Wednesday, 2012-11-14

wmaroneyeah, they have a custom graphic00:00
lbtnah, I can tell from the timing of usb events that vanilla uboot doesn't show a splash00:03
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lbtI think :)00:03
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yuntado we *really* have to support ideapad? :(00:30
[ol]yunta: This is a most popular netbook/tablet convertible among those who attended MeeGo conference in Dublin in November 2011.00:34
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E-Pmorning Stskeeps06:00
Stskeepsmorn E-P :)06:01
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zuhSage_: ping06:20
wmaronethat appears to have been the last image I built06:23
wmaronejust in case it help06:23
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* Stskeeps passes kulve a beer06:28
kulveis it a bit too early for that?06:29
Bostikis it ever a wrong time for beer?06:32
Bostikand morning guys06:32
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vgradeStskeeps: with mali egl/gles06:34
Stskeepsvgrade: grep DRI2SwapBuffers /usr/lib/*06:35
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vgradehave to run , day job , talk later06:43
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Sage_zuh: pong07:37
zuhSage_: Thought I'd poke you with this:;a=commit;h=4dbbb165007:38
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zuhSage_: You didn't include the script in the u8500 stuff, was it because missing that or for some other reason?07:39
Sage_Forgot to package it I guess was the main reason.07:41
zuhIt would help getting USB host mode "working" on startup, plus connectivity if bluez is enhanced with the snowball patch (don't know if it was ever submitted upstream)07:41
Sage_I noted it yes, but forgot to do later. I did the bluez fix to Mer though ;)07:42
zuhOh, ok. My older image failed to start BT, and I just assumed it was due to that07:42
Sage_yes, I tested the bluetooth with those init parts and it scanned fine at least07:44
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zuhSage_: the subtext here was, "could you package it in u8500, pwetty pwease? [insert puppy eyes]" ;)07:55
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Sage_zuh: I can package it but can't test as I don't have snowball atm. :)07:58
* Sage_ starts packaging07:59
zuhI'll take care of testing, and wrt packaging there should not be too much room for error...08:01
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henrik_lbt: there is now new webapp available. Font is a bit smaller and less marging as well. Also the navigation links looks better now08:05
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Sage_zuh: done in same repo as usual08:12
Sage_just wait for it to compile08:12
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zuhyay, thanks! I'll give it a go soon, I'm anyway about to create a fresh image.08:13
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zuhSage_: (with -next repos)08:53
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vgrade_Stskeeps: found the on DRI2SwapBuffers in the mali xorg driver09:05
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vgrade_Stskeeps: so are they expecting folks to use that function?09:07
Stskeepsvgrade_: google for the fix, there should be one09:08
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CosmoHillyay i have my internet back09:57
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kulveStskeeps: ethernet seems to come up automatically in Mer with DHCP. Is usb networking brought up similarly (assuming I have properly configured kernel and a DHCP server at the other end)?09:59
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Stskeepsno, connman guys loathe usb gadgets10:00
Stskeepsit's best if you can run a dhcp server on the device itself10:01
Stskeepsnevermind :)10:02
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kulvehmm.. I think I have somewhere the commands to enable WPA using connman from the command line. Assuming the wifi works in the first place I could add something to startup scripts to connect to wifi10:06
Bostikthe "test" scripts in connman worked fine a little over year ago10:06
Stskeeps  Configure network part is very very useful10:06
kulveyeah, I'm more worried about the bcm firmware and proper kernel config for it..10:07
kulveStskeeps: looks useful, thanks10:08
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tanukjusa_: Regarding,99510:15
tanukjusa_: Why does pulseaudio need to be started after xorg?10:15
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tanukjusa_: Hmm, at least the start-pulseaudio script won't load module-x11-publish and module-x11-cork-request if DISPLAY isn't set.10:22
StskeepsDISPLAY should be set, does it actually connect to the x11?10:23
yuntabcm, ow10:24
tanukStskeeps: Do you mean DISPLAY should be set even if the xorg dependency would be dropped from the pulseaudio.service file?10:24
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tanukStskeeps: Those two modules do connect to x11.10:24
Stskeepstanuk: ok, then it needs to wait for xorg10:24
jusa_tanuk: yes10:25
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jusa_tanuk: I put it after xorg for the reason of those x11-modules10:26
tanukjusa_: I'm just thinking that it would be nice to ship a systemd service file in upstream too, but I think before we can do that, things should be changed so that the service file wouldn't have a dependency on xorg.10:27
tanukBut this is not an urgent issue...10:27
jusa_tanuk: ok10:27
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Stskeepsthis is user session, fwiw10:37
tanukStskeeps: Are user session services less likely to have standard cross-distro unit files than system services? I don't follow the systemd community very closely...10:39
tanukStskeeps: My impression was that at least for system services it's common to have the unit files in upstream.10:40
Stskeepssystem services yes, user sessions are a little more customized..10:40
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* jussi prods at sledges11:14
* jussi waves at Stskeeps11:14
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Stskeepsmorn jussi11:15
* jussi notes it is afternoon :P11:15
Stskeepsnot really11:15
jussiIm attempting to eat my lunch, but I made an error...11:15
jussi(ie. too much chili) :P11:15
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jussifaenil: Bostik might be coming down from lappeenranta...11:26
Bostikjussi: something like this?
