Thursday, 2012-10-25

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phaeronjpwhiting: I fixed a couple of wireless related options, wireless performance is better now. also you should upgrade to latest , Xorg is much better01:34
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situMorning everyone06:24
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rcgmorning niqt07:18
niqtrcg :)07:19
rcgone lesson learned yesterday: when "quickly" doing creating a patch, do not forget to add it to .yaml and/or .spec respectively.. been debugging the hell out of this thing until i noticed that i somehow lost the patch in the .spec file due to reverting to an earlier version when something broke07:21
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Bostikrcg: a corollary - when respinning a patch, remember to actually replace the patch that you upload along with .spec07:22
Bostikbeen there, done that, got baffled...07:23
rcgBostik, right, very true :D07:23
chouchounehi all07:23
rcgmorning chouchoune07:24
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Stskeepslbt: OK for prerelease, let's make it 20121101.0.108:15
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Stskeepsmorn auri__08:21
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lbtmorning all08:47
lbtStskeeps: OK08:47
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Stskeepsok, i have working i486 cross toolchain08:59
Stskeepsworking on i58608:59
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Bostikout of morbid curiosity, how much extra work would it take to create a cross-toolchain running on x86_64? and would it even help with the linker-out-of-memory problem?09:04
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Bostikmainly in the vein of "should I even attempt such a feat?"09:05
Stskeepsstep 1) port mer to x86_6409:06
niqtStskeeps, is missing a lot of time to QT5 beta?09:07
Stskeepsniqt: hmm? beta1 is already merged09:07
StskeepsBostik: has webkit really become such a monster that you can't build it in less than 4 gb?09:07
BostikStskeeps: so I fear, and the few mentions on the subject seem to say the same09:08
StskeepsBostik: does make -j1 help anything?09:09
Bostikwhich is why I'm now willing to try because all other approaches have failed09:09
BostikStskeeps: the build log already implies that linking is done serially, but I can see what forcing -j1 does09:10
Stskeepsgood point09:10
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Bostikthe current (very explicit) error message says:  /usr/bin/ld: out of memory allocating 1000 bytes after a total of 3384799232 bytes09:11
Bostikand that's with all the tricks in the book, including "force_shared_libs"09:12
Stskeepsi'm touching toolchain at the moment, i'll see what i can do about adding gold09:13
Stskeepsit needs to be a cross gold too, so it may be a bit involved09:13
Bostikaccording to in-house serial webkit abusers they have been forced to use gold for all devel-builds and releases/snapshots are built solely on amd6409:14
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Stskeepspoint taken, so we need gold09:14
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Stskeepsor pray to the mighty gecko gods..09:14
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StskeepsBostik: btw, this is even X86 it happens on?09:23
Bostikaye; see
Stskeepseither way, i'm adding gold atm09:24
Stskeepsi'll provide you with a binutils you can try09:24
Bostikthe build errors for arm targets are just outright bizarre, and I'll start to deal with them WHEN we have a working build for one target09:24
Stskeepshow would you enable it for webkit, out of curiosity?09:24
Bostiknew patch against Tools/qmake/mkspec/unix/**09:25
Bostikso I'll simply override how certain x86 options are set09:25
Bostikthe g++ option for ld selection is "-fuse-ld=gold"09:26
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Bostikyes, qtwebkit provides local overrides for qmake/mkspecs to make building it easier :)09:28
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StskeepsBostik: 's binutils now has gold in it09:42
Stskeepsas ld.gold09:42
Bostikwheeee, let's see09:43
Stskeepsany idea if qt itself works better with gold?09:44
Bostiknone at all, this is first I'm trying it out09:44
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lbtStskeeps: finished the img move from p509:58
lbtci repo is still there - phost4 is an old ex5 without too much disk (IMG needs a lot)09:59
lbtStskeeps: nb - pre-release? no snapshot?09:59
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Stskeepsprerelease, i think10:08
lbtwe said that yesterday so just checking before it goes too far10:10
lbthow much is phost4 costing?10:11
Stskeepslemem see10:11
lbtwondering about swapping it for an ex4s with more disk10:11
lbtI can squeeze on there but it'll be very full10:11
StskeepsEX 5, 49.5798 EUR/month10:12
Stskeeps(excl vat)10:12
lbtwant to up it to 59 (+ a 59 setup fee) for 8Gb ram, faster cpu and 2.25Tb of disk? :)10:13
Stskeepscan we move it to mer budget instead and you'll invoice me?10:14
Stskeepsbetter to go that way than having everything under my account10:14
lbtyes please !10:14
lbtyou can actually do a transfer I think10:15
lbtwell, I know - just don't know how10:15
Stskeepsand i assume you'll invoice with VAT 0%?10:16
lbtyes ... you need to fill in a form for reverse charge VAT though10:17
Stskeepsyes, that's done in poland10:17
Stskeepsaccountant handles that10:17
lbtgood - no surprise then :)10:17
