Friday, 2012-12-07

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CosmoHillnight night00:36
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jay_in ma phn n900 nemono mssg send nd no network working04:25
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iekkuha, for a short moment i was living on monday and i was almost sending bug triage invitations in a hurry...05:30
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Stskeepsit's friday05:33
iekkuStskeeps, i haven't have enough coffee yet05:34
iekkujust trying to get my eyes open05:34
Stskeepsi've been up since 5:30am05:34
Stskeepsnow in airport05:35
iekkuuh, trip to finland forces you to wake up way too early, sir05:36
situMorning everyone05:40
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timophStskeeps: you managed to wake up before me :p (was up 5:50)05:50
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iekkutimoph, i woke usually around 5;4005:56
timophyeah. for me 5.50 is enough. hopping on a bus usually at 6.4505:57
iekkuyou are faster with morning activities than i am05:58
* timoph is a man05:58
iekkui start walking to bus 6:5505:58
iekkutimoph, and i am what? don't make up or anything like that + you have more hair than i :P05:59
timophmost people have less hair than I do :p05:59
timophlooks like it's going to be a quiet day at the office06:01
timophseems that people didn't get my tweet about lasers a couple of days back :p06:02
timophwell, one did. but he knows the details behind it :)06:02
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timoph"timorph: Everything is better with lasers. Sharks, jobs and whatnot."06:12
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JvD_quiet morning here as well07:25
jussiMorning all07:26
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niqthello world07:44
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iekkuahoy niqt07:49
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sledgesgood loaning10:07
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TomaszDlbt_, hi, alive and in the UK?10:56
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sledgesTomaszD, it's #QtDD12 now (have they ended yet?)10:58
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TomaszDsledges, huh? he's at a qt event?10:59
TomaszDoh gosh11:00
TomaszDnothing's changed11:00
TomaszDand yet, he's the only reliable person in the UK I know who could order me a nexus411:00
sledges:)) are you serious? :D11:00
TomaszDI don't think I know anybody else up there11:01
TomaszDso that's why11:01
TomaszDback during the o2 joggler craze he ordered and even sent one to be fixed for me11:02
TomaszDstill have two working jogglers and using them11:02
TomaszDbut now you guys are all about shellfish or whatever the new os is called11:03
Stskeepssailfish is just one UI on top of mer :P11:04
Stskeepsplasma active's also there11:04
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TomaszDlol sailfish, that's what it's called, all hyped up on the techblogs11:05
Stskeepsa bit overhyped but quite functional11:06
sledgesquite awesome times coming :)11:06
TomaszDI don't doubt that, maemo was also quite functional11:06
sledgesTomaszD, UK here as well11:07
situOverhyped ? I thought that's what Tizen is.11:07
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sledgeswhat do you do with your jogglers (I'm hopefully getting one soon)11:07
sledgesN9(xx) user here (as many others)11:07
TomaszDone is a rss/torrent web interface/file server/dlna server11:08
TomaszDand a poor man's vpn (ssh tunneling)11:08
TomaszDthe other one is a clock11:08
TomaszDfinally figured out the clock thing. For the longest time I had android there but now it's xubuntu with docklets11:09
TomaszDthe standard joggler os is too quirky and just old...11:11
sledgesmy goal is to have alarm clock, waking up to an internet radio station, and showing traffic to work on google maps11:11
sledges(Archos night stand £150! clone)11:12
TomaszDshouldn't be an issue at all, cron will do fine11:12
TomaszDalthough you don't have battery power, so if it goes out, your alarm won't work11:13
TomaszDand if you lose connectivity, no radio station to wake you up11:13
TomaszDso there's that11:13
