Monday, 2012-11-12

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CosmoHillwell fuck00:29
CosmoHillworking on some design for the mer website and I seem to have recreated it00:29
CosmoHillwhat do you guys think?00:32
CosmoHilloh that's right, my internet isn't working properly :/00:34
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CosmoHillnight night (again)00:45
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lbtyay --- Nov 12 01:30:14 ash kernel: [3076485.181148] usb 5-4: Product: RNDIS/Ethernet Gadget01:30
lbtno bloody console or anything - not even a damned LED01:31
yunta_lbt: have you ever heard about sleeping?01:32
lbt have you?01:32
lbtthis is my Nook :)01:33
yunta_I'd dream of it if I could :)01:33
yunta_hacking nook?01:33
lbtyeah and I'm mispelling ifup01:33
lbtI think it may be sleep time01:34
yunta_lbt: is that normal that I can't build live usb image on imager?01:35
* lbt looks at clock and wonders if he can do just one more kernel.01:35
yunta_raw works fine01:36
yunta_not only builds, but works01:36
lbtI'm not astonished01:36
lbttell me tomorrow though01:36
lbtI think I need to sleep01:37
yunta_what I'm trying to establish is: is it my kernel's fault01:37
yunta_me too01:37
lbtyou mean IMG or mic local?01:37
yunta_didn't try building locally01:37
yunta_well, tomorrow01:37
lbtI built exopc bootable images01:38
lbtso it works locally01:38
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lbtmorning all08:51
lbtbeen up all night writing?08:52
* lbt senses a budding author...08:52
Bostiklbt: not merely budding, I actually have an ISBN code to my name :)08:53
Stskeepslbt: -next imported to cobs?08:53
Bostikbut life >> rest08:53
Stskeepswas the yup to me08:54
lbtthat one was ^08:55
Stskeepsok, good08:55
lbtlooks like it went OK too08:55
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lbtStskeeps: got ssh running onto nook08:57
Stskeepsgood work08:57
lbtthe *only* diagnostic was that when it _nearly_ booted I'd get a transient usb connection on the host08:58
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lbtthe bug? ... wrong CHS settings on the SD card....08:58
Stskeepsah, right08:58
Stskeepslbt: also, what happened to repo/img?08:59
Stskeeps** PROBLEM Host Alert: is DOWN **08:59
lbtnot looked at email yet :)08:59
zchydemhi, trying to setup mer sdk according to
zchydemthe VM is up and running, but when trying to ssh in it I'll get:09:03
zchydemssh -p 2222 root@localhost09:04
zchydemssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host09:04
lbtzchydem: can you pastie your ssh issue - the fact it's responding sounds good09:04
zchydemany ideas?09:04
zchydemhmm, the above is the the response09:04
lbtany iptables?09:06
dm8tbrlbt / Stskeeps - if the nook is OMAP then it should not matter how the CHS is set up. if you are directly booting the OMAP then there are other things to keep in mind though. e.g. size of fat partition (odd vs even number of sectors)09:07
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lbtdm8tbr: that was the thing that *seemed* to matter - and
dm8tbrit's the number of sectors that matters09:09
lbtzchydem: try ssh -vvv aswell - pastie result09:11
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lbtdm8tbr: great - ty09:15
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lbtzchydem: when you're ready09:20
zchydemlbt: sorry09:23
zchydemgot sidetracked a bit09:23
lbtnp :)09:23
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CosmoHillhave you guys seen this yet: ?09:25
mikhasthe personal ad at the bottom is not helping, I guess (in case you want to push this as the official mer website design)09:32
CosmoHillit would be removed if it became offical09:32
CosmoHillkinda annoyed that it came out very similar to the current mer site but oh well09:33
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* Stskeeps pokes with a stick09:40
lbtreset the phost - looking at it atm09:40
* CosmoHill borrows the stick and pokes his msn09:41
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lbtzchydem: do you have personal ssh equivalence setup?09:48
lbtie is ~/.ssh/ present in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys    ?09:48
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zchydemlbt: I just made it so09:51
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lbtall good now ?09:52
lbt*g* new pastie for -vvv09:52
lbtalso can you ssh to $USER@localhost ?09:52
zchydemhmm incorrect rsa identifier09:53
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lbtzchydem: sorry ... sorting vm issues10:09
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lbtStskeeps: stupid virsh bug10:10
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zchydemlbt: on OSX I can get establish ssh connection, but on Ubuntu side it fails..10:13
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lbtzchydem: are you running ubuntu in a VM on an OSX machine ?10:18
zchydemlbt: no. I have two laptops one Mac and Other lenovo + Ubuntu10:21
zchydemI just tested to setup VM both10:21
lbt"just in case"10:21
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zchydemlbt: should I install guest additions for VBox?10:22
lbtzchydem: no10:22
lbtand does the ubuntu one allow ssh to itself?10:22
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lbtStskeeps: is up (you probably saw)10:22
lbtI think nested kvm probably10:22
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lbtalso non-auto vm start10:23
zchydemlbt: yes10:24
lbtand you can ssh root@localhost -p222210:25
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lbtpasswd "rootme"10:25
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zchydemlbt: no, then I'll get the error I pasted10:27
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lbtok - so it's looking like a networking issue of some sort10:28
lbtany iptables ?10:28
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lbtsudo iptables -L -v10:28
zchydemlbt: checked that vm failed couple of services though10:30
