Saturday, 2012-09-29

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KaziKluBey_N900Where have all the merlogs gone...?04:40
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KaziKluBey_N900ok,and the chatlogs?04:54
Stskeeps /logs04:55
KaziKluBey_N900Thanks! :)04:56
KaziKluBey_N900I think you should add the new adress in the channel header.05:01
Stskeepsi agree05:03
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*** Stskeeps changes topic to "The Mer Project - | | Contribution to packages: | Building against Mer in COBS: | This channel is logged, | To see what you can help with, | Meetings: | IRC guidelines:"05:04
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Stskeepspq: success on JB too, btw, galaxy nexus07:29
pqStskeeps, ooh, grats!07:30
pqStskeeps, now that my android work is done for the moment, looks like I got some more Wayland upstream work, so hybris just gets postponed07:32
Stskeepssure, no worries07:32
Stskeepsjust letting you know :)07:32
pqyes, I appreciate keeping me informed, thanks :-)07:32
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tanukIs there a difference between the "Mer.MDS" and "Mer:MDS" projects in OBS?08:03
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Stskeeps. however makes osc make go crazy08:03
tanukOk, thanks.08:04
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Sage_we really really need to do the /usr move soon or this will get out of hand with all these patches08:25
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Sage_ :)08:43
Stskeepslooks manage-able08:44
Sage_and most of those are just stuff in .spec movint them from /usr/lib to /lib08:48
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Sage_anyway that is good place to start with I've done it when ever I touched such package (except systemd)08:48
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SuperpelicanTested openSUSE 12.2 KDE this morning: blown away!14:43
SuperpelicanIt's awesome14:43
SuperpelicanI'm switching to openSUSE from Ubuntu soon14:43
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SuperpelicanIt all started with the Mer Project, it gave me the idea to give an RPM-based distro with a Qt-based GUI another try14:44
situSuperpelican: Have you tried Chakra Linux ?14:45
situTry it.14:45
SuperpelicanI have heard of it14:45
SuperpelicanAnd consired it once14:45
SuperpelicanPut the limited amount of software available put me off14:45
SuperpelicanI think openSUSE will suit me better14:46
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SuperpelicanBTW I'm creating my own openSUSE based distro using Suse Studio14:46
SuperpelicanIt's going to be a distro specially for Mer Project devs! ;-)14:47
SuperpelicanI will include the Mer SDK14:47
SuperpelicanAnd lot's of other dev tools14:47
SuperpelicanLike Qt Creator, Eric5 python and ruby ide14:47
SuperpelicanFor developing apps for Mer14:48
Jake9xxSuperpelican: how are you planning to integrate QtC to Mer chroot?14:48
SuperpelicanI'm not integrating it in Mer SDK14:48
SuperpelicanJust in openSUSE native14:49
Superpelicannot chroot14:49
SuperpelicanYou don't have to14:49
Jake9xxSuperpelican: well, be that it may, but if you're trying to easen out the app building on Mer you need to build against the chroot14:49
SuperpelicanWhy may I ask?14:49
Jake9xxSuperpelican: have you build a Mer app ever?14:50
Jake9xxSuperpelican: I suggest you to try.14:50
SuperpelicanI thought you could just code the app with Qt Creator and compile and build it within Mer SDK14:50
Superpelicanwith Mer SDK tools14:50
Jake9xxyes, basically. But the development cycle follow the harmattan scheme14:51
SuperpelicanJake9xx: Yes, I will create a Mer app sometime14:51
SuperpelicanThat's one of the reasons I'm going to buy the Jolla Phone14:51
SuperpelicanBecause it's Python and Qt friendly14:51
SuperpelicanSo I can easily develop apps for it14:52
Jake9xxis it ?14:52
SuperpelicanI currently own an Android14:52
SuperpelicanBut IMHO Java is awful14:52
