Thursday, 2012-10-18

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cckwesmorning :)00:26
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zuhSage_: I added sb2 build steps to
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StskeepsMark Shuttleworth writes on his blog about Ubuntu 13.04, "So what will we be up to in the next six months? We have two short cycles before we?re into the LTS, and by then we want to have the phone, tablet and TV all lined up. So I think it?s time to look at the core of Ubuntu and review it through a mobile lens: let?s measure our core platform by mobile metrics, things like battery life, number of running processes, memory footprint, ...06:10
Stskeeps... and polish the rough edges that we find when we do that. The tighter we can get the core, the better we will do on laptops and the cloud, too."06:10
Stskeepsi like that i'm ahead of time :P06:10
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Jucatowanna bet they and the media will most likely spin this as "the first of its kind"? :)06:13
Stskeepsyeah, hmm :P06:13
Stskeepsthe problem with taking a big desktop OS and mobile-izing it that there's a massive amount of community backlash06:13
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Stskeepsbecause of cut dependencies, less functionality, "my NFS setup on top of CIFS on top of IPSEC doesn't work"06:14
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Stskeepsonly way to do it well is giving somebody free hands and starting from scratch.. unfortunately the usual way is that people then don't share the result06:16
Stskeepsexcept in mer and tizen06:16
Jucatomaybe they'll come up with something like an Ubuntu Core for the base system that works on different UHA (Ubuntu Hadware Adaptations) and Ubuntu and the other UI's will be UUX (Ubuntu UX)06:16
Jucatooh wait ;)06:17
Jucatoon a very different topic, is there someone still working on Mer on N810?06:19
Stskeepsnot sure, the adaptation is there06:20
Stskeepsand we have armv606:20
situMorning everyone06:20
JucatoI have one lying around doing nothing I have absolutely no idea what to do with it. I was thinking I could maybe turn it into a mini server of some kind, but the packages there are just either too old or unavailable06:21
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* Jucato wonders what the UX for an N810 would be too ...06:21
Stskeepswell, razor-qt06:22
Jucatohm ... yes that could work :)06:23
Jucatothanks :)06:23
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kaziklubeyTop o' the morning to ya all07:01
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lbtmorning all08:11
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lbtmorning auri__ :)08:23
auri__hope you had a good trip back home08:25
auri__lbt: ^08:25
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lbtnot bad - a bit of a delay and then *huge* amount of rain on the motorways - always fun :)08:26
lbtgot your email thanks08:26
lbtoh, I found why the wrapper script works on the desktop - debian ships 2.5.0-2 of QtC08:27
Bostikmorning indeed08:27
lbtubuntu on the laptop has that old one08:27
lbthey Bostik - hows Qt5 going?08:27
Bostiklbt: head-on-desk, with desk keeping the lead; damn qtwebkit is hungry for memory even with all the tricks we've tried so far08:29
lbtcan you confirm that more memory will sort it out?08:29
lbtit's not hitting the 32bit limit or something?08:29
Bostikit's hitting just that08:30
lbtif it's RAM I can up the swap on OBS08:30
lbtwell, I guess it's a generic Qt thing then - Qt will have to work on 32bit for a while :)08:30
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BostikI have one trick yet untried, sts instructed me to make an account on and try there, just in case the different setups would allow us to squeeze in08:32
auri__k.. cool.. then.. will be waiting for the image08:32
Bostikbeen "a bit" rushed at work so not yet quite there...08:32
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Bostiklbt: you can compare the x86 and arm linking error for amusement value if nothing else; the error messages are entirely different but I find it unlikely it's a different issue08:33
Bostik for quick access08:33
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sledgescould you remind me: porting meego IVI to pandaboard on Mer is easier than beagleboard - why ? (soft/hardfp, proprietary glx, ... ?) (yes, meego ivi needs to be ported, no other alternatives currently in the project :))08:37
