Friday, 2012-12-21

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situMorning all01:26
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koala_Hello stskeeps, are you still in?01:39
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situiekku_: Morning05:30
Bostiksappy saturnalia, everyone05:37
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situBostik: That was new to me :)05:57
* Sage ponders if this is just a dream that he types here.05:59
Sagedidn't world suppose to end bad on some calendar today?05:59
chriadamyeah, the end of the world is today according to the Mayans or something.  Or at least, their calendar flips over into a new epoch today, I think.06:01
SpeedEvilepoch fail.06:01
Bostiksitu: celebrating winter solstice in any form is perfectly okay, I just like to be honest about it :)06:02
Bostik(and if you're going to be !PC, you might as well be equally offensive to everyone)06:03
situSage: and no Google Doodle today :P06:08
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Stskeepsmorn all08:49
Stskeepslbt: is it normal that shows it doesn't have any workers?08:50
*** reels_ is now known as reels08:50
lpotterdid they go on strike ?08:52
kulveStskeeps: I see one..08:52
kulveand graphs has never worked I assume..08:52
lbtStskeeps: what did you do?08:53
*** leinir has joined #mer08:59
*** leinir has quit IRC08:59
*** leinir has joined #mer08:59
koala_hello stskeeps09:01
Stskeepsgood morning koala_09:01
koala_are you busy now?09:01
lbtfixed - swds09:01
Stskeepskoala_: not a lot09:02
Stskeepslbt: check scheduler for good measure09:02
koala_stskeeps: good morning09:02
*** hazchemix has joined #mer09:02
lbtdoing a quick look round09:02
*** Jade has joined #mer09:02
*** Jade has quit IRC09:02
*** Jade has joined #mer09:02
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*** dakovaci_ has joined #mer10:05
*** Chamallow has joined #mer10:07
*** dakovaci has quit IRC10:08
Chamallowplease someone knows how to put mer/nemo in azerty on n900 ?10:09
Stskeepsprobably editing the setxkbmap thing that's there10:09
*** jjardon__ has joined #mer10:10
*** bigbluehat_ has joined #mer10:10
Chamallowthx, i take a look on10:10
*** niqt has quit IRC10:12
*** niqt has joined #mer10:13
rcgfeedback is much appreciated ;)10:22
*** auri__ has joined #mer10:23
*** dakovaci has joined #mer10:27
*** lizardo has joined #mer10:27
*** dakovaci_ has quit IRC10:28
yuntawow, ha for nexus 7, awesome!10:32
kulveshould work just fine with nemo too10:36
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer10:36
kulveor better in some sense as I think nemo's window manager and applications are better tuned for opengl es10:39
*** Martix_ has quit IRC10:41
sledgesgood morningĀ”10:43
sledgesHA Pandaboard: with systemd Xorg fails: first on omap_dri then on (EE) AIGLX error: dlopen of /usr/lib/dri/ failed (/usr/lib/dri/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)10:44
sledgesif init=/bin/sh, Xorg starts fine (prolly is using fbdev)10:44
kulvesledges: is that the last error? It may not be fatal10:45
Stskeepssledges: not an error10:45
sledgesbut X doesn't start, got two tuxes on screen10:46
sledgeswith init=/bin/sh Xorg starts on same HDMI fine10:46
*** rubdos has joined #mer10:57
*** andre__ has joined #mer10:57
*** andre__ has joined #mer10:57
*** springz has quit IRC11:03
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*** selesnie1 has joined #mer11:22
*** selesnie_ has quit IRC11:22
*** icota has joined #mer11:23
*** yashshah_ has quit IRC11:27
morphisStskeeps: can you tell what MOSLO is? (
Stskeepsmorphis: export emmc over usb practically11:33
morphisit's part of Mer?11:33
Stskeepsexternal project11:35
Stskeepsit comes from 'meego os loader' origianlly, which we wrote in meego times11:35
*** Chamallow has quit IRC11:35
morphisit's device independent, right?11:37
kulvemostly yes, but it needs kernel support which may not be easy with products on the market11:37
morphiskulve: means kexec?11:38
BostikStskeeps: did anyone in the team happen to notice (or know in advance) that it nicely shadows moslo.exe from Bad Old Days? :)11:38
aard_morphis: if 'runs on n9 and n950, and only breaks sometimes' counts as device independent, then yes. other bits only work on systems partitioned like n9, and it's such a big mess that you really don't want to base anything on it11:38
*** gabriel9|work has joined #mer11:38
morphisaard_: ok, I just read the guy ported plasma active to the nexus7 used it and ask me what it is11:39
kulven7 doesn't have other good ways of getting the rootfs in, thus moslo11:40