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Jake9xxyou can do Qt on android currently as we speak14:52
Jake9xxbuild & depoloy, directly from QtC14:52
SuperpelicanBut first I'm going to finish my current project: build Python 3 for Mer14:53
SuperpelicanMy openSUSE-based distro will also contain Virtualbox BTW14:53
SuperpelicanFor running Nemo Mobile14:54
Jake9xxSuperpelican: sounds fun man, go for it14:54
SuperpelicanJake9xx: Thx! ;)14:55
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dm8tbrStskeeps: cool!15:51
dm8tbrStskeeps: are you sure it's reversal and not 180deg rotation? Because I've seen that in several devices15:56
Stskeepsdm8tbr: a bit of both i think15:56
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StskeepsBostik: some geek porn for you too:
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Jake9xxStskeeps: is that with xcb ?16:19
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Stskeepson android gpu drivers16:27
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Bostiknice and smooth16:30
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Bostikinverted movement axis - wayland?16:32
Stskeepsno, not entirely there yet16:32
Stskeepsi think it's just getting bad touch data16:32
Stskeepsor the display is upside down16:32
Stskeepsone of those16:32
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Stskeepsthough pq showed code that the way forward i wanted to go with wayland+android gpu drivers is plausible and has been done for non-libhybris16:34
pqStskeeps, wow :-)16:35
Stskeepsfont corruption is new, it didn't do that on my old demo16:36
dm8tbr5616? *duck* *run*16:39
Stskeepsdm8tbr: yeah, that came into my mind too16:39
dm8tbrwhile it's likely not it, still it could very well be something 'specific' making ass-umptions in the Qt code...16:40
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Stskeepslo Venemo_N916:41
cybettevenemo_n9: hi!16:43
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* cybette just realized the time. should try to get food in stomach at some point16:44
Venemo_N9hi cybette :)16:44
Venemo_N9haven't seen you on this channel!16:44
cybettevenemo_N9: i'm mostly lurking here16:45
cybetteI'm content to be amazed by all the cool stuff you guys talk about :)16:47
w00tcybette: so you're a part of the furniture? :-)16:47
Stskeepsbunny in the corner?16:48
dm8tbrshe's the jolla bunny after all :)16:48
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cybettew00t: I hop around a bit, I'm furniture that can't sit still16:49
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cybetteoff to hunt for dinner. have fun guys!16:51
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amjad_so HP released webOS 1.0, but still they dont have Qt5 support?17:04
Stskeepsqt5 isn't final yet17:05
Stskeepswhich scares off most people wanting to release a stable product17:05
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Venemo_N9what's the state of Mer on tegra?17:18
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Stskeeps.. okay, but it depends from device to device17:19
Venemo_N9would it eg. run on an asus slider?17:22
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StskeepsVenemo_N9: unsure17:49
Venemo_N9I still haven't found a good tablet which mer works on... :(17:50
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dm8tbrVenemo_N9: archos gen9? :)17:51
dm8tbrshould be also reasonably cheap by now17:52
dm8tbrbtw: Archos updated their kernel source to a slightly newer one17:53
dm8tbr3.0.21 - same git as before17:53
Venemo_N9dm8tbr, have they finally fixed it?17:55
dm8tbrfixed what?17:56
Venemo_N9maybe our definion of "works" is not the same17:57
Venemo_N9in june it didn't even have hw graphics acceleration17:57
dm8tbrwant a product? buy a vivaldi. *duck* *run*17:58
dm8tbrthere is an image with SGX around17:58
Venemo_N9looool :D17:58
Stskeepshopefully we can use the android tablets much easier in coming future17:59
Venemo_N9dm8tbr, last time I checked, that image had other things broken17:59
