Saturday, 2012-12-22

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RogueNeuronany ISOs of Mer out there yet?02:42
wmarone_there's x86 images of nemomobile02:43
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cortexA9help me please. I can't telnet in moslo.04:14
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deztructor_Stskeeps: i want to request inclusion of the qtscript generator generated qt bindings for qtscript into mer. it provides access to almost all qt classes in javascript apps. i added into this set "interpreter" (properly, just runner) replacing included qsexec because the last one is just an example. forked it to github: rpms are builts, ready to submit for review06:44
deztructor_qtbindings rpm has size ~6.5Mb, unpacked ~18Mb of libraries, it includes support for the following qt4 libraries: core gui sql opengl svg network xml webkit xmlpatterns uitools06:47
deztructor_so, qt javascript gets full access to qt caps and can be used as full fledged platform scripting language06:49
deztructor_generator itself is relatively complex, i do not know is it will be actual for v8@qt5 because i have not investigated how bindings are done there06:51
deztructor_but anyway, option to have ability to use qt library in js is very useful06:52
situMorning everyone06:57
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qqqgood morning07:06
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Stskeepsdeztructor_: man, you've been busy07:37
Stskeeps18mb of bindings seems a bit high07:41
Stskeepsdeztructor_: show me example of use?07:44
deztructor_Stskeeps: yep, but this is the way bindings for qt4 are built, i think (or hope) in qt5 it is different07:49
deztructor_Stskeeps: e.g. here it is used (qt classes):
Stskeepsok, is it possible to independently package the bindings?07:50
Stskeepsie, only install core bindings07:51
Stskeepslike qtbindings-core07:51
deztructor_Stskeeps: u mean to put each lib into separate package?07:51
Stskeepsyeah, subpackages07:51
deztructor_of course07:51
deztructor_good idea07:51
Stskeepsthat'd be first step07:51
deztructor_it looks like troll guys worked on this generator for a long time, so it should be quite stable07:53
deztructor_Stskeeps: core is ~2.5M07:54
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deztructor_Stskeeps: btw, imo the best option for platform scripting is to use chicken scheme, i built it for mer long ago, it support r5 std,  uses gcc as intermediate compiler if compiled version is needed and is very small (do not remember exact numbers but between 1 and 2 Mb... but i am not sure my idea will be supported :( scheme is a good language. also chicken scheme has qt bindings :)07:56
deztructor_also used it in harmattan, works fine :)07:57
deztructor_i think Aard can be one who can support my idea ;)07:58
Stskeepswell, i like the way the qt bindings are going i guess07:59
Stskeepswe should look at the v8 way too07:59
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* deztructor_ left for some indefinite period. i'll back soon with qtbindings-core etc.07:59
deztructor_need to go to the sport shop now, it can be crowdy now :o08:00
deztructor_Stskeeps: :nod: i have big hopes on v808:00
deztructor_v8 is cool :)08:00
deztructor_Stskeeps: u208:00
BostikStskeeps: fyi, rewrite going on rather nicely; current version can already to this:
StskeepsBostik: i fixed llvmpipe for mesa 9.0.1 yesterday with wayland 1.0.2.. oneliner fix08:07
Stskeeps8 hours of debugging :(08:07
deztructor_Stskeeps: one expensive line :)08:08
Bostikaieee, that hurt08:09
StskeepsBostik: now links to a .ks for a virtualbox based VM with working llvmpipe and qml compositor + working terminal08:10
Stskeepsvery useful(TM)08:10
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Bostikpretty too08:18
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Bostiktime to go and scrub the sauna, no idea how long that takes08:35
situBostik: Enjoy08:35
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rcghmm.. captcha text "run amok"...09:39
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Sfiet_Konstantinhello everybody09:52
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* RogueNeuron hi09:53
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Bostik... 2h10:46
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Stskeepshewwo cortexA9, so what brings you here to #mer?11:26
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Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: because Cortex A9 are susceptible to run mer ?11:35
cortexA9i have one problem.11:38
cortexA9with moslo11:38
cortexA9on nexus 711:38
cortexA9telnet doesn't work.11:39
Stskeepsrcg ^11:44
rcgcortexA9, could you please explain the steps you did in more detail?11:45
cortexA9i flashed11:45
cortexA9unpacked this moslo-nexus7-
cortexA9and flashed11:46
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cortexA9with flashboot11:47
rcgso, when you try to connect you have the nexus 7 connected to your computer with an usb cable11:47
