Monday, 2012-11-05

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sonachmorning all02:23
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kulveare the files in /etc/sysconfig/ parsed all automatically or is there a list of files? Just wondering because I see only some of the environment variables in the processes envinroments05:20
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Stskeepskulve: independent files06:03
Stskeepskulve: nemo is the one being read06:03
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kulvehmm.. that doesn't sound too good approach from the configurability point of view.06:14
kulvesed'ing config files just won't work in the long run06:15
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* Stskeeps concurs a better method is needed06:16
kulvemaybe there should be a nemo-mobile-ui.d and nemo session would include everything under it? And e.g. QT_DEFAULT_RUNTIME_SYSTEM could be overriden in those files06:17
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kulvealthough the QT_DEFAULT_RUNTIME_SYSTEM isn't nemo specific and should be set by the Mer Core as it would affect other UXes as well06:22
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kulve/etc/sysconfig/mer-core.d/ and the user session (nemo, what ever) would be responsible to read those as well?06:25
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Sage_/usr/sbin/prelink: /bin/raw: Using /lib/, not /lib/ as dynamic linker08:31
Stskeepsyes, you forgot one fix08:31
Sage_my irssi seems to behave very oddly atm.08:32
Sage_what fix I forgot?08:35
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Stskeepsthere's a name of the linker in the setup somewhere08:36
Stskeepssearch for and you'd see it immediately08:36
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vgrade_wb Sage08:39
Sage_+-  .dynamic_linker = "/lib/",08:39
Sage_++  .dynamic_linker = "/lib/",08:39
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Stskeepsand you need some ifdef probably to make it sane, instead of being a %ifarch armv7hl kind of thing08:40
Sage_Stskeeps: was just about to ask that doesn't that break it for other arm archs :)08:40
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Sage_well, will look at that later08:41
Stskeeps __ARM_PCS_VFP08:41
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Stskeepslbt: can you add CONFIG_SYSVIPC to required kernel flags for mer?09:36
Stskeepswhen you have time09:36
lbtyes - need a "why" and ideally a URL09:37
Stskeepslbt: no SHM else09:37
Stskeepsie qmlviewer can't even start09:37
Stskeepswill crash after a bit09:37
Stskeepsand because i've seen it on android kernels09:38
Bostikshm is sysv-only?09:38
BostikStskeeps: that I doubt, android has not had regular shm since 2009, they have their own 'ashmem' implementation instead09:38
Bostikyes, I had to look for it :/09:38
StskeepsBostik: as in, seen it -missing- ;)09:38
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lbthmm ... how do I do a shadow build of qtcreator09:42
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lbtah.... that easy ... OK :)09:43
Stskeeps - not mer, but interesting09:45
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lbtStskeeps: I'm still getting issues running qmake inside sb2 for armv7hl09:49
Stskeepswhich issues09:49
lbtit picks up the x86 mkspec09:49
lbtjust mentioning it as I may need a hand soon09:49
Stskeepsok, pastie?09:49
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lbtI'm doing a clean setup to ensure it's not that09:50
lbtmm I did a make clean first btw09:52
Stskeepssb2-init says what09:52
lbtsb2-init -L --sysroot=/ -c /usr/bin/qemu-arm-dynamic -C --sysroot=/ -m sdk-build -n -N -t / nemo_n9_min /opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-gcc09:53
Bostiklbt: if you end up using x86 mkspec, I'd guess that QT_ARCH (in qmake) gets also resolved as something other than arm09:55
auri__lbt: in projects tab you have a shadow build checkbox09:55
lbtauri__: yeah - I meant "of qtc itself"09:55
auri__yes .. build qtc with qtc!09:56
Stskeepslbt: mmkay09:56
* Stskeeps peeks09:57
lbtI did cd /local/area; qmake -r /path/to/src/sdk/qt-creator09:57
auri__btw any particular reason for preferring perl over sed in the shell script?09:57
lbtauri__: I couldn't make a sed to do that easily09:57
lbtauri__: longer term we should take most of this VM-side to avoid dependencies on perl etc09:57
lbtauri__: I did cd /local/area; qmake -r /path/to/src/sdk/qt-creator .... <-- will that work ?09:58
auri__this should work too09:59
lbtI just hit : ../../../../mer/personal/sdk/qt-creator/src/libs/extensionsystem/pluginerroroverview.cpp:108:35: fatal error: pluginerroroverview.moc: No such file or directory09:59
Stskeepslbt: sb2 -t nemo_n9_min09:59
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Stskeepssb2-show gcc09:59
auri__lemme try10:00
lbtwhich gcc ?10:00
Stskeepslbt: just show me the output :P10:00
lbtsb2-show: Error: Unknown command10:01
auri__wait! the build dir has to be at the same level as qtc10:01
Stskeepslbt: that's inside the sb2 session?10:01
lbtauri__: ah - OK - didn't know that :)10:01
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lbtwanted it in a non-shared part of the fs10:01
Stskeepslbt: sb2 -t nemo_n9_min sb2-show exec /usr/bin/gcc10:02
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Stskeepsand same for g++ ?10:03
Stskeepsalso, show me the whole pastie of sb2-init10:04
Stskeepsfile /parentroot/srv/mer/targets/nemo_n9_min/bin/sh10:07
Stskeepsor bash10:07
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lbthold on - it just worked10:09
lbtI see10:10
lbtI made the sb2 target inside the SDK10:10
lbtthe target lives in the host fs10:10
lbtso sb2 sees    cd /parentroot/srv/mer/targets/nemo_n9_min10:10
lbtwhich is fine in SDK but not in SDK vm10:10
lbtln -s / /parentroot10:12
