Monday, 2012-12-24

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rcgsweet :)00:15
rcghacked quite a bit and now i have hw-accelerated video working in bangarang :D00:15
rcgthe video/media player in pa00:16
shmerlThat's great.00:16
rcgyeah :D00:16
shmerlbtw - I installed your keyboard.00:16
rcgnow "all" i need to do is get the patch i a little better shape ;)00:16
shmerlTab is quite useful00:16
rcghow do you like it?00:17
rcgindeed :)00:17
shmerlSome other buttons could be added - Ctrl, Alt and etc.00:17
shmerlLike common terminal stuff00:17
rcghehe yeah.. am missing ctrl-c quite often now00:17
shmerlYep. I made some ping and was trying to figure out how to stop it, lol00:18
rcgbut this was a start to make the keyboard usable for the terminal at all.. i.e. before there wasn't even esc which kinda renders vim entirely useless ;)00:18
shmerlActually it just works. Default one is broken00:18
shmerlIt doesn't go away when needed.00:18
shmerlAnd stays even when you go to the home screen00:19
rcgah that.. yes. my biggest problem with the current default was that sometimes it is impossible to write into certain text fields like the webbrowser address bar00:19
shmerlIs transparency level configurable?00:19
shmerlYep, I noticed that.00:20
shmerlIn browser it just didn't work at all00:20
rcgwell, in the current stage all is hardcoded00:20
shmerlOK. Would be a good feature to add it as a conf option.00:20
shmerlBtw, is layout a hardcoded thing? I'd expect them to use some XML instead of making a new build for each version00:21
rcgcurrently it is hardcoded too iirc00:21
shmerlKind of too inflexible00:21
rcgbut the maliit guys are working on this00:21
shmerlI see00:21
rcgif you wanna hack on the keyboard yourself ;)00:22
rcgit is essentially qml00:22
rcgand you can simply "killall -9 maliit-server" to force reload00:23
shmerlI see00:23
shmerlIdeally, it should have some way to add more layouts without rebuilding it.00:24
shmerlI get this weird bug, that when it goes to sleep - it drops WiFi.00:25
shmerlIs it normal?00:25
shmerl(I.e. intended) or it's a bug?00:25
rcgwell, it shuts wifi down yes00:26
rcgbut it should come back after resume00:26
shmerlYeah, but it disrupts any sessions to the device (ssh and etc.)00:26
rcghere it automatically reconnects withing about 10 seconds after resume00:26
shmerlSo I can't just keep it running closed.00:26
shmerlAlso, I have a power cable attached now.00:26
rcghmm.. if it is only shortly suspended ssh sessions don't get disrupted here00:26
shmerlI mean just network gets disrupted.00:27
rcgyou can hit the power button and then avoid going to sleep but quickly touch the moving slider back00:27
rcg*by quickly touching00:27
shmerlThere are probably some profile settings for plugged in mode.00:27
shmerlI.e. when charging00:28
shmerlFor example I wouldn't want it to drop wifi in such mode00:28
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shmerlHm. That's weird. I have turn off screen: 60 min. Sleep: 60 min. Lock: 5 min.00:29
shmerlreal values are way lower than that.00:29
shmerlAnd there is no profiles for "charing/discharging" modes.00:30
shmerlI guess it's a feature to add to PA.00:30
shmerlAlso, I noticed that when it's running actively - it practically doesn't increase the battery level even from the adapter. I guess power consumption is high. That's normal?00:32
shmerlIt even goes down.00:32
shmerlIt only goes up when screen is off.00:32
shmerlalso, I didn't figure out how to use rotation. Nothing seems to rotate atm.00:35
rcgah yeah, the values in the settings are not the ones really used00:38
rcgand yep, afaik this is related to pa00:38
rcgdon't know about power consumption00:38
rcgbeen just rewriting the patch a little so that it shouldn't break existing stuff ;)00:39
shmerlhost mode works btw for external drives (like flash drives)00:39
shmerlBut I didn't manage to use external keyboard00:39
rcgah cool00:40
shmerlEven though it appeared in dmesg00:40
rcgwell, that is likely an xorg config issue00:40
rcgi think we didn't add drivers for external keyboards there00:40
shmerlI see00:40
rcgat least not that i am aware of ;)00:40
shmerlWell, it's useful to add all regular drivers.00:40
shmerlSince when you attach stuff in stationary mode with USB hub you can add all kind of devies.00:41
shmerlBut keyboard and external drives are the most common ones.00:41
shmerlI guess I could try to get a bluetooth keyboard, but I don't have one to test yet.00:42
rcggreat, hw-accelerated video playback in the stock pa media player works :D00:42
shmerlNice! But that's only for h.264 right?00:42
rcgthink so00:42
shmerlvp8 seems to be missing from their libs00:42
shmerlall those nv_*00:42
rcgso far i tried mp4 and divx00:43
shmerlgst-inspect-0.10 show a bunch of nvidia special libraries.00:43
shmerlomx:  nv_omx_h264dec: OpenMAX IL H.264/AVC video decoder00:44
rcgalso had a brief look at those00:44
shmerlAren't those used for hw accelerated video?00:44
rcgthat's what i would assume00:44
rcgbut i am no expert with gstreamer00:45
shmerlOn their site they say that Tegra 3 should support VP8.00:45
shmerlBut I wasn't able to figure out how exactly00:45
rcgfirst time i ever looked into this thing deeper today ;)00:45
shmerlI see :)00:45
shmerlI tried to ask them - but they didn't respond00:45
rcghmm trying to play a .webm video crashes the player ;)00:46
shmerlIt could be missing vp8 decoder altogether, even software.00:46
shmerlRegular one is libvpx00:46
rcghmm i see00:46
shmerlIt's not coming with Mer (if I'll have time, I'll package it)00:46
rcgwell.. it's time for me00:46
rcgwe have 02:00am here ;)00:47
shmerlrcg: night!00:47
rcgjust wanted to get that video stuff finished :)00:47
shmerlGood thing!00:47
