Friday, 2012-11-16

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CosmoHillhi w00t00:24
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CosmoHillnight night :p00:33
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vladmaster99all is quiet04:07
vladmaster99n900 screen to small . looking for small mer(maemo) / Android dual boot tablet or phonelet. 4.5' to 7'04:11
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vladmaster99hi coffe04:19
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kulveStskeeps: looks like my mtev driver didn't work because I branched it off from CE:Adaptation:N950-N9 and it doesn't seem the contain the fixes in the upstream05:20
kulvealthough the version number is a bit odd..05:24
situMorning everyone05:30
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Stskeepskulve: hmm, worth keeping in mind06:15
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zuhStskeeps: Morning06:17
Stskeepsmorn zuh06:17
zuhStskeeps: before-coffee quiz: how would one checkout libx11 sources? It seems to not be present "regularly" on the COBS?06:18
Stskeepszuh: right, so, because we had much fun with obs network connectivity being crap, we utilize a system called MDS (mer distribution system) which acts like a remote OBS inside the OBS, containing cached binaries and sources matching releases, so it doesn't show up in searches as it isn't on that OBS.
Stskeepsis what'll help you06:20
zuhnever a dull day with mer... ;)06:23
Stskeepsthere's reasons behind it, linked OBS'es could loose entire work days for big teams when it was acting up06:23
Stskeeps-> many many thousand eur waste06:24
zuhThat would indeed be a major suck :)06:25
zuh <- tried with i486 but the same error...06:26
zuhls seems to work though06:26
zuheh, and I did try branch first, not "co" as that paste says06:26
zuhthe same error came with branch06:27
zuhah, yes now it works.06:27
* Stskeeps passes the coffee pot to zuh06:28
* zuh grabs the pot and downs it in one go06:29
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Stskeepsin other news, is just evil06:32
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Skryagreed, though there has been a lot of evil happening in the linux ecosystem lately06:38
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Skry.. and just when I typed that, comes the latest from moronix: "for at least one of Lenovo's computer models, their UEFI implementation is explicitly checking for Windows or Red Hat Enterprise Linux and refusing to boot the UEFI-installed system if neither operating system is reported."06:43
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* deztructor hopes uefi leads to new antitrust case against m$06:54
ka6soxtakes *years* to litigate that..unless they get a preliminary injunction.06:54
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Jake9xxStskeeps: yup, they managed to build their 'world' by letting all vendors having their way on the device and forcing only to "use google services"08:17
Stskeepshint: vt.global_cursor_default=0 is a godsend to remove a cursor08:29
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ka6soxis there any reason to get an older KS file than 0.20120920.1?08:33
Stskeepsjust update it to say the latest version and slap lbt for not having made kickstarts08:33
Stskeepsit's same .ks08:33
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Bostikthat SDK change... when did "do no evil" turn to "don't give an inch"?08:35
ka6soxinteresting that the SDK is 126MB and the ks is 126MB08:37
Stskeeps.ks file should just be a text file :)08:37
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ka6soxnot clear...08:40
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ka6soxCheck: for the name of the latest KickStart file and use it in the first command below:08:41
ka6soxfor version 0.20120920.1:08:41
ka6soxcurl -k -o mer-sdk-i486-vm.ks
ka6soxokay that example is I guess really the latest anyways08:42
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ka6soxStskeeps, other than a little confusion there and hitting the modprobe bug I'm cooking..08:47
Stskeepslbt: wow, you remembered :)08:50
lbtI followed my own instructions :)08:50
lbtsdk-version helps08:50
lbt=> coffee08:50
ka6soxI've often wondered how I would create a rpm based chroot on my deb based system...this is very nice.08:51
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ka6soxare images systemd based?09:05
ka6soxshould boot fast then.09:06
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ka6soxInfo: Installing: virtualbox-guest-mod +++++++++++++++++++++++            [148/210]ERROR: could not open directory /lib/modules/3.2.0-23-generic: No such file or directory09:10
