Saturday, 2012-11-17

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CosmoHillnight night00:28
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Stskeepsvgrade: how far did you get in investigations?08:01
vgradeStskeeps: morning08:03
Stskeepsoh so it was simply that there was no unicode representation for them?08:04
vgradeseems the unicode values in
vgradewere set to 0xffff08:04
vgradewell not that simple08:05
vgradeI rebuilt qtbase with that patch and I got no change08:05
vgradeuntil i added -plugin evdevkeyboard08:05
vgradethen I got return key to work08:05
vgradething is that I get double characters now, so it seems that there is another code path doing the same thing08:06
vgradeI think it gets picked up in the eglfsintegration within the rpi plugin08:07
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vgradeI'll look further later, Matt is at bowling competition this morning08:09
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Stskeepsvgrade: very mysterious bug08:17
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kulveI wonder how to use /dev/iio\:device0..08:54
Stskeepsindustrial i/o?08:54
kulveI think that's mpu6050 in the n708:55
kulvethere's a bunch of files related to that under /sys and it seems to be enabled. But I haven't yet figured out how to actually get some data08:56
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kulvedevice0 is for acc/gyro (i.e. mpu6050) and the device1 is for magn, which might be handled through the mpu6050 as well08:59
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kulveStskeeps: and yes, it seems to be industrial i/o interface..09:14
Stskeepshow does android read it?09:16
kulveI was hoping now to go that way :)09:17
kulvethat seems to be a standard way of reading any orientation sensors etc, so the user-space may not actually even need to know what the actual chip is09:17
kulvewhich is nice, ofc09:17
Stskeeps:nod: i recall the debate09:18
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Stskeepsof where those sensors belong09:18
kulve(at least in this kernel)09:18
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kulvein which rpm does strace come in? In from which repo?09:22
kulveMer:Tools (I know how to use search nowadays)09:23
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kulve"Temperature is in degrees Celsius scaled by 2^16": 1889639 / 2^16 == 28.8°C. Sounds OK10:00
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CosmoHillas a mac user, that sounds cold10:28
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kulvesensors seem to be up'n'running, self-test tells that acc and gyro are OK and so on, but I don't get any data..10:47
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kulveneed to spend more time with android/hardware/invensense/libsensors_iio/software/simple_apps/mpu_iio/mpu_iio.c I guess10:48
Stskeepsperhaps they need to be activated?10:48
kulveaccl_enable == 1, gyro_enable == 1, buffer/length == 16, buffer/enable == 1. The last two I enabled with echo, everything else seems to be on by default. The buffer/enable was referred as "master enable" somewhere10:49
kulvebut I'm sure the can be quite a lot to tweak still10:50
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kulveand I'm assuming that the raw sensors should work even without the DMP firmware (the part that does all the math inside the MPU chips)10:51
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kulveI do know that they work without the DMP firmware in the hw level but I don't know what the kernel driver assumes10:51
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lbtmorning all11:28
Sfiet_Konstantinhi lbt11:29
* lbt stretches ....11:29
lbtlate night Tango ... good for the soul ... bad for the bags under your eyes :D11:29
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kulveI modified that mpu test app a bit and it can read now sensor data from /dev12:24
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kulveanybody familiar with sensorfw? Assuming I would like to add some glue code for it to understand Industrial I/O sensors, how to start?12:58
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kulveDoesn't look too complicated. The adaptor for l3g4200dh seems to be 265 lines of which file headers are a big part13:26
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Venemowho was the guy who started working on Mer for Nexus 7?14:10
VenemoI haven't heard about him for some time now14:10
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vgradeVenemo: kulve14:10
Venemoso what's up with the stuff kulve? :)14:11
kulvetrying to figure out how to add a standard(?) Industrial I/O sensor adaptor for sensorfw14:16
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vgradeStskeeps: yat working now on eglfsrpi but needs a review15:13
