Sunday, 2012-11-18

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vi___is there anyone here who has ever sucessfully created a flashable emmc image for the n900 with fiasco-gen?00:02
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CosmoHillnight night01:19
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Macerso is there a clear cut way to install mer/active onto a tf101 yet?02:00
Macerseems not02:03
Macerno infomation anywhere about it at least on bing02:03
faenildon't think so Macer :/02:06
faenilthough you should ask Stskeeps when he's active ;) i.e. in 4-5 hours02:06
RaYmAnhow clear cut does it have to be? basic bringup with fbdev should be trivial. Getting accelerated drivers up is another matter02:07
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MacerRaYmAn: clear cut is running "" and it installs on your tf10102:11
RaYmAnboring :P02:12
Macerthat type of ease of install would bring end users to the project... something which it does not have02:12
* Macer is wondering if other than a pc and a few very niche tablets if mer even runs on anything02:16
* Macer points at the word niche02:18
Macerthere are probably like 500 n900s left.. nobody has an n95002:18
MacerN9 ... maybe.. but that is still rather niche02:18
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Macerand active (which is probably the only valid ui for a tablet) has a 10 line section on "installing on arm systems"02:19
specialyou might be interested in libhybris02:20
Macerpersonally i'm interested in anything that works on a tablet tht isn't android, windows, or ios02:21
Macersomething that still doesn't seem viable yet02:21
Macerunless it is some knockoff chinese tablet that is awful02:21
RaYmAntegra2 actually does have vaguely viable native x11 driver02:21
MacerRaYmAn: yeah but i've yet to see any tablet easily run mer as an alternative with any ui :)02:22
Macerso the question has to be asked... what is going on with the mer project? who would want to run mer on a PC?02:22
Macerthe focus i'm sure is "mobile devices" but there are few if any that can actually run it02:23
RaYmAnIt kind of seems like you've misunderstood what mer is02:23
Macernot really02:28
Macerit is a mobile/embedded base02:28
Macermeant to be a beginning point for starting a mobile platform02:28
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Macerpoint is... nobody or nothing uses it because there isnt any hardware for it :-)03:04
wmaroneMacer: ah, being extra-negative and/or trolling again I see03:21
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vgradeguys hi, old faces here03:40
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vgradeadaptation news all the time on here03:42
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Macerwmarone: no. not really. being honest. there is a difference.04:04
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wmaroneMacer: considering you aren't in here much I would be skeptical of your knowledge04:04
Macerbe as skeptical as you want. but. you can ask yourself a simple question. what hardware... runs mer.04:05
wmaroneAlso, suggesting that there has to be hardware "for" something like Mer or it is unsuccessful is to completely miss the point04:05
* Macer facepalm04:05
Macerthen what purpose would it serve? educational purposes only?04:06
wmaroneto be adapted to platform vendors that have hardware but need an OS04:06
wmaronebut unlike Android, Mer is not public-facing branding04:06
* Macer points up to the question... what platform is running mer?04:06
wmaroneMacer: why are you in here?04:06
Macerto see if there has been progress in implementing mer onto any type of mainstream or existing hardware.. i check back every few months or so04:07
wmaroneso you aren't in here for any constructive purpose04:07
Macerpointing out the fact there is a lack of progress is very constructive04:08
wmaroneof course, any "mainstream" adaptation likely would not be discussed in here04:08
wmaronesince that's vendor-specific04:08
Macerif you say so. if the mer project can get it running with collaboration with say.. plasma active... and show that it is a viable platform then it might gain traction04:08
wmaroneunfortunately, other than Jolla using Mer we have no evidence either way04:09
Macerthe problem is vendors already have drawn their lines04:10
Macerthe only hope for mer is to find something where they can either get closed blobs or manage to implement it on hardware which is open04:10
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Macerneither of which seems even remotely possible04:10
wmaroneMacer: that's not Mer's responsibility04:10
* Macer facepalms again04:11
Macerso you're expectin.. some random vendor to pop up.. and use mer for their base without promoting it whatsoever in order to show that it can work? :)04:11
