Tuesday, 2012-11-20

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CosmoHillnight night00:23
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situMorning all05:01
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lbt_morning all07:55
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kontiovesse, thx08:39
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henain the wiki (nemo/installing) there's...08:46
henaNOTE: Before you begin, assure that the device lock is disabled on the Harmattan installation (Settings>Security>Device Lock>Autolock)08:46
henawhat's the implication from this? what i'm wondering is, I have a n950 that asks for the security code which i don't know08:46
henai guess i can't bypass it with nemo (as i read from somewhere that harmattan flash can do that)08:47
Jopeyou need to reflash harmattan08:47
Jopewith the right switches08:48
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henaany idea where i can find the harmattan images? :)08:48
Jopethey're in the one click flasher08:48
Jopealong with the flasher08:48
JopeI guess you already tried 12345 for the secu code :-)08:49
henathe links to harmattan-dev.nokia are broken08:49
Jopeoh .. but hmm08:49
Jopenow I remember.. the one click flashers needed to be dug up from developers.nokia.com .. I guess that went to harmattan-dev then?08:49
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Jopeunforch I don't have that anywhere :-(08:51
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* Stskeeps yawns09:35
Bostiklate evening?09:38
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CosmoHillI'm continuing my CLFS build10:24
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* CosmoHill taps his hands on the desk waiting for the test suite to finish11:08
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sledgesonce I overtook a car, whose driver was tapping his middle finger as he held the steering wheel11:23
sledgesI wonder if he liked the tune or my driving style11:24
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CosmoHilli've had a 50 year old man in a passagers seat of a convertable stick up both arms and give me the finger11:26
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CosmoHillcos i beeped them, cos they make me stop quickly on the roundabout11:26
CosmoHillit was also my driving lesson11:27
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sledges:) a friend driver asked his mate to stick a foot on the accelerator and hold the wheel (on right-hand-side driving roads), just himself to stick his hands and legs out through the window while overtaking a car11:31
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CosmoHilli should OC my  computer cos test suites take so long11:51
sledgesleave test suites for testers :)11:55
CosmoHilli am a tester11:55
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sledgeswhoops :)11:55
CosmoHillI save my logs so others can compare to mine11:55
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CosmoHillhey, maplin are seeling a rpi starter kit12:02
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sledgeshow cool is that :) girlfriend just got Asus Transformer Pad, a candidate for Mer/KDE:PA :)12:05
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slaineHey CosmoHill12:45
CosmoHillhi slaine12:45
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CosmoHillsledges: two hours for ppl test suite14:12
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sledgeswhat's ppl?14:23
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sledgesyikes some math stuff :)14:38
* Stskeeps ponders14:39
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CosmoHillStskeeps: what are you pondering?14:40
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Stskeepslife, magic and launches14:42
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mikhasrocket launches? ;-)14:43
sledgesgood old game, SHA, and mikhas phrase :)14:43
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RaYmAnsledges: if it's a prime,then make sure to generate nvflash blobs before upgrading to jellybean..14:45
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RaYmAnwell,prime or any other tegra3 transformer14:46
sledgesRaYmAn, a good old TF101 only14:47
RaYmAnah, np then.14:47
RaYmAnthere's nvflash on all those :)14:47
sledgesS/N B70KAS...14:48
sledgesmain questions: should I OTA to ICS (HC currently), and what are multiboot options14:49
RaYmAnjust need wheelie then probably14:49
RaYmAnon those devices you can move between roms as you please14:50
RaYmAnthey can't block nvflash every14:50
RaYmAngrab wheelie for tf101 from androidroot.mobi to check which sbk it uses14:52
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sledgesjust have painful experiences with HTC Wildfire. OTA to 2.3 locked the bootloader 8)14:52
RaYmAnb70 revisions have two possibilities14:52
RaYmAnthey tried14:52
RaYmAnthey really did14:52
RaYmAnjust, they failed14:52
sledges*evil laugh*14:52
RaYmAnand nvflash it's in bootrom so nothing they can do :)14:53
sledgesI've seen Stephen Barker's kernel and KDE:PA videos, how good kernel/usable those I wonder14:56
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RaYmAnhaven't tried it so dunno14:58
RaYmAnnvidia does release tegra2 x11 drivers, but unsure how well they work14:59
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CosmoHilllbt_ enjoying your crapy internet? vgrade is15:00
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sledgesRaYmAn, apparently (and sadly) the pad does not charge - I'll check it myself in the evening (tried usb cable, supplied charger and docking station charging - nope :))15:29