lbtStskeeps: so sb2-init gives (out of order - target root directory does not exist)  inside the VM10:13
lbtbut sb2 -t nemo_n9_min just falls back quietly to normal paths....10:14
lbtthis is suboptimal :)10:14
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lbtauri__: mkdir ../holly; cd ../holly; qmake -r ../qt-creator && make -j2 ..... same error10:22
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* CosmoHill is chatting to his best friend who he's not talked to in ages :)10:28
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Stskeepslbt: btw, you're able to make mer releases on the go?11:53
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henrik_lbt: hi. what are the steps to send this webapp forward?12:01
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iekkuoh s***, i totally forgot the bug triage12:25
yuntalbt: hi. what are the steps to send all my crap forward? (if you didn't take it all in yet)12:25
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lbtStskeeps: yes12:28
lbthenrik_: is it in git ?12:28
henrik_lbt: yes12:28
lbtiekku: not alone12:28
lbtyunta: via git and packaging updates12:29
lbthenrik_: where?12:29
lbtyunta: I'm unlikely to be able to take anything now12:29
lbthenrik_: Ok - how odd, github told me there were no forks over the w/end12:30
henrik_hmm. i forked it in github12:30
lbtI see12:30
lbtauri__: is aportale about?12:31
lbtI thought the call was in 30m12:32
lbtso was getting lunch ahead of time :/12:32
auri__uh oh.. it was at 1 CET12:32
auri__we thought that you are probably on your way12:32
lbtno, I have a couple more hours yet12:33
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aportalelbt: pong :)12:34
lbtsorry, messed up the timezones.12:35
aportalelbt: These were invented to be messed up12:37
lbtyeah - sry. working on pulling things together12:37
aportalelbt: I am doing the same for packaging. As you see I "improved"(*) the merwrapper script to support specify and mb12:38
aportalelbt: (*) Actually made it less maintainable12:38
lbtyep, that's fine; we'll get a proper solution in due course12:39
lbtfor now it's doing the job and identifying what our interfaces are12:39
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auri__lbt: btw my shadow build went through.. most likely your source directory is not clean12:46
lbtyep, I just cp -al 'ed the src for now12:47
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Stskeepspq, one of the openwebos guys just got offscreen windows going with libhybris (ie, non-framebuffer, gpu buffers)13:32
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vgrade_Stskeeps: so that't the buffer sharing required by wl13:34
Stskeepsvgrade_: part of it yeah13:34
pqStskeeps, nice :-)13:34
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mikhasStskeeps, no one showing off Mer here13:57
mikhas(ELC Europe)13:57
Stskeepsmikhas: :nod:13:57
mikhasand I dont have good hardware with me13:57
mikhasalthough … phako at least has Nemo Mobile on his other N913:58
Stskeepswe got a fair bit on last ELC13:58
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mikhaswell, if you have an idea how I could help promote Mer …13:59
Stskeepswe have tshirts..13:59
mikhasI dont13:59
Stskeepswe need to fix that13:59
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mikhasno sage online?14:00
StskeepsSage_'s here, back from vacation14:00
mikhasSage_, hi there14:01
mikhasSage_, Stskeeps: I guess zephyr cannot be demoed on actual hardware yet?14:02
mikhassay Nexus 7?14:02
Stskeepsmikhas: well, come next weekend, r-pi14:02
mikhasmeaning you got it to run properly on the raspberry pi?14:03
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Stskeepsas in qtwayland works fine on r-pi, not a big stretch to go there14:04
Stskeepszephyr's not much atm but it'll evolve14:04
Sage_mikhas: hi :)14:04
Stskeepsthe goal is practically "hey, here's a qt5+wayland stack you can put even on android hw adaptations"14:05
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yuntalbt: sr 7293 & 729214:39
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phaeronlbt: something wrong with cobs14:55
lbthope not :)14:56
phaeron times out for me14:58
phaeronbackend timeout14:58
lbtI'm just packing14:59
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lbtI think yunta is maxing out the srcserver15:00
lbtno, it's that SR - it's doing a diff on the virtualbox bzipped tarball15:01
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mikhasheya MSameer, you're working on Qt APIs for grilo?18:05
mikhascan you tell the current status?18:06
mikhasalso, for which version of grilo?18:06
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yuntalbt_away: let me know when you get in18:44
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Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: maybe a stupid question but is there drivers to run zephyr on N9(50) ?19:37
Stskeepsi can probably cook them up again19:37
Sfiet_Konstantinisn't there some dependancies on X for the driver ?19:40
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm not very familiar with that19:40
*** nyl has joined #mer19:41
Stskeepsnop, it's all in the wsegl from memory19:41
Stskeepsi've done wayland on n900 and n950 in the past19:41
Sfiet_Konstantinok then :)19:43
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pais there by the way a way to ssh -X into N9(50), and execute an app and get it on desktop xorg?20:18
*** melonipoika_ has quit IRC20:18
pathe other way around works20:18
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rcg-plasmaactiveexcellent :)20:40
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rcg-plasmaactivehehe, how come you know ;)20:41
rcg-plasmaactivenow, it even works in pa :)20:42
rcg-plasmaactivethe earlier version was connecting but didn't display anything20:42
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sivanghi all21:30
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