zchydemrecreate volatile files...10:30
zchydemand Update UTMP...10:30
lbtcomes up blue and says "mounted home and targets successfully" ?10:31
zchydemlbt: yes10:32
yuntaI've had similar problem once, after setting up second vm from the same image. Didn't solve it. Ssh worked fine for first vm, but not the second one.10:32
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lbtzchydem: ok, login to console as root and kill sshd10:35
lbtthen run it manually using debug/no-fork10:35
lbtand we'll see wtf is happenng10:35
zchydemlbt: ok10:38
zchydemlbt: stupid question it looks like it's not even running? ps aux | grep ssh doesn't show anything10:39
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zchydemI guess I should see a process "sshd" ?10:40
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lbtah, no10:40
zchydemso systemctl sshd.service stop?10:40
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lbtsystemctl should show sshd.socket10:41
lbtsystemctl stop sshd.socket10:41
lbtthen /usr/bin/sshd -d10:43
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* lbt -> coffee .... bbiab .. keep pasting :)10:47
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* zchydem gonna get coffee too10:53
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sledgesgood morning!10:55
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sledgeshow's it going? :)10:56
Stskeepsmorn sledges, how was ELCE?10:57
sledgesStskeeps, awesome, have you seen my pics of Mer @ ELCE @ G+ ? ;)10:57
Stskeepsshow me?10:58
sledgesit's under #merproject11:01
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Stskeepshehe, good11:03
zumbiBarcelona was nice Ñ=11:03
CosmoHillsledges: .o/11:04
sledgeslol now 10+ people pop up to have been there :)11:04
CosmoHillsledges: you're in england right, what ISP are you with?11:04
sledgesheya CosmoHill , my workplace just switched to 20Mbps symmetric virginemedia11:04
sledgesyes, Barsa was very nice, during and after the presentations :))11:05
CosmoHillbah, viginmedia won't supply us, they'll supply both our neighbours tho11:05
sledgesdm8tbr, just talking about our pic ;) ^11:06
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sledgesthey have also had a tizen troll group pic :D11:06
Stskeepstizen troll? :P11:06
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sledgesyea, the group asking troll11:06
sledgesquestions in tizen presentations11:06
Stskeepsah, i think i might know who's been part11:07
Stskeepslbt: any good ideas on how to debug obs dependencies? got a real mystery on why on earth a package gets pulled into a build11:07
zchydemlbt: I decided to recreate VM and now it works out of box11:09
zchydemDon't know what went wrong in the first time11:09
lbtzchydem: OK, good to know11:09
* zchydem bangs his head to the wall11:09
yuntaStskeeps: rpmgraph ?11:09
Stskeepsyunta: it seems to be an issue in obs itself11:09
zchydemlbt: so I have compiled QtC Mer and I'd like to know how to continue11:10
lbtzchydem: OK11:10
lbtsorry, being attacked by kittens ...11:10
lbtright ... so, do you have a mer button on left?11:11
lbtok, not good11:12
zchydemI guess I need to setup paths/kits11:12
zchydemah ok:)11:12
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lbtdid you build the mer branch?11:12
zchydembtw, should I run qtcreator.sh11:12
lbtI run bin/qtcreator11:12
zchydemlbt: ups, no. I'm gonna build the correct stuff first11:13
lbtminor changes so no need to clean11:13
zchydemlbt: just to make sure is it enought to clone this only: git:// or should I pull "mer" branch?11:19
lbtonce you've cloned: git checkout mer11:20
lbtthat will switch to the mer branch and you're good11:20
lbtso you must have cloned already - so just do the checkout and then make -jN11:21
lbtmm may need qmake -r11:21
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*** fk_lx has joined #mer11:22
* Stskeeps really hopes this isn't what he thinks it is..11:22
Stskeepsi have a sneaking suspicion that OBS reads "Conflicts:" as "this is a require~!"11:23
*** phinaliumz has quit IRC11:23
CosmoHillyou mean link bash.spec requiring bash.rpm already being installed?11:24
*** jpetersen has joined #mer11:25
dm8tbrsledges: boy do I look grim on that one...11:26
Stskeepsdm8tbr: did you just go to a tizen talk before that photo?11:26
lbtStskeeps: isn't  ~! a double negative ?  :)11:26
Stskeepslbt: seriously though.. i have a Conflicts: qt-qmake11:27
dm8tbrStskeeps: I think that was the day after the tizen talks...11:27
Stskeepsdm8tbr: ah, hangover11:27
dm8tbrStskeeps: Ryan had his share of 'fun' with me there...11:27
Stskeepslbt: and it adds it as a requires..11:27
BostikStskeeps: whut? which project/setup?11:27
StskeepsBostik: mer's qtbase packaging.. something's really fried somewhere11:28
lbttha'ts wrong11:28
BostikStskeeps: because I had to explicitly tell in obs prjconf to "Prefer: .." a negative dep11:28
lbtI could BR something I conflict with :)11:28
Bostikjust a minute11:28
Bostikthat helped me11:29
StskeepsBostik: yeah.. but it shouldn't happen in first place ;)11:29
sledgesdm8tbr, I think your face talks determination about Mer :) (kind of - we'll kick your asses :))11:29
Stskeepsi'm just buildrequires: qt5-qmake11:29
Stskeepsand it drags in qt-qmake too11:29
sledgesdo you have tizen troll photo, dm8tbr ?11:29
Bostikthat's nasty then11:30
Bostikahhhhh FSCK11:30
Bostikhmm, no... qt5-devel -> Requires: qt5-qmake11:31
Bostikqt5-qtcore-devel, that is11:31
Stskeepssomething really fishy is going on11:31
Bostikat no point do I refer to raw "qt-qmake", I believe11:31
lbtautoreqprov ?11:32
Stskeepsi'm building a qtbase without the Conflicts:11:32
Stskeepsand if that's it, i'm going to go cry into my pillow11:32
lbtso what do you think is happening?11:33
lbtit's actually adding a Require by mistake?11:33
Stskeepsi think that the SAT solver sees conflicts: as a requires: when it's doing the buildrequires11:34
Bostikthat would be evil11:34
lbtwhich obs ?11:34
lbtmerci ?11:34