rcgand hopefully we can integrate those patches soon ;)00:48
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situMorning everyone01:43
shmerlsitu: evening :)01:57
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situMer OBS again down.02:33
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chriadam|awaymardy: optimistic ping ;-)  I'm looking at the libaccount-plugin stuff now, and am a bit confused about set_oauth_parameters().  I understand that these parameters should be used as sessionData when starting an authentication process, however I'm not sure what the "intended" way to expose this is04:01
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chriadammardy: I mean, the start_authentication_process() function seems a strange to me - how does it get called?  I had thought that clients would start an auth session directly via using an AccountService and getting the AuthData from it.04:02
chriadam(and then doing authData.createSession() / session.process()).  that is, I don't see how the plugin's start_authentication_process() function gets called, as part of that flow...04:03
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chriadammardy: or, do they just get stored to the keys like: auth/oauth2/user_agent/key=value ?04:19
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situStskeeps: Kick OBS when you're online05:07
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zengweitottyhi, Recently I want to use Qt to develop a program to send message with Mer fileSystem, Can any one give some advices?05:32
shmerlWhat do you mean by sending a message with filesystem?05:32
zengweitottyI porting a Mer file system on S3C6410 board05:33
zengweitottyI want to develop a program to send message with GSM module05:33
shmerlYou work on hardware adaptation for that board?05:33
shmerlI see. Better wait for someone who is familiar with that. Most Mer devs are sleeping now.05:34
zengweitottyI am a new man in hardware adaptation05:34
zengweitottywhat mean Most Mer devs are sleeping now.05:34
shmerlWait until they come back (not too long)05:35
zengweitottyOk,thank you for your help05:35
shmerlPing them again in some hours.05:36
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zengweitottyhow to ping them05:36
zengweitottyI do not have their IP05:36
shmerlJust come back here to IRC while more people are on-line.05:36
shmerlI don't mean real "ping" :)05:36
shmerlJust mean ask them.05:36
zengweitottyOk, I just know a new word05:37
chriadamI don't know how active the core devs will be, given that it's Christmas...05:37
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shmerlPing can be used as "enquire".05:38
shmerlchriadam: Someone might be on-line.05:38
shmerlzengweitotty: How are you working with that board, are there kernel sources and drivers available?05:39
zengweitottyI do not know how the kernel and AP interactive in Mer05:41
shmerlWell, in order to make a functional system you need a working kernel. And drivers are needed for devices like GPU and etc.05:41
zengweitottyThe GSM module is use AT protocal05:42
zengweitottyI just want to know how my GSM driver should be written05:43
sdqifengMy MerSDK has problem: the Prompt is just "bash-3.2$" after I type"sdk enter", who can help ?05:44
shmerlsdqifeng: Did you mount it first?05:44
sdqifengis it needed ?05:44
shmerlFollow the instructions here:
sdqifengI just tried, but it is still "bash-3.2$"05:45
shmerlI think you need to explicitly create .bashrc05:45
shmerlSee the page I linked.05:45
sdqifengI have just checked my .mersdk.profile, it is ok05:46
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sdqifengregarding .bashrc, my line is : alias mersdk=/srv/mer/sdks/sdk/mer-sdk-chroot05:46
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shmerlWhat's in your $HOME/.mersdk.profile05:49
shmerlTry also to unmount the SDK, mount it again, and then enter it.05:49
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zengweitottyhi, Recently I want to use Qt to develop a program to send message with Mer fileSystem, Can any one give some advices?06:40
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zengweitottyIs any one know how to porting SIM driver, and to send a message or dial a phone with Mer06:50
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rcgmorning all07:24
zengweitottyIs any one know how to porting SIM driver, and to send a message or dial a phone with Mer07:24
kulvezengweitotty: ofono is the one handling all cellular stuff in mer (I think)07:26
shmerlrcg: Hi!07:27
shmerlI got an example with working sound on nexus707:28
shmerlDISPLAY=:0 gst-launch-0.10 filesrc  location=$HOME/sintel_trailer-720p.mp4 ! qtdemux name=demuxer \ demuxer.  ! nv_omx_aacdec ! queue ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! autoaudiosink \  demuxer. ! queue ! nv_omx_h264dec ! nvxvimagesink07:28
zengweitottykulve: I want to know how i can get touch with ofono07:29
zengweitottykulve:I got SIM300 module on my hand, I want to use this module to some communication07:30
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shmerlAnd I'm not sure why sound suddenly started working at all. Now I get tegra-rt5640 Analog Audio in kmix, before it was some "dummy audio"07:32
kulveshmerl: there was an update to configs-nexus7 that updated the pulseaudio configs07:33
sdqifenghi all, do you know how to clean the image build which is built via : mic create ...?07:33
rcgshmerl, yeah, just saw it on my blog07:35
rcgan also commented on it ;)07:35
rcgkulve, btw. i am preparing an update that adds hw-accelerated video playback for the internal player07:36
shmerlI didn't really dig into gst too much - just took a working example for ffmpeg and changed the decoder to nv_ one.07:36
