Wednesday, 2012-09-26

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Stskeepsljp: if you have to ask that, grab mer platform sdk and look at its instructions05:24
Stskeepsmainrepo is old05:24
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vgradeI seem to have missed this,
Stskeepsyeah, simon's demo was coo05:35
Stskeeps - tizen has a new logo05:35
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vgradenew sdk as well05:37
Stskeepsyeah.. the sad part was it was another great reveal05:37 was down for ages05:37
Stskeepswhen it came up again, all sources paths were modified, etc05:38
timophI just can't understand why they keep doing it like that05:38
timophI see no value in it05:38
timophwell, maybe negative value05:38
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jnikulahow much trivial conflicting obs pull requests (independent changes but changelog and spec file are conflicting, not the patch itself) make work for maintainer? Or can obs handle it automatically with 3-way merge resolver?05:39
rcgtimoph: agreed, what you usually want in corporate design is consistency and something that's easily recognizable05:39
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Stskeepsjnikula: a bit of osc pull and osc up usually gets things to the right spot05:41
* Stskeeps needs coffee05:41
timophI was whining more about the source dumps but I guess my comment applies to both the logo and the source dumps :)05:41
* timoph needs to wake up05:42
timophbtw, has E-P_ been around?05:43
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jnikulaStskeeps: I mean maintainer doesn't necessarily take changes in immediately but for developer nice to send changes out early. Of course developers need to find common resolution if their changes conflict05:43
Stskeepsjnikula: soemtimes the submitreq can automatically update05:43
Stskeepsi think05:43
Stskeepsmorn jukkaeklund05:44
situMorning all05:45
jnikulaStskeeps: ah, I don't think it can update fully automatically spec file since there will be conflict in patch numbers. I.e +PatchXX and +PatchXX,+PatchXY from another. Maybe its up to maintainer would he/she apply manually in case of conflict or request update and new pull request05:49
Stskeepsnot entirely sure if multiple maintainers make sense in that regard05:50
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Sfiet_Konstantinmorning Stskeeps06:19
Sfiet_Konstantinbased on the waylad demo compositor ?06:19
Sfiet_KonstantinBTW, did you have that bug that when clicking, the view is not updated ?06:20
ljpStskeeps:  when I tried your zephyr ks I got "Error: Please specify main repo name using --mainrepo option."06:20
Sfiet_Konstantinif you click on a button, the button is not displayed as released06:20
Sfiet_Konstantinbut when you update the view again (like scrolling), the button is indeed released06:20
Sfiet_Konstantinit is lagging one update after06:20
StskeepsSfiet_Konstantin: on qml compositor06:20
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Stskeepsljp: grab mer platform sdk, then mic cr -A livecd i686 file.ks06:21
Sfiet_Konstantinyep, on QML compositor06:21
StskeepsSfiet_Konstantin: there's some kind of bug, yeah06:21
Sfiet_Konstantinso, the bug is not dependant on the platform06:22
Sfiet_Konstantin(here debian testing X64 + Qt5 from git)06:22
Sfiet_KonstantinI have to report it06:22
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Sfiet_Konstantinwe will see what's going on with this bug06:27
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rcgquestion wrt to qml/meegotouch: is there a way to globally influence the appearance of an qml app?07:08
rcgthere are the files in /usr/share/meegotouch/targets however they do not seem to take effect07:09
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rcgalso setting "gconftool-2 -s -t string /meegotouch/target/name <FOO>" to some value doesn't change anything07:09
rcgfor a start i would be happy to trigger the status bar07:10
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rcgbackground is that nemo qml apps run fairly well on plasma active.. however most run in full screen and still try to show a status bar (which on plasma active is just black)07:11
rcgso my thought was that i could use some of these "global definitions" to force most of the apps to behave better on plasma active07:11
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rcgif this succeeds we would get a quite a bunch of nice apps for plasma active at one fell swoop07:13
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rcggranted, some nemo apps appear quite huge on the bigger sized tablets. however, others, like twimgo, make very good use of the bigger screen07:15
ka6soxStskeeps, nice phoronix article07:15
Stskeepska6sox: thanks, though the more impressive demo isn't mentioned07:15
