Wednesday, 2012-12-05

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CosmoHillnight night00:07
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tofushello. is anyone here02:49
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tofusjust wanted to ask something what do you need to post mer to another phone. Apart from the kernel source, do you need anything else02:51
lbt_mainly any graphics drivers and sometimes other HW drivers02:53
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tofusahh okay. i had read aout htc dna releasing their kernel source. so was wonder wether it might be possible to try ad get mer running there02:55
lbt_yes, but it depends what you want to run02:55
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tofus@lbt: could you expand on that a bit02:55
lbt_gimme a sec02:55
tofus@lt thank you02:55
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chriadammardy: ping: looking at the Identity documentation for the storeCredentials() function: what does "If default value is used for the parameter the Identity object stores the internally stored information, e.g. the IdentityInfo object used to create a new identity using Identity::newIdentity()" mean, exactly?03:03
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lbt_tofus: hey03:56
lbt_so, mer is typically aimed at people/companies that have hardware and drivers for it03:57
tofusahh okay03:57
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lbt_we provide the stack from just above the kernel to the X/Wayland/Qt layer03:57
lbt_then you add a hardware adaptation layer and a UI layer03:57
tofusi see03:58
lbt_the HA layer is a kernel and possibly drivers for X/Wayland03:58
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tofusso what part of the equation has htc released03:58
lbt_personally I don't know03:58
lbt_probably enough to get Mer running to non-accel X/Qt03:59
tofusso that would mean that i could get it till a terminal session?03:59
lbt_which is actually very usable - but not a great use of such a device03:59
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lbt_yes, almost certainly03:59
lbt_then - if you want to get into some real hardcore hacking ... there's more...03:59
tofuscould you expand a bit on that?04:00
lbt_we're looking at a mechanism to take android 3D drivers and link them into glibc space04:00
lbt_google libhybris04:00
tofusbut isnt that blobs? till now no one has released eith a open source version or documention for gpu's04:01
lbt_yeah :)04:01
tofusdoes mer allow for blobs in it? :O04:01
lbt_we are pragmatic - the FSF would not approve ;)04:01
tofusahh okay04:02
lbt_OTOH we do significantly increase participation in OSS - so we feel we're making very good progress04:02
lbt_right - need to go now ...04:02
lbt_I'll be around l8r or Stskeeps will04:02
tofusthank you for the explaantaion i appreciate it very much :)04:03
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jayrulezlbt_ have you had a look at genode os framework?04:07
jayrulezgood morning04:11
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situMorning everyone05:25
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CosmoHillSnow! \o/07:29
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iekkuwho where?07:30
CosmoHillEssex UK07:31
CosmoHilli took a picture before my dad drove in it07:31
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situCosmoHill: Nice one07:39
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CosmoHillthat's what i saw when i opened the curtains07:39
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CosmoHilljust got a text from someone with a smart phone "R U ready?"07:40
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mardychriadam: if you call storeIdentity() with no parameters, then the IdentityInfo which will be stored will be the one passed to Identity::newIdentity()07:57
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* CosmoHill returns11:54
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zhxthi, everyone13:37
zhxtwhat is the most possible reason for "VM is not registered"13:37
zhxtwhen adding target to MerSDK?13:38
zhxtany advices?13:43
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aportaleyunta: ping.13:48
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aportalezhxt: You mean when using the Options dialog in Qt Creator?13:59
