Thursday, 2012-11-01

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lbtOK - I have an rpm from the SDK (thanks to w00t's alternative quickbuild 'mb')00:53
lbt-> bed00:53
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kulvewhen pressing the power button, tklock_mode_ind=locked is sent but immediately after that I see tklock_mode_ind=unlocked with dbus-monitor --system (and the screen just blanks briefly). Any idea what's happening?05:25
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situMorning all06:01
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StskeepsE-P: starting to fit in with the locals, i see?06:49
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E-PStskeeps: heh, little by little06:59
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lbtmorning auri__08:14
lbtyou ping'ed yesterday?08:14
lbtalso I have packaging 'working' at a preliminary level08:15
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ljpStskeeps: Lars announced he is beginning to transfer mobility to gerrit, FYI08:55
Stskeepsljp: cool08:55
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auri__lbt: morning08:57
auri__yes.. I had some problems wioth the script08:57
auri__I ironed them out mostly08:57
auri__but I did not understand the purpose of "cd $PWD"08:58
auri__I mean should that be cd $HOME/XXX instead?08:58
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dcthangStskeeps: any document about Mer porting to unknown hardware?09:04
dm8tbrhave you checked the wiki?09:04
Stskeepsdcthang: wiki has good guides09:04
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dcthangok, I'll check. Thanks both of you  :-)09:05
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lbtauri__: no... the $PWD is evaluated in the host machine and inserted into the ssh command09:12
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lbtso the remote command gets a literal "cd /home/XX/src/project" .... it currently assumes a 1:1 mapping for src directories (I think that's stated somewhere)09:13
kulveIf I get my hw adaptation out at some point, I could try to add something about battery, wifi, display, gpio keys, etc to that porting guide. I guess it's currently lacking quite much.09:14
kulvee.g. for gfx, there are two sentences, although it could explain more detailed what GL/ES extensions are needed for which functionality09:15
kulvealso I don't fully understand how one is supposed to provide GLES devel packages to Mer09:15
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kulveI guess they shouldn't actually09:17
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Stskeepswell, it's a matter of providing and
Stskeepsand that's about it09:17
Stskeepsbut yes, devel packages are a sore point09:18
Stskeepswe build against mesa typically09:18
kulveand I guess that's enough usually. Build against that and they should work also with any HA09:19
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kulveI have needed to modify some packages in my repo to depend explicitly on the devel packages for my hw but I guess that's only because I've compiled them in the HA project when they actually should have not be compiled in there but in something more generic..09:21
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lbtauri__: ping ... I just pulled the latest code. Can we discuss it a bit? it feels like the Kit part is getting reworked a few times whilst we've not started on things like the packaging page or components?09:33
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sledgesgood mornang09:58
CosmoHillhey sledges09:58
CosmoHilldamn, not fast enough09:58
sledgeshadn't have my coffee either09:58
CosmoHillI'm gonna have a shave then give my car a damn good wash09:59
sledgesook :)09:59
CosmoHilland this time not throw the bucket of water over the top when i'm finished09:59
CosmoHillthrew a load of crud over my clean car >.<09:59
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sledgesi have exactly similar photo with bucket thrown over, and a cat on a bonnet not having a clue of what's coming09:59
