Sunday, 2012-12-16

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bunkgabrbedd: In a tablet or phone, nothing is "system critical" in a way that it requires a RTOS.05:39
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situMorning all06:27
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situiekku: ahoy07:05
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situBostik: Morning07:10
iekkuoh, it's sunday already :(07:10
Bostikhiya situ07:11
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situBostik: What's plan for today ?07:12
Bostikcleaning up the house, I guess07:12
iekkuBostik, sounds like "fun"07:12
Bostikmight as well start by torching crematorium07:12
Bostikin other words, light up the fireplace and burn all the burnable trash in there...07:16
situBostik: Enjoy07:16
situTry to burn some QtWebkit bugs too :P07:17
iekkusitu, :D07:17
situiekku: It's sunday you can sleep more. :)07:18
situI always see you complaining about not sleeping enough.07:18
iekkusitu, quess what i have been doing the whole weekend :D07:19
situOk, I don't wanna listen more complaints tomorrow :P07:19
Bostikwell I *did* outline the buggeruppery in qt5 last night :)07:19
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iekkusitu, oh, tomorrow is totally different thing07:20
iekkubut i hope i get early enough to bed if i don't sleep more during day07:21
situiekku: Any special plans for new year ?07:23
iekkufrom friday evening, i think i have been sleeping 2/3 of the time07:23
iekkusitu, no idea what to do, haven't even think about that :o07:23
iekkusitu, how about you?07:23
situNot sure, I have to plan with my friends.07:24
iekkui need to start also07:25
iekkumaybe ask friends to come to our place like last year07:25
situiekku: Should we expect Sailfish SDK release next month or later ?07:27
iekkusitu, can't promise any schedule07:31
iekku+ haven't check lately the current situation. promised "early Q1" is still up to date according to my understanding07:34
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iekkuit's important to jolla to get it released :)07:36
situSure it is!07:37
iekkuand we want to give as good first time experiense as it's possible07:38
situGood to hear that :)07:39
iekkuwell, community is very important and we couldn't get this far without you guys, so it's least what we can do for you07:41
situWhy don't involve community in Sailfish SDK development ?07:42
situbeyond Mer07:42
iekkunot a bad idea, let's see what happens after release07:43
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situiekku: Will Jolla be at MWC ?07:44
iekkusitu, let's see07:46
iekkuoh, s*** it's almost 10 and i haven't even started working yet07:47
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specialsunday, iekku. Sunday is one of those days when we only work half the day.07:48
iekkuspecial, didn't really work yesterday at all :/07:49
specialsaturday is one of those days too07:49
iekkuis that the weekend thing?07:50
specialI really can't talk, it's after midnight on a saturday and I'm working too07:52
iekkuhmph, it's once again grey day. and windy. and wife wants to go to forrest, take me out for a lunch :P07:53
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Ken-YoungGood morning.09:15
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situStskeeps: Morning09:29
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CosmoHillwoof / morning10:15
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Sfiet_Konstantinwoof CosmoHill10:35
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niqtmorning all11:34
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Stskeepsnsuffys: out of curiousity, is it difficult to log into a netbank, international transfer, type in IBAN and amount and send? :P14:33
Stskeeps(i have no idea how screwed the netbanks are in france)14:34
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dm8tbrtechnically it should be exactly the same as a domestic transfer by now. at least cost wise.14:47
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VDVsxinside EU, transfers should be free(if different currency might have extra cost), at least for sane banks :)14:51
dm8tbroh, wait14:58
dm8tbrStskeeps: only valid for EUR currency transfers14:59