lbtso just the token then10:17
Stskeepswant phost2 while you're at it?10:17
Stskeepsinvoice monthly, etc10:18
lbtelectronic OK ;P10:18
lbthenrik__: yes, I have this weird and wonderful bundler thing10:25
henrik__there is an error "nothing provides pkg-config"10:26
Stskeepsit's called pkgconfig in mer, i think10:26
lbtsorting that is on my list for today10:26
henrik__lbt: if i want to test myself, should i just branch that myself?10:26
lbthenrik__: keep working on the code side for now10:27
lbtI'll give you instructions/explanation when it works10:27
henrik__lbt: ok10:27
lbtbut after that, you'll branch it from Mer:Tools:Testing, yes10:27
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Stskeepshello Saila :)10:29
Stskeepslbt: urgh, i586 toolchain may be more challenging than thought10:30
SailaHello Stskeeps10:30
StskeepsSaila: welcome to #mer :) so what brings you here?10:30
lbtStskeeps: why?10:30
SailaCuriosity :910:30
lbtSaila: good reason :)10:30
StskeepsSaila: sure :) if you have any questions, feel free to ask at any time10:30
SailaI will indeed. Thanks!10:31
Stskeepselse feel free to hang out10:31
Stskeepslbt: let's just say that i have to do a cross compiler made for i486 in the i586 target10:31
Stskeepswhich is just heaps of fun10:31
SailaHey guys, how many people do you know are behind this initiative?10:32
StskeepsSaila: there's really varying degrees of involvement :) Mer's made so it doesn't take many people to pull this effort forward10:32
StskeepsSaila: there's people making products based on Mer, there's people working on Mer, there's people working on tools around Mer..10:32
lbtSaila: some volunteer, many are paid by their organisation10:33
Bostik...and people using mer to apparently satisfy their masochistic desires...10:33
*** KaIRC has joined #mer10:33
lbtBostik: you're ... special10:33
SailaI understand, but what organizations are involved?10:33
Bostikshould I take that as a compliment or an insult? :)10:33
lbtBostik: yes10:33
StskeepsSaila: KDE's Plasma Active is basing on Mer, Jolla, Nemo project - the way Mer is done, it's sometimes unclear to see10:34
Stskeepsas we just see individuals participating10:34
lbtBostik is from Nomovok10:34
lbtthey help out a lot :)10:34
SailaSo it really is a true open source! I love it already:)10:34
lbtSaila: what's your area?10:34
StskeepsSaila: Mer infra costs are ~300-400 eur a month and we work cheap because small and medium busineses will need same deployments10:35
SailaI am a huge fan of open source initiatives such as Linux, Drupal and former Meego10:35
*** mdfe_ has joined #mer10:35
* lbt counts the phosts and thinks we need to review the costs/month advert now :)10:35
Stskeepsmany of us come from meego10:35
Stskeepslbt: how much is it by now?10:36
Stskeepsout of curiousity10:36
Stskeepsah, still good10:36
SailaSo thats' my area....I've also studied html5.10:36
StskeepsSaila: generally Mer exists to share effort, everybody ends up with the similar kind of common non-android stack anyway, when doing mobile devices10:36
Stskeepsso why not work together on the areas that make sense to work together on, and spend time on what you really want to do, like UI, or hardware adaptation10:37
lbtStskeeps: taking down to migrate it - not used during publish10:37
Stskeepsreally a thing for small to medium businesses or open source projects needing a solid base10:37
Stskeepslbt: ok10:37
SailaIs the SDK available where?10:37
Stskeeps and people are working on more app like sdk10:38
Stskeepsqt creator-oriented10:38
SailaThanks! I really appreciate your help. Will leave now but will certainly come back :)10:38
Stskeepssure, see you later10:38
Bostikoh bugger - "g++ -Wl,--no-undefined -Wl,--no-keep-memory [...]" <-- so my repo setup is wrong, OR my gold-detection is flawed10:38
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Bostikah, version select logic hits: binutils with gold has lower build count number -> not selected10:49
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* lbt grins10:55
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Bostikaha! now it's just the matter of telling obs to use additional repo for packages :)11:04
* lbt wishes we had gbit backbone at hetzner11:08
Bostiklbt: something's not right; I have referencing binutils with gold linker, manually mangled spec to require the exact buildutils version available from the extra project and still get "unresolvable"11:12
BostikPEBKAC most certainly but the nature of P is unclear..11:12
lbtwhere is that binutils?11:14
lbtin tswindell?11:14
lbtswap the paths around11:15
lbtit finds it in Core with wrong version11:15
lbtand is too dim to try again in the other path11:15
lbtit's a feature11:15
Bostiksubtle PITA, I call it11:16
* lbt hopes you don't get a huge rebuild11:16
Bostikah well.. that did something since the repo rebuilds now11:17
lbtyou should, if you think about it11:17
Bostikat least I had the foresight to disable arm builds11:17
yuntalbt: ?11:20
lbtglad you have a working toolchain commands:
yuntaah, that....11:21
yuntawell, removing doesn't really work, due to patterns and zypper :D11:21
*** lizardo has quit IRC11:21
lbtyep - that's fine11:21
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer11:21
yuntaand you practically completed it already, I just added single routing function..... so nothing to brag about yet11:22
VDVsxmardy, hey, around ?11:22
lbtyunta: OK - yaml?11:23
yuntanot yet, first full functionality11:26
yuntafor targets and toolchains11:26
yuntathen I'll think about improving output11:26
