Tuesday, 2012-09-25

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sonachmorning all01:39
* ljp wonders if he dd'd the latest release01:45
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deztructorgood morning04:35
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Stskeepsmorn lbt06:08
lbtgnnnn ... no coffee in room06:08
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mikhasand no food in room either :-(06:11
StskeepsBostik , mikhas: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Zephyr06:14
Stskeepsqml compositor starting with systemd user sessions, terminal emulator, wayland, etc06:14
Stskeepsstill very research-y but a good move forward06:16
BostikStskeeps: naming is a bit confusing, 'Zephyr' always maps first as a nested X for me :)06:16
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Stskeepsmany good choices for that name, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zephyr_(dinghy) , A light wind or west wind , etc06:20
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ljpas well http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zephyr_(band)06:23
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Stskeepsmikhas: anything later than 0.92.4 i should use with qt5?06:29
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mikhasStskeeps, the build errors you mean?06:33
Bostik... oh, it was probably Xephyr, the nested X06:33
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mikhasnot yet fixed in master, patch waiting for review + release pending06:34
Stskeepsmikhas: ok06:34
Stskeepsmikhas: got an URL for the patch?06:34
mikhassure, hang on06:34
Stskeepsi promised to test this, so06:34
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mikhasStskeeps, https://bugs.maliit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18906:34
Merbotbugs.maliit.org bug 189 in General "Compile with Qt5" [Major,Unconfirmed]06:34
mikhasStskeeps, I think the remaining compile errors are https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-26238?page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels:all-tabpanel06:36
mikhas"I checked, and it's hard to improve Q_STATIC_ASSERT for non c+11 compilers."06:37
mikhasIt's thiago's revenge to make people use C++11 ;-)06:37
mikhasFound this now: http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lib.qt.devel/445006:43
mikhasI guess I'll start my day with that then …06:43
Bostikthat doesn't look bad06:45
mikhasno, it is a huge improvement06:46
mikhasin the MeeGo days, plugin loading was a huge contributor to startup time06:47
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Stskeepsmikhas: mainwindow.h:4:24: fatal error: Qt/qglobal.h: No such file or directory06:55
Stskeeps Qt/ is deprecated, btw06:55
Stskeepswhich i'm, as a packager, so damn happy about06:56
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Stskeepsmikhas: yeah, that's the remaining issue by now07:04
StskeepsQt/qglobal.h -> QtCore/qtglobal.h07:04
Stskeepsmikhas: https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-26238?page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels: is now what i'm running int07:04
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mikhasStskeeps, can you perhaps comment on the Maliit bug?07:31
Stskeepswill do07:31
Stskeepsif i can recall my login07:32
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Stskeepsmaliit bug..07:54
Stskeepsmaliit bug in qt, or?07:55
Stskeepsah, nm07:55
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StskeepsSfiet_Konstantin: http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Zephyr08:10
Stskeepsupdated it a bit08:11
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Sfiet_Konstantinthanks :)08:12
BostikStskeeps: how long until I can get Qt5 built again oin COBS? :)08:15
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StskeepsBostik: prerelease should be available with new toolchain08:17
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* Bostik logs in..08:17
Bostiknnnnope, not available even via advanced repository interface, so... add blindly to project conf08:19
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Bostik"nothing provides... $WORLD"08:23
Bostiklet's try again later08:23
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StskeepsMer:MDS:Core:armv7hl ?08:27
Bostikoh, :Core:08:28
Stskeepser, Core-next08:28
Stskeepsas well08:28
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Bostik-ytpo.. Mer:MDS:Core-next:i58608:29
Bostikhttps://build.pub.meego.com/project/meta?project=home%3Abostik%3AQt5a1  just in case I'm blind for my own taps08:29
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Stskeepsyes, a bit confusing, i know..08:30