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bunkuntil 2016 ou also need the BIC15:12
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nsuffysStskeeps, In fact, i need to go to my bank but with my job, it's not easy for the moment :/15:19
nsuffysI'm on vacation soon. ;)15:20
timophme too :)15:20
timoph5 days and off to vacation15:21
Sfiet_Konstantinnsuffys: good news15:21
timoph(and changing jobs at the same time)15:22
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nsuffys2 weeks :/15:39
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bunkStskeeps: uppercase/lowercase setting in the name when creating an account in Bugzilla is not preserved for the Wiki username?16:24
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lbtbunk: account names are case sensitive and should be consistent16:31
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bunklbt: I got in the wiki Adrianbunk instead of AdrianBunk16:36
lbtwell, in ldap you're AdrianBunk16:37
lbtmediawiki is a bit odd in the way it handles login names - it does look like it does a capitalisation of the initial letter16:39
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lbthmm - not all of them though16:39
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bunklbt: Is there a way to fix it, or alternatively to nuke the accounts or at least change the email address so that I can use a different name?17:53
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Stskeeps - worth a read18:08
situStskeeps: Read that, good one!18:10
fk_lxstarted reading, but already agree18:12
* Stskeeps cannot begin to count how many times he has had to tell people there's no need to apologize18:13
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fk_lxand the author done a rare thing admitting that he is also not the innocent18:16
fk_lxbig respect to him18:16
fk_lxanyway the thing not only applies to open source projects18:18
situfk_lx: Right18:19
fk_lxbut generally to any area where professionals and amateurs meet18:19
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fk_lxand it is really important to treat seriously newcomers or beginners18:21
fk_lxit really pays off18:21
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Sfiet_Konstantinhello again :)18:28
Sfiet_Konstantintrying again mer sdk18:28
Sfiet_Konstantinthe one on vbox18:28
Sfiet_Konstantinanyone have this problem when "test connection" is done in the Mer > Virtual Machine tab18:29
Sfiet_Konstantinsomething is done but at the end "Connection error: Server rejected key." happened ?18:29
fk_lxhave the same thing, try checking if you have the right key in authorized_keys file18:38
fk_lxI got it solved18:38
fk_lxhad some end of line missing and two keys got joined18:39
fk_lxif you are successful on logging to mersdk@localhost then the connection should work in QtCreator18:43
Sfiet_Konstantinwell fk_lx that's the problem18:50
Sfiet_Konstantinit do not work18:52
Sfiet_KonstantinI can log in mer and root18:52
Sfiet_Konstantinand mersdk18:52
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Sfiet_Konstantinfk_lx: it is exactly the problem !18:59
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Sfiet_Konstantinwill the application work ?19:04
fk_lxso you don't have problems in logging to mersdk@localhost port 2222, right?19:06
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fk_lxI mean you get logged using key, right?19:06
yuntalbt: yo19:07
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Sfiet_Konstantinhum now, with nemo toolchan i get a "mb command not found"19:09
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fk_lxhi yunta19:11
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yuntalbt: I'm working on sdk-webapp - stabilizing (not adding features!), and later splitting off vendor-customization pkg (just 2-3 files)19:12
yuntafk_lx: hi19:12
fk_lxI think that idea with sdk-webapp and virutal machine was a very good one19:13
fk_lxat least on my machine it went without bigger problems19:14
yuntalbt: I'd like to work on newest vm img (ks) containing most master repos we have19:14
fk_lxyunta: it looks like Sfiet_Konstantin has some issues with the mer sdk, maybe you can help him19:18
yuntaSfiet_Konstantin: fk_lx: is our wiki broken? to lead both of you to the same problem?19:18
