Tuesday, 2012-12-18

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situMorning everyone05:12
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kulvecommenting here again:08:34
kulvecobs has 7 visible workers in the status monitor page, b.m.o only 308:35
kulvejust wondering how well b.m.o can run if people start moving projects from ex-cobs to b.m.o08:35
Stskeepswe can scale, also, these are tmpfs workers08:35
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Stskeepsplus we don't do harmattan builds08:36
kulveand maybe the worker hw is newer..08:36
kulveI could start using those, if there's consensus on the HA project naming..08:36
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kulvehw:stable/devel:<hw name>?09:11
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rcg-workis there any reliable information on the future of meego cobs?09:38
rcg-worki mean, should we make even more backups than we already have?09:38
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Stskeepsyes, always make backups09:40
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samposb.m.o ? /me hasn't been following too closely lately..09:42
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samposthanx. tried w/o the project :)09:43
rcg-workah, sweet, wasn't aware of this09:44
rcg-workdoes it make sense to start migrating over to this?09:44
kulvenot before somebody makes a decision about the nemo prefix ;)09:45
rcg-workor should we wait for an official announcement?09:45
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Stskeepskulve: btw, did you ever get video rendering going on the r-pi?10:05
kulveno, didn't try even..10:07
kulvenot with gst that is. With omx directly it should work10:08
Nicd-7w 1510:08
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* CosmoHill yawns10:14
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kulveStskeeps: any comments on the HA naming? Or who could kind of make the decision on that?10:19
StskeepsSage would probably be the one, i don't see any big problems in just having a hw:* tree10:19
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Stskeepsjolla guys had xmas party yesterday so he might not be around :P10:20
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kulveStskeeps: by "hw:*" do you mean "hw:stable:*" or "stable:hw:*"?10:21
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Stskeepsso, just so you understand the logic behind those: the idea is that the OBS also supports a nice continous integration system10:23
Stskeepsso packages move from devel: -> testing: -> stable10:23
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Stskeepsso i guess it could either be hw:foo:devel/testing/stable10:25
kulvemakes sense to me. Just wondering why then the current projects in b.m.o are devel/testing/stable:hw:foo order (which has changed from b.p.m.c :)10:26
Stskeepsi wouldn't be able to tell you :)10:26
Stskeeps(as in, i don't actually know the reasoning)10:27
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kulveStskeeps: is it possible to give permissions to create subprojects? I.e. I would like to get hw:foo and be able to create hw:foo:devel/stable and hw:foo:bar:devel/stable10:28
Stskeepsyes, i'd think so10:28
Stskeepsjust like in raspberry pi adaptation you guys have rights to do subprojects too10:28
kulveah, so it seems. Great10:29
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SageStskeeps: kulve: hw:* tree?10:37
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lbtSage: for collaborative/shared areas it kinda feels like things should not live under nemo:*10:39
lbtand I think some hw/HA stuff falls under that - as does some of the middleware.10:40
lbtI tend to agree but I'm also worried about making undue work10:40
Sagelbt: well, I can agee with that. However the things is that mainly I fear that if we just give hw:* and mw:* names things might get a bit out of control and nomans land.10:41
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lbtyes, indeed - they need a maintainer team10:42
Sagemeaning then there it isn't implicitly clear who is the responsible of the things in the end but seems more like random repo.10:42
StskeepsSage: for hw adaptations that build against mer, seperate hw:* makes sense?10:42
Stskeepsfor mw:* we don't10:42
Sagewell, nemo:hw:* are building against nemo:mw10:42
* lbt notes that both PA and Sailfish share the nemo MW area10:42
Sagethis is because there are middleware components that need hw adaptation that aren't in mer.10:43
lbt(...some of the...)10:43
lbtSage: yep10:43
kulvebut the hw adaptations shouldn't need packages from the "upper layers"?10:43
CosmoHillhi lbt, i think my new site will be in jekyll10:43
lbtkulve: layering is never precise10:43
Stskeepskulve: sometimes it does though.. like, middleware providing adaptation interfaces10:44
Sagekulve: apps and UX is easy to separate, but mw is a bit of grey area10:44
kulvewell, give me Tegra3 with any prefix and I'll be happy with it :)10:44
Stskeepscan it be tegra3?10:45
Stskeepswe try to kill uppercase10:45
Sageno uppercase latters please :)10:45
Sageerr.. letters10:45
kulveI like lower case letters too, so that's fine10:45
rcg-workbtw. for nemo-compatibility on pa i use a little bit patched version of qt-components that is specific to pa.. i guess that falls in that gray area as well :)10:45
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Sagelbt, Stskeeps: There are some things in nemo:ux that needs to move to :mw, also some things in :mw that needs to move to adaptatoins after we go to new structure where adaptations build against the mw10:46