ka6soxthis might help us with porting too :D07:16
ka6soxInteresting target you chose :D07:16
Stskeepsit was my only hackable android target :P07:17
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Stskeepsalso because qualcomm gpu support is unobtainium07:17
ka6soxWorks for Me!07:17
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ka6soxthats for sure.07:17
ka6soxthis *might* make it so that we can put OW on a TP.07:18
ka6sox(which would make the ones still hanging on  happy)07:18
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Stskeeps - the stuff to the right of the screen i hope to demo today07:19
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ka6soxexcellent...we need to work with QT5 really soon07:23
ka6soxcurrently using 4.8.2 but the handwriting is on the wall that 5.x is in the near future.07:23
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ka6soxStskeeps, with egl are you seeing accel?07:29
ka6soxor still software rendering07:29
Stskeepska6sox: it07:29
Stskeeps's full accel07:29
Stskeepsi don't use sw rendering07:29
ka6sox2D or 3D?07:29
ka6soxI should try this with an OMAP4 I am working with...07:29
ka6soxsee if this makes it easier...07:30
ka6soxbackporting omap4_drm is not fun07:30
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Stskeepsgenerally x11 support of any kind is a pain in the ass as no vendor cares anymore..07:30
ka6soxits worse if you are using Qt and not X1107:31
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ka6soxthey keep saying "wait for wayland stuff"07:31
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Stskeepswell, that's true07:31
mikhasStskeeps, Red Hat actually does care07:33
ka6soxMikas, for ARM SoC's?07:34
mikhasthey probably send you a quote of $$$ if you ask nicely07:36
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mikhasbut sure, they are CPU arch agnostic, AFAIK07:37
ka6soxgee a FOSS project we have not $$$ to pay so we will work on backporting ;(07:37
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Sage_Stskeeps: so the mds issue with my project? :)07:45
Sage_or where ever that unresolved stuff comes07:45
StskeepsSage_: i'm asking lbt for a prerelease later today07:47
Stskeepsand hopefully that clears it up07:47
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lbtI will escalate mds2 up the stack too since it's now impacting us07:47
phaeronescalate sounds so corporate :D07:48
lbtsadly can't work on it this week as there's a Tango festival on here and I've got dates for the next two nights...07:50
kulveshould be possible to "sudo ./mer-sdk-chroot enter" in multiple terminals and have them all working?07:50
lbtkulve: yes+no07:50
lbtremove the sudo07:50
lbtbut I do that all the time07:51
lbtit's the reason for discrete enter/umount steps07:51
lbtotherwise there's a risk of umount whilst a session is active07:51
lbtwhere did you see sudo ./mer-sdk-chroot ?07:52
kulveprobably nowhere. I guess I just sudo mounted and then sudo entered..07:52
lbtno need for sudo anything :)07:52
lbtit runs sudo internally as needed07:53
lbtmay need to clarify that in the docs07:53
kulveI'm now getting weird python Traceback when trying to run "osc build" and I was just wondering if it could be because I have that other session running (that I can't access now..)07:53
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lbt(session == SDK session, not active osc build?)07:54
kulveyeah, SDK session07:55
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lbtso "no" :07:55
rcglbt, dude.. "sadly there is a tango festival..." and ".. have two dates", seriously?!?07:56
rcgyou are hacking too much07:56
kulvelbt: Any idea what I have broken then:
rcgthere's nothing sad about some real life once in a while ;P07:56
lbtrcg: *g*07:56
lbtkulve: mmm ca errors07:57
kulveah, now I rememeber something bigger that I changed yesterday.. I was testing SB2 and did "zypper update" in the SDK..07:58
kulveI wonder if that was a bad idea?07:59
kulveSDK was already month or too old07:59
lbtmm - do a proper upgrade07:59
kulvewhat's a proper upgrade?07:59
lbtnote first line:   "Don't just do zypper up!"08:00
lbtit's not fatal - just not really sufficient08:00
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kulve107 packages to upgrade, 4 new, 3 to remove.08:13
lbt3 to remove?08:14
kulve  module-init-tools openssl udev08:14
lbtudev yes08:14
kulveI thought that I will reinstall openssl after this upgrade step..08:14
lbtnot sure why it's removing the other 208:14
lbtStskeeps: ^^ ?08:14
phaeronkmod and systemd08:15
Stskeepsmodule-init-tools has been replaced with kmod08:15
lbtopenssl ?08:15
*** cxl000 has joined #mer08:16
phaeronhmm not sure08:16
kulvefor openssl it also said:08:16
kulveThe following package update will NOT be installed: openssl08:16