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StskeepsBostik: http://releases.merproject.org/~carsten/modular-qt-specs-beta1.tar.gz08:31
Stskeepsscript has been mangled a bit08:31
Stskeepshas some features to distinguish between deployment and development, as well as tarball support08:31
Stskeepsprobably breaks stuff08:31
Bostikno wonder, I needed to work on it too08:31
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mariusmssjhelo everyone :)08:40
Stskeepslo mariusmssj08:40
mariusmssjOh hey there just the person i wanted to talk to08:40
Bostikright.. repo name change fired up the build but COBS doesn't show build logs08:40
Sage_err... building boost one needs more then 3G of space :P08:40
StskeepsSage_: new webkit, woo08:41
Sage_my ramdisk got full :P08:41
mariusmssjIs there anyone here who looks after the wiki page for N9/N950 Kernel update project?08:41
Sage_kjokinie: jnikula: ^08:42
kjokiniemariusmssj: yes, it's me08:43
mariusmssjoh helo08:43
mariusmssjgot some feedback if you don't ming?08:43
kjokiniemariusmssj: I was just about to send a email about that to mer-general08:43
kjokiniemariusmssj: don't mind at all08:44
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mariusmssjthe https://bitbucket.org/kjokinie/mer-n9-kernel.git link on the wiki page gives 40408:45
mariusmssjremoving .git https://bitbucket.org/kjokinie/mer-n9-kernel works just fine :)08:45
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kjokiniemariusmssj: thanks, I'll fix that in the wiki08:46
mariusmssjok and about kernel modules08:47
mariusmssjone more task to add is: IPtable NAT module08:47
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mariusmssjwithout it, is imposible to do pentesting with N908:47
Stskeepsi think some basics are needed first :)08:48
Stskeepsbut that should be trivial to add for anyone in future08:48
mariusmssjOk :) this was just some feedback from the TMO thread that i wanted to share :)08:49
kjokiniemariusmssj: is that NAT table some generic kconfig feature, I copied all defconfigs that were avaialable in the new kernel from the old kconfig08:49
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mariusmssjtbh i am not sure, as this is a comment from a user in TMO forums08:51
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Sage_Stskeeps: what is the normal space available on worker hosts btw? And is powerhost only about more memory?08:54
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smita_hi.. i want to run a simple application in virtualbox.. does anyone know how to do it?08:57
smita_alterego, ^08:58
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kjokiniemariusmssj: about that git link: it's a URL for git for cloning the repo, not a WWW page08:58
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kjokiniemariusmssj: btw, maybe this: "# CONFIG_IP_NF_IPTABLES is not set" was what was being asked for? It's actually enabled as module for IPv6, but not for IPv4..09:09
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mariusmssjsorry was away09:19
mariusmssjbut ok i'll fin that out09:19
dcthangkjokinie: how can a guy want to join that?:)09:20
kjokiniedcthang: consider yourself joined :)09:20
kjokiniedcthang: well, more seriously, you can send patches to mer-general to get them into the kernel tree09:21
dcthangokay, just cloning the code ...09:21
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kjokiniedcthang: so far the development with it is quite challenging as we don't have working usb networking yet09:22
mariusmssjSo the first stage is to have the USB networking going?09:23
kjokiniethough phdeswer did have some progress on that front getting it fixed09:23
mariusmssjyeah i saw phdeswert was on the list for the USB09:24
phdeswerIndeed causing some controversy it seems.09:24
phdeswerBut yes With the fix I proposed usb networking is possible again (and the other gadgets) Still need to check where the power_supply indications went09:24
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phdeswerAs that is needed to get usb_moded to work and do the work for us.09:25
Stskeepslo fk_lx09:25
mariusmssjglad to hear of the progress :)09:25
mariusmssjbtw i wanted to ask to which kernel version is the port going to? 3.5.4?09:25
Stskeepsphdeswer: we're not making waves if we aren't making some kind of controversy ;009:27
phdeswerStskeeps, :) Good point!09:28
* Sage_ is really confused with libzypp and boost dependency09:29
Sage_just noted that no boost packages are installed on the nemo image eventhough libzypp is there09:29
Sage_how can that be :)09:29
w00tboost is headers-only09:29
w00tcompile time, not run time09:29
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Sage_err.... there is still lots of libboost*.so.* files etc. so I though it is also runtime09:30