cortexA9yes i know11:48
rcgand you see that a new usb storage device appears (e.g., in the dmesg output)?11:48
rcgon your computer, that is11:48
cortexA9yes i have new usb storage.11:48
rcgand you have a usb0 network interface?11:49
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rcgthat should show up e.g., by issuing "ifconfig -a"11:49
cortexA9i tried on win.11:49
rcgoh, alright..11:49
cortexA9i need linux ?11:50
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rcgunfortunately i have no clue of how to set up usb networking on windows11:50
rcgon linux you get a new network device via which you would then connect to the moslo with telnet11:50
rcgmaybe have a look at the networking settings or google for "usb networking windows" or something11:51
yuntaor install linux11:51
yuntaif you are serious computer user, you'll need it anyway11:51
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cortexA9ok thanks11:54
cortexA9i try11:54
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cortexA9rcg: with a VM12:03
cortexA9can't connect too.12:04
cortexA9usb0: link not ready12:04
cortexA9usb0: link is not ready12:04
rcgcortexA9, you need to make sure the usb is forwarded to the vm12:04
rcgi am not quite sure but it may be that it shows up as several usb devices12:05
rcgi.e., in your virtualization solution double check that all usb devices that are related to the nexus 7 are directly passed through to your vm12:05
cortexA9i use virtualbox12:06
rcgthen inside your vm you should check dmesg if it reports a new storage device12:06
rcgonce that's the case use "ifconfig -a" to see if you have an usb0 network interface12:06
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cortexA9rcg: damn, very strange problem.12:14
cortexA9rcg: try with vmware now.12:15
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xavinuxhi people, I would like to know how to help verifying the resolved fixed bugs12:19
Stskeepsof Mer, i presume?12:22
Stskeepssometimes it's a bit complex on core level12:23
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xavinuxhi Stskeeps, thnaks for your answer12:25
xavinuxyes I was asking about mer12:26
Stskeepsbeen looking through some of the resolved/fixed already?12:26
xavinuxno  Sir, I am starting in the mer project this week. I am a Linux sysadmin that works in an ISP from Argentina and very interested in helping12:27
xavinuxsomeone tell me that perhaps I can start verifying resolver bugs12:28
Stskeeps:nod: have you tried rpm packaging before as well?12:28
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xavinuxI work with Linux Debian and Centos adn Ubuntu as my desktop OS. I installed web servers and mail servers with webmails and other things and compile RPM and DEB packages sometimes at my work12:30
xavinuxwhen is necessary12:31
xavinuxFTP servers and DNS for the ISP where I work12:31
Stskeepscool, you might be interested in some packaging work too then. search on bugzilla for severity=task for example12:31
kulveStskeeps: xavinux got a list of resolved/fixed bugs in the mer mailing list.12:32
Stskeepsfeel free to ask questions at any time12:32
kulvefirst are related to n950/n900 but Bug 370 should be verifyable on e.g. VM12:32
MerbotMer bug 370 in libXv "update libXv to 1.0.7" [Task,Resolved: fixed]
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kulveups, that's from the nemomobile bugzilla. Didn't realize the urls had different domain12:33
xavinuxthanks, very kind Sir. As Inver help before to an interested project like this, I dont know well where to start and what tools I need to start working for the project12:34
xavinuxI will be buying a Nokia N9 next week12:34
kulvexavinux: I guess you need to run nemomobile on a VM and start going through the bugs mentioned. If you happen to have n950/n900, then there are more bugs to verify12:35
Stskeepsyes, start with getting mer platform sdk,
Stskeepsas one way12:35
kulvedoes he need SDK to start with? Wouldn't it be easier to run normal nemo image?12:36
Stskeepsi guess so12:36
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xavinuxso I will install a virtual machine and install mer platform in it12:38
xavinuxthen look at for bugs to resolve?12:39
MerbotMer bug 370 in libXv "update libXv to 1.0.7" [Task,Resolved: fixed]12:39
xavinuxok Sirs12:39
kulvexavinux: mer is the core, nemo is the GUI on top of Mer. And in this case I meant 370 from the nemo:
MerbotNemo bug 370 in Messages "Tapping a chat notification should open the chat window" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]12:40
kulveStskeeps: is anybody able to mark those verified?12:40
Stskeepsthink so12:41
xavinuxyes I was reading last days about mer and memo, and meego and tizen12:41
xavinuxmer is the core and memeo work as a UI12:41
xavinuxmer will be used in sailfish OS12:41
kulveand parts of nemo as well will be used in sailfish. And they try to keep nemo and sailfish compatible in both directions12:42
xavinuxah ok12:43
