Saturday, 2012-12-08

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zhxtmorning :)01:37
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Stskeepsgood morning all06:26
Elielis it normal for the web-control panel for MerSDK to take up to a minute to respond? I installed a virtualbox version following these instructions
Stskeepsdoes ssh -p 2222 root@localhost work ?06:28
Elielit does06:28
Elielalthough that is somewhat slow also06:28
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Elielthe control panel gave me "NoMethodError at /target/" just now after waiting 1-2 minutes.06:28
Elielthe VM has 512MB of RAM too, so that shouldn't be the problem either.06:30
Stskeepsand going to http://localhost:8080/ takes ages?06:31
Stskeepsi think those who might be able to help you aren't really awake yet, i can't answer what the problem might be atm06:31
ElielI'll be banging my head at this for the rest of today so, I'll be around :)06:32
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ElielI guess I'd best shift my focus to getting a 4GB microSD for my n900 for now :)06:33
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Elielanyone well versed with MerSDK awake yet? I'm having a problem with very sluggish response speed of the control panel as well as an outright error trying to open the target link. I've installed MerSDK following these instructions
Elielit gives this error: NoMethodError at /target/08:51
Elielundefined method `each' for nil:NilClass08:51
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Elielok, I solved the sluggish response speed. The error remains though.09:03
Eliel... not sure exactly why it was a problem but it seems having /srv/mer/targets be owned by user.root didn't work but it works now that I chowned it to user.user09:11
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Bostikthat sounds like that access-value for the directory is not checked and you get empty object09:19
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Elielwhoa, I didn't quite expect installing nemo_n9_min target would almost freeze my system. I ended up killing virtualbox to get the system working again.09:34
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Elielfor some reason it was using so much IO that everything took up to a minute to happen09:35
CosmoHillwhere you copying something to an SD card?09:35
Elielno, everything was happening on an SSD hard drive.09:36
Elielconnected with SATA09:36
Eliellooks like it was mostly reading. read count on the SSD increased by around 200 gigabytes during that.09:37
CosmoHillthat's a lot09:39
Elielmy system was also compiling qtcreator at the same time... maybe it's related somehow09:39
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Elieloh... maybe the IO was swapping, there's quite a bit of swap in use suddenly.09:51
Elielonly 3GB of RAM in this system.09:52
Elielthese tools seem to eat a lot of memory09:52
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ElielI guess Qt creator is unable to use ssh-agent to gain access to unencrypted ssh private key?10:24
* CosmoHill shurgs10:24
CosmoHillthat is a question for someoen else10:24
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rcgjfyi seems like i finally succeeded in creating an initrd for nexus 7 for extracting rootfs tarballs :)10:56
rcgthis all based on the n9 moslo :)10:56
rcgthis eased things a lot as i have no real clue about the details of creating initrds ;)10:57
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rcgyay, even plasma active is booting10:59
rcgthere are quite some failed services, but well, it's start10:59
rcgand i apparently forgot to put the wlan firmware on the rootfs :D11:01
rcgand the kexec call to boot from the initrd into the real rootfs seems to be broken right now11:01
rcgbut at least one can circumvent the silly fastboot flash size limitation that way :)11:02
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Elielhmm... I'm trying to run a helloworld application and the compile process terminates with an error.11:09
Eliel3:05:27: Starting: "/home/jojkaart/.config/QtProject/mer-dev-tools/nemo_n9_min/mb" build -t nemo_n9_min rpm/HelloWorld.spec11:09
Elielbash: mb: command not found11:09
Eliel13:05:27: The process "/home/jojkaart/.config/QtProject/mer-dev-tools/nemo_n9_min/mb" exited with code 127.11:09
Elielany ideas?11:09
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rcgbtw dm8tbr i also tried to get g_multi running but that didn't succeed11:13
rcgcompiling it statically in kernel works, building as module results in some linking problem11:13
rcgaside from this i don't even know if g_multi or the other storage fs stuff is supported at all by tegra 3 or nexus7 respectively11:14
rcgbtw what is the preferred way to execute a simple shell script on startup?11:16
rcgpreferrable without the need for messing with systemd and its services11:17
Bostikwheeeeeee! library renames in Qt5 beta2->rc111:17
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Elielok, using the desktop target creates a working hello world. Nemo_n9_min target does not even compile.11:21