yuntamanage_toolchain or manage_toolchains <- which name's better ? (list, add, remove)11:26
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lbtyunta: 4211:29
lbt(I checked with Deep Thought and that's what she said)11:30
yuntacome on, it was a language question :) "manage_toolchain" doesn't work in my native language for operations on elements of list11:31
lbtplural is fine11:32
yuntabut I've seen singular english form used in many cases where I'd go for plural, hence confusion11:32
lbtand I don't mind helping out with english language stuff - with some people I forget that it's not their native tongue :)11:34
lbtwhich is a compliment btw11:34
*** popey has joined #mer11:34
yuntalol, thx11:36
mikhas(Only to reply with not-so-proper English, sigh.)11:37
henrik__yunta: lbt: about removing toolchain. Could it be done by 'zypper pattern-info <pattern>' -> zypper remove <installed from pattern list>?11:39
lbthenrik__: yes, but there'd probably be a common component issue11:41
*** dakovaci has joined #mer11:41
*** pvilja has joined #mer11:41
veskuhStskeeps, does this mean that we will get normal coredumps again?;a=commit;h=2e0a71ad9fc9315e244fd1d8401c089377dc84e911:42
henrik__lbt: ok11:42
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC11:45
*** fcorrea has joined #mer11:46
Stskeepsveskuh: yed11:46
henrik__lbt: still with this remove stuff. would it be enough to remove cross-<arch>-binutils and cross-<armv6l>-gcc. And do not  touch sd-sb2-config, mpc, or qemu-usermode11:46
veskuhStskeeps, cool11:47
henrik__or would there still be some common component issue?11:47
lbthenrik__: that would be OK - but tbh I'd just leave it - the chances of needing to remove a toolchain are very low11:49
lbtupgrade, yes11:50
StskeepsBostik: any luck?11:53
BostikStskeeps: we'll see in a couple of hours11:54
situBostik: Where is your QtWebkit repo ?12:05
Bostiksitu:  the whole shebang12:06
*** fcorrea has quit IRC12:06
*** fcorrea has joined #mer12:07
*** rodrigo_golive has joined #mer12:07
situIt's blocked on qt5-qtlocation-devel, qt5-qtlocation12:07
Stskeepsyeah, it's rebuilding everything12:08
Stskeepsdue to him investigating using gold linker instead12:08
*** fcorrea has quit IRC12:11
auri__aportale: I sent you a mail with the patch.. need a LGTM.. after that I will push12:13
*** fcorrea has joined #mer12:15
*** reels_ has quit IRC12:16
lbtBostik: have they thought about backing ld onto MariaDB ?12:17
henrik__yunta: for sb2_manage adding target i think arch parameter is needed as well since sb2-init needs to set /opt/cross/bin/<arch>-meego-linux-gnueabi-gcc path12:18
lbtBostik: it's mainly the in-memory lookup table isn't it12:20
Bostiklbt: I think so12:23
yuntahenrik__: yes, I have it like that right now: $0 --target --install <name> <toolchain> <url>12:23
yuntaisn't toolchain ~ arch?12:23
henrik__well there is Mer-SB2-<arch>12:24
henrik__in toolchain name12:24
henrik__but sticking with toolchain is just fine12:24
Bostiklbt: oh right, you'd want to swap some of the in-memory lookups to use an external storage and accept the [massive] I/O hit12:25
auri__aportale: pushed12:25
aportaleauri__: Thanks12:26
lbtBostik: yep12:26
lbtso yeah, some nosql really - but cached 'tables' for different libraries12:28
lbtkinda like ccache12:28
Bostikthat's outright twisted, and I'm wary of the idea for two reasons - 1) hacking the lowest core for that kind of abuse is going to be error-prone, and 2) adding an up-stack dependency to ld... "ew"12:29
lbtcapability, not dependency12:30
phaeronremote memcached12:32
phaeronshared key->value in memory store12:32
vgradehow are others building webkit?12:32
phaeronvgrade: they don't make clean ? :D12:33
lbtvgrade: x86_6412:33
Stskeepsthis qualifies for architectural masturbation, guys12:33
Bostikwell... it might be financially a net gain on a personal level; probably wouldn't need to visit the barber ever again12:33
phaeronthat's good :D12:33
* phaeron waits 20 years to see Bostik12:34
* lbt wonders what goes hairy...12:34
Stskeepsthe good news is that it doesn't look like i need to do anything extra for gold in sb212:34
*** dijenerate has quit IRC12:35
lbtgold related blog posts:
lbthenrik__: bundle finally builds ... just FYI12:39
Stskeepsrandom comment, we're really going for ruby on vm sdk?12:40
lbtgitorious is back up then12:40
henrik__lbt: good to know12:40
lbtStskeeps: yeah - we discussed it and it makes sense from a speed/skills PoV12:40
lbtyeah... indeed12:41
lbtrock, hard place12:41
lbtwe could use if you prefer?12:42
lbt"Bash on Balls" ... "because we can"12:42
Stskeepslbt: how's release going?12:43
*** PMG has quit IRC12:43
*** niqt has quit IRC12:44
lbtStskeeps: looks done12:44
*** dijenerate has joined #mer12:44
yuntauh, sdk vm crashed :(12:46
henrik__yunta: what did you do?12:47
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer12:47
lbtcrashed or kernel msg?12:47
yuntawell, it is possible I tried to copy hardlinks :D12:47
yuntakernel traces I get always12:48
Stskeepssilly question, are you using livecd or 'raw' images?12:48
Stskeepsie, harddisk images12:48
lbtsdk is raw -> vdi12:48
lbtusing vbox tool atm12:48
lbtyay repo moved12:49
* lbt does a select() on concurrent tasks12:50
lbtyep ... food!12:51
*** dakovaci has quit IRC12:51
yuntalbt: what do we do with cpu transparency command? 1) hardcode as arm qemu 2) allow user to specify (no) 3) guess based on toolchain name12:54
Stskeepsguessing's probably bette12:54
Stskeepsalso remember there might not even be one (x86)12:54