StskeepsSage: mm10:46
Sagepersonally I don't like to call anything just hw:* or mw:* in obs.10:47
StskeepsSage: either way: can kulve get a tegra3 hw adaptation area under nemo?10:47
Sagein project wise that is, then people don't know where it belongs and where to file bugs etc.10:47
SageStskeeps: sure10:47
Stskeepsok, please make it so then10:47
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Sagekulve: do you have adaptation already somewhere so I could have a look of the packages? Just pondering if those are device or chip specifi10:48
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kulveSage: I was planning to create tegra3-common under tegra3 that would include the tegra3 stuff and then separate product based projects10:49
kulvebut I would like to here what's the good approach here10:49
kulveI do have the packages in my hidden project but I'm going to rename then anyway10:50
Sagekulve: I would say that we can first do tegra3-common project and later when there is more than one device adaptation see what should be split to device specific repo10:50
SageHere I'm assuming that you talk about nexus 7 :)10:50
kulvethat's the one yes. I haven't really decided if I should add the reference board as well..10:51
rcg-workgenerally, how would plasma active integrate into this structure?10:51
* lbt wonders about a shared: base project10:51
rcg-worklbt, same :)10:51
SagePersonally I would like to see an owner in the project clearly10:52
kulvercg-work: I think there's nothing to integrate. Both are build against mer core/nemo and they don't need to be aware of each other?10:52
lbtSage: yes, but this isn't a technical issue, it's a social/welcoming issue10:52
lbtI simply don't want people to think that nemo:hw belongs to nemo if it's really supposed to be shared:hw:10:53
rcg-workkulve, yeah, i meant this in an even more general way.. like how does pa integrate into b.m.o10:53
Stskeepswe should just document it somewhere10:53
lbtand yet I completely agree that if there is no ownership then it's a PITA10:53
rcg-workpersonally, i would favor also general hw:foo packages10:53
rcg-workfrom which then the platform specific (if any) projects are derived10:53
rcg-workif no platform specific changes are necessary then one could just use hw:foo10:54
rcg-workif platform specific changes are necessary the stuff from hw:foo could be forked into pa:hw:foo, nemo:hw:foo, etc.10:54
* Sage recalls the talks long time ago that nemo/meego ce etc. could contain more than on UI10:55
lbt*cough*    'surrounds'10:55
Sageall nice names, but still ownership is missing.10:56
lbtI'm not sure that's the case10:56
kulvemerproject.org would own the hw: -level and for hw:foo there would be more detailed owners10:57
rcg-workotoh, another option could be to have all stuff in nemo:foo and pa could fork off from there... but i am not sure if that's cleaner10:57
Sagercg-work: there should be need for forking10:57
kulveSage: +no?10:57
rcg-workSage, i assume you mean "shouldn't"?10:57
Sageerr... shouldn't yes :)10:58
* Sage is a bit tired from the christmas party last night :)10:58
rcg-workSage,  right.. but some things may take a little longer to be pushed further upstream10:58
rcg-workSage, np :D10:58
*** edgar2 has quit IRC10:58
rcg-workit's a good sign that you had a fun christmas party :)10:59
rcg-workand in rare cases some things may actually need platform specific modifications10:59
rcg-worki mean very much really works very nicely out of the box across, e.g., pa and nemo11:00
Sageanother thing is that if we do separate mw:* and separete hw:* will those then be published as separate projects as well. each of them would have their own releases etc.?11:00
rcg-workbut, e.g., the nemo-compatibility stuff i did for pa requires some tiny tweaks to qt-components11:00
kulvercg-work: hopefully those platform specific mods can be done in the HA properly11:00
Sagercg-work: where do you have those tweaks? Maybe someone in the nemo community could help to merge those to qt-components so that it would work for both11:01
Sagethere shouldn't be anything hw specific in qt-components11:01
kulveSage: there are. Like xvimagesink11:01
Sagekulve: well, I said _shouldn't_ be ;)11:01
kulveit's hardcoded there and for tegra I need to use nvxvimagesink.. That's why I have a small patch allowing to overwrite that from env variable11:02
rcg-workkulve, ideally yes11:02
rcg-workSage, just a sec.. i can give you a link to the patch11:03
Sagekulve: ok, well that is exactly the things that would need upstreaming to qt-components in nemo, not forking in other places11:03
Stskeepsnvxvimagesink is qt mobility right?11:03
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rcg-workSage, ^11:04
rcg-workthat's a pretty crude hack to make nemo apps play nicely with pa's desktop11:05
Sagew00t: ^11:05
*** rferrazz has quit IRC11:07
rcg-workkulve, am i right that the kernel command line for pa and nemo also differs?11:09
rcg-workah, no, it's the xorg.conf.d stuff?11:09
rcg-worki'm talking about the rotation thing11:10
Sagercg-work: that isn't a problem it can be merged to nemo easy without bigger problems. Main thing is just that pa should talk about these needs to nemo people instead of suffering and making forks11:11
kulvercg-work: I think we should probably use the same rotation for both, i.e. landscape11:11
*** zhxt has joined #mer11:12
kulveSage: maybe the n7 helps as we can hopefully run both nicely on the same device, with the same HA11:12
rcg-workSage, right, that's why we are talking :)11:12
rcg-workkulve, running both would be really great :D11:13