Stskeepsok, what was the fix?15:13
vgradeStskeeps: the eglfs plugin which I used as a basis for eglfsrpi has these lines
Stskeepsand they break stuff?15:15
vgradeIf I remove these lines from the eglfsrpi code I can then run yat with -platform eglfsrpi -plugin evdevkeyboard15:15
vgradeso gone are the double characters and return backspace work15:16
Stskeeps+ the unicode fix you had?15:16
vgradewhat I can't fathom is why with those 3 lines included it does just not pick up the unicode fix15:17
Stskeepsthink it's something to discuss with sroedal15:18
Stskeepsso the diagnosis is that somehow, the unicode conversion of backspace doesn't work, but it doesn't work when initialized in eglfs with the lines there?15:18
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vgradebut works with those lines removed from eglfsrpi and -plugin evdevkeyboard15:22
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vgradeI'll spend some more time on it15:25
Stskeepssame lines are in beta1 fwiw15:27
Stskeepsyeah, too15:28
vgradeso need to see what the evdevkeyboard plugin does differntly to those 3 lines in eglfs15:30
vgradewell one line really the new QEvdevKeyboardManager...15:31
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* lbt wonders how people create 17Mb ppt files15:34
lbtmeego sf2011 slides found - no videos - think they're on LF machines15:36
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Stskeepsyeah, they're on aren't the15:50
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SouL_Mer is fully open source?16:00
SouL_Ok, thank you.16:01
Stskeepshow do you hope to use it?16:01
SouL_I'm not a manufacturer of hardware, I'm just a user of an Android Tablet that is doing a research of something open source for replace Android. I'm a Debian Desktop user and a sympathizer of Open Source Software16:04
SouL_:nod:? I don't see emoticons xD16:07
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Stskeepsjust means that i agree :)16:07
kulvebut you can visualize them :)16:07
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SouL_I'm using Psi, that is a XMPP software but it's able to enter in irc chatrooms16:08
SouL_By the way, I think that what I want is not possible. My tablet is a Hyundai A716:09
Stskeepshyundai .. what chipset is that?16:10
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SouL_Chip Quanzhi A1016:11
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SouL_Check this please:
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vgradeStskeeps: got it it think, libQtPlatformSupport.a16:15
vgradegot to rebuild my eglfsrpi plugin with qtbase with the unicode fix16:16
Stskeepsso it's "just" the unicode fix?16:17
vgradethats why people don't like .a I suppose16:17
StskeepsSouL_: allwinner - generally, you need the kernel source16:17
vgradethink so,16:17
Stskeepsvgrade: feel free to send the patch to gerrit16:17
Stskeepsand i think we need to discuss to send it upstream16:17
SouL_Stskeeps: It's available this kernel source? I mean, it's possible to install Mer on my Tablet? O_O16:18
StskeepsSouL_: to install mer you definately need to be able to build your own kernel and flash it, and your own root file system of choice16:20
SouL_And it's possible to do that with my Tablet, Stskeeps? Sorry for my newbie questions.16:21
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StskeepsSouL_: that i don't know, you'd have to research yourself :)16:23
vgradeSouL_: usually A10 have ability to boot from sdcard, see and
*** addi has joined #mer16:23
vgradeSouL_: I booted mer and nemomobile on an A10 based STB recently16:24
SouL_Stskeeps: So if I don't know how to write a Kernel I cannot do it?16:24
SouL_vgrade: Thank you, please, give me time to see what is that xDD16:24
StskeepsSouL_: it's not very easy yes16:24
SouL_vgrade: Booting from sdcard.. I need the same things?16:25
SouL_Or it's like a double booting?16:26
SouL_dual* sorry16:26
vgradeSouL_: not dual booting, you have kernel and rootfs on sdcard. A10 chip checks sdcard first and if its correctly formatted boots from there16:27
vgradeif not justs boots andriod16:27
SouL_Ahh ok16:27
SouL_In any case, I'm not a programmer, I can't write a Kernel so..16:28
SouL_I don't think that other writted something for me because is not very popular16:28
vgradeSouL_: #arm-netbooks irc channel is the best place to ask for further details for your tablet16:29
SouL_Ok, thank you very much.16:29
SouL_What server?16:30
vgradesorry #arm-netbook16:31
SouL_Ahh ok, I'm alone in arm-netbooks xD16:31
SouL_Thank you :)16:31
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vi___Stskeeps: ping16:51