*** rcg has joined #mer11:40
*** dakovaci has quit IRC11:40
*** no_mind has joined #mer11:40
*** zhxt has joined #mer11:40
morphiskulve: I like the idea of having a initramfs up which allows modifications to the device11:40
kulveyeah, it's really convenient sometimes11:40
aard_morphis: yes, though there are a lot better ways to do it than moslo11:40
morphisimho allows you to be more dynamic in OS installation process than just flashing it11:41
kulveaard_: like?11:41
morphisaard_: yeah we're doing in similar in the webOS ports project11:41
morphislike extract a .tar.gz package and then chrooting into it11:41
aard_kulve: don't do a hard to extend shellscript; use smaller binaries to make it fit into more limited flash (the core functionality is trivial to do in C, only when it comes to partitioning it gets a bit more messy); allow loading of additional modules into the initial rootfs (like, get additional tar.gz from partition or via network)11:43
aard_last step could make it even smaller, since you could just load the partitioning logic when needed11:43
*** dakovaci has joined #mer11:47
*** arcean_ has joined #mer11:49
*** arcean has quit IRC11:52
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC11:53
*** gabriel9|work has joined #mer11:53
Sagekulve: morphis, aard_: ;)11:54
morphisSage: looks similar to what we use for the gnexus:
aard_Sage: I still don't get why people don't do that kind of thing in C ;)11:56
sledgeswhy in the world after updating a rootfs partition on host PC, Pandaboard would wait for it forever and not boot: Waiting for root device /dev/mmcblk0p2... ?11:56
Sagemorphis: well that is also for nexus11:56
morphisit's a little bit less hacky than ours11:57
morphisas ours tries to implement some installation process too11:57
morphisbut thats more or less a workaround until we have time to implement something real11:57
morphisSage: is there some abstraction layer in Mer for USB gadget configuration?12:03
morphisas I am currently trying to find a solution to add an abstraction layer on top of the android USB gadget implementation12:04
*** icota has quit IRC12:04
Sagephdeswer: ^12:05
*** icota has joined #mer12:07
*** KaIRC has joined #mer12:13
*** rcg has quit IRC12:17
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*** reels_ is now known as reels13:26
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*** denexter has joined #mer13:33
*** Superpelican has joined #mer13:37
sledgesfellows, I think I just partially killed (kernel inaccessible, uboot accessible) Pandaboards SD card reader: (on #pandaboard)
CosmoHillsledges: .o/13:38
sledgeswith mer :(13:38
sledgeshave another pandaboard remaining :}13:39
CosmoHillcan't you use JTAG ports to fix it?13:39
sledgesbut what could have possibly gone wrong? the reader is half-dead lol13:40
sledgeswouldn't know what to poke from within JTAG13:40
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC13:41
*** yunta has quit IRC13:42
*** jpetrell has quit IRC13:43
*** jpetrell has joined #mer13:43
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*** andre_ is now known as andre__14:25
*** andre__ has joined #mer14:26
*** thopiekar has joined #mer14:29
sledgeshow can I start Xorg with systemd automatically (or where is it done in Mer) ?14:30
*** plundstr has left #mer14:30
sledgeswith non-root uid14:30
*** SouL_ has joined #mer14:35
*** SouL_ has left #mer14:36
*** e8johan has quit IRC14:36
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Sagesledges: check xorg-launch-helper14:51
*** PMG has quit IRC14:51
*** arcean has quit IRC14:53
SuperpelicanStskeeps:Tried latest Nemo Mobile today15:03
SuperpelicanStskeeps:But it's very sensitive to scrolling15:03
SuperpelicanStskeeps:When I want to click on something (for example to launch an app etc.)it scrolls a little bit15:04
Stskeepsn900 or n950?15:04
Stskeepsor n915:04
SuperpelicanStskeeps:Making it really hard to select something15:04
SuperpelicanStskeeps:It really spoils the experience15:05
SuperpelicanStskeeps:It looks so nice15:05
SuperpelicanStskeeps:UI good designed and Helium Reborn is really fast :D15:05
SuperpelicanStskeeps:Is this some kind of bug15:05
Stskeepsmmm, i dont have a n900 handy atm15:05
SuperpelicanStskeeps:Isn't there a fix or a config file I can tweak15:06
*** Martix_ has joined #mer15:06
SuperpelicanStskeeps:To adjust the sensibility15:06
SuperpelicanStskeeps:I saw a YT video from @nsuffys but he didn't seem to have that problem at all15:07
veskuhI think that is the issue with qt_drag_threshold being broken for a while in nemo15:07
SuperpelicanStskeeps:And old Nemo build with old UI seems to work even better15:07
SuperpelicanStskeeps:I think I'm going to try NEMO.2012-07-02.115:07