kulvercg-work: well, I've already run them both on n711:13
rcg-workSage, it's just that for quick testing and development forking is so much easier.. but maybe we also need to improve our communication11:14
rcg-workkulve, :)11:14
*** zalan has joined #mer11:14
rcg-workSage, but i think as long as we keep talking with each other we are fine?11:14
lbtSage: rcg-work: you mentioned making 'releases' of hw:* .... well, changes there should be QA'ed against all sharing parties - so yes, there should be some kind of process to review, accept and publish a change11:15
kulvercg-work: surely you need to fork while testing but after you have found a hack/fix/workaround, that should be communicated onwards11:15
rcg-workbtw. that nemo-compatibility stuff is still a side project of mine and never made it into something official yet11:15
lbtOTOH, PA and Nemo should probably copy/publish a fixed copy of hw:* when they do a release11:15
rcg-workkulve, agreed11:16
rcg-worklbt, yeah, i think a fixed "snapshot" of an hw adaptation would make sense11:16
lbtrcg-work: I have a script I use to make 'releases' of Mer:Tools (ie the SDK)11:17
kulveI asked about making "releases" earlier but I guess obs doesn't support that in a convenient way11:17
lbtit's based on the one used to make Mer:Core releases11:17
Sagercg-work: communication would be the key here we would have been happy to accept submission to nemo if there would have been those.11:17
rcg-workbtw. while talking about communicating things: Sage do you recall the usb-modeswitch stuff?11:17
Sagercg-work: yes I recall and we didn't conclude the stuff then yet sry about that.11:18
*** dakovaci has quit IRC11:18
Sagercg-work: you should have pinged me every day passed by or so ;)11:18
rcg-workSage, np, just recalled that this was still somewhat open...11:18
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC11:19
rcg-workSage, ;)11:19
rcg-workoh, and i now saw your remark about the .dsc file for qmlcanvas11:19
Sageyou didn't get e-mail about that?11:20
rcg-workdunno.. there was so much stuff going on lately11:20
*** Eismann_ has joined #mer11:20
rcg-workthat may very well have slipped my attention11:20
rcg-workmy problem is that i really like to communicate more and participate in discussion like this.. it's just that i am really loaded with work nowadays :/11:21
Sagercg-work: I know the feeling11:21
rcg-workand (most probably connected to this) i tend to forget so many things these days11:22
rcg-workbtw. colleagues want to go for lunch... bbl11:22
rcg-workbut it's good we keep on talking :)11:22
Sagelbt: recall the nemo projects in mer-community obs? there is qa steps to be added there.11:23
rcg-workso we make progress after all ;)11:23
*** Eismann has quit IRC11:23
* Sage zones off for a moment to read some mails11:23
* Sage stares at mail with over 40 pages of text...11:24
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*** e8johan has joined #mer12:14
Stskeepslbt: so, i'm online now, enlighten me on the sb2 stuff?12:16
lbtStskeeps: https://github.com/lbt/sdk-setup/commits/master ,specifically   https://github.com/lbt/sdk-setup/commit/d76966e32a8715a8a37d8a345d92f1351a8586c312:17
Stskeepsokay, any good reasons why you'd do that?12:18
lbtbug 654 bug 655 bug 64612:19
MerbotMer bug 654 in zypper "zypper: double free or corruption Aborted" [Major,New] https://bugs.merproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=65412:19
MerbotMer bug 655 in SDK "zypper refresh through sb2 fails with segfault for Nemo target" [Normal,Assigned] https://bugs.merproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=65512:19
MerbotMer bug 646 in SDK "mb inside VirtualBox sdk cannot use zypper" [Normal,Assigned] https://bugs.merproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64612:19
lbtI personally got issues with invalid db format12:19
*** dakovaci has joined #mer12:19
*** pa has quit IRC12:19
Stskeepsyes, just like mic images have a rebuild db, a sb2 target needs that too?12:20
lbtit gets it12:20
*** e8johan has quit IRC12:21
Stskeepsand the rm -rf /var/lib/rpm/__* thing too?12:21
Stskeeps(syntax not exact)12:21
alteregoIs it because of the /var/run symlink?12:21
lbtalterego: no, that's fixed too though12:22
Stskeepsjust be aware that removing rpm/zypper and especially debugedit means that stuff like qt will be ass slow in rpm building12:22
lbtalterego: https://github.com/lbt/sdk-setup/commit/e69f7409715f8c945d0f2fc2cf27c58fcd65084512:22
lbtStskeeps: yeah - and for OBS builds rpm accel really matters. SDK, not so much12:23
Stskeepswell, the helpers do for sure12:23
*** chebastian has quit IRC12:23
lbtOk - do they use the db?12:24
Stskeepsthat's what i'm a little unsure of12:24
lbtalso we have mixed rules12:24
Stskeepsalso, are you making bloody sure to seperate sdk-install and sdk-build in scripts?12:24
Stskeeps-install is intentionally more lax12:24
lbtso don't forget that we have people doing their own tools - mb calls sb2 and gets it right12:25
*** himamura has joined #mer12:25
Stskeepsyes, i know12:25
lbtQtC also calls it directly - less sure if that is 'right'12:25
lbtso this approach is less optimised but more reliable12:26
Stskeepsso, zypper installs and rpm installs should only be done in sdk-install or all hell will break loose12:26
Stskeepsand with -R mode12:26
Stskeepsat least12:26
lbtand rpmbuild?12:26
lbtduring a 'make' ?12:26
Stskeepsrpmbuild is fine to run in sdk-build12:26
Stskeepswithout -R12:26
lbtand make install?12:26
Stskeepsmake install you need sdk-install12:27
lbtwhere it installs the rom12:27