zhxtaportale: yes14:00
aportalezhxt: Is your VM called exactly "MerSDK"?14:00
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aportalezhxt: If not, you can adjust the name in the "Virtual Machine" tab14:01
zhxtyes, MerSDK.14:01
aportalezhxt: Did you try the "Test Connection" button14:02
zhxtyeah, I tried.  It always say "VM is not registered".14:03
*** Jucato_ is now known as Jucato14:03
zhxtsays.   :P14:03
*** pvilja has joined #mer14:04
aportalezhxt: Can you manually connect to the VM?     ssh -p 2222 mersdk@localhost14:05
*** drussell has joined #mer14:05
zhxtyes, I can connect to VM using command line.14:06
zhxtaportale: then ?14:07
aportalezhxt: I am wondering what goes wrong. The errormessage is certainly misleading.14:07
aportalezhxt: You use Linux, right?14:08
zhxtyes, openSUSE 12.214:08
* CosmoHill orders business cards :)14:12
zhxtaportale: I have deleted that target and tried again, then I got an error: "VM is not running".14:13
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aportalezhxt: A Mer target?14:13
zhxtno,  nemo target.14:13
aportalezhxt: Any target should ideally not interfere with VM connectivity.14:14
*** dcthang has joined #mer14:14
aportalezhxt: But the "Mer mode" in Qt Cerator works, right?14:15
zhxtI'm not sure what it is supposed to be. when I clicked MerSDK button  on the left bar,14:16
*** Morpog has quit IRC14:16
zhxtnothing found in the right.(main view)14:17
*** HazardousWaster has joined #mer14:17
aportalezhxt: Ok, I meant that.14:17
zhxtexcept a blank gray window.14:17
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aportalezhxt: Another approach.. do you have VBoxManage in the path?14:18
*** pirut has joined #mer14:18
zhxtyou mean that cmd: VBoxManage ?14:19
aportalezhxt: Yes14:19
*** ian_brasil has joined #mer14:19
*** jpwhiting__ has joined #mer14:19
zhxtyes, I have that cmd.14:19
aportalezhxt: What is the output of "VBoxManage list vms"?14:22
zhxtwait a little14:22
zhxtzhxt@openSUSE:/srv/mer/targets/nemo_n9/bin> VBoxManage  list vms14:23
zhxt"WindowsXP" {e13040c9-c9a0-49f8-bd46-b806413e1a05}14:23
zhxt"MerSDK" {aa67a8a7-41b0-4a28-bfd0-cefdb3ecf22e}14:23
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aportalezhxt: I am trying to follow what Qt Creator does. Sorry for the slow answers..14:27
aportalezhxt: If you have time, can you paste the output of "VBoxManage showvminfo MerSDK --machinereadable"?14:27
*** Morpog has joined #mer14:28
aportalezhxt: on a paste-board, ideally :)14:28
*** yunta has quit IRC14:30
zhxtaportale: here it is:
zhxthere is it. :p14:31
sledgesfellows, I can objdump from glibc-2.15-2.14.armv7hl.rpm but I cannot objdump from glibc-debuginfo-2.15-2.14.armv7hl.rpm - it just prints     file format elf32-littlearm14:31
sledges and quits14:31
Stskeepssledges: install cross-armv7hl-binutils14:31
Stskeepsand /opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-objdump maybe14:31
Stskeepsalso, .debug is just Debug info14:31
sledgesI am using another cross compiler14:32
sledgesis it? I thought so! but it has ELF header etc14:32
sledgesso got confused14:32
Stskeepsyes, it's just stripped out14:32
aportalezhxt: Looks all correct. I was interested in the exact strings SharedFolder* and Forwarding*14:32
zhxtaportable: you mean that could be a reason?14:34
sledgesthanks Stskeeps14:34
aportalezhxt: They look as expected, so I do not believe they are the reason14:34
*** yunta has joined #mer14:35
zhxtaportale: when I set VB to enable symlinks, I have run that cmd wrong the fist time.14:37
zhxt VBoxManage setextradata MerSDK VBoxInternal2/SharedFoldersEnableSymlinksCreate/home 114:38
yuntaaportale: pong14:38
zhxtI missed a word "Create" in "SharedFoldersEnableSymlinksCreate",14:39
aportalezhxt: I don't think that would break the connectivity. But that is just a feeling14:39
zhxtaportale: yeah, maybe something else I did it wrong and I don't know it.14:42
aportaleyunta: Are/were you working on the SDK management tool?14:42
aportalezhxt: Last try.. can you paste me the content of this file ~/.config/QtProject/mer-dev-tools/mer_vm.config14:43
zhxtaportale: okay, wait a moment.14:43
aportaleyunta: I understood that you already perform stunts to workaround issues with the file links. Now on ntfs, there seem to be more of these issues.14:44
yuntano way...14:44
