Wednesday, 2012-11-21

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Bostikmorning indeed04:28
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situMorning all05:00
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Bostiklet's see how far I get with an article draft during this train trip...05:22
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* Stskeeps looks foward to diving into a big mug of coffee05:27
Stskeepsfor those who don't know, tosay a Mer based UI will be launched, video streaming from 11.00 finnish time at slush.fi05:29
Stskeepsjust so you can see what _you_ also can do with mer :)05:29
wmaroneI will be asleep :/05:32
kulvewhere's the information about the live video stream?05:32
wmaroneis there going to be an archive I can peruse during the day?05:32
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Stskeepswmarone: shoould be recorded06:00
Stskeepsi don't know details06:00
kulveI do hope the details (i.e. the url) magically appears before the event goes live..06:02
Stskeepsyeah.. i think JollaMobile twitter should keep people updated..06:03
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BostikRTL regular expressions?06:25
Stskeepstyping in pocket06:26
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sledgesgood early morning :)06:53
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dcthangwhat's the time there?06:59
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kulveyou mean here?07:03
sledges:) looking out for promised media event, but they are having tech diffs, now dm8tbr is needed and someone on-site with webcam ;)07:04
kulveaudio would be even more important than a video and for any decent audio you need to plug in the speaker's microphone07:05
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dcthangkulve: yep :)07:08
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kulvethe event is starting and the whole went down. Doesn't look too good07:26
kulvenow it loads slowly07:27
Stskeepsyou should see the cloak room situation07:27
Stskeepsit's comparable07:27
henai don't understand what's so hard about graceful web degradation07:30
dm8tbranyone seen a streaming url yet?07:34
specialnot yet.07:34
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niqtaccess denied
kulvethe event has started already and we are seeing nothing. Sucks07:38
specialit hasn't started.07:38
SKonstantin_Laptthe stream is offline07:39
SKonstantin_Laptdon't be afraid07:39
kulvespecial: it has. Just not the Mer part yet07:39
SKonstantin_Laptif there were something, I whould have been like tweeting like crazy07:39
SKonstantin_Laptand posting like OMFG this, OMG that07:39
SKonstantin_Laptso alright07:39
specialthat stream didn't come from any official source, as far as I'm aware?07:40
kulveSKonstantin_Lapt: you seem to be late, news sites are already telling interesting details07:40
specialkulve: per, the opening is in 20min.07:40
SKonstantin_Laptkulve: give me those details ?07:40
SKonstantin_LaptI'm at Slush07:40
SKonstantin_Laptin front of the main stage07:40
SKonstantin_LaptI'm not at the conference press ... Indeed :D07:41
kulvewell, good that there's still 18mins until the official opening. Maybe they'll fix the video by then..07:42
sroedalwhat's the live stream to follow?07:43
specialnot announced yet07:44
SKonstantin_Laptcrappy stuff with the music07:44
SKonstantin_Laptbut nothing interesting now07:44
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SKonstantin_Laptit is about to start07:52
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SKonstantin_Laptgo to #JollaMobile guys08:02
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mikhasslush slush slush slush slush!08:30
mikhaserm, I meant "moin" …08:30
Stskeepswelcome to slushicide 201208:31
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chriadamStskeeps: what's the livestream url - is there one up yet, or is that still being worked on?08:33
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ravirdvjust checked
ravirdvit says "Many Android(TM) applications will run on Jolla devices unchanged"08:40
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mikhasgive your best guys08:59
villevis this the official reception channel? ;-)09:00
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jfr_SK_Laptopvillev: #JollaMobile is better09:01
jfr_SK_Laptopvillev: a LOT of people talking about it09:01
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hanmaokunHi, all I am new here, have anyone have experience running Mer on BeagleBoard09:10
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jstaniekdo I see Carsten on the stage?09:22
sroedalI spied w00t as well09:23
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aifffJOLLA.COM  IS  OPEN09:47
Stskeepsyup, +09:48
CosmoHillooo, cool site09:48
CosmoHillwait a minute, it's just a fancy twitter feed09:49
CosmoHilloh wow you can move the UFO09:49
E-PStskeeps: nice!09:51
