Sunday, 2012-12-23

lbtfor a full dev image use all the devel packages from zypper search devel.... most of the time you'll only need a small subset00:00
shmerlAh, that's good.00:00
shmerlBut still it worth it to create a common dev SDK image in addition to the default OS image.00:00
rcglbt, thanks :)00:00
rcgbut i won't find the time to create the image today00:01
shmerlI'm already downloading the full image, so I can test it for the sdk.00:02
shmerlSmaller image is good to save time on updates, but big one will work for now.00:02
rcggood :)00:02
rcgyeah, think so too00:02
shmerlI got a good powered USB hub for Nexus - rather small. Will be interesting to see how it handles host mode and etc.00:03
rcgbut as i was at it i can also create a sdk rootfs tarball.. but not today anymore00:04
shmerlrcg: Thanks00:04
rcgshmerl, will come back to you to test it ;)00:05
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shmerlThat's the one:
shmerlPretty compact and has a power adapter.00:06
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CosmoHillnight night02:01
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situStskeeps: OBS still down ?06:01
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situI am not able to update repositories.06:18
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Stskeepssitu: looks like it, i'll kick it07:31
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plfiorinihi guys08:33
Stskeepsgood morning plfiorini, merry x-mas08:33
plfioriniStskeeps, merry x-mas!08:33
plfiorinihow is the x86_64 system going?08:33
Stskeepsthink [ol] managed to bootstrap the basic packages, think next step would be importing into an OBS and letting it chew a bit on it08:35
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plfioriniStskeeps, nice08:57
Stskeepsi also got sw rendering working with mesa 9.0.1 and wayland 1.0.208:58
Stskeepswith llvmpipe08:58
plfiorinioh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah09:00
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plfiorinithat's what i'm missing, people can't run hawaii in a virtual machine without it09:00
plfioriniStskeeps, do i need patches or upstream already works?09:01
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Stskeepsif you have a login, go to , +
plfiorinibtw ostree is a lot more stable, i'm currently building the base system with yocto building mesa, qt, wayland and so on from git sources so there's a chance to replace yocto with the mer base system ;)09:03
plfioriniStskeeps, thanks once i'm done with the polkit integration that i'm coding right now i will take a look :)09:04
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kulvercg: for audio, the pulse configs for nexus 7 is needed. I grabbed those from ubuntu and they seem to work (expect it might be muted by default):12:55
kulvedpkg-source -x *dsc12:56
kulveand then copy ubuntu-defaults-nexus7-0.30/rootfs/usr/share/pulseaudio/* and ubuntu-defaults-nexus7-0.30/rootfs/lib/udev/rules.d/90-tegra-rt5640.rules12:57
kulvethere's also 10-hide-android-partitions-nexus7.rules which might be useful12:57
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rcgkulve, cool.. i just wanted to start looking into the audio stuff :)13:06
rcgkulve, btw. when you start the webbrowser (active-webbrowser) with QT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM=opengl for the first time you get the same egl error I saw for kdeinit/kded13:07
rcginterestingly this only happens on the first start13:07
rcgthe other times it works13:07
rcgso it might be indeed that there is simply something not correctly initialized or so when kdeinit tries to start13:08
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rcgkulve, i now have about 40-60 minutes time.. do you want to dig into the audio stuff or should i give it a try?13:09
kulvewell, you could integrade those config files to configs-nexus7, if you have the time. I just tested (only once though) that they work at least to some extent13:10
kulve"gst-launch-0.10 audiotestsrc ! pulsesink" makes a "beeeeeeee" sound and the device said bling blong when it suspended13:10
rcgalright, will give it a try13:10
rcgkulve, bling blong is a good sign :)13:11
kulvercg: unfortunately there's something broken with the video rendering. I guess the decoding works but XV part doesn't13:12
rcghmm i see13:12