rcgkulve, just in case you didn't see my messages yesterday07:36
kulvercg: this time I didn't, thanks for the heads up :)07:37
rcgrequires to patch the gstreamer backend of phonon07:37
rcgi am right now preparing a testing repository on build.merproject.org07:37
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shmerlrcg: btw, your instructions and script for Nemo addons for PA use armv7l07:38
shmerlSo for Nexus7 they need some update.07:38
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rcgshmerl, yep, that's on my todo list as well ;)07:38
shmerlI tried to install it, but meego-terminal failed to show up.07:38
rcgbut one thing after another07:38
shmerlEven though the process is running.07:39
rcgan seems pretty slow right now07:39
shmerl(I changed all repos to armv7hl manually)07:39
kulvercg: I usually test build always locally with "osc build" before pushing to obs07:39
rcgkulve, i want to create the project for publishing these things07:40
rcgso that people can actually download and test themselves07:40
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kulvethat patched phonon could go to tegra3:common or maybe tegra3:extras because it would be common for all tegra3 devices?07:41
shmerlBtw, I tested external USB ethernet card with it (D-Link dub-e100). Worked out of the box.07:41
rcgi pathed it in a way that _should_(tm) work for all versions07:41
rcgi.e. it detects your GST env variable for tegra307:42
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shmerlbtw, is rotation supposed to work at all, or it's not yet ready?07:43
rcgfor b.m.o i get a proxy error07:44
davidqihi all, didn't you ever need to clean a previous bulit rootfs image ?07:44
rcgSage, lbt phaeron ^07:44
rcgi hope you guys are the right ones to message this to07:45
rcgshmerl, you could give xrandr a try07:45
rcgbut pa itself does not support rotation yet07:45
shmerlrcg: Ah, I see. Using "Reader" isn't really good in landscape.07:45
shmerlI can play around with xrandr.07:45
shmerlThough reader itself crashes too often on regular PDFs, so it's hardly usable yet.07:46
rcgshmerl, yeah, indeed, noticed this too07:47
rcgas a workaround you can install okular07:47
rcgbut this is not really touch optimized07:47
shmerlRight, I'll test if it's any better.07:47
shmerlShould I post a bug about it to KDE bugzilla?07:48
zengweitottykulve: how can I to get some information about Mer's communication function, I want to porting SIM driver to Mer07:48
rcgshmerl, hmm that's always the question.. there or further upstream07:48
kulvexrandr do rotate but I think there's something broken on some level and not everything are properly updated. Also I think the touch doesn't properly rotate, even though it is supposed to do that07:48
rcgbut i guess kde bugzilla should do07:49
rcgand i even think even upstream is hosted on kde, just a different component07:49
shmerlOK. I think it's the most upstream since mobile okular is part of the PA.07:49
rcgso kde bugzilla should be pretty safe ;)07:49
rcgmeh.. too many typos... too early.. want to get that patch for media player out :D07:50
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kulvercg: I guess we could use the tegra3:common for the Qt components to get those automatically to those who are using your image? We can later select a different repo, if we want to keep the very basic HA somehow separated from the modified high level components07:55
Stskeepssitu: kicked07:56
rcgkulve, yeah, that should work as well07:57
rcgbut b.m.o is currently not available07:57
Stskeepsshould be up now07:58
rcgStskeeps, great :)07:58
kulveStskeeps: there has been several downtimes for b.m.o lately? Something unstable there..?07:58
Stskeepskulve: it creates a bunch of httpd processes and stalls07:58
Stskeepsi need to have lbt look at it07:58
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Stskeepskulve: the VM itself is fine07:58
Stskeepszengweitotty: you want to look at and source code for that07:58
Stskeepszengweitotty: it's not mer specific07:59
zengweitottyStskeeps: Ok thanks07:59
Stskeepszengweitotty: what modem do you have?07:59
Stskeepsand how do you communicate with it, AT commands?08:00
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kulveStskeeps: my server has suffered from the same although I guess I don't run anything similar to b.m.o. I've been wondering if there's some buggy bot crawler trying to go through all the links at once or something. Getting more memory helped for the stalling part, but has not prevented it completely08:00
rcgkulve, hmm.. the tegra3:common is missing automoc08:01
rcgwill just quickly create a testing project for this stuff08:02
zengweitottyStskeeps:Yes I use AT command08:02
Stskeepszengweitotty: is it available on a /dev/tty-something?08:03
rcgkulve, this dependency is needed for building phonon apparently08:03
zengweitottyis on ttySCA308:03
zengweitottyStskeeps: how could I use it08:03
zengweitottyAm I need to write a driver for that modern?08:04
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Stskeepszengweitotty: probably not, you want to install package ofono-tests (or ofono-test, i forget) and try to run list-modems in /usr/lib/ofono/tests08:05
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rcgah no.. that automoc thing seems to be a general problem?08:06
situStskeeps: Thanks!08:06
Stskeepszengweitotty: i think you can perhaps edit /etc/ofono/modem.conf if you're lucky08:06
kulvercg: automoc4 is now there and being built. Not sure what would be the correct approach here as I don't think branching that all over is the correct solution08:06
kulvemaybe the automoc4 should be in Core?08:06
rcgmaybe i just would have needed to wait08:07
zengweitottyStskeeps:oh,I give a try08:07