Stskeepsmake install if it does it into /12:27
Stskeepsif it does into destdir, no issue12:27
lbtso I *know* this is not ideal :)12:27
lbtOTOH those bugs suddenly jumped up12:28
Stskeepsi'm just gathering info on why we had to, or root causing what caused them12:28
Stskeepsso not putting any blame, disabling makes sense temporarily12:28
lbtyes, me too now I've hopefully got a workaround sorted for SDK12:28
Stskeepsso, var/run is fixed?12:28
lbtyes, it used session_dir in sb212:28
lbtwhich, for sdk, is wrong12:29
lbtsince that's a per-instance and we want sdk to act like a shared VM12:29
lbtI would like our zypper/rpm stuff to be architecture independent12:29
Stskeepsmmmmm. you might want to look into creating/joining sessions but for while bein..12:29
lbtyes, I was12:30
lbtbut even then I wonder about rpm - we can have different db versions in SDK to target12:30
*** skortela has quit IRC12:30
Stskeepsthat's why you'd stick with one, the x86 side12:30
lbtlook at how maemo changed rpm retreival/validation12:30
lbtpackage signing may be target specific12:31
lbt(yeah, deb)12:31
*** yashshah_ has joined #mer12:31
lbtso it's possible that the host/target may treat rpm slightly differently12:31
Stskeepsthe assumption is that host and target have similar-ish tools12:31
Stskeepselse we have to utilize tools dir matching target configuration12:32
Stskeepswhich is another layer12:32
lbtyes, that's something I was looking at12:32
*** jooncheol2 has quit IRC12:32
lbtcurrently I'm installing zypper into the minimal dev target12:32
*** jooncheol2 has joined #mer12:32
lbtI'd rather have it in a tools target - but that really is getting complex12:33
Stskeepswell, we should provide sdk's that match our targets ;)12:33
*** jayrulez has quit IRC12:33
Stskeepseither way, assuming that the DB is sane, it's x86 made, it really shouldn't break12:33
Stskeepsand we should solve those problems, too12:33
lbtwell, yes - but don't forget I should be able to aim at multiple concurrent targets12:33
Stskeepsi know12:33
lbtI agree on the DB - especially for targets12:34
CosmoHilllbt: http://orgmode.org/worg/org-tutorials/org-jekyll.html12:34
CosmoHillmay come in handy later for the website12:35
lbtty CosmoHill12:35
*** ortylp has joined #mer12:35
CosmoHilljust spent an hour trying to figure out the archives then found that12:35
lbtStskeeps: bug 654 is really odd12:38
MerbotMer bug 654 in zypper "zypper: double free or corruption Aborted" [Major,New] https://bugs.merproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=65412:38
Stskeepslbt: is that in sdk or on device?12:39
lbtsays on n90012:39
StskeepsSage: anything you saw?12:40
lbtI was going to try a minimal mer build based on last release and try a zypper dup12:40
SageStskeeps: hmmp... I've seen that in sdk12:41
*** kjokinie has left #mer12:41
Sagebut that got fixed when I updated to newer zypper/libzypp that was just released12:42
*** kjokinie has joined #mer12:42
*** e8johan has joined #mer12:42
Stskeepsok, newer versions than those in there?12:42
Sageno those are the newer ones. But he doesn't mention if he updated libsolv12:43
lbtjust added a note asking if it's on-device12:43
Sagealso, was he running just zypper or did he add extra parems to the run command in gdb?12:45
*** leinir has quit IRC12:49
Stskeepslbt: what days are you gone over xmas, btw?12:52
*** lizardo has quit IRC12:53
*** leinir has joined #mer12:54
kulveSage: did you come to any conclusion related to adding a new HA repo?12:55
*** KaIRC has joined #mer12:55
*** tanty has joined #mer12:56
lbtStskeeps: none specifically12:57
lbtlooking for micro-sd card without i/o errors :/12:58
lbtI think n950 ...12:58
*** polo_ has quit IRC12:59
Sagekulve: lets do the tegra3-common for now. Moment.13:00
Sagekulve: armv7hl arch, right?13:00
*** polo_ has joined #mer13:01
kulveSage: yea, hl. Although it could be just "tegra3" and used as a common..?13:01
kulvethen it would look better with the subprojects?13:02
*** ScriptRipper has quit IRC13:02
Sagekulve: we haven't done suprojects like that yet13:04
Stskeepshow do we do n9xx-common atm?13:04
Sagewell we have :n9xx-common and :N900 at the same level13:05
Sage:N900 isn't suproject of n9xx-common13:05
Stskeepsbut it builds against n9xx-common?13:05
Stskeepsthat's probably the model to go for then13:05
kulvein my case they wouldn't be build against the common (unless there's a real reason in the future)13:05
Sagekulve: sure13:06
kulveI'm just thinking the ownership wise having tegra3 and its subproject would be more clean, but I'm good either way. Without subprojects I would need you to always add any new project needed13:07
Sagewell, the subprojects should go always through certain process especially after we move later as there is multiple projects created for QA etc.13:08
Sagei.e., now i'm talking still about projects in cobs13:09
Stskeepsthis is on build.merproject.org fwiw we're talking about a hw adaptation at13:10
kulveI'm talking about projects in build.merproject.org13:10
Sageoh... :D13:10
Sagewell nobody defined that yet :)13:10
Stskeepswas now ;)13:11
kulveSage: we did define it but you were still sleeping ;)13:11
kulvethat's why we are trying to come up with a proper naming for the future projects too as there arent' that many yet. And the nemo: -prefix looks a bit odd13:13
Sagenemo:{devel,testing,stable}:hw:nvidia:tegra3:common was current naming schema13:14
Sageor could be one of them13:14
Sageif we want to use subprojects there. or maybe :hw:nv:tegra3:common13:15
*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer13:17