TomaszDthe archos costs 150 pounds probably because they have those bases covered11:16
TomaszDso I'd just use a phone for the alarm part...11:16
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sledgesthanks for input TomaszD ! looks like I'll need to buy/source a UPS to it :D11:21
TomaszDthat's what I'm planning to do for my server joggler11:22
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sledgesMer SDK vbox does not start sdk-webapp after update and reboot11:42
sledgestemporary workaround, as root: `cd /usr/lib/sdk-webapp-bundle/; rackup`11:42
sledges3 users with this problem on #nemomobile, filing a bug11:43
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henrik_sledges: i guess symlink from /etc/systemd/system/ -> /usr/lib/systemd/user/sdk-webapp.service is missing in that case?11:47
*** phaeron has joined #mer11:47
sledgeshenrik_, correct11:48
sledgeszypper ref & up does not fix that ( zhxt )11:48
sledgessorry for cross chans11:48
henrik_lbt_: 0.2.8-2 should fix that ^11:49
sledgesis it safe to add that symlink manually for now? henrik_11:49
henrik_sledges: it is safe, yes11:49
sledgesok, iwll tell them on # nemo11:49
henrik_sledges: thanks11:50
zhxtsledges: I mean mer-qt-creator.11:50
sledgesfirst problem is that webapp is not up11:50
sledgesmer-qt-creator still shows white screen for me11:50
sledges(built today from mer branch)11:50
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zhxthmmm... may be some other issues.11:51
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samposis that bad? "missing /var/run/dbus/"12:01
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zhxtyunta: ping12:04
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yuntazhxt: pong12:04
zhxtyunta: Finally, I figured out that connection issue about MerSDK vm.12:04
yuntawhat was it?12:04
zhxtoccurred when MerSDK is not the first one in the vm list.12:05
zhxtI have WinXP and MerSDK.12:06
yuntabut you could still connect through web browser, just qtcreator had problems, right?12:07
zhxtyes, I have fixed that.12:07
*** dakovaci has joined #mer12:07
yuntafixed how?12:07
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*** jukkaeklund___ has joined #mer12:08
zhxtcheck each vm in the vm list,12:09
sledgesaaaah not the first one!12:10
yuntaoh, I didn't know qtcreator checks vbox12:11
zhxtbefore it only checks a the first one.12:11
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yuntadid you push (mr?) it to repo?12:13
zhxtI had pushed to here:
*** slaine has joined #mer12:14
zhxtwould you please review ?12:14
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CosmoHillhi slaine12:15
slaineEvening all12:15
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yuntazhxt: what about using "\r?\n" instead of ugly ifdef?12:27
*** pvilja has joined #mer12:28
zhxtyunta: new line under windows is different .12:28
yuntathat's why "?"12:29
yuntamakes \r optional12:29
yuntashould catch "\r\n" and "\n" on all systems12:29
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zhxtyes, it's not like that? let me check.12:30
zhxtyunta: i think i had misunderstand that just now. hehe12:33
*** Adityab has joined #mer12:33
yuntaI'm not saying your code is wrong. I'd just go for universal logic that works on all systems.12:33
zhxtyunta: that should be fine.12:33
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zhxtyunta: I'm not very familiar with RegExp, is this right?  QRegExp regexp(QString::fromLatin1("\r?\n"));12:39
yuntaLooks right to me, but I never used qt regexp. Does it work? :)12:40
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC12:41
zhxtyunta: let me have a try.12:42
*** XenGi has joined #mer12:42
zhxtyunta: E?Matches zero or one occurrences of E. This quantifier means The previous expression is optional, because it will match whether or not the expression is found. E? is the same as E{0,1}. e.g., dents? matches 'dent' or 'dents'.12:44
zhxtyunta: from qt docs.12:44
yuntaso in our case \r is optional, \n is required12:46
zhxtyunta:  yes, tried, It work on linux.12:47
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zhxtworks :p12:47
*** Martix has joined #mer12:48
yuntaso how does the code look now?12:50
zhxtwait a little, I push it to repo.12:51