rcgwell, yesterday i tried to fight the QT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM=opengl issue but couldn't find a solution yet13:13
rcgbut i think getting audio and video to work has priority13:13
rcgwe can then still look into making the ui smoother13:14
rcgi'll just try quickly to package the sound config stuff13:15
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ArtoxFluttershy0 just posted my xorg log of Mer13:33
Artoxthe kickstart image called connectivity-xorg-qmlviewer13:33
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Artoxwill it start some graphical environment? I cnat see why Xorg just terminates. Maybe it does not know hwta to start?13:34
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Stskeepsit should start qmlviewer13:35
Stskeepscheck 'journalctl'13:35
Stskeepsanything in there?13:35
Fluttershy0I stilldont have console access to the device :|13:36
Fluttershy0I have found commands to set ip address of a device by connman13:36
Fluttershy0but apparently I havent yet managed to make my script start at boot13:36
Fluttershy0to be fair I only tried once yet13:36
*** yashshah_ has joined #mer13:37
Stskeepsdid you try to ssh in?13:37
Fluttershy0I cnat even ping it yet13:37
*** _moguriso is now known as moguriso13:37
Fluttershy0sicne the device tries dhcp13:37
Fluttershy0and wont get an IP13:37
Fluttershy0but I will fix it13:37
Stskeepsdo you have usb gadget g_ether built in kernel?13:38
Fluttershy0I forced it to auto-load13:38
Fluttershy0and it *is* loaded13:38
Stskeepser, usb0 , not usb0013:38
Stskeepsin kernel command line13:38
Stskeepsif it's built in, it makes things a lot easier13:38
Fluttershy0I cna just set it on commandline? awesome!13:38
Fluttershy0but its not builtin atm13:39
Fluttershy0can I specify these parameters in the /etc/modprobe.d?13:39
Fluttershy0if these are options to teh g_ether module it should do13:40
Stskeepsi think so, yes13:40
Fluttershy0well, will try the kernel commandline first though13:43
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Fluttershy0kernel optiosn didnt work, but I succeeded making a systemd service that tells connman about my ip wishes14:06
Fluttershy0I can ping the device but not ssh in14:06
Stskeepshmm? add openssh-server to the .ks i guess14:06
Fluttershy0that might be the issue14:07
rcgkulve, just uploaded a new version of the nexus 7 configs with working sound14:07
kulveis it muted by default? And does it remember it, or is it always muted after a boot?14:08
rcgif you open bangarang -> media list ->songs you can find some pre-installed samples14:08
rcgon first boot it was muted here14:08
kulvebut not on the subsequent reboots?14:09
rcgjust checking ;)14:09
Fluttershy0can I rerun mic giving it the path to sdcard? If so, will it keep files/settings/ will it reinstall all?14:09
rcgkulve, gotta go soon.. but when i return i could assist you in getting the video stuff to work14:10
fawzheya, does  anyone know how I would get rid of the warning(?) "Info: Installing: kernel-adaptation-ux ++++++++++++++++++++++++++         [354/448]ERROR: could not open directory /lib/modules/3.2.0-4-amd64: No such file or directory14:10
fawzFATAL: could not search modules: No such file or directory"14:10
fawzwhen creating an image with mic14:10
fawzI can't find any packages with corresponding names that I might be missing14:11
rcgnope, it didn't remember14:12
*** DAA has quit IRC14:12
rcgkulve, ^14:12
rcgbut one thing after another14:13
rcguhhh... device suspended while on playback.. after resume sound was pretty distorted and it beeped quite loud14:13
Fluttershy0 weird14:14
kulvercg: do you have any hints on the video playback already?14:14
rcgkulve, not yet. didn't look into it yet.14:14
rcgjust wanted to start with that when i'm back14:15
rcgbut i think i'll reflash my device first as i seem to have borked quite some settings while trying to make the opengl stuff work14:16
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Fluttershy0the ks wont build with openssh-server :|14:18
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Fluttershy0I am nearly in Stskeeps14:25
Fluttershy0mic wont build me a new image but I manually installed openssh-server rpm by qemu chroot14:25
Fluttershy0now I am aksed for ap assword14:25
Fluttershy0is tehre a default one?14:25
Fluttershy0oh tehre is :)14:26
Fluttershy0reading helps14:26
Fluttershy0in :)14:26
Fluttershy0now what would I look for in journalctl?14:29
Fluttershy0I guess what matters are uxlaunc hlines14:31