ka6soxFATAL: could not search modules: No such file or directory09:10
ka6soxthats not good09:10
Stskeepsnah, .. fairly normal09:11
ka6soxsudo qemu-img convert -O vmdk mer-sdk-i486-vm-sda.raw mer-sdk-i486-vm-sda.vmdk09:12
ka6soxthat instruction does not work inside the chroot09:12
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kulveshould Mer/Nemo support display rotation based on device orientation? If yes, what's the high level architecture for that? Who does what?10:17
Stskeepskulve: apps rotate themselves10:17
Stskeepsby information from sensorfw10:17
Stskeepsxrandr was deemed too slow for smooth animation10:17
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kulveStskeeps: is it done 100% in the apps or does Qt somehow do it for them?10:18
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Stskeepsin apps, most use an orientationsensor or something like that10:18
w00tkulve: it's handled by QML components10:18
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kulveah, e.g. sensord-rm_680.conf tells quite a lot what sensorfw needfs10:22
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sivangre all10:23
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sivangso, I have a chance to be at SLUSH, but still need to sort accommodation , anybody has a good idea for a cheap stay for over a week or perhaps more?10:24
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sivanglbt: so I might be there , after all :)10:24
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Stskeepsremembered conference pass cost too?10:26
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kulvehow does the sensorfw choose which conf to read?10:28
Stskeepskulve: boardname10:29
Stskeeps(i believe10:29
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kulveyou mean /etc/boardname? I don't have that. Should the HW adaptation provide it..?10:31
sivangStskeeps: yep.10:31
Stskeepskulve: hmm, what does 'boardname' say?10:31
Stskeepsthe program10:31
kulveI can't access a device now, so I'm just checking what my ready-to-be-flashed rootfs has10:32
Stskeepsit is probably empty as it sets it on first boot10:32
kulveok, but it should be autogenerated? I'll check it later and try to add a conf file for sensorfw10:32
kulveone more thing to be added to the Mer hw adaptation wiki page. It used to say "compile a kernel" but that doesn't yet cover much ;)10:33
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sivangStskeeps: libhybris kept me from going to sleep, I wanted to let it go, but I couldn't. Enchanting in a way.10:41
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sivangStskeeps: I'd try to understand how it works, including relationship between code objects to write up an README11:21
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VDVsxsivang, cheap and Helsinki, err, not easy :)11:22
*** jstaniek_QFridge has joined #mer11:23
sivangVDVsx: yeah, that's why I'm hoping for stay with friends :) sent a request on CS site, let's see what happens11:26
VDVsxsivang, good luck then, but keep in mind that is quite expensive here in the north :)11:28
sivangVDVsx: yes, it'd be my 3rd visit to Helsinki already so I'm all aware of that.11:28
*** niqt has joined #mer11:29
VDVsxah yeah11:30
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sivangdoes anybody know if there's gonna be some mer/nemomobile hacking/other event in SLUSH?11:35
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vgradeStskeeps: do you think the google change would catch the recent Qt sdk out?11:43
vgradeStskeeps: I stayed up late last night looking at yat11:44
vgradedid some debug in yat_pty.cpp11:44
Stskeepsok, what does it get?11:45
vgradeseems that the ? (ascii 63) comes from the fd setup by forkpty11:45
vgradeso we are missing something lower in the stack which is not converting TAB,BACKSPACE,ENTER etc corectly11:46
vgradealthough exactly what is not clear to me11:47
vgradething is thats quiet lowlevel so I would expect that the happen say for instance to a normal console11:49
vgradeso I'm as the 'can't happen' stage of debug :)11:49
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Stskeepshow about evtest?11:53
vgradelooks for evtest11:54
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vgradeStskeeps: evtest output is good12:00
Stskeepssays the right thing?12:00
vgradeyes enter and backspace recognsed12:01
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lbtaportale: mer device wizard not working?12:47
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC12:49
sivanglbt: device wizard?12:50
lbtyou click a button and a factory in china makes a device :)12:51
*** KaIRC has joined #mer12:51
sivanglbt: where's the web address :-p quick!12:51