sledgescrud = ouch10:00
sledgesCreate,Retrieve,Update,Delete :)10:00
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auri__lbt: ping10:07
lbthey :)10:08
auri__well the kit part is what I am looking into10:08
lbtah - someone else is on pkging and components?10:08
auri__while aportale is taking care of packaging10:08
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auri__wrt components, well we havent got any yet so on one has picked that up yet10:08
lbtwell ... on the kit side: just playing with the new commit... saw a couple of probs in the script10:09
lbtwell. one really10:09
auri__the reason I am reworking the kit part is to minimize work for setting up the targets10:09
lbtssh $SSH_OPTS -p ${SDK_SSH_PORT} ${SDK_SSH_USER}@localhost "export SB2_TARGET='${MER_SB2_TARGET}'; export MER_SYSROOT='${MER_SYSROOT}'; sb2 -t ${MER_SB2_TARGET} $ex $@"10:10
auri__well I am still updating the script so wait!!10:10
auri__for a bit10:10
lbtI use /usr/local/bin/sb2_run which essentially does sb2 -t $SB2_TARGET $ex $@ if there is a value and does $ex $@ otherwise10:10
lbtthat's to work around a prob with i486 atm10:10
auri__but why specify the full path10:11
auri__uh oh!10:11
lbt'cos it's not packaged / installed yet10:11
lbtyour script misses the -t10:11
lbtI typo'ed     export SB2_TARGET='${MER_B2_TARGET}'10:11
auri__no wonder it works for me since I have set the default10:11
auri__ stupid mistake10:11
lbtnot MER_SB2_TARGET10:11
lbtthat's why we're both hacking on it and sharing code frequently :)10:12
lbtStskeeps: you busy - need to have a plan to build for i486 nemo using SDK10:12
Stskeepsi486 nemo can be done, i586 more difficult10:12
lbtI'd like an sb2 target if at all possible10:13
Stskeepsi486 we have, find tswindell's toolchain project on cobs10:13
Stskeepsi586 is more complex as we have to make a i586 toolchain for i486..10:13
lbtOK - so that's an sb2 capable  null cross-compile setup ?10:13
kulveI added Peripherals sections to wiki and some notes to gfx section10:14
Stskeepslbt: right10:14
Stskeepskulve: thank you10:14
lbtStskeeps: and it differs from standard because it has a sysroot enabled ld ?10:14
Stskeepsit's an actual cross compiler10:14
Stskeepscross-i486-binutils and cross-i486-gcc10:14
lbtcan I get it in -next like today?10:14
lbtand do a snapshot later/tomorrow10:15
Stskeepsmake a patch to gcc based on what's there right now, send to gerrit10:15
Stskeepsand we can do that, yes10:15
Stskeepsgcc and binutils10:15
Stskeepsi586 is more difficult10:16
lbtI'm good with i486 for now10:16
lbtmain thing for me is to build stuff to deploy to a Nemo VM in vbox10:17
Stskeepsyeah, ok10:17
lbtauri__: I'm going to get on this now. Can you ask aportale to ping me when he's around. I have a template and docs for making a package10:17
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lbtStskeeps: incidentally I build a 7-package .ks minimal rootfs for Nemo now10:18
Stskeepslbt: how big does it get, ooi?10:18
Stskeepsi'd be interested in seeing the packages list from the image10:18
lbt4 -devel pkgs and rpm-build+meego + shadow-utils to support mic10:19
Stskeepsyeah, but like, with dependencies10:19
lbtoh yeah10:19
lbtbut it's still quite neat - and amenable to dynamic building10:20
lbtwhich means easy+custom updates too10:20
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sledgeshas anyone successfully setup qtcreator on Desktop PC to cross compile for armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-gcc ?10:42
sledges(qt5 ideally)10:42
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lbtyes, no10:43
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Bostikcross-compiling qt5's qtwebkit for arm is still in a bind10:44
sledgeslet's start with the yes10:44
sledgesI'll just need to crosscompile a helloworld10:44
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yuntauh, sdk vm systemd seems to ignore TTYPath :(10:49
lbtsledges: I'm a bit swamped at the minute though. that vbox page gives hints. We use a git HEAD version of QtCreator which kinda works10:52