RaYmAndamn :/15:30
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sledgeswonder if any known issues, but apparently we'll have to return for replacement15:30
RaYmAnI have some issues with mine where it will only charge if I uhm, turn it off completely and plug in charger15:30
RaYmAnit's usually their custom cable that breaks15:31
sledgesbut now we tried many "cables"15:31
RaYmAnthey switch it to 15v for proper charging and apparently that detection fails a lot :P15:31
RaYmAnit won't charge connected to a regular charger or usb port15:32
sledgeswhen it's completely powered off, does plugging charger cable power it on as well?15:32
RaYmAnit'll trickle charge when connected to a regular pc or third party charger, but only if the screen is off15:32
sledgesas in sleep or whole board physically powered off15:34
RaYmAnbut trickle charging is slow as hell :P15:34
sledgeswell just a call: she retried again, and it's working now15:35
sledgessounds like dodgy socket....15:35
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sledgeswill see for myself later on today15:35
RaYmAnyeah - those cables are so damn finicky and break easily15:35
StskeepsRaYmAn: remember to watch slush.fi tomorrow ;)15:38
RaYmAnStskeeps: ooh, sounds interesting..Got a time? :P15:39
StskeepsRaYmAn: 11.00 finnish time and for about 1-1/2 hours15:39
Stskeepsmer product / ui launch15:39
slaineStskeeps: how man hours ahead is that from GMT ?15:42
slaineWas about to say, 2 I think, thanks kulve15:42
slaineI'll be in f'ing meetings15:43
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sledgesUI is 3pm GMT15:57
lbt_SDK is 8am on thursday - get up early :)15:58
lardmanany info on livestreams yet?15:59
sledgeshope no silverlight :D16:01
sledgesand how they will handle huge bandwidth suction16:02
mikhas3pm, that's just between meeting for me16:02
mikhascoincidence? I think not!16:02
lardmanlive IRC transcription perhaps16:03
mikhassledges, I will start annoucing *wrong* streaming times in the interwebs so that my stream is stable ;-)16:03
mikhasor perhaps *you* already did, hm ;-)16:03
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sledgeswell I'm not streaming :) but yea, the times are totally wrong :))16:05
sledgesso what do you mean by saying "my stream" mikhas ? ;)16:05
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mikhassledges, simple: I hope to be the only viewer16:06
hyde...aren't there live streaming services on the web, which will take care of the bandwidth, you just need one pipe from the camera to them, and they take care of the rest? no idea what those cost, though16:06
sledgeshyde, I had the same thought and hope16:06
* dm8tbr would donate bandwidth and the streaming server if someone goes on site with a webcam and a laptop16:07
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hydehttp://www.primcast.com/streamingevents says $40 for 100mbit for two hours.... So, say, half mbit per viewer makes 20 cents per viever, paltry $200000 for million viewers.16:15
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dm8tbrhyde: as said. I can easily host a stream for a lot of viewers on my servers for free. did that for the devaamo jolla event already16:20
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hydedm8tbr: yeah, sure, I was just curious on what these things cost, so I dug up one example... and I doubt your servers and bandwidth go up to a million viewers for free ;)  (I don't know if that primcasts do either, mind you)16:23
hyde...I mean, if they go up to million viewers at all16:23
dm8tbrno, but I have the experience to know that I can easily scale to what Jolla can attract16:23
sledgeswould be good to have a fallback cast, faenil and Sfiet_Konstantin are on their way there now :)16:24
dm8tbris there really no organized streaming from the event?16:25
sledgesthere is16:25
sledgeswill be16:25
sledgesbut in case it falls over ;)16:25
hyde...as if that could happen. I don't remember a webcast which had problems, since... well, last time I watched a webcast like that ;)16:25
sledgesyeap, fingers crossed16:26
sledgesmany people will probably still watch recordings/excerpts only16:26
lardmanhopefully someone will also video it so it can be uploaded later on16:26
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*** Jade has joined #mer16:29
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dm8tbranyway. if someone wants to do it. prerequisites are: webcam, linux, 3G uplink. I should be online today/tomorrow/thursday sufficiently.16:30
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Bostikright.. first train to Hki tomorrow morning - Slush, here I come17:27
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mikhasand then … snow!17:30
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pqhah, not even a hope of snow here in southern Finland :-/17:46
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zuhhttps://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/149171_10151324630611798_238429609_n.jpg <- 9-day forecast for all major cities of Finland.18:02
zuhThe bright side is that the day is so short you don't usually even notice the weather until it's dark again...18:03
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rcg-workStskeeps, and all the other Jolla folks: I wish you great success tomorrow :D18:25
*** melonipoika has joined #mer18:26
rcg-workand a very good time for all the others attending... it's a shame I cannot make it.. but am looking very much forward to what you guys will show :D18:26
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