Venemo_N9libhybris? :(17:59
dm8tbrVenemo_N9: you nuts?17:59
StskeepsVenemo_N9: it certainly makes you appreciate how much work goes into a full blown x11/non-android linux17:59
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dm8tbrTI has X11 SGX drivers18:00
Venemo_N9Stskeeps, that :( was going to be a :)18:00
StskeepsVenemo_N9: btw18:00
Venemo_N9dm8tbr, according to faenil IIRC on that image suspend/resume is broken18:01
*** rcg has quit IRC18:01
StskeepsVenemo_N9: that was actually not adaptation fault18:01
*** mhoye has joined #mer18:01
Venemo_N9dm8tbr, and to your question: yes i'm nuts :)18:01
StskeepsVenemo_N9: turned out to be a /sbin vs /usr/sbin issue18:02
Venemo_N9Stskeeps, I know18:02
Venemo_N9Stskeeps, the question is, does it work okay now?18:02
dm8tbrVenemo_N9: let me put it this way, we're lucky that there was actually substantial funding involved with that HW adaptation. But the community should also do something. just expecting things won't make them happen.18:03
Venemo_N9dm8tbr, and I'm doing something18:03
Venemo_N9dm8tbr, I'm working on the new nemomobile home screen18:04
* dm8tbr should try a recent image on his old unit18:04
dm8tbrVenemo_N9: I know18:04
Venemo_N9dm8tbr, but I'm unfortunately not a hw guy. :(18:04
Venemo_N9my affinity towards hardware is limited to breaking things and asking stupid questions18:05
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Stskeepsit was certainly nicer when everything was non-3d..18:06
Stskeepsin terms of porting18:06
Stskeepsafter that, things got.. difficult18:06
Venemo_N9they still aren't 3d18:06
Stskeepswell, uses 3d acceleration, rather18:07
Venemo_N9Stskeeps, btw, what tablet is that on the video?18:07
StskeepsVenemo_N9: hp touchpad18:07
Venemo_N9does libhybris involve running an android kernel?18:09
*** capisce_ is now known as capisce18:09
dm8tbrthe differences are getting smaller IIRC?18:11
Stskeepswhich is ok, considering that the hw adaptation matches with it18:11
dm8tbrand it always will be a soc-vendor/hw-vendor frankenkernel anyway...18:11
Stskeepsmy upcoming experiments uses wakelocks as well instead of nokia style powermanagement18:11
Venemo_N9Stskeeps, what's the difference?18:11
StskeepsVenemo_N9: just a different method of power management18:12
Venemo_N9I get that, but I'm unsure about the differences18:12
Stskeepstbh me neither18:14
Stskeepsbut i know which one has won :P18:14
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ShadowJKi really hate android style, i put away device or switch to another app to wait for web page to load, and when I turn on screen again or switch back to beowser, it has done nothing18:16
Venemo_N9ShadowJK, sounds like windows phone18:17
ShadowJKmy android tablet18:17
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SuperpelicanCurrently checking the files openSUSE uses the build Python3, but the .spec file refers to a lot of .patch files18:29
SuperpelicanAnd in those patch files I found many lines with if... statements to check which arch the interpreter is running on18:29
SuperpelicanARMv7 is not in the list18:30
SuperpelicanI'm not a pro in reading .patch files (first time)18:30
SuperpelicanBut to me it seems I won't be able to build Python 3 by just copying all the openSUSE build files18:30
SuperpelicanAs openSUSE is not available for ARM arches18:30
SuperpelicanBut maybe I can at least use parts of the .spec file18:31
SuperpelicanAll openSUSE's files for building Python 318:31
Superpelicanincluding a .spec file18:31
Stskeepsit's good if there's no special cases for arm, etc18:32
SuperpelicanMaybe I should team up with someone else who has a little more experience with this stuff18:32
SuperpelicanI can't be the only one who wants to build Python 3 for Mer18:33
Stskeepswell, you can always try to just load the .spec file in and rpmbuild it18:34
SuperpelicanYes, but the problem is the .spec files of openSUSE seems to have lots of dependencies on other build files18:35
SuperpelicanWhich might not work with Mer and/or ARM18:35