kulvercg: automoc has been built and is ready to be used08:07
zengweitottyStskeeps: If this method is not probably Ok, how should I do next?08:07
rcgkulve, great :)08:08
rcgi'll just try to format the patches properly and re-upload those08:08
Stskeepszengweitotty: use a udev rule saying KERNEL=="ttySAC3", ENV{OFONO_DRIVER}="atmodem"08:09
Stskeepszengweitotty: that way ofono should be able to detect it08:09
zengweitottyStskeeps:I have a try08:10
Stskeepszengweitotty: so you guys are trying to do a s3c6410 based phone? with qt4 on top?08:10
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Stskeepsshould make for an interesting project, very low end08:12
zengweitottyStskeeps:Yes,but just a protype08:13
*** pohly1 has quit IRC08:14
zengweitottyStskeeps: I know this hardware is very low, because this is the only platform on my hands08:14
Stskeepsyeah, i know the platform a bit, i had a SmartQ5 at some point08:15
Stskeepswhich had s3c6410 too08:15
zengweitottyStskeeps: I want my board just run is the best for me.08:16
Stskeepszengweitotty: may be interesting for you in longer term, if updated to modern driver, it uses samsung G2D and PP for faster Xorg08:17
davidqiStskeeps: did you ever meet problem that zimage running on QEMU, with only black screen?08:18
Stskeepsdavidqi: that can be many problems, perhaps you should consider to use a x86 version of mer for qemu, that's what the rest of us do08:19
Stskeepsdavidqi: there's no need to have it run ARM for development purposes :)08:19
davidqimy target board is arm ...08:20
Stskeepsso is mine :)08:20
davidqiI dont understand your idea clearly08:20
davidqiwhy ?08:20
davidqido you mean, during the development period, all work is same, no matter taking ARM or X86 as target?08:21
Stskeepsokay, so, Mer on ARM and X86 is the same source code, but compiled for different targets. the Mer SDK provides tools to cross compile to ARM. when developing a system, you might as well develop your software on Mer X86 and when needed, compile it for ARM08:21
Stskeepsso if you need a 'device emulator', it can be X86 just fine08:22
davidqiOK, thanks.08:22
Stskeepsthe ARM emulator will be much slower, too, so08:23
davidqiBut this still make me feel bad :  I can not run ARM emulator ...08:23
Stskeepswell, start out by making your kernel boot with init=/bin/sh08:24
Stskeepsand see that something appears on screen08:24
Stskeepsif it doesn't, your console= may be wrong, and should be =tty008:24
davidqiI will try08:24
Stskeepsremember you cannot use same zImage for QEMU as you do on s3c641008:24
rcghmm kulve you are right.. i just tried without automoc in our project but it seems not to build that way.. just branched it from nemo:devel:mw again08:24
Stskeepsrcg: what are you trying to do?08:24
rcgStskeeps, for getting hw-accelerated video playback on nexus 7 to work we use a patched version oh phonon08:25
Stskeepsokay, which patches what exactly?08:25
kulvesink selection, I think08:25
rcgthe patch is in a way that _should_ not break anything else so these could actually go into mer phonon08:25
Stskeepsokay, so there's no need for you to actually build it against the tegra3 adaptation?08:26
rcgStskeeps, yes, we just do it now for having a quicker release08:26
Stskeepsalso, mer doesn't have phonon08:26
Stskeepsyeah, it's in nemo08:26
Stskeepsjust submit it there i guess08:26
rcgbtw. we also fixed the phonon compile issue ;)08:27
*** zenvoid has joined #mer08:29
kulveI'm not sure if the Q_GST_VIDEOSINK is the best name. I suggested just GST_VIDEOSINK in a patch to qt-mobility for Stskeeps. We need to make sure we are using the same name before pushing the second patch to some upstream :)08:29
rcgalright, good point08:30
rcgshould i revoke the submit request to nemo:devel:mw then for now?08:30
rcgi mean in the worst case we can temporarily set both variables in our tegra3 config08:31
rcgso we should be flexible with respect to the name of that variable08:31
Stskeepswe're working a bit on some idea of a 'statefs' so we can read these kind of variables off the fs as well if needed, but let's see where things evolve08:32
kulvercg: you can continue using the Q_GST_VIDEOSINK for now08:32
rcgkulve, roger that08:33
kulveand actually it could be e.g. GST_XV_VIDEOSINK as there are also non-XV alternatives (egl etc.)08:33
kulvein the future, I mean08:33
*** cristi has quit IRC08:33
rcgkulve, it already built08:34
kulveI'm going to be mostly afk today and tomorrow starting in 15mins.08:34
rcgso when you update you shuld have working hw-accel video playback in bangarang08:34
zengweitottySteskeeps: how can I test My modern is ok or not? I want my board give me some feedback08:34
rcgkulve, right, then forget my last message and enjoy your free time :D08:34
rcgi assume you are spending your time with your family?08:35
kulvercg: I'll test all your updates on 26th :)08:35
kulvercg: yup08:35
Stskeepszengweitotty: list-modems in /usr/lib/ofono/tests is a good start08:35
Stskeepszengweitotty: that should list your modem eventually08:36
Stskeepsand then you can try out the other test cases08:36
rcgkulve, sure, no need to hurry. and enjoy the time with your family :)08:36
kulvercg: it's -10°C and snowing heavily. Very nice weather for xmas :)08:36
rcgkulve, great, here we have about 12°C and most likely sunshine today :)08:36
*** mikhas has joined #mer08:36
rcgbut that's not very typical for that time of year ;)08:37
shmerlInteresting. Rotation with xrandr works, but UI uses old coordinates, so it's messing stuff up.08:39
rcgshmerl, hehe, that's what i was expecting :)08:40
Stskeepsgood morning mikhas08:41
rcgshmerl, i just wrote a comment about the video thing08:41
rcgcould you just update and see if hw-accel. video now works for you08:41
shmerlAh, thanks. Let's see08:42