Stskeepsseen it on cobs and merproject so far11:35
lbtmerci is newer - so just wondered if it was fixed11:35
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dm8tbrsledges: there is one of the troll meetup and one of me advertizing it11:38
sledgesgive 'em all for a laugh :))11:40
Stskeepsseriously though, was there more meat than last year's talks?11:40
sledgeswell, only once I did not know which talk to attend11:41
sledgesbut only 1 or two I will try to catch up from videos11:41
dm8tbrStskeeps: the security talk was ok and after I drilled in I saw lessons learned11:43
Stskeepsyeah, tizen security i have nothing to poke at11:43
mikhasdm8tbr, at devdays?11:44
mikhasdm8tbr, third conference in a row then, no?11:44
JvD_linuxcon was good but barcelona did not leave a good tasted on me.. my n950 was stolen on saturday11:45
dm8tbrmikhas: I was last week at ELCE/LCE/Tizen/KVM/oVirt/Wireless/whatever/bla/foo in barcelona, yes11:45
dm8tbrJvD_: ouch!11:45
*** kjokinie1 has joined #mer11:45
macmaNdamn them ho's11:45
sledgesnot good; yup the ho's were outrageous :)11:45
JvD_i hope harmattan security keeps the device useless11:46
CosmoHillif someone stole my phone they'd hand it back after they saw it11:46
sledgesdm8tbr, did any of your pockets got shaken (I know you had a wholesome of awesomely Nxx devices :)11:46
sledgesJvD_, you mean they cannot access your data once they turn the phone on, and the phone realises it's not you? :)11:47
*** kjokinie has quit IRC11:47
dm8tbrsledges: luckily no11:47
JvD_i mean they can't use it11:47
sledgeswonder what thieves would do with a non mainstream-market phone :)11:48
JvD_well ebay11:48
Sage_Jake9xx: lbt:
sledgesoh, better watch out then :)11:48
sledgesyou might probably get it back :) (I don't remember any other N950s out there on ebay)11:48
sledgesand report them :D11:48
BostikCosmoHill: classmate in junior high got pickpocketed in Rome - little buggers surrounded him and took what he had in his back pocket; before he knew what had happened, one of them came back and offered him the item back with apologies; they had stolen a crappy pocket calculator....11:49
mikhassledges, they will think it's Nokia prototype and try to blackmail Nokia for money, or else they will release spec & pics.11:50
*** koala_ has joined #mer11:51
sledgesyup, true thiefs-hackers11:51
Stskeepsok, something really really fishy is going on with Prefer: libqt-devel11:52
sroedalBostik: what, they apologized for stealing something so crappy?11:52
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC11:53
koala_Stskeeps : hello stskeeps11:54
Stskeepskoala_: hey11:54
Bostiksroedal: yep :)11:55
Bostiksroedal: they apologised for taking something which was useless for them, but which the owner might actually considered useful11:55
sroedalBostik: hehe, ok11:55
sroedalhow nice of them11:56
koala_Stskeeps: after the last talk we had, I got something to do for myself, so I didn't send a log to you. And your hybris works now.11:56
Stskeepskoala_: cool, congratulations :)11:56
koala_Stskeeps: but I have one more question.11:57
*** icota has joined #mer11:57
*** ssirkia1 has joined #mer11:58
*** ssirkia has quit IRC11:59
zchydemlbt: now I've QtC with Mer button11:59
Stskeepskoala_: sure, please ask11:59
lbtzchydem: OK - and that shows the webapp on the VM ?11:59
lbtoh, bug triage rsn12:02
*** lardman has quit IRC12:02
koala_Stskeeps : the window management of qt application is not good. for example, a qt test app(mainwindow) look nice at first, but after click a menu of it, all window are erased except the menu window.12:02
zchydemlbt: no it doesn't show that12:02
zchydemlbt: btw, which one is the right port it 9292 or 80? there were both mentioned in the docs12:03
*** jpetrell has quit IRC12:03
*** jpetrell has joined #mer12:03
koala_Stskeeps : I think it could be caused by egl composition issue due to not supporting it.12:03
sroedalkoala_: is this eglfs?12:04
koala_Stskeeps : I just hope to know it's normal action to the others12:04
sroedalkoala_: it doesn't support multiple top level windows12:04
sroedalkoala_: you'd need qtwayland for that currently12:04
Stskeepskoala_: yeah, you're more likely to have a better experience doing qml applications12:04
Stskeepskoala_: we are working on wayland support for libhybris but not there yet12:04
lbtto be fair the image is wrong12:05
koala_stskeeps: then it's normal action with eglfs.12:05
*** ridikulus_rat has joined #mer12:05
zchydemlbt: so 929212:06
lbtin the NAT settings, yes12:06
*** ridikulus_rat has left #mer12:06
lbtso a browser on the host should see webapp on
koala_Stskeeps : maybe you and friends in this group doesn't interested with hp webos? :)12:08
zchydemlbt: it's not working either12:08
Stskeepskoala_: well, the openwebos people are using libhybris too12:09
*** auri__ has joined #mer12:09
Stskeepskoala_: i'm not really interested in it as i think they should rebase on mer, but :)12:09
Stskeepswe can collaborate on libhybris parts and common challenges12:09
lbthey auri__12:10
koala_Stskeeps : it's could be good direction..12:11
auri__lbt: hey12:11
lbtauri__: aportale got the web button working12:12
lbtzchydem: fixed image on wiki12:12
auri__ah cool12:12
koala_Stskeeps : you may not know it. but have you heared about composition of lunasysmgr?12:13
Stskeepskoala_: yeah, you should talk to the guys in #webos-ports :) they're having same challenges12:13
lbtzchydem: so may need to login to sdk VM and start it manually - henrik_ has a fix pending for his systemd links12:13
Stskeepskoala_: i think it would make most sense to jump to qt5 and wayland when possible12:13
koala_Stskeeps: ok Thank you very much12:14
lbtzchydem: I thought I'd patched that12:14
zchydemlbt: ok12:14
lbtStskeeps: bugs?12:14
lbtiekku: is awol12:14
Stskeepslbt: let's try again at 2pm12:14
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auri__am rite now at the DD.. wlan kinda sucks here12:15
lbtauri__: ah, neat - you can rave about Mer :)12:16
lbtStskeeps: erm in 1:45 ?12:16