Sageprobably not the optimal, but would be nice if we could do it like this for now at least. Just so that we get this transfer ready at some point :)13:19
kulveI'm just wondering about having nemo in front of the "community based project" that supports also everything else than nemo. But I'm good with that too13:20
Sagenemo is community based project ;)13:20
kulvein a way yes13:20
kulvebut also backed up by a company13:20
Stskeepsnemo originated before jolla ever did, :P13:21
Stskeepsjust for good measure :) that jolla helps push it a bit is similar to how nokia pushed before, people and code13:21
w00t(and anyone is welcome, if you do good work, I'll happily give you push rights to git repos, the same as anyone else, etc)13:21
kulveif everything has nemo in front of it, the change the domain name and skip the nemo:..13:22
kulvebut as said, I'm good to go with nemo, if you think that's a good approach13:22
kulveI don't need to agree with everything to live with it :)13:23
Stskeepsthink it makes sense atm, then you get a lot of assistance, part of release processes, etc13:24
kulveyeah, I would my repos be part of a release process13:24
Sagewell if we put them to the structure with others those will get there13:25
kulvelet's put it there then13:25
*** panda-z has quit IRC13:26
Sagekulve: so nemo:devel:hw:nv:tegra3:common is your target project now13:28
*** thetet has joined #mer13:28
Sagepromotions from devel -> testing -> stable are not setup yet but you don't need those for the start13:28
kulvecould you add also nexus7 already? Add wonko there as well.13:30
kulveexcellent, thanks! :)13:32
kulvercg-work: ^13:32
*** dakovaci has quit IRC13:34
Sagekulve: takes a while to add the users but soon13:35
*** jayrulez has joined #mer13:35
*** dijenerate has quit IRC13:36
*** pvilja has quit IRC13:36
kulveSage: np, thanks. I will have time to work on that only after some hours, so no rush13:36
*** pvilja has joined #mer13:37
*** wanggjghost has joined #mer13:37
kulvebtw, would it make sense to add e.g. evtest (for touchscreen debugging) and glmark2 (for 3d verification) to some repos? If yes, which repo?13:38
*** arcean_ has quit IRC13:39
*** Aristide has joined #mer13:39
StskeepsMer:Tools:Testing probably, which should have a lighter-ish process13:39
Bostikevtest would be *very* welcome13:40
lbtBostik: yes, is it packaged?13:40
Bostiknot sure, I've just seen it again and again every time when dealing with new HW13:41
kulveI've branched in from vgrade's (iirc)13:41
lbtI would *like* you to find the upstream git repo13:41
lbtand use that as the base for packaging13:41
kulveI'm not sure if there's an upstream for evtest13:41
kulvejust a .c file floating in the 'net13:42
kulvewell, maybe it do have an upstream nowadays..13:42
lbtwell, clone it to github and ideally add a git-pkg branch with the rpm packaging13:43
kulveOBS knows how to fetch from git(hub)?13:43
lbtit's a special kind of branch though13:44
lbtyes it does13:44
kulvewhen does it clone it? How does it know when something has changed?13:44
lbtyou tell it13:44
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer13:44
lbtwe have BOSS to automate processes too13:45
kulveok. I'll try to do this at some point to learn how the process works13:45
lbtapparently my docs are too complete and complex :/13:45
lbtso I need a TL;DR; version13:45
kulveI can comment on that once I've read them :)13:46
*** jayrulez has quit IRC13:46
*** FSCV has joined #mer13:47
bfederau_Hey. I installed a Mer OBS locally in VM with these instructions (https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/OBS_Setup). It seems to work, i don't get any error messages in the log files, but the spinner of the "Build Results" box in my projects always running and do not stop. So no build results can be retrieved. What could be wrong there? Any help is appreciated.13:53
*** yunta has quit IRC13:57
*** aportale has joined #mer13:59
*** Hoolxi has joined #mer14:00
*** e8johan has quit IRC14:02
*** zhxt has quit IRC14:02
*** lamikr has quit IRC14:05
*** jpetersen has quit IRC14:05
*** lamikr has joined #mer14:06
*** Shaan7 has joined #mer14:11
*** dijenerate has joined #mer14:16
*** lizardo has joined #mer14:18
*** lamikr has quit IRC14:28
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC14:28
lbtbfederau_: did you check with the github project?14:31
bfederau_lbt: yes i did14:31
lbtI'm afraid I'm busy with some zypper things atm - we don't have a diagnostics set either14:33
lbtcheck the api/web logs for a timeout14:34
bfederau_lbt: ok14:36
*** disco_stu_droid has joined #mer14:36
lbtreport back what you're looking at and finding - may jog the memory14:36
*** disco_stu has quit IRC14:39
*** disco_stu_droid has quit IRC14:40
lbtStskeeps: Sage http://pastie.org/554757514:40
CosmoHillI'm a fool for thinking i small bit of code taken from the internet will work14:45
*** merder has joined #mer14:48
*** zalan has quit IRC14:50
*** thetet has quit IRC14:52
*** Martix has quit IRC14:53
lbtStskeeps: I think we need to fix libsolv dependencies and do a .2 release14:56
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer14:56
*** icota has joined #mer15:06
*** phinaliumz has quit IRC15:06
*** jpwhiting__ has joined #mer15:07
*** lamikr has joined #mer15:07
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC15:09
*** jpwhiting_ has quit IRC15:11
auri__aportale: can you test the branch merssh in mer-qt-creator? thnx15:12
aportaleauri__: sure15:12
lbtSage: Stskeeps: http://review.merproject.org/1046 .... can we get that into a new Mer release?15:13
rcg-workSage, thx :)15:14
rcg-workkulve, as well :)15:14
rcg-workbeen in a meeting a while15:14