rcgam just flashing my 3g model while the other one is recharging so i can test a little later ;)08:42
rcgbtw shmerl i noticed that sound gets distorted when the device is suspended while playing sound, could you also test that?08:44
shmerlI got once some weird noise and had to switch sound off.08:45
shmerlI can try suspending while it plays.08:45
shmerlYeah, it switches it off when screens goes off. And when it comes back on - it becomes distorted.08:47
shmerlI use magnetic sensor to trigger that.08:47
*** Morpog has joined #mer08:47
shmerlInterestingly it works, but a bit inconsistently.08:48
shmerlSo far the video crashed the player (I did zypper ref && zypper up).08:52
shmerlTrying to reboot.08:52
rcgshmerl, sorry.. gimme a sec08:53
*** ced117 has joined #mer08:57
*** ced117 has joined #mer08:57
shmerlHere is the result of the crash:
rcgshmerl, yeah, it didn't install the update yet as the version of the stuff i pushed is smaller than the version of the installed phonon09:00
shmerlI see09:00
dm8tbrbtw: anyone here coming to 29C3?09:00
rcgtrying to quickly fix that atm09:00
*** zengweitotty has quit IRC09:01
davidqiStskeeps: it is same result, there is nothing from very beginning on my QEMU. what is wrong with my kernel building?09:02
rcgshmerl, now give it another try: ref & up09:03
Stskeepsdavidqi: yeah, possibly, what kernel source and defconfig do you use?09:03
davidqiand versatile_defconfig09:03
shmerlGreat, it works fine now!09:04
shmerlThanks for the update.09:04
Stskeepsdavidqi: hmm, and correct -M ?09:04
rcgthanks for testing :)09:04
shmerlIt crashes with segfault on close, but that's a minor annoyance ;)09:05
rcghmm i see09:05
mardychriadam: hi! That libaccount-plugin is only used in the Online Accounts panel, to create/edit accounts09:07
mardychriadam: so, the plugins are called by the Ubuntu Online Accounts panel -- I don't think they are relevant for Mer in any way (though indeed you can use them to understand how they work)09:08
mardychriadam: the set_auth_parameters() method is now unnecessary, because since the last version of libaccounts-glib the parameters can be specified inside the .provider file09:09
*** sonach has left #mer09:10
davidqiStskeeps: -M versatilepb, here is the link:
Stskeepsdavidqi: add a serial port to the qemu and have the output come there instead09:13
Stskeepsin console=09:13
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer09:14
shmerlSecond time it didn't crash. So it could be some random glitch.09:14
rcgshmerl, yeah, there are still quite a few glitches09:16
rcgbut it works already pretty damn well09:16
davidqiStskeeps: do you mean: qemu-system-arm -M versatilepb -kernel ./zImage -hdc rootfs-mer-dev -append root="console= init=/bin/sh" -net nic,vlan=0 -net tap,vlan=0,ifname=tap0,script=./qemu-ifup.sh09:16
rcggiven that we have 3d-accel, hw-accel, and even suspend/resume working altogether09:16
shmerlIs there some test for opengl es there?09:17
Stskeepsdavidqi: console=ttyS0 or console=ttyAMA0,  i forget which on versatile09:17
Stskeepsand -serial stdio09:17
*** SouL_ has joined #mer09:20
*** SouL_ has left #mer09:20
davidqiStskeeps: I got many many "Uncompressing Linux...Uncompressing Linux...Uncompressing Linux..."09:21
davidqiStskeeps: my command is : qemu-system-arm -M versatilepb -kernel ./zImage -append root="console=ttyS0 init=/bin/sh" -net nic,vlan=0 -net tap,vlan=0,ifname=tap0,script=./ -serial stdio09:23
shmerlrcg: thanks, I saw your comment.09:24
rcgshmerl, :)09:25
rcgwas just thinking the very same ;)09:25
Stskeepsdavidqi: looks like your kernel is crashing09:26
davidqien , great info09:27
Stskeepsdavidqi: enable CONFIG_EARLY_PRINTK and CONFIG_DEBUG_LL , and earlyprintk in cmdline09:28
Stskeeps-append "root=/dev/partition console=ttyS0 init=/bin/sh"09:28
Stskeepsis probably saner09:28
situStskeeps: Check out
*** Frye has joined #mer09:29
rcgshmerl, btw when you push down the task switcher you will even see the realtime 3d graphics there :)09:29
rcgpull down, even09:30
Stskeepssitu: automated behaviour is all good until it fails and acts in a way you don't anticipate09:30
situPrinciple 3 is what Jolla is following.09:30
Stskeepswell, personalization for sure09:31
davidqiStskeeps: what is saner?09:32
Stskeepsdavidqi: you had the " in a wrong place09:33
Stskeeps-append "this is a kernel command line"09:33
davidqiStskeeps: thanks.09:33
shmerlrcg: Nice it updates the window in the task switcher :)09:33
Stskeepsand try for fun to set console=ttyAMA0,115200n8 too09:33
Stskeepsinstead of S009:34
davidqiStskeeps: when gurus and guide in the web says, enable CONFIG_XXX, where can I find the position in the menuconfig?09:34
Stskeepsdavidqi: i personally don't use menuconfig anymore, i edit .config and run oldconfig09:35
shmerlI miss going to some  task switcher with swipes from the sides or bottom though. PA could add such option.09:35
*** yashshah has quit IRC09:41
davidqiStskeeps: but it is so hard to answer so many questions during run oldconfig09:42
davidqiStskeeps: do you really answer the questions one by one?09:42
Stskeepsdavidqi: normally you start out by a .config that doesn't need all the questions answered09:42
*** yunta has joined #mer09:43
Stskeepsie, make versatile_defconfig09:43
Stskeepsand then you edit .config to perhaps edit some extra thing09:43
Stskeepsand then run oldconfig to make sure any remaining questions are needed, following defaults usually09:43
davidqifollowing defaults usually?09:44
Stskeepsyeah, it suggests a default when asking a question09:44
*** cristi has joined #mer09:45
davidqijust now, I ran oldconfig after CONFIG_EARLY_PRINTK=y and CONFIG_DEBUG_LL=y, and answers all the questions with defaults09:45
