Tuesday, 2012-12-11

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lpotterhmm.. how do I install things in the sb2 target...01:32
chriadamsb2 -t targetname -m sdk-install -R <---- will drop you to a root prompt from which you can use rpm etc01:35
lpotterya found that. thanks01:36
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auri__sledges: ping01:40
* lpotter curses anyway01:42
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w00tlpotter: sup?01:48
lpotter:) hopefully an update will give me the correct bluez version to configure ofono01:50
w00tah.. fun..01:50
lpottermaybe I should eat lunch01:51
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lpotterhmm libqconnman-qt has no tests, really02:44
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lpottermust mean it's perfect02:46
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lpotterheh. no ones removed the 'hello world' page from it's qml "test"02:51
* lpotter sighs02:51
w00tlpotter: hello world? where? :)02:52
lpotterlibconnman-qt in the test/02:52
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w00theh... :)02:57
lpotterI can tell libconnman-qt and libofono-qt were written by different people...03:04
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* lpotter just found ofono-qt TODO :)03:17
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situMorning everyone05:35
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mardychriadam: I wonder why AccountInterface::{account,identity}Identifier returns a string and not just an unsigned int07:24
chriadamQML doesn't do unsigned int07:25
chriadamI know, it's horrible07:25
chriadamI could just return an int07:25
chriadamI guess07:25
special2^31 accounts aught to be enough for anybody07:26
chriadamalso, I'm starting to wonder about the fact that Account + Identity aren't really declarative.  I mean, maybe I should allow them to be creatable types, and just do something like: if id not specified, or specified to 0, then it's a new account/identity; otherwise, it's an existing account/identity.07:27
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chriadamthe AccountManagerInterface then gets simplified down a lot (createAccount() gets removed, removeAccount() gets moved into the AccountInterface itself, etc)07:28
mardychriadam: mmm... I'm not sure it's a good idea; in any case you need a manager07:29
mardychriadam: BTW, a few thing you could remove:07:32
mardyin AuthSessionInterface, request(), challenge()07:32
chriadamtrue, the manager interface is needed anyway.07:32
chriadammardy: so, only process() is generally used?07:32
mardychriadam: yes07:33
mardychriadam: in IdentityInterface, remove type and refCount07:33
chriadamok.  what about addReference / removeReference in the manager?  or is that separate?07:36
mardychriadam: it's not very used, but it's not going to be deprecated; I'd keep it07:37
chriadamok, but get rid of refCount in IdentityInterface anyway?07:38
mardychriadam: yes07:40
chriadamok, will do07:40
chriadamthanks for the feedback.  I'll be writing documentation + unit tests for it this week, so I'll let you know when that's done, and hopefully get it integrated into nemo-qml-plugins master by early next week, I guess.07:42
chriadamalthough no doubt it'll still evolve slightly over time, especially the client-use classes, as I haven't attempted to validate their API yet.07:42
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niqtping sledges08:10
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situCould anyone explain what's Moslo ?08:13
dm8tbrsitu: it's essentially a kexec based boot-menu/loader08:15
situOk, is it optimized for embedded devices ?08:16
Stskeepsjust a handy way to do friendly flashing08:16
situI never flashed a mobile device :)08:17
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Stskeepsit's basically making it appear as a usb stick08:19
kulveall mobile devices have their own often proprietary ways for flashing them. Moslo can be used to make the device (or one partition of it) to appear as an usb stick (like stskeeps put it)08:20
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CosmoHillwhat's your job?10:08
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rcg-workresearch assistant10:12
rcg-workin german it's "Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter"10:12
rcg-worki think "research assistant" is the most appropriate translation10:12
* CosmoHill sighs when it comes across a website that doesn't work10:13
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CosmoHillwhat kinda things do you research?10:14
rcg-workcomputer networks, security, and data protection10:15
rcg-workpersonally i am most involved in network analysis and surveillance10:15
rcg-workso, computer science in general ;)10:16
CosmoHillI seem to have gone into web development atm10:17
CosmoHillat the moment I'm trying to figure out how do make URLs relative in Jekyll10:18
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rcg-workit is quite fun :)10:20