E-Pgreat show09:51
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dcthangand this one
CosmoHilllivestream doesn't seem to be working for me09:56
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kyyberiStskeeps: it was nice to see you (and Mer) on the stage as well10:00
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Venemo_N9Stskeeps, good stuff10:01
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Venemo_N9Stskeeps, how much of the UI is open?10:02
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Venemo_N9nah, middleware is open at least :)10:05
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kulvemer/nemo/whatever could use the Sailfish desktop to be more attractive for testing/developing10:13
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Venemo_N9kulve, we'll have a better homescreen in Nemo soon10:14
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Jucatonot at home atm so can't stream or load flash vids, so I have no idea and I have to ask: will jolla be based on mer or is it like basing on a fork of meego harmattan?10:21
Venemo_N9it's based on mer and shares middleware with Nemo10:22
Jucatooh, that's absolutely awesome10:23
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Bostikthat was neat, the demo effect hit the PA system and not the demo itself10:26
Bostikwhile the venue area clears a bit, it should be a good time for lunch10:27
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slaineright, I need a coffee after all that excitement10:29
Stskeepsi need a martini10:29
slainewell earned too10:30
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Bostiklbt: this Mer t-shirt is gold, those who *know* about the stack, are approaching willingly10:30
CosmoHillhi Bostik and slaine10:31
slaineHey CosmoHill10:31
Bostik'hoy there10:31
Bostikescaped the venue for food, much prefer waiting in table with room to spare10:32
CosmoHillspeaking of food, I'm off to get some milk10:33
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slaineoops wrong window10:35
slainesee, I need that coffee10:35
mja-no product launch today?10:36
* w00t wanders in and falls asleep under someone's desk10:37
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Stskeepsmja, ui and sdk10:37
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mja-stskeeps, great. will check out sdk in the evening. do you know if n950 binaries for running sailfish will be made available?10:39
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Stskeepsmja-, the n950 hw adaptation has some restrictions that make it problematic10:41
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sledgesabsolute compliments10:47
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lardmanStskeeps: any details on the N950 hw adaptation problems?11:41
Stskeepsthe license says commercial redistribution forbidden11:43
Stskeepsalong those lines11:43
lardmanoh I see, distribution rather than hw itself then11:44
lardmanany chance that might change?11:45
CosmoHillhey lardman11:45
lardmanhi CosmoHill11:45
lardmanWho wrote the hw adaptation? Jolla?11:46
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lardmanOh right11:48
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lardmanWhat about non-commercial redistribution...? Depends on the exact wording of the licence I imagine11:49
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Stskeepsthats usually ok but it's a bit grey11:51
lardmanso presumably one might be able to obtain N950 images11:51
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xmlich02what is special on mer brach of qt creator?
xmlich02what is different in there?12:12
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sledgescross compile easier?12:35
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Stskeepssame basis12:36
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vgrade_checks the news over lunch12:43
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Stskeepsvgrade_: hope it looks good12:45
vgrade_ NovaThor12:46
StskeepsST-E's one of the hardware vendors that supports sailfish os, yes12:46
vgrade_PVR versions I'm guessing12:46
Stskeepswork is ongoing for other chipsets too12:47
vgrade_good , lots of adaptation work12:47
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CosmoHilllinux is so much more fun with tv in the background12:48
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vgrade_does sailfish os include the MW:Shared stuff12:53
Stskeepsyes, nemo middleware12:54
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* Stskeeps smiles and now looks forward to be sleeping soundly tonight13:01
Stskeeps.. and then back to coding13:01
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Stskeeps ;)13:31
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crevetorHey ! Congrats all, Sailfish looks awesome :)14:41
crevetorCan't wait to try it on my N95014:41
