Thursday, 2012-12-20

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sdqifengmorning all02:12
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Bostikmorning indeed04:26
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situMorning everyone05:45
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speciallbt: Sage: some OBS worker(s) have bad clocks again.06:39
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kulvercg: good progress you have on the packages :)06:49
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kulvethat's the patch I had for qt-mobility to be able to override the default xvimagesink selection08:06
Stskeepslooks sane08:07
Stskeepsi could take that into mer08:07
kulveStskeeps: thanks!08:07
kulveNULL is a valid parameter as a sink selection, so not having that variable is ok08:07
Stskeepsgood morning phaeron - had a good travel?08:08
phaeronnot really flights were horrible08:08
phaeronI spent most of yesterday recovering , sleeping08:08
kulveStskeeps: also feel free to select a better name for the env variable08:08
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phaeronStskeeps: how did the zypper bug happen :(08:11
Stskeepsphaeron: well, for some reason libsolv didn't get updated as well, or something08:11
Stskeepsand some people don't understand the importance of sonames08:11
phaeronStskeeps: but this didn't show up in testing  ..08:17
phaeronupgrade only case ?08:17
Stskeepsphaeron: i'm not confident this is a mer bug, fwiw, - there was a nemo repository that held back libzypp or something08:17
Stskeepsbut yeah, we need to do upgrade tests too08:17
phaeronheld back ? that sounds weird08:18
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Stskeepsnot sure what happened08:19
Stskeepsanyway, there's a tighter binding in the prerelease that came today08:20
StskeepsQA is welcome,
phaeronsaw the changelog. will try to do08:21
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Stskeepswhere was the rss url again?08:24
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StskeepsBostik: .. so, we have a 5.0.0 qtquick1 tarball that has the .qmake.conf issue?08:41
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BostikStskeeps: apparently yes :)08:42
Stskeepswell that's just jolly08:42
Bostik"not essential" seems to mean "not working" in this particular case08:43
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Stskeepswell, it was released as a tarball08:43
BostikI *do* understand that the qt5 guys wanted the release out of the door, and I really do like the fact that qtwebkit no longer hard-depends on as many modules...08:43
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Sagephaeron: there was stuff in vendor that require older libzypper and prevented libzypper update, but nothing prevented libsolv update and it go updated and broke stuff08:53
Sagethis was cause by not using repo recompiled properly against new mer stuff (maybe it didn't have time to compile or something)08:54
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rcg-worki don't know if kulve already asked this but i think that we are very close to getting a first testing rootfs tarball for pa on nexus7 ready09:35
rcg-workquestion is: is there any webspace where we can upload it?09:36
Stskeepswell, dm8tbr used to have a good service09:36
rcg-workwe also have a .ks file09:36
Stskeepsor you can ask the PA guys09:36
rcg-worki see, was wondering if we can put it on the same location as the nemo release snapshots09:36
rcg-workbut will ask the pa guys as well09:37
Stskeepswe are kinda low on disk space on :/09:37
rcg-workright, i see09:37
rcg-workwill bug the guys in #active then ;)09:37
* SpeedEvil has not been keeping up.09:37
SpeedEvil'pa' ?09:37
Stskeepsplasma active09:37
Stskeepsor pulseaudio, depending on perspective09:38
SpeedEvilI would assume the former. :-)09:38
rcg-workperspectively, would it be desirable to integrate the .ks into some autobuilder or so, e.g., for regularly generated snapshots?09:38
rcg-workStskeeps, hehe right.. too many collisions of acronyms nowdays ;)09:38
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sledgesgoo moorning10:16
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dm8tbrrcg-work: o/10:55
CosmoHilldm8tbr: \o.10:57
dm8tbrsup cosmo10:58
CosmoHillwatching a comic being drawn on livestream, yourself?10:58
dm8tbrbusy in the orkplace10:59
CosmoHillneed a little helper this xmas?10:59
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rcg-workhey dm8tbr11:07
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dm8tbrrcg-work: so, need space to host something?11:09
rcg-workwe are currently figuring out how and where to distribute the rootfs tarball11:10
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rcg-workbbl though11:12
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auri__lbt_away: how does one read the sshd logs in the VM?11:24
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dm8tbrrcg-work: I have a simple requirement. Stuff must be redistributable and minimal number closed binary bits.11:26
dm8tbreveryone is responsible of fulfilling licensing requirements (sources etc) themselves11:27