rcg-worklot's of work but still fun :)10:20
rcg-worki see, that's an interesting field as well10:20
CosmoHilli had never heard of Jekyll until lbt asked about it10:21
rcg-workme neither ;)10:21
rcg-workis it some server or framework?10:21
CosmoHillit's a static website generator in ruby10:21
CosmoHillwell, it's a paraphraser that links files together to make a website10:22
niqtlbt i wrote email with my analisis on mer-sdk probelm (my ?)10:23
rcg-worki see10:24
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CosmoHillmy business cards are here :)10:55
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veskuhlbt, is this really still open: https://bugs.merproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=559 ?12:41
MerbotMer bug 559 in SDK "var/run symlink causes sb2 target's zypper not to work" [Major,New]12:41
Stskeepsprobably in sdk-build/sdk-install's rules a /run is needed12:42
Stskeepsfix /usr/src while you're at it12:42
lbtI have a task for sorting out zypper in targets - I'll link this to it12:44
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Stskeepslbt: btw, where is your git-pkg for rpm?13:54
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lbthttps://github.com/lbt/git-pkg ?14:10
lbtoh, I see14:10
lbtI didn't want to mess up the mer git repos back then14:10
lbtI'll push it after I eat14:10
Stskeepsok, please do14:11
Stskeepsi want to upgrade rpm14:11
CosmoHillrpm or rpm5?14:11
lbt Stskeeps just to latest upstream?14:11
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auri__lbt: ping18:04
auri__aportale: ping18:04
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phaeronlbt: review please https://build.pub.meego.com/request/show/751518:11
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lbtauri__: pong18:21
lbtauri__: but I'm about to go out :)18:21
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auri__lbt: ok.. still in SC.. probably ping you then on thursday18:26
lbtok, sure18:27
lbtwe're having a chat about planning tomorrow afternoon18:27
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lbtauri__: one thing I know we need to change is the .ssh/* handling ... that shouldn't happen unless the user explicitly agrees to it18:29
lbtat the moment QtC is modifying authorized_keys when you click "Test Conection"18:29
lbtI could also do with a summary of where we're handling filename/path mangling18:30
lbtI'm writing the rpm-install wrapper and will make an sdk-client package I think18:30
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auri__do you want them now18:30
auri__or on thursaday when i am back18:31
auri__will email you.. prob18:31
auri__lbt: the advantage with creator created ssh keys is that the user need not explicitly create keys.. also we are just appending authorized_keys.. shoudnt that be ok?18:32
lbtnot without explicit permission :)18:33
* arturo182 ** SysInfo ** Client: HexChat 2.9.4 (x64) ** OS: Microsoft Windows 8 Pro ** CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27GHz (2.00 GHz) ** RAM: 3957 MB Total (1395 MB Free) ** VGA: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500 Series (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM v1.1) ** Uptime: 46.32 Hours **18:33
auri__well.. that means another indirection.. for the average users.. do they really care which ssh key is used?18:33
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auri__after all the authorized_keys file is only in the shared home folder18:34
lbtmost users don't care18:34
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lbthowever that doesn't give us the right to modify their security settings without asking18:34
lbtit's simply the wrong thing to do :)18:34
shmerlauri__: It's like taking someone's keys from the house without asking. Do you think people should care?18:35
shmerlI think they should.18:35
auri__ok.. then probably keep this as default behaviour .. and provide an expandable option that does the permission settings18:35
shmerlI mean in general - dealing with ssh keys can be compared to regular keys :)18:35
auri__shmerl: well you are talking about localhost.. its right on your machine.. :)18:36
*** plfiorini_ has joined #mer18:36
shmerlIn this case yes. But what prevents you fron exetending it to remote use case.18:36
shmerlIn theory18:36
auri__Ah! for remote case, its different.. we will follow almost the same like remote linux device18:36
auri__that remain unchanged18:36
auri__this is only for localhost18:37
lbtauri__: no, it's not18:37
auri__device config is different from VM config18:37
lbtyou are adding a key that does allow remote access to my machine18:37
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lbtnow, personally I trust my own keys18:37
lbtbut we absolutely cannot make that assumption for people. Sorry.18:38
auri__so you are saying that we should bring back the option to specify the private key when making the connection>18:38