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faeniljussi, oh cool!11:27
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mikhasmy twitter feed got excited about slush 2012 already11:33
jussiBostik: about that, yeah :P11:33
Stskeepsmikhas: you don't want to see my mailbox11:33
jussifaenil: if you do make it to slush, Ill be there :D11:33
Bostikyup, present 21.-22. by the looks of it11:33
faeniljussi, great ^^11:34
mikhasStskeeps, hm, if you say it that way … yes, I probably *want* to see it =p11:34
mikhas"curiosity killed the cat"11:34
jussiBostik: has it been decided if you are coming to slush yet?11:36
w00tmikhas: "slushslushslushslushslushslushslushslushslushslushslushslushslushslushslushslushslushslushslush"11:37
w00tthat's the tl;dr version11:37
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aportalew00t: ping11:49
w00taportale: pong11:49
aportalew00t: since we talked about deployment last time... Can you outline a bit if/how You currently use a [virtual] Nemo device in Qt Creator? Do you set it up as a Remote Linux device?11:50
w00tI have to admit, I don't actually (yet) use creator11:51
aportalew00t: Ok, do you know anyone who currently does?11:51
w00tnow that SDK integration is getting better, I maybe might look into it sometime soon11:51
w00taportale: lbt would know, I think zchydem has also played with it11:51
aportalew00t: Ok, thanks. I was just looking for some approaches that were successful and which we could make easier to use in Qt Creator.11:52
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aportalezchydem: ping11:54
zchydemaportale: pong11:54
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zchydemaportale: you're working on QtC?11:55
aportalezchydem: Hi :) I am hacking on Mer support in Qt Creator and am wondering how Device integration can be made easy.11:55
lbtaportale: Nemo on a VM is a definite target11:56
lbtzchydem: aportale is workng with us, yes11:56
zchydemaportale: I think I found a bug there yesterday from the device integration. Not reported it yet though11:56
aportalelbt: Yes, I want to create a definie target (or device in QtC slang). Just wondering what people did till now to manually tie things toether11:57
zchydemlbt: ok, thought he was the one who's done all the git commits to the mer branch11:57
vgrade_Stskeeps: seems DRI2SwapBuffers was removed somewhere between 1.10 and 1.1311:57
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aportalezchydem: Actually, we did not do anything for "Nemo device" integration, yet.11:59
aportalezchydem: I'm interested in your bug, though. It will give me a hint on what You expect11:59
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aportalelbt: How different is a "mer device" and a "Nemo device" in terms of package deployment and application launch?12:00
Bostikjussi: yes, travels got approved <1h ago12:01
Bostikjussi: I have one more checkbox to tick12:01
zchydemaportale: ok, so I needed to do the first deployment as a "root" user instead of "nemo". Otherwise uploading binary failed12:01
zchydemaportale: but I can't really run the app as a root becaue it should be run as a nemo as you probably know12:02
aportalezchydem: I actually don't know all these details.12:02
aportalezchydem: So, You created a "Generic Linux Device" and first set the "Nemo" user?12:03
lbtaportale: mer/nemo ... think inheritance :)12:03
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zchydemaportale: yes, and tested that connection worked12:04
lbtso mer device deployment works for all mer based devices - but specific instances may override some steps12:04
lbtespecially package launch12:04
aportalelbt: Ok, I will keep the inheritance in mind. Is the launch part for Nemo documented somewhere? And is it expected to be different from other perhaps upcoming Mer based platforms?12:06
dm8tbrStskeeps: ah, joint dev room between embedded and mobile this time at FOSDEM?12:06
vgrade_Stskeeps: disregard last comment12:06
Stskeepsdm8tbr: it was decided to be saneish12:07
aportalezchydem: Ok. So, first deployment has to be as root. But all subsequent installations and launching the app has to be as Nemo. Did I understand this right?12:07
zchydemaportale: Correct. That's how it worked yesterday:)12:08
aportalezchydem: I wonder if the root requirement is really intended like that. Sounds strange to me.12:08
Stskeepswell it has to run as user12:09