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zhxtyunta: pushed.12:52
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zhxtyunta: ?12:55
yuntait's better, but12:55
zhxtI made a wrong sentence.   :(12:56
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC12:56
zhxtyunta: but ?12:56
yuntahonestly, I don't know what d->processOutput looks like, but it seems like the loop shouln't be needed at all if we just fix the original regexp12:56
*** Shaan7 has joined #mer12:56
zhxtyunta: yes. I think so.12:57
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zhxtyunta:  I can show that output on my pc, So I think you can do that with Regexp.13:00
*** phdeswer has joined #mer13:01
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zhxtyunta:  that output like this:
*** Martix_ has quit IRC13:05
yuntaor even better:13:10
yuntawith this you don't need the loop13:11
yuntaso it's 5-character fix to original code13:11
yuntaif it works :)13:11
zhxtlet me test13:11
yuntathe problem with original code is that ^ means beginning of string13:12
yuntaand what we need is beginning of line13:12
*** Aristide has quit IRC13:12
yunta(any line of input)13:13
*** KaIRC has joined #mer13:13
yuntaI don't know how to denote it better with qt than (^|\n)13:13
zhxthmm.... I just copied the second regexp you typed here, and it works.  :)13:17
zhxtyunta: so, what that '|' mean ?13:19
*** jayrulez has joined #mer13:20
yunta| means "or"13:21
zhxtyunta: Got that.13:22
yuntaso, in our case the thing on the left side of "MerSDK" has to be new line character or start of string13:22
zhxtyunta: yeah.13:23
zhxtyunta: you're so great. : )13:24
yuntalol, *you* are great, you found the problem and fixed it13:24
sledgesfellows, Mer SDK tab is blank in qtcreator, because something set QT_NO_WEBKIT. I have in place (Arch Linux)13:26
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer13:28
*** jpetrell has quit IRC13:28
zhxtyunta:  you  the most easiest way to fix it,  I leaned a lot.13:29
zhxtyou give ... :p13:31
yuntazhxt: please don't forget to submit it upstream13:34
*** panda-z has joined #mer13:37
zhxtyunta: sorry for the delay, answered a phone call just now.13:40
sledgesfellows, another issue, worked around (at the bottom of):
zhxtyunta: hmm.... Can you do that? honestly, I am not sure how to put it upstream...13:43
sledgesyunta, where is the repo where I could add a symlink of sdk-webapp.service to /etc/systemd/system/ ? just under ?13:47
*** reels has joined #mer13:48
zhxtyunta: I mean to the origin mer-qt-creator.13:49
*** thetet has quit IRC13:50
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henrik_sledges: that should fix the missing symlink issue14:06
*** jukkaeklund___ has quit IRC14:06
sledgesthank you henrik_ , is there a way I could watch when it's accepted?14:07
*** jotik has quit IRC14:09
henrik_well i guess one source is that link. Another way would be pining lbt :)14:09
henrik_ping... not pinning14:10
*** jotik has joined #mer14:10
sledgesi'll pin him down :D14:10
sledgesyup, was about to write, all left is waiting for lbt_ ;)14:11
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sledgeszhxt, you should create a merge request on gitorious to the originating mer-qt-creator project14:30
*** panda-z has quit IRC14:31
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sledgesaportale, is "Enable merge requests?" checked under mer-qt-creator ?14:56
* aportale looks14:56
*** ridikulus_rat has joined #mer14:56
zhxthi, aportabel.14:57
*** ridikulus_rat has quit IRC14:57
*** ridikulus_rat has joined #mer14:57
sledgeswe're experiencing some gateway badness here with zhxt (trying to merge request)14:57
zhxtcan you fix it directly.14:57
*** ridikulus_rat has left #mer14:57
aportalesledges: It wasn't but is now. Thanks for noticing.15:00
aportalezhxt: Any news about the VM connection issues?15:03
sledgeszhxt found the problem and yunta helped to purify the fix for it \o/15:04
zhxtaportale:  I found the reason. yunta show the easiest way to fix it.15:04
aportalesledges: Cool! So, some networking flags in the Qt Creator code?15:04
zhxtnow, I'm doing a merge request. or you can change it directly there.15:05
