Thursday, 2012-09-27

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deztructormorning tonight :)03:58
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* Stskeeps tries to resurrect community obs hiccup05:41
Stskeepscat_n9: which glestest, mer-gfx-tests?05:41
jnikulaSage_: I'm worried did my dsme changes broke something or is this unrelated obs problem: Build status for dsme show "The repository setup is broken, build not possible" but it has succeeded building a new version. See
Stskeepsnot related05:43
Stskeepsi'm fixing atm05:43
jnikulaStskeeps: ok, good to know :-)05:44
Stskeepsthe place fakeobs is hosted on rebooted overnight05:44
jnikulaoh, I'm blind. You just said it couple lines above my comment :-)05:44
Bostikis this hiccup somehow related to cobs not showing build logs?05:45
StskeepsBostik: may well be, yes05:46
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KypeliGood morning Sage_06:17
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* ljp fires up mic06:31
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Stskeepsmorn ljp06:31
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ljpbeen using the new source pro font in creator06:35
Stskeepsnicer for coding?06:35
ljpI think so. a bit too much space between lines06:36
Sage_Stskeeps: hows the new snapshot already imported to cobs as my repo is still unresolved06:37
StskeepsSage_: it's in updatesstorm06:40
Stskeepsand im not sure how far lbt got06:40
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ljpbummer qt-labs simulator hasnt been updated since march06:45
* ljp wonders what happened to all that work06:45
Stskeepsi have the same feeling with some of the meego stuff06:46
ljpsensors and sensorgestures were made to work in it06:46
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Stskeepsperhaps it's in gerrit somewhere?06:46
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Stskeepsthat's where i've found the odd project, so06:48
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Stskeepstimoph: got some time for questions on testrunner-lite?06:49
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timophStskeeps: yep06:50
Stskeepstimoph: how essential is it that logs are in /var/log/tests ?06:50
timophnot at all06:51
Stskeepsi'm fighting a bit with blts-common at the moment and it insists on a couple of stupid assumptions, so06:51
timophiirc it just needed a fixed place so the control machine knew where to get them06:51
* Stskeeps ponders to just cop out and make var/log/tests writable for all..06:52
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Stskeepsi guess i have to fix it properly..06:52
Stskeepsugh, now i can see why it might have to be run as root..06:55
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Stskeepsit's really apparant that some facts in harmattan architecture makes people take retarded shortcuts..07:03
Stskeepslike, gles tests running as root while rest of gles using apps are actually running as user..07:04
timophyep. when you're doing things for one thing only then you lose the big picture07:04
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timophhmmh. I should put the creating sb2 target from device tip to the wiki07:05
timophquite simple and doesn't take that long07:06
timophrsync, sb2-init and go07:06
mikhasStskeeps, I fixed compiling Maliit against Qt 5, will be in next release (that I am working on right now).07:08
Stskeepsmikhas: thank you07:08
mikhasnp, I should have looked into that earlier …07:09
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Stskeepsmikhas: meanwhile07:09
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andre__good morning everybody!07:10
Stskeepsgood morning andre__07:10
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mikhasStskeeps, that's your Wayland stack thingy?07:15
Stskeepssorry about caps, cursing at some test sets ;)07:15
timophE-P should know more about those sets07:17
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Stskeepsthe biggest threat against development: batteries that need charging..07:26
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Stskeepscat1: saw my reply this morning?07:30
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jnikulaI cannot install anymore packages due "error: Failed dependencies". Is this also related to obs hickup?07:43
Stskeepsfull log?07:44
jnikulae.g. this
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Stskeepsi don't see any failures there?07:44
jnikulaand failed dependencies are and
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jnikulayeah, that's strange since yesterday I was able to install fine07:45
Stskeepsi mean07:45
Stskeepsthat log doesn't contain any failures07:46
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cat1Stskeeps: this was mer-gfx-tests-0.0.1-1.3.armv7hl, but never mind, the problem was/is in libGLES coming with mali. Now it fails with driver API mismatch which is unrelated to glestest.08:26
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cat1need to fetch strace for target, but mer-tools (?) repo is not under /etc/zypp/repos.d/, where to find mer-tools.repo? or i need to create it myself?08:40
