Tuesday, 2012-12-04

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chriadammardy: ping: what's the intended usage of Identity::addReference() ?  is it basically a count of how many accounts rely on the identity for credentials (but surely that's only ever 1 or 0, since you can't enumerate existing identities from the database, from what I understand the only way to get an identity is from an existing account)?04:58
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chriadammardy: also, am I correct in assuming that whenever the api talks about "credentials id" it actually means IdentityInfo::id() ?05:05
chriadamor is it the Identity::id() ?05:09
chriadamactually, why does IdentityInfo even exist, given that each Identity has only one IdentityInfo associated with it?  can IdentityInfos be shared between identities?  that seems strange though - if so, why would the identities need to be separate...?05:16
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chriadamalso, is Identity::signOut() equivalent to: foreach (created session) { identity->destroySession(session); } ?  or is it something more than that?05:30
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situMorning everyone06:12
Bostikaye, morning06:13
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situBostik: How's the status of compiling QtWebkit ?06:20
Bostiksitu: still the same, I've had no time to work on it since weekend06:20
Bostika rather nasty project eats from one side and family from the other...06:21
situor may be you didn't have access to a big screen :P06:21
Bostikoh I have the screen here alright, just not enough time to use it properly :/06:23
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chriadammardy: hrm, and is "verifyUser()" basically just "obtain secret from user via ui popup, then call verifySecret(obtainedSecret)" ?07:13
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Bostikdaughter woke up hungry, and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth08:11
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mardychriadam: IIRC, yes08:18
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davidqihi forks,do you know how to check the journal of #mer on some day?08:20
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davidqi大家好,试试中文 :)08:21
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kulvedavidqi: there are irc logs and the URL was at the topic at some point but I guess somebody has messed it up08:23
kulveStskeeps: ^08:23
Stskeepsmerproject.org/logs ?08:24
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kulveyeah, I guess the URL "http://merproject.org/meetings" in the topic should be "http://merproject.org/logs"08:28
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*** Stskeeps changes topic to "The Mer Project - http://www.merproject.org | http://wiki.merproject.org/ | Contribution to packages: http://bit.ly/tJUL43 | Building against Mer in COBS: http://bit.ly/v4riNg | This channel is logged, http://merproject.org/logs | To see what you can help with, http://bit.ly/L9v3nR | Meetings: http://bit.ly/yP9Jg6 | IRC guidelines: http://bit.ly/xK6IRv"08:29
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kulveStskeeps: you don't need to +o yourself for that as you can ask chanserv to set it directly ;)08:29
kulveset the topic I mean08:29
Stskeepsyeah but no tab completion ;)08:30
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kontiovesse: fyi: https://github.com/leonidas/qa-reports/pull/20 let me know if you have some concerns, thx.12:12
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aportaleAnyone here who uses Windows as development host and Mer in VBox?14:30
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Stskeepsi don't, but i'd be happy to hear about any issues14:31
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lbtaportale: harri14:34
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lbtaportale: good ??? afternoon?14:34
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aportaleStskeeps: Issue #1: When executing 'sb2 -t foo qmake' it stderrs "/lib/ld-linux-armhf.so.3: No such file or directory"15:03
aportaleStskeeps: And indeed that file does not not exist15:03
Stskeepsthat sounds like a broken sysroot :)15:04
Stskeepsor, that it's a symlink atm15:04
Stskeepsit should be a symlink to ld-linux.so.3 for us atm15:04
aportaleStskeeps: So, copying should fix it. I'll try15:04
* aportale boots Windows15:05
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aportaleStskeeps: Should ld-linux.so.3 be somewhere in the target?15:16
aportaleStskeeps:: It actually is when installing that target on Linux15:17
aportaleStskeeps: along with the heavily missed ld-linux-armhf.so.315:18
aportaleStskeeps: Seems to be a shared Mer-target vs. ntfs issue15:18
Stskeepsaportale: yes, it doesnt seem to understand symlinks for some reason15:19
aportaleStskeeps: Perhaps we should install targets inside the VM when using Windows15:19
Stskeepsi'm inclined to agree15:19
aportaleStskeeps: And I can imagine that OSX's HFS or whatever will cause its own set of issues.15:20