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer08:18
kulveI installed that back, no problems, but the "zypper up" fails to install m2crypto:08:20
kulve(with --nodeps --force) Error: Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: error: unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/M2Crypto-0.21.1-py2.7.egg-info: cpio: rename failed - Is a directory08:20
lbtkulve: hmm - did you follow the upgrade process?08:20
*** himamura has quit IRC08:20
lbtincluding exit/umount/remount08:20
lbtsince the script cleans out ca-certs08:20
kulvethat was for upgrading the old sdk? And those steps didn't do anything..08:21
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kulveI mean the steps for upgrading the old sdk08:21
lbtright - you'd done a zypper up?08:21
lbtbut try the exit/umount/mount/enter cycle08:21
lbtexit all SDKs08:22
kulvewell, I have that other session running.. Can I just kill -9 the bash?08:22
lbtbut you'll need to manually clean the lockfile08:22
phaeronopenssl --> openssl-libs apparently08:24
* lbt mumbles rude things about package renaming08:25
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kulvelbt: well, I just ignored the m2crypto case for now and didn't exit as the osc build works08:37
lbtjust don't forget it may change next time you exit/enter08:38
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*** LordOnyx has quit IRC08:47 seems to be down (at least for me)?08:51
kontiocan't access the irc logs...08:51
dm8tbrkontio: correct. hw problems08:51
dm8tbrkontio: irc logs have moved08:51
kontiook thx...08:52
kontiomaybe some channel ops can update the topic here and in #mer-meeting with the new location :-)08:54
lbtStskeeps: we're seeing corruption on filesystem on reboot here - then need a manual clean of /tmp to allow a reboot08:54
lbtanything you know about or should we dig into it?08:54
lbtit happened after doing a kernel upgrade via rpm FWIW ... ssh issued "reboot"08:55
*** sp3001 has joined #mer08:55
Stskeepslbt: might be the idiot bug08:55
lbt*g* OK08:56
lbtmeh - was renamed08:56
*** Attie has joined #mer08:57
lbtnot that - we'll have to dig then09:09
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timophimo 'screen' should be in mer-tools instead of ce:apps09:40
*** himamura has quit IRC09:40
lbtthere are a few things due to migrate09:41
timophmer on raspi seems to work quite well. now I only need to figure out what to do with it :)09:42
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*** Ian-- has joined #mer09:43
kulvetimoph: which adaptation did you try? :)09:43
timophi took the vgrade's one09:44
timophjust noticed the wiki has changed09:44
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*** melonipoika has joined #mer09:44
timophiirc the ks pointed to home:vgrade09:45
kulveold one, yes09:45
timophjust changed the repos on the board and trying to update09:45
kulvewe've been updating the RPi adaptation during the past week09:45
timoph(that's how I run into the missing screen thing)09:45
kulveupgrade won't probably work as the package names has changed..09:46
* timoph builds a new image09:46
timophare you planning to host prebuild images somewhere?09:46
kulveif there's a place for those, then why not. I don't have a place personally09:47
timophI'd guess there'd be a few more people willing to try if they don't have to bake their own images09:47
timophI could host them in kapsi if there's no other place09:47
timophactually, we might want to talk to dm8tbr about that09:49
* dm8tbr looks09:49
* dm8tbr will be happy to do that on his server - once it's back up09:49
kulvecurrently we have the bcm examples working but that doesn't help much because applications need to have bcm specific changes to use e.g. gles. And for gst we don't have any hw accelerated sinks. And nothing is X.Org integrated09:49
timophdm8tbr: great09:50
dm8tbrif there is some interim need I can host ad-hoc on my other server too09:50
dm8tbrsame rules as before will apply09:50
kulvetimoph: btw, about the new image you are building. I rewrote the .spec for kernel yesterday evening and didn't yet test if it actually boots..09:50
timophkulve: we'll know soon :)09:51
kulvethe kernel itself should be good but there might be glitches for the rpi-specific boot files09:51
*** faenil has joined #mer09:53
faenilmoo :)09:54
*** tilgovi has joined #mer09:54
kulvethere are some nice qt5 demos for raspi. Somebody (else than me) should start maintaining the qt5 for CE:Adaptation:RaspberryPi09:55
sroedalkulve: talking about ?09:55
Stskeepsthat should come from mer mostly, with some adjustments for r-pi09:55
sroedalkulve: I wouldn't call them "for raspi" since they're pretty much platform independent09:56
sroedalStskeeps: nice, is that yat btw? :)09:56
Stskeepssroedal: yes09:56
Stskeepswrote up how to get it going on as well09:57