Stskeepsbut installations into system is root12:09
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zchydemyes, that's how it should be done12:11
aportaleStskeeps: Ok, but why are subsequent app updates not done by root?12:11
lbtaportale: we should have 2 use cases for install - hack and proper install12:11
Stskeepsaportale: that's a bit more mysterious12:11
lbthack is copy binaries12:11
lbtthat should be doable as user12:11
lbtfull install is copy rpm and run system install as root12:12
lbtfull install is unlikely to support any kind of sane 'launch' : more likely you get a new icon12:12
aportalelbt: dang, and I was so after rpm installation the last days.12:13
lbtmost hacks will likely need a specific executable called - which qtc may well know/guess - but which may need to be overridden12:13
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*** addi is now known as Prometheus12:13
*** Prometheus is now known as addi12:14
aportalelbt: Which kind of deployment do we want for Slush?12:14
zchydemlbt: I think the hack part should also work so that it runs it from "temp" location and cleans it afterwards12:14
*** addi is now known as Noob-Pele12:15
lbtfocus on hack/launch I think12:15
lbtand I wonder about installng to ~/opt/12:15
lbtand not /opt12:15
lbtshould save any root issues12:16
aportalelbt: Good that I asked. I was about to spend a few more days on rpm12:16
lbtaportale: sry12:16
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lbtaportale: so the kit 'run' tab only supports one set of deploy steps12:30
lbtso, different deploy configurations?12:31
aportalelbt: Yes, but we can add different "Deploy configureations" and also "run methods"12:31
lbtthat sounds perfect12:31
lbtI like the process steps too - very, very useful12:32
lbtso can you explain how to setup 2 deploy configs? one for rpm (which isn't quite done) and one for hack (as per generic linux device)12:33
aportalelbt: Yes, but those 4 rppm-relate steps that I currently generate are more of a sketch. It will be one user-friendly step.12:33
lbtok - but I see multiple steps being massively useful for sw house stuff12:34
lbtso don't lose it :)12:34
aportalelbt: To do that I need to climb a bit through the class hierarchy and derive from LinuxDevice. Need to investigate a bit but should be doable.12:35
lbtwhen you do, it gathers username/pw - also gather root passwd/key12:35
lbtotherwise I think that would be fine12:36
aportalelbt: Is that also needed to the 'hack' method?12:36
*** linux_tom has quit IRC12:36
lbtno, but if you add it I may be able to use ut12:37
*** merder has quit IRC12:37
* aportale sets up Nemo VM12:37
aportalezchydem: Thanks for your feedback, so far. I will come back to you for more :)12:39
*** merder has joined #mer12:41
zchydemaportale: yes, please just ask12:42
*** faenil has quit IRC12:46
aportalezchydem: Which I will do right away. Your first-root-then-nemo issue was with .rpm deployment, correct?12:46
zchydemaportale: to be honest, I'm not sure what it did in the background. I had rpm/*.spec file there and my project file installs stuff under /usr/share/myapp, /usr/bin12:52
zchydemQtC  doesn't log much12:53
aportalezchydem: Ok.12:53
aportalezchydem: I'll be back in 30 minutes, ok?12:53
*** himamura has joined #mer12:54
zchydemaportale: ok, but I need leave about an hour12:54
aportalezchydem: Ok.12:54
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vessekontio: in case you didn't notice, I merged your pull request13:31
kontiovesse, yeah I did, thx a lot... our new instance is almost ready to go live with latest master :-)13:32
kontionow I can add %H:%M to the date, I was missing that feature for ever :-)13:33
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*** jpwhiting has joined #mer14:40
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Bostikwheeee, slush attendance 90% confirmed14:48
Stskeepswhat's last 10%? wife approval?14:48
BostikStskeeps: final confirmation and pass details from slush itself14:49
Sfiet_KonstantinBostik: no much stuff, can easily shrink to 1% :)14:50
Bostikgetting better14:51
BostikI like my odds14:51
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Stskeepslbt: did we have any mer tshirts left?14:51
lbtwell, maybe 2/314:51
*** yunta has joined #mer14:52
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*** popey has joined #mer14:59