Fluttershy0Failed to create session is the one that sounds bad to me but I have no ideas14:34
Stskeepsdid you run your kernel config through our config session?14:34
Fluttershy0I did14:35
Stskeepserr, config checker14:35
Fluttershy0but I did not choose lines marked optional14:35
Fluttershy0will produce a summary14:35
Fluttershy0pastebin considered it spam14:37
Stskeepswhat kernel are you on?14:37
Fluttershy0I could ofc enable them all14:37
Fluttershy0the one by goledlico14:38
* Stskeeps ponders why on earth anybody would run that of choice on omap3..14:38
Fluttershy0I chose that one this time to play a bit with the openGLES bianries14:38
Fluttershy0the n900 version of Mer seem to run it too14:38
Fluttershy0a 2.6.3214:38
Stskeepswell, n900 is 2.6.3714:38
Stskeepsn9 one is .3214:38
Stskeepsand patchd14:39
Fluttershy0the Adaptation wiki page showed some kernel patches14:39
Fluttershy0I applied whats there14:39
Fluttershy0just cgroupfs-create-sys-fs-cgroup-to-mount-cgroupfs-on.patch14:39
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fawzI've gotten the mer image to show on the tizen device, kinda stuck there14:42
Stskeepsfawz: with the xorg fbdev driver?14:43
Stskeepsthe problem on there is the mali driver tbh14:43
Stskeepsand that xorg driver might be for an older xorg version14:43
Stskeeps(i think)14:43
fawzIm not sure14:43
fawzIve got xorg-x11-drv-ste in the ks file, which is a modified snowball ks file14:44
fawzIm finding it hard problem solving since Im quite new to all this and a lot of the documentation seems to be outdated14:45
Stskeepsah, i doubt xorg-x11-drv-ste will work on there :)14:45
fawzhm, anything else I could try? or somewhere I could start looking? Werent you also playing with the lunchbox device?14:48
Stskeepsi was but i killed it in the process14:49
fawzoh thanks a lot!14:50
fawzI thought Id broken it when I tried flashing it with a boot partition, but I could restore it with those system and disk migration images14:51
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Fluttershy0so qmlviewer is up and running without uxlaunch16:31
Fluttershy0at leats some progress for today16:31
Fluttershy0now to calibrate touchscreen16:33
Fluttershy0I noticed that qmlviewer is too big for the screen though16:33
Fluttershy0are there qml examples to run?16:37
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Artoxenough hard success for a day, leaving bb16:54
*** Artox has quit IRC16:54
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rcgkulve, how do you test video output right now?17:04
kulvegst-launch-0.10 playbin2 uri=file:///home/mer/Videos/adele-skyfall.mp4 video-sink=nvxvimagesink17:05
kulvealso I believe "gst-launch-0.10 videotestsrc ! xvimagesink" should work but it doesn't17:05
kulveI'm not 100% about the latter though17:06
rcgare there any special packages needed for this or should our hw-adaptation already come with everything needed?17:07
kulveit should17:07
*** yashshah_ has joined #mer17:08
kulveif out replace nvxvimagesink with "fakesink" it should decode but throw the output to devnull. With nvxvimagesink it should also show it but that fails for me17:10
rcgbtw. if you need more test videos, there are three videos preinstalled17:15
rcgit's the sintel trailer in three different qualities in ogv format17:16
*** talavis has joined #mer17:21
kulvegood to know. My test videos are from youtube with "youtube-dl" :)17:24
kulveogv won't unfortunately play.. (or will, but 100% unaccelerated)17:24
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rcgkulve, hmm i keep getting internal gstreamer errors "pad problem"18:07
rcgan vp8 video worked without video but i could hear the sound18:08
rcgthe vp8 video codec is missing, hence the problem18:08
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*** leinir has joined #mer18:15
rcghey niqt :)18:15
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer18:16
niqtrcg ;)18:16
rcghmm actually neither nvxvimagesink, xvimagesink nor ximagesink work18:18
rcgDISPLAY=:0 gst-launch-0.10 videotestsrc ! ximagesink18:24
rcgthis works18:24
rcgi put the DISPLAY=:0 as i am experimenting via ssh18:25
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rcgDISPLAY=:0 gst-launch-0.10 filesrc location=/home/mer/sintel_trailer-480p.mp4 ! decodebin2 name=dec ! queue ! nvxvimagesink18:55
*** plfiorini has quit IRC18:55
rcgthis works! :)18:55
rcgkulve, ^18:55
rcgno audio but the video looks pretty damn good :)18:56