sledgesvm worked only if MerSDK was the first in VirtualBox.xml file15:06
sledgesthe fix gets rid of this limitation, well spotted!15:06
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*** Jucato has joined #mer15:07
mardychriadam: hi! I just had a look at the QML bindings you wrote15:07
aportalezhxt: Excellent find. Thanks for the patience, and sorry for the trouble.15:08
mardychriadam: they are generally good, under what licence are they distributed?15:08
*** Adityab has quit IRC15:10
mardychriadam: there are two things I would change:15:10
zhxtaportale: happy to do that.  : )15:11
mardy1) you mapped the whole API to QML, while I know that some informations are not usually needed and we might deprecate them, so the API could be simplified a bit15:11
aportalezhxt: Either way of merging the fix is fine. If creating a merge request is too much hassle I can just apply the patch.15:12
mardy2) I would make the AccountService items be a QAbstractListModel15:12
*** blauzahl_ has joined #mer15:12
mardychriadam: ^15:12
zhxtaportale: okay15:16
*** FSCV has joined #mer15:18
*** RhymeswA has joined #mer15:18
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kontiovesse: fyi:
*** Aristide has joined #mer15:24
*** reels_ has joined #mer15:28
zhxtaportale: did you patch it?15:29
*** reels has quit IRC15:30
aportalezhxt: Not yet. I understood you had a patch. I can create a fix, of course.15:31
zhxtaportale: okay , you do this.15:32
aportalezhxt: No problem. I will assign that task to aurindam (who wrote the VBoxManage code)15:33
*** Hoolxi has quit IRC15:33
zhxtaportable: okay.15:34
sledgesaportale, zhxt's patch is essentially 5 character fix (ignore commits in between):
*** [ol] has joined #mer15:37
aportalesledges: Cool, thank you!15:37
sledgesI wonder if gitorious discards the bits in between (when merge requests actually _works_ :) though)15:37
aportalesledges: I am also curious to see how gitorious handles merge requests.15:38
sledgeshope this awesomeness hits the fan soon ;) if aurindam is not sleepy15:38
sledgesno-one has seen it yet, we ran into errors (ending commit cannot be blank etc) boh!15:39
sledgesa pandora's/black box i tell ya :))15:39
zhxtwhat does this mean: "Ending commit can't be blank"15:39
*** yunta has quit IRC15:41
*** Aristide has quit IRC15:42
*** raignarok has quit IRC15:42
zhxtaportale, sledges: yeah, yunta is so great!15:42
*** Martix_ has joined #mer15:42
*** veskuh has joined #mer15:43
*** Superpelican has joined #mer15:44
*** edgar2 has quit IRC15:45
aportalesledges, zhxt : I'll be back online in an hour. If merge request won't work, I can cherry-pick that fix.15:46
aportalesee you later15:46
*** aportale has left #mer15:46
*** raignarok has joined #mer15:49
zhxtaportable: okay, see you later.15:49
zhxtwell, I don't want to waste other people's time, so you just fix it.15:50
zhxt: )15:50
*** blackfoot has quit IRC15:54
zhxtaportale: that's ok. : )  sorry for my english. :p15:55
*** Martix_ has quit IRC15:55
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sledges/me is off for a weekend, hope to check back in during it18:02
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC18:04
*** jollafan has joined #mer18:05
*** Aristide has joined #mer18:05
AristideHi !18:05
AristideWetab is compatible with SDXC ?18:05
*** NeuhNeuh has joined #mer18:07
NeuhNeuhx) Sorry for disconnect18:07
CosmoHillyou will me *shakes fist*18:08
*** Aristide has quit IRC18:10
*** Aristide has joined #mer18:12
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jollafanSeriously can't wait to buy a jolla phone...18:12
*** ridikulus_rat has joined #mer18:13
*** pvilja1 has joined #mer18:14
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CosmoHilljollafan: your nick is a give away18:14
*** edgar2 has joined #mer18:15
jollafanmy second N900 is starting to show it's age!18:15
CosmoHillI've had two nokida18:17
CosmoHillcracked screens on both18:17
*** pvilja has quit IRC18:17
jollafanMine seem to keep losing the cellular antena for some reason...18:18
jollafanor maybe it's the a loose connection to the SIM card, not quite sure.18:19
jollafanboth still work great as internet tablets though.18:22
CosmoHilli like sony's18:23
CosmoHilli have a htc now18:24