vessekontio: great. hopefully the new configuration options make it easier for you to maintain compatibility with the upstream version.15:09
kulveStskeeps: quite a surprise. I my automatic wlan connection attempt worked on the first try \o/15:09
kulvethis makes this so much easier15:09
vesseand if you have any further needs pull requests are welcome. or just ask me.15:09
*** pvilja has quit IRC15:10
*** tg has quit IRC15:10
kulveor not. It stucked after a minute..15:10
kulvewhat is plymouth?15:12
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer15:12
Stskeepskulve: framebuffer thing15:12
Stskeepsputs splashscreen up15:13
kulveso, completely optional?15:13
kulveI wonder why nothing tried to even start my X.Org..15:13
Stskeepssystemctl | grep user-session15:14
kulvewifi worked only for a minute. Maybe some power saving things. Anyway I'll need to continue this later15:15
Stskeepsyeah, iwconfig wlan0 power off15:16
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[ol]Stskeeps: OK, I've built cross-x86_64-binutils and cross-x86_64-gcc packages. Now I have to build cross-x86_64-glibc package, right?16:29
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*** Jucato has joined #mer16:31
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Stskeeps[ol]: driving exam tonight, will get back to you16:40
*** Jucato has quit IRC16:42
CosmoHillStskeeps: good luck16:42
CosmoHillremember, pavements are for people16:43
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sledgeshow can I decode h264 video? does mer (or 3rd party's) provide repos with suitable plugins?16:59
sledgesgstreamer that is16:59
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*** ced117 has joined #mer17:09
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Bostiksledges: h.264 is a patent and royalty minefield, but you can A) build your own gstreamer-plugins-bad (not -free) or, if the hardware has video accelerators with OpenMAX libraries, you could go through them17:09
sledgesgosh thanks17:10
* sledges needs to benchmark video decode hardware vs software accelerted17:10
sledgeswhich is the best format to run big buck bunny then?17:11
sledges720p (imx6 vpu decoder can do mpeg4 and h264)17:11
sledgesas in, most mer friendly format?17:12
Stskeepsarmv7hl or armv7l17:12
Stskeepsarmv7hl look in home:stskeeps:n950-n917:13
Stskeepsgst-av may be useful17:13
sledgesso it is not N9xx dependent?17:14
sledges:) ok, software decode that means :)17:15
sledges26kB ?17:15
*** cat_x301 has joined #mer17:15
sledgesok, will try to query it17:15
*** aportale has left #mer17:16
*** ortylp has joined #mer17:16
*** dijenerate has joined #mer17:17
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer17:19
sledgesit got blacklisted17:21
sledgesheya vgrade17:21
*** Milhouse has joined #mer17:24
CosmoHillhi vgrade and sledges17:24
sledgeshello CosmoHill17:27
vgradeevening CosmoHill17:27
CosmoHilli fucking hate the royal mail job application site17:28
* CosmoHill puts a coin in the swear jar17:28
*** yunta has quit IRC17:29
*** Milhouse has quit IRC17:35
*** Milhouse has joined #mer17:36
CosmoHillhow are you two?17:36
vgradenot bad, you17:40
sledgesbizy times, so good :)17:42
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC17:46
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer17:46
specialStskeeps: w00t: how much do I need to bribe one of you to get rid of that damn va_list warning17:48
w00tStskeeps: on that, why isn't -Wno-psabi in our default cflags for ARM?17:49
CosmoHilleverything seems to make me angery :/17:49
*** NIN101 has quit IRC17:58
*** nsuffys_ has joined #mer18:00
*** plfiorini has joined #mer18:02
*** nsuffys has quit IRC18:02
*** kostaja has quit IRC18:12
kulvein which startup script I could put "iwconfig wlan0 power off" in during my initial hacking?18:16
*** halVIII_ has joined #mer18:18
*** rubdos has joined #mer18:21
*** halVIII_ has quit IRC18:21
kulvealso evtest reports a bit odd events from the elan-touchscreen. It works on ubuntu so I guess there's a way to make X.Org's evdev driver to understand that18:23
*** halVIII_ has joined #mer18:23
*** yunta has joined #mer18:24
*** rcg-work has quit IRC18:26
*** jayrulez has joined #mer18:28
*** halVIII_ has quit IRC18:38
*** halVIII_ has joined #mer18:39
*** khetzal has joined #mer18:40
*** halVIII_ has quit IRC18:49
*** pohly has quit IRC18:49
kulveyay, evdev might not understand that but mtev does18:49
