Friday, 2012-10-12

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sonachmorning all00:29
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[ol]sonach: Are you in China?00:36
sonach[ol]: yes:)00:36
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sonachStskeeps: wake up so early? maybe you are out of Poland?02:59
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Stskeepssonach: plane at 8am from helsinki03:06
Stskeepsso early start03:12
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phinaliumzgood morning03:30
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Palantiranybody home?04:19
Stskeeps  sure04:20
Stskeepsjust early in europe04:20
Palantiryeah, see that.04:20
Stskeepsso what brings you to #mer?04:20
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Bostikgood morning04:22
PalantirJust here to see if any interesting talk is going on04:22
Stskeepssure, usually happens during european daytime04:23
StskeepsPalantir: where did you hear about Mer?04:23
Stskeepsmorn Bostik, slayed qt3d yet?04:23
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Bostikoh yes04:29
Bostikqtwebkit is the only one left, and for that I'm just about to pick mer's patches :)04:30
Stskeepsmakes builds much saner04:30
Bostik  <- head-against-wall, but the wall is breaking!04:30
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Stskeepsso qtwebkit in qt5 is same codebase as in qt4.8, or?04:32
Stskeepsjust wondering04:32
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Bostikdoesn't look like that; final commit before beta1 tag is from late august, "import webkit commit bf0b0213bb[...]"04:35
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situMorning everyone05:09
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BostikStskeeps, lbt: looking at the qtwebkit patches, I'm pretty sure we can drop a few in qt5; -Wl,--no-keep-memory has been incorporated in Tools/qmake/mkspecs/***, and the glib build fix seems to be part of upstream already05:46
Jake9xxBostik: so qt5-stuff cannot be loaded with pkgconfig?05:47
Jake9xxyou're referring to -devel packages on the devel05:48
BostikJake9xx: the qt5-*-devel packages themselves provide .pc files, but the build of Qt* itself uses all kinds of hackery and quackery with qmake05:48
Bostikand qtwebkit in particular does things I didn't even know were possible :)05:49
Jake9xxBostik: I hear you, been doing that in Nokia for some time. On my other system (yocto) Qt5 compiles nicely. What is your source url? I can see onyl tar-ball in COBS05:52
Bostik% git describe05:54
Bostikurl = git://
Bostikall part of qt5.git umbrella05:54
* ljp tries no to compile qtwebkit05:55
BostikI do this so others don't have to05:55
Bostik..and I wanted to have qt5 available as soon as it was [in]humanly possible05:55
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* Jake9xx looks into yocto recipe05:56
ljpalthough.. my dev machine does have  8 cores and ample ram to build webkit. maybe i'll try it again05:56
Jake9xxBostik: I'll try with your spec, some of the patches propably mess it up06:02
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BostikJake9xx: it's still WIP, don't take it yet06:05
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Jake9xxBostik: ok. They have it working in Qt5onPi so you might want to check the build steps therein06:06
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Bostikfor some funky reason x86 build breaks due to the arm-thumb-neon patch, I'll have to make it conditional06:07
Jake9xxBostik: propably the best source is - like always with qt5 - qt-project.org06:07
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BostikJake9xx: I have to disagree slightly, the official stand of qt project was for quite some time that "modular builds are not yet supported, and likely not even possible"06:08
BostikI worked around that nonetheless06:08
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BostikJake9xx: if you want to see how much pain I had to work around, feel free to browse the history of my modular specs :)06:21
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E-PGood morning06:29
ravirdvGood morning06:29
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Jake9xxBostik: you might want to compile on local machine and commit only the working specs to COBS ?06:30
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Bostikneed to unhinge my sdk, but yeah06:33
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Jake9xxBostik: SDK ? osc build --no-verify --no-service <repo> <arch> <spec>06:41
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Jake9xxBostik: then you can modify the spec file locally as much you want. Once it builds or you want to save the situation say 'osc commit'06:52
Bostikyou assume that 'osc build' actually works on my machine...06:53
Jake9xxBostik: when you say osc build locally it will pull all the needed stuff in case you're building from Mer SDK chroot06:53
Jake9xxBostik: there is no 'sdk' in that sense even in use. The way I do things is I build & hack in sb2, once it compiles I package it with local osc and once it packages I commit stuff to obs06:55
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Bostikthis needs some extra voodoo on my system first, I'll try again later07:05
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Jake9xxBostik: what on earth are you doing then? Setting up the Mer SDK chroot ensures that the devopment environment is same for all platforms. I assume you're using it in linux tho?07:08
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Bostiklike I said - need to unhinge the SDK since I've broken my local setup07:26
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lbtBostik: morning ...reading backlog and happy to push the Qt5 stuff08:37
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Bostiklbt: as you can see, qtwebkit is still WIP and I'm afraid I may need to include some new modules if there are some new promotions to qt5-proper :)08:41
Bostikbut doing some heavy code butchery at work right now, will be back later08:42
lbtI also see issues using osc build08:42
lbtdid you try my quickbuild?08:42
lbtmainly relevant when you're touching code rather than packaging but...08:42
Bostiknot yet, need to scratch my old and broken sdk, rebuild that from nothing08:43
Bostikso I get local builds and full debugging capability08:43
slaineMorning folks08:44
lbtwell, sdk should be pretty stable - I'll do a new release today I hope but it's mainly cosmetic08:44
lbto/ slaine08:44
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Jake9xxlbt: once it's out, I'll update relevant wiki pages16:39
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Bostikgood evening18:27
CosmoHillI've done my good deed for the day, been helping the lady over the road start her car18:28
CosmoHillturns out my new jump leads don't work :(18:28
iekkuCosmoHill, are those two lines connected somehow?18:31
*** Superpelican has joined #mer18:32
CosmoHillkinda funny watching a pug's mind trip out18:33
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CosmoHillyou turn the  key and the lights flash and the wipers go even tho you didn't touch them18:33
* lbt off to Tango .... l8r all o/18:33
CosmoHillcyas lbt18:34
iekkulbt, have fun!18:34
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* CosmoHill offers a bacon sandwich18:43
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* ljp waves19:08
w00tmoin ljp19:10
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cristiany idea why I get this error: unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/lib/gconv/;50786ddf: cpio: open failed - Permission denied19:22
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cristiwhen running osc build19:23
cristiosc build Mer_Core_armv6l  armv7el19:23
cristithen error: glibc-2.15-1.31.armv6l: install failed19:24
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