Stskeepszypper ar <url> <name of repo>08:40
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cat1Stskeeps: hmm.. zypper search stil does not return strace.08:46
Stskeepsmaybe it's in mer:tools:testing ?08:46
Stskeepsalso, wjhat repo did you add08:46
cat1sb-zypper ar mer-tools08:46
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lbtcat1: what does "sdk-version"    say?08:47
cat1there is only sdk-upgrade tool available.08:48
lbtno shortcuts08:48
cat1lbt: now upgrading, thanks for hint! ;)08:51
lbtcool :)08:51
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cat1lbt: Installation of ca-certificates-2012.81-1.10 failed: -- ignore?08:59
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lbtmmm following all the instructions?08:59
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cat1lbt: i think so, but can repeat, not that many steps afterall08:59
lbtincluding the exit umount mount cycles?09:00
cat1lbt: oops.. nope09:00
lbtit *should* clean up the block09:00
lbtin future this should be cleaner09:00
lbtI kinda messed up some stuff in the alpha/beta09:00
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cat1lbt: after which step i need to leave/enter sdk?09:01
lbtright now just do it09:01
cat1ah :)09:01
lbtusually before zypper up09:01
lbtthen zypper ref/up when you enter again09:01
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cat1hmm.. same error09:02
lbterror? pastie if long09:03
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cat1lbt: oh no, i must be an idiot, careless reading... let me try again ;)09:05
cat1lbt: everything is good so far09:08
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faenilmorn :)09:10
rcg-workmorning faenil09:12
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situStskeeps: Hi09:22
MerbotMer bug 450 in libXaw "update libXaw to 1.0.11" [Task,New]09:22
situWe already have 1.0.11 in obs.09:22
Stskeepsok, it can be closed then09:22
Stskeepsfeel free to resolved-fixed then and point to review.*09:22
situI couldn't find review url for it.09:22
Stskeepsclick "merged"09:23
lbtwe need to get the mer release into the released fs09:23
lbtthe /etc/mer-release is bad09:23
lbtand it needs to be in the rpms09:23
lbtso it goes into buildroots09:23
Stskeepshow did prerelease go btw?09:24
lbtI don't think I can determine it now09:24
situStskeeps: ok.. it was fixed here,63409:24
lbtwill check09:24
Stskeepslbt: shell.* rebooted overnight btw09:24
Stskeepsi restarted fakeobs and re-ran updatesstorm09:24
lbtyeah - saw adam had done security09:24
lbtdid you do the full pull/xml process from internal wiki ?09:25
lbtOK - we have some new targets09:25
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lbtso release was good but need to pull to cobs09:26
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situlibXres not on OBS.09:34
timophbtw, I'm going to miss the QA meeting today. I have a meeting at work colliding with it09:34
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timophbut as an update to qa things. I have version of rich-core in my obs home that works with mer. It is not compatible with the maemo/meego version. documentation still missing. Will put some info about it's usage to the wiki when I have time to do so09:37
timophE-P: ^09:37
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timophalso it's missing small things like on/off switch09:38
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E-Ptimoph: ok, thanks for the info09:43
timophE-P: how's things in .de?09:44
E-Ptimoph: good, slowly settling down and trying to learn the language09:45
StskeepsE-P: i've started grooming a bit with blts-common and probably going to throw out the requirement of them needing root, though some should be run as such..09:46
timophat least they have good cakes there :p09:46
E-Ptimoph: and beer ;)09:46
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E-PStskeeps: ok, I am not so familiar the blts-common, mainly the mwts-common09:47
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Stskeepsbecause it's a bit broken that for example gles test run as root, where some of the really broken stuff can happen when gles is run as non-root09:48
timophwe need more human understandable acronyms09:48
Stskeepsdue to permissione rrors, etc09:48
timophor even better, avoid acronyms09:48
E-PStskeeps: that has been always an issue09:48
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E-PI would prefer that most of the tests are executed as the real user09:50
E-Pbut there are always exceptions09:50
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timophyep. imo the default should the user not root09:53
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cat1which repo readelf could be located in?10:09
Stskeepsin mer core10:09
cat1on target too?10:09
* lbt ponders what identifier to use for a mer buildroot10:09
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cat1Stskeeps: ok, got it, thanks!10:11
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lbtcat1: you'll need the Mer-Tools repo for debug tools on the device10:16
cat1lbt: hope adding @Mer Tools to .ks will do the magic.10:18
cat1lbt: actuall for now i installed neede binaries by hands.10:19