SuperpelicanStskeeps:Will all the apps and software also work on older builds?15:08
Stskeepsi think veskuh's right on the money and i'm not sure if it's fixed in nemo-n900 yet15:10
veskuhSuperpelican you might want to try modifyin QT_USE_DRAG_DISTANCE=1215:10
veskuhI'm not sure which config file has that on image15:10
Superpelicanveskuh:But where do I find it then?15:10
*** rcg has quit IRC15:12
veskuhCheck if you have /etc/sysconfig/nemo-mobile-hw15:13
Superpelicanveskuh:You just beat me ;)15:13
Superpelicanveskuh:Nemo Mobile on microSD saves changes and files, right?15:14
Superpelicanveskuh:It's not like a Linux Live USB?15:14
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC15:15
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer15:15
Superpelicanveskuh:So I should set QT_USE_DRAG_DISTANCE to 12 or change it from 12 to something else?15:15
veskuhIt could be bigger.15:16
*** himamura has joined #mer15:17
* Superpelican 's N900 is booting Nemo Mobile again15:21
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC15:21
SuperpelicanRed error screen shows up again :(15:21
SuperpelicanIt has booted15:21
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC15:22
*** Martix_ has quit IRC15:23
* Superpelican thanks Mer & Nemo team for including bash and nano in the Nemo Mobile image15:23
*** r-A has quit IRC15:24
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer15:25
Superpelicanveskuh:Is that config file you mentioned earlier supposed to be empty15:25
Superpelicanveskuh:Or did I just create a new file with Nano?15:25
*** jaine has left #mer15:26
*** ortylp has joined #mer15:27
veskuhIf it is empty just upgrading config package should create it15:27
*** r-A has joined #mer15:28
veskuhso if you had n900 zypper ref && zypper install nokia-n900-configs15:28
veskuhor other option just manually create the file15:29
Superpelicanveskuh:reboot after editing config file?15:29
Superpelicanveskuh:nemo-mobile-hw file didn't exist btw15:31
Superpelicanveskuh:so created it with nano15:31
*** jstaniek_QFridge has quit IRC15:32
Superpelicanveskuh:It worked! :D15:32
veskuhcool :)15:32
Superpelicanveskuh:Nemo works great right now15:32
Superpelicanveskuh:Should I file a bug report or something?15:32
Superpelicanveskuh:Then the fix can be added to future builds15:32
veskuhIts a known issue, and I think fix is in the next build15:33
Superpelicanveskuh:Is there already a kwown solution for settings no-scroll bug?15:35
veskuhI don't know.15:36
*** zhxt has quit IRC15:37
*** veskuh has quit IRC15:38
*** Martix_ has joined #mer15:38
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #mer15:41
*** Shaan7 has joined #mer15:42
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*** Superpelican_ has joined #mer16:02
* Superpelican thinks old Nemo UI actually shares design with Sailfish UI16:07
*** nsuffys has joined #mer16:08
Stskeepsthe original meego open handset design was done by the same guy..16:09
Stskeepsi think16:09
leinirHiring out of the community is a Good Thing(TM) :)16:11
Stskeepsah, i meant our chief designer16:11
leinirAah, so not so much "hiring" there ;)16:11
SuperpelicanStskeeps:I just booted Maemo 5 again by running "run noloboot" and now I've to configure the date etc. again (just like when I got my N900)16:14
SuperpelicanStskeeps:Is my N900 reseted?16:14
dm8tbrdate reconfig is normal if you e.g. remove the battery16:16
SuperpelicanK, just discovered everything is still as I left it16:17
*** Martix_ has joined #mer16:17
*** edgar2 has joined #mer16:18
* Superpelican 's OS keeps openening Nemo Mobile .raw images with Krita16:18
leinirlol derp ;)16:21
leinirGuess mime magic says that .raw is actually image data :)16:22
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC16:23
kulvenolo-boot sounds always a bit funny. Nolo is (also) a finnish word meaning "embarrassing"16:25
*** slaine has quit IRC16:29
sledgeshow can I make mic produce a rootfs where zypper would inherit all repos from the .ks file? now during runtime zypper lr says no repos defined16:29
SuperpelicanI've Stskeeps's uboot installed, so I can't install kernel power now anymore, right?16:29
Stskeepsalso, we should discuss nemo in #nemomobile :)16:30
vgradeWhat a nice birthday surprise, cubieboard arrived16:32
*** wanggjghost has quit IRC16:33
*** Martix_ has quit IRC16:34
Stskeepsvgrade: congratulations on your birthday :)16:35
*** Aurium has joined #mer16:35
Stskeepseven llvm 3.2 came out, maybe it has arm support, finally16:35
*** nsuffys_ has joined #mer16:35
sledgeshmm, apparently I was baking from a kickstart which reads and it worked (does it substitute it with latest ?)16:36
kulveat least with "--release latest"16:37
