Saturday, 2012-10-27

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kulvewhat does this mean: "Your file uses  __DATE and __TIME__ this causes the package to rebuild when not needed" ?05:06
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kulveah, it means exactly that. The source uses those macros and therefore the binary differs on every build. And since it differs OBS may rebuild it (which is something I don't still understand why)05:19
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Stskeepskulve: rebuild everything depenending on it05:39
kulveOk. I remembered there was something about OBS compiling something several times to see if the binary changes between the builds.. But maybe I misunderstood somethin05:43
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situMorning everyone05:54
kulveany idea from where I'm supposed to get fw_bcmdhd.bin?05:54
Bostikkulve: one such file is available from jellybean vendor binaries05:56
Bostikhmm.. it's even in out/** hierarchy so it might actually be something that gets built05:57
kulveI guess everything is in there, even if it's just copied from the git-repo05:58
Bostikah, there it is, it's in the tree as broadcom firmware but gets renamed when copied to out/06:00
kulvedo you have url?06:01
Bostikthat's the "makefile"06:01
Bostikso any jellybean tree should sport it06:02
kulveand again proprietary license :/06:06
kulveit might allow redistribution but who understands all those details..06:07
Stskeepskulve: yeah, it rebuilds the stuff that depends on it, not itself06:09
kulveStskeeps: ok06:09
Stskeepsok, it's snowing outside06:10
Bostikhmh, reading the bcm4x** license through... it's not that bd06:10
kulve-8°C here06:10
Bostik"feel free to redistribute, but make sure to keep the license information attached and do not even think of claiming ownership"06:10
kulveand then the next question, where do I get nvram_4330.txt (it is expected to be found in the same directory as the fw binary)?06:13
Stskeepswhat device are you trying to port to? nexus 7?06:15
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Bostiksorry, tried to look for the file but can't find it06:16
kulveStskeeps: my nexus 7 has other users as well, so can't destroy the android there :)06:16
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kulvebut something similar06:17
Bostikkulve: if it's a nexus device,  might be handy06:19
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kulveBostik: there's only one binary in there and that's for bcm GPS. Maybe the wireless part is a bit more open and can be distributed in some more normal ways..06:23
Bostikgood point06:24
kulvelooks like there is one binary after all: bcm4330.hcd. And that's found in my nexus 7's /system/etc/firmware directory.06:33
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kulvethe other fw_*bin binaries are in /system/vendor/firmware in my nexus. Now, where's the nvram_4330.txt or how should I create it..06:51
Stskeepsmorn rcg06:51
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kulvehmm.. there's nvram.txt in /system/etc06:53
kulvewell, I guess those don't match exactly. Even thought it loaded the firmware, it gives errors while trying to do anything07:01
kulvebut the nemo UI is up with working compositing and decent perf07:02
kulvesome rendering garbage in the top (status bar?) when e.g. in the wlan-settings but otherwise looks ok07:03
kulvethe default nemo yamls should include some perf tools, glmark2-es2 or something :)07:04
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Stskeepskulve: sec07:05
Stskeepsarmv7l or armv7hl?07:05
Stskeepsinstall blts-opengles2-tests07:06
Stskeepsit's a very nice test set07:06
Stskeepsi've seen gfx stacks really choke on it07:07
Stskeepsyou can probably just run the binary itself without testrunner07:07
kulvewell, I guess that's not too hard :)07:07
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Bostikarmv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-ld: failed to set dynamic section sizes: Memory exhausted07:10
Bostiknot surprised07:10
StskeepsBostik: you need to force there i think07:13
Stskeepssb2 should support it fine07:13
Stskeepsbut i doubt we have cross compiler with gold yet07:13
Bostikyep, figured out so much07:13
Bostikthis still qualifies as progress07:13
Stskeepsi can't promise it for mer next release but next one again for sure07:14
BostikI'm pretty sure we're already hitting oddities which upstream simply thinks are invalid :)07:15
rcgis there already some work on handwriting recognition?07:20
rcgwondering if trying to compile for mer makes sense07:21
Cosmo|zzzDammit it's 8:22, why do I never lie in on the weekend07:22
Cosmo|zzzhey Stskeeps and Bostik07:23
Bostikmorning there07:23
Cosmo|zzzi see you two oppose lie-ins too07:23
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Bostikno, I don't oppose them; in fact, I try to enjoy them whenever possible07:23
Bostikbut not today, and can't really understand why07:24
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kulveStskeeps: should the tests 5,6,7 (OpenGL-Blit with blend and widgets with shadows / etc) show something on the screen?07:39
Stskeepsyes, but i've only seen it working on n9007:40
kulveok, e.g. tests 10 and 11 actually show something07:40
kulvetest 12 got a bit slow already, 22fps07:40
Stskeepsyeah, there's one of them that's really tough07:42
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rcgdo we have gcc-fortran somewhere? or liblapack?08:46
Stskeepsno, and not getting readded08:51
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rcgi see08:56
Stskeepsit added 50m compile time to a arm gcc08:57
Stskeepsif it can be compiled seperately it'd be fine08:57
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rcgalright, i just was quickly looking into if opencv could be build for mer and it seems it depends on liblapack, which in turn depends on gcc-fortran08:58