rcgshmerl, same thoughts again ;) see my message to you just some lines above :)09:45
davidqibut when I run 'make ARCH=arm'09:45
davidqiI met errors09:45
*** notmart has joined #mer09:46
*** notmart has joined #mer09:46
davidqiIn file included from arch/arm/kernel/asm-offsets.c:17:09:46
davidqi/work/arm/kernel/linux-3.0.4/arch/arm/include/asm/glue-df.h:107:2: error: #error Unknown data abort handler type09:47
*** terietor has joined #mer09:47
Stskeepsi don't know09:47
Stskeepsi have to go, christmas eve day here today09:48
davidqiStskeeps: my current target is to run ARM11 on QEMU, there is so many guide on the web, but could you please give me a link which could be completed without errors :)09:48
Stskeepsif you change console=ttyAMA0,115200n8 instead, you might get better results09:48
davidqiMerry christmas09:48
*** VDVsx has joined #mer09:53
*** zhxt has quit IRC09:54
*** Frye has quit IRC09:55
*** ka6sox is now known as ka6sox-away09:55
*** Milhouse has joined #mer09:56
*** shmerl has left #mer10:01
*** synergy has joined #mer10:07
*** davidqi has quit IRC10:09
situStskeeps: You're good fit for playing Santa Claus :)10:09
*** xerxes2 has joined #mer10:13
xerxes2Anyone knows what versions of Qt, Python and Gstreamer Jolla will ship with its first device?10:14
*** luiorpe1 has joined #mer10:18
*** maw_ has joined #mer10:20
*** cristi has quit IRC10:22
Stskeepsxerxes2: probably a better topic for #jollamobile, but probably 4, 2.7, and 0.10 (but that's a bit up in air)10:27
Stskeeps5 is also available10:27
xerxes2ok thanks man.10:28
xerxes2i would expect gstreamer 1.0 though10:29
xerxes2the other two were expected10:30
Stskeepsit depends on a number of factors10:30
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC10:31
xerxes2gst-1.0 use introspection for python bindings so we need to know which it's going to be10:32
xerxes2it's pretty fast to port but still ...10:32
*** ortylp has joined #mer10:32
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC10:35
*** varikonniemi has quit IRC10:38
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer10:43
*** ortylp has quit IRC10:44
*** Frye has joined #mer10:45
*** Frye has quit IRC10:53
*** zhxt has joined #mer10:54
*** trbs has joined #mer10:56
*** arcean has joined #mer11:01
StskeepsMorpog: ~what's in mer11:07
Stskeepswhich is 4.8.3 and soon 4.8.411:07
*** gabriel9|work has joined #mer11:11
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer11:13
*** dakovaci has joined #mer11:32
zhxtMerry Christmas, all!  *\(^o^)/*11:32
Stskeepsthanks, zhxt11:33
*** SouL_ has joined #mer11:33
*** dakovaci has quit IRC11:33
SouL_Hey guys11:34
SouL_do yo know a mobile with android that i can install mer?11:34
zhxtStskeeps:    : )11:34
*** dakovaci has joined #mer11:37
*** dakovaci has quit IRC11:41
*** plfiorini has quit IRC11:41
*** Venemo has joined #mer11:42
SouL_Thank you for the link11:42
iekku_my pleasure11:43
SouL_I want to buy a mobile but I want to search if it's possible to uninstall android and install something opensource like mer, etc..11:43
rcghey Venemo :)11:47
Venemohey rcg :)11:47
rcgbtw. i hope you all have nice plans for between the years :)11:47
Stskeepsi'm working on wayland for libhybris, it's such fun that i'm getting grey hairs11:48
StskeepsVenemo: merry x-mas11:48
Venemohey Stskeeps :)11:48
VenemoMerry x-mas to you to Stskeeps11:48
Venemoor shall I say11:48
VenemoMER-ry christmas11:49
Venemoget it?11:49
iekku_i'm trying not to work :P11:49
rcgStskeeps, hehe, i see..  working on becoming santa stsclaus ;P11:49
iekku_Venemo, :)11:49
dm8tbriekku_: why are you on IRC then? ;)11:50
StskeepsVenemo: hehe11:50
iekku_dm8tbr, wasting time and avoiding to be social?11:53
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC11:54
rcgStskeeps, btw. i try to stop hacking myself in favor of spending time with the family but this is so freaking addictive ;)11:54
iekku_dm8tbr, and mer is hobby, not work :)11:55
Stskeepsrcg: tell me about it.. :P11:56
dm8tbr.oO(stockholm syndrome)11:57
*** arcean has quit IRC12:03
iekku_dm8tbr, :D12:03
iekku_dm8tbr, i started mer as a hobby, working at jolla doesn't change that12:05
Venemoiekku_: really?12:05
iekku_even my wife asked me if i'm going to play with nemo or mer during xmas, as it's not counted as working :P12:05
iekku_Venemo, it's just a jackpot to get paid for working with mer :P12:06
iekku_i would do that even without payment if i have time12:06
rcgiekku_, hehe, don't you think that she maybe just fears that you will be working on mer instead of spending time with her? ;P12:06
SouL_What's your opinion about jolla?12:07
VenemoSouL_: half of the people on this channel work for jolla, so their opinion may be biased a bit12:07
rcgat least that's the feeling i get when my fiancee asks me what i will be doing during the hollyday ;)12:07
SouL_It's because I'm searching something and I found jolla12:08
lbtafternoon all :)12:08
rcghey lbt :)12:08
iekku_rcg, my wife is male and he can play something while i'm doing what ever i want. everyone wins.12:08
Venemoiekku_: why do you call him your "wife" then?12:09
* lbt couldn't take the abstinence any longer12:09
lbtmaw_: obs account done - have fun :)12:09
rcgiekku_, nice, just turn the xbox on and have time for hacking :D12:09
iekku_Venemo, i have my reasons :)12:11
iekku_rcg, heh12:12
Stskeepslbt, cfe locks up with excessive httpd and fails to respond, quite often, restart apache helps12:12
Stskeepslbt, vm seems fine12:12
lbtStskeeps: hmm - OK, will look12:12
rcgand btw., of course do i love to spent time with my fiancee ;)12:12
rcgand no, she is not looking over my shoulder right now :)12:12
lbtStskeeps: did you notice memory?12:12
lbtand is this ci obs or new cobs ?12:12
Stskeepslbt, cobs12:13
Stskeepsdidn't check memory, but there was 50+ httpd's12:13