mardyVDVsx: hi!12:56
yuntasame question applies to compiler12:56
yuntaI'll go for guessing for now12:56
VDVsxmardy, hey, wanted to ask something about ag-tool but already figured out myself :)12:57
mardyVDVsx: OK :-)12:57
*** lamikr has quit IRC12:58
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*** PMG has joined #mer13:08
lbtyunta: I'm actually tempted to support something like the kits13:10
auri__aportale: mailed a patch for review13:11
lbtauri__: so how does the code->QtC process work ?13:11
auri__still setting the environment around it13:12
auri__will take sometime before I reach there13:12
*** cxl000 has quit IRC13:18
lbtcan you remind me of your personal repo url?13:19
*** Jucato has joined #mer13:20
yuntawhat's the official way of deleting a target?13:21
*** jayrulez has joined #mer13:22
henrik__in the wiki there "rm -r ~/.scratchbox2/<target_name>"13:22
henrik__yunta: maybe also "rm /srv/mer/targets/<name>"13:23
yuntayes, I'll do that13:23
*** blitz00 has quit IRC13:24
*** kontio has quit IRC13:24
*** panda-z has quit IRC13:27
yuntauh, another kernel fail..... null dereference13:27
lbtyunta: yep - hoping to move to new kernel 'RSN'13:30
*** merder has joined #mer13:42
*** VDVsx has quit IRC13:45
*** alien_ has joined #mer13:45
yuntawhat's the official way to upgrade the target?13:51
yuntazypper ref/up ?13:51
*** alien_ has quit IRC13:51
lbtread the wiki13:52
lbtthere's a bug in sdk-version too13:52
lbtif either --core or --sdk are missed it should default to whatever is there - instead it breaks the repos :/13:53
* lbt looks for Bostik13:53
*** blitz00 has joined #mer13:53
*** blitz00 has joined #mer13:53
yuntanice doc:13:53
yuntaSimply run:13:53
yuntasudo sdk-version --latest13:53
yuntaand you will then be told what steps to take to upgrade (usually just zypper ref/up).13:53
yuntalooks like I need some AI for the script :D13:54
lbtyou can do zypper ref/up13:54
lbtuse --go13:54
Bostiklbt: you summon()'ed13:57
*** hazchemix has quit IRC13:59
*** hazchemix has joined #mer13:59
lbtI'm about to kick a -next build off on cobs but wanted to see if you needed another run at Qt13:59
lbterr, you do :)13:59
Bostikgo ahead, I'll have one more test run for today but I only need to know the results tomorrow before I even look at the fixes14:00
lbtout of memory allocating 1000 bytes after a total of 3385217024 bytes14:00
Bostiksomething b0rks in the gold detection, I'll respin the patch and queue an upload sometime tonight14:00
lbtmmm so why do you even have both gold and non-gold ld installed14:01
yuntalbt: sdk-version will upgrade sdk, what about targets? can't see it affecting them... zypper ref/up?14:01
lbtyunta: it wont touch targets14:01
Bostiklbt: they come from same binutils package, and is an *extra* binary :)14:02
lbtbuildasroot; rm /usr/bin/ld14:02
*** VDVsx has joined #mer14:02
lbtyunta: they're more tricky - we have ~3 types of target (atm) ... only 1 can upgrade itself14:02
lbtmic-created rootfs (downloaded)14:03
lbtmic-created rootfs (local create) <- that should be easy14:03
lbtosc build based target14:04
lbtcorrection mic-created devel-only-rootfs (local create)14:04
lbtmic-created devel-only-rootfs (download)14:04
lbtI'm thinking we'll start by providing : mic-created devel-only-rootfs (download)14:05
lbtthese will be specially prepared for Nemo devs and vendors can build similar ones14:05
yuntado we really need to support mic-creation in web ui?14:05
lbtyunta: no14:06
lbtnot yet14:06
lbtbut I can see it being easy/useful14:06
yuntaah, right, that's what you mean14:06
yuntacool, moving to wishlist ;)14:07
yuntaso, henrik's ui has upgrade function for targets14:07
lbtisn't agile fun14:08
yuntado we 1) remove it 2) change it to sdk-upgrade 3) make it display instructions to re-download and re-install :D14:08
*** FSCV has joined #mer14:08
lbtremove it and add something about sdk-upgrade14:09
*** diegoyam has quit IRC14:09
*** rodrigo_golive has quit IRC14:09
lbtalso yeah, we probably want re-download/install14:09
*** harbaum has quit IRC14:10
*** blitz00 has quit IRC14:12
*** arcean has joined #mer14:14
yuntahenrik__: please try out target operations (list/install/remove) of newest version in my repo, some day :)14:14
*** yunta has quit IRC14:18
*** arcean has quit IRC14:25
*** reels has joined #mer14:26
*** arcean has joined #mer14:27
*** rodrigo_golive has joined #mer14:27
*** diegoyam has joined #mer14:27
*** fcorrea has quit IRC14:27
*** fcorrea has joined #mer14:27
Stskeepsphaeron: i found how to unbreak the libzypp build error on ARM, ie, libzypp-12.2.014:28
Stskeepsphaeron: it turns out that our toolchain is in some cases generating broken DWARF-4 symbols and by -gdwarf-2 it solves it14:28
*** WolfSage has quit IRC14:29
phaeronho hum .. wow14:30
Stskeepsand do you want to know how i diagnosed it to be that?14:30
phaeronput it in gdb ?14:31
Stskeeps../zypp/ undefined reference to `.LLST604'14:31
* phaeron stares14:31
Stskeeps".LLST" google search will give you crap14:31
Stskeeps"llst" as well14:31
Stskeeps"llst" gcc will give you the
Stskeepswhich hinted to me we were experiencing a DWARF related issue14:32
Stskeepsand since we're one of the few distros that actually use DWARF-4 (much saner, smaller), well, let's switch back to dwarf-214:32
Stskeepsand bam14:33
Stskeepsa bit of nm'ing around too14:35
phaeronyeah LLST didn't give much before too14:36
phaerongoogle bug :D14:36
*** reels_ has joined #mer14:37
auri__aportale: can you give it another try14:41
