Wednesday, 2012-12-19

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situMorning all05:30
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Superpelican_Stskeeps: How's Nemo Mobile batterylife when compared to Maemo 5?06:24
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StskeepsSuperpelican_: maemo5's a product, nemo is a community driven project06:50
Stskeepsmaemo5 obviously had more testing into it, so it's probably better06:50
kulvenowdays one big thing influencing the battery life is activity. If your apps are completely idle, the cpu sleeps and the overall consumption is really low. But if there's multiple applications doing something even once per minute, the overall consumption is significantly higher06:53
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ka6soxkulve, why significantly higher? sleepd should put it back in a low power mode quickly after that 1x/minute event07:28
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kulvenot quickly enough07:31
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Bostikmorning guys09:23
Stskeepsmorn bostik09:23
Bostiktry to make one short trip to town and it still takes 2h...09:27
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ShadowJKIt's all about the total number of wakeups :)09:37
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ShadowJKOn N900+Maemo5: "while true; do sleep 5 ; done" (sleep 5s, do nothing, repeat) uses about 3 times more power than idle :)09:39
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ShadowJKOne thing waking up once a minute isn't a big impact, but if there are several things waking up, it starts adding up :)09:41
kulveI would guess that it's same on all platforms. Just on some platforms with limited multitasking it's easier to limit the wakeups because there's not so many 3rd party apps running in the background09:41
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ShadowJKI suspect maemo5 is better than others at this, because it was designed to not limit multitasking09:42
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rcg-workmorning all09:53
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rcg-workSage, could you also have a look at:
rcg-worki need this as dependency for the upcoming qtodo version10:01
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Sagercg-work: sure10:07
Sageseems ok now accepted10:08
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rcg-workSage, thanks :)10:08
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yuntalbt: ping10:29
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lbtyunta: pong10:34
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niqt_hi rcg10:42
rcg-workhey niqt_10:44
rcg-workmorning sledges10:44
niqt_rcg are you developing with mer-qtcreator?10:49
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rcg-workniqt_, nope11:00
rcg-workam currently messing with nexus7 moslo and pa on n711:00
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kysseMESS WITH IT.11:03
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BostikStskeeps: one thing picked up from qt-releasing which might be interesting for you - qtquick1 is not part of -rcX; hence, no guarantees when it'll get updated to work with essential modules11:10
Stskeepsyeah, figured as much11:10
kulveSage: I created the packages to :devel and not to :stable. I guess that was a mistake?11:11
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Sagekulve: use :devel only for now11:12
kulveok, then I did the right thing :)11:12
Sageyes :)11:12
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kulveis there some automatic way of adding those package groups to repos from patterns.xml? I.e. some specifically named components or do I need to run manually "osc meta pattern" for each repo?12:05
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Sagekulve: there is automatic way to do that yes.12:20
Sagekulve: for example is for n95012:21
Sageit is packaged and then the package is put to the repository and boss automatically does the patterns12:21
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sivangdiscussion welcome,
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kulveSage: thanks12:25
situStskeeps: Congrats, so you're now a chief engineer.12:25
Stskeepssitu: thanks12:26
CosmoHillStskeeps: congrats12:26
Bostikputting the 'pro' back in 'propellerhead'?12:26
Bostikand that was NOT an insult12:27
sivangcongrets, but you were already cheif architect right?12:27
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Stskeepsi'm project architect in mer, but at jolla i was just an engineer12:27
Stskeepsnow i'm chief research engineer, or something12:28
* sivang bows and causes a Jolla tide for Stskeeps 12:28
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Sagekulve: that git tree is using tag_git script for packaging12:29
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Bostikthe things we do... /tmp/gold/ld: fatal error: mmap: failed to allocate 585291404 bytes for output file: Cannot allocate memory12:55
Stskeepshow about we just ditch the debug symbols?12:55
* Bostik finds a bigger pen12:56
BostikStskeeps: we already do :)12:56
Bostikthat is without debug symbols, with symbol filter, and with gold12:56
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Bostiklet's see if I can drop all the fancy stuff out (again)13:00
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sivanghas anybody done work already on supporting the HTML5/JS developer story in Qt Creator btw?13:09
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rozhkov_Sage: is it possible to get debugsymbols for connman packaged?13:20
Stskeeps /etc/zypp/repos.d13:21
Stskeepsenable the debug repo in mer-core.repo13:21
Stskeepszypper ref13:21
rozhkov_Stskeeps: thanks!13:21
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aportaleAnyone who had this issue with the SDK Control Center?