*** blaroche has quit IRC18:56
shmerlrcg: Hi! Now I tried to boot explicitly and it worked. Strange thing - I tried the same stuff yesterday and it didn't (it was booting and showing the sequence of OKs, and then got to Google screen and then a robot with a red exclamation mark.18:56
shmerlrcg: Where did it pull x264? Mer doesn't package it.18:57
rcgshmerl, nice :)18:57
rcgDISPLAY=:0 gst-launch-0.10 filesrc location=/home/mer/sintel_trailer-1080p.mp4 ! decodebin2 name=dec ! queue ! nvxvimagesink18:57
rcgeven 1080 looks very smooth :D18:58
faenilcool stuff :)18:58
rcgbtw. the "name=dec" is not needed18:58
rcgthe sintel trailer never looked better ;)18:59
shmerlHm. When I follow the procedure from the blog - I get the same issue - Moslo reboots => booting sequence => Google logo => broken robot screen.18:59
shmerlI.e. when you disconnect the USB cable.19:00
rcgshmerl, don't know where it's getting the codec from.. it is there and it works ;)19:00
rcgshmerl, yeah, there is something not working with the kexec stuff19:01
rcgif you directly boot from the kernel to the root partition it should work19:01
shmerlIs it because of 32 GB model?19:01
rcgi think so.. have the same issue with an 3g 32gb model19:01
shmerlHm, strange thing - now it worked (after second reboot)19:01
rcgbut you can permanently flash the kernel so that it boots directly to the root partition instead of using moslo19:02
shmerlBtw, is moslo supposed to work as DHCP?19:02
rcgyeah, also noticed that it works from time to time.. didn't mention it as it is not really satisfying this way :/19:02
rcgshmerl, nope19:02
*** blaroche has joined #mer19:02
rcgyou need to manually assign usb0 an address19:02
shmerlIt tried to make a wired connection, but failed.19:02
shmerlAh, I see.19:03
rcgbtw "queue !" is also not needed19:05
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:06
*** plfiorini has joined #mer19:08
shmerlIt has some lib.19:08
shmerlNot sure if it's related to x26419:08
* lpotter needs to stop procrastinating and buy an hdmi ->dvi cable for his raspberry_pi19:09
Stskeepsprobably a good time, yeah19:09
Stskeepsi guess i should enable armv6l for zephyr too19:09
shmerlrcg: Hm. It boots after rebooting second time. But then when screen goes black (power saving mode?) it's not waking up anymore.19:10
shmerlUnless I reboot it.19:10
*** yashshah_ has quit IRC19:10
rcgshmerl, a yes.. that's another strange thing that seems to happen with some models19:11
rcgtry to touch the display a few times while the UI starts19:11
rcgi.e. the gray patterned background with the progress indicator19:11
*** luiorpe1 has joined #mer19:11
shmerlYeah, that worked last time.19:11
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer19:13
shmerlFor closed codecs, someone should make an optional repo somewhere in Europe.19:14
shmerlLike does.19:14
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:14
Stskeepslibav and gst-av seems like a pretty nice solution for that, fwiw19:15
Stskeepsnice arm accelerated codecs, etc19:15
shmerllibav is ffmpeg's fork?19:16
Stskeepsthink so19:16
dm8tbrI thought ffmpeg was libav's fork (after libav took over ffmpeg development and renamed) ;)19:19
shmerlI still didn't get the whole point of doing it. Only creates confusion.19:21
Stskeepsah, like tizen is the twin brother of meego that it's parents hid away due to genetic failure?19:21
dm8tbrthey shouldn't have let him escape then...19:21
kulvercg: hmm.. I wonder why the playbin2 doesn't work..19:22
shmerlNice, at least wifi worked right away.19:22
*** Jay_BEE has joined #mer19:23
*** melonipoika has joined #mer19:26
shmerlHm. Opening sintel trailer (Theora version) from "Files" opens the player and it hangs everything.19:26
kulvefor any video you definitely need hw acceleration and there's no hw acceleration for theora19:29
kulveyou also do need hw accelerated video rendering and I think that's only possible with hw decoding19:29
shmerlDoesn't theora decoder use Neon extension?19:30
shmerlFor dedicated hw acceleration you need hw specific libraries.19:30
kulveI mean proper dedicated decoding, not SIMD only19:30
shmerlI doubt they are available even for H.264 there.19:30
kulvethey are (for n7)19:30
shmerlI mean for video decoding. Are they used in PA?19:30
kulveyes (but showing the video doesn't work out of the box as you need to use tegra specific video sink)19:31