kulveas far as I can read the licensing text, it's redistributable. The "usual" bits are close source: opengl, gst video codecs, and their dependencies (and some firmware blobs). E.g. ubuntu is redistributing images for nexus 711:30
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aportaleAnyone knows how I get MerVM's sshd logs? For some reason I cannot connect via key since Yesterday (after Ubuntu update of host)11:32
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dm8tbrkulve: then it's fine11:46
dm8tbrI'll just need to know responsible people so I can give them accounts on the box for uploading images11:46
kulvedm8tbr: rcg has some options for the site, so let's see. Although the other site would be probably just for PA and Nemo images would need something else11:48
* dm8tbr doesn't descriminate ;)11:48
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koala_Hello Stskeeps12:25
koala_Are you in?12:25
yuntaphaeron: Stskeeps: I'd like to host mer-targets.json file (containing list of targets for sdk) somewhere. I tried uploading it to mer wiki, but it doesn't accept json. Any better place? Or chance to enable json uploads on wiki?12:25
phaeronsounds like best place would be top of the repos dir / url12:28
yunta ?12:29
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yuntaor somewhere in ?12:30
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yuntasounds good12:34
yuntawho has access to that place?12:35
yuntathat's better12:38
Stskeepsi'll help with it when i'm at keyboard again12:38
Stskeepskontio: sure12:39
kontioStskeeps: guess ^ was meant for yunta?12:41
Stskeepser, no12:41
Stskeepskoala_: sure12:41
kontioyeah is closer12:41
Stskeepskoala_: what's up?12:51
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francois__I know this is not a glibc channel but I ran into a problem with glibc on mips...13:57
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francois__thought somebody here might be of good advice :)13:59
Stskeepswell, is it mer mips? :P14:06
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Artoxanyone in here familiar with this error: as: unrecognized option '-EL'14:13
ArtoxHappens to me building linux-3.7 with the mersdk for armv7hl using /opt/cross/armv7hl-....14:13
Artoxdoes it maybe need a newr compiler?14:14
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lbtauri__: back now - had an appt this morning14:14
Stskeepsdo you use CROSS_COMPILE=/opt/cross/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi- ?14:14
ArtoxARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-14:15
Stskeeps, Artox14:15
StskeepsArtox: you may need /opt/cross/bin/ too?14:15
ArtoxI expreted PATH=/opt/cross/bin14:15
Stskeepsah, ok14:15
Stskeepsthat should really work14:15
Artoxalso I am not sure if it should say as: or armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-as14:16
Artoxshoulödnt it use the armv7hl as?14:16
Stskeepsi'd think so too14:16
Stskeepsso i'm wondering what goes wrong14:16
Stskeepsshow me the build log?14:16
Stskeepsand make V=1 if possible14:17
Artoxmake -C ../../linux-neil O=`pwd` ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi- V=1 -j1 uImage14:18
Artoxneed to go. will be back in ~1.5 hours14:20
Artoxforgot time14:20
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lbtyunta: yes14:48
lbttell me when would change ?14:49
lbtfeels like it's a nemo target too14:50
yuntawhenever you decide we need a new target in drop-down :)14:50
yuntaI personally think it's OK to keep some of mer-derivative targets there14:50
yuntalike nemo14:50
lbtfor now it's OK14:50
yuntaat least for opensource targets14:50
lbtI wonder if it shouldn't support a range of target providers though14:50
yuntawell, you can put a list of json files in webapp14:51
yuntait's gonna poll them all14:51
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yuntait's already there (planned)14:51
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yuntas/planned/was expected to be needed, so it got implemented/14:51
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lbtdoes it support # comments?14:53
yuntatarget.json or meta target.json ? :)14:54
yunta(meta being a list of target.json urls)14:54
yuntait's not json with comments14:58
yuntaI can make it work just for you14:58
yuntabut it's not json anymore then..14:58
yuntayou could just put that in a string as first element of the array15:00
yuntaI'll just ignore non-hash elements, or something15:00
yuntaotherwise it may be pita later if you decide you need that file in qtcreator or wherever else15:01
lbtyep - it's a tradeoff15:01
lbtI remember doing research on it and found that they were intended but people were abusing it15:01
yuntaI have too much of it, so whatever you say - goes15:02
StskeepsArtox: -marmv5t seems .. funny15:03
Stskeepscan you try armv7l- and see if it makes more sense?15:03
Stskeepsalso, don't use PATH, but use full path instead15:03
*** icota has quit IRC15:03
Stskeepslike /opt/cross/bin15:03
Stskeepsin CROSS_COMPILE=15:03
lbtyunta: permit comments in the format they are now, # as first char of a line15:04
yuntafood first though, afk15:06
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auri__lbt: ping15:37
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francois__Stskeeps: yes of course it's mer mips :-)15:42
francois__I wrote a small test program15:43