SuperpelicanI think I'm going to try to modify the .spec file to make it less dependent18:35
SuperpelicanI've already found this in the .spec file: for library in \18:36
Superpelican    array atexit audioop binascii _bisect bz2 cmath _codecs_* crypt _csv \18:36
Superpelican    _ctypes _datetime _elementtree fcntl grp _heapq _json _lsprof math \18:36
Superpelican    mmap _multibytecodec _multiprocessing nis ossaudiodev parser _pickle \18:36
Superpelican    _posixsubprocess _random resource select _socket spwd _struct syslog \18:36
Superpelican    termios time unicodedata zlib \18:36
Superpelican    pyexpat _ctypes_test _testcapi18:36
Superpelican    eval rm "$RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{sitedir}/lib-dynload/$library.*"18:36
SuperpelicanIt seems to build a lot of libraries18:36
Superpelicanincluding a bin_ascii library18:36
Stskeepsdid you see the mer python 2 packaging?18:36
SuperpelicanMaybe that piece of code will solve my ascii problem18:36
SuperpelicanBut Python2 doesn't support ascii characters like "²" anyway18:37
SuperpelicanSo I won't find any fixes for the ascii problem there18:37
SuperpelicanI think (but I'm no pro) that my best bet is to try to check out the .spec and other build files of other .rpm distro's18:38
Stskeepswhat's the ascii issue?18:39
*** M13 has joined #mer18:41
*** karlzero has joined #mer18:47
*** karlzero has quit IRC18:51
*** karlzero has joined #mer18:52
SuperpelicanWell when I run a Python 3 script with print(".......²............") it gives me this error: UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character '\xb2' in position 56: ordinal not in range(128)18:54
SuperpelicanWhile the same script runs properly on the Python 3 interpreter which comes with Ubuntu18:54
*** arcean has quit IRC18:54
*** arcean has joined #mer18:54
Stskeepsin python 2 or python 318:54
ali1234that is supposed to work in 3 according to the faq i read the other day18:55
Superpelicanin my own compiled python 3 interpreter it gives that error18:55
SuperpelicanThe script runs perfectly fine with python 3 interpreter that comes with Ubuntu 12.0418:55
ali1234what about print("blah".encode("utf8"))18:56
SuperpelicanHaven't tried that yet18:56
ali1234sorry "utf-8"18:56
SuperpelicanBut as the same script just works with the python 3 interpreter that's in the ubuntu 12.04 repos I think it should work with python 3 without more complicated hacks18:57
ali1234well there's a few things to worry about here18:57
SuperpelicanAlso when I replaced "²" with "^2" the script ran fine with my own compiled python 3 interpreter18:57
ali1234first is that you only get that encoding error when pyhton doesn't know the output type18:57
ali1234eg if you redirect to a file18:57
ali1234secondly that is not supposed to happen in python 3, only in python 218:58
ali1234python knows if your string is ascii or unicode18:58
ali1234it also tries to guess the output device encoding18:58
ali1234if they match then no problem18:58
ali1234if the string is unicode and the output device is ascii (or unknown) then you get that error18:59
ali1234but i must reiterate this only goes for python 218:59
SuperpelicanYes I know that it should only give that error with python 218:59
ali1234so if you self compiled i would start looking at the config.log or whatever19:00
ali1234maybe you're missing some dependency required for unicode to work properly19:00
SuperpelicanBut I found some line in the .spec build file of Python 3 for openSUSE that seems to build a bin_ascii library19:00
SuperpelicanI think maybe that can fix my problem19:00
ali1234did you build manually or by packaging tools?19:01
SuperpelicanI only did ./configure & make19:02
SuperpelicanAnd than ran ./python <myscript>19:02
SuperpelicanTo test the interpreter I had just compiled19:02
*** nitrate_ has joined #mer19:02
ali1234ah there;s a python module alled sysconfig19:02
ali1234hmm doesn't seem to give anything detailed that would be useful here19:03