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vgradeStskeeps: the .a was the issue so its just the unicode patch, I'll submit to gerrit probably tomorrow, I'm on the beers later17:02
Stskeepsvi___: pong17:02
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vi___Stskeeps: good evening stskeeps.17:03
Stskeepsvi___: good evening :) what's up?17:04
vi___I am wondering if you could perhaps help me with understanding how the layout file works in fiasco-gen?17:04
Stskeepswhat device?17:05
vi___Looking at the layout file, it does not actually specify where the included filesystem is to be flashed to.17:05
vi___The best example is the nokia pr1.3 emmc image.17:05
vi___It comes with this layout file:17:05
vi___The emmc image contains this layout followed by a filesystem called 'mmc'17:06
vi___As far as I can tell mmc is simply a fat32 image.17:06
vi___This image is written as mydocs.17:06
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:06
vi___What I do not understand is where it is specified that the mmc image should be written to mydocs.17:07
vi___which leads to:17:07
vi___How do I specify which image gets written to each partition in the layout file?17:07
Stskeepsvi___: i don't know, sadly17:08
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Stskeepsand all my sources for finding it out is no longer accessible, as i'm no longer affiliated to nokia in any way17:08
vi___do you know if there is any documentation freely available?17:08
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Stskeepsnot to my knowledge17:09
*** addi has joined #mer17:09
vi___Thank you for your time anyway!17:09
Stskeepsi never got much into n900's emmc image17:10
*** addi has joined #mer17:10
Stskeepsand i would just make a kernel+initrd flasher myself17:10
vi___Stskeeps: well it turns out the entire emmc is just junk.17:11
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*** Kenkakuman has joined #mer17:15
Stskeepshello Kenkakuman :)17:16
StskeepsKenkakuman: welcome to #mer :) so what brings you here?17:17
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*** cheng has joined #mer17:26
Stskeepshello cheng17:26
SouL_Hi cheng17:27
Stskeepscheng: welcome to #mer :) so what interests you in Mer?17:27
CosmoHillhi SouL_17:27
chengsaw SouL_ post on arm=netbook channel, so come over to explore about mer17:28
Stskeepsah :)17:28
chengfirst time hear about mer17:29
Stskeepsif you have any questions, feel free to ask at any time17:29
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Stskeepselse feel free to hang out17:29
Stskeepsdid you see vgrade's video of mer with nemo ui on top on a10?17:29
SouL_Yes, I'm asking something on arm-netbook because vgrade said that to me17:30
CosmoHillStskeeps: i don't trust addi, they've been kicked from freenode from flooding17:30
StskeepsCosmoHill: people's clients act badly at times17:30
SouL_But I don't understand nothing hehe17:30
CosmoHillSouL_: double negative :p17:31
chengcan share the video of mer?17:31
SouL_Sorry, I study english by myself17:31
CosmoHillah sorry17:32
Stskeepscheng: so, mer is 'just' a core, but many different ui are built on top - are you able to view youtube videos?17:32
SouL_CosmoHill: So, what is the correct way for saying that?17:32
CosmoHill"i don't understand anything"17:33
SouL_Ok, thank you, CosmoHill17:33
chengyes, i can view youtube17:34
CosmoHillmy english isn't that good btw17:34
Stskeepsthat's the nemo ui17:39
*** panda-z has joined #mer17:40
chengthanks, will dig into that later on. for now..sleep time.17:42
Stskeepssleep well17:42
CosmoHillnight night17:42
chengthanks guys, good day to you all.17:43
SouL_vgrade: Are you still here?17:43
*** cheng has quit IRC17:44
lbtphaeron: ping17:44
vgradeSouL_: always,17:44
SouL_vgrade: Why the people in arm-netbook are so rumpy?17:45
StskeepsSouL_: there's different communities and different moods.. here we try to have a welcoming atmosphere but also that people understand we won't do all the work for them17:46
SouL_I don't want to they work for me..17:48
vgradeSouL_: I think what you were asking for does not exist as a guide as no one is familiar with your tablet.  Hang around, read as much as possible17:48
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*** Eismann has joined #mer17:49
vgradeSouL_: the IRC logs of that channel are here,
vgradedig around17:52
vgradethe guys need to know certain specific things about your hardware to help which will require you have access to the serial port on your device. So thats a good area of reaseach17:53
SouL_Dig for what? I'm asking for what I have to do to install Mer on a Hyundai A7 tablet, if it's possible. What I have to search for? :S17:53
SouL_Maybe the problem is that a few people bought this tablet.17:53
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vgrade is the sort of thing you need once you have discovered if your device gives access to the serial signals17:56