*** dijenerate has quit IRC15:24
*** wanggjghost has quit IRC15:34
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer15:39
*** dijenerate has joined #mer15:41
*** arcean has joined #mer15:42
*** fcorrea has quit IRC15:44
*** jstaniek_QFridge has quit IRC15:47
*** talavis has joined #mer15:47
*** icota has quit IRC15:54
*** Aristide has quit IRC15:54
*** lamikr has quit IRC15:55
*** fcorrea has joined #mer15:56
*** icota has joined #mer15:58
*** oahong has quit IRC15:59
*** yunta has joined #mer15:59
*** yashshah_ has quit IRC16:00
*** dijenerate has quit IRC16:00
*** oahong has joined #mer16:01
*** lamikr has joined #mer16:04
[ol]Stskeeps: Is it OK if a package in Mer Core depende on a package outside of Mer Core?16:06
Stskeepsbuildrequires no, requires is sometimes a mistake unless it's meant as providing a config16:07
Stskeepsany example?16:07
[ol]iso-codes requires xml-common.16:08
[ol]In Fedora, xml-common is built from sgml-common SRPM.16:09
[ol]I didn't find where to get in in Mer.16:09
[ol]"zypper in iso-codes" results in dependency error.16:10
*** lamikr has quit IRC16:11
*** jukkaeklund has joined #mer16:13
Sfiet_Konstantinhi !16:14
*** jayrulez has joined #mer16:25
*** mdfe has quit IRC16:25
Stskeeps[ol]: moment16:30
*** ortylp has quit IRC16:31
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC16:32
Stskeeps[ol]: that looks like a bug - there's even nothing utilizing iso-codes16:32
Stskeepsat least in mer itself16:33
Stskeepslbt: i don't understand line 54 of http://review.merproject.org/#patch,sidebyside,1046,1,libsolv.spec16:34
Stskeepswhy remove that?16:34
Stskeepsrest is fine16:34
Stskeepscan be %{version} for sanity16:34
Stskeeps[ol]: you don't need to worry about iso-codes it seems like16:35
Stskeepsalso, file a bug about this16:35
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC16:36
*** yashshah has joined #mer16:37
CosmoHilllbt: made using jeykell http://black-flag.co.uk/cosmo10/cosmo10-dev4.png16:38
*** slaine has quit IRC16:39
[ol]Stskeeps: Unfortunately, basesystem package requires filesystem, which requires iso-codes to be built.16:42
Stskeeps[ol]: hmmm.16:42
[ol]Not a big deal, but I can't fins sgml-common package in Mer.16:42
Stskeepsyeah, it's intentional.. it takes >60 deps along i believe16:42
Stskeepsokay, now i see it16:43
Stskeepsthere's a thing in OBS that tells it to ignore iso-codes:xml-common dependency16:44
Stskeepsif you want to bootstrap you can do the same16:45
Stskeepsit's a bug for sure16:45
[ol]I can't: filesystem package's %install section uses files "/usr/share/xml/iso-codes/iso_639.xml" and "/usr/share/xml/iso-codes/iso_3166.xml" to do some processing.16:47
Stskeepswhen bootstrapping it'll take a bit for things to be zypper-able, just rpm --nodeps -i iso-codes.rpm16:48
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC16:49
[ol]But this problem has to be solved anyway. I won't be able to rebuild non-bootstrap version without that.16:50
[ol]It's not the kind of dependency which will be solved later after bootstrap complete.16:51
Stskeepsyeah, true16:51
Stskeepsi'll take a look16:51
[ol]So, my question is: where can I get spec file for sgml-common? Should I take it from Fedora?16:51
*** marnanel` is now known as marnanel16:52
Sagelbt: that should be %{name} = ?{version}16:52
StskeepsSage: ?16:52
StskeepsSage: also, %{name} != main package in this one16:53
Stskeepsit looks like16:53
Stskeeps[ol]: looking16:53
Sageer... hmmp16:53
Sagegrr... libsolv0 shouldn't exist :)16:54
Stskeeps[ol]: http://armpkgs.fedoraproject.org/packages/sgml-common/0.6.3/38.fc19/src/sgml-common-0.6.3-38.fc19.src.rpm , that spec sees sane16:54
Stskeepsseems like i was mistaken, was another package that had a lot of dependencies16:54
Stskeepswe should add this to mer16:54
Sageok good enough :)16:54
[ol]Stskeeps: So, this package should be added from Fedora, right?16:57
Stskeepswe would probably edit it a little bit, move %changelog to .changes and remove buildroot, but besides that16:57
[ol]Do you have any instructions how to convert Fedora packages to Mer?16:58
*** rcg-work has quit IRC16:58
Stskeepsthey're pretty much equal in terms of naming, think that'll compile just fine for mer16:58
bfederau_lbt: I was searching the last hour, but i did not find any error which could be related to the build result issue. I looked in /srv/obs/log/* and /srv/www/obs/[webui|api]/log/*16:59
[ol]Also, I found that git history for packages start from initial import. But these packages were obviously imported from Fedora. Why not just use "git clone" from Fedora to preserve history instead of creating a new repo?17:02
Stskeepsthe codeline goes along lines of fedora / suse -> moblin -> meego -> mer17:03
Stskeepsso that's where it comes from17:03
Stskeepsthe reason why it's like this in git is from when it was initially imported into the mer git17:03
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer17:03
[ol]But it was imported from another version control system, right?17:04
Stskeepsit was imported from OBS17:04
Stskeepswhich isn't really a version control system, just a place to store packages17:04
Stskeepsi couldn't replicate the structure of the history there sanely17:04
[ol]That's not good. I was looking at gcc trying to evaluate how to upgrade it to 4.7.2, but it has so many patches, and it's impossible to figure out why they're needed without history.17:05
Stskeepsi agree, but considering that even meego/moblin was developed under wraps for a long while, it made it difficult to trace origins17:06
[ol]So, are we stuck with ancient gcc 4.6?17:07