lbtIt's fine to pop up a dialog saying "Creator cannot connect to the SDK VM using SSH. Do you want to make a new ssh key and add this key to authorized_keys to allow ssh to work?"18:39
auri__sounds reasonable18:39
*** plfiorini_ is now known as plfiorini18:40
lbtalso we should say that ssh needs key equivalence in the docs - eg I don't need those keys18:40
auri__didnt get this part18:41
lbtnb, I'm really happy that you do this - it's nicely done. It just needs to be polite about it18:41
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auri__i saw someppl were cribbing about connection settings.. like VM is not registered etc.. any idea why?18:43
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* lpotter wonders how to get a gerrit review to Stskeeps18:46
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kulvercg: what rotates the display on your PA image? The xorg rotate option is ignored according to the xorg log..18:52
*** M13 has joined #mer18:52
rcgkulve, that's strange18:54
rcgwithout that it is in portrait mode18:54
CosmoHillhi rcg-ome18:55
rcgyou mean the option in the monitor section?18:55
rcghi CosmoHill18:55
shmerlrcg: I just got my Nexus7 :) Btw, what filesystem will PA use on it?18:56
kulvercg: yeah18:57
kulveshmerl: I guess anything you like. Ext4 is popular though18:58
rcgshmerl, ext418:58
rcgshmerl, but i guess it doesn't matter much aslong as the kernel can read it18:58
shmerlSo one should format it first, and then just install the images there?18:58
rcgin the worst case the fstab needs tweaking18:58
*** ortylp has quit IRC18:58
rcgshmerl, or as kulve said :)18:59
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC18:59
shmerlOK. I mean there should be some preferred fs for the streamlined install I guess.18:59
*** Aurium has joined #mer19:00
kulveext4 is probably the preferred one19:00
rcgwell, we are using ext4 and i guess that's what's defined in the fstab19:00
kulvercg: does it work in the portrait mode? Even if it probably looks better in the landscape?19:00
rcgkulve, nope19:00
rcgkulve, at least i had some issues19:00
rcgeven after i fixed the axes (orientation, mirroring)19:01
rcgthere was still the issue that apparently the scaling was wrong19:01
kulveI was just thinking if some of the segfaults with accelerated rendering could be related to that..19:01
kulvebut now bbl19:01
shmerlI wonder how different filesystems behave on flash drive. I.e. what's preferable.19:01
shmerli.e. xfs vs ext4 or may be btrfs?19:01
rcgbtw. i was trying emumaster but without luck.. emumaster heavily relies on opengl for painting afaik19:02
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Bostikshmerl: if you've followed LKML discussions, samsung submitted their own attempt at a flash-first filesystem; one of the interesting features is that there can be multiple write points at the same time (since there's no spinning rustbuckets to wait for, there's really no reason to introduce chokepoints for writing)19:08
BostikI wouldn't be surprised if some other filesystems lifted that piece of design in very near future...19:09
*** tanty has quit IRC19:09
shmerlBostik: I've heard something about that, but I'm not sure if that was supposed to be an open filesystem. If it would - it could be interesting.19:12
Bostikwell the patches have certainly been vetted on LKML19:13
shmerlI thought it was more for storage purposes (like for cameras), rather than for filesystems with workload (for OS)19:13
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situBostik: hey19:20
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* Bostik off for a while, family time19:32
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rcginteresting.. on nexus 7 3g userdata is mmcblk0p1019:46
rcginstead of mmcblk0p919:47
*** kallela_ has quit IRC19:47
RaYmAnrcg: because there is a radio partition as well (radio firmware)19:48
rcgi see19:48
RaYmAndue to the way tegra works, it's a pain in the ass if you don't put userdata last19:49
rcgbut it's another speciallity we need to deal with19:49
RaYmAnI'm not sure where it gets it, but there is /dev/block/platform/tegra-sdhci.X/by-name on android19:50
shmerlAre there any major differences between WiFi 16 GB and WiFi 32 GB versions?19:50
RaYmAnI dunno if anyone checked specifically, but as far as software is concerned, no. Only that the userdata partition is bigger19:51
shmerlSo you installation procedures shouldn't differ19:51
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sledgesauri__, pong20:17
*** pohly has quit IRC20:17
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sledgesbudgie got sick today :{20:25
sledgesbut now better, so me wasn't around20:25
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sledgesaportale, thanks for pushing zhxt's fix, should be no more "VM is not registered" errors20:42
sledgesI'll retest tomorrow and update wiki20:42
*** jpetersen has quit IRC20:50
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Stskeepslpotter: usually i visit gerrit once a day :) ofono looks fine, i'll merge it in next mer version21:34