lbtyeah - I appear not to have updated the wiki...10:19
lbtsomewhere is a list of groups and the repos for the Mer:Tools releases10:20
cat1lbt: or i appear not be reading tfm :)10:20
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StskeepsDocScrutinizer05: pr1.3 kernel sources, does it exist anywhere?10:36
faenilI think javispedro requested a DVD with them?10:40
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DocScrutinizer05err, maemo PR1.3?11:07
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DocScrutinizer05HARM 1.3?11:07
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Stskeepsdeztructor: ^11:08
DocScrutinizer05javispedro somewhere hosts the expanded thingie11:09
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deztructorStskeeps: DocScrutinizer05 thx11:10
DocScrutinizer05sorry my box had no disk space to host the expanded ISO11:10
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E-PReminder: Mer QA meeting starting in 15mins11:45
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Stskeepsmikhas: good work, thank you12:47
Stskeepsmikhas: btw, what practical impact does it have when maliit no longer uses meego graphics system?12:48
Stskeepseven on nemo like setups that actually uses it?12:48
mikhasI had to debug a bit of MeeGo Graphics System related things, and I just made our stuff render fast in both soft- and hardware rendering.12:48
mikhasWell, right. Cant vouch for QML12:48
Stskeepswe'll see12:49
mikhasbut that depends on many other things. As long as QML is running with hw acceleration, it should be fine.12:49
mikhasand for Qt 5,  MeeGo GS is super-obsolete anyway.12:49
mikhasthe goal to make rendering fast with software rendering contributes quite a bit to the current complexity in the C++ plugin …12:50
w00tmikhas: seen ?12:50
MerbotNemo bug 456 in Maliit "Maliit needs an upgrade (with significant changes)" [Normal,New]12:50
mikhas456 bugs, I am proud of you guys!12:50
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mikhasw00t, spammed the bug12:54
mikhasspecial, ^12:55
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w00tmikhas: <3!12:57
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deztructorDocScrutinizer05: btw, maybe to save your space and bandwidth u can just share it through bittorrent, e.g.  http://openbittorrent.com13:25
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cat1how do i install package source with zypper? i did e.g.:15:16
cat1~/ zypper si mer-gfx-tests15:16
cat1and got this:15:16
cat1Source package 'mer-gfx-tests' not found.15:16
Stskeepswould it surprise you to know that mer doesn't have srpms?15:18
Stskeepswe don't have them because in many many cases, it doesn't actually fullfill the gpl requirement for sources15:19
Stskeepsthe canonical way to get mer sources / packaging is through the git15:19
cat1Stskeeps: no, it did not surprise, i asked just in case ;)15:21
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karlzeroIs it ok to ask questions of slightly stupid nature in here?17:24
Stskeepskarlzero: always, if you consider helping improving the docs :)17:26
karlzeroSo, I read about libhybris. Maybe this is not the place for this, but could someone enlighten me as to what it actually means? See, stupid question :)17:27
karlzeroI will try to help where ever I can :)17:27
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karlzeroI am afraid this probably is above my abilities to understand :( Sorry to bother you guys. What I really wanted was to get a proper x server running on my phone but I realize now libhybris wont really help with that, atleast not if am running android.17:50
Stskeepskarlzero: ah, sorry, i went offline :)17:50
Stskeepskarlzero: what libhybris does is to make it possible for non-android systems to use android hw adaptations17:51
Stskeepskarlzero: the biggest issue that non-android systems never had the hardware support needed to really take off17:52
dm8tbrthough some challenges remain. it's not pixie dust. :)17:53
Stskeepsbut it's a big step ahead compared to a month ago17:54
karlzeroSo if I knew how, I could use android drivers that needs bionic and they will use libhybris instead? Meaning, I could run any linux dist compiled for arm? Or am I not getting it :)17:56
pqhybris wouldn't help much with X anyway, since you'd still miss an accelerated gfx DDX, though might be able to hack something with glamor in theory17:56
Stskeepskarlzero: that you can use a linux dist and use the existing android adaptation17:57
Stskeepsbut it's very early stages atm17:57
Stskeepspq: i'm fairly convinced it should be possible to do wayland/buffer sharing on top of android gralloc and standard interfaces, now17:58
Stskeepspq: there doesn't seem to be any magic binder stuff related either17:58
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pqStskeeps, I know it works, we tried it :-)18:05
Stskeepspq: oh, i didn't know that18:05
Stskeepspq: is that open source?18:05
pqyeah, but a huge hack on client side, a moment18:06
Stskeepsno worries about client side.. :P18:06
*** arturo182 has quit IRC18:07
pqserver-side EGL:
*** M13 has joined #mer18:07
DocScrutinizer05deztructor: sorry, no peer2peer services on  my box, nevar!18:08
pqit used to work at android-4.0.1_r1.2-b, when weston didn't need the latter patch18:08
*** beford has joined #mer18:08
pqStskeeps, and the patches by lfrb you can skip, they are about trying to make android libs use wayland18:08
Stskeepswhat kind of perf did you get, out of curiousity?18:09
pqno idea18:09
pqwe just saw that the code ran, and got a picture on weston from a GL client18:09
Stskeepsyeah, looks convincing to me, too18:10
pqthe client is here:
Stskeepsit was always my impression you never got that far, don't know why18:10
Stskeepswell, that makes things a lot more easier18:11
pqwe never got far enough to offer it in EGL18:11
pqthe client side, i.e. EGL Wayland platform, is totally not implemented18:12
pqbut, we had that hack, thanks to lfrb18:12
Stskeepsthe only thing i personally care about is enough to enable it for something like brcm buffer sharing in qml compositor18:12
Stskeepsand that seems to be there just fine18:12
pqfunny you should say brcm... I tested BRCM_global_image on RPi today :-)18:13
pqit worked, but a) the global images are not destroyed on process exit, and b) RPi has so little memory18:14
Stskeepswell, that can be solved somehow i guess18:14
pqdestroying is no problem as long as apps don't crash, but memory might be18:15
Stskeepspq: cool work, btw :)18:16
pqif you split 64 MB for VideoCore, around 32 MB of that seems to be already used, even when counting out fbcon and two fullscreen buffers for EGL.18:16
Stskeepspq: i hope to put this into good use as we move forward18:17
pqcool :-)18:17
pqStskeeps, btw. did I tell you about buffer allocation on android, that it might not be possible in normal clients?18:18
*** arturo182|2 is now known as arturo18218:18
Stskeepshmm, no, is it inverse there?18:18
Stskeepsie, that compositor hands out buffers18:18
pqserver allocates and hands over to clients18:19
pqthat way server is on top of memory usage18:19
Stskeepswell, that's just a different way of getting buffers i guess18:19
Stskeepsi don't see why wayland wouldn't support that?18:19
pqbut the android_wlegl wayland protocol I wrote assumes that clients can allocate buffers, and that won't fly on all androids18:19
pqno permissions to allocate on some, I hear18:20
Stskeepsyeah, it sortof makes sense18:20
pqso, you just need to reverse the protocol and add a roundtrip, compared to what I did18:21
*** Behold has joined #mer18:25
Stskeepsi'm still a bit peeved something broke from alpha1 to beta1 in qt5 that my qmlscene demo stopped working.. a lot of debugging ahead of me18:26
pqyeah, I saw you mention it18:28
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC18:29
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*** M4rtinK has joined #mer18:30
kulveStskeeps: I spent couple of minutes today with the eglfs. I realized that qtbase is huge and it would be nice to be able to grab only a fraction of it as a HA eglfs plugin tarball. But it looked like it might not be easy to take just that part and still be able to compile it in a sane way18:32
*** blauzahl has quit IRC18:32
Stskeepskulve: well, you can do nice things with obs.. long story short, you can linkpac to Mer's qtbase source and add a <my package name>.spec18:33
Stskeepson top of that linkpac18:33
*** nsuffys has joined #mer18:34
kulvewell, ok, that sounds already more sane :)18:34
kulvedoes mer already include the qt5 qtbase?18:35
Stskeepsobs matches .spec file on th epackage name first18:35
Stskeepsand it'll have beta1 soon, too18:35
kulveI again tried to find it but failed.. What's the correct approach for searching packages in cobs/mer obs?18:35
kulveI did only find qt 4.818:35
Stskeepsosc ls Mer:fake:Core:i48618:36
Stskeepsas an example18:36
kulvewhat's the difference between Mer:fake:Core and Mer:fake:Core:<arch>?18:36
Stskeepskulve: not that much, one has binaries, others doesn't18:37
kulveso basically I should have found the qt 5.0 in the Mer:fake:Core as well18:37
*** arcean_ has quit IRC18:37
Stskeepsor qtbase18:38
kulvethere's something I don't realize because I never find what I'm looking for with "osc ls" :)18:38
*** arcean_ has joined #mer18:38
*** _Razor_ has quit IRC18:38
Stskeepshehe18:38 too :P18:38
Stskeepsand mer/project-core -> packages.xml18:38
Stskeepsif you want the raw data18:38
kulverawer the better :)18:39
kulveI'll try to spent couple of more minutes with that18:39
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Stskeepskarlzero: so did it help answer your questions a bit? :)18:48
karlzeroYes, absolutely. Thanks for taking the time to answer.18:49
Stskeepsfeel free to hang around and participate or ask questions at any time18:50
*** gimli has quit IRC18:51
*** blauzahl has joined #mer18:53
karlzeroI used to use a n900 but it broke and kind of forced me to android. Everything feels strange and backwards. Why did they use bionic? Was it some kind of licensing issue? Anyway, Ill stick around here, maybe Ill learn something :)18:55
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Stskeepskarlzero: probably because of big gpl scare.. etc18:59
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