Stskeepsnot at all17:07
Stskeepsi moved from 4.5 to 4.617:07
*** jpwhiting__ has quit IRC17:07
[ol]How did you manage to handle all these patches which break when switching to a new version?17:08
Stskeepsstart with the tarball without patches, walk through the patches, see which make sense for mer going forward, which was upstreamed, etc17:09
Stskeepsthe patches there doesn't seem difficult, you can ignore all the libgcj stuff17:09
Stskeepssome might be for past where some versions were too low17:10
*** jpwhiting has joined #mer17:13
*** jpwhiting has joined #mer17:13
[ol]It's lots of work anyway...17:13
Stskeepsyeah, it has given me a lot of gray hair myself17:13
Stskeepsthese deep layers many people don't want to touch in the first place17:13
*** zalan has joined #mer17:14
[ol]Looks like nobody was bootstraping Mer for quite a while. There's a bug in nss package's spec file which prevents its rebuild if another version of nss is not installed. :-)17:15
Stskeepsyeah, last i did it was with mips17:15
*** Jucato_ has joined #mer17:18
[ol]BTW, how are packages in Mer being updated in response to discovered security bugs? Is some other major distro being watched for that?17:18
*** Jucato has quit IRC17:19
Stskeepsthere's somebody who watches our packages for CVE's and updates when we can17:19
Stskeepsand we were at some point working on automated machinery but got a bit sidetracked17:20
Stskeepsit's a big thing for us17:20
[ol]Why not just piggyback on Fedora? Keeping most of the packages synchronised with Fedora would eliminate much effort.17:20
*** JLP has quit IRC17:21
Stskeepsso, the thing is that a desktop distribution is often slightly different from a mobile distribution. on a mobile distribution you want low footprint, on a desktop/server distro it's ok to depend on the kitchen sink17:21
Stskeepsi've tried this before, and keeping up like that, constantly patching, is very frustrating17:21
[ol]Yes, that's true. That's why I'm telling about most of the packages, not all of them.17:22
[ol]It can be automated.17:22
Stskeepssometimes, either way, i do follow fedora a little bit17:22
Stskeepsi kinda want to move mer to a different approach where we split the core itself and the toolchain17:23
Stskeepstoolchain being cross-compiler, bash, binutils, autoconf, etc17:23
*** Martix has joined #mer17:24
[ol]Package groups can be used for that.17:24
*** Eliel has quit IRC17:27
Stskeepswell, sort-of17:27
Stskeepsi want to seperate those two dependency trees as such17:27
*** Eliel has joined #mer17:27
Stskeepsso everything is bootstrapped17:28
Stskeepsinstead of these circular dependencies in the core17:28
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC17:29
[ol]Not everything so far, process is still in progress, but I already build and install most of the packages without "--nodeps".17:30
Stskeepsthat's such a lovely feeling when you get to that point :P17:30
*** JLP has joined #mer17:30
*** JLP has joined #mer17:30
*** Shaan7 has joined #mer17:31
[ol]Yesterday I've spent several hours to debug a problem with a SIGSEGV in openssl %check section just to discover that the problem is with adler32_vec patch in zlib I mentioned several days ago.17:31
[ol]Today I spent several hours to debug SIGSEGV in nss %install section just to discover that shlibsign needs libsoftokn3.so to sign libsoftokn3.so (adding LD_LIBRARY_PATH pointing to $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{_libdir} solved that).17:33
Stskeepsah, i've tried that one too17:34
Stskeepsi lost some of my bootstrapping notes in a hd crash so :/17:34
[ol]I'm going to post the last change on Gerrit.17:35
*** JLP has quit IRC17:35
BostikSEGV in openssl... mere thought fo debugging that gives me the willies17:36
*** stefan_schmidt_w has quit IRC17:41
*** arcean has quit IRC17:43
*** plfiorini has joined #mer17:44
[ol]Bostik: Fortunately, stack trace led directly to adler32 in zlib, so openssl was not involved much.17:44
Bostik_very_ fortunate indeed17:45
Bostik(in an earlier life I had to dig through openssl code - lots of hairy things in there)17:46
*** thopiekar has joined #mer17:47
*** arcean has joined #mer17:47
*** aportale has left #mer17:50
[ol]Why we just don't use gnutls everywhere instead?17:51
*** arturo182_ has joined #mer17:53
*** arturo182 has quit IRC17:56
*** dijenerate has joined #mer17:57
Stskeeps[ol]: libcurl, bsdtar, libarchive, openconnect, cryptsetup-luks, certificate handling, openvpn, python, openssh, xorg, wpa-supplicant17:58
Stskeepsuses it17:58
[ol]Yes, I know. This was not a question for Mer, this was a wish for software developers to use it.18:00
lbtStskeeps: removed line 54 since I added line 85 ... so libsolv0 is pulled in by libsolv-tools18:00
kulvewhat's the apiurl for b.m.o?18:00
[ol]Also, it would be helpful if gnutls provided openssl-compatible API to port existing programs.18:01
Stskeepskulve: api.18:02
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC18:02
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer18:03
Stskeepslbt: devel should pull in it's right libsolv0 version18:06
Stskeepsso no need to remove it, imho18:06
lbtok - just avoiding the redundancy18:07
Stskeepsit's fine redundancy18:07
lbtwant me to restore it and resubmit?18:07
Stskeepsyes please18:08
Stskeepsi have to debug a opensolaris setup not starting up, so that's my entertainment for the evening18:08
lbtare we OK for a .2 release if this goes in?18:09
Stskeepsnot really no, i've been preparing next18:09
Stskeepsso we'll go for a full prerelease soon anyway18:09
lbtwe should be able to handle that18:10