SuperpelicanThis where I found all the openSUSE python 3 build files19:03
ali1234ah i was just going to ask for that  :)19:03
SuperpelicanBut I think I have to modify the .spec file of openSUSE19:04
SuperpelicanBecause it seems to have a lot of dependencies19:04
Superpelicanit seems to be dependent on a lot of .patch files19:04
ali1234i don't think binascii is what you need. i think it could be termios19:05
ali1234or unicodedata19:05
SuperpelicanI have to leave19:05
ali1234binascii is uuencoding, base64 etc19:05
SuperpelicanBut I will come back soon19:05
SuperpelicanWhen I have time again19:05
SuperpelicanMaybe tomorrow19:05
*** nitrate__ has quit IRC19:05
ali1234someone must have done a python build already... surely? at least for meego19:06
Superpelicanali1234: thx for all your help19:06
Superpelicanali1234: Yes there are python 3 builds for harmattan I read on TMO19:06
ali1234no, REAL meego :)19:06
SuperpelicanTMO says they're in a so called "Harmattan SDK repo"19:07
ali1234harmatten uses debs19:07
SuperpelicanYes python 2 is build for meego, but not Python 319:07
SuperpelicanI know19:07
ali1234ah i see, ok19:07
SuperpelicanThat's how it all started19:07
SuperpelicanI asked on IRC if python 3 was available for mer19:07
SuperpelicanAnd stskeeps said no, but your welcome to contribute it19:07
SuperpelicanSo I started to get information about how to build python 3 for mer19:08
SuperpelicanAnd now I'm a new Mer contributor ;-)19:08
ali1234ok, but mer isn't meego. meego had a lot more packages... just that mer doesn't try to have everything. bt you might port one from meego very easily19:08
ali1234if it existed19:08
*** mikhas has joined #mer19:08
SuperpelicanDidn't know that19:08
SuperpelicanBut wouldn't it be strange if Mer would let out python 319:09
SuperpelicanI mean I understand Mer let's out GUIs and their libraries19:09
Stskeepsi'm happy to put in python319:09
*** bugzy has quit IRC19:09
SuperpelicanBut a newer version of the python interpreter19:09
Stskeepsjust not had time to package it19:09
ali1234well mer only contains things it needs to do what it does, mostly19:09
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC19:10
*** lpotter-home has joined #mer19:10
*** Superpelican has left #mer19:10
ali1234it's not just about drawing an arbitrary line :)19:10
ali1234at least i hope not19:10
*** ljp has quit IRC19:10
mikhasStskeeps, interesting. Root cause for font issue already known?19:11
Stskeepsmikhas: 'it didn't do it in alpha1'19:11
Stskeepstouch issue is the usual stupid stuff19:11
*** clopez has quit IRC19:14
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ali1234looks like khertan once tried to build python3 on the meego OBS but the package no longer exists so i'm guessing there are "problems"19:19
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ali1234oh, and it was a deb anyway19:20
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Jake9xxSuperpelican: MeeGo is not just an OS , it's a concept. Harmattan was Nokia Maemo6 + Qt 4.7.(4?) and the UI was done using QML and there was Nokia's own LMT layer as some stuff in Qt were not what Nokia wanted19:44
Jake9xxin fact Nokia re-wrote the whole UI over and over again during Harmattan19:45
SuperpelicanI know19:45
SuperpelicanM6 Harmattan is basically M6 + MeeGo compatibility19:46
Jake9xxthe Mer community is taking actions to get rid of the Harmattan legacy19:46
Jake9xxas some stuff there ain't OSS19:47
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Jake9xxbut the cool stuff is that you can go to a store, buy an N9, flash Mer on it and start developing. That's cool.19:48
StskeepsSuperpelican: did you get to a point where you're running rpmbuild of python3?19:49
SuperpelicanStill reading Max RPM book19:49
SuperpelicanThe one you recommended me19:49
Stskeepsbbl sleep19:50
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Jake9xxg'nite Stskeeps19:52
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CosmoHillnight night22:15
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