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bfederau_Sorry for asking again. I need some help setting up a local Mer OBS. I don't find any error message in the OBS log files, but the spinner of the build result box in the project is permantently running and I get no results. I have no idea where to look to solve this issue.13:47
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Stskeepsbfederau_: check backend logs?13:48
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bfederau_Stskeeps: yeah. one othe last entris look like "POST localhost:5352/search/request?match=%  ....... 200"13:50
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Stskeepsbfederau_: is anything listneing on localhost 5352?13:50
bfederau_Stskeeps: netstat says: tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN13:51
bfederau_Stskeeps: and I thought that the number 200 in the log means HTTP code 200 for everything ok13:53
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[ol]Stskeeps: Something's strange is happening with MAKEDEV package. I'm unable to git clote its repo.14:09
[ol]git clone ssh://
[ol]Cloning into 'MAKEDEV'...14:10
[ol]fatal: '/mer-core/MAKEDEV': not a Gerrit project14:10
[ol]fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly14:10
[ol]I was thinking that it was removed, but no, it's here:;a=summary14:10
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Sageisn't MAKEDEV obsoleted?14:21
[ol]Sage: May be it is, but udev requires it.14:22
[ol]Should I remove this requirement from udev's spec file?14:23
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Sage[ol]: udev was merged to systemd and those shouldn't depend it anymore14:25
*** Superpelican_ has joined #mer14:25
[ol]Sage: Do you mean, we don't need udev package anymore?14:26
CosmoHillsage, have you heard about eudev?14:27
Stskeeps[ol]: /me looks14:30
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Stskeeps[ol]: uhhh..14:32
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Stskeeps[ol]: that works for me. let me look at permissions14:39
Sage[ol]: yes we have udev package but it is provided by systemd14:40
Sage[ol]: see;a=summary14:40
SageStskeeps: we should really start marking packages obsoleted and remove the content from the git trees and adding obsoleted info file or something14:41
Stskeeps[ol]: try now?14:42
SageI think there is alrady ~10 not used packages in that gitweb14:42
[ol]Are you sure that udev is obsolete? I see udev package in Fedora.14:42
Stskeeps[ol]: udev binary package, not source package14:42
[ol]And it was built from udev SRPM, not systemd.14:42
Sage[ol]: what version? see
[ol]Stskeeps: Now cloning MAKEDEV works.14:43
Stskeeps[ol]: ok, i messed up permissions - sorry about that14:43
Stskeepsand thanks for noticing14:43
vgrade_Qt5.0 FINAL14:43
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[ol]Should we switch to Qt5?14:45
Stskeepswe provide qt4 and qt5 side by side14:45
[ol]Is Qt5 source compatible to Qt4?14:46
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[ol]That's great! This means that there's no need to keep Qt4 for compatibility.14:47
Stskeepswell, in practice you do14:48
[ol]There's still qt3 package in Fedora. And some packages still depend on it...14:48
Stskeepssome will want to still build qt4-mer products, so14:49
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[ol]Uh oh... "udev < 184 is obsoleted by (installed) systemd-187-1.x86_64"14:56
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[ol]Stskeeps: I have all packages from the list you provided built successfully.14:58
Stskeepscongratulations :)14:58
Stskeepslet's start with patches to gerrit and get those in, then i can load in them to a obs and kickstart the build14:59
vgrade_looks like qtwebkit has been split up into qtwebkit1/215:00
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vgrade_ignore me, its still one lump15:04
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Stskeepsi think it might make sense, if possible, to build them independently..15:05
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Bostikvgrade_: webkit2 is the split-process plugin system, but the Qt part has indeed been split into "just core" and "UI parts"15:33
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Bostikdom/Document.h and webkit2<->fullscreen-api stuff again15:37
BostikI should have most of tomorrow free for looking into that finally with proper thought15:38
Bostikthat jungle of multiple build-system configs and indirections needs more than a machete15:38
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Stskeeps /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lQtCLucene15:40