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rcgthere's a version of opencv on but that depends on gtk+08:59
rcghmm.. while looking into the debian packaging one comment says they removed the dependency on lapack.. however, it still shows up as dependency in the control file09:01
rcgwell, maybe i can dig into that one later today09:01
* ljp is trying windows 809:03
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Stskeepshow is it?09:12
ljpeverything is full screen09:12
ljpfile find dialog. full screen09:12
ljpgreat for phones. tablets maybe. desktops not even09:13
Stskeepsdoesn't sound good for desktop..09:13
ljpyou can live mostly on the traditional desktop screen09:13
ljpI like that its different. but gimby different09:13
ljpat least this one came with powershell. but why couldnt MS create a command terminal app that can resize like its 199509:15
iekkuwife has been using my exopc with win8 half an year now, not so much complainings09:17
iekkucompared to minilaptop with ubuntu 12.something, no complainings at all09:18
Stskeepsfor tablet and phone it's probably good09:18
* Stskeeps ponders what to work on today09:18
iekkuStskeeps, take a rest, have family time09:19
iekkuStskeeps, if you need to think what to do you can do something totally different while thinking09:19
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* iekku thinks about going to forrest09:19
ljpgood thing I didnt pay for this.09:22
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rcgmeh, once you are used to how quickly mer builds work, waiting for harmattan builds is so annoying09:47
lbtmorning all09:48
lbtrcg to be fair they don't (AFAIK) cross-compile; they need someone to work on building the toolchain for SB209:48
rcgmorning lbt09:49
Stskeepsor not even that09:49
Stskeepslbt: prerelease please09:49
lbtStskeeps: OK09:49
rcglbt, while i got you here:
lbtnb: doing work is likely to be a real benefit to Mer too *if* we end up co-existing09:49
Stskeepslbt: they could really just take our old work in old mer09:50
Stskeepsand that'd be a massive speedup already there09:50
rcgany clue what's causing this? seems like all pubworker except pubworker_8 suffer from this issue09:50
rcgbut well.. it's not really important i think.. so please don't waste too much time looking this ;)09:51
Stskeepslbt: i added a crash fix for qml soundeffects09:51
lbtStskeeps: OK - anything else pending?09:51
Stskeepsno, i think we're good09:51
Stskeepsjust want a quick prerelease to verify that it stays sane09:51
rcgerr.. damn.. there is a new build going.. just a sec09:52
* Stskeeps ponders if his old core-toolchain split work still makes sense09:52
rcgthat's the log.. just for reference09:53
lbtStskeeps: how small can we go for a micro-distro which is just a toolchain09:53
lbtrcg:  "virtual memory exhausted: Cannot allocate memory"09:54
lbtsounds familiar at the moment :)09:54
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Stskeepslbt: well, i think the point of micro should be on core side instead, not toolchain09:55
Stskeepsbut yes, "how small can we go" is interesting09:56
rcglbt, ah, so you encountered that before.. the really interesting thing is that, last time encountered this, all pubworkers failed that way except pubworker_809:57
lbtrcg: and is that just a compile of matmul.cpp ?09:57
lbtcan't see if you're running -j09:57
rcgthink so09:58
lbtwe've been seeing linker errors with webkit - but this is different I think09:58
rcgdunno about -j though09:58
Stskeepsmight simply be harmattan's lousy toolchain09:58
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rcgwell, i don't want to make a big fuzz out of this.. it's just a pretty interesting phenomenon (for now)09:59
Stskeepsthe b1 guys are still committing to the crossbuild stuff10:00
Stskeepsi thought this work stopped totally10:00
Stskeepsthat's a pleasant surprise :)10:01
Stskeepsmaybe there's a shot at sb2 going mainline after all10:02
Stskeepslbt: also, did you ever send mail for the previous prerelease?10:09
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lbterr, no :/10:11
lbtit's in Drafts10:11
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lbtsent with note10:13
lbtI shut my email down when I ran out of memory and didn't finish the steps10:15
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kulveis there a way to configure videosink for playbin2 somehow globally? There seems to be multiple choices and all comes from the same library and it picks a wrong one..10:42
kulveassuming that I can't recompile the sinks10:42
kulvezuh: ^10:46
kulveand how do I control volume in nemo?10:49
Stskeepsstart with amixer perhaps10:50
Stskeeps-c 010:50
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kulveno amixer in there by default. And missing something is really annoying without a network :)10:51
Stskeepsyou don't have ethernet or usb networking?10:51
kulveusb.. hmm..10:51
kulveStskeeps: you such a wise man! Thanks :)10:52
kulveI got a usb ethernet dongle a while back and didn't even remember it10:53
kulveit worked out of the box10:53
kulves,you,you are,10:54
Stskeepsi was going to suggest NAT over g_ether or ssh forwarding and /etc/hosts, but ;)10:55
kulveI think I actually have the setup for dhcpd/nat already on my computer for similar cases, but the current kernel doesn't have g_ether support and it would be inconvenient anyway10:56
Stskeepswe've considered to put dnsmasq in mer sdk, it has a lot of nice features10:56
Stskeepshmm, nice looking10:58
kulveyeah, very.10:59
Stskeepsonly at 250? not bad10:59
kulve+250 for the display10:59
kulve# amixer -c 0| wc -l10:59
kulveno sound, although everything looks corrent with alsamixer11:00
Stskeepsah, 250 for the display..11:01
Stskeepsstill not bad11:01