xavinuxit is usefull to have the nokia N9 that I think will be buying next week, can help with testing Sirs?12:44
kulveI guess it's possible to run nemo on the n9, but it will void the warranty..12:45
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xavinuxso today if I have a N9 can run mer as core and nemo as UI on it?12:48
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xavinuxstskeeps and kulve, may I mail you to ask doubts when start reviewing bugs?12:52
Stskeepsfeel free to ask here at all times, i'm a bit swamped in mail :)12:54
xavinuxah ok sir12:55
xavinuxso today if I have a N9 can run mer as core and nemo as UI on it?12:56
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Stskeepsyes, but be aware it voids warranty12:59
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xavinuxok and why there are more bugs for nokias N900/950 models Sir?13:01
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kulvexavinux: because most of the developers have those13:14
xavinuxok Sir13:15
xavinuxthnaks for your help13:15
xavinuxI' m reading at how to install mer SDK, I will virtualized a machine with Kubuntu and try to install in it to start working13:17
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Artoxbtw that as complaing about not knowing -EL happened to me now on a different machine than yesterday and a 2.6.32 kernel using the Mer sdk13:19
Artoxand here too it compiles fine with the angstrom cross compiler running on my suse system13:19
CosmoHillhi vgrade13:20
vgradehi CosmoHill , hows things13:21
CosmoHillthings are good :)13:21
vgradeStskeeps: githib is down do you have a local zephyr.ks13:21
CosmoHillgithub is very slow at the moment13:22
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yuntaxavinux: it may be easier to go by:
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jake-nemotesting this irc client on my n950 on nemo ;)14:36
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vgradeStskeeps: does Zephyr need intel CPU14:48
Stskeepsthis particular .ks does, i haven't built it for i486 yet14:48
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ArtoxSo progress :)16:09
Artoxthe mer base connectivity xorg kickstart and a kernel booted16:10
Artoxbut seesm not to start16:10
Artoxscreen becomes white, then it goes back to console16:10
Artoxand again, again, ....16:10
Artoxare there logfiles to access stored on SD/can I make it so?16:10
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Stskeepsrpm -qa | grep setuid ?16:13
Artoxmore questions: can I get ssh access per usb net? how? just force loading g_ether module in osme bootscript(I had to do that before)16:14
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Artoxand does that rpm command refer to me Stskeeps? if so, where to run it?16:16
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samaeHow reasonnable would it be to have mer run on HTC Desire (bravo)17:35
Stskeepswhat SoC is that17:36
Stskeepslbt: getting timeout on OBS17:38
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Stskeepslbt: ~200 httpd processes18:34
Stskeepsrestarted apache18:34
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CosmoHilli read that as "retarded apache"18:50
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samaeStskeeps: it's a phone ?22:03
*** dijenerate has joined #mer22:03
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*** dijenerate has joined #mer22:32
Artoxis there a quick hack to execute commands at startup in mer?22:32
Artoxas root at best22:32
Artoxpossibly thee is a modprobe file to force autoloading modules?22:32
lbtArtox: well, is a service I install that runs at boot22:36
rcgiirc you can use /etc/rc.d/rc.local or something22:37
rcglet me check22:37
lbtdo we process that?22:37
lbtI keep meaning to write "How Mer Boots"22:37
rcgi think i used it once.. but my memory is kinda foggy22:38
ArtoxI found sth22:40
*** dijenerate has quit IRC22:40
Artoxneed to check if it really works22:41
Artoxand thx for the service hint lbt22:41
Artoxthat should allow me to run a command fine I guess22:41
rcglbt, there is /lib/systemd/system/rc-local.service at least22:42
*** dijenerate has joined #mer22:42
Artoxwill Mer choose a default IP for a connected wired connection?22:44
Artoxsince I now made g_ether load22:44
ArtoxI'd like to ssh in per usbnet if thats possible22:44
lbtit uses connman - so dhcp22:44
Artoxso I should rathr get hodl of a bridged network22:45
lpotterconnman can be made to configure static addresses22:45
rcglbt, apparently rc.local doesn't get executed22:46
rcgor i am doing something wrong22:46
lbtrcg: OK - I should just get my finger out and write it up22:47
rcgah scratch that i wrote that there was /lib/systemd/system/rc-local.service22:47
rcgi accidently grepped on my local disk instead of the device rootfs :/22:48
Artoxlpotter: will read up on connman and findsth22:48
rcgso to be clear on mer there is no /lib/systemd/system/rc-local.service22:48
rcglbt, yeah, i know the feeling.. so much to write so little time ;)22:49
lbtrcg: good, I'd rather we just documented "the right way" :)22:49