sivanglbt: I did something like that, but it was python-urwid and a text console with a barcode reader ;-)12:52
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vgradeHi CosmoHill15:49
vgradehows things15:49
CosmoHillup and down, today has been okay15:49
*** Attie has quit IRC15:49
vgradeI've been looking at one of those cannot happen debug moments, hoping to get to the how did that ever work moments15:50
CosmoHillwant a second pair of eyes?15:51
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vgradeCosmoHill: we are looking to run on Qt 5 , a qml based terminal15:58
*** aportale has joined #mer15:58
CosmoHill"turns" isn't spelt with an e15:59
CosmoHillI don't think it is anyway15:59
CosmoHillalso "it's", not "its"15:59
vgradeit runs up ok and works except that the return, tab, backspace keys show as ? (ascii 63)16:00
vgradelooking at it calls forkpty and spawns bash16:01
*** arcean has joined #mer16:01
CosmoHillso the shell is hard coded to bash?16:02
vgradedebugging the output from the forkpty fd shows the ascii 63 (?) for the return , tab, backspace16:02
vgradeCosmoHill: yea,
vgradecan't figure out what is doing the conversion to ?16:03
CosmoHillis it an issue with one being UTF-8 and one being ASCII or even ISO?16:03
vgradenot sure, evtest shows the keycode being set correctly to say 28 for enter16:05
CosmoHillif enter is 28 then it wouldn't be affected as the firs 128 are identical in all three encodings16:05
vgradeand a normal console just works, so I conclude it can't happen16:06
CosmoHillso you're ruling out a problem with bash on your system16:06
CosmoHillI only have qt4.6 on mine16:06
vgradeif I don't spwan bash and just monitor the fd I get the same result so I don't think its in bash16:07
vgradeits between the output of evdev and the pty fd16:08
sledgeshmm, where can I find glestest now ?16:08
sledgestrue thanks :)16:08
CosmoHillvgrade: echo $LANG16:09
*** cat_x301 has joined #mer16:09
*** rubdos has joined #mer16:09
vgradeCosmoHill: nothing16:09
*** stefan_schmidt_w has quit IRC16:10
Stskeepsvgrade: good point.. what happens if you export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 ?16:10
Stskeepsand run yat16:11
*** mikhas has quit IRC16:11
Stskeepsjoys of moving. mental monologue along the lines of "i will kill somebody if i ever have to read this book again" (when reviewing old study books)16:12
* CosmoHill blinks16:12
*** ced117 has joined #mer16:13
Stskeeps(XML and web technologies)16:13
CosmoHilli managed to get through uni without having to buy any books :)16:14
*** ka6sox is now known as ka6sox-away16:14
CosmoHillvgrade: try setting "FOO=BAR" then running it and do echo $FOO. that way you'll see if the variable has been carried over16:15
sledgesimx6 mer-minimal with fsl accel binaries on top: glestest crashes the whole Xorg:
vgradedo I need to export that in the spawned bash16:15
CosmoHillbefore yat16:16
Stskeepssledges: yaay16:16
CosmoHillFOO=BAR yat maybe16:16
sledgesfun times :)16:17
vgradeStskeeps: CosmoHill same result16:17
Stskeepssledges: that looks more like you screwed up and mesa is used instead16:17
Stskeepsvgrade: as in, export LANG=en_US.UTF-816:17
Stskeepsand then yat?16:17
CosmoHilli think it's sporning a new clean shell16:18
vgradeI can set env vars up though16:19
sledgesStskeeps, I'm still struggling to recompile vivante driver for Mer's Xorg ABI... :{ so now it's fbdev16:20
Stskeepssledges: yes, but your libGLESv2/EGL is screwed16:20 -> your driver, -> your driver16:21
Stskeepsmust be16:21
sledgesthose files are from fsl16:21
Stskeepsmake sure they are, because right now, they're not pointing the right place16:21
sledgesas a result of HA, called `cp -ar fsl/* mer/` :)16:21
Stskeepsthey're pointing to mesa/llvmpipe instead16:22
*** Eismann_ has quit IRC16:23
*** Eismann has joined #mer16:24
sledgesStskeeps, I disagree:
*** kostaja has quit IRC16:26
*** ortylp has joined #mer16:27
* Stskeeps takes a deep breath and requests sledges reads what he just pasted16:27
CosmoHillvgrade: what is between evdev and pty fd?16:28 obviously points to a different file than it should16:28 and are also different16:28
Stskeepschances are you'll do -> and -> libGLESv2.so16:29
sledgesdone, segfaults :)16:34
vgradeCosmoHill: thats the question, I don't understand the mechanism16:39
Stskeepssledges: but not same error16:39
sledgesyes, thank you Stskeeps ;)16:39
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:41
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*** Eismann has joined #mer16:43
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sledgesok Stskeeps, now from xterm (and non root user) things look prettier:
Stskeepssomething's still screwed16:45
StskeepsibEGL warning: DRI2: failed to find _glapi_get_proc_address16:45