timophthey're making it available to try on n9(50)?14:42
crevetortimoph: that's what I've read14:42
timophoh. nice14:42
timophtoo busy day at work. Had only time to quicky check the ui video14:43
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timophnice. the sdk release is tomorrow, right?14:44
Stskeepsdon't get your hopes too much up, fwiw14:44
Stskeepsthere's a lot of things that aren't yet worked out14:44
* timoph considers himself a realist14:44
Stskeepsand n950/n9 hw adaptation isn't as good as it can be14:44
crevetorStskeeps: oh I had a question : is gstreamer the multimedia pipeline of choice in mer ?14:46
timophnot really expecting to get a fully working system. just something to get a sense of the os and enable to write some piece of sw for it14:46
mja-is the sdk the sdk for writing end user apps?14:47
timophwiki mentions qt creator so I'd guess apps14:47
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mja-right so there'# going to be a jolla/sailfish target without too much of a hassle?14:48
timophI'd hope so14:49
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*** jstaniek has joined #mer14:49
mja-fingers crossed! I'll buy a pint to whoever writes a 101 of gettin qt creator with jolla target up and running from scratch :)14:52
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CosmoHillusing menuconfig on a 1680x1050 monitor showing 800x600 resolution makes all my other devices look really sharp afterwards15:24
*** qrwteyrutiyoup has joined #mer15:27
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*** harneet has joined #mer16:59
*** jusa_ has joined #mer16:59
harneeti want to know about sdk for sailfish16:59
situTomorrow there's going to be a session about Sailfish SDK at Slush.17:01
kulvetime to add the QA page to the topic? :)17:01
harneetbut i want to download sdk17:01
*** ced117 has joined #mer17:01
harneetsitu whats ur name ?17:01
RaYmAnit's quite clear on the site that it's not available for download yet :)17:01
harneetanyone android developer here >17:02
*** nemik has joined #mer17:02
RaYmAnapp developer or?17:02
harneetbut qt software is available17:03
malves_infoharneet i'm android dev17:03
harneetapp or platform17:03
nemikhello, i'm sorry for the noob question, but is there support in Mer for guten-print and using Linux print drivers either over USB or the network?17:03
malves_infothis moment i'm working for apps17:04
harneetmalves are u on fb17:04
harneeti want more help on android app development17:05
harneetpls give ur fb id17:05
malves_infosent on particular chat17:05
malves_infopls check17:05
*** jwhite has joined #mer17:06
*** ali1234 has quit IRC17:09
*** harneet has quit IRC17:10
*** boss14420 has joined #mer17:13
Chris__Can anyone confirm which root certificates are on sailfish?  Does it have all of the root certificates from NSS/Mozilla?17:13
*** faenil has joined #mer17:15
*** NIN102 has joined #mer17:16
*** fk_lx has joined #mer17:18
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*** jeremyb_ has joined #mer18:51
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*** ali1234 has joined #mer18:53
vgradelooks for videos of the days events18:53
*** Attie has quit IRC18:53
*** boss14420 has quit IRC18:54
wfirethere is an official channel on youtube18:54
wfirethat shows some cool stuff18:54
vgradewfire: cheers18:54
wfirehope that helps18:54
wfirewait aren't you on twitter as vgrade18:54
wfireI think I follow you18:54
wfiremaybe not18:55
*** nsuffys has quit IRC18:56
*** fk_lx has left #mer18:56
*** nsuffys has joined #mer18:56
*** Martix has quit IRC18:56
*** Martix has joined #mer18:57
CosmoHillwfire: stalker18:57
*** halVIII_ has quit IRC18:57
CosmoHillnot that I own a foot long telephoto lens >.>18:58
*** goldfrapper has quit IRC19:00
*** halVIII_ has joined #mer19:00
rantomCongratulations for Jolla-group19:02
*** halVIII__ has joined #mer19:03
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vgradeStskeeps: what devices did you have on stage19:49
*** XenGi has joined #mer19:49
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*** yashshah has joined #mer19:50
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Bostiksomething wrapped in tinfoil, but you can of course take a wild guess19:56
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer20:00
*** dijenerate has quit IRC20:00
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*** ali1234 has joined #mer20:05
ljpshould have been wrapped in newspaper20:06
ljpwould go with the fish theme better20:06
*** Ken_Young has joined #mer20:06
*** yunta has quit IRC20:07
ljpnice to see Joona figured so prominently20:08
*** Morpog has joined #mer20:09
*** mike7b4_lenovo has quit IRC20:09
crevetorStskeeps: the guy who talked about the guys who run sailfish on all sorts of devices at the beginning was you right ?20:10
*** dijenerate has joined #mer20:12
*** lardman|afk is now known as lardman20:19
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*** SouL_ has joined #mer20:24