*** jayrulez has quit IRC21:37
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*** arcean has joined #mer21:38
lpotterapparently, you arent a registered user21:39
Stskeepsi'm not?21:41
Stskeepscarsten munk? :P21:42
*** faenil has joined #mer21:43
lpotterthats what it tells me when I try to add you as reviewer21:43
lpotterthere's even a bug for it21:43
Stskeepsok, odd21:43
MerbotMer bug 484 in IT / Other "Can't add Carsten to a gerrit review." [Normal,New]21:44
Stskeepswell at least it doesn't say 'stskeeps is an idiot' like one other bug ;)21:44
*** thopiekar has quit IRC21:45
w00tStskeeps: you toooold me to file that!21:45
sledgesdo you think FSF would agree that "GNU/Linux" is an appropriate name for Mer and Nemo ?21:45
Stskeepssledges: tell them we try to avoid gplv3 on the device and i doubt it21:46
sledgesas in, trying but not succeeding? :)21:46
w00tStskeeps: enemy of freedom21:46
shmerlWhy avoiding GPLv3?21:46
*** sivang has joined #mer21:47
shmerlIt mostly scares away those who use DRM in abusive manner. But why should it bother Mer.21:47
sledgeswe are socially presenting Nemo at the moment (g+/fb), and introductory text would read "a GNU/Linux Mer core distribution" - or without GNU/ ? ;)21:48
* sivang is in for GNU21:48
sivangalbeit cumbersome and longish21:49
shmerlSledges: I usually don't use GNU/Linux, since it's understood from the context.21:49
CosmoHillsivang: you make it sound like a crime21:49
shmerlI.e. that Android for example is bionic/Linux and etc.21:49
Stskeepsshmerl: it's sadly a market demand, so21:50
sivangshmerl: DRM?21:50
shmerlI.e. in cases of Linux distros - usually GNU/Linux is implicitly understood.21:50
sivangyes, it is even said so on wikipedia21:50
sivangI want to attract users, 'Linux' is well known, GNU sometime raises an eye brows in more userish realms21:50
sivangStskeeps: how so?21:51
kimjuif you want to attract users, then leave gnu, fsf and rms out of it :)21:51
sivangmy thinking exactly.21:51
shmerlsivang: I think the issue with GPLv3 is the "Tivoization": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tivoization21:52
sledges+1 kimju & sivang21:52
shmerlI.t. a method to prevent DRM abuse.21:52
shmerlBut vendors who like to use "security" as a method of control, rather than security don't like that aspect of GPLv321:52
sivangwhen they become developers, we'll send them reading about RMS and ESR21:53
sivangshmerl: interesting read21:54
shmerlThat causes Linus Torvalds to avoid GPLv3 for the kernel I think.21:54
sivangshmerl: makes sense if you want to make money I guess21:55
shmerlIn theory Stallman is right - such abuse should be prevented.21:55
Stskeepspatents might also be the issue, drm not so much21:55
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC21:56
*** zalan has quit IRC21:56
sivangsledges: let's go on with Linux for the time being, and change it afterwards on need / requirement?21:56
auri__sledges: what was the VM not registered prob that you encountered?21:58
auri__did you use the latest creator?21:58
*** popey has quit IRC22:02
*** niqt has joined #mer22:03
shmerlsivang: Did you make anything for Diaspora (i.e. Nemo social presence)?22:03
sivangshmerl: nope, I'm working on the content at the moment, and would take on twitter for Nemomobile if I can choose, feel free to do it22:05
sivangor better- we could have shared the credentials22:05
sivangsuch that everone can handle the social presence ids given proper code of condutct and attiquette22:06
shmerlSure, I can help if you want.22:06
*** mvogt has joined #mer22:06
sivangshmerl: then go ahead :)22:06
*** jayrulez has joined #mer22:06
sivangshmerl: that is to say- I've not created a single account yet, working on the content as etherpad shows22:06
shmerlShould I create some diaspora user for Nemomobile before you finish the content?22:06
shmerlOK, I'd rather wait to avoid confusion22:07
sivangshmerl: yes, we then have all ready and connect the dots when gfx and content is finished22:07
sledgesauri__, https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Platform_SDK_on_VirtualBox#VM_is_not_registered22:09
sledgesauri__, is fixed now22:09
sledgesyeap, word Linux definitely has to be in there22:09
*** dakovaci has joined #mer22:12
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sivangsledges: +122:21
*** Martix has joined #mer22:21
sledgesauri__, hopefully fixed, will recheck tomorrow and update wiki22:23
*** niqt has quit IRC22:28
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sivangsledges: phew ;)22:36
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sivangsledges: etherpad is pure fun :-p22:51
*** auri__ has joined #mer22:55
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sledgesyay :)22:58
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sivangsledges: off now, see you tomorrow23:09
*** sivang has quit IRC23:09
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