dm8tbrrcg: no idea what they use for host mode, but I'd expect gadget drivers to work11:22
Elieloh wait, it compiles but doesn't run.11:22
ElielI suppose I do need the nemo-VM if I can figure out what it is and where to get it11:23
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Eliel... oh wait, I have it already.11:24
rcgdm8tbr, i see... well, i think i'll look into that later again11:24
rcgdm8tbr, may i bother you if i got more questions wrt to this?11:24
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rcgwell, bbl... got continue our new flat for moving in11:27
rcg*continue preparing11:27
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dm8tbrrcg: sure, please take intoaccount that I'm not always at the kbd11:35
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Elielhow do you close an application in nemo-VM?12:31
dm8tbrIIRC from the app list12:33
Elielhow do you get from an open app to that?12:33
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ElielI'd have guessed a swipe of some kind does that but mouse doesn't seem to be able to do them.12:34
phaeronpush the apps from the far right or left edge12:36
kulvercg: I tried briefly getting some gadget fs working but pretty much all non-default kernel configs failed to build12:44
kulvercg: if that would work, there could be initrd image that could e.g. check if some button is pressed and in that case load the gadget fs kernel module and allow the PC side to flash the whole eMMC partition12:45
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Elielphaeron: ah, thank you, that worked12:53
phaeronEliel: cool :)12:54
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Elielah, great, it's got a python interpreter too. I hope I can count on this existing on Sailfish too.12:54
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Stskeepsphaeron: so you had an idea about netrc in zypper?13:38
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Stskeepsphaeron: sure it isn't there already through libcurl usage?13:40
phaeronStskeeps: well I found it already tries to parse ~/.curlrc but only supports one option13:40
phaeronStskeeps: netrc usage is off by default13:40
phaeronin libcurl13:40
phaeronand you need turn it on either in curlrc or on the libcurl object directly13:41
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phaeronaim is to make mic usable without passwords in kickstart13:42
phaeronalready have a patch for urlgrabber to do the same (which mic uses earlier)13:43
Stskeepsit seems strange it doesn't have it already13:44
phaeronwell state of things13:44
Stskeepswth is aria213:44
phaeronusually zypper gets credentials from other files13:44
Stskeeps(reading stuff from 2009)13:44
phaeronaria2 is a muticonnection download manager13:44
phaeronused to use it13:45
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Stskeepsi don't think it's a bad idea, at least13:45
iekku&Win 2013:46
iekkumy keyboard changed language...13:47
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* dm8tbr hands iekku a fresh pack of /'s13:47
iekkui hope it works now... :/13:48
iekkustupid windows13:48
iekkustupid me13:48
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faenilStskeeps, ping16:05
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Stskeepsfaenil: pong16:12
faenilStskeeps, hey :) was wondering, have you already heard/worked on mer for Nexus4?16:13
faenilthere's another portathon by RIM (you know, 100$ per ported app) and I was thinking about buying a Nexus4 with those money to use it as a dev device for Mer/Nemo/whatever16:13
dm8tbrport-a-potty ;)16:15
Stskeepsn4 is what SoC?16:15
* dm8tbr puts bets on QC16:15
dm8tbrAPQ8064 Snapdragon16:16
faenilSnapdragon S4 Pro16:16
faenilit would be a rather nice and cheap dev machine :D16:17
faenil(with Google's price)16:17
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Stskeepsnot really useful before zephyr16:27
faenilStskeeps, which means before june, or later?16:28
Stskeepsthat i don't know16:30
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faenilStskeeps, alright, it's enough to make me not buy it ^^16:30
Stskeepsn7 looks like a nice target16:32
faenili.e. it works already there?16:33
Stskeepsnvidia has quite nice normal linux adaptation16:38
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faenilI see... ok ;)16:40
Stskeepsso not a bad choice. i've considerd to get one16:42
faenilif only playbook was hackable...I'm about to get three of them xD16:43 :)16:43
faenilleinir, right? XD16:43
leinir*giggles* Yeah... i only have the one, and until bb10's out for it, that's kind of enough ;)16:44
faenilleinir, yeah...I don't use it much, waiting for BB10 :)16:44
leinirOh i use mine a lot - twitter and ebooks... granted, the twitter client i'm using is Plume, so having to run that through the apk converter first ;)16:45
leinir(ffs levelupstudio, get your shit together and publish the thing, it works perfectly)16:46
leiniri want to give them money so i don't have to look at those adverts any longer, but they won't let me :P16:46