*** jpwhiting__ has joined #mer14:44
aportaleyunta: :D14:44
yuntalets take them on then14:45
*** hasselmm has quit IRC14:45
yuntawhat problems / are there bugs / who spotted them ?14:45
zhxtaportale: there is no dir named "mer-dev-tools" under ~/.config/QtProject14:46
aportaleyunta: Broken or missing files / Build breaks / me14:46
zhxtis that wrong?14:46
yuntaoh, so you are the brave soul that sacrificed itself for the good of mer (by installing windows)14:47
yuntawhat target did you use? did you try comparing target tarball content to installed tarball dir?14:47
aportalezhxt: Yes something went wrong. But your settings look OK to me. I unfortunately need to pass on this one for today. I would ask aurindam (who is not online right now) to get back to You to nail down the issue. Is that OKO?14:48
zhxtYes, exactly.14:48
zhxtThank your very much, aportale.14:49
*** jpwhiting___ has joined #mer14:49
*** jpwhiting__ has quit IRC14:49
zhxtyunta: me?14:50
yuntazhxt: no, sorry, I missed prefix. I meant aportale14:50
zhxtyunta: okay. : )14:51
yuntazhxt: but it seems you also have some problem with mer sdk vm?14:52
aportaleyunta: Yes, I took that challenge :) I believe I used When comparing the original tar and the unpacked content on ntfs, some files/dirs are missing and some are just 0-byters14:52
aportalezhxt: Thank You for your time aswell. These error reports are very useful.14:52
yuntaaportale: can you share "df | grep /dev/root" output from  your vm ? (hardlink workaround is really nasty....)14:55
yuntazhxt: can you connect to your vm with ssh?14:57
zhxtyunta: sorry for the delay.14:57
*** jpwhiting___ has quit IRC14:57
zhxtyunta: yes, I can connected to VM via ssh. but not in qt-creator.14:58
*** jstaniek has quit IRC14:58
*** Aurium has joined #mer14:59
*** yashshah has joined #mer14:59
yuntazhxt: can you ssh to your virtual machine and run "netstat -l -n -p |grep 9292" there and paste the output here?15:00
zhxtyunta: okay, ==15:01
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC15:02
zhxttcp        0      0      *                   LISTEN      148/ruby15:02
*** jstaniek has joined #mer15:03
sledgesStskeeps, armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-objcopy --add-gnu-debuglink=../usr/lib/debug/lib/ ...-objcopy:stxNeDvO:: cannot create debug link section ...: Invalid operation15:04
zhxtyunta: is this right?15:05
yuntazhxt: did you try rebooting vm?15:05
yuntayes, it looks fine15:05
yuntain current version vm management app can hang if you network environment is unusual15:06
zhxtyes, I tried, but same as b4.15:06
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer15:06
*** brad_qqqqq has quit IRC15:07
zhxtyunta: what does 'unusual' mean?15:08
yuntayou mean you still can't see anything after clicking blue mer button?15:08
yuntain qtcreator15:08
zhxtyes, nothing.15:09
*** niqt has quit IRC15:09
zhxtjust a gray window.15:10
yuntado you use network proxy?15:10
*** VDVsx has quit IRC15:10
*** pvilja has quit IRC15:11
zhxtyunta: do I have to change my host ip to fit VM?15:12
yuntazhxt: can you try doing "zypper ref; zypper up" in your vm ?15:12
yuntazhxt: no, if your ssh works - it means your ip settings are fine15:12
yuntajust tell me if the zypper stuff worked or reported any error15:13
yuntaall seems fine :D15:13
yuntalets try different thing15:14
yuntaopen in your browser: http://localhost:8080/15:14
yuntaand tell me what it shows15:14
zhxtSDK control Center15:14
*** Superpelican has joined #mer15:15
zhxtCore repos point at version: 0.20121115.115:15
yuntaok, that is what you should see in qtcreator15:15
aportalezhxt, yunta: The fact that the web page does not appear in Qt Creator coould be anouther bug. zhxt, better use a browser and try
yuntaaportale: yes, it seems so15:15
aportaleyunta: lemme fix that, then.15:16
yuntagreat, because I have to leave now :)15:16
*** mdfe has joined #mer15:16
yuntasee ya later15:16
*** kjokinie has left #mer15:16
*** yunta has quit IRC15:16
zhxtaportale: same as what yunta tell me to do.15:16
zhxttold. :p15:17
aportalezhxt: Yes :) I was slow at typing and did not read15:17
*** jpetrell has quit IRC15:17
zhxtaportale, yunta:  sorry for my English.15:17
zhxtyunta: thank you!15:19