StskeepslibEGL warning: GLX: failed to load GLX16:45
StskeepslibEGL warning: unable to load st_GL.so16:45
Stskeepscomes from mesa16:45
sledgesmer's running llvmpipe btw if that matters16:45
Stskeepsyes, so your egl/gles implementation from fsl isn't taking action16:46
sledgeswhich is a new concept for me (as compared to non-llvmpipe past with imx53)16:46
Stskeepsrm /usr/lib/libEGL* /usr/lib/libGLESv2*16:46
Stskeepsuntar your graphics adaptation16:47
Stskeepsln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
Stskeepsln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
vgradeoh, first mention of replacing char with ? I've found ,  NetBSD iconv() inserts a question mark if it cannot convert.16:51
Stskeepsvgrade: perhaps we can somehow debug the evdev driver in qt?16:52
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC16:54
vgradeStskeeps: I can look but I think its outside qt, let me see if I can knock up a simple test program16:55
Stskeepsvgrade: it's in qtbase16:56
Stskeepsevdevinput plugin16:56
sledgesstill segfaults, pulling out strace/gdb..16:57
Stskeepssledges: if you still see libEGL warning you're still doing it wrong16:57
sledgesno warnings :) segfaults only16:58
sledgesrunning softfp btw16:58
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kulvenemo on n7 is really confused about it's orientation.. Half of the videos/applications/demos are landscape (partly badly) while the device is in portrait mode. Maybe that gets better if the sensorfw works in the future17:12
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer17:12
kulveStskeeps: and just FYI: the xorg's mtev driver's upstream is broken true with swapped x/y. It had a broken fix for the issue..17:12
kulveif I even know what is the actual upstream17:12
vgradekulve: orientation has always been a thorny subject here17:13
*** Jucato has quit IRC17:13
vgradekulve: so many places for it to be swapped17:13
kulveand when the display blanks I can't get it back. If I press the power button I just see the text console..17:13
vgradeStskeeps: simple forkpty program shows backspace ande enter correctly, onto evdev plugin17:16
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CosmoHillbleh, I picked the wrong road to take into town and spent about 40 / 50 mins in traffic17:34
CosmoHillsat at green lights not being able to move with the low fuel warning light on17:35
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC17:37
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*** gabrbedd has joined #mer17:50
CosmoHillhi gabrbedd17:52
gabrbeddCosmoHill: hello!17:54
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CosmoHillgabrbedd: how are you?18:52
gabrbeddCosmoHill: Not bad. Yourself?18:53
CosmoHillup and down, today is about level18:53
CosmoHillgot much planned for the weekend?18:57
gabrbeddNot really.18:57
*** ortylp has joined #mer18:57
* gabrbedd is going through saying "thank you" to the >100 birthday well-wishers on fb after having put it off for a couple days.18:58
CosmoHillhappy birthday18:58
vgradeah so we have issues with BACKSPACE (14), TAB(15) and return (28),
CosmoHillit's my grandad's today18:58
gabrbeddThank you!18:58
gabrbeddCosmoHill: :-)18:58
vgradeall those have 0xffff in common18:58
CosmoHillis it wrapping around or something?18:59
gabrbeddCosmoHill: I'll probably update my resume and prepare to get layed off.  What about you?18:59
*** _xnt14 has joined #mer18:59
vgradeqtwayland also uses a different method (xkb) fot input19:00
CosmoHilli see my family every saturday :)19:00
CosmoHillmy cousin will be supervising me replace my car brakes19:00
CosmoHilland then call 999 when i crash19:00
gabrbeddCosmoHill: hee hee... car brakes are pretty simple. You'll do fine.19:00
CosmoHillbeen meaning to do it for almost 6 weeks now19:01
CosmoHillI do all the work and my cousin tells me what i need to do19:01
Stskeepsvgrade: yeah, but this happens in eglfs too19:02
CosmoHillgabrbedd: if you're bored:
CosmoHillyou can see at what point I got carried away19:04
*** KaIRC has quit IRC19:07
gabrbeddCosmoHill: are you repairing something you broke?  Or fixing up a new-to-you car?19:09
CosmoHillfixing something nissan broke19:09
CosmoHillthey did a poor repair19:09
dm8tbr - me advertising Mer at the ELCE VIP event ;)19:09
*** furikku has quit IRC19:09
CosmoHillgreetings user dm8tbr19:10
CosmoHillbeep boop19:10
Stskeepsdm8tbr: +1 on choice of sthirt19:10
Stskeepsno, i'm not drunk, just not typing very well19:11
dm8tbrthe bad choice of scarf is because I caught a cold at the con :/19:12
CosmoHillyour traffic cone hat says otherwise19:12
dm8tbrVLC hat?19:12
CosmoHillokay that does explain it19:13
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