Artoxfound. some file in /var/lib/connman/profile.default or so22:50
Artoxothr pc crashed but thats the idea22:50
*** shmerl has joined #mer22:52
*** nsuffys has quit IRC22:53
*** dakovaci has joined #mer22:57
shmerlHi. Do you think it's a good idea to put installation instructions for Mer/PlasmaActive adaptation for Nexus 7 on the Mer wiki somewhere?22:58
rcgshmerl, think so22:59
*** dijenerate has quit IRC22:59
shmerlrcg: I was just asking since Stskeeps is usually reserved about too much vendor related stuff on the Mer wiki.23:00
rcgwe actually planned to do this but didn't find the time yet23:00
shmerlBut Nemo / N950 installation details are there.23:00
rcgshmerl, ah i see23:00
rcgisn't there also a page that lists working devices?23:00
shmerlSo I don't think this should be different.23:00
shmerlThat's a bit messy. Let me see.23:00
rcgand i think kulve started a wiki page about tegra323:00
shmerlHere is one:
shmerlBut it's not the only one. I saw some other pages.23:01
shmerlOne sec23:01
rcgiirc that's the page kulve started23:02
shmerlAh, I see.23:02
shmerlI'll probably go over your steps from the blog, and can start a wiki page if Stskeeps is OK with it.23:03
rcgwe thought that may be a good place to also put instructions for nexus 7 as it uses a tegra323:03
rcgbut well, checking back is always ok ;)23:03
shmerlI think all those pages need some restructuring. Since they are confusing a bit at the moment.23:03
rcgand of course Stskeeps has the great masterplan ;)23:04
shmerlFor example Nemo installing has a separate page:
shmerlThere is also this page:
*** Martix_ has joined #mer23:06
shmerlSo it needs to be brushed up a bit.23:06
rcgindeed.. so there is already some documentation about adaptations23:06
shmerlCommunity_Workspace probably should be merged with "Adaptation" and named the later.23:06
shmerlI think Adaptations is the proper page, and Workspace was kind of a pile where everything was thrown from the old Meego wiki.23:08
rcgseems to make sense23:09
Artoxto my experience, a nice page would tell what kernel features are needed as the Adaptation paghe does, it cna list necessary pacthes bu also hints on how to auto-load some modules, set up a default network configuration23:10
Artoxsome more possibly23:10
shmerlSo details of Mer / Tegra3 and Nexus 7 should go somewhere to Adaptations > Tegra 323:10
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC23:10
shmerlAnd higher level stuff like installing PA should go in Vendors > PA > Installation23:10
shmerlFor now we can just start a page for Installing PA, and later we figure out from where to link to it.23:18
shmerlBtw, why is the adaptation for Tegra3 has Nemo in the name?23:20
shmerlOr it was already renamed23:20
lbtArtox: we do better :)23:20
*** lpotter has quit IRC23:20
Artoxthat one is still jsut about kernel23:21
Artoxwhats useful is a full thing with useful information for the whole process of getting <yourdevice> working23:21
lbtwell, you did say "a nice page would tell what kernel features are needed"23:21
Artoxyes I did23:21
Artoxbut it should contian all the otehr things too23:22
Artox"are needed as the Adaptation paghe does"23:22
*** dijenerate has joined #mer23:22
Artoxits a bit difficult to find information on connman config files23:23
lbtyou've seen:
Artoxdoes anyone here have a network device configured static with connman? If so, a copy of the files in /var/lib/connman/ethernet_<somecode> would be nice23:23
shmerllbt: That page should be linked from
shmerlI.e. the guide23:23
Artoxas it happens I havent lbt, I still dont know how to find thoese pages you all keep bringing up easily23:24
lbtshmerl: maybe line 2 would be a good place? ;P23:24
shmerlI mean the guide page itself.23:24
shmerlAdaptation is the collective page for existing ones.23:24
shmerlAnd guide is more an instruction how to make them23:25
lbtshmerl: good idea - if only we used a wiki where people could contribute...23:25
shmerlI'll make a link.23:25
* lbt checks Tizen pages for editability :)23:25
lbtshmerl: I was subtle enough then :D23:25
shmerlI want to reorganize them a bit, like moving all the stuff from Workspace to Adaptation.23:26
lbtshmerl: sure - but please discuss before you do it23:26
shmerlAs I said above - I think it's a historic pile pulled from the Meego wiki.23:26
*** arcean has quit IRC23:26
shmerlSure, I'll wait for Stskeeps first.23:26
lbtnah, I'll do23:27
shmerllbt: OK :)23:27
lbtwiki is mainly my area anyhow23:27
shmerlSee this:
shmerlIt has  Device Adaptations section.23:27
lbtfirst thing... read:
shmerlAnd then there is this:
lbtArtox: you too23:27
lbtshmerl: yes, "Community Workspace" is a daft page name given the contents23:28
lbtthe adaptations should be moved to the Adaptation(s) page23:29
*** arcean has joined #mer23:29
*** Cosmo[PB] has joined #mer23:29
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*** Cosmo[PB] is now known as CosmoHill23:30
*** shmerl1 has joined #mer23:31
shmerl1Sorry, I got disconnected. You mean this?