*** bbarliga has joined #mer18:51
*** halVIII_ has joined #mer18:51
*** Siosm has joined #mer18:53
*** dlewen has joined #mer18:53
*** Siosm has quit IRC18:54
*** furikku has quit IRC19:00
*** jonwil has quit IRC19:11
*** kontio has joined #mer19:15
*** NIN101 has joined #mer19:16
*** yunta_ has joined #mer19:18
kontiolbt, ping19:18
kontiolbt can you check the paragraph: there is a typo guess it should be stored, but also otherwise I don't understand what it wants to tell me...19:19
kontiospecially the last sentence...19:20
lbtyes, "stored"19:20
lbtif you want you can create a dedicated virtual-disk19:21
vgradekulve sounds great19:22
vgradekulve: you installed a minimal image and zyppered in rest?19:23
kontio"It this is a problem then"... there is a word too much :-) or so it's hard to read...19:23
kontioshould it be "If this" or "it is a pro..."19:23
kontioI would have updated it, but it was not clear to me19:24
vgradeStskeeps: eglinfo and glestest now working on A1019:24
*** cristi has joined #mer19:24
vgradetrying lipstick19:25
lbtthere we go kontio19:25
kontioit's now more clear :-) thx19:27
kontiobuilding qt-creator now... guess takes a while on my single core box...19:28
lbtwhat OS?19:28
lbtyou really need to have the Qt private headers19:29
lbtotherwise you don't get 'Designer'19:29
*** cristi has quit IRC19:29
vgradevgrade , what -graphicssystem is expected for lipstick19:31
kontioFedora, I think I have the qt-devel installed a while ago...19:31
kontioah private... hmmm19:32
vgradeno -graphicssystem gives me a cryptic /lib/ undefined symbol: drmGetMagic19:32
lbtyeah - I know how to do it on Debian testing :)19:32
w00tvgrade: whatever QT_DEFAULT_RUNTIME_GRAPHICSSYSTEM says it should be19:32
vgradew00t: I tried with no -graphicssystem and got the drmGetMagic error above19:33
w00tvgrade: default graphicssystem is runtime, which picks from QT_DEFAULT_RUNTIME_GRAPHICSSYSTEM19:34
kontiodoes the build fail, or do I just not get Designer? I think I never used it any way...19:34
vgradew00t: with raster I get good performance but apps don't load. icon pulses19:35
kontiothe private headers in Qt are normally something like _p.h or not?19:35
w00tvgrade: by "apps don't load" I suspect you mean the icons don't?19:35
kontioor similar...19:35
yunta_kontio: if it fails late in compilation: install qtwebkit-devel or something similar19:36
vgradew00t: icons are visible and zoom in out but the app does not load19:36
w00tvgrade: lipstick cannot affect application launching, check journalctl19:36
kontioqtwebkit-devel is installed...19:37
kontioI might be lucky :-)19:38
*** savaaZ has quit IRC19:39
kontioah fedora has a package qt-devel-private, guess that's it19:39
w00tvgrade: anything interesting?19:40
vgradew00t, will check apps. so "runtime" gives drmMagic errror, "native" gives 1Hz update rate, "raster" gives good performance19:40
*** arcean has joined #mer19:40
w00tvgrade: so the default runtime system is probably set to meego, check with Sage_ for what config file sets it, and alter it for your setup I guess19:40
w00tvgrade: i'd expect that the environment var is why apps aren't loading too :)19:41
*** savaaZ has joined #mer19:41
*** popey has quit IRC19:41
vgradew00t: yes as they would use the default. Check after dinner, Thanks a lot19:41
*** popey has joined #mer19:42
*** harha has joined #mer19:42
phaeroncheck in /etc/sysconfig19:43
vgradephaeron: cheers nemo-mobile-ui QT_DEFAULT_RUNTIME_SYSTEM=meego19:44
phaeronyeah , sage was preparing an override file19:44
phaeronnot sure if that is already integrated19:44
w00tthanks phaeron19:45
phaeronbut you can change that file19:45
vgradeah so meefo uses GL, which I don't have on the A1019:45
phaeronvgrade: /etc/sysconfig/nemo-mobile-hw19:48
phaeronwill override things in nemo-mobile-ui if it exists19:48
vgradephaeron: ok19:48
vgradethats done the trick I have a 32 inch calculator :)19:49
phaeronBEEP BEEP19:49
vgradenow how do I close it?19:50
*** rcg has joined #mer19:53
*** ortylp has quit IRC19:54
*** phaeron has quit IRC19:57
Sage_vgrade: you can do /etc/sysconfig/nemo-mobile-hw file with override settings19:58
Sage_vgrade: You can even do "QT_DEFAULT_RUNTIME_SYSTEM=" there if you want19:58
Sage_vgrade: example
vgradeSage_: thanks, just ran browser ok19:59
vgradeis there a back button?19:59
vgradeI seem to be stuck in each app I open19:59
Sage_in nemo?20:00
Sage_"swipe" from the sides to the other side of screen and it minimizes the app20:00
