57
Stskeepsthen it's securetty08:57
Stskeepsthat's missing ttyAMA008:58
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davidqiso, I need to add ttyAMA0 into securetty08:58
davidqiShowing user generated messages only. Users in the group 'adm' can see all messages. Pass -q to turn this message off.09:01
davidqiresult of journalctl09:01
Stskeepspassword rootme09:01
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Stskeepsokay, and edit /etc/sysconfig/uxlaunch to have user=mer ?09:05
davidqiI removed that09:07
Stskeepsyou should have that09:07
Stskeepsas it's still failing09:08
Stskeepsnot sure why though09:08
davidqiok, but it will cause restart qmlviewer whenever qmlviewer quit09:08
davidqiI will09:08
davidqireboot vm, and same behavior09:12
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Bostiknow that's interesting, the released qtwebkit apparently doesn't need the ARM/NEON compilation split trick any longer10:29
* Bostik likes this10:29
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lbto/ niqt11:40
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Bostiklbt: in case you missed it: qtwebkit build (5.0.0) - succeeded; both for i586 and ARM11:47
Bostikhappy new year11:47
lbtBostik: ty :D11:47
Bostikyou were very much correct in your quip at Slush11:48
Bostik"Qt5 on next quarter" is now a ~guaranteed reality :)11:48
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lbtyeah :)11:50
Bostiknext stop for me -- mer + wayland + qt5 on raspberry11:51
Venemonice :)11:54
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faenilVenemo, o/12:12
faenilBostik, cool!!12:12
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Venemohey faenil  :)12:25
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SfietKonstantinBostik: thanks for Qt !!13:12
SfietKonstantinWill try to do that as well on the iconia tab (Qt5 wayland mer)13:13
Bostikyou're welcome13:14
BostikSfietKonstantin: it's not the 100% full Qt5, some of the add-on modules have not been synced for 5.0.0 but most of the expected stuff is now available13:14
SfietKonstantinBostik: I'm only bothered by Core, Gui, Qml & Quick and Webkit13:15
SfietKonstantinso thanks ! :)13:15
Bostiklocation, qt3d, qtquick1, systems still missing, qtwayland just living in the past and not brought up for 1.0.x world13:15
SfietKonstantinthey are not integrated in Qt5 release isn't it ?13:15
SfietKonstantinthey are addons13:15
Bostikbut Quick2/QML are there, and now webkit is there13:15
Bostikfeel free to test, and if you find some features missing or not working, prod me here13:16
SfietKonstantinsadly, I'm missing a keyboard to hack on the iconia13:17
SfietKonstantinI really want their dock, but it is not sold anymore :(13:17
Bostikyou can use any usb keyboard with it, I believe13:18
SfietKonstantinKeyboard dock for Iconia W50013:18
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SfietKonstantinthere are no usb keyboard at home :D13:18
SfietKonstantinonly the old PS/2 one :P13:18
Bostik12e from nearest webshop, ~20e from brick-and-mortar retails :)13:18
SfietKonstantinI'm actually waiting for someone to get one from a company13:18
SfietKonstantinbut if it lasts to long, I will get one13:19
SfietKonstantin(like a gamer one :D)13:19
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SfietKonstantinBostik: btw, I tested Qt5 beta qmlscene with llvm-pipe on a radeon13:19
SfietKonstantinand it is awesome13:19
SfietKonstantinI just don't know if it was 60 fps because the screen is rather crappy and have a lot of artifacts13:20
Bostiknow that is cool13:20
SfietKonstantinwill try soon with radeon driver13:20
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Venemodo we have Qt 5 packaged in Mer yet?14:11
lbthad it for ages thanks to people like Bostik14:12
Venemoawesome :)14:13
Stskeepsb1 currently, final i have packaged too but i might want to wait for bostik's update14:13
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BostikStskeeps: go have a look, we're probably doing exactly the same14:52
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rcgbtw since i am connecting via the university vpn osc works stable16:26
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* rcg looks at the running osc operation waiting for it to fail the very moment16:27
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kulveThat Oyua thing seems cool, especially for 99$. Is there a TV UI for Mer? :)18:43
Stskeepswell, you could always try out the qtmediahub18:43
Stskeepscubox's a fairly nice kit too18:44
Stskeepsah, tegra318:44
kulveyes ;)18:44
Stskeepsnot bad at 99$18:45
kulveI'm not 100% about the price but I think it was mentioned on that URL18:45
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Sagewhy isn't responding?20:54
ka6soxit took a Holiday?21:04
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kulveSage: I guess it's been more down than up during the past week..21:46
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rcgSage, unfortunately... poor lbt had to invest a lot of effort to get it back up again and tried to fix things and keep it running but even he couldn't prevent the longish downtimes22:34
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lbtcame back to it this evening I ran some perf tests yesterday and it took many thousands of requests23:02
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ka6soxlbt, then it doesn't like me23:09
lbtno, it is screwed up23:09
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rcglbt, btw (something completely different), my timeout issues with cobs @ meego seem to be due to my isp or at least only occur when i use a direct connection via my isp23:11
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rcgto solve these issues i now connect via the university vpn23:11
lbtrcg: OK - odd but ...23:11
rcgwhich works fine23:11
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rcglbt, indeed.. investigating the issue with wireshark showed that randomly tcp conn. establish attempts [syn] were simply not (or very) late answered with [syn,ack]23:12
rcgit looked like if someone is filtering the response [syn,ack] or if they are dropped23:12
rcgi have no clue why this is happening.. just wanted to let you know about this odd problem23:13
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lbtthanks - I think we saw it once before back in the meego times23:14
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rcgnp... as a researcher i gotta withstand the urge to find out what's causing this.. i already wasted enough time for this week with debugging this strangeness23:17
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rcgbut nonetheless i would really like to know what's going on.. but i doubt that the first level support of my isp would be any help for debugging this :)23:22
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lbtI've kicked the obs and run 30k requests against it and it's fine23:39
lbtI expect it'll die whilst I'm asleep23:39
lbtI'll probably have nightmares about it23:40
lbtdon't worry though - only the kittens will hear me screaming23:40
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