lbt also10:52
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sledgesawesome lbt , I'll try to hook on those hooks11:06
lbtand if it's not urgent then we're doing the heavy lifting over the next weeks11:07
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aportalelbt: pong :)11:12
sledgesit is urgent :{11:15
sledgesso will try to get as much far as I can for now, next week I'm off to LinuxCon/ELCE'1211:15
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lbtaportale: hey11:20
lbtso I have some packaging stuff11:20
lbtthen we run '(cd rpm; specify); mb build -t nemo_n9_min rpm/qmltrial.spec'11:24
lbtand we have a package11:24
lbtnow I'm using yaml because I think it'll be easier to manage from within Qt longer term11:24
lbtand we support spectacle in Mer11:24
lbtfor the initial phase we can simply treat the yaml file as simple text with key: value pairs for the entries11:25
lbtaportale: my suggestion is a list of known key/values and then a generic key/type/value entries where the value is a simple textbox and type describes the format in the yaml11:28
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aportalelbt: Which keys should be user settable in the gui? I see Name, Summary, Version and Description as good candidates.11:31
aportalelbt: Is Group "Qt/Qt" always correct for any Qt based app? Also ones with QML and qt-components?11:32
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aportalelbt: Also, what is the typical name for the yaml file, <projectname>.yaml? Is it by convention located in an rpm subdirectory?11:34
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lbtall "yes"11:36
lbtWe'll probably have      PkgConfigBR: \n - "QtDeclarative"11:38
lbtas a default too11:38
aportalelbt: Question about "Description". Can it have multiple lines? And is that '|' the new-line character? Is the file encoding utf-8?11:41
lbtyes it can (that's why I want a 'type' : I  see 3 types: simple value, multi-line and 'list' which is multi-line with a - in front11:42
aportalelbt: Right. I just found the types here:
lbtnb if you treat this as json I think that should work11:44
lbtnb I was talking more about a super-simple yaml11:45
lbtat the type level11:45
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lbtI don't want to build a spectacle parser (yet?)11:46
lbthence the focus on a few known key/values and a generic key/value/type for advanced use11:46
lbtthat should cover 99% of usage11:47
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aportalelbt: Is the complete source of qmltrial somewhere? Just curious about the overall directory structure of typical Nemo apps.11:55
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lbtaportale: it's not a Nemo app - it says "hello world" in qml and calls a C++ to ensure proper linking12:02
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aportalelbt: Right. I am still a bit unsure about where the projects overlap. So, I am safe to call this a Mer Qt/QML app, and the packaging file would be something like a "Mer package specification". Correct?12:04
aportalelbt: thanks.12:05
lbtI'd currently expect any vendor to use the same packaging too12:05
aportalelbt: That would make sense.12:06
lbtso I'm seeing this as a component that would be used by any Mer Vendor12:06
lbtbad terminology :)12:06
lbtwhen we work on the Designer components then I'd make that a discrete plugin as I'd expect vendors to customise/replace that12:06
lbtso that qmltrial is actually a standard QtCreator template12:07
lbtso lots of extra boilerplate - but I think those bits where what I changed12:07
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lbtI'm looking for someone to put together a simple Nemo app 'RSN' that I can write some docs/tutorial around12:08
aportalelbt: Talking about boilerplate. Did yyou have to tweak anything in QmlApplicationViewer.cpp/h/pri?12:09
lbtnot for this app12:09
lbtbut that's why I want a proper Nemo one12:09
lbt(I know my limits!)12:10