sledgesno, did not specify that anywhere16:38
*** nsuffys has quit IRC16:38
sledges(how in the world did mer-core got installed then? :))16:38
kulveI'm not sure if the options in start of the .ks are parsed?16:38
sledgesgot warning from mic Info: Substitute macro variable @BUILD_ID@/@ARCH in ks: ..16:38
sledgesnope, nothing relase=latest -related in .ks either %)16:39
sledgesbut I ignored that warning above. Now re-flashing SD card, will see the differences16:40
sledges(can even meld beforehand)16:40
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC16:40
*** thopiekar_ has quit IRC16:41
vgradeStskeeps: thanks, glad to know the world did not end and I missed my jelly and ice cream16:42
*** pvanhoof has joined #mer16:42
sledgesdon't say beans or sandwitch, happy holidays & birthday vgrade16:43
*** Jaded has joined #mer16:43
*** Jaded has quit IRC16:43
*** Jaded has joined #mer16:43
*** Jade has quit IRC16:44
*** yunta has quit IRC16:44
vgradesledges: cheers16:45
sledgesnope, mer-core got picked up fine with @BUILD-ID@ instead of latest either16:47
*** reels has quit IRC16:51
*** ced117_ has quit IRC16:51
*** ced117 has joined #mer16:51
*** yunta has joined #mer16:56
*** Venemo has joined #mer16:58
*** Superpelican has quit IRC16:58
Stskeepsevening Venemo17:00
CosmoHillhi Venemo17:00
CosmoHilldammit Stskeeps you beat me17:00
Stskeepswhen debugging in gdb, try to use the "-" command17:01
Stskeepsit looks like a godsend17:01
*** sledges has quit IRC17:02
*** Venemo has quit IRC17:04
*** Timur has joined #mer17:06
*** Timur has quit IRC17:07
*** dijenerate has quit IRC17:07
phdeswermorphis, sorry only saw your question now.17:07
phdeswerI just implemented an android gadget handler in usb_moded (it will need to be recompiled as an android usb_moded version though)17:08
*** yunta has quit IRC17:09
*** Martix_ has joined #mer17:10
*** ortylp has quit IRC17:11
*** beford has quit IRC17:15
*** tanty has quit IRC17:17
*** beford has joined #mer17:21
*** Martix_ has quit IRC17:26
*** Martix_ has joined #mer17:26
morphisphdeswer: thanks will have a look17:29
phdeswerYou could fork the package in obs and add --android to the ./configure and you should be fine.17:29
phdeswerIt will just seamlessly fit into nemo/mer17:30
phdeswerAnd the doc subdir has docs if you want to know more. Just have not gotten round to document a few bits.17:30
*** sledges has joined #mer17:32
*** denexter has quit IRC17:33
morphisphdeswer: ok will give it a try but I am not the Mer guy, I am coming from webOS ports :)17:33
*** Martix_ has quit IRC17:34
phdeswermorphis, however you want to use it, it will set-up networking or whatever you want for you. (well need to figure out the mass-storage export setting yet for android)17:35
phdeswerAnd it is simple c ;)17:35
*** arcean has joined #mer17:35
*** rcg has joined #mer17:37
*** sledges has quit IRC17:40
*** Superpelican has joined #mer17:41
*** yashshah has joined #mer17:45
*** rcg has quit IRC17:57
*** sledges has joined #mer17:58
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer17:59
Stskeepsevening Sfiet_Konstantin17:59
*** rcg has joined #mer17:59
Sfiet_Konstantinhello Stskeeps17:59
Sfiet_KonstantinLooking again at Qt5 vids18:00
Sfiet_Konstantinthey are awesome18:00
Stskeepsi'm trying to make llvmpipe work with wayland in 1.0.2 and mesa 9.0.1 .. such a headache18:00
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC18:00
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC18:02
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer18:02
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC18:03
Sfiet_Konstantinhum ...18:08
Sfiet_Konstantindon't seems to be simple18:08
*** plfiorini has joined #mer18:09
*** calvaris has quit IRC18:10
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*** rdqfdx has joined #mer19:40
louisdkI've tried the latest Memo i586 vm in VirtualBox. Installs and runs fine but after "zypper update" I shutdown and when I then try to boot it it hangs at the MeeGo logo.19:40
*** arcean_ has joined #mer19:44
*** andre__ has joined #mer19:47
*** andre__ has joined #mer19:47
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ArtoxGood Evening. sadly I forgot to take my notes text file with me when traveling so which are the kickstart files to start with for a new device? or rather or are they the same?21:11 :)21:11
Stskeepsand don't bother with repo.meego.com21:11
*** edgar2 has quit IRC21:15
*** arturo182 has joined #mer21:17
Artoxthx Stskeeps21:18
*** arturo182_ has joined #mer21:18
*** varikonniemi has joined #mer21:21
*** Artox has quit IRC21:21
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