kulvei.e. it works out of the boks with gst-launch but not with the PA's own video player19:31
shmerlAlso, tegra looks pretty powerful to decode even without dedicated hardware.19:31
shmerlIt's going to be really crippled if it'll play only H.264 but not VP8 or Theora19:32
kulveI'm pretty sure no hw vendor supports hw accelerated theora19:32
kulveI guess VP8 is getting more and more popular19:33
shmerlTheora I really don't care that much, since it's superseded by VP819:33
dm8tbrthere is stuff for vp8 tho19:33
shmerlBut VP8 is needed really19:33
shmerlSo you used some vendor provided libs in the hw adaptation?19:35
shmerlAre they coming from Nvidia?19:35
kulvefor n7 we use the libs provided by nvidia19:35
shmerlOK. Did you see anything for VP8 there?19:35
kulveI haven't checked, I think not. "gst-inspect" would show it easily19:36
* lpotter doesnt like that connman handles usbnet differently19:36
Stskeepsthere's a long discussion on usb gadgets, etc19:36
*** ka6sox-away is now known as ka6sox19:37
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC19:38
shmerlHow do I get root there? sudo doesn't exist.19:39
kulvesu -19:39
shmerlAh, thanks.19:39
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer19:39
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer19:39
shmerlI need to get that transparent vkb from rcg.19:40
*** niqt has quit IRC19:42
shmerlIs gst-inspect available? It doesn't seem to find it anywhere.19:43
shmerlHm, now vkb closes tabs switching in konsole :P19:44
kulvewhat about gst-inspect-0.10?19:45
*** blauzahl has quit IRC19:46
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC19:52
shmerlAh, that works.19:52
*** sledges has quit IRC19:53
shmerlaccelerated ones are all with nv_*?19:53
shmerlIt has nv_omx_vorbisdec19:57
shmerlBut not for vp819:57
*** arcean has quit IRC20:12
shmerlJust tested the sintel trailer with that method - works, no sound as well.20:16
*** edgar2 has quit IRC20:16
shmerlThere are some visual artifacts in the task switcher.20:18
shmerlI.e. it doesn't redraw the background correctly20:18
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC20:25
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer20:25
*** jpetersen has quit IRC20:29
kulveshmerl: I was told that's a generic PA issue also happening with x86 (the visual artifacts thing)20:30
shmerlI see20:30
shmerlTesting host mode now.20:31
shmerlIt recognizes the drive, but fails to mount.20:31
shmerlActually it mounted it when checking from the terminal in /media/20:33
shmerlBut in UI it shows "failed to mount"20:33
shmerlThis "Files" application is way confusing.20:34
shmerlI can't even see the filesystem hierarchy.20:34
*** gabriel9 has joined #mer20:35
shmerlOK, now dolphin looks better.20:37
shmerlSo, hot mode works fine (even with USB hub).20:38
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer20:38
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:40
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer20:40
shmerlUnmounting doesn't work from the UI though.20:40
shmerlWhere should I report these bugs?20:41
shmerlTo KDE bugzilla probably?20:41
shmerlSince it looks mostly PA related.20:41
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:43
*** fcorrea has joined #mer20:43
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer20:43
*** melonipoika has quit IRC20:44
*** Frye has joined #mer20:47
shmerlIt didn't recognize external keyboard though.20:49
shmerlIt appears in dmesg, but it's not doing anything.20:49
*** Morpog has quit IRC20:52
*** Morpog has joined #mer20:53
*** pohly has joined #mer21:02
*** fawz has quit IRC21:02
*** rubdos has quit IRC21:04
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC21:06
*** pohly has quit IRC21:08
*** niqt has joined #mer21:12
*** yunta has joined #mer21:46
rcgif i try to add a repository from and try to install something from it i get the error: "File '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium ..."21:52
rcgeven though it is actually there21:52
rcgany ideas?21:52
shmerlYeah, I got that for Nemo repo in the SDK too21:52
shmerlWhen trying to udpate21:52
*** arcean has joined #mer21:52
Stskeeps.repo file, or?21:53
shmerlAlso something about repodata and xml there. I forgot the exact error (I can try to reproduce it)21:54
shmerlHere it is: File '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium ''21:56
shmerlAbort, retry, ignore? [a/r/i/?] (a):21:56
rcgi added the repo via zypper as follows: zypper ar -G