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aportalelbt: Sanity check: putting that into an rpm directory is good old standard in Mer, and you would like to see that in the Qt Creator template, aswell.12:12
aportalelbt: Not a big effort, but I better ask before.12:13
lbtyeah it's the best solution for now12:13
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aportalelbt: What about a "Vendor" in the yaml?12:34
lbtwhy do you ask?12:35
Stskeepsaportale: not obligatory, but may be useful12:35
aportalelbt: I would have expected to see one. And I can add it with 0.01 effort :)12:36
* lbt ponders what it would mean/do12:36
Stskeepslbt: rpm vendor field12:37
Stskeepsyou know, the thing obs replaces12:37
lbtyeah - my concern is around that12:37
lbtand not sure specify supports it12:38
aportaleStskeeps, lbt: We can add it later.12:38
lbtWarning: Unexpected keys found: Vendor12:38
aportalelbt: OK :)12:38
lbtso leave it for now12:38
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lbtalterego: ping... home:tswindell:mer:core:i486 is empty ... did you move the i486 cross- stuff somewhere12:49
Stskeepslook in :i58612:50
*** popey has joined #mer12:51
lbt!! ... I just remembered you saying the i586 cross wasn't working *g*12:52
Merbotlbt: Error: "!" is not a valid command.12:52
lbt!! STFU12:52
Merbotlbt: Error: "!" is not a valid command.12:52
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jusa_hmm zypper up and X doesn't get up on Nemo, [   445.214] PVR2D_Init() failed14:15
jusa_devices is N914:16
phaeronjusa_:  sledges seems to have same issue in #nemomobile14:17
*** popey has quit IRC14:17
jusa_phaeron: ok14:19
sledgesyup, same PVR2D_Init() failed14:21
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auri__baby steps and its fragile14:59
auri__but hello world build in QtC :)14:59
auri__lbt: aportale: give it a try but dont crib for unexpected crashes! still need to iron them out15:04
*** mikhas has quit IRC15:07
lbtsomething not 100% right here15:12
lbt /usr/include/qt4/QtCore/qatomic_i386.h:132:29: error: impossible constraint in 'asm'15:12
lbtwhich is odd for an armv7hl build :)15:12
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*** FSCV has joined #mer15:21
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*** gabrbedd has joined #mer15:32
auri__lbt: for some reason in the sysroot "/usr/share/qt4/mkspecs/default -> linux-g++"15:45
auri__can you tell me why?15:46
auri__should that be linux-g++-maemo ?15:46
Stskeepswe use a default config15:47
auri__hmm .. the thing is that the compiler is in MerSDk and not in the sysroot15:50
auri__now how do I fetch mkspec data in this case ? :(15:50
Stskeepsrunnin 'gcc' inside sb2 should do the right thing15:51
*** faenil has quit IRC15:51
auri__yes that builds.. what lbt: pointed out was the code model picks up the wrong header15:51
auri__but of course since qtc takes the default one in sysroot which pints to x86 linux-g++15:52
*** faenil has joined #mer15:52
lbtsorry - was discussing QtDevDay...15:52
lbtauri__: ah15:52
auri__the build is proper .. its only the code model that is a bit screwed up15:52
auri__the way I see it is that there should be a compatible compiler set as default in the sysroot15:53
*** yunta has quit IRC15:53
lbtauri__: I think we need to consider ~/MerSDKs/<target>/ as being in the PATH for qtc ?15:57
*** popey has quit IRC15:57
lbtif I run gcc in that location I get (of course) Target: armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi15:57
lbt(do we need g++ wrapper too?)15:57
auri__I think you misunderstood me15:58
*** VDVsx has joined #mer15:58
auri__When building a project, qtc checks in the sysroot for the mkspec .. and that is a problem16:00
auri__it looks in /usr/share/qt4/mkspecs/ ..16:00
auri__if you see the compiler in the Build&Run options page the gcc abi is correctly set16:01
lbtless which file in mkspecs?16:01
auri__it picks whatever is pointed as default16:02
auri__i.e symlinked to default16:02
lbtso linux-g++/16:02
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lbtthis isn't my area - so I need an explanation of why this is not expected I'm afraid :/16:06