Stskeepsah, nm15:40
Stskeepspatch issue15:40
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rcgSage, on b.m.o you have busybox in the nemo:devel:hw:n950-n9 project19:00
rcghowever, we also use it for the nexus7 moslo19:00
Sageyes, well it is because of moslo requirement19:00
rcgwould a nemo:devel:hw:common project make sense?19:01
Sagewell, there isn't much things like that really. busybox is something that should go to mer core19:01
rcgso i will upload a busybox into the n7 hw adaptation for now19:01
Sagejust needs quite a lot of packaging and conditions in place.19:02
*** lpotter-home has joined #mer19:02
rcgonce there is a busybox in mer core i would check if the n7 moslo also works with this one and delete the n7 specific package then19:02
rcgdoes this make sense to you?19:02
Sagesame thing with n95019:03
Sagealso the mtev xorg driver just went to mer core so we can drop that soon from those projects as well19:03
*** lpotter has quit IRC19:04
rcgah, nice19:04
*** lpotter-home is now known as lpotter19:04
rcgwrt kexec stuff, we use some special patches to enable kexec hardboot19:04
Sagethere has been quite a lot of temporary solutions but while the adaptation amount increases we get better in this19:04
*** terietor has joined #mer19:05
rcgbasically i want to reduce unneeded duplication and wanted to give a heads up so that you are aware of this19:05
*** shmerl has quit IRC19:06
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Sagedoing a :hw:common would be very hard to handle in general. hw adaptations seem to have < 20 packages in them and some of these are binary blobs that require certain versions of certain libs etc.19:07
Sagefor example for n9xx-common there is libnl1 because of binary file requirement19:07
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rcgalright, makes sense19:09
*** furikku has quit IRC19:11
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Stskeepsevening shmerl19:21
shmerlHi Stskeeps. Was lbt around?19:21
*** icota has joined #mer19:23
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*** ka6sox-away is now known as ka6sox19:45
lbtshmerl: hey19:46
shmerllbt: Hi. I tested that RPM (for base SDK, i486).19:46
shmerlThe target though can't be updated.19:46
shmerlSince RPM itself doesn't work with that bug19:46
shmerlEven manually and after rebuidling RPM db.19:47
lbt553 ?19:47
shmerlI guess I can update the files purely by hand19:47
shmerlBut #65419:47
shmerl*Bug #65419:48
MerbotMer bug 654 in zypper "zypper: double free or corruption Aborted" [Major,Resolved: fixed]
lbthmm - I had the same bug and rpm worked19:49
shmerlfor the target?19:49
lbtok - so maybe rm -f /var/lib/rpm/_db*19:49
lbtalso - is this on device?19:50
lbtI got the problem on my 95019:50
shmerlI.e. sb2 -m sdk-install -R rpm -Uhv ...19:50
shmerlNo, it's in the chroot SDK19:50
lbtright - I saw the n900 in the text19:51
shmerlThat's for Nemo/N950 target under chroot.19:51
rcgwhat's the api url for b.m.o?19:52
Stskeepslbt: btw, whenever you're ready, a prerelease would b e nice19:52
lbtStskeeps: ok19:52
rcgi can't seem to find it19:52
shmerlBut the base was udpated first: libsolv-tools libsolv0 libudev systemd systemd-sysv19:52
rcglbt, thanks19:52
lbtshmerl: OK - so the bug's confusing - it doesn't mention sb219:53
shmerlWell, the one I filed - does.19:53
shmerlbug #65519:53
MerbotMer bug 655 in SDK "zypper refresh through sb2 fails with segfault for Nemo target" [Normal,Assigned]
shmerlThey seem to coinsided.19:54
lbtok - no, it wasn't a dupe of 654 :)19:54
shmerlOK :)19:54
*** melonipoika has joined #mer19:55
lbtok - so maybe rm -f /srv/mer/targets/XXXXX/var/lib/rpm/_db*19:55
lbtor sb2 -m sdk-install -R rm -f /var/lib/rpm/_db*19:56
lbtthen rebuilddb19:56
shmerlOK, I'll try that (a bit later).19:56
lbtI think we're going to have a general problem with the SDK moving from x86 __db* to native ones19:57
*** rcg has quit IRC19:58
lbtStskeeps: target date?20:02
lbtwhat's planned to go in it?20:03
lbtand pre-release or snapshot?20:03
*** rcg has joined #mer20:03
Stskeepswill you be around on 24/12? ;)20:04
Stskeepsk, well, let's make it then then20:05
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer20:15
lbtoff it goes20:15
*** Aurium has quit IRC20:21
*** yashshah_ has quit IRC20:23
Stskeepsthank you20:34
Sagelbt: we need to fix zypper libzypp libsolv chain a bit more imo20:39
Sagelbt: adding explicit requirements "Requires: x = version_of_x" to zypper -> libzypp -> libsolv20:39
lbtOK - why?20:40
Sagethat would make sure in the future that each one of those is build against each other and this would not happen20:40