wmaroneMacer: well if you go beyond the world of handsets and tablets, sure, why not.04:11
Maceruhm. brain implants?04:12
wmaroneMacer: get the fuck out04:12
Maceri was joking.04:12
wmaroneno you're trolling, have been since you came in04:13
wmaroneand I'm foolish enough to feed the troll04:13
Macerwhy is it when someone tries to point out a shortcoming it is automatically trolling04:13
Macermy points is there is nothing really mainstream that people can see using mer04:13
wmaroneMacer: because you are arguing while it's plainly obvious you don't understand what Mer was designed for04:14
Macerwith mer/active probably being hte best possible solution for a nice alternative to what is  readily available04:14
Macerbut no real push to actually.. make it work on something :)04:14
wmaroneMer works on many things, albeit unofficially.04:15
* Macer stares at the mer website04:16
Macermaybe you should put down what it runs on and how to run it.. maybe that might be a good starts so  you can have people actually ... you know.. using it04:17
wmaronemost people don't need to worry about Mer04:17
wmaroneit's not an end-user product04:17
Macerthey do if they want to make a platform for others04:17
Maceryou will not find a vendor in existance that will stray from android, ios, or win8 without seeing something viable04:17
Macersomething that has yet to be done with something using mer as a base04:18
wmaroneyour myopia is saddening04:18
wmaroneyou can't think beyond tablets or handsets04:18
Macerwhat else is there? medical equipment? PCs (which already have very viable and stronger OSes already) ?04:18
Macercar dashboards?04:18
wmaroneset top boxes, kiosks, in car, numerous embedded uses04:19
Macerall of which either use proprietary stuff or something that is already mainstream and shown to work04:19
wmaroneMacer: you'd think it was proprietary, a lot of it uses Linux as it is04:19
Macersure. and of all the embedded platforms i can't think of any that use mer. is there a mer based pi distro?04:20
wmaroneso why build an entire Linux core in house when you can adopt one that exists, complete with everything you need for your UI04:20
wmaroneThere are Pi builds yes04:20
wmaroneMacer: now then, I'm growing tired of your unproductive, sad excuse of a "constructive argument"04:22
Macermost fat people stay fat because nobody tells them they are obease04:23
Macerridicule is a good motivator04:24
Macersorry if you are angry but the mer project has been around for quite a while and i am waiting to see something productive for an end user that uses it as a base and i have yet to see anything nor has there been a major push to get it running on existing mainstream hardware (yes.. those phones and tablets you seem to not think are important)04:26
Maceralbeit... unofficially04:26
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Maceri remember seeing mer running active running on a tf101 on a youtube video months ago.. you would think this would have been a huge deal and a very important step.. but both projects simply disregarded it04:28
Macerhaving people able to install it on the tf101 would have shown that people can actually use mer as a base and active as a ui on a good piece of hardware ... at the very least it would show promise. anyways. i'll check back in 6 months or so again :) good luck.04:29
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* lpotter fires up mer on his n900 just because04:44
wmaroneguess he gave up05:02
wmaroneignore lists are so, so helpful05:02
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situMorning everyone08:43
Stskeepsmorn situ :)08:43
situWhat's up ?08:45
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Stskeepsnot much.. waking up08:46
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lbtmorning all09:56
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rc_morning lbt09:58
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Guest4308qui est la ?10:35
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Guest4308il y a quelqu'un10:36
dm8tbrmaybe if you'd try in english?10:36
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iekkudm8tbr, :D10:46
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dm8tbrmaybe he was just looking for the sea...10:50
Stskeepsa beach and a drink in my hand does sound tempting atm10:52
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kulveI wrote a hackis sensorfw plugin but I can't get it even loaded..13:07
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kulvelast commit in there is two years old13:21
Stskeepsyeah, we're looking to potentially replace it13:23
kulvewith what?13:24
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Stskeepsthere's this idea of a 'statefs' thing, a bit loosely defined at the moment, but the impact is filesystem based access to some typical state things, potentially sensors too13:25