Ken_YoungIs there a separate IRC channel for nemo, of is it appropriate to discuss that here too?20:25
vgradeKen_Young: HI, #nemomobile20:27
Ken_Youngvgrade, Thanks!20:27
vgradeKen_Young: good to see you in Mer as well :)20:27
*** melonipoika has quit IRC20:27
vgradeKen_Young: both projects have good links and common people20:28
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC20:28
Ken_Youngvgrade, Thanks again, I'm going to try to figure out how to port a couple of my apps to run atop nemo, as a stepping stone towards jollamobile.20:28
*** Morpog has quit IRC20:28
vgradecool, great news today20:29
*** Morpog has joined #mer20:29
Ken_YoungIndeed - I'm very excited.20:29
vgradethings may be a little quiet as most of the guys are at Slush but always help here and at nemomobile20:29
vgradewelcome aboard20:30
*** jstaniek has quit IRC20:30
*** jstaniek has joined #mer20:31
*** arcean has quit IRC20:32
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer20:33
*** carboncc has joined #mer20:40
Stskeepscrevetor: yes20:41
*** plfiorini has quit IRC20:41
crevetorStskeeps: ok :)20:42
Stskeepshow did you enjoy the show?20:42
*** plfiorini has joined #mer20:42
crevetorStskeeps: I liked it, I wish we could have seen more of the platform.20:43
crevetorStskeeps: but I haven't seen the video of the afternoon session20:43
*** lbt_ has quit IRC20:44
Stskeepsyeah, that one was much better20:44
crevetorStskeeps: I'm all the more motivated to continue working on fcam :)20:45
Stskeeps:nod: good20:46
crevetorStskeeps: is the UI fully QML ?20:46
Stskeepsfully qml20:46
Stskeepssome c++ in places but just qml plugins20:46
Stskeeps.. and it's qt420:46
Stskeepswhich makes it even more amazing :P20:46
Bostik...which to me is even more impressive20:46
Bostikknowing what the stack looks like beneath QtQuick 1.1 :)20:47
crevetorIs it gonna be available before any products ship ?20:47
crevetorI'd install it to my other N9 :)20:47
*** arcean has joined #mer20:49
*** dedis has joined #mer20:50
*** dedis has quit IRC20:53
*** carboncc has quit IRC20:53
*** rubdos has quit IRC20:53
*** jkepler has joined #mer20:54
Stskeepsevening jkepler20:54
*** khetzal has quit IRC20:55
jkeplerhi.  first time i've ever used irc.20:57
jkepleri'm curious about the mer project.  is there somewhere where an os can be downloaded for my nokia booklet 3g?20:57
*** yashshah has quit IRC20:58
wmaronethat's a pretty standard x86 netbook, isn't it?20:58
Stskeepsyeah, but has gma50020:58
*** rm_work has quit IRC20:59
jkepleri'm running lubuntu 12.1 on it right now.20:59
jkepleryup, gma500 is awful to deal with20:59
*** vpjapp has joined #mer21:00
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:00
Stskeepsjkepler: so you may get somewhere with llvmpipe21:01
ali1234fun fact: 12.10 uses llvmpipe by default for unity... but since you're using lubuntu i'm guessing that didn't work out to well?21:03
*** disco_stu_droid has joined #mer21:03
jkepleri went with lubunu simply because it was lighter, and there's limited memory21:03
ali1234by default = if you don't have a working driver21:03
*** disco_stu has quit IRC21:03
jkeplerso does the mer project have an iso that can be downloaded from their website?21:04
Stskeepsjkepler: so, mer's just a core21:04
ali1234lubuntu being light is kind of a myth :)21:04
Stskeepsyou combine it with a hardware adaptation21:04
Stskeepsand a ui21:04
*** disco_stu_droid is now known as disco_stu21:04
jkeplerah, thanks.  that's a bit beyond my pay grade.  i don't have the time to learn the coding to do either of those, at least not these days.21:05
Stskeepsyep - it's a bit special setup21:05
jkepleri guess i'll wait and just keep an eye out for what comes out of jolla or tizen21:06
*** lbt_ has joined #mer21:06
jkeplerthanks, everyone!21:06
*** jkepler has left #mer21:06
*** notmart has quit IRC21:06
*** dijenerate has quit IRC21:09
*** shmerl has joined #mer21:10
Stskeepsevening sherml21:11
shmerlCan anyone explain please (folks at #jollamobile weren't sure), if Sailfish is a generic layer of OS+UI built for more vendors to share and extend? Kind of Mer idea, but on a higher level. And is it fully open? If so, then Jolla's OS will be an extension of Sailifish, not Sailfish itself. And the extended part will contain the closed UI. Or Sailfish is referring to the Jolla's only release, with that very closed UI?21:11
Stskeepsnot sure how we can answer it better :)21:12
shmerlIt's for community questions list, to remove there what's already known.21:12
shmerlWell, I think I just asked there when no one who knew were around :)21:12
shmerlOr Jolla still didn't publish that info at all?21:13
FigureStskeeps: I still wonder do you ever sleep :D21:13
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC21:13
shmerlThanks for the presentation by the way.21:14
StskeepsFigure: i'm sitting in jolla hq21:14