Stskeepsauri__: walk me through what gets looked at and what gets set?16:08
lbtI'm wondering if qtc is assuming that linux-g++ is x8616:08
auri__tomo maybe?.. leaving in a few mins16:08
lbtor possibly is looking in / and not /$sysroot/16:08
Stskeepsauri__: sure16:08
Stskeepsauri__: have a good evening16:08
auri__its looking in $SYSROOT/usr/share/qt4/mkspecs/16:09
auri__so thats not a problem16:09
*** odin_ has quit IRC16:09
lbtauri__: and ty for today - been a good one :)16:09
auri__lbt: :) np16:09
lbtah... I may see it16:11
lbtssh $SSH_OPTS -p ${SDK_SSH_PORT} ${SDK_SSH_USER}@localhost 'export SB2_TARGET="'${MER_SB2_TARGET}'"; export MER_SYSROOT="'${MER_SYSROOT}'"; cd "'${BUILD_DIR}'"; sb2 -t $SB2_TARGET "'$ex $ARGS'"'16:11
lbtsb2 -t $SB2_TARGET16:12
lbtthat is expanded host side and export SB2_TARGET="'${MER_SB2_TARGET}' is only set vm-side16:12
lbtsb2 -t $MER_SB2_TARGET16:12
Stskeepsthis reminds me a bit of MADDE, but in shell script16:13
* Stskeeps runs16:13
lbtit will simplify :)16:13
lbtthere we go:16:13
lbt (ERROR)[sb2d][9144]Lua interpreter PANIC: unprotected error in call to Lua API (...2-mersdk-20121101-161315.IH9091/lua_scripts/init.lua:35: $Error while loading /tmp/sb2-mersdk-20121101-161315.IH9091/exec_config.lua: $/tmp/sb2-mersdk-20121101-161315.IH9091/exec_config.lua:9: unexpected symbol near '.'$)$16:14
lbtsb2d: Lua interpreter PANIC: unprotected error in call to Lua API (...2-mersdk-20121101-161315.IH9091/lua_scripts/init.lua:35:16:14
lbtError while loading /tmp/sb2-mersdk-20121101-161315.IH9091/exec_config.lua:16:14
lbt/tmp/sb2-mersdk-20121101-161315.IH9091/exec_config.lua:9: unexpected symbol near '.'16:14
lbtmuch better :)16:14
lbtsweet dreams auri__ :D16:14
*** auri__ has quit IRC16:16
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* CosmoHill is finding out if his phone is fubared16:22
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lbthmm - it's a pure Mer issue16:28
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lbtStskeeps: where is the gold enabled binutils?17:08
*** jotik has quit IRC17:10
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Stskeepslbt: same place17:14
lbtgood - not missing a commit then17:15
situStskeeps: hey17:15
*** plfiorini has joined #mer17:16
situSupersede the old requests ?17:16
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer17:17
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situThat created a new requet.17:17
*** drussell has quit IRC17:17
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situStskeeps: I updated all my SRs for blts tests.17:29
situLet me know if there's any other task.17:30
Stskeepssitu: thanks17:34
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lbtStskeeps: Bostik had a problem with gcc not using gold18:14
*** mikhas has quit IRC18:14
lbtlooking at %define crossextraconfig --disable-libstdcxx-pch --with-arch=i486 --with-gnu-as=/opt/cross/bin/i486-meego-linux-gnu-as --with-gnu-ld=/opt/cross/bin/i486-meego-linux-gnu-ld --with-as=/opt/cross/bin/i486-meego-linux-gnu-as --with-ld=/opt/cross/bin/i486-meego-linux-gnu-ld18:14
Stskeepsthat's for the cross18:19
Stskeepsit didnt for the older one either18:20
*** niqt has joined #mer18:23
Bostiklbt: yeah, so I cheated horribly in the spec; it's probably a compile time option to even enable alternate linker in gcc 4.618:28
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ljpStskeeps: mobility upstream. no CI. ssh://
*** faenil has quit IRC19:22
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lbtStskeeps: I think all I need to change is gcc/binutils/sb2-tools-template : should I just push them indivdually?20:15
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yuntahenrik_: I've closed last problem I had in my list for sdk vm. So we can write progress-view tomorrow.21:19
*** morphis is now known as morphis|away21:20
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* lbt switches 2 cobs workers into ci for tonight23:45
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