kulvesroedal: but qt will need at least a few lines specific to raspi. I don't know Qt enough to know if this can be handled in a small plugin or something09:58
kulvesroedal: but yes, that demo09:58
sroedalkulve: right, Qt has a mkspec and eglfs hooks for raspberry pi09:59
*** amjad_ has quit IRC10:00
*** pvilja1 has joined #mer10:00
sroedalStskeeps: so you have the harmattan QML components working on Qt 5?10:01
Stskeepssroedal: yeah, w00t has helped with that10:01
*** pvilja has quit IRC10:01
w00tchasing recent changes has proven fun10:01
*** clopez has joined #mer10:01
w00ti particularly liked how an opacity 0.0 item was taking mouse input and driving me crazy for a minute until I remembered that change10:01
*** notmart has joined #mer10:02
*** notmart has joined #mer10:02
timophbtw, is anyone else experiencing unity2d crashes when creating images in the sdk chroot?10:02
timophlooks like it doesn't like mic mounting stuff or something10:03
*** Behold has joined #mer10:04
Sage_Stskeeps: umm... you just said that we don't need zephyr and I dropped it already from my xorg update ;)10:04
StskeepsSage_: zephyr not xephyr10:04
Sage_pah... apples oranges ;)10:05
*** nsuffys has joined #mer10:06
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC10:07
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*** arcean has joined #mer10:08
*** pvyu has quit IRC10:08
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phaerontimoph: it might be related to mount / unmount notifications or tracker crawling. try to to have the sdk outside your /home/<username>10:12
phaeronbut I don't have that issue :)10:12
*** himamura has joined #mer10:13
*** chinmaya has quit IRC10:13
*** _Razor_ has joined #mer10:14
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer10:18
timophphaeron: I only have the issue on mac10:21
timophkulve: yep. doesn't boot10:21
kulvetimoph: pöh. :/10:22
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*** SfietKonstantin has joined #mer10:26
*** KaIRC has joined #mer10:26
kulveI'll fallback to the old .spec with just minor changes10:30
kulvewe currently changing something there frequently and there's not much users for it yet, so no need to be too careful..10:31
sroedalStskeeps: sudo mic cr livecd fails for me with Error <creator>: Command 'modprobe' is not available.10:32
Stskeepssroedal: PATH=/sbin:$PATH as prefix10:34
sroedalStskeeps: right10:34
Stskeepsi dont know why this bug is there..10:34
Stskeepslbt: ?10:34
kulvesroedal: about those qt spec/eflgs things related to raspi. Are they somehow part of the generic Qt built or how it goes?10:34
sroedalkulve: they're set by the mkspec, which you specify when configuring qtbase like so: -device linux-rasp-pi-g+10:35
sroedalkulve: see how qtbase is configured here:
kulveso the qtbase need to be built separately for all hardwares and cannot be thus taken from some generic armv6 repo?10:36
sroedalkulve: *-device linux-rasp-pi-g++10:36
Stskeepsi think we can just make a specialised eglfs plugin10:36
lbtsroedal: link has note in docs, easy access to workaround and link to real bug ... OK ? :D10:37
sroedalnot necessarily, the eglfs platform is a plugin, so it could have some other mechanism of picking the right hooks10:37
*** M13 has quit IRC10:37
sroedallbt: hehe, ok10:37
*** dakovaci has joined #mer10:38
sroedalkulve: at least the plugin depends on the dispmanx etc libraries from the raspberry pi sysroot, so it probably has to be custom built10:39
sroedalalthough if libEGL etc are in /opt/vc/lib that might be an issue10:40
kulvenot in CE:Adaptation:RaspberryPi10:40
kulveI didn't see any reason to put them to that weird location so they are in the normal place10:40
sroedalI guess that's only on Raspbian etc10:41
kulvebcm examples have them there also10:41
kulveI added a symbolic link /opt/vc -> /usr to make those examples to work without changing them to "normal"10:41
*** phaeron has quit IRC10:42
kulvethat's in rpi-configs -package that is included in kickstart10:42
sroedalkulve: ok10:42
sroedalkulve: makes sense10:42
sroedalkulve: how would you build the eglfs hooks that depend on -lbcm_host etc though?10:42
Stskeepssame way that we link to wayland in qtwayland i guess?10:43
kulveI've added pkgconfig files, so using pkgconfig should work. Although they are not really tested, so a lot of includes and libs might be still missing10:43
*** _Razor_ has quit IRC10:45
*** _Razor_ has joined #mer10:45
sroedalStskeeps: yeah10:46
*** faenil has quit IRC10:48
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kulvetimoph: want to try another image?11:15
kulvekernel is updated11:15
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timophkulve: I'll try it in a while11:24
kulvetimoph: thanks11:25