Sagethere was somekind of abi break apparently that broke when people got updates for only part of that chain20:41
lbtfrom what I recall from yesterday, the chain looked well specified now20:42
Sagewell, one can update libsolv alone atm.20:44
lbtno, libsolv and -tools must match now20:44
Sageyes. well I meant those two20:44
Sagei.e., take old image and you can do rpm -Uvh libsolv0 libsolv-tools20:44
lbtand must be Requires:       libsolv-tools >= 0.1.0 for libzypp20:44
Sagethat doesn't prevent updating libsolv and breaking libzypp with that20:45
lbtwell, technically I suppose we should do Requires:       libsolv-tools >= 0.1.0, libsolv-tools < 0.2.0 for libzypp20:46
lbtbut rpm isn't as good as ruby ;)20:46
lbtI also don't see an explicit zypper depenendcy on libzypp - is that autprov ?20:47
Sageyes that is20:47
Sagebut for libsolv there isn't such thing which was the cause of the break20:48
lbtno, it goes via -tools20:48
lbtso in theory there isn't actually an abi - not if it uses -tools ?20:48
SageI think you are missing my point :)20:49
lbtcould be20:49
Stskeepseither way, libsolv should have upped their soname if they upped api20:49
Stskeepser, abi20:49
lbtdo zypp and solv both assume a binary format and not use shared code?20:50
Sageyes, that too. But I was saying that we could prevent it anyway with explicit ver dependencies20:50
Stskeepsmight make sense to tighten it, yes20:50
Sagelibsolv, libzypp and zypper are anyway very tight to each other.20:50
lbtso tighter than   Requires:       libsolv-tools >= 0.1.020:51
SageThe problem we had now was that vendors used stuff that wasn't build against the same core. Thus there was dependnecy from package X to libzypp version x.y. Which prevented libzypp update but libsolv got upated fine as there wasn't anything preventing that20:51
Sagelbt: you still miss the point here :)20:51
Sagelbt: if it is >= you can always install newer libsolv* that might break stuff without anyone complaining20:52
lbtyou can also install a bug-fixed libsolv without having to redo zypper20:52
SageThus I would suggest using %define libsolv-version %{expand:%(rpm -q --qf '[%%{version}]' libsolv0)}20:53
Sageand then using that as requirement.20:53
lbtso you're re-inventing soname as an rpm macro?20:53
Sagewell, I'm just saying that zypper is one of the components that should never break in updates as it gets the updates.20:54
Stskeepslbt: nah, a tighter binding20:55
Stskeepslbt: can be anything20:55
Stskeepspackage = %{libsolv-version}  is "it needs to be this binary"20:55
lbtI guess if it's a special case for a sensitive package20:55
*** lizardo_ has quit IRC20:55
Sagealso I only saying %{version} there which still allows rebuilds to be installed as it doesn't do -%{release} though not sure if that should be there as well20:56
Sagelbt: yes, this is a bit special case imo.20:56
*** notmart has quit IRC20:57
lbtand this is libzypp -> libsolv20:59
*** Eliel has quit IRC20:59
_ThomasDoes anyone here have an idea if QT5 has a rendering backend for OpenGLES2?  If all I want is one app running on my device, I don't see X11 as a good option?21:08
*** Grimmer has quit IRC21:08
Sageyes, zypper -> libzypp works as they change so on each version /usr/lib/ is 12.2.021:08
*** melonipoika has quit IRC21:12
*** Grimmer has joined #mer21:13
*** yunta has joined #mer21:19
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:23
*** erbo has quit IRC21:24
vgrade_Thomas: sure does, look at eglfs. match with framebuffer gles/egl drivers21:25
vgrade_Thomas: also we have qtwayland running on eglfs on Pi21:26
*** jpetersen_ has joined #mer21:28
vgrade_Thomas: also project is designed for that usecase21:31
*** Aristide has quit IRC21:32
*** Aristide has joined #mer21:32
*** jpetersen has quit IRC21:32
*** lpotter has quit IRC21:32
shmerlvgrade: Do you think Nvidia will start supporting Wayland for Tegra too?21:33
*** lpotter has joined #mer21:35
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC21:36
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer21:41
_Thomasvgrade: Someone should do that our dongle ;)21:41
Stskeepsmali used to have a wayland compositor at st-e i thinjk21:42
_ThomasStskeeps: I heard about it too, but I don't know the state21:43
Stskeepsyeah, this was ages ago21:44
_ThomasStskeeps: I talked to the guy that wrote it at Linaro Connect21:44
*** aboyer has joined #mer21:44
_ThomasWe chatted about it briefly while talking about a different topic21:44
Stskeepsanyway.. it should be possible to do with mali sources, not exactly rocket science with hwmem/ump/etc21:45
_ThomasNo, but is it better to do qtwayland than qteglfs / directfb?21:46