*** varikonniemi has joined #mer12:14
*** arcean has joined #mer12:16
*** SouL_ has left #mer12:19
*** SantaClaus[] has joined #mer12:20
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC12:21
*** Shaan7 has joined #mer12:25
*** jpetersen has joined #mer12:29
*** amjad_ has joined #mer12:31
*** arcean has quit IRC12:32
*** ortylp has joined #mer12:32
*** plfiorini has joined #mer12:33
*** arcean has joined #mer12:36
*** amjad_ has left #mer12:40
*** maw_ has quit IRC12:58
*** maw_ has joined #mer12:58
*** erbo has quit IRC12:59
*** phaeron has quit IRC13:12
lbtStskeeps: fyi I've tweaked the apache settings - nothing major, limited max httpd I hope13:13
*** pvanhoof has joined #mer13:14
lbtmy guess is that something is broken wrt downloading large files13:14
lbtiamer knows about this stuff quite a lot13:14
*** popey has joined #mer13:17
*** plfiorini has quit IRC13:25
*** icota has joined #mer13:29
*** erbo has joined #mer13:32
*** dasdsa has joined #mer13:33
*** arcean has quit IRC13:51
*** dasdsa has quit IRC13:52
*** icota has quit IRC14:01
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*** tg has joined #mer14:03
*** phdeswer has joined #mer14:10
*** phaeron has joined #mer14:15
*** zhxt has joined #mer14:16
*** rcg has quit IRC14:20
*** niqt has joined #mer14:24
*** zhxt has quit IRC14:29
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*** faenil has joined #mer14:45
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*** rcg has joined #mer15:21
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer15:39
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*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer15:40
rcgalright, merry christmas to you all :)15:41
rcggoing to have a nice lazy evening with the family15:42
rcgi hope you also take some time off ;)15:43
kulvercg: nice work with the video :)15:43
*** leinir has quit IRC15:44
*** ced117 has quit IRC15:45
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer15:46
*** leinir has joined #mer15:48
*** leinir has quit IRC15:48
*** leinir has joined #mer15:48
faenilrcg, merry xmas to you and your family too!15:50
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC15:52
*** Morpog has quit IRC15:58
*** ced117 has joined #mer16:00
rcgkulve, thx :)16:03
rcgfaenil, thx :)16:03
rcgalso all the best to your families of course :)16:04
*** rcg has quit IRC16:04
*** maw_ has joined #mer16:06
*** xerxes2 has quit IRC16:16
*** Morpog has joined #mer16:18
*** gabriel9 has joined #mer16:18
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC16:19
*** Jucato_ has joined #mer16:27
*** Jucato has quit IRC16:28
*** Jucato_ is now known as Jucato16:28
situStskeeps: Well.. I think you should find a permanent fix for OBS problem, it's down again.16:29
* dm8tbr has an dejavu16:29
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer16:33
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC16:33
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC16:38
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*** CosmoHill has joined #mer16:43
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*** blaroche has joined #mer17:03
*** MaemoButCurious has joined #mer17:03
*** Jaded has joined #mer17:05
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*** Jaded has joined #mer17:05
*** Jade has quit IRC17:06
Sfiet_Konstantinhello :)17:08
Sfiet_KonstantinSmall question17:08
Sfiet_Konstantinespecially for you Stskeeps17:08
Sfiet_Konstantindo you know if mer runs on and AMD ?17:09
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC17:09
*** Shaan7 has joined #mer17:09
dm8tbrSfiet_Konstantin: depends on what AMD product exactly...17:09
dm8tbra 286 or 386 AMD might be a bit of an issue ;)17:10
Sfiet_KonstantinAMD Fusion C5°17:10
Sfiet_Konstantinmaybe the graphics driver will be a problem as well17:10
dm8tbrdoes that have SSSE3?17:11
Sfiet_Konstantinbooting android17:11
Sfiet_Konstantinwill ceck17:11
dm8tbrthen it should work with the 586/686 target17:11
dm8tbrif not you'll need to run 486 target17:12
Sfiet_Konstantinat least I have a device to hack mer easily :)17:12
dm8tbrwith compliments from intel that had to screw around with target configs in MeeGo to lock into their Atom chips...17:12
dm8tbrI still wonder why Mer never reverted the SSSE3 crap in libc etc...17:13
*** MaemoButCurious has quit IRC17:13
Sfiet_Konstantinit supports SSSE317:14
Sfiet_Konstantinwondering if the GPU will be supported17:15
Sfiet_Konstantin(likely not :D)17:15
dm8tbrGPU is part of hardware adaptation17:15
dm8tbrand HA is not part of mer, that's something 'you bring'. shouldn't be tooo hard? is there an accelerated X11 driver?17:16
Sfiet_Konstantinforgot that :(17:17
Sfiet_Konstantinthat is part of HW abstract17:17
Sfiet_Konstantinwill check17:17
Sfiet_Konstantinfirst boot a "standard" linux on it17:17
Sfiet_Konstantinthen build my own kernel :)17:17
Sfiet_KonstantinI think that it will be fun :)17:17
Sfiet_Konstantinthanks for the info :)17:17
Stskeepsdm8tbr: we have a i486 and ssse3 port17:18
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC17:18
Sfiet_Konstantinknow the Acer Iconia tab W500 ?17:23
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:23
Sfiet_Konstantina super piece of krap :D17:23
Sfiet_Konstantinseems to be a pretty nice piece of HW to port Mer / Nemo / Sailfish on it17:23
*** plfiorini has joined #mer17:29
phaerondm8tbr: i486 arch is without ssse3 optimization17:30
phaeronyou're free to choose i586 or i48617:30
*** varikonniemi has quit IRC17:35
phaeronah was already said, should read more carefully17:36
dm8tbrphaeron / Stskeeps - but is that the only difference? IIRC the forced SSSE3 thing had like no measurable impact on performance.17:42