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Sfiet_KonstantinIt is me not managing ssh keys in a correct way19:18
Sfiet_Konstantinbut now, it is more about nemo target19:19
fk_lxyunta: don't think so, my problem was solved, Sfiet is still fighting19:19
fk_lxyunta: information on wiki is quite clear19:19
Sfiet_Konstantinyunta: maybe it is not the good place to ask19:21
Sfiet_Konstantinmore nemo specific19:21
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm trying to build something for fun19:21
Sfiet_Konstantinwhen packaging the package in nemo it says "bash: mb: command not found"19:21
yuntaseems I can't quickly test it here19:24
yuntadownloading vm img will take >10h :D19:24
yuntafk_lx: I'm in pl now. In small town, crappy internet.19:25
yuntalumia on tv19:25
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fk_lxwhat's the name of town if it's not a secret19:27
yuntaunleaded gasoline is called Pb95 on local gas station (no, Pb NOT crossed out)19:27
yuntaWalcz (Wal/cz)19:27
yuntanorth-west poland19:28
fk_lxI see19:28
fk_lxon OSM19:28
fk_lxthe place is far away from big cities19:29
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yuntasmall village19:29
yuntagood food, hot girls, shops better equipped than in helsinki, everything else is crap19:30
* Stskeeps hugs his 60mbit big city cable connection19:30
fk_lxbut probably nice place to rest a bit19:30
yuntayes, if you can rest :)19:30
fk_lxaway from big city life :-)19:30
yuntaI'm fighting with sdk-webapp now19:30
yuntahave too much of it already....19:30
fk_lxwhat technology does it uses?19:31
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yuntait's about 170lines , but pita19:31
fk_lxit's a ruby gem?19:32
yuntawebapp no (i think), sinatra yes19:32
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fk_lxhi faenil20:01
faenilfk_lx, hi20:02
*** plfiorini has joined #mer20:03
Sfiet_Konstantinhey faenil20:04
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, hey man20:04
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: definitely abandonned BB10 from now20:04
Sfiet_Konstantinwon't get a shiny customized L series :(20:05
faenillet's get this to PM ;) it's OT here, we always do this :D20:05
fk_lxanyway I wonder if BB strategy will really work20:09
fk_lxthey've did a lot to attract developers, but will they be as successful with actually selling their new devices20:09
fk_lxmass consumer wants Android or iOS20:10
faenilfk_lx, only time will say :)20:11
fk_lxnot only time, but the prices of their devices20:11
fk_lxif they will be too high, that will probably be the end of RIM20:12
fk_lxthey've bet all on BB1020:12
fk_lxall those 10000$ programs etc.20:12
fk_lxif they will go bankrupt they won't give a single 1 $ not mentioning 10000$20:13
faenilfk_lx, RIM's stock has gone 100% up in the last 3months20:14
faenilI don't see them going bankrupt to be fair20:14
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fk_lxNokia stock also went up....20:14
faenil26th october was 7.8$20:14
faenilyesterday it was 14$20:14
fk_lxbut that doesn't mean Nokia is doing better20:14
faenilfk_lx, Nokia went from like 2 to 320:14
faenilin half a year20:15
Ken-Youngfk_lx, It just means Microsoft may have to pay more for it.20:15
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fk_lxbut if their phones won't sell well then the stock price will go from 14$ to 0$20:15
fk_lxmaking all thoses shares worthless20:15
*** varikonniemi has joined #mer20:16
Ken-YoungIt'll never hit 0.   It will be bought, for pattents if nothing else.20:16
fk_lxand if I remember correctly BB phones were always pricy20:16
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Sfiet_KonstantinNokia sems to have done a rather good migration20:20
Sfiet_KonstantinL920 seems to be neat20:20
Sfiet_Konstantinand sells well20:20
fk_lxfor example the price of Playbook is for sure too high20:21
faenilfk_lx, too high?20:21
faenil179€ 16gb20:21
fk_lxfor a Playbook with only WIFI and no 3G it's too much20:21
faenil196€ 32Gb online20:21
faenilfk_lx, :/ :/20:21
fk_lxyou can buy more functional Android based tablets20:21
faenilit's got 1Gb RAM, and dual 1080p cameras20:21
faenilfk_lx, don't think so20:21
faenilmaybe kindle fire hd is the only one which can compete20:22
fk_lxfaenil: people want Internet everywhere not only in places where there is WiFi20:22