situHi all16:54
* situ had convocation for his M.Sc. today16:56
situStskeeps: I was awarded deegree for my M.Sc.16:59
Stskeepsah, congratulations :)16:59
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situI think you guys call it commencement17:00
Stskeepsi didn't go to mine and they lost my diploma 3 times in the mail17:00
situI was afraid of loosing my deegree in mail, that's why I attended it :)17:01
Stskeepsvirtuald:  cat or child?17:02
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rcgdm8tbr, great.. and so am i ;)17:48
rcgkulve, i assume you read what i wrote about my progress with the initrd?17:49
rcgkulve, did you eventually succeed in building a kernel with a gadget module?17:50
rcgi see17:50
rcgthat was what i wasted my time with yesterday night17:50
kulveI tried only quickly and then used the make_ext4fs17:50
rcgessentially, i stumbled from one linker error to the next17:50
rcgi see17:51
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rcgwell, so far i managed to get an initrd ready that looks for rootfs.tar.gz or rootfs.tar.bz2 on userdate and if it finds it extracts it to userdata17:51
rcgwith that it is at least possible to "flash" a full plasma active17:52
rcgthe further plan is that this initrd uses kexec to boot the real kernel that's supposed to be in userdata/boot then17:53
rcgbut for some reason kexec refuses to work right now17:53
rcgit says it is starting the new kernel but for some reason hangs at that stage17:53
kulvewhy do you need to have a separate kernel?17:54
rcgactually it is the same kernel17:55
rcgthe point is that the kernel from the android boot partition boots into the initrd17:56
kulveinitrd should do it's trick and then continue normally? Or do the trick only when a certain button is pressed?17:56
rcgactually, the initrd i use is based on the n9 moslo17:57
rcgso we have a couple of options17:57
rcgwhat it does right now is to check for a rootfs tarball and if it finds it the tarball gets extracted and after extraction is deleted and the normal boot process continues17:58
rcgso in this logic the extraction would only happen once and else it would directly continue booting17:59
rcganother option, that is also already implemented, is that it checks whether usb is connected, if yes it should export the userdata partition via some usb gadget stuff18:00
kulvejust a side note: fastboot seems to support flashing arbitrary sized images in pieces, but looks like n7 fastboot doesn't support that.. It would be the "correct" solution for this18:00
rcgthe check for usb is already implemented in n9 moslo and only needed a minor tweek to check at the right path in sysfs18:00
rcgthe point i am currently fighting with is to get that usb gadget stuff working18:01
rcgand, last but not least, n9 moslo also supports interaction via hw-buttons... so that would also be an option18:01
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rcgmy preferred way would be to export userdata via usb gadget such that it can be mounted like any ordinary usb stick18:02
kulveyeah, I think that would be the most convenient way18:02
*** davidqi has joined #mer18:02
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rcgthis would vastly improve debugging and hacking18:02
rcgthat's the moslo i am currently hacking on18:03
rcgright now i just use a very brute-force approach but i plan to clone the moslo on gitorious and push the nexus 7 changes18:04
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rcgyay, i think i just got g_mulit to work with nexus 7 :D20:00
rcgat least mounting the userdata partition seems to work :D20:01
rcgsweet, network connection via usb0 works as well :D20:02
rcgjust telneted into my nexus 7 :D20:02
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* lpotter gonna make a stand-up desk21:48
Stskeepsah, that's a good point21:52
Stskeepsshould get that for my new office in new apartment21:53
CosmoHillnew stuff, it's like xmas come early for your Stskeeps21:56
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* CosmoHill watches QI22:05
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niqtwhen add the targert in qtcreator-mer i have "failied to add Qt version"22:22
rcghey niqt22:22
niqthi rcg, not go have fun on a Saturday night?22:23
rcgwell, i actually do have fun.. just not going out ;)22:30
rcgjust managed to access the userdata partition of a nexus 7 via moslo22:31
rcgand playing a little bit resident evil22:31
rcgsubmitted a paper yesterday so i now got at least a very little time to relax :)22:31
rcgwhat about you?22:36
rcghow's ist going?22:36
niqti'm installing mer-sdk with virtual-box, but i have one problem22:37
rcgi see22:37
rcga colleague also tried the mer sdk and he reported also to have a problem.. but i don't recall the exact issue anymore22:37
niqti think that with new sdk the develop is more fast22:38
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rcgsounds great22:43
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phaeronStskeeps: review please
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