*** varikonniemi has joined #mer15:43
francois__to show what's going on15:43
*** jstaniek_QFridge has quit IRC15:43
francois__it has something to do with setjmps/longjmps...15:44
francois__to me there are 2 things wrong15:46
francois__1. in glibc: sigsetjmp() does not save the right gp15:46
*** jrayhawk_ is now known as jrayhawk15:46
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*** gabriel9|work has joined #mer15:47
francois__2. the attempt to restore gp from the stack in the caller of sigsetjmp seems not to be a good thing either15:48
francois__I get the same code in respect with 2. whether I compile my test program with/without -fPIC15:49
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*** aboyer has joined #mer15:52
lbtauri__: pong15:52
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auri__lbt: how do i read sshd logs in the vm?15:56
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SuperpelicanToday my new microSDHC card arrived! :D16:17
SuperpelicanSandisk Mobile Ultra 8GB16:17
SuperpelicanTurns out to be a Class 10 instead of Class 616:17
SuperpelicanFinally I can try out Nemo Mobile on my N90016:17
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Artoxback. Stskeeps I will check that -march and use a full path soon16:21
*** niqt has quit IRC16:23
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Artoxin fact I have no clue where this armv5t comes from (yet)16:30
Artoxapparently my command has -march=armv5t but also armv7-a16:31
*** varikonniemi has quit IRC16:32
*** Superpelican has quit IRC16:33
Artoxseems the wrong as is beeing used16:36
Artoxthe one in /usr/bin16:36
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC16:36
Artoxwhy not the one /opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-as16:36
Artoxbut then, its building scripts/mod/empty which should I suppose be built for teh host16:39
Artoxand then it uses the right as but the wrong switch16:39
Artoxsince the one does not know big/little endian16:39
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ArtoxI really cant solve it :| apparently many people have this issue every now and then but noone on the internet seems to solve it/understand it. The wrong AS is used but why17:26
*** fcorrea has joined #mer17:36
ArtoxI used a different toolchain outside the mersdk chroot17:37
Artoxand same kernel tree builds17:37
Stskeepscheck eglibc for improvements in this area17:38
Stskeepserr.. nm17:38
ArtoxI may try another toolchain by angstrom project inside the mer chroot17:43
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Artoxis there no /bin/init in Mer?18:59
Artoxlooks like its using systemd19:00
ali1234it does use systemd - that was inherited from meego19:01
Artoxwell, my kernel doesnt boot at all so that is not the issue19:01
Artoxstill a bootloader issue19:01
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kulvehmm.. Can't I see any packages in b.m.o unless logged in?20:44
*** thetet has joined #mer20:45
Stskeepswe should probably fix that default20:46
yuntalbt: added more commits to pr @ github mer-tools/sdk-webapp20:48
*** ortylp has joined #mer20:51
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Artoxyay, kernel booted :)20:59
Artoxso Mer wnats some special kernel features20:59
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:00
Stskeepsyes, did you find our config checker yet?21:00
ArtoxI havbe no clue on anything about Mer21:00
Artoxjust compiled a 3.7.0 kernel for my device21:00
Artoxand amde it boot21:01
lbtyunta: ty - wife's birthday too today so not doing much :)21:01
kulvethere's a list of needed features at the end21:01
Artoxthank you :)21:01
yuntalbt: cool, have fun, congrats to your wife21:01
Stskeepslbt: say congrats to denise from me and bogna21:02
lbtty both - I will21:02
*** edgar2 has joined #mer21:04
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Artoxand I wondered where to find how the n900 PVR modules are generated(the source and version) and where the GLES binaries are taken from21:14
ArtoxI do have a version of both things on my pc but no clue if its the right one yet21:14
Stskeepsdon't bother with those, instead, have a chat with Sage on how to use your own 3d libraries21:15
Stskeepsthey're really screwed in terms of what kernel features are needed, so21:15
Stskeepsit stems from an internal nokia build, so21:15
Artoxso I will try with my graphcis SDK by TI21:15
Artoxjust thought it may be easier because apparently n900 uses a very equal gpu21:16
*** jayrulez has quit IRC21:16
Stskeepsyou're on the gta04 btw?21:17
*** jabis has quit IRC21:23
*** jabis has joined #mer21:23
Artoxso it booted till "Reached target Graphical Interface"21:25
Stskeepswhat .ks are you using?21:25
ArtoxI was using nemomobile21:26
Stskeepswhen making new hardware adaptation: always start from mer core, get up to xorg working, and mer-gfx-tests 's glestests working21:26
Stskeepsit simplifies matters a lot21:26
Artoxthen where would I find an image for that?21:27
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer21:27
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer21:27
Artoxor a .ks21:27
Artoxthough nolw going to try to get powervr modules21:27
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Artoxwell, will do so21:29
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