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:01
vgradeSage_: I only have mouse20:07
kulvevgrade: well, "minimal" in a sense that I ripped of something and got it to ~650M which is the maximum that can be flashed20:07
vgradeSage_: I'm on A10 STB20:09
*** ortylp has joined #mer20:10
*** faenil has quit IRC20:12
Sage_vgrade: ah, nice.20:12
vgradeSage_: another SoC for nemo :)20:13
vgradewhat resolution did you run the snowball?20:14
*** notmart has quit IRC20:15
vgradeSage_: so no way to swipe with a mouse? did nemo once have a back key or was that meego tablet20:16
kontioaccording to the RS FAQ page my RPi should be shipped this week... ordered 16. July... let's see if it comes soon...20:18
kontiono looked up wrong... next week...20:19
*** nsuffys_ has quit IRC20:21
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC20:25
*** icota has joined #mer20:30
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer20:33
*** beford has quit IRC20:36
*** beford has joined #mer20:38
*** Milhouse has quit IRC20:40
*** kontio has quit IRC20:49
*** ced117 has quit IRC20:49
*** arcean has quit IRC20:50
*** icota has quit IRC20:51
*** pa has quit IRC20:51
*** icota has joined #mer20:51
*** slaine has quit IRC20:53
*** r-A has joined #mer20:54
*** ortylp has quit IRC20:58
*** rubdos has quit IRC21:02
*** icota_ has joined #mer21:04
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:04
*** icota has quit IRC21:04
Stskeepsvgrade: that really performs miserably.. interesting21:05
Stskeepswell browser is ok21:05
vgradeit starts off badly then it speeds up when I'm moving the icons21:09
vgradeyou can see the step change as though something is working / caching in the background21:09
vgradealso running 1280x1024 not 800x48021:10
*** arcean has joined #mer21:10
*** ChickenCutlass has quit IRC21:10
vgradeStskeeps: any idea how to generate a swipe with mouse/keyboard to get out of app?21:12
*** rZr has quit IRC21:14
*** sirdancealota has quit IRC21:15
Stskeepsmove from bottom and up, straight line21:17
*** RzR has joined #mer21:17
Stskeepsaround middle21:17
*** phaeron has joined #mer21:18
*** khetzal has quit IRC21:20
*** schmooster has quit IRC21:20
*** schmooster has joined #mer21:20
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:25
vgradeStskeeps: not working does is rely on mcompositor21:31
*** clopez has joined #mer21:35
*** yunta_ has quit IRC21:37
[ol]Stskeeps: Hi! How was your exam?21:39
*** special has quit IRC21:40
*** special has joined #mer21:43
*** special has quit IRC21:43
*** special has joined #mer21:43
*** yunta_ has joined #mer21:43
*** ShadowJK has quit IRC21:44
CosmoHillvgrade, this on the rpi?21:44
*** ShadowJK has joined #mer21:44
lbt[ol]: don't ask ...21:44
CosmoHilllbt: why are you on a car bonnet...?21:44
[ol]lbt: OK, I'm revoking the question.21:45
lbt*g* ...21:45
* CosmoHill gives Stskeeps a drink21:45
vgradeCosmoHill: no Mele A1000 stb21:46
*** rodrigo_golive has quit IRC21:47
*** special has quit IRC21:48
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC21:48
*** special has joined #mer21:49
*** special has joined #mer21:49
odin_vgrade, did you have a local meetup on Friday?21:49
vgradeodin_: HI21:51
*** icota_ has quit IRC21:51
* lbt investigates how well nook works as a physical book by bending it in half....21:51
vgradeodin_: I was not able to get there I'm afraid, there were a few turn up21:52
vgradelbt: frisbie21:52
*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #mer21:53
*** RzR has quit IRC21:55
lbtvgrade: fucking thing... grrr... and I so *hate* people who get it working, post a video and neglect little details like the bloody ,config or which sha1 of the kernel they used21:55
odin_vgrade, ok I am looking up what I missed, the date clashed with my nephews fundraiser so I hope to be there next time :)21:56
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC21:56
lbtI'm going to post "Next release of Mer SDK works wonderfully, here's a video ... it's on the internet, good luck finding an image"21:56
*** RzR has joined #mer21:56
lbtand I don't bloody care about the kernel - any half-assed real dev board has a serial console so dicking around with hacking devices is for l33t h4cker kiddies21:58
*** VDVsx has quit IRC22:00
vgradelbt: :)22:04
*** ljp has quit IRC22:05
CosmoHilllbt: you sound as angery as I was with the royal mail website22:06