shmerlOK, if it's still vague I'll leave it as a Q for Jolla in the list :)21:15
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:15
Stskeepsshmerl: first off, can you quickly enlighten me on the 'fully open' part of sailfish, what your source is?21:15
FigureStskeeps: fair enough :)21:15
*** lehtu has left #mer21:16
shmerlThere was some talk about having an open base for vendors to share. Which was a higher level than Mer.21:16
shmerlOne of the earlier Jolla videos21:16
shmerlThat's what I was asking.21:16
shmerlWhether it means Sailfish, or not.21:16
shmerlSince it's somewhat confusing.21:17
Figureshmerl: the mw level is nemo21:17
Stskeeps:nod: the key messages are what are said today, so consider that the current state21:17
*** aportale has left #mer21:18
shmerlOr to put it differently, is Jolla's personal release be a stock Sailfish, or an extension?21:18
Stskeepssailfish is practically mer core + nemo middleware (not ui) + sailfish ui21:18
*** zalan has quit IRC21:18
*** metallisto has joined #mer21:18
shmerlMakes sense. So basically Sailfish is Jolla only thing, right?21:19
*** dedis has joined #mer21:19
shmerlAnd in the future mer core + nemo middleware will be a base for vendors to share?21:19
Stskeepsno, sailfish is shared between vendors, but the specific licensing is under discussion21:19
shmerlI see. It's not so clear from
*** dedis has quit IRC21:20
shmerlBut even though it's shared it'll include some closed parts also (UI wise), or not?21:21
Stskeepsthe exact licensing is under discussion - let's see where things go21:21
shmerlOK, thanks, so it's undecided yet.21:21
Stskeepsit doesn't really make sense to keep the ui of a mobile OS to one vendor only21:21
Stskeepsif anything, today what's launched is the ui and the sdk21:22
Stskeepsmore to come21:22
shmerlThat SDK will include an OS image that will be pluggable into Mer SDK as well?21:22
Stskeepssysroot yes21:23
shmerlThat's good21:23
Bostikcatch you guys on slush-breakfast tomorrow?21:23
Stskeepspossibly.. we're erm, hacking atm21:23
*** parancibia has quit IRC21:23
vgradeStskeeps: hottub hacking :)21:23
Figurehacking the wiskey bottle open :D21:23
Stskeepsno, that's another part of the hw team21:23
FigureI hope you guys at least have single malt ;)21:23
Figuresince you've earned it21:24
*** nyl has joined #mer21:24
shmerlI hope some stuff will go upstream to Qt Creator at some point.21:24
Stskeepsnaturally - it's based on the mer qt creator work :)21:24
Stskeepsmaintaining own fork is hard work21:24
*** arcean has quit IRC21:24
Bostikand in case of Qt, counter-productive to the extreme21:25
*** ali1234 has quit IRC21:25
*** dijenerate has joined #mer21:25
*** hasselmm has joined #mer21:28
*** pvanhoof has joined #mer21:28
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer21:29
pvanhoofHi guys, does somebody know whether the Jolla team installs libtracker-sparql, qtcontacts-tracker and/or tracker on top of Mer to build JollaOS? I heard from hasselmm that this might be the case, so now im wondering ;-)21:29
Stskeepsprobably better for #jollamobile :) tracker isn't in mer core21:29
pvanhoofBut you don't know, Stskeeps ? me thinks all the jolla guys are partying21:30
*** Chris__ has left #mer21:30
*** jpetersen has quit IRC21:31
*** arcean has joined #mer21:32
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*** iceslide has quit IRC21:55
jstaniekStskeeps: hi, it was nice to see you on stage :)21:59
*** nyl has quit IRC21:59
Stskeepsjstaniek: thanks, i had hoped to only be behind the scenes, but i'm proud of my team and what we can do21:59
jstaniekStskeeps: is it possible to know if Sailfish is Qt4 or Qt 5 based?21:59
shmerlBringing the whole team there was nice.22:00
jstaniekyes, it's quite rare, too many emulate God mode of Jobs22:00
Stskeepsjstaniek: qt4, which is very impressive. join the qt5 effort at
*** iceslide has joined #mer22:01
jstaniekStskeeps: I was wondering since BB10 has a bit forked Qt 4 inside and they do not seem to know when qt5 support would come22:01
Stskeepsours is the same as in mer22:02
*** dijenerate has quit IRC22:02
jstaniekthere'll be many runtimes anyway...22:02
shmerlQt 5 isn't even officially released. Why would it go into production yet?22:03
jstaniekyeah, better not to wait with devices... and one year ago there was risk of large delay of qt522:04
jstaniekwhen Jolla worked on the stuff, I guess22:04
Stskeepsstill, the ui -flies-22:05
*** gabriel9 has joined #mer22:08
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Venemohey lbt_ what was on your T-Shirt in the Jolla video? I couldn't read it clear22:49
*** niqt has quit IRC22:54
*** dedis has joined #mer22:54
*** dijenerate has quit IRC22:57
yuntaVenemo: I believe it was: Unlike closed. Unlike before. Unlike the rest.22:58
Venemothanks yunta22:58
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC22:59
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