*** reels has quit IRC14:41
*** phaeron_n9 has joined #mer14:49
*** reels_ has quit IRC15:01
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC15:08
*** rubdos has joined #mer15:12
*** reels_ has joined #mer15:12
*** thetet has quit IRC15:13
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer15:15
*** alh has joined #mer15:18
lbthenrik__: OK - should be installable to your SDK VM now15:20
*** himamura has joined #mer15:21
*** fcorrea has joined #mer15:22
*** himamura has quit IRC15:22
*** himamura has joined #mer15:22
*** kostaja has quit IRC15:22
*** veskuh has quit IRC15:26
*** slaine has quit IRC15:27
*** fcorrea has quit IRC15:27
*** hazchemix has quit IRC15:29
*** Jucato_ has joined #mer15:31
*** Jucato has quit IRC15:33
*** pirut has quit IRC15:34
lbtStskeeps: ok to restart ci obs ?15:39
Stskeepsrestart in which fashion15:39
lbtjust stop/start to inform of migration of repo15:39
Stskeepsok, sure15:40
Stskeepsremember to start MDS too15:40
Stskeepsif full reboot15:40
lbtit's not .. done... checking15:41
*** faenil has quit IRC15:43
*** auri__ has quit IRC15:48
Stskeepsreading slashdot comments about the r-pi gles drivers makes me not want to live on this planet anymore15:51
*** arcean has quit IRC15:52
Stskeepsalso, how many of these people have practical experience with actual linux-based embedded products..15:52
*** reels_ has quit IRC15:52
Stskeepsa userland open driver, no matter if it's crappy RPC or not, is a blessing15:52
Stskeepsespecially if you can do some degree of buffer management15:52
*** reels_ has joined #mer15:52
*** popey has quit IRC15:56
Skryopen is always good. am my self currently stuck with TI's SDK offerings so kinda jealous.15:56
mdfe_lbt: hi, could you take a look if latest mer core (armv7l) on cobs is in sync with upstream repo?15:57
lbtmdfe_: it's updating -next at the moment15:58
lbtI can't see any reason latest would have changed15:59
lbtwhat problem do you see?15:59
vgradetunes into the webkit compile show16:00
vgradeits a monster16:00
mdfe_I'm trying to build a image armv7l pointing to current/latest mer core and PA devel project16:00
lbtvgrade: Bostik's nearly got it using gold16:00
vgradeyea, I've been watching it go this afternoon in the background16:01
vgradedo they ned all those defines and includes ?16:01
lbtsome things you don't want to know about16:01
lbtmdfe_: OK ... and?16:01
vgradelbt, looks like same oom error16:02
Stskeepsbtw, did anybody get NFS going on mer/r-pi yet?16:02
lbtmdfe_: so "requires"16:03
vgrade usr/bin/ld: out of memory allocating 1000 bytes after a total of 3385217024 bytes16:03
lbtvgrade: yes - that's old ld though16:03
*** stefan_schmidt_w has quit IRC16:05
lbtI see .so.5 and .so.116:07
*** faenil has joined #mer16:07
lbtpossibly have something not armv7l in the repos?16:08
Bostikvgrade: you mean the apparently illogical command line with enormously long DEFINES+=... ?16:08
vgradeBostik: yea16:08
mdfe_the issue occurs three days ago, did you change anything releated to the repos in between?16:09
Bostikvgrade: it *is* possible that I could snuff many of them out now, but at least the only working way of getting the NPAPI support disabled is via those tricks16:09
lbtmdfe_: not intentionally16:09
mdfe_lbt: I'm just wondering because image build fpr i586 went fine16:10
Bostikmany of the webcore/WTF ifdefs are actually macros that expand to ENABLE_FOO_BAR checks and I haven't found out if they are all configurable in some more sensible way16:10
*** jayrulez has quit IRC16:11
vgradeBostik: ok I thought that was the standard commandline16:11
Bostikno :)16:11
lbtmdfe_: show me the .ks16:11
*** plfiorini has quit IRC16:13
*** talavis has quit IRC16:13
mdfe_sorry the wrong one :(16:14
lbtyou say "3 days ago"16:16
lbtdo you mean you noticed it then?16:17
lbtor do you know it worked 4 days ago16:17
mdfe_at sunday16:17
lbtand it's worked since last thursday's release?16:18
mdfe_I only know the build breaks since  Oct 19, 2012 6:00:52 PM and the last try was at  Oct 21, 2012 6:00:52 PM16:19
mdfe_for all armv7 platforms with the same issue16:20
lbtok : we need to know if it has ever built with the latest Mer release?16:21
mdfe_i586 image builds went fine all the time16:21
mdfe_last success was at  Oct 14, 2012 6:00:52 PM16:22
lbtsounds like a "no" then16:22
*** jayrulez has joined #mer16:23
mdfe_imho the mer core armv7l obs repos and the published one are not in sync16:23
lbtOK - so it looks like nothing has changed at least - but we need to see what's going on16:24
mdfe_I like to help16:24
lbtyeah, I was bored and idle :/16:25
mdfe_here is the link to the hole ks file:
*** blauzahl has joined #mer16:27
*** andre__ has joined #mer16:29
*** andre__ has joined #mer16:29
lbtStskeeps: do you have a way to compare obs-repos/ rpms with published ones?16:30
lbtmdfe_:  download and rpm2cpio of both shows ./usr/lib/
*** reels_ has quit IRC16:32
lbtso mer release is consistent for that rpm16:32
Stskeepsis it +x ?16:32
*** reels_ has joined #mer16:32
lbt-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     root        81696 Oct 11 10:53 ./usr/lib/
lbtI'll look on mds on cobs next16:33
mdfe_I will try a rebuild asap16:33
lbtrequires ?16:34
mdfe_obs and published mer repos are looking fine16:40
mdfe_maybe this issue will not happen anymore16:40
lbtcache possibly?16:40
mdfe_did you done a downgrade of boost?16:41
mdfe_I will delete the cache16:41
lbtdon't think so - release notes would say16:42
lbtexplicit rpm should come from the repo.xml though16:42
mdfe_I took a look into the related cache16:43