*** zalan has joined #mer20:23
faenilfk_lx, ok, show me a device with 3g in that price range20:23
fk_lxLenovo IdeaPad A2107A 3G20:26
faenilfk_lx, what's the price?20:26
fk_lxnear 200 EUR20:27
fk_lx195 EUR exactly20:27
fk_lxit has the same size screen, WIFI+3G20:28
fk_lx16 GB of storage20:28
faenilfk_lx, single core?20:28
faeniland 0.3 cam on the front -> no hd videocalls20:29
fk_lxwho cares about videocalls, 3G connectivity is more important20:29
faenilfk_lx, is it a singlecore?20:30
*** sirdancealot4 has joined #mer20:30
faenilsome say single, some say double, it's not clear20:30
fk_lxI think one core20:31
*** pvilja1 has quit IRC20:31
faenilfk_lx, so I guess we already have the differences20:31
faenilthe ideapad is nice indeed, but you can't say playbook is high prices20:32
*** Sentient6 has quit IRC20:33
*** pvilja has joined #mer20:33
fk_lxfaenil: but for some reason people prefer android tablets20:35
faenilfk_lx, yeah I know, world sucks :)20:35
*** veimis has quit IRC20:36
*** chebastian has joined #mer20:37
fk_lxfaenil: if it was a superb device they didn't have to give tons of those Playbook here and there ;-)20:38
faenilfk_lx, it lacks apps, that's the problem20:38
*** veimis has joined #mer20:38
fk_lxquite fresh - end of November20:44
faenilfk_lx, what did you expect?20:44
faenilBBOS phones...bleah20:44
fk_lx“Ultimately we believe BB10 is too late, and subs continue to shift to  competitive devices.” Morgan Stanley rates RIM at underweight with a  price target of $7.20:45
*** trbs has quit IRC20:48
fk_lxand there are other articles claiming that RIM shares are overpriced20:48
fk_lxso their current price doesn't mean anything20:48
Stskeepscan't be as bad as HP's purchase of Autonomy :)20:49
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shmerlI get this error when updating Nemo/N950 target repo in Mer SDK:21:18
shmerlFile '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium ''21:18
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC21:23
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shmerlHrm. Now after I updated the Mer SDK base I get this for N950 target: Repository 'ce-adaptation-n950-n9' is up to date. Exit reason and status: signal 1121:34
shmerlIt just fails to even refresh the repo.21:34
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lbtyunta: pong23:08
yuntalbt: oh, you still here, cool23:09
lbtjust looking at backlog before bed23:10
yuntaso, do you have any plans on creation of proper sdk vm repos?23:10
yuntaah, ok, we can discuss it tomorrow I guess23:11
lbtthis week I'm documenting the steps to make the various images23:11
lbtwhat is a "proper" repo ?23:11
lbtwe'll have numbered releases for Mer Core of course23:12
yuntahm, like set of repos that wouldn't be my home repos23:12
lbtoh yeah :)23:12
lbtfor sure23:12
lbtI have an internal task mgmt bug for that fwiw23:12
yuntabut it's not yet done, right?23:13
*** faenil has joined #mer23:13
yuntaso what would be the ks you'll use for documentation / initial proper-repo setup?23:13
lbtfor the sdk vm ?23:14
lbtthat depends on a couple of things: patterns in Mer:Tools and working mer-kickstarter23:16
*** thetet has joined #mer23:16
yuntauh, yaml, is that also 2b processed by spectacle?23:16
lbtso it gets a touch rabbit-holey fixing the xml generator23:16
lbtthat's post-processed by mer-kickstarter23:16
*** hasselmm__ has joined #mer23:17
* yunta mutters obscenities quietly23:17
yuntaok then, thanks for now23:17
lbtyeah - but it actually makes .ks management sane23:19
*** hasselmm_ has quit IRC23:20
lbtyunta: ^^ is the post-processed .ks23:20
lbtit works iirc23:21
lbtbut we need to ensure the correct versions of apps are used23:21
*** faenil has quit IRC23:22
*** merder has quit IRC23:23
yuntaand shocking :)23:24
lbtshocking ?23:24
yuntaI have some modified plymouth and other stuff I've used in my sdk imgs, so it's cool this one with default pkgs actually works23:24
lbt'works' :)23:25
lbtsplash/gui is a bit broken23:25
lbtbut functionally it's fine23:25
yuntahaha, ok then :)23:25
lbtthat stuff is not something I'm *too* worried about with a Mer hat on :)23:25
lbtfixing vbox kernel to handle multiple CPUs and do sane I/O certainly is23:26
yuntaI'm not sure if io is the main cause for compilation slowness23:27