* lbt used local TZ :)12:16
Stskeepslbt: 45 min12:16
auri__I prob could have done another talk .. I already have one on QML tools..12:16
Stskeepskoala_: is my own plan for building blocks for the future12:17
auri__but you are taking care of it @ NA anyways :)12:19
kontioping vesse12:20
koala_Stskeeps : oh.. it's really cool...12:20
koala_Stskeeps : Thank you for the sharing.12:22
Stskeepsno problem :)12:22
Stskeepskoala_: what chipset was it you got it working on, if i may ask?12:22
Stskeepstrying to keep track of where it has been confirmed to work12:22
koala_stskeeps: it's qct msm8660 snapdragon.12:25
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC12:25
Stskeepsalright, same as my touchpad12:26
koala_stskeeps: oh.. it's duplication..12:26
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*** fk_lx has quit IRC12:38
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iekkuoh s**t!12:42
iekkusorry, being too busy with work12:42
iekkuin 18 minutes12:43
*** ssirkia1 has quit IRC12:44
*** merder has joined #mer12:44
*** fk_lx has joined #mer12:46
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*** fk_lx has left #mer12:53
*** zenvoid has joined #mer12:58
*** yunta has quit IRC13:01
*** icota has quit IRC13:03
auri__just pulled and built qtc13:04
auri__looks good.. at least to a developers eyes :P13:04
*** otep has quit IRC13:04
*** stefan_schmidt_w has joined #mer13:04
auri__btw what is the "Mer" mode supposed to do?"13:05
iekkumer bug triage?13:08
henrik_lbt: what do you want next to webapp. Mic?13:08
lbtauri__: web ui13:09
lbthenrik_: redo the CSS to fit in latest qtc and fix systemd links in post13:09
henrik_lbt: what's wrong in post atm?13:10
lbtnot sure zchydem had it not start, I think I have too13:10
henrik_well zchydem didn't have the webapp in the image13:10
*** auri__ has quit IRC13:10
henrik_has now13:10
lbthenrik_: ah, old download?13:10
lbtis the url wrong?13:10
lbtoop - lost auri13:11
*** auri__ has joined #mer13:12
henrik_lbt: i think zchydem didn't use vm build by yunta/me as a start. so it didnt' have the home projects in.13:14
*** yunta has joined #mer13:15
lbtI think the wiki link needs an update13:16
zchydemlbt & henrik_ so I used the link from the wikipage. Downloaded vmi couple of days ago13:16
zchydemtoday it didn't work13:16
lbtI think we need to improve integration to remove home from ks13:16
yuntahenrik_: got disconnected without realizing, did I miss anything?13:16
*** icota has joined #mer13:16
lbtalso we need to add a bit on getting correct target installed13:16
lbtI gave one to aportale last night13:17
zchydemSo now I'm trying to add a target for Mer, but it gives me "Failed to add Qt Version" ?13:17
lbtthat should be a proper Nemo minimal target13:17
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer13:18
henrik_yunta: not really. lbt said css so it fits to qtcreator better13:18
lbthenrik_: yunta pull latest mer branch for the Mer button to VM www13:18
henrik_lbt: did that. it's visible. at least "set as default" test doesn't fit to button.13:19
yuntamer branch? of qtcreator?13:19
lbtyunta: yes13:20
henrik_yunta: git://
lbtthat's the repo - there's a branch in there too13:20
lbtzchydem: so docs to add a target ...13:20
lbtzchydem: should be Mer button -> targets, add using toolchain/name/rootfs url13:22
zchydemlbt: yes, that's pretty much how I did it13:23
lbtthen tools->Mer->targets->add and select the target13:23
*** otep has joined #mer13:23
zchydemhmm or should I do it from scratch?13:23
zchydemIt already shows my old target13:24
lbtso long as they have distinct names that's OK13:24
zchydemlbt: looks like the name of the target should be the same as the directory where the rootfs is13:29
zchydemNow I need to test my connection13:29
VDVsxlbt, so, can I use that directly in my linux host in qtcreator without vbox ?13:32
lbtalso I'd like to see bugs for things we need to fix too13:32
lbtVDVsx: yes - but it'd be nice to use VM for a week to provide feedback13:33
lbtonce VM approach is stable we can look at chroot and even lxc13:33
VDVsxlbt, I can also provide feedback on chroot approach :P13:34
lbtyeah, but it'll distract me and I need to focus on VM13:34
lbts/I/we/ :)13:34
VDVsxI guess lots of people will prefer chroot approach13:34
lbtfor sure13:34
VDVsxsince is faster13:34
lbtyep, though I do want to fix VM speed a lot13:35
*** icota has quit IRC13:43
*** icota has joined #mer13:44
*** kostaja has quit IRC13:44
*** auri__ has quit IRC13:45
*** sivang has joined #mer13:46
*** auri__ has joined #mer13:46
sledgesjust got a i.MX6 SABRE dev board, mmmmm :)~~~~13:46
sledgeswonder how KDE PA or nemo would spin on it13:47
*** arcean has quit IRC13:47
*** diegoyam has joined #mer13:49
*** diegoyam has left #mer13:49
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer13:49
*** niqt has quit IRC13:49
*** niqt has joined #mer13:50
*** clopez has quit IRC13:54
lbtzchydem: you've gone quiet ... is this good?13:56
zchydemlbt: just tired:)13:59
lbtI know the feeling - hell of a weekend14:00
zchydemit's complaining about the key whent trying to test the connection14:00
zchydemdunno, what's wrong there14:00
lbtyou should be using the file without a .pub14:00
lbt(you probably know ... but)14:00
zchydembasic ssh-keygen -trsa|dsa yes, and then I'm pointing it to id_rsa14:01
zchydemand the pub has been copied to authorized_keys?14:01
VDVsxlbt: when I try to run vm for first time: failed to open a session for the virtual machine MerSDK.14:01
VDVsxVT-x features locked or unavailable in MSR. (VERR_VMX_MSR_LOCKED_OR_DISABLED).14:01
lbtzchydem: no, it uses it internally14:01
lbtzchydem: it's the same one you used in a manual ssh to mersdk14:01
*** nemo has left #mer14:01
zchydemso what's the right way to do it14:01
lbtmersdk == $USER in host14:01
lbtusually /home/zchydem/.ssh/id_rsa14:02
lbtVDVsx: BIOS virtualisation enabled?14:02
* lbt waits for "VDVsx has left this server"14:03
VDVsxlbt, why :P14:03
lbtI forget you access irc telepathically14:03