shmerlbtw, magnetic standby works on nexus7 with plasmaactive21:59
shmerlThough a bit roughly21:59
shmerl(I got a case with a magnet in the cover)21:59
*** slummer has quit IRC22:07
*** dakovaci has joined #mer22:11
*** pvanhoof has joined #mer22:20
*** ortylp has quit IRC22:26
*** ortylp has joined #mer22:28
*** dakovaci has quit IRC22:33
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC22:38
*** dakovaci has joined #mer22:48
*** mvogt has joined #mer22:49
Sageshmerl: that CE:Apps:MTF repository is obsolete you should remove that file from /etc/zypp/repos.d/22:54
*** ortylp has quit IRC22:54
*** Aristide has joined #mer22:54
Sageall those apps were omved to CE:Apps repository22:54
rcgSage, any idea what could be the problem with my repository at
*** popey has quit IRC23:00
Sagercg: can you pastebin that .repo file that gives the erorr?23:00
rcgSage, ^ that one?23:03
rcgthat's the repo i am trying to use23:03
Sagercg: well that has invalid path in it, bug in new obs :/23:05
Sagesee the diff ? :)23:06
Sagephaeron: ^23:07
rcgoh my, you're right :)23:07
Sagercg: so you can do zypper ar --no-gpgcheck wonko-mw-devel23:07
Sageinstead of using that .repo file23:07
rcgright, will do then23:07
rcgthanks :)23:07
Sagenp. please report these things new obs still has some bugs in it23:08
rcgroger that23:09
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC23:10
shmerlSage: Ah, I see. Thanks. It was probably left behind with Nemo updates.23:10
*** luiorpe1 has quit IRC23:10
*** cristi has quit IRC23:11
Sageshmerl: well, those repos don't get updated automatically yet so that is the reason that is there23:11
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:11
Sagehopefully soon we get automatic repos as well and get rid of that l23:11
SageCE:Apps:MTF, CE:Utils, CE:MW:MTF and Project:MTF:Tracker repos were removed23:13
shmerlIn the core SDK /etc/zypp/repos.d I have tons of mer-core.repo-pre-0.2012*23:13
shmerlAre they all needed?23:13
Sagesdk-version script is handling those23:13
Sagein the mer sdk23:13
shmerlI just did upgrade.23:13
shmerlSo if I need to remove older ones it should be done by hand?23:13
Sagenot entirely sure aobut that. I haven't removed the old ones and haven't had any problems so I would say that leave those therefor now23:15
shmerlYeah, most of them have enabled=023:16
*** faenil has quit IRC23:16
shmerlThey just look like clutter :)23:16
shmerlActually no. They have enabled=1. Zero was for mer-core-debuginfo23:17
shmerlSo it looks like they are all included.23:18
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC23:18
shmerlThis should be a bit more clarified, how to manage them.23:19
shmerlSo I can just delete ce-apps-mtf.repo  ce-utils.repo ce-mw-mtf.repo ce-mtf-tracker-related-apps.repo for Nemo target?23:21
*** dakovaci has quit IRC23:22
shmerlFor mer core I get a strange thing - with zypper update now: sudo zypper update  Loading repository data...23:23
shmerlAnd nothing else.23:23
shmerlError code: 13923:23
shmerlMust be that segfault bug, even though I updated libsolv manually23:24
*** gabriel9 has joined #mer23:25
Sageshmerl: pastebin: rpm -q libzypp zypper libsolv0 libsolv-tools23:26
shmerlAh, probably didn't do it for tools.23:26
Sage12.2.0 1.8.3 0.1.0 0.1.023:27
Sageyes, so you need to update libzypp and zypper to get rid of that23:28
Sageget them manually from mer repos and use rpm -Uvh url23:28
shmerlShould it go with force? There are dome deps issues.23:30
Sagedep issues?23:31
Sageshould go without force23:31 is needed by (installed) zypper-1.7.0-1.6.i48623:31 is needed by (installed) python-zypp-
CosmoHillnight night23:31
shmerlThat's when I tried sudo rpm -Uhv libzypp-12.2.0-1.1.i486.rpm23:31
Sageuh... well you need to do it rpm -Uvh url url url :)23:31
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC23:31
Sagefor those all23:31
shmerlIs python-zypp needed at all?23:34
shmerlI don't see it in the current release.23:34
shmerlBut it's installed in the SDK for me.23:34
shmerlAnd it gives: is needed by (installed) python-zypp-
shmerlOK, I did: sudo rpm -e python-zypp mic23:36
shmerlNow it worked.23:37
*** jstaniek has quit IRC23:39
*** niqt has quit IRC23:40
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC23:41
*** ced117 has quit IRC23:42
*** zalan has quit IRC23:42
*** blauzahl has joined #mer23:43
*** slummer has joined #mer23:48

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