*** ka6sox-away is now known as ka6sox17:52
*** Aristide has joined #mer17:57
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC17:58
*** mike7b4_lenovo has quit IRC18:00
*** varikonniemi has joined #mer18:00
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer18:03
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC18:09
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*** Aristide has quit IRC18:43
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*** zimmerle has joined #mer19:09
*** VDVsx has quit IRC19:10
*** VDVsx_ is now known as VDVsx19:21
ShadowJKiirc intel or trolltech were optimizing cpu hogs in rendering and it brought significant speedup?19:24
Stskeepsssse3 does help in some areas, but compiling the entire thing for it? no19:25
ShadowJKProbably insignificant without handwritten code, gcc probably does nothing useful from C source19:25
Stskeepsssse3 that's autodetected and used when available makes sense19:25
ShadowJKAlso probably pretty pointless unless you have people actually writing ssse3 code, or  have inherited code from upstreams19:26
Stskeepsthey'd probably have gone 64-bit if it wasn't for flash19:27
RaYmAnmerry christmas and stuff :)19:29
Stskeepsthanks, to you too and sally19:30
RaYmAnthanks :)19:31
*** Preflext has joined #mer19:34
*** Preflex has quit IRC19:35
*** zalan has joined #mer19:36
*** ljp has joined #mer19:36
ShadowJKWell also some of the netbook atoms at the time had 64bit disabled19:37
*** furikku has quit IRC19:41
*** pohly has joined #mer19:46
*** Cosmo[PB] has joined #mer19:50
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC19:50
*** Cosmo[PB] is now known as CosmoHill19:51
*** beford has joined #mer19:54
*** ljp has quit IRC19:56
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*** nizou has joined #mer20:11
*** VDVsx has quit IRC20:11
*** leinir_ has joined #mer20:15
*** leinir has quit IRC20:15
*** shmerl has joined #mer20:15
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*** Shaan7 has joined #mer20:17
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC20:23
*** rcg has joined #mer20:37
*** ka6sox is now known as ka6sox-away20:41
rcgshmerl, merry xmas and i just wanted to give you a heads up that i fixed the nemo-compatibility stuff ;)20:42
shmerlAh, thanks! I just was testing that out :) I used old instructions and removed those CE repos manually and used the new one.20:44
shmerlBut meego-terminal doesn't seem to work even with the new ones.20:44
rcghmm i see.. didn't test meego-terminal to be honest20:47
rcgessentially, i tried the app i mention in that comment20:47
shmerlIt also misses an icon. I just want to compare it to mobile konsole.20:47
rcgand i think it's particularly useful for the most to have twitter and facebook apps ;)20:47
rcgi see20:47
shmerlkonsole isn't too touch friendly.20:47
shmerlFor example you can't copy text with bringing the context menu by tapping20:48
rcgbut an entry appears? so just the icon is missing or is the entry missing altogether20:48
shmerlI think meego terminal allows that20:48
shmerlYep, the entry appears there.20:48
shmerlBut it doesn't work either.20:48
rcgalright, i think kasvopus also has the "missing icon issue"20:48
rcgdid you give fingerterm a try?20:49
rcgiirc this should work pretty well20:49
shmerlNo, I didn't see that one. It's in the repo?20:49
rcgonce you have nemo-compatibility installed, it should be20:49
shmerlAh, I see it. Even xterm is present.20:50
*** leinir_ is now known as leinir20:50
shmerlFor some reason context search is very slow in the applications view.20:51
vgradehappy holidays to eveyone and their families, lets drink to an unlike 201320:51
Stskeepsvgrade: thanks20:52
shmerlNah, I'll test it a bit later. fingerterm gave me "KDEIniti could not launch /usr/bin/invoker" :)20:52
shmerlrcg: FYI, the "Reader" crash is a known issue:
MerbotKDE bug 308240 in Applications "active-documentviewer crashes by using zoom gestures" [Crash,Confirmed]20:57
*** edgar2 has quit IRC21:06
*** Aristide has joined #mer21:07
*** Martix_ has joined #mer21:09
*** jpetersen_ has joined #mer21:28
*** jpetersen has quit IRC21:32
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*** icota has joined #mer21:38
*** mikhas has quit IRC21:48
*** shmerl has left #mer21:48
*** jpetersen_ has quit IRC21:54
*** nizou has quit IRC21:57
faenilStskeeps, ping21:57
faenillet's see if you're man enough to be active :P21:57
faenilSpeedEvil, do you know where the code that handles doubleclick wakeup by any chance?22:01
faenilwhere is*22:01
SpeedEvilalas, no clue.22:02
*** trbs has quit IRC22:03
faenilSpeedEvil, alright ;)22:03
*** arcean has joined #mer22:08
*** beford has quit IRC22:09
*** ortylp has joined #mer22:12
rcgvgrade, also happy holidays to you and your family :)22:15
*** himamura_ has joined #mer22:37
*** faenil has quit IRC22:37
*** himamura_ has quit IRC22:39
*** himamura has quit IRC22:40
*** caemir has quit IRC22:54
*** Aristide has quit IRC22:56
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer22:56
*** Aristide has joined #mer22:56
*** caemir has joined #mer22:57
Sfiet_Konstantinenough fun with Android on that Iconia W50023:02
Sfiet_Konstantintime for Nemo23:02
Sfiet_Konstantinfirst question: will it boot :D23:03
Sfiet_Konstantinhappy christmas everybody btw :)23:03
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC23:05
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer23:07
*** zenvoid has quit IRC23:15
*** Artox has joined #mer23:20
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*** jade has joined #mer23:21
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rcgjyfi seems to be down23:57
rcgit's not reachable neither with osc nor via http23:57

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