VDVsxI followed blindly the wiki on propose :p14:03
VDVsxSo lets check14:04
lbt"The website at has a a lot of useful information"14:04
lbtactually - can you find a basic checklist there?14:04
VDVsxwell, I was expecting "Works out of the box"14:04
lbtwell, it kinda assumes your machine boots too14:05
*** auri__ has quit IRC14:05
lbtso it depends on a *working* Virtualbox installation *g*14:05
VDVsxit works fine for other vm :)14:05
lbtah, right14:07
*** auri__ has joined #mer14:07
lbtthat is a problem then14:07
VDVsxlbt, do you want to is the problem ? :P14:07
*** popey has quit IRC14:07
*** clopez has joined #mer14:08
zchydemlbt: any ideas why "decoding private key failed. Format not understood" or Other is "Server rejected key"14:08
lbtVDVsx: too little memory?14:08
VDVsxlbt, it happens when I add more than one cpu14:09
lbtVDVsx: OK, don't do that then14:09
VDVsxlbt, instructions says: "In System/Processor enable PAE/NX and allocate as many CPUs as your host has. "14:09
zchydemlbt: so getttin gthe docoding error, when there's a password and without it gets rejected14:09
lbtzchydem: passphrase protected key?14:10
zchydemI've tried everything already:)14:10
lbtzchydem: so does "ssh mersdk@localhost -p 2222" work?14:11
auri__zchydem: did you specify your public key or private key in the settings dialog?14:11
auri__\me suffers from poor wifi14:11
* auri__ susffers from poor wifi14:11
zchydemlbt: yes, it asks password14:11
zchydemso the connection should be fine14:12
zchydemauri__: the private14:12
lbtauri__: does Qt ssh cope with passphrase-protected keys?14:12
lbtVDVsx: so, can you check your BIOS ?14:13
zchydemlbt & auri__ I need to go now and continue later14:13
lbtI'll be here14:13
zchydemI think this can't be a big issue14:13
zchydemmaybe I'm just too tired to see it at this point14:13
lbtnope - auri__ we may want better debug - ssh is a black art for most people14:13
*** eman` has joined #mer14:15
auri__lbt: yes, a dialog should popup for the password14:15
VDVsxlbt, no now, I'm building qtcreator :P14:16
lbtok - you got the Mer branch ?14:17
*** popey has joined #mer14:18
*** eman has quit IRC14:18
*** auri__ has quit IRC14:20
VDVsxlbt, yes14:22
*** auri__ has joined #mer14:23
VDVsxlbt, trying to build against my own build of qt, let's see if it fails :D14:23
yuntaVDVsx: you may try restarting make with -j6 or something...14:23
yuntait fails for me, but works for henrik_14:23
lbtmake should respect N so -jN does the right thing14:24
yuntait should, but it fails miserably for me14:25
lbtI mean literally "N"14:25
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC14:26
yuntawhat does it do? :)14:27
*** auri__ has quit IRC14:27
phaerontake a wild guess :D14:27
*** pirut has quit IRC14:34
*** marquiz has quit IRC14:39
henrik_lbt: does the vdi file work btw. I just created raw and that seems to be ok. I wonder if vdi works as well?14:40
lbtI use vdi14:40
yuntahenrik_: VDI failed for me last time I tried it14:41
lbtVBoxManage convertfromraw mer-sdk-nemo-i486-vm-sda.raw mer-sdk-nemo-i486-vm-sda.vdi  --format VDI --variant Standard,Fixed14:41
lbtthat's the uncompressed version - not sure what it gets you over raw - maybe snapshots?14:41
*** kallela has joined #mer14:43
henrik_lbt: well the vdi failed. "mic create(cr): unknown command: 'vdi'"14:44
lbtoh, gotcha14:44
lbton IMG14:44
henrik_lbt: should i add link to raw with instruction howto convert14:44
lbtyeah - that's broken14:44
lbtyou make a raw and then convert it14:45
lbtsee the end of the image log....14:45
lbtif you have an image there and want it to be made into a vdi/bz2 then ask me to do that - takes a few seconds14:46
yuntaso, having this new qtcreator compiled and running, what can I do with it?14:46
lbthenrik_: note that 'progress' should show any activity happening on any page (or does it?)14:48
lbtyunta: sec14:48
henrik_lbt: it should14:48
*** icota_ has joined #mer14:51
*** ka6sox-away is now known as ka6sox14:52
*** icota has quit IRC14:55
*** VDVsx has quit IRC14:56
*** koala_ has quit IRC15:05
*** fk_lx has joined #mer15:10
*** arcean has joined #mer15:15
yuntalbt: so I've added target in webapp  and qtcreator's options15:16
yuntaopened random project, added my target to it through random manipulations, and:15:17
yunta:-1: error: The Qt version is invalid: Could not determine the path to the binaries of the Qt installation, maybe the qmake path is wrong?15:17
lbtdid the add come up 'OK'15:18
yuntahm, no idea, can't see any failure15:18
lbt"Successfully added target"15:18
yuntaok, just redone it, yes, succesfully added target15:19
lbtso now Kit15:19
lbtdo you see Qt version and compiler in 'Build & Run'15:19
lbt(for your target)15:20
yuntaI see my target in add kit15:20
yuntaafter adding it, can't see no versions15:21
*** sirdancealota has quit IRC15:21
lbtYou should see several tabs; the Qt Versions and Compilers should have the values filled in for your Mer target.15:21
*** jpetersen has quit IRC15:22
yuntahm, something complains that my target's qt doesn't support shadow builds15:22
lbtwe'll get auri to look at that - need to record a bug/note somewhere though15:22
yunta kit ~~ target ?15:23
yuntaand there's one tab per kit there?15:23
yuntalooks like it...15:24
yuntaok then, I'll file a bug when I get home15:24
lbtit's cosmetic15:27
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer15:27
*** yunta has quit IRC15:35
*** fk_lx has quit IRC15:37
*** fk_lx has joined #mer15:38
*** arcean has quit IRC15:40
*** icota_ has quit IRC15:45
*** icota has joined #mer15:47
*** VDVsx has joined #mer15:52
* CosmoHill growls15:59
CosmoHillmy ISP offered me a new deal, all I have to do is phone them16:00
CosmoHillI don't want the deal nor can I get through to them16:00
CosmoHillthe phone number on their website is wrong and their "press 1 for blah" thing just repeats and repeats instead of putting you through to someone16:00