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* lbt wonders if it's worth putting anything in ld to instrument it?08:38
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Bostiklbt: one of the earlier errors on x86 was more explicit, "/usr/bin/ld: out of memory allocating 1000 bytes after a total of 3385012224 bytes"08:47
lbtcan we split the library?08:48
Bostiknot any further, I think08:49
Bostikit's the "api" target library which fails08:49
lbtdebug version?08:50
Bostikhum, good point...08:51
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* lbt hates kickstarts in packages10:53
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lbtthere's no reasonable test/promotion mechanism10:54
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smita_hi, i face a conflict with nemo package: nemo-theme: it says -> file /usr/share/themes/base/index.theme from install of meegotouch-theme-0.25.1-8.1.Project.MTF.MW.noarch conflicts with file from package nemo-theme-default-1.0.3-3.1.Nemo.noarch11:08
smita_.. it started happening since yesterday.. what can be wrong11:08
deztructorsmita_: phaeron Sage_ old  meegotouch-theme-0.25.1 is taken instead of current 0.26.211:14
phaeronProject.MTF.MW is no longer in use11:15
phaeronisn't it ? Sage_ ?11:15
deztructorphaeron: so, smita_ branched from it...11:16
smita_phaeron, deztructor with osc build i get this problem.. i have not installed old theme with Project.MTF.MW11:17
deztructorphaeron: good option can be to handle some wiki page to write down deprecated projects/packages there. Or to do it directly in the project description11:17
phaeronsmita_: don't have Project MTF MW in you project path11:18
phaeroncheck osc meta prj -e11:18
deztructorphaeron: smita_ libaccounts-ui does not exist in any project now11:19
deztructorsmita_: phaeron it can depends on something outdated from the Project MTF MW11:20
deztructorphaeron: smita_ the same issue is here:
smita_deztructor, but since yesterday it was all fine11:21
deztructorsmita_: because yesterday some packages are changed :) in the other project11:22
deztructorsmita_: "yesterday was fine" is not an argument :)11:22
deztructorphaeron: this is  libaccounts-ui but not accounts-ui11:23
smita_deztructor, yes I know.. but I did not change anything in libaccounts-ui.. How can I fix it?11:24
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deztructorphaeron: u can investigate the issue in the old Aard project:
deztructorphaeron: its the same11:25
phaeronwhat issue11:25
deztructorsmita_: has u checked "osc meta prj " as phaeron asked?11:25
deztructorsmita_: in what project ru building it?11:26
phaeronI already said don't build against project:mtf:mw11:26
smita_deztructor, phaeron yes .. its ->
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deztructorphaeron: smita_ maybe libaccount-ui just depends on something coming from project:mtf:mw11:27
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phaeronno that project is dead afaik11:28
phaeronit's all merged11:28
deztructorsmita_: as u see from project config ur using Project:MTF:MW repo11:28
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deztructorsmita_: and as phaeron said this project is outdated11:28
smita_deztructor, ok , I wll remove this and try again11:29
deztructorsmita_: so, if u need it just create it in the proper project11:29
deztructorsmita_: u can't build someones home dir, u should create this package in the live project11:29
deztructorsmita_: just checking out it again from the same place will not help u11:30
deztructorsmita_: because src prj is _dead_11:30
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Aardphaeron: I submitted some bits recently through project:mtf:mw, without sage complaining that it's dead11:53
phaeronI asked him yesterday id we are still using it and he said no.11:55
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Aardwhat would be replacement?11:55
phaeronall the bits there got merged to other projects afaik11:56
Aarddirectly to CE:MW:Shared?11:56
phaeronI hope he can answer later Sage_ ^11:56
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auri__lbt: ping12:33
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lbtauri__: pong12:36
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Sage_Aard: I though I said CE:MW:MTF is dead not Project:MTF:MW yes confusing ;)12:48
Sage_Aard: all your sr's are in don't worry12:48
AardSage_: yes, I know they're in both projects12:50