lbtyeah ... hacker kiddies on forumz piss me off22:06
sledgeslbt, the kernel might not be upstream, heavily patched from internal BSP's SDK, quite often the case :{22:06
sledgesduring ELCE last week we had stark sentences - UPSTREAM UPSTEAM! from Linux LTSI22:07
sledgeseveryone agreed22:07
lbtactually a lot is upstream22:07
CosmoHilllbt: like a forum thread that asks a question then later goes "thanks, fixed it" without telling you how you fix it22:07
lbtso they're not all bad :)22:07
sledgeswhen making a contract with customer - quote for extra effort to upstream22:07
sledgesif they say "no" - say "no" back to the future with that customer :)22:07
lbtsledges: the main issue is that I have a booting system to cdc_ether ssh22:07
lbtbut I can't replace that u-boot with my u-boot22:08
sledgesand eventually the world will become a better place :)22:08
lbtthe kernel is open but has no /proc/config.gz22:08
sledgesthat was the ELCE's message (I like :))22:08
lbt(which should be mandatory)22:08
vgradelbt, and code at
vgradelbt, instructions for me on wiki soon22:09
CosmoHilllbt: this wil make you smile:
lbtvgrade: oh, I'm way ahead on that :)
*** faenil has joined #mer22:10
lbtI have a personally hacked u-boot with fast re-make on env_common.c changes22:10
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC22:10
lbtI have embedded intramfs with a minimal debian busybox inside it22:10
lbtandroid flavour rndis22:10
*** himamura has quit IRC22:10
lbtall tried22:11
*** himamura has joined #mer22:11
lbtI just don't have a serial port22:11
lbtnook says it has uart over usb22:11
sledgesso they did not configure console properly?22:12
sledgeseven on imx one kernel is set to one serial device, and linaro's kernel the devnode for that is already different, @_#*&22:13
sledgesand if you mix up kernels, can forget seeing console again :)22:13
*** ljp has joined #mer22:13
*** Attie_ has joined #mer22:13
lbtwell, it's production .. if I take it apart and solder stuff - but the annoying thing is... I shouldn't need to22:14
lbtthe work's been done22:14
lbtbut the people who did it can't be arsed to document it to a reproducable level22:14
lbtthus demonstrating that their time is more valuable than yours and whils they're happy to use your code, forget sharing in return22:15
vgradelbt , what are you trying ?22:15
*** himamura has quit IRC22:16
*** sirdancealot2a has joined #mer22:16
*** Attie has quit IRC22:16
lbtjust to boot the nook with my own kernel/u-boot22:17
lbtvgrade: do you have one?22:17
vgradelbt: not one in my arsenal I'm afraid. where does the u-boot live ? on the intenal flash?22:18
lbtno, the boot sequence is nice22:18
lbtpop in SD card with FAT partition and MLO/uboot/uImage22:19
vgradeinternal first stage checks sdcard for uboot?22:19
lbtand it boots them22:19
lbtno serial - so you're blind22:19
lbt(oh, and uRamdisk) I have a working set from a hack called 'nooter'22:20
vgradeno console on screen either? did you have issues with the CHS22:20
lbtsorted those22:21
lbtno console on screen22:21
sledgesnooker would be more appropriate also for all the bad reasons :)22:21
*** ljp has quit IRC22:23
vgradei've used adb in the past to enable comms to pc but as you say one is working blind until you get that up22:24
*** cat_x301 has quit IRC22:24
lbtso the SD card works - I can replace MLO with my MLO. hold down power, watch dmesg and if I use the known-good uboot/kernel/uRamdisk then I get cdc_ether22:24
lbtthis tells me I'm compiling MLO and it runs22:24
lbtso that's good22:25
lbtnow I look at 'strings' in unknown u-boot22:25
lbtthat gets me22:25
lbtso I hack around in u-boot and reproduced that22:25
lbtwouldn't boot the 'alien' kernel22:26
lbtwhich is spooky22:26
lbtweird shit: loadaddr=0x81c0000022:26
lbtbut file <alien kernel>  shows Load Address: 0x80008000, Entry Point: 0x8000800022:27
lbtthat I don't get22:27
lbtso I'm having a go now with my kernel using bootcmd=mmcinit; fatload mmc 0:1 ${loadaddr} uImage; bootm ${loadaddr}22:28
lbtand using 0x80008000 for loadadr (which is what the kernel says)22:29
lbtbut no luck22:29
lbtouch :
lbtthat's really unfortunate22:31
*** popey has quit IRC22:39
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC22:44
lbtAnnounce : 0.20121115.1 is released :
faenildaily release :D22:50
CosmoHilllbt: wtf kinda page is that?22:53
lbtwell, atom really22:53