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Stskeepssroedal: could i ask you what difference is between eglfs and minimalegl?11:47
*** reels_ has quit IRC11:48
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer11:51
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w00tStskeeps: cursor support.. etc11:52
w00tthere was a thread about it when they were forked apart originally11:52
*** faenil has quit IRC11:52
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w00tI thought...11:54
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sroedalStskeeps: minimalegl is more meant as a simple example of how to do a QPA plugin I guess12:41
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC12:42
*** ssirkia has quit IRC12:42
sroedalwhereas eglfs is actually useful12:42
Stskeepssomething broke from alpha1 to beta1 in my libhybris example, so trying to figure out what exactly..12:42
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer12:42
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timophkulve: boots13:14
kulvetimoph: could you also check if "lsmod" shows something?13:15
*** sledges_ is now known as sledge13:17
*** sledge is now known as sledgeas13:17
*** sledgeas is now known as sledges13:17
*** sledges has joined #mer13:17
kulveit used to need one manual "depmod -a" to get it working after a flash but now that's run already in .spec13:18
timophnothing else13:19
*** merder has quit IRC13:19
kulvebut it works, great! Thanks :)13:19
*** beford has joined #mer13:21
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StskeepsChickenCutlass: do you have any more hooks beyond what's in your github?16:45
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: probably -- I need to push changes.16:46
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: haven't had a chance to sync16:46
Stskeepsi've started running into some bizarre issues when i moved from qt5 alpha to beta, so am wondering what i missed16:46
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: segfaults?16:47
Stskeepswell, my qmlscene demo stopped working which was disheartening16:47
ChickenCutlassthat's not good16:47
Stskeepsand it was a practical lockup16:47
Stskeepsie, futexes16:47
Stskeepsprobably some TLS issue i missed16:48
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: so I did make an additional change to bionic16:48
ChickenCutlassregarding tls16:48
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: I not only moved errno16:48
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: but moved everything up a slot16:49
*** _Razor_ has quit IRC16:49
Stskeepswell the opengl slot would be hardcoded in the binaries i would expect16:49
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: this eleminated the remaining threading issues16:49
Stskeepsok, well, worth a try then16:49
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: that is what I thought16:49
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: but I tried anyway16:49
*** _Razor_ has joined #mer16:49
*** khetzal has joined #mer16:50
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: that is my current16:50
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: working well16:50
*** Hei_Ku has quit IRC16:50
Stskeepswell, worth a shor16:51
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: without that, I would find that tls slots would get hammered after calls over hybris16:51
*** spoofy has joined #mer16:52
*** Hei_Ku has joined #mer16:54
Stskeepsit'd probably also help if i remember how i made my android libc..16:54
ChickenCutlasstype make16:55
Stskeepsmaybe :P16:56
*** calvaris has quit IRC16:56
Stskeepsi guess that i should get some android skills one day, too ;)16:59
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StskeepsChickenCutlass: hint for future.. one way of doing the 'hook into a libhybris symbol', is putting the symbol into libdl.c17:09
Stskeepsand then taking care of it in linker17:09
Stskeepsi'm doing that for __errno17:09
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: you mean libdl.c in the android tree.17:09
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC17:10
ChickenCutlassright ok17:10
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: would you mind posting your patch for errno when you have it?17:11
Stskeepsyes, i've started putting things into patches/ in github too17:12
Stskeepsunder gingerbread/17:12
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Stskeepslibhybris debugging: stub all pthread_* with abort();18:34
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC18:47
*** morphis has joined #mer18:50
vgradeStskeeps, phoronix eh18:51
Stskeepsvgrade: yeah..18:51
vgradenice work18:51
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer18:52
*** CosmoHill has left #mer18:52
Stskeepsthey're not fully grasping the important ce of it though18:55