*** tilgovi has joined #mer16:43
*** rcg-work has quit IRC16:44
mdfe_last try was at oct 2116:44
*** pirut has joined #mer16:45
lbtinstead of :
lbttry setting the Mer version explicitly16:46
lbtpossibly cached repo.xml ?16:46
mdfe_only found one boost version in hole cache16:47
mdfe_imho it will not happen the next try16:47
mdfe_In 5 minutes my machine will give it a try16:48
*** plfiorini has joined #mer16:49
*** odin_ has quit IRC16:51
*** odin_ has joined #mer16:53
*** arfoll has joined #mer16:54
mdfe_strange, same issue with deleted cache16:54
*** phaeron_n9 has quit IRC16:55
mdfe_maybe our project setup is screwed up16:55
mdfe_s/our/plasma actve/16:56
Stskeepsshow the .ks and the error?17:03
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:05
mdfe_I got it17:09
mdfe_it is the publishing flag of encfs17:09
Stskeepsalso, are you using mer platform sdk?17:09
mdfe_nothing is wrong about mer, 'just' a bad package obs build config17:11
*** phinaliumz_ has joined #mer17:11
Stskeepsjust wondering since i saw the bootstrap thing :)17:11
*** phinaliumz has quit IRC17:11
lbtphaeron: when IMG boots the kvm chroot does the boot get logged?17:12
phaeronlbt: not yet, Stskeeps asked for that , but -console stdio was broken for me , need to try it again17:13
*** calvaris has quit IRC17:13
lbtOK - IMG doesn't work post migration and I'm trying to debug17:13
phaerongah migrations17:14
lbtbasically ssh fails17:14
phaeronwhere does it get stuck17:14
lbtso I asusme the kvm doesn't boot17:14
lbtkvm runs fine17:14
lbtby which I mean the kvm command happens17:15
lbtI suspect the base-overlay17:15
phaeroncan I ssh so I can see17:16
phaeronme tries to ssh17:18
lbtshould there be a resolv.conf?17:21
phaeronyes but I am still looking17:24
lbtit was missing, I copied it in17:24
phaeronlbt: resolv.conf is copied into the kvm , but kvm needs to be sshable into17:25
lbtI saw it done manually in history17:25
lbt /usr/bin/qemu-kvm -nographic -no-reboot -daemonize -m 512M -kernel /home/img/vmlinuz -append root=/dev/vda panic=1 quiet rw elevator=noop ip=dhcp -net nic,model=virtio -net user,hostfwd=tcp: -drive index=0,if=virtio,media=disk,cache=writeback,file=/dev/vgimgw1/img_base2-overlay-2-20121025-170818-port-5491217:26
lbtthere's an odd '-' in the hostfwd17:27
phaeronlbt: no that's normal it is a tcp redirect17:27
*** arcean has joined #mer17:27
lbtincidentally should it boot to a fully running system?17:30
phaeronlbt: I think I am on wrong server ..17:32
lbtdo you have
phaeronoh yes17:33
phaeronweird ip ..17:33
phaeronyes I am there17:33
phaeronyes yes I see the mesg17:33
lbtthe zathras thing seemed like such a good idea :)17:33
phaeron/srv/images/web/lbt/2-20121025-170818 is last image ?17:34
*** arcean has quit IRC17:34
*** arcean has joined #mer17:35
lbtphaeron: yes, that failed post-migration17:35
phaeronlbt: wrong permissions on /srv/images/*17:36
*** phinaliumz_ has quit IRC17:36
phaeronlbt: if you look at the img log you will see that it built fine all the way until it wanted to scp out17:37
lbtwhat img log?17:37
phaerontail /srv/images/web/lbt/2-20121023-152417/nemo-handset-armv7hl-n950-0.20120920.1.NEMO.2012-10-07.1-sysroot.log17:37
phaeronand there you see it failed to scp17:38
phaeron(because you are not using p9fs)17:38
*** dijenerate has quit IRC17:38
lbtless /srv/images/web/lbt/2-20121025-170818/basyskom-plasma-active-archos-gen9-omapfb-tablet-mer-devel-121014-1800.log17:39
phaeronhow is that imager's problem ?17:40
phaeronmic failed because of missing deps17:40
*** pohly has quit IRC17:41 is now back in service. sorry for the lengthy downtime.17:48
lbtphaeron: ah17:48
Stskeepsdm8tbr: \o/17:49
lbtError : Image build FAILED: Command '/usr/bin/ssh -p54912 -lroot -i/home/img/id_rsa -o ConnectTimeout=60 -o ConnectionAttempts=4 -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no mic create fs /srv/images/web/lbt/2-20121025-170818/basyskom-plasma-active-archos-gen9-omapfb-tablet-mer-devel-121014-1800.ks --arch=armv7l --outdir=/srv/images/web/lbt/2-20121025-170818/ --pack-to=image.tar.bz2' returned non-zero exit status 117:49
dm8tbr(also redirects for the irclogs now should be working again for those people following stale links)17:49
lbt^^ error is 'normal' image failure :)17:49
phaeronlbt: yes :)17:49
lbtbut there's no log in IMG17:49
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC17:50
phaeronlbt: probably something in the setup17:50
lbtOK - I only migrated the machine so didn't expect anything this odd17:51
*** khetzal has joined #mer17:51
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC17:51
phaeronI don't think there were logs before either ?17:53
lbtyeah, I used to watch them17:53
*** CosmoHill has left #mer17:53
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:53
phaeronlbt: img webui fetches the log from apache on the worker17:53
phaerondid you setup that ?17:53
lbtcoulda changed17:53
lbtI know what we're doing you know17:54
lbtwe're trying to have a more distributed config than OBS .... oh yes, I know the game!17:55
*** arcean has quit IRC17:55
phaeronwell in new version it lets the client browser fetch it directly17:55
lbtnot img.conf17:55
lbton frontend17:55
lbtnor in skynet/17:56
phaeronwhat are you looking for ?17:56
lbtthe url that you mentioned17:56
lbt25/10/2012 18:53] <phaeron> lbt: img webui fetches the log from apache on the worker17:56
lbtso I guess it needs a baseurl?17:57
phaeronlbt: on the worker /etc/skynet/build_image.conf first thing17:57
phaeronread the docs please ? :D17:58