Stskeepswhere it's easy to write plugins for.. it's also a replacement for contextkit13:25
Stskeepsand mce13:26
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kulveso many frameworks created and forgotten by N13:44
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rc_yay, looks like dual boot functionality for n9 is already in present moslo13:51
rc_one just needs to have the right files at the right place13:51
rc_Aard, ^13:51
rc_now, that's great :D13:52
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dm8tbrwasn't that even explained on the wiki?14:00
Aardin the wiki it's only explained for n95014:04
Aardwhich works different14:04
dm8tbrORLY? interesting...14:05
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lbthey vgrade15:41
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jwalckDidn't notice that I had fallen out of here, woops!:)15:57
CosmoHillvgrade: that's one hell of a lie in15:58
CosmoHillit's getting dark now :p15:58
Stskeepsjwalck: welcome back, then!16:03
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lbt :(16:09
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jwalckStskeeps: thanks! I crashed one of my n9s against the curb yesterday, so picked up my n900 to see in what shape I could get it:)16:52
jwalckand no, one should not drop big pieces of glas against asphalt!16:53
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jwalckfirst thing I noticed when putting a clean 20121101.1 image on this n900, doesn't seem to handle incoming nor outgoing texts/calls at all. Is this still the state of things? the 3G data connection works out of the box!:)17:02
Stskeepsi think it may be a temporarily broken state17:02
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jwalckStskeeps: alright, but there is some hope? I was planning on playing with SIP on it otherwise.:) I guess any discussions around that belong in the sister channel?17:06
jwalckwith that* being getting cellular calls/texts working17:07
Stskeeps#nemomobile and poke alterego with a stick :)17:08
Stskeepsit should really work17:08
Stskeepshe might be on a plane though or afk17:08
jwalckStskeeps: cool, thanks!17:11
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vgradeCosmoHill: very late night17:43
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iekkuumh, i'm not sure if i can host bug triages next 2 weeks18:22
iekkuhost / chair18:22
Stskeepslet's see how things work and how many show up, i guess18:22
iekkudo i send the invitations anyway or?18:25
Stskeepsi think it's good to send them, but say that many are a bit busy this week so whoever shows up can help triage18:26
Stskeepsaccording to instructions on page18:26
iekkuok, i will send invitation18:29
iekkui might be able to join, but can't promise18:30
vgradeanyone having osc ci issues? Server returned an error: HTTP Error 504: Gateway Time-out18:31
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Stskeepsevening sivang20:04
sivangmoo Stskeeps :)20:05
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rc_just updated the wiki with instructions how to dual boot on n920:21
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w00trc_: cool20:24
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rc_w00t, yeah, was very happy to discover that the required functionality is already in the current moslo.. you just need to put two files in the right directory and voila :)20:26
rc_otoh.. there seem to be problems with telephony and sms :/20:29
w00tproblems how? special might have some clues20:33
rc_pin entry works but then telephony and sms fails20:34
rc_the operator logo appears correctly and the signal strength indicator also seems to work, though20:35
w00tsounds like telepathy-ring is playing up20:35
w00topen accounts ui application20:35
w00tdo you have a "ring/tel/account0" account listed20:36
w00t(... I'm assuming you're running nemo)20:36
rc_nope, no ring/tel/account020:36
rc_yep, running nemo20:36
w00tsounds related then20:36
* w00t isn't entirely sure how to create it20:36
w00tand special just went out - bad timing20:36
w00topen a bug and cc him20:37
rc_roger, will do20:37
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MerbotNemo bug 578 in Dialer "Telephony and SMS are not working." [Normal,New]20:48
specialis nemo on user sessions yet?20:48
specialrc_: if you don't mind, try running /usr/bin/ (ideally not over ssh, to make sure the dbus session is correct) and reboot20:49
specialwill be back in ~30min20:49
rc_special, sure, will give it a try20:49
w00tspecial: yes, it is20:53
rc_ah, sweet, that did the trick :)20:53
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specialrc_: excellent21:13
specialI'll update the bug with details on what we need to do21:13
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* CosmoHill barks23:27
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