CosmoHillon the new mer site, would you like this kinda information displayed as a page / blog post?22:54
lbtit's a feed22:54
lbtso a feed plugin usually22:54
*** Jucato has joined #mer22:58
zenvoidlbt: is your u-boot and kernel compiled from B&N sources or from other sources?23:00
lbtzenvoid: tried both23:01
lbtcurrently I'm using B&N23:01
lbtwith rndis enabled on the android usb gadget23:02
lbtand an initramfs23:02
lbtdo you know about the loadaddr?23:02
lbtshould it match?23:02
zenvoidI don't know other sources but B&N worked for me23:02
lbtI get nothing onscreen at all - normal ?23:03
*** halVIII_ has quit IRC23:03
lbtno splash, no fbcons23:03
zenvoidok get console on screen , but probably I had to change .config (don't remember right noe)23:03
lbthmm, OK, that'd be good23:04
zenvoidsorry for my english impossible to understand :P23:04
lbthehe ... geektalk is fine23:04
zenvoidi remember i've changed u-boot logo to display a penguin23:05
*** halVIII_ has joined #mer23:05
lbtwell, I wanted to make incremental changes23:05
*** halVIII_ has quit IRC23:05
lbtI'm a bit surprised why I can't boot nooter kernel using my uboot23:06
lbtnooter kernel shows the same load/run address as my b&n kernel23:06
lbtwhich is not what I see in nooter u-boot.bin using strings23:06
zenvoidI think I have 0x81c0000023:06
lbtyeah, that's what I saw23:07
zenvoidgive me a second, I'll search23:07
lbtwhat does file <your kernel> say ?23:07
zenvoidfatload mmc 0:1 0x81c00000 uImage23:09
zenvoidsetenv bootargs ${commonbootargs} root=/dev/mmcblk1p223:09
zenvoidbootm 0x81c0000023:09
lbtmmcblk1p2 ?23:10
lbthmm that's internal mmc ?23:10
zenvoidwell, it is the location of my debian armfh partition xD23:10
lbtnot SD card though23:10
lbton the kernel I can ssh to I see that SD is mmcblk0 - it only has p1/p223:11
zenvoidhmm.. strange, it should be sd card23:11
lbtwell, I'm going with initramfs for now anyway23:11
lbtso ssh into that to see dmesg23:12
lbtif you could see what you set in .config to get the fbcons that'd be nice23:12
zenvoidyeah, i have a kernel without initramfs...23:13
zenvoidand it seems I've patched it23:13
zenvoiddon't remember what are the patches for23:13
lbtjust the config would be a start - what version?23:14
lbt2.6.32.9 here iirc23:14
zenvoidthe last one23:15
lbtok, I'll diff that23:16
zenvoidif you continue to have problems, i can put tomorrow everything inside a tar.gz, u-boot and patched kernel23:17
zenvoidit boots debian with fb console23:17
lbtsource/config would be neat23:18
lbtI mainly need a starting point so I can build on it23:18
lbtso frustrating finding so many random binary kernels with no config and no link to built-from source23:19
zenvoidyeah, true23:19
lbtso thanks for this - I'll have a go :)23:19
*** vgrade has quit IRC23:20
*** grinsekatze has quit IRC23:20
zenvoidI'll upload it tomorrow, now going to sleep :)23:20
*** vgrade has joined #mer23:21
*** grinsekatze has joined #mer23:21
lbtg'night - ty23:21
zenvoidoh that's quite interesting, my "file uImage" says 0x80008000, but my u-boot has 0x81c00000 and it works...23:24
zenvoidhavn't noticed until now23:24
*** zenvoid has quit IRC23:26
lbtyeah - spooky23:29
*** blam_ has joined #mer23:31
wmaronelbt: did you get the image I posted earlier?23:34
*** erbo has quit IRC23:34
*** erbo has joined #mer23:36
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer23:37
lbtwmarone: maybe not?23:37
lbtah - yes, just found it23:38
lbtI'll pull + examine - ty23:39
lbtfbconsole ?23:39
wmaroneactually I think that goes all the way into Xorg23:39
lbtOK - cdc_ether may not work then ?23:40
wmaroneyou should see kernel boot23:40
wmaronedon't recall23:40
lbtOK :)23:40
vgradelbt: are you compiling your kernel in mer sdk?23:40
lbtsb2 make -j423:41
vgradedid you modify the makefile23:41
vgradefor old kernels and new gcc23:41
lbtah... no23:41
*** rcg has quit IRC23:41
lbttell me more23:41
vgradewiki kernel aaptation23:41
lbt+KBUILD_CFLAGS  += -mno-unaligned-access23:42
lbthmm - but that doesn't explain why u-boot fails to boot a good kernel23:43
lbt'night vgrade23:43
lbtvgrade: ping first23:43
lbtoh well - msg me if you're around :)23:44
vgradehow do I get to 11 in irsii23:44
*** faenil has quit IRC23:45
lbtis there a "next" ?23:45
lbt /win 1123:45
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC23:56
*** andre__ has quit IRC23:57
*** harha has quit IRC23:57

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