phaeronit's in the  docs too :D17:58
*** arcean has joined #mer17:59
lbtI just didn't expect to look at the worker for the frontend config18:00
*** rcg has joined #mer18:01
lbtok, that's not it18:01
phaeronno it's not frontend : so the idea is img doesn't send cpio or databases on the wire like obs. Either the worker serves the stuff as described there, or you setup nfs to do it18:02
phaeronlbt: skynet log update_image_status on frontend18:03
phaeronI think we discussed that before ? we really didn't want to do massive copying over the network or implement a new protocol :D18:04
phaeronso what I see there:18:05
*** kallecarl has quit IRC18:05
lbtproxy issue18:05
phaeronMatched 2-20121025-175207 job with 2-20121025-17520718:05
phaeronGetting logfile
phaeronHTTP Error 502: Proxy Error18:05
*** kallecarl has joined #mer18:05
*** kallecarl has joined #mer18:05
lbtit's because internal DNS != external18:06
Stskeeps.18:07 masters our DNS18:07
Stskeepsdon't you mean formeego?18:08
Stskeepsi'd really like us to get rid of any kind of connections for our infra, please, now.18:08
lbtby "us" you mean....18:08
Stskeepsby us i mean whoever can do something about it, owns the domains and has the dns setup :P18:09
Stskeepsi have the gratisdns setup, let me see where that pulls from18:09
*** plfiorini has quit IRC18:09
lbtwe need to have a DNS on one of our phosts that gratis can pull from18:10
lbtformeego is also mastered on maemo dns fwiw18:11
lbtand, after I migrated away from 1&1 a couple of weeks ago I can move to our infra18:11
Stskeepswell, let's get that done then, i don't want to rely on servers so18:12
lbtbut we need to collaborate on changing gratis18:12
lbtanyhow... dinner is ready ... bbiab18:12
lbtphaeron: thanks :)18:12
*** ortylp has joined #mer18:12
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer18:13
phaeronlbt: welcome :)18:13
phaeronlbt: we agree that the decision to do it that way is not necessarily wrong ? :D18:14
*** morphis|away is now known as morphis18:14
*** Behold has quit IRC18:16
*** plfiorini has joined #mer18:25
phaeronlbt: did cobs loose  some workers?  only 25 are reported18:26
*** clopez has quit IRC18:29
*** zenvoid has joined #mer18:34
*** ka6sox-away is now known as ka6sox18:35
tripzerocan't figure out why my package is the failing:
tripzeromaybe it's failing generating the openssl key?18:39
Stskeepsis openssl the binary there?18:39
tripzeromaybe not18:40
Stskeepscheck :)18:40
* tripzero adds BuildRequires: openssl18:41
*** sirdancealot4 has quit IRC18:41
*** jotik has quit IRC18:45
*** jotik has joined #mer18:48
*** marquiz has quit IRC18:49
*** pirut has quit IRC18:49
*** pirut has joined #mer18:49
*** marquiz has joined #mer18:49
*** NIN101 has joined #mer18:50
*** morphis is now known as morphis|away18:50
*** aportale has left #mer18:50
*** arcean has quit IRC18:51
*** arcean has joined #mer18:58
*** pvilja has joined #mer18:59
*** Aurium has joined #mer19:02
*** nitrate__ has joined #mer19:03
*** nitrate_ has quit IRC19:06
*** Attie has quit IRC19:07
*** savaaZ has quit IRC19:08
*** savaaZ has joined #mer19:13
*** Behold has joined #mer19:16
lbtphaeron: I don't have a problem with IMG - I just don't have a proper mental model of the various comms channels19:17
lbtand yes, it's lost 2 workers19:17
*** ortylp has quit IRC19:18
*** araujo has quit IRC19:18
*** ali1234 has quit IRC19:18
*** tilgovi has quit IRC19:18
lbtrebooting them19:19
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC19:20
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:20
*** vgrade_ has joined #mer19:25
*** arcean has quit IRC19:30
*** arcean has joined #mer19:32
*** sirdancealot2 has joined #mer19:32
phaeronlbt: I'll try to draw a simplification19:34
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer19:35
*** cxl000 has joined #mer19:36
*** arcean_ has joined #mer19:37
*** arcean has quit IRC19:40
*** araujo has joined #mer19:47
*** araujo has joined #mer19:47
*** arcean_ has quit IRC19:48
*** jayrulez_ has joined #mer19:51
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:52
jpwhitingphaeron: good morning19:52
*** jayrulez has quit IRC19:52
phaerongood night :D19:52
phaeronUGT universal greeting time19:52
*** arcean_ has joined #mer19:53
*** furikku_ has quit IRC19:53
jpwhitingphaeron: does your exopc with newer versions of packages give any indication in the sensord.log that it's loaded the pegatron plugin?19:54
CosmoHillGeneralAntilles: i know what you mean by the may keyboards, my desktop just isn't that nice to use compared to my laptop19:54
phaeronjpwhiting: no19:54
CosmoHill(continuing a conversation from a month or two ago)19:55
*** rubdos has quit IRC19:55
jpwhitingphaeron: at this point I'm about ready to throw in the towel and make the rotation plasma data engine have manual (rotate left, rotate right) etc calls and leave the sensorfw bugs to someone with more time or motivation19:55
jpwhitingconnect the dataengine to QOrientationSensor later on if anyone else figures that bit out19:56
jpwhitingor maybe I'll come back to this once the data engine is more or less working :)19:59
phaeronjpwhiting: I think the solution is to drop all these layers. the  accelerometer is exposed now as normal input device and joystick device20:00
phaeronI will try to look at what is done with such devices and configure it that way20:00
jpwhitingk, cool, good luck :)20:00
jpwhitingphaeron: want me to do anything with my patch to the kernel spec that only adds depmo %{kernel_version} in a new %post section?20:01