Stskeepsimportance, that is18:55
morphisStskeeps: libhybris?19:00
*** kostaja has quit IRC19:01
*** pohly has quit IRC19:01
*** cristi has joined #mer19:01
Stskeepsmorphis: ,
*** ka6sox-away is now known as ka6sox19:02
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Stskeepsevening jonni, how is it going?19:10
jonniStskeeps: going pretty well, finally got my qtonpi device, just installing qt5 on it and setting up my buildroot env :)19:11
Stskeepsexcellent :)19:11
*** clopez has quit IRC19:13
*** dcthang has joined #mer19:14
jonnialso did a bit of creative soldering and made 5V 3A power adapter for my 7 port pi usb hub ;)19:15
*** smita_ has joined #mer19:15
Stskeepsi need to use my r-pis a bit more.. but for once i'm waiting until others make the mer hw adaptation ;)19:16
kulveStskeeps: what are you expecting from thw hw adaptation?19:18
Stskeepskulve: @Raspberry Pi Adaptation, install ;)19:18
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:18
Stskeepskulve: i will probably sink some time into eglfs plugin for dispman if it is a big blocker19:19
Stskeepsand how to put this in obs nicely19:19
kulveI try to maintain the working/not working status19:19
kulvethat eglfs plugin is already done by somebody as Qt works? Or is it not a plugin yet? Or what's the actual problem..19:20
Stskeepsi think it's simply that it needs to packaged in a nice way19:21
Stskeepsthere's this kind of assumption that people will do hw adaptations of qt for devices by rebuilding the entire thing for that certain device..19:21
Stskeepsdid you try yet?19:22
kulveI can try to create some sort of initial packaging for the plugin, if somebody tells me what to package. It should probably depend on the gfx-rpi-libEGL-devel (or something more generic it Provides) and at least the pkgconfig file in there might not include everything19:23
kulveStskeeps: 40419:23
Stskeepsnot .cpp19:23
kulvewell, no. First I noticed the X11 comments but now I notice that there's nothing x11 related actually there?19:25
Stskeepstry that out19:26
*** rdqfdx has joined #mer19:30
*** ced117 has quit IRC19:31
kulvewhy .cc? Looks almost c to me?19:31
Stskeepsi got it like that :P19:32
Stskeepsand it's c++19:32
kulveah, there is some c++ in there19:32
kulvewell, harder to compile in the device, but easy with sb219:33
kulverun 59.88xx fps (although I did add bcm_host_init(); as the first line of main()19:33
kulveand for that I need to fix my egl.pc (or *pc I guess)19:34
Stskeepsdoes it show anything on the screen?19:34
Stskeepsah, you bcm_host_init'ed19:34
Stskeepswhat happens if you don't?19:34
Stskeepsand no dispman code19:34
*** gimli_ has quit IRC19:35
kulveto my understanding nothing works without that but let me check19:35
kulveUnable to create EGL surface (eglError: 12299)19:36
Stskeepsyeah, ok19:36
Stskeepsdo you have any pointers to the eglfs patches / hooks that was needed for r-pi/19:36
kulvereally annoying that one needs this one extra line for otherwise generic applications19:37
kulveI haven't really even tried as the gst encoding is my primary goal. But getting eglfs working would be nice :)19:37
* Stskeeps peeks19:40
*** ChickenCutlass has quit IRC19:44
Stskeepsok, so what should ideally happen is that you take a qtbase source, you find src/plugins/platforms/eglfs, you add in qeglfs_hooks.cpp , EGLFS_PLATFORM_HOOKS_LIBS = -lWFC -lGLESv2 -lEGL -lbcm_host -lopenmaxil and EGLFS_PLATFORM_HOOKS_SOURCES = $$PWD/qeglfs_hooks.cpp to the eglfs.pro19:47
Stskeepsand you dep on the r-pi adaptation + it's headers for this particilar module19:47
Stskeepsand then only build in src/plugins/platforms/eglfs19:48
Stskeepsyielding a eglfs plugin matching r-pi19:48
Stskeepstry it out in sb2 first19:50
kulvethat bcm_host_init() call should be made somehow automatically (LD_PRELOAD, or wrapping some elg function or something).19:50
kulvein general19:50
Stskeepsi think it's a bit stupid they can't just go for NULL = full screen window19:50
Stskeepswell, that's where qeglfs_hooks.cpp comes in, btw, for qt19:50
kulveI'll sign-off for today but I'll check that tomorrow (hopefully) more closely19:51
kulvebasically I don't see much that the rpi fork of eglfs should do (besides the bcm_host_init()). All the deps should be generic package names and all the includes and libs should come from the pkgconfig files19:54
kulvebut now, bbl19:54
vgradeStskeeps, is this related,
Stskeepsthat'd be what we want to put together19:59
Stskeepsto build a plugin19:59
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cat1Stskeeps: what you would advise me to check in Xorg.log if i get following:20:23
cat1[nemo@localhost ~]$ glestest20:23
cat1Got no EGL display.20:23
cat1Stskeeps: this is mali400 hw..20:23
*** vgrade has quit IRC20:23
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