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aportaleStskeeps: Would the target become ultra huge if we use plain copies instead of links?15:22
aportaleStskeeps: The web-based target management tool could detect an ntfs system and use copies instead of links15:22
Stskeepsshouldn't be too insane i would think15:23
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aportaleStskeeps: Somehow I managed to de-link the whole target and -voilà- it works on Windows :)17:01
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rcghmmm kulve i need to bug you once more18:53
*** kallecarl has joined #mer18:53
rcgmy kernel keeps looking for /dev/sda1 even though i specify /dev/mmcsomething18:54
rcgseems like the kernel command line is overridden from the boot loader?18:54
kallecarlStskeeps: ping18:55
rcgah well.. nevermind18:56
*** jpwhiting_ has joined #mer18:56
rcgoverriding the kernel command line via fastboot does the trick18:56
rcgthat works at least for now...18:56
rcglater on i need to find a way to do this with the flashed kernel image18:57
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rcgit's interesting how you keep fighting a problem over several days and once you asked about this in some channel/forum/etc. you stumble across the solution by yourself just seconds later18:59
shmerlHi. Are there any instructions similar to these https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Platform_SDK_on_VirtualBox but for the case which skips VirtualBox (i.e. just regular chroot case on the Linux host)?19:00
shmerlI mean mostly integrating Qt Creator with such case.19:00
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC19:01
shmerlIf not, I think it's good to restructure it a bit, to explain both pathes, since VirtualBox shouldn't be required for all cases.19:03
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer19:03
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lbt_shmerl: no - but that is 100% a target - the problem at the mo19:15
lbt_ment is that the qtc stuff is done over ssh and assumes it is 'in' the SDK19:15
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lbt_aportale ^ this kind of flex is needed - hence the caution about putting too much into c++ in qtc19:16
aportalelbt_: In case you mean the ssh connection via the new c++-based wrapper: I think we still can add some code to the (now thinner) wrapper script on Linux which will in case use the chroot.19:21
lbt_*nod* ... not looked in detail yet :)19:22
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aportalelbt_: although I think that for the chroot case, we should have a Linux-only setting in the Mer options UI and completely bypass the wrapper script madness.19:30
*** Morpog has joined #mer19:30
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shmerllbt_: But it in theory it should be able to work over ssh on the local host without a need to run the VM, right?19:33
shmerlSo VM can be optional.19:33
lbt_shmerl: the code, as it is today, won't work19:33
shmerlYeah, I mean in theory.19:34
*** jayrulez_ has quit IRC19:34
shmerlOn the Linux host there is no point for extra overhead. Qemu alone is already quite taxing.19:34
shmerlSo it's a good to have option.19:34
lbt_yes - totally19:34
lbt_and all the git is open - so patches welcome (if you're a C++ hacker)19:35
shmerlI can take a look out of curiosity. I didn't try to built the Qt Creator yet.19:36
lbt_oh, you should19:36
lbt_it's easy19:36
lbt_do you have debian?19:36
shmerlYes, x86_6419:36
lbt_you don't *need* the qt4-private unless you want to play with Designer19:37
shmerlI see - I'll try that. But if ssh is the interface for the connection, I'm not sure why it cares at present whether it's VM or remote machine, or the same local machine. Unless some stuff is too hardcoded there.19:39
lbt_it ssh'es in and runs a command - that will run in the localhost19:39
shmerlAh, it has to run in the mounted chroot, right.19:40
lbt_it needs to ssh in and run '/path/to/sdk exec command'19:40
lbt_mer-sdk-enter has an exec option which dtrt19:40
shmerlYou could make a trick with using the same chroot inside the VM though.19:41
shmerlThen the method could be uniform19:41
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shmerlOther way to do it, is to write a small server which would just executed what's passed to it, while running inside the chroot.19:45
shmerlUnless it's an overkill.19:46
shmerlWhat about running ssh from chroot on a custom port?19:47
shmerlAnd then connect to that.19:47
shmerlIt won't run it on pure localhost anymore.19:47
aportaleshmerl, lbt: I need to run. In case you have an idea, could you write that down and let lbt_ mail it to me? Bye :)19:48
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lbt_shmerl: I'd rather avoid the overhead19:57
lbt_define the type of SDK (chroot, lxc, vbox ...)19:58
shmerlWell, if you can make the sdk-enter to take all that in account - that would be ideal.19:58
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lbt_(sorry, I'm in a training course in US atm so not 100% here)19:59
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