*** pvilja has joined #mer18:25
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jollafanLong live meego!18:26
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vessekontio: thanks. i was out of the office for today so i'll check that in on monday. sorry for the delay.18:55
kontiovesse: no hurry :-)18:56
vessebtw you don't need to close the pull requests, if you just push to the same branch the pull req will automatically update18:57
*** pvilja1 has joined #mer19:04
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kontiovesse: I rebased and one commit is a little different, so I had to delete the remote branch, and that closed the pull request...19:20
*** pvilja has joined #mer19:21
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rcgon nexus 7 there is the problem that the file size is limited for flashing to userdata19:37
rcgthe ubuntu guys circumvent this issue by shipping an image that contains a tar.gz that is extracted on first boot19:37
rcgthey seem to do this via a initrd or something19:38
rcgactually i need to re-check this part19:38
rcgmy idea now would be to have something like a static binary or something for doing "tar -xzf ..."19:38
rcgi.e. on first boot extract a, lets say plasma-active, tarball into the rootfs19:39
*** jpwhiting has quit IRC19:39
*** jpwhiting has joined #mer19:40
*** jpwhiting has joined #mer19:40
rcgwhat would be the best way to create such a static "tar -xzf ..." capable binary?19:40
rcgthe, admittedly pretty hazy, idea right now is to have a flashable image that contains the plasma-active rootfs in a tar.gz plus a static binary. this binary should then be used on the first boot to extract the root-fs.tar.gz, e.g., by being called via init=/foo/extract-my-stuff19:42
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SpeedEvilappend the tar file to the executable, and pass tar the right flagfs20:00
*** popey has quit IRC20:00
SpeedEvilor don't be weird20:00
SpeedEviland just use an initfs20:01
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rcgalright, what would be the best way to create an initrd for mer then?20:16
rcgpreferably something that can perspectively also be done via cobs20:17
rcgto be honest i find that size limitation for flashing rather silly... archos g9, e.g., simply exports the data partition such that it can be mounted via usb20:18
rcgbut well.. gotta live with what i got...20:19
*** phdeswer has joined #mer20:19
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rcgah wait.. the n9 moslo is an initrd iirc20:23
rcgand it can be built via cobs20:23
*** msjen has joined #mer20:24
*** notmart has quit IRC20:25
dm8tbrrcg: actually the whole 'moslo' concept is much older than moslo and we had it on archos hardware before too20:26
rcgdm8tbr, i see... my problem is that i am not that familiar with creating an initrd so i am looking for some "template" like thing that i can start off with20:28
rcgand apparently the nexus 7 storage can only be accessed via fastboot which has that silly size limit20:28
*** msjen has quit IRC20:28
dm8tbrboth moslo source and openAOS boot menu source are public20:28
rcgi already had the n9 moslo cloned in my cobs project as well :)20:29
dm8tbrfor mass storage we just use the appropriate gadget driver in combination with musb20:29
*** Adityab has joined #mer20:29
rcgjust forgot that i can use this as basis20:29
rcgthere is also already a working busybox build20:31
rcgbut thanks for the heads up :)20:33
*** jayrulez has joined #mer20:33
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rcghmm, well.. first attempt to boot into moslo on nexus7.. kernel and initrd loaded via fastboot seems to work22:13
*** ian--- has joined #mer22:13
rcgof course the whole moslo script is tailored to n9 so there is not much working but i get at least some repeating error messages :)22:13
faenilrcg, cool :D22:13
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CosmoHillnight night22:47
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rcgdm8tbr, do you happen to know if there is an alternative to g_multi?23:46
rcgseems like the nexus 7 kernel doesn't like to be built with g_multi23:46
*** faenil has quit IRC23:49
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