auri__lbt: just checking on the status of the image..12:50
AardI now changed to using CE:MW:Shared instead of the project thing, now stuff works again12:50
lbtauri__: working on it12:50
lbthaving a couple of issues which I should get fixed in the next hour12:51
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Stskeepslbt: go for release14:11
Stskeepslbt: we did some fixes post prerelease but i think we're good14:11
lbtjust finishing some SDK VM work14:12
lbtworking on a Nemo SDK VM image14:12
* lbt attaches post-it to forehead14:13
* lbt hopes auri__'s clock is slow too14:13
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auri__as long as the image works! .. smooth like a porsche!14:16
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auri__lbt: any luck?15:08
lbtauri__: sry - disk space and bandwidth are slowing me down15:12
lbtI'm building an image locally now15:12
auri__I will probably be leaving in a little while.. so incase the build goes through.. will it be possible to upload it somewhere.. so that I can get a crack at it tomorrow morning?15:14
auri__cool.. thanks15:14
lbtI'll have it done tonight for sure15:14
auri__great :)15:14
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lbtand phost5 is down16:49
lbtCI may not publish for a little bit16:50
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phaeronrip phost516:55
lbtit's lying dead in a little nest16:55
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lbtnested kvm may be to blame - last time the slx admin did a reset and gave me credentials... sadly they don't work today17:03
lbtthis is the problem with non mer-owned infra :)17:03
lbtbut, to be fair, once I have reset credentials it should be fine17:04
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Stskeepshow far did rerelease get?17:13
lbtnot started - just finished testing the VM image17:14
lbtso I'm holding off until I hear back (or an hour or so)17:14
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Stskeepsgah, ok17:17
*** pocek has joined #mer17:17
lbttiming eh?17:18
*** jluisn has joined #mer17:19
Stskeepsyes, lets move repo off there17:20
Stskeepsideally asap17:20
lbtso I do have hetzner admin access17:20
lbtit's just that he sent me the wrong passwd and of course I didn't check until now :/17:21
lbtgiven repo is essentially just a mirror of cbe it's actually a good place for it17:21
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lbtso on balance I'm happy with leaving it as-is (unless we get rid of phost5)17:22
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situIs there a way list all the available targets using osc ?18:52
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lbtsitu: osc repos19:07
situlbt: That shows the targets I have added.19:13
lbtah right - then "no" ... every project can be a target19:14
lbt(and you can combine them in interesting ways too)19:15
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situlbt: Thanks for the info.19:24
lbtnp - what are you trying to do?19:25
*** fcorrea has quit IRC19:25
situActually I was trying to build some stuff on OpenSuse'S OBS.19:25
situI want to buiit it for as many targets as I can.19:25
situAnyways I have to leave now.19:28
situGood night.19:28
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vgrade_ kulve Stskeeps cristi zuh19:53
vgrade_fixes for 1/2 screen and remove LIB+ from pro19:54
vgrade_Stskeeps: when you have a moment can we plan next steps19:56
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Stskeepslbt: so, i guess release is postponed to tomorrow?21:14
lbtit's running21:14
lbtit doesn't actually use repo21:14
lbtin fact...21:14
lbtit's done :)21:14
*** fcorrea has quit IRC21:15
lbtgood.... no 'space' messages or odd cpio ...21:15
lbta Mer release21:15
*** fcorrea has joined #mer21:15
CosmoHillI don't think I've ever been on the mer site or anything, just this channel21:15
CosmoHillI'm only here for you guys21:16
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Stskeepsyou should try it out sometime21:18
Stskeepswe have tshirts and cookies21:18
CosmoHilli think I was going to work for someone and the payment would be meego stickers21:19
*** niqt has quit IRC21:19
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lbtCosmoHill: rarity value?21:20
* lbt decides to melt cobs21:20
CosmoHillI never got any and he had some21:20
CosmoHilli think it was some web work21:20
CosmoHillnight night21:23
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