phaeronjpwhiting: I think I already added such a thing to my spec file too20:02
jpwhitingk, sounds good20:02
phaeronjpwhiting: it would be nice if you can find a proper fix for the boot loader issues20:02
jpwhitingthe ln from extlinux/boot to extlinux/.. isn't adequate?20:02
phaeronit's a workaround at best20:03
phaeronand still needs manual edit of extlinux.conf20:03
jpwhitinghow come this is getting hit now, what's different between this kernel upgrade and previous ones?20:04
jpwhitingbtw, the extlinux.conf here had some mention of 3.0.0-1 or something which I changed to just vmlinuz-3.6.120:05
jpwhitingbut a vmlinuz file with no extension is also here, maybe from the old kernel package?20:05
phaeronjpwhiting: no the rpm actually contains two copies of the kernel ( another bug )20:06
phaeronjpwhiting: and the upgrade path for x86 kernels have always been broken20:06
*** jayrulez__ has joined #mer20:07
jpwhitingah, I see20:07
phaeron( that is no updates to kernel from really long time )20:07
*** jayrulez_ has quit IRC20:07
jpwhitingah, I see, hmm, ok I'll take a look at it tonight20:08
Bostik*head on desk*20:09
*** dijenerate has joined #mer20:09
Bostikshould have known -fuse-ld option is 4.7 addition :/20:09
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer20:12
CosmoHillhey Bostik20:14
Bostikgood evening, cosmo20:14
CosmoHillhow are you?20:15
CosmoHillI put my degree to good use and landed a 16K job trail in April20:16
*** VDVsx has quit IRC20:16
CosmoHillstill here20:16
Bostikquite well, to be honest20:16
CosmoHillmy mate with the same degree is on 28K20:16
* CosmoHill thinks he's starting to sound bitter20:16
Bostikeither he's a smooth talker or there's plenty of variance in your jobs :)20:16
CosmoHillI work for a small company that isn't run that well i think20:17
CosmoHillmy boss is like "why does this website take so long" etc20:17
CosmoHillthe skin was designed separate from the system that powers it20:18
Bostikproject at work 99% done (need to send final report to customer tomorrow), and the best part was that I identified genuine security-related problems20:18
CosmoHillwhat do you do for your job btw? I'm a web dev20:18
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*** SfietKonstantin has joined #mer20:18
Bostikhardcore system integration, build automation, dev-tools.. and whenever I can, security stuff20:18
CosmoHilli need to start talking smoother20:19
Bostikyeah sure, lately I've been filling in PM jobs too but I try to keep that to a minimum20:19
Bostikproject management20:19
CosmoHillthe new person who started where I work has been doing that which is good cos I just like working20:20
*** pvilja has quit IRC20:20
BostikI used to flaunt the fact that I didn't need business cards20:20
CosmoHillI don't have any business cards20:20
CosmoHillbeen meaning to get some but I don't know what to put on them20:21
Bostiksomeone else was happy to take the non-technical, red-tape parts care of and I got to deal with technical guys only20:21
mikhasI just got new business cards this week …20:21
Bostik"top notch propeller-head"20:21
mikhasfor some reason, they are all purple this time20:21
CosmoHillwhat info do they have?20:21
Bostikjust remember the rule of thumb: the more impressive the title, the less important the person (or his job)20:22
CosmoHillmy dad is VP ithink20:22
CosmoHillI was thinking of just having my name, email and mobike20:23
CosmoHillbut then people would forget what I'd do20:23
Bostikand if you have a portfolio website, address to that too20:24
CosmoHillshit yes, keep meaning to set upa domain20:24
CosmoHillI have a load of sites but they are all dead ish and I refuse to remove one to set up a proper domain20:24
CosmoHillI should look at the wording on my portfolio20:25
CosmoHillmikhas: i found a load of business cards that look like tape cassettes20:25
Bostikif you're really well set up and your name brings up high quality hits on google, you might go for broke and use '$query' too20:25
*** jayrulez_ has joined #mer20:25
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CosmoHillgoogle "jonathan norman portfolio" :)20:26
CosmoHillalso exact match domains have taken a hit on google20:26
mikhasout of the two hits, both were you!20:27
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC20:27
CosmoHillunless you clicked the linkedin one which is someone else20:27
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #mer20:27
mikhaschange your name20:27
mikhasbuy a middle name20:27
CosmoHillsometimes I used my middle inital to get people to wonder what it could stand for20:28
*** yunta has joined #mer20:28
CosmoHill"hire me and I'll tell you"20:28
Bostikit's a bit shame I can't get my nick as a domain, but ah well20:28 :)20:28
kallecarllbt: ping20:28
CosmoHilldidn't think about getting that until this summer even tho I've used this nick since 200820:29
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Bostikneeds a bigger hammer21:11
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kallecarllbt: ping21:22
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tripzerowoooot!  automotive-message-broker is building on mer!21:35
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lbttripzero: *g*21:46
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lbtBostik: I'm assumin it didn't link then21:46
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lbthenrik__:  and  you can get rpms from:
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