*** fk_lx has left #mer16:02
*** faenil has joined #mer16:03
*** stefan_schmidt_w has quit IRC16:04
sledgesFailed to open /dev/kmsg for logging: No such file or directory16:09
sledges^ that's on imx6, their kernel, mer-lipstick image16:09
sledgeswhere can I download readymade images for mer-core-armv7hl-connectivity-xorg-basic-qmlviewer ?16:12
vgrade_sledges: check your .config with
lbtsledges: you can get .ks files which are next best thing16:21
lbtso either run them through mic to get a rootfs or add HA and pkgs to get a real image16:22
*** harbaum has quit IRC16:22
*** kontio has quit IRC16:23
*** Frye has quit IRC16:24
sledgesah ok, so you guys don't keep premade ones anymore :} ok will try16:24
sledgesvgrade_, thanks, will update some wiki pages as well with your wonderful i-once-had-but-lost link :)16:24
vgrade_sledges: its on the kernel adaptation page :)16:25
sledgesvgrade_, unfortunately don't have kernel source for this :{16:25
*** arcean has joined #mer16:26
vgrade_and this is a GPL kernel, tut tut16:27
sledgesvgrade_, yes, mer wiki after "kernel config16:27
sledgescame up with: :{16:27
*** hazchemix has quit IRC16:28
sledgesvgrade_, yes, just can't be bothered right now to build from source (nor to build a qmlviewer images) -- apparently lazyness will ban me today :)16:28
* lbt gets the feeling that clicking on the link would be a bit taxing anyhow...16:29
sledgestaxing as in money, or as in airplane? :)16:30
lbtAs in typical hardware engineer: "it sounds complicated; can't one of you guys just come round and install it whilst I have a beer?"16:30
sledges:) no, im just pointing out that intuitive search in mer wiki does not list Adaptation Guide as search results16:32
sledgesbut only adaptation_guide/step_by_step16:32
sledgeswhilst searching for "kernel config"16:33
lbttry this link:
*** niqt has quit IRC16:34
sledgesx) thank you lbt16:35
* lbt is ever so helpful sometimes :)16:35
*** vgrade_ has quit IRC16:36
lbtso, I don't see an edit yet sledges...16:36
*** nsuffys has joined #mer16:38
sledgeslbt, done :D16:39
lbtty :)16:40
* sledges is ever so proactive sometimes :))16:40
*** rodrigo_golive has joined #mer16:41
sledgesPATH=$PATH:/sbin sudo mic cr fs -o /parentroot/srv/nfs/imx6-mer-minimal/ --pkgmgr=zypp mer.ks -A armv7hl says16:43
sledgesFile "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/", line 55, in _swig_getattr raise AttributeError(name)16:44
lbtlatest SDK has the PATH fix FYI16:44
sledgesahh and the error was caused by pkgmgr=zypp :(16:44
sledgesremoved it and now off it goes16:44
sledgesta lbt for patchinfo16:44
lbtyup, we mainly use yum16:45
sledgesyum, ..16:45
*** calvaris has quit IRC16:45
sledgesyup :)16:45
*** icota has quit IRC16:46
*** yunta has joined #mer17:00
*** ced117 has joined #mer17:10
*** ced117 has joined #mer17:10
*** cat_x301 has joined #mer17:14
*** addi has joined #mer17:15
*** AndreasWatch has joined #mer17:16
*** veskuh has quit IRC17:19
*** arcean has quit IRC17:22
*** phdeswer has joined #mer17:23
*** mikhas has quit IRC17:23
*** arcean has joined #mer17:24
Bostikoh, qt5-beta2 tomorrow17:29
BostikI get to update packaging, it seems17:29
sledgesBostik \o/, you sounded like you've just drawn a short match :)17:30
*** khetzal has joined #mer17:32
Bostiksledges: this should be relatively easy, compared to a1->b1 churn :)17:33
*** diegoyam_ has joined #mer17:33
*** diegoyam__ has joined #mer17:37
*** FSCV has joined #mer17:38
*** diegoyam__ has quit IRC17:38
*** blauzahl has joined #mer17:40
*** blitz00 has quit IRC17:43
*** cat_x301 has quit IRC17:50
*** kallela has quit IRC17:51
*** arcean has quit IRC18:01
*** plfiorini has joined #mer18:03
*** arcean has joined #mer18:08
VDVsxlbt, after following all the steps in the wiki and building my own creator, I'm getting this: "The SDK VM is not responding", I can access the vm via ssh18:10
lbtis that http on 8080 ?18:12
zchydemVDVsx: you need to add there couple of repos and install sdk-webapp + sdk-vm18:13
zchydemthose are missing18:13
zchydemlbt: ^18:13
VDVsxzchydem, ah, any links ?18:14
zchydemhenrik_: gave me couple of repos, just a sec18:14
lbtthere's a new vdi18:15
VDVsxif that solves, links links please :P18:15
zchydemlbt: ok, gonna try that too18:15
lbttotally untested18:15
lbtdunno if it has the systemd service file patched18:16
* sivang tries to remember why sdk requires a vm18:16
lbtmay need to systemctl start sdk_webapp.service18:16
lbtsivang: windows/mac18:17
* VDVsx is running linux, but lbt promised cookies :P18:17
sivangVDVsx: cookies for trying it under VBOx? :)18:17
sivangtesting might warrant that, granted18:17
VDVsxjust for testing it out :)18:18
sivanglbt: where are my cookies for almost fixing that sudo bug? :-D18:18
zchydemlbt: btw, do you think if I have existing /srv/mer/targets it goes hand-by-hand with this new VM setup? At least the webapp displays old targets18:18
lbtsivang: fosdem ?18:18
sivanglbt: I wish, I'd rather SLUSH it instead18:18
lbtsivang: you coming?18:18
lbtzchydem: they shouldn't interfere18:18
sivanglbt: I'd die to18:18
*** chinmaya has joined #mer18:19
sivanglbt: employer hasn't paid salary since september, hard to tell / plan18:19
lbtand you're not in .fi are you ?18:19
zchydemsivang: should you consider changing an employer ? Your current one doesn't sound fair18:20
sivanglbt: nope18:20
sivangzchydem: life's not always fair :)18:21
*** trip0 has quit IRC18:22
*** shmerl_ has joined #mer18:22
*** shmerl_ has quit IRC18:22
*** trip0 has joined #mer18:22
sivangzchydem: he's in deep financial trouble hence why he failed to pay salaries, I hope it'll get sorted somehow.18:23
sivanglbt: I promised Stskeeps to test Zephyr-land, so far life got in the way ;)18:23
*** shmerl has joined #mer18:24
lbtok - I updated link to image on wiki to that one ^^ so VDVsx let me know asap if it's good18:24
lbthey shmerl18:24
sivangVDVsx: what linux are you running btw?18:24
shmerlDoes anyone know about PengPod tablet? It supposedly can run Mer/PlasmaActive with GPU acceleration.18:25
VDVsxsivang, ubuntu18:25
shmerlBut I didn't see published images.18:25