*** phinaliumz has quit IRC15:19
*** spiiroin has quit IRC15:22
*** phaeron has quit IRC15:23
aportalezhxt: FYI I just pushed a fix to bring the SDK Control Center back into Creator. (But that won't hlep with the connection issues)15:26
zhxtaportale: So I can see that in qt-creator after update?15:27
aportalezhxt: Yes.15:28
*** jayrulez has joined #mer15:28
zhxtaportale: okay, have a try.15:29
zhxtaportale: yeah, I saw that.15:30
zhxtaportale: there is a upgrade button, do I need to upgrade?15:31
*** ravirdv has joined #mer15:32
aportalezhxt: Hmmm. I would ask the experts in this round. Last time I tried, some things did not work afterwards.15:32
*** sledges has quit IRC15:32
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zhxtaportale: OKay, thanks.15:34
*** lbt_ has joined #mer15:37
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*** lbt_ has joined #mer15:37
zhxtI have to leave now, cause it's midnight here.  I will be back tomorrow then.15:37
aportalezhxt: See you tomorrow :)15:37
*** jayrulez has quit IRC15:37
*** jayrulez has joined #mer15:37
zhxtaportale: see you tomorrow and thanks again. also to yunta.15:38
*** zhxt has quit IRC15:39
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sledgescould someone instruct me please how to successfully `objcopy --add-gnu-debuglink X.debug X` having OBS produced debuginfo and bin RPMs ?15:57
sledgeslbt_, ^15:57
*** himamura has joined #mer15:57
sledgesif you see backlog, it says "cannot create debug link section" "Invalid operation" using Mer SDK cross binutils 2.2215:58
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lbt_morning aportale16:17
lbt_sledges: can't look at that atm - can you log a bug?16:18
*** mdfe has quit IRC16:18
lbt_In US until friday and schedule is full - sry16:18
*** mdfe has joined #mer16:18
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sledgesnice globetrotting lbt_ , I'll file a MER bug then, ta!16:23
lbt_qt dev days - and a lot of interest in Mer :D16:24
lbt_we *like* Qt people!16:24
sledgesof course! that explains the silence :D mutual benefits, best of success in there!16:24
*** CissWit has quit IRC16:26
* sledges *likes* the idea of Mer gaining more traction than Yocto/OE in the end ;) coop on HA level would be welcomed though16:27
*** CissWit has joined #mer16:28
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sledgeshardware adaptation16:39
sledgesok, done and dusted with hope
Merbot`Mer bug 645 in meego-cross-armv7hl-sysroot "objcopy cannot attach debug info" [Normal,New]16:41
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rcgkulve, ping21:12
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kulvepeople should never ever leave irc once they have joined21:59
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* lbt looks for #hotel-california22:00
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shmerlkulve: Not everyone runs clients all the time. Not everyone even runs their computers all the time.22:03
*** Aristide has joined #mer22:03
shmerlSo I usually don't count on post now - see later approach in IRC.22:03
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crevetorl/win 322:13
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shmerlWhat is a normal way of entering the SDK. Should one always call mer-sdk-chroot mount (after the reboot)?22:50
*** RzR has joined #mer22:50
shmerlWhen I do it, I always get this:22:50
shmerlThis SDK ( /srv/mer/sdks/sdk ) is already mounted. If you are sure this is not an error and /proc/self/mounts has no mountpoints under it then remove /srv/mer/sdks/sdk/.sdkoptions and try again.22:50
shmerlSo I always need to remove /srv/mer/sdks/sdk/.sdkoptions22:51
Stskeepsi usually unmount and remount and think of lbt22:52
*** lbt has quit IRC22:52
shmerlSo it needs some polishing.22:53
shmerlI.e. it should detect that it's really not mounted, and remount without complaining.22:54
Stskeepsi think it might in an upgrade22:54
shmerlBy the way, what is currently the community OBS - or ?23:05
shmerlThis page mentions OBS:
shmerlSo what is the other one?23:06 is in progress23:08
shmerlAh, OK.23:08
shmerlI think Zephyr page referenced build.merproject.org23:09
shmerlI'll ask lbt for registering on the one then.23:10
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* CosmoHill barks23:16
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CosmoHillnight night23:49
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