SouL_Ahm... And how I use this?17:58
SouL_How I know if my device gives access to the serial signals?17:58
vgradeSouL_: you connect it to the serail port on your device at one end and to your PC/LAPTOP UBS port.  Then use a terminal program see the boot sequence.18:03
Stskeepshardware adaptation is a difficult job :)18:03
vgrade1) google 2) take your device apart18:03
SouL_I can do something without knowledge?18:05
phaeronlbt: pong18:05
vgradeSouL_: probably not18:05
*** panda-z has quit IRC18:05
SouL_Thank you for your support vgrade and Stskeeps18:06
RzRSouL_, using RPI's uart should do the trick too18:06
phaeronlbt: no comment18:11
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sledgesI thought that will be a picture of a car |)18:19
*** Jucato has quit IRC18:22
vgrade the 4 pads at the bottom left corner look promising18:23
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vgradeSouL_: , that your tablet?18:32
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*** SouL_ has left #mer19:06
vgradeoh he's gone19:19
vgradenight all , time for beer19:21
*** NIN101 has joined #mer19:22
Stskeepsnite vgrade19:22
Stskeepshave a good one :)19:22
*** faenil has joined #mer19:27
lbtStskeeps: you should see too19:27
Stskeepsdoes it involve ruby?19:28
Stskeepsif so, not on weekends19:28
lbtno ruby19:28
Stskeepsok, gitpkg in obs?19:29
lbtmakes the process *much* easier19:29
*** arcean has quit IRC19:32
* CosmoHill just seen some people install ipad into their car19:33
CosmoHilllike, proper install, not tapped to the dash19:33
lbtyeah .. that's mainly dim19:34
CosmoHillthey replaced the head unit with it and hooked it up to an amp, looks like a factory install19:35
CosmoHillas far as 10" screens go19:35
lbtextremely closed platform means very hard to adapt to 'modding' - so ultimately a dead-end19:35
lbtplus they're expensive - and you even waste most of the styling by putting them in a dash19:36
lbtso meh ...19:36
CosmoHilli think it was a gen1 with a dead battery19:36
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* Stskeeps peeks at qt5-beta219:43
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CosmoHillhi leinir22:27
leinirHullos :)22:29
CosmoHillhow are you?22:30
leinirNot at all bad, thanks! :)22:30
leinirSubmitted my first app to uhm... i'm afraid a competing platform's future flagship ;)22:31
leinirand our house purchase is progressing slowly but surely towards, well, completion :)22:31
leinirAnd yourself? :)22:31
CosmoHillup and down more more good days than bad this week :)22:32
leinirWell, more good than bad is, on average, pretty good - glad to hear it! :)22:32
CosmoHillchanged the brakes on my car today, feels great to drive and I'm pleased that I did it myself (supervised of course)22:33
leinirNicely! :)22:36
CosmoHillbeen screwed up for years :/22:37
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lbthey leinir23:10
leinir'sup? :)23:10
lbtbusy on the SDK23:10
leinirNicely :)23:10
lbtyeah - going quite well23:10
lbtso - competing platform eh?23:10
lbtwhich one?23:11
leinirWell, bb10 :)23:11
lbtoh, nice23:11
lbtso a Qt app ?23:11
leinir*nods* Doing that bb10 game port-a-thon thing they got going on :)23:11
leinirYeah, it's a port of my p l a n e t s game from ggj earlier this year :)23:11
lbtso... any chance of getting that on Nemo ?23:11
lbtwould like to get some support on where the SDK needs work (and I know it needs a fair bit to be app-dev ready)23:12
CosmoHilllbt: know anything about port and poshing in a car?23:12
leinirit was originally built for harmattan, pure qt quick, so... well, i guess there's a chance :)23:13
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lbtCosmoHill: err, no?23:20
lbtor do you mean polishing inlet/exhaust ports  ?23:21
CosmoHillthe latter23:22
lbtit's fun to do if you rip the engine open that much23:22
lbtit's also easy to bugger up the valve seating and end up much worse off :)23:23
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CosmoHillhow about smoothing the exhaust manifold?23:23
CosmoHilli got lots of spare time and little performace23:24
lbtnah - too long ago... I just buy supercharged V8s.... much easier :D23:26
CosmoHillpeople don't like me driving the 1.4 that i have23:27
CosmoHillbut for some reason it's only an extra £200 for a 3.0 boxer engine :/23:27
CosmoHilllbt: i got a question for you (a non-car one)23:30
CosmoHill[19:55]  <compnerd> Berzerkula: whats the difference between coreutils's, procps's, and util-linux's kill?23:30
lbtessentially nothing23:33
lbtoh, and you forgot bash builtin 'kill'23:34
lbtwhich can handle %n23:34
CosmoHillthis kill would be used by other programs23:36
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