sivangVDVsx: cool :)18:25
VDVsxlbt, bunzinping it :D18:25
VDVsxlbt, now I've a empty white page in creator, is that good ? :)18:28
CosmoHilli showed my friend the mer site i made and he started picking apart the spelling i took from the real mer website18:28
VDVsxlbt, ok, was just a bit slow, nice ui now :)18:29
shmerl@lbt: Do you know if anyone plans to work on packaging VP8 and Opus? If not, I'll be interesting in doing that.18:29
VDVsxlbt, very cool stuff :)18:30
sivangCosmoHill: which site?18:30
VDVsxjust broken instructions :P hehehhe18:30
*** chinmaya has quit IRC18:30
lbtshmerl: sounds good. Stskeeps would know for sure18:30
lbtVDVsx: yep, please fix or ask+fix if you're not sure18:31
lbtsome docs are from memory18:31
shmerlI'm actually a bit surprised it's not in Mer yet, given all the upcoming Jolla / PA releases.18:31
sivangVDVsx: many docs need help and fixing, we should organize a doc day sometime soon for that.18:31
shmerlUnless they plan to ship them with their additional packages.18:31
sivangVDVsx: so far I haven't found many community people interested in that, are you ?18:32
VDVsxsivang, I'm not very good at docs, prefer coding related tasks :)18:33
*** ced117 has quit IRC18:33
*** calvaris has joined #mer18:33
*** Jucato_ has joined #mer18:33
shmerllbt: are there any good guides for packaging and RPM etc? I never worked with that.18:33
zchydemlbt VDVsx with new vdi things work much better.. at least webapp works18:33
lbtzchydem: good18:33
*** Cosmo[PB] has joined #mer18:34
shmerlI.e. with some Mer specifics18:34
Cosmo[PB]i hate my isp so much right now...18:34
VDVsxzchydem, lbt so now was just the wiki instructions for me, problem was the image, I didn't install anything else18:34
*** Jucato has quit IRC18:34
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC18:34
VDVsxwell compiled creator, but I hope it will be offered already packaged :)18:35
lbtshmerl: for rpm .. then look at a similar pkg here. we also use spectacle - see wiki18:35
sivangVDVsx: sure, but if you find inconsistant stuff or error, you'd be praised if you toss them here for future reference and work:
Merbot`Mer bug 512 in Mer Wiki "organize a doc day to put the wiki into shape, clean it up, and make sure is accurate." [Normal,New]18:35
lbtVDVsx: no, we're going for more of an LFS approach18:35
zchydemVDVsx: I have banged my head to the wall the whole day. Now I already feel like a professional here:)18:35
shmerllbt: thanks18:36
lbtzchydem: what was the block in the end? just the vdi not starting the webapp18:36
VDVsxzchydem, ok, so I was lucky, I started only late afternoon :P but after you was easier, hehe18:36
lbtshmerl: a bit frantic atm - there are some packaging docs / guides on wiki18:37
zchydemlbt: let's see if I manage to compile anything. I havent tried that yet18:37
lbtyup = I think the scripts are broken in git too :(18:37
zchydemlbt: and still need to figure out if the rsa/key-thingy works18:37
sivangshmerl: and if you miss something or find inaccuracies, please by all means, I'd thank you forever if you toss them in the bug report I referenced VDVsx to18:37
sivangshmerl: other than that any RPM guide for writing spec files and aligning dir structures should work18:38
sivangshmerl: there  is even some on the wiki, still looking one for you18:38
*** Cosmo[PB] has quit IRC18:39
*** rubdos has joined #mer18:39
shmerlIs it advisable to write one scrom scratch, or let's say take some ready RPM spec like from Fedora / OpenSuse and try to fit it?18:40
sivangshmerl: you could, YMMV , basically. See also this
sivangshmerl: you could also take one of the existing Mer .spec(s) and do the same, might give yo ubetter idea of deps and such18:41
*** rcg-work has quit IRC18:41
*** sirdancealota has joined #mer18:43
shmerlOK. I saw some discussion that Mer uses the newest RPM features, while some distros still use older ones, so using ready specs can be messy.18:43
Stskeepsuse spectacle as scratch template, helps a lot to get started18:44
*** Cosmo[PB] has joined #mer18:44
Cosmo[PB]it's as if my ISP don't want me to use the internet...18:44
shmerlStskeeps: Thanks. You mean this?
Stskeepsyeah, look at existing .yamls18:45
Stskeepsand adapt to your use18:46
Stskeepsthat's how i learnt18:46
sivangI'm surprised we don't have a local rpm writing guide, I recalled we had something like that on the wiki somehwere18:46
*** diegoyam has joined #mer18:50
Jake9xxsivang: here's one pitfall btw - if you use vim on empty spec it creates you a template which does not comply with e.g. bossbot's reqs.18:51
zchydemlbt: does this sound familiar, now I can login with ssh -p2222 mersdk@localhost but not from QtC ?18:52
sivangJake9xx: then someone needs to update the template :)18:52
lbtzchydem: they you're telling qtc the wrong key18:52
lbttry ssh -p2222 mersdk@localhost -i <key you use in qtc>18:52
sivangshmerl: the very bare .spec tutorial, might be good to understand what yaml does-
Jake9xxsivang: this is OSS, you're welcome to do it :)18:53
*** faenil has quit IRC18:53
shmerlThanks, I'll take a look.18:53
zchydemlbt: works from the commandline with the same key as point from QtC18:54
sivangJake9xx: I should, actually. I'm a vim fan.18:54
lbtzchydem: bug in qtc then :)18:54
zchydemlbt: feels like that18:54
shmerlLooks like Yaml gives a bit higher level so can be easier than bare spec.18:54
lbtzchydem: auri or aportale should have more info18:55
lbtwhat error does it give?18:55
lbtand do you get the passwd prompt ?18:55
lbt(you may want to make a brand new ssh key with no phrase, add it to authorized_keys and specify it in qtc)18:56
lbtsince it only gives loopback access it's fairly safe18:56
sivangshmerl: right, that's what Sepctable is for IIRC, especially when doing maintainance of pkgs when there's recurring editing with different version numbers, deps etc18:56
zchydemlbt: "Connection error: Decoding of private key file failed: format not understood"18:58
lbtwhat does google say?18:59