Stskeepswell, for one app it doesn't matter21:48
Stskeepsfor multiple, it atters21:48
*** disco_stu has joined #mer21:48
Stskeepseglfs basically means "put this on framebuffer", ish :P21:49
Stskeepsfullscreen egl, etc21:49
_ThomasEGLFS means EGL FullScreen, I found out21:49
*** tanty has quit IRC21:49
_ThomasBut they combine EGLFS and DirectFB also?21:49
Stskeepsyou can, but i've never used that personally21:49
_ThomasSo basically, if you want more than one app, and don't care about x11, qtwayland is the better route?21:50
_ThomasIs wayland mature enough?21:50
Stskeepsyes, if you can get proper wayland support for your gfx stack, it's better to go that way21:50
Stskeepsi mean, you don't need a full KDE on there.. :P21:51
_ThomasI take it that qtwebkit and all the other bells and whistles of Qt works on any backend?21:51
Stskeepsi can't speak for qtwebkit as it's a monster, but yeah, that's the idea21:51
StskeepsQPA in qt abstracts it out nicely21:52
*** Eismann has joined #mer21:54
shmerlwayland is considered to have a stable release now, so they are making 1.0.x releases.21:56
*** icota has quit IRC21:58
shmerlIf you use wayland you can get all their potential future addons with it. (Like network transparency for example). Otherwise - you are on your own.21:58
*** zenvoid has quit IRC22:00
*** niqt has joined #mer22:00
*** Aristide has quit IRC22:00
_Thomasshmerl: Wayland is considered to have a stable protocol22:02
_Thomasshmerl: That is why they are making 1.x releases22:02
shmerlRight, they are still going to add features.22:02
Stskeepsdoesn't take much for the actual buffer sharing anyway22:03
Stskeepsone of my implementations is <300 lines of code, when using gralloc and android native handles22:03
shmerlHere is an interesting example:
*** hasselmm_ has quit IRC22:09
[ol]Do you guys know, is there any macro in Mer rpm to check whether the package is built in Mer? (Like %{fedora} on Fedora, %{rhel) on Red Hat, %{suse_version} on SUSE.)22:15
*** mvogt has joined #mer22:15
*** rubdos has quit IRC22:17
*** Morpog has joined #mer22:17
*** blam_ has quit IRC22:18
*** cxl000 has quit IRC22:19
*** zalan has quit IRC22:20
_ThomasWayland + Weston seems really cool :)22:22
Stskeepsyou should see qml compositor then..22:23
Stskeepsdid you see the wolfenstein compositor?22:23
_Thomasno? :)22:23
_Thomascool :)22:26
_ThomasBut I guess you need to recompile all apps to run on top of wayland, right? :)22:26
_ThomasAnd maybe rewrite?22:26
Stskeepswell, if they're qt5 already, then no22:27
Stskeepsit's abstracted in qpa22:27
Stskeepsyou normally attack the problem at toolkit side22:27
Stskeepsgtk, qt, etc22:27
_Thomasand I guess qt is the one that is most mature?22:27
Stskeepsit depends on definition but it's okay well along22:28
Stskeepsi think the gtk guys also did a pretty good job but ubuntu doesn't seem to want to enable it in their packages22:28
Stskeeps.. if you trust phoronix22:28
shmerlWolf compositor, lol :)22:29
*** himamura has quit IRC22:29
_ThomasSo, the ideal would be if there was a distribution for ARM-based platforms that had all this22:30
Stskeepsyeah, well, mer comes with wayland oob22:32
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC22:32
Stskeepssoon final qt5 too22:32
_Thomasis there an howto somewhere on how to build qt5 from scratch?  I tried searching on the wiki for qt, but didn't find any22:33
_Thomas(I was hoping for x-compiling)22:33
Stskeepslook at guides for rpi maybe22:34
shmerlStskeeps: Since qt5 just went stable, do you think Jolla will be able to be base Sailfish on it out the box too, or only in subsequent releases?22:36
shmerlLooks a bit tight. But qt5 and qt4 will be able to coexist? So even if it'll be based on qt4, one could pull qt5 from Mer repo, and use it there?22:40
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC22:41
*** nizou has quit IRC22:42
shmerlThat's good.22:44
*** dakovaci has joined #mer22:45
*** blam_ has joined #mer22:48
SpeedEvilStskeeps: cool! (wolf3d)22:52
*** niqt has quit IRC23:01
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer23:04
*** jayrulez has joined #mer23:05
*** icota has joined #mer23:11
*** dakovaci has quit IRC23:15
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*** spangles has joined #mer23:23
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*** fcorrea has joined #mer23:42
*** fcorrea has joined #mer23:43
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*** chriadam|away is now known as chriadam23:52
CosmoHillnight night23:56
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC23:56

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