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iekkuhaha, speaking about wife and win8 -> turned out he has stopped using exopc month ago since win8 sucks that much11:12
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zuhkulve: AFAICT, playbin uses what you give it or autovideosink if not. And autovideosink uses the ranks to choose between sinks and apparently ignores ones with too low (zero) rank. So no.12:16
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kulvezuh: ok12:43
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Stskeepshello n0x13:12
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Stskeepsmorn vgrade13:20
vgradekulve: you working nexus 713:21
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zz_bottomvgrade: me working Nexus 714:18
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vgradelbt: it does not look like I can use submoduels with OBS as git archive does not do submodules so I'll just import them one by one14:24
lbtI think we can workround that14:24
vgradelbt as separate git repos14:24
lbtdon't worry about it for now14:25
vgradeI also don't think the code is structured to allow a one package approach14:25
lbtie we'll just say gitpkg doesn't yet support submodules14:25
vgradelbt, ie it expects to do a cmake, make, make install on each submodule before it can make the next14:26
lbtthat's just a bit naff then :)14:26
lbtsubmodules are usually used when they're needed to do a global make14:26
lbtbut where the submodule can also be standalone14:27
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vgradelbt, although that could be worked around with sub packages I guess14:28
lbtor even as a set of discrete things in make14:29
lbt%build I mean14:29
vgradeI think I will package the individual repos14:29
vgradelbt, but use git-pkg14:30
vgradeon each one14:30
lbtOK - feedback welcome14:30
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kulvevgrade: I'm using a reference board but I really would like to know how much nexus 7 differs. I was wondering, if there could be a subproject with only nexus 7 boot/kernel and the user-space could be the same14:44
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vgradekulve: ok,15:10
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vgradezz_bottom: how you getting on?15:10
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kulveI currently have working 3d, headers for devel packages from khronos, working gst/omx video decoding @ full hd. There's XV image sink as well, but for now I don't know how to get that working with nemo (or if it even supports what's needed)15:13
kulveand the video playback needs some firmware binaries and I'm not sure if the license allows redistribution15:13
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vgradekulve: sounds very encouraging15:29
kulvevgrade: yeah, especially since the "working 3d" means X.Org integrated compositing window manager15:32
vgradekulve: indeed, not many of those around. n9/900/950, tegra215:34
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kulveand now I got the sound out. Adele & Skyfall15:35
vgradekulve: panda also15:35
RaYmAnkulve: there was some talk wrt the codec libs for tegra - supposedly they changed the license to allow for inclusion into e.g. ubuntu. But sadly, I don't have an exact source.15:38
RaYmAnHm, I guess they only made it as far as upload queue so far:
kulvehopefully nvidia will add the Linux exception to the codecs as well. It's already there for the proprietary libs15:39
RaYmAnalso, most stuff should transfer over fine to e.g. n7 or asus transformer prime. Some kernel differences, but probably nothing major.15:40
RaYmAnThe issue is generally having a kernel for the device with the right version of the graphics interface to be compatible with the binary graphics drivers15:41
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kulveare there other video players than "gallery" for nemo..? With that I get just "Error while loading page: qrc:/qml/VideoPlayer.qml:34 module "QtMultimediaKit" is not installed"16:01
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specialkulve: zypper in libdeclarative-multimedia16:04
specialkulve: will add the missing dependency16:04
specialkulve: also, #nemomobile :)16:05
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kulvespecial: thx16:08
kulvewell, I'll join there for a couple of next questions..16:08
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* CosmoHill doesn't understand car insurance17:22
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CosmoHillthere's a £100 difference between a "Web designer" and "computer programmer"17:38
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lbtCosmoHill: try "radical protestor for hire"17:53
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AardCosmoHill: which ones cheaper?18:01
* Aard would bill computer programmers more, as they might hack the device electronics and cause crashes18:01
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CosmoHillAard: computer programmer18:54
CosmoHillbtw, Scooby imprezza WRX  2.0L 225BHP is £4100 to insure and a Scooby Legacy R Spec B 3.0L 260BHP is £600 ~ £95018:57
CosmoHillAard: not seen / spoken to you in a while19:01
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Aardbeen a bit busy lately :)19:04
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kulvehmm.. I branched a package that depends on and that's provided now both on my repo and in mesa-llvmpipe-libEGL. I wonder how that should be handled correctly19:35
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Stskeepsin prjconf19:41
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Stskeepsmostly it's for mesa as prefer19:41
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CosmoHillnight night22:39
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