zchydemlbt: I haven't checked yet. (Sleeping my kids atm)18:59
*** arcean has quit IRC19:00
iekkucomputer says no19:00
Cosmo[PB]not little britian!19:00
iekkui have watched that lately19:01
Cosmo[PB]what are you, 14?19:01
Cosmo[PB]fair enough19:01
sivangiekku: pretty amazing stuff. Esp. love Vicky Pollard19:01
iekkuat least if i trust to my last mental age test results :P19:02
* sivang would like to be able to speak British English as she does one day.19:02
iekkui would like to learn to speak english, as starter19:02
*** arcean has joined #mer19:02
sivangiekku: could help, yes ;)19:03
* timoph speaks finglish, more commonly known as rally english19:03
zchydemlbt: now it works!19:03
sivangtimoph: as in , combined of Finnish and English ?19:03
zchydemlbt: need to run "ssh-add"19:03
Cosmo[PB]five left past cashier?19:03
zchydemlbt: I could update the wiki page19:04
iekkutimoph, i speak badgenglish :P19:04
zchydemI don't want anyone else to fight with this again19:04
timophsivang: just check an interview with any finnish rally driver :p19:04
lbtzchydem: yes please - keep it simple and probably in the 'ssh must work' bit19:04
*** cristi has joined #mer19:05
sivangtimoph: like Peter Nygård ? :)19:06
sivangtimoph: there's lots of rally cars in his videos :-p19:07
Cosmo[PB]i wanna see rally cars19:07
*** Cosmo[PB] is now known as CosmoHill19:07
sivangCosmo[PB]: you need to come to Finland, apparently, besides being the best place for live shows and rock and metal, it is also a rally nation :)19:07
CosmoHillthat's cos they teach you how to drive19:08
*** sirdancealota has quit IRC19:08
CosmoHilli had to learn fast the first time i encountered ice19:08
CosmoHillgravity is its ally19:11
CosmoHillthere's a very gentle downhill slope to the roundabout at the bottom of my road and you don't realise how evil it is until it's covered in ice cos you cannot stop19:12
shmerlYou need an anchor with a chain ;)19:14
Jake9xxCosmoHill: got school busses crusing down your st?19:15
*** sirdancealota has joined #mer19:15
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CosmoHillhey sledges19:50
sivangthis salary withholding is indeed *very* nasty19:53
*** plfiorini has quit IRC19:54
sivangCosmoHill: you know when your employer does not pay you?19:54
CosmoHillmy employer made me an ex-employee19:55
sivangCosmoHill: wihthout owning you money?19:56
CosmoHillmum says he owes me 2 weeks paid holiday19:56
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zchydemlbt: still awake?21:30
lbtoh yes21:30
zchydemabout the "kits"21:31
zchydemIf I see a target in QtC Mer webview, should that be visible also on a kits tab?21:31
zchydemah heck21:32
lbtyes - but you have to add it21:32
zchydemyes, just found that21:32
zchydem"Successfully added target"21:33
lbtok - we may be able to get this integrated 'one day'21:33
zchydemand now I can select it from "Kits" tab21:33
zchydemI must say that this wasn't painless:)21:33
zchydembut I believe it'll improve21:34
lbtagreed - we need to id the dodgy bits and both improve feedback and simplify21:34
*** faenil has joined #mer21:35
lbteg we can have the VM actually provide an ssh private key via a one-time api21:35
lbtthat kind of thing21:35
zchydemlet's see if I can compile something21:35
lbtyou may need some hacks - I know I can't compile but my $HOME is unusual21:41
lbtzchydem: OK ... so how do I make a project that gets me QtDesigner enabled ?21:50
lbtFile->New->project->QtQuick 1 app?21:50
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zchydemlbt: you mean QmlEditor?22:12
lbtsomething not textual22:13
zchydemI think in order to enable that you needed to build QtC using Qt's private headers. I didn't do that.22:13
zchydemit's in QtC's README if you want to enable it22:13
zchydemyes, the same thing. To be honest, I don't use it22:15
*** mardy has joined #mer22:16
zchydemI rather do it in the text editor:)22:16
lbtme too - but it should be there for devs who like it22:16
lbtyou think it needs a config in the qtc build ?22:17
zchydemlbt: looks like it. You need to have Qt's private headers when building QtC22:18
zchydem qmake "QT_PRIVATE_HEADERS=$$QT_BUILD_TREE/include" $SOURCE_DIRECTORY/qtcreator.pro22:19
* lbt checks where debian ships 'em22:20
w00tin Qt 4, they won't22:20
w00t(unless they patch Qt to install them, but I kind of doubt it)22:20
w00tin Qt 5, they're installed thanks to the source tree being split up22:21
*** nyl has joined #mer22:22
lbtlibqt4-private-dev ,,, this is Debian we're talking about guys... not some half-assed rpm distro ;)22:22
Jake9xxlbt: LOL22:22
lbtand ,,,, "This package contains the private header development files for building some Qt 4 applications like Qt Creator QML Designer plugin" ... sounds promising at least :)22:23
lbtzchydem: I have  /usr/include/qt4/QtCore/private ... and  /usr/include/src/corelib/plugin/qfactoryloader_p.h etc ... thoughts on QT_PRIVATE_HEADERS setting?22:26
zchydemhmm did libqt4-private-dev installed those to several locations?22:29
lbtyeah - seems to have :/22:29
zchydemhmm maybe QT_PRIVATE_HEADERS=path1:path2:path3 could work?22:30
lbtqmake -r "QT_PRIVATE_HEADERS=/usr/include/:/usr/include/src"22:31
*** niqt has joined #mer22:31
* lbt makes rude noises at aportale/auri's scripts22:33
*** ka6sox is now known as ka6sox-away22:33
Jake9xxI was today on a late dinner with the fella who organized the RMS event22:34
*** sledges_ has joined #mer22:34
Jake9xxafter that, they (haaga helia polytechnic) have now started to fuzz around linux et al which is good. But from the stuff I heard it was like a bit too much excitement and too little of understanding what is already going on22:35
*** sledges_ is now known as sledgeas22:35
*** sledgeas has joined #mer22:35
Jake9xxwhich kinda sucks.22:36
CosmoHilllike my internet22:41
CosmoHillat 1 / 2am it should speed up22:41
CosmoHillif not, fuck them, I'm leaving anyway22:42
* CosmoHill puts a coin in the swear jar22:42
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