*** knicskter has joined #mer23:32
*** shmerl has quit IRC23:32
*** knicskter has left #mer23:33
* Artox dumps connman for now23:33
Artoxneed some rest23:33
*** Artox has quit IRC23:34
*** knickster has joined #mer23:36
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*** lpotter has joined #mer23:38
shmerl1lbt: So what do you think, where PA installation details for Nexus 7 should go on the wiki?23:38
*** shmerl1 is now known as shmerl23:38
lbtshmerl: re guidelines, yes23:39
*** beford has joined #mer23:39
lbtI think PA should have an area of their own, like nemo - though I suspect they should make an effort to have similar HW adaptations23:39
shmerlI'll need to digest the guidelines a bit.23:39
shmerlYeah, may be there should be some Users(Vendors) category?23:40
shmerlAnd Nemo and PA should belong there.23:40
shmerlSo Nemo has an Installation page, and PA will have something similar.23:42
shmerlrcg: By the way, that image can be plugged in as an SDK target?23:46
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:46
shmerlIt's probably good to update the SDK/SB2 examples, since arv7l Vivaldi is already obsolete (the device was dropped as a target for PA)23:46
shmerlSo we can use Nexus 7 as a working example.23:47
*** faenil has quit IRC23:48
rcgshmerl, well it is a fully working rootfs.. so, yes, i assume it can be used as base for the sdk23:49
rcgat least as far as my understanding of the sdk goes ;)23:49
shmerlI'll give it a try.23:49
shmerlLast time I had issues with using 2 targets in the SDK23:50
shmerlI.e. Nemo and PA.23:50
lbtrcg: we should also aim to make more minimal SDK roots too23:50
shmerlIt couldn't switch between them correclty23:50
lbtshmerl: that was likely a misinterpretation of the symptoms23:50
shmerlI.e. even when I provided the explicit target name for sb2 it picked the wrong one.23:51
shmerlI was a while ago though - I didn't try it recently23:51
lbtshmerl: it works well in that config for many people - so it's not a fundamental issue at any rate23:52
lbtanyhow... bed now ... g'night all23:52
shmerlWell, as far as it can compile the right thing. Old PA image was for armv7l (Zenithink), so I noticed that it used armv7hl instead, confusing it with Nemo target.23:53
shmerllbt: Night23:53
*** mdfe has quit IRC23:53
*** Jade has joined #mer23:54
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*** Jade has joined #mer23:54
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*** yunta has quit IRC23:56
rcglbt, i see.. do you already have .ks files for minimal rootfs?23:56
shmerlI think even Nemo uses the same image for the SDK23:56
shmerlOr at least as far as the example on the Wiki goes.23:56
shmerlSo when I do zypper update it pulls all kind of stuff.23:57
rcgshmerl, think so too.. but my last shot on setting the sdk up is some months ago23:57
rcgsince then it just worked ;)23:57
shmerlYeah, I just zypper ref && zypper up it once in a while.23:58
shmerlAnd it's pretty big.23:58
lbtthe sdk webapp will soon use 'zypper search devel' to provide a list of other devel packages to install23:59

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