yuntaafter all hardlink-fucking is relatively fast23:27
yuntaand it involves both - writing to vm directly, and to shared dir23:27
lbtI've done zero analysis on the problem yet - QtDD came up23:28
yuntame neither, but asked bijjal to put it in queue23:28
lbtnow I'm getting things reproducable and documented23:28
yuntaso if nobody else takes it - I will23:29
*** fk_lx has left #mer23:29
lbtI think we need a pairing system for tasks - all fun ones must have a boring partner :)23:29
*** chriadam|away is now known as chriadam23:30
yuntahaha, I wouldn't be happy about taking it :)23:30
lbt*g* ... let someone else then23:31
yuntabut idea is cool, I should be afforded some fun task after refactoring webapp....23:31
yuntaafforded is wrong word..23:31
lbtnb - if you're working on slow internet then it's worth having a caching proxy for rpms23:33
lbtalso look at SDK cache setup too23:33
lbtdepends how long you're on it23:33
shmerlAny idea why after updating the sdk it fails to update Nemo target now?23:34
*** veimis has quit IRC23:34
*** veimis has joined #mer23:34
lbtshmerl: ?23:34
shmerlI get this:23:34
shmerlRepository 'ce-adaptation-n950-n9' is up to date.23:34
shmerlExit reason and status: signal 1123:34
shmerlsb2 -m sdk-install -R zypper refresh23:35
CosmoHillnight night / slaap well23:35
yuntalbt: thanks23:35
shmerlI just updated the core SDK installation with sudo sdk-version --latest23:36
shmerlAnd then sudo zypper ref && sudo zypper up23:36
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC23:36
lbtI suggest sudo sdk-version --core latest --sdk rolling23:37
lbtbut that shouldn't affect this23:37
shmerlRolling will always take it to the latest cut?23:37
lbtlatest SDK tools23:38
shmerlOK. It was the same actually.23:38
shmerlIn this case at least.23:38
lbtI need to get to a point where I've actually tested rolling with various images and can make it a numbered release23:38
shmerlBefore doing it, updating Nemo target worked.23:39
*** mvogt has joined #mer23:39
shmerlIt upgraded these: libsolv-tools libsolv0 libudev systemd systemd-sysv23:39
*** Martix has quit IRC23:39
shmerlNot sure how it affected the result23:40
yunta(after my last sdk upgrade, zypper started segfaulting :D)23:40
*** popey has quit IRC23:40
lbtOK, can one of you log a bug?23:40
lbtmaybe link it to #55023:41
lbtbug 55023:41
MerbotMer bug 550 in SDK "Unable to execute zypper through sb2" [Major,Resolved: duplicate]
lbterr bug 55923:41
MerbotMer bug 559 in SDK "var/run symlink causes sb2 target's zypper not to work" [Major,New]
lbtI get them mixed up23:41
shmerlLooks like a different issue23:41
lbtit is23:42
lbtbut I want to not forget both of them after a morning of catch-up :)23:43
lbtI actually had nearly 2 whole days off!!23:43
lbt(ie a weekend)23:43
shmerlBut yunta's bug seems the same as mine.23:43
*** phdeswer has quit IRC23:43
lbtit does23:43
shmerllbt: Good for you :)23:43
shmerlI can file a bug if needed.23:44
lbtyes, please do23:45
shmerlShould it go in SDK or in sb2 category?23:45
lbtsdk for now23:45
shmerlSee bug #23:49
shmerlbug #65523:49
MerbotMer bug 655 in SDK "zypper refresh through sb2 fails with segfault for Nemo target" [Normal,New]
lbtcan you check you have the right target?23:50
shmerlThere was one strange thing before that. One sec.23:51
lbtand you cd'ed to the target 'root'23:51
shmerlFile '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium ''  Abort, retry, ignore? [a/r/i/?] (a)23:51
shmerlNot sure if that was related.23:51
lbtOK - so confirm in the bug what dir you were in (must be target root)23:52
lbtalso confirm you only have one target or that it is the default23:52
shmerlI wasn't in the target root when doing that. But it worked before. Let me try this from the root.23:52
lbtI'm getting an issue here which is a write-permission problem23:53
lbthmm, we also had an issue about sb2-init23:53
shmerlOK, now I'm in /srv/mer/targets/nemo-n950-rootfs23:53
shmerlSame thing happens.23:54
lbtgood :)23:54
shmerlI have this: sb2-config -l23:55
lbtthe sig 11 is odd23:56
lbtmay be worth strace'ing it23:56
lbtanyhow... gotta go23:56
shmerlSee you23:56
lbtI'll be looking at this stuff this week23:56
lbtI need to fix target upgrading to be reliable23:57

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