*** icota has quit IRC18:10
lbtI know we can't right now - just saying :)18:10
Stskeepsyes, iamer has spent some time on mds2 which makes it much saner18:10
Stskeepssignificant optimization, etc18:10
*** shmerl has joined #mer18:13
*** jpetersen has joined #mer18:13
*** auri__ has quit IRC18:13
kulveis xorg-x11-drv-mtev commonly used enough to move it to core from the "xxx-common" repos?18:14
*** popey has quit IRC18:14
Stskeepsyes, i have actually done that18:14
Stskeepsconfigs stay in hw adaptations but that's fine18:15
shmerllbt: Hi. I tried to rebuild the rpm db, but getting the same error: error: db4 error(-30971) from dbenv->open: DB_VERSION_MISMATCH: Database environment version mismatch18:15
kulvesearch didn't find it18:15
Stskeepsit'll be in next mer release18:15
Stskeepskulve: search never finds mer packages :P18:15
lbtshmerl: sec18:15
kulvehow should I search for them then? Last time you adviced me to use the search :)18:15
Stskeepsfor mer packages? gitweb.merproject.org ;)18:15
Stskeepsnext mer release isn't prereleased yet, so not imported anywhere18:16
kulvebut I'm not forking it to tegra common then.. When's the prerelease coming?18:16
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC18:17
*** Shaan7 has joined #mer18:17
lbtStskeeps: so I'll send an email about the libsolv issue18:19
Stskeepslbt: anyway, fix the gerrit submit, i'll merge, and we can do a prerelease18:19
lbtdoing it18:19
lbtfinding change-id18:20
* Stskeeps starts a zpool scrub on his file server to make sure it survived transport18:20
lbtI should know the re-submit process by heart - don't think I've done a change w/o it :D18:20
shmerlAh, the fun of ZFS :)18:21
lbtStskeeps: redone libsolv18:25
Stskeepsok, thanks18:25
* Stskeeps merges18:28
*** arcean has quit IRC18:29
situStskeeps: Hey18:31
situI guess moving is complete18:32
Stskeepsish, well18:32
Stskeepsinternet is uo18:32
Stskeepsserver scanning for bad sectors18:32
Stskeepsi do not yet have a office table.18:32
Stskeepsbut i have a sofa in my office, it's very confusing18:33
shmerlStskeeps: Do you use illumos for ZFS or Linux versions?18:33
Stskeepsshmerl: opensolaris, ancien18:33
shmerlAh, I used to play with opensolaris. A pity OpenIndiana didn't pick up.18:34
lpotter all I have in my office is tables, desks, chairs, computers, assorted gadgets and an A.C.18:35
*** kanzure has joined #mer18:36
vgradeevening all, good to see all the HA chat today18:36
shmerlHi vgrade.18:37
Stskeepslo vgrade18:37
vgradeshmerl: hey18:37
vgradeStskeeps: \018:37
vgradeone comment was around the communications with downstream18:38
vgrademaybe a formal catch up with them would help18:39
*** ortylp has joined #mer18:40
vgradedownstream meaning users of Mer18:41
*** cristi has joined #mer18:52
vgradeor maybe a HA group18:55
*** icota has joined #mer19:01
*** dijenerate has quit IRC19:03
*** furikku has quit IRC19:07
shmerlAbout bug #654 - in case of SDK that should be this one? http://releases.merproject.org/releases/latest/builds/i486/packages/i486/libsolv0-0.1.0-1.1.i486.rpm19:11
MerbotMer bug 654 in zypper "zypper: double free or corruption Aborted" [Major,Resolved: fixed] https://bugs.merproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=65419:11
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lbtshmerl: yes19:21
lbtand I need to go out now - can you try rpm --rebuilddb19:21
shmerlIt'll require --force to be updated though.19:21
lbtty - update bug with results19:22
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Stskeepsevening fk_lx :)19:37
yuntahi fk_lx19:37
fk_lxStskeeps: hello19:37
fk_lxhi yunta19:38
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fk_lxgreetings from PoznaƄ ;-)19:41
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yuntaoh, you're getting closer to me :)19:41
yunta120km now19:42
fk_lxit won't be closer19:42
yuntaunless I come to poznan :)19:42
Stskeepsi'm starting to like this country - despite some bad cable plug endings, my cable connection got transferred to new apartment with no hassle whatsoever19:43
Stskeepseverything just worked(TM)19:43
shmerlPoznan - a legendary place.19:43
fk_lxstaying at headquaters of Polish Free and Open Source Software Foundation (fwioo.pl)19:43
Sagehmmp... doing osc build armv7hl armv8el and after that osc build armv7tnhl armv8el does something funny19:44
Stskeeps--clean needed19:45
Sageyes, but I think this is the problem that happens at times with armv7hl armv7hl even19:46
Sagebut with changing architecture it seems to happen always19:46
Sageit has something to do with dir permissions in sb2 i think19:46
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Sagecertain packages can't be updated19:46
Sageinstalling setup-2.8.56-1.1519:48
Sageerror: unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/share/doc/setup-2.8.56/COPYING;50d0c6e0: cpio: open failed - Permission denied19:48
Sageerror: setup-2.8.56-1.15.noarch: install failed19:48
Sageexit ...19:48
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shmerllbt: If you'll see this - that RPM fix didn't help in general (for the segfault bug in the Nemo target zypper)20:34
shmerlI still get: sb2 -m sdk-install -R rpm --rebuilddb20:35
shmerlerror: db4 error(-30971) from dbenv->open: DB_VERSION_MISMATCH: Database environment version mismatch20:35
shmerlerror: cannot open Packages index using db4 -  (-30971)20:35
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shmerlBut I managed to update only the base SDK rpm (i.e. i486)20:35
shmerltarget one can't even rpm -Uh properly because of the same bug20:36
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