*** MikaT has joined #mer09:31
w00twell, not all of it is09:31
w00ti meant that the way libzypp is using it may be09:31
Sage_updating boost from 1.39.0 to 1.51.0 will it blend? :)09:31
w00tjust try it and see what breaks I guess :-p09:32
*** situ_ has joined #mer09:32
Sage_libzypp and zypper are the only things usig it so that probably :)09:32
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* Sage_ drop nuke number n+1 on top of cobs: " Corrupted storable file (binary v2.7) at ../../lib/Storable.pm (autosplit into ../../lib/auto/Storable/fd_retrieve.al) line 398, at ./bs_worker line 742"09:34
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StskeepsSage_: can you do osc jobhistory please09:36
*** MikaT has quit IRC09:36
phaeronSage_: can you see which worker please09:36
mariusmssjtake care guys :)09:37
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*** MikaT has joined #mer09:37
ljphey marius09:39
Stskeepsljp: http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Zephyr if you want to try to go hands on with system development with qt5 - got a .ks up to build images with09:39
ljpsaw that. need to get hdmi cable :)09:40
Stskeepsthis is at first for virtualbox though09:41
Stskeepsr-pi comes as we go along, too09:41
ljpok. will try to try it out :)09:41
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Sage_phaeron: pubworker05/*09:45
Sage_where * is 2,4 or 6 apparently09:45
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Sage_eh http://pastie.org/4796543 maybe it is some other option than --disable-long-double now :P09:48
*** situ has joined #mer09:48
fabow00t: hehe :)09:49
w00tfabo: I just checked fedora too09:49
w00tthey patch out QMAKE_STRIP in their .spec09:49
w00tso... this seems to be a pretty universal problem :)09:49
fabow00t: I think so. every distro is doing something to work around.09:50
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fabojust have seen MIB3 yesterday, in the thread context: let's agree to disagree09:53
*** situ has joined #mer09:55
Sage_phaeron: well it seems it every worker on 0509:55
phaeronyes I can see its logs now09:56
*** clopez has joined #mer09:57
phaeron[141039.845060] EXT4-fs error (device dm-12): mb_free_blocks:1395: group 17block 566179:freeing already freed block (bit 9123)09:58
Stskeepsthat looks a bit sick?09:58
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*** _Razor_ has joined #mer09:58
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phaeronthe worker cache was corrupted due to that fs error10:01
phaeronstopped worker -> fsck -> mount -> start worker10:01
phaeronlets see what happens now10:01
* Stskeeps is just happy it wasnt' MDS related10:01
*** slaine has joined #mer10:02
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phaeronI never said that one is10:03
Stskeepsthe 'last' issue may be10:03
Sage_well I have still that one project that doesn't want to build at all :/10:03
Stskeepsdid you remove and re-add the repos?10:03
Sage_didn't do that10:04
Stskeepsplease do?10:04
Sage_did just rebuild and wipebinaries10:04
*** melonipoika has joined #mer10:05
Sage_doesn't help10:05
Sage_removed repo and readded nothing changed still all unresolved10:05
Stskeepshello melonipoika, welcome to #mer :)10:05
Sage_hmmp... maybe different anem10:05
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Sage_nope that doesn't help either. Renamed the repo10:07
melonipoikahi Stskeeps, thanks! :D10:07
Stskeepspastie the meta prj10:07
Stskeepsmelonipoika: if you have any questions on Mer feel free to ask at any time - else feel free to hang out :)10:07
Sage_Stskeeps: http://pastie.org/4796608 it is the next_armv7hl that fails10:08
StskeepsSage_: i don't see any issues, at least10:09
StskeepsSage_: osc ls -b Mer:fake:Core-next:armv7hl10:09
Sage_Server returned an error: HTTP Error 404: Not Found10:10
Sage_remote error: File not found10:10
Stskeepsand without -b ?10:10
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*** fossil_ has joined #mer10:12
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Sage_Stskeeps: so any ideas?10:15
StskeepsSage_: i do, but i'm on my wrong side of lunch at the moment..10:15
Sage_hehe :)10:15
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*** fk_lx has joined #mer10:20
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Sage_ ../zypp/libzypp.so.1200.2.0: undefined reference to `.LLST542'10:27
Sage_Stskeeps: ring any bells?10:27
StskeepsSage_: i would think sirens instead10:27
Sage_? :)10:27
Stskeepsas in, that's really a bad sig10:28
Sage_what does it mean? Only thing that comes to my mind is the --disable-long-double in boost didn't apparently work.10:28
*** cxl000 has joined #mer10:29
*** mtd_ is now known as mtd10:31
*** sshaaf__ has joined #mer10:33
phaeronok worker 05 is working afaics10:37
*** thetet has joined #mer10:38
*** Siosm has joined #mer10:38
zuhBtw, is this normal? This is one of the mount points of Mer SDK: http://pastie.org/479671510:39
*** sshaaf__ has quit IRC10:39
Stskeepszuh: that seems a bit recursive, yes10:39
Stskeepsbug please?10:39
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer10:40
*** lizardo has joined #mer10:40
zuhStskeeps: Done, https://bugs.merproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=58210:46
MerbotMer bug 582 in SDK "Weird mount options with the SDK mounts" [Normal,New]10:46
Stskeepsthank you10:46
zuhhuh, the description doesn't line-break...10:46
*** norayr has joined #mer10:50
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*** _Razor_ has joined #mer10:54
Sage_Stskeeps: about tat .LLST* error?10:57
StskeepsSage_: does it build on x86 or arm?10:58
Sage_it builds on x86 fine but fails on arm11:00
Sage_the libzypp11:00
Sage_    - long double support      : yes11:01
Sage_is set on new boost but it was disabled on old thus me wonderig if that is the reason or if it is really supported now11:01
Sage_maybe not related to the problem just an observation of other stuff11:01
Stskeepsdo what i normally do when it comes to boost11:02
Stskeepsgo look what debian did11:02
Stskeepsor ubuntu11:02
Sage_what does that error mean? Boost itself compiles fine so no idea if this is even boost related11:04
Stskeepsmeans there's a bad label somewhere in the assembly generated11:04
Stskeepsthat isn't used11:05
*** jluisn has joined #mer11:06
*** himamura_ has joined #mer11:08
Sage_heh, debian has also the --disable-long-double option in their build but it doesn't do anything anymore ;)11:09
Sage_it is the only armhf option in their config11:10
*** himamura has quit IRC11:11
dcthangStskeeps: Is anyone working with mce stuff?11:15
Stskeepsthough that's more of a #nemomobile topic11:15
dcthangah ok, sorry11:15
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer11:15
dm8tbrStskeeps: will there be a dev room for fosdem?11:20
Stskeepsdm8tbr: i've gotten a bit lost in the planning for that11:21
Stskeepsembedded devroom might also fit many of the topics11:21
Stskeepsthe deadline is soon, i think11:21
Stskeepsphdeswer: ^11:22
Stskeepsphdeswer: does it make sense to have a seperate mobile linux discussion room or should we try to take everything through embedded?11:22
dm8tbrStskeeps: that's why I poked. saw _av500_ g+ posting11:22
Stskeepsi'll probably submit a talk entirely on meego compliance and expect to heckled ;p11:22
*** chinmaya has joined #mer11:24
*** James has joined #mer11:27
*** James is now known as Guest9259811:27
Stskeepshello Guest92598 / James11:28
Stskeepswelcome to #mer :) so what brings you here?11:28
Guest92598I was just poking around looking into Mer and thought the IRC group might be worth a look :)11:29
Stskeepssure :) if you have any questions, feel free to ask at any time11:29
Guest92598Sure, thanks!11:29
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*** _Razor_ has joined #mer11:32
Sage_lbt, Stskeeps: is the mips scheduler on at cobs atm. or not?11:38
Sage_Stskeeps: the unresolved issue is on armv7l as well11:39
*** kjokinie has quit IRC11:40
*** kjokinie has joined #mer11:41
Sage_Stskeeps: well actually it is unresolved to all arm architectures on my project there11:45
*** xmlich02 has joined #mer11:45
*** KaIRC has joined #mer11:47
*** ameise has joined #mer11:48
phaeronSage_: mips scheduler is there11:49
Sage_phaeron: I added it to my repo but it didn't appear yet, maybe need to wait more.11:50
Sage_all next arm are unresolved :/11:51
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*** vgrade_ has joined #mer11:51
*** ChickenCutlass has joined #mer11:52
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* lbt wonders if mer mips is setup on mds11:53
*** ant has quit IRC11:55
*** ameise is now known as ant11:55
*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer11:56
phaeronlbt:   - home:sage:branches:Mer:fake:Core-next:i586/next_mipsel: Mer:fake:Core-next:mipsel: 500 remote error: Internal Server Error11:58
phaeronI think not11:58
lbtdo you care right now?11:59
Sage_I really don't want to say this as I don't want to enable more stuff in cobs, but can someone enable it so I can test the code against mips before pushing to gerrit review :)11:59
*** mikhas has joined #mer11:59
*** fk_lx has left #mer12:02
lbtSage_: that's why I added the sched... just never got round to adding the mds import12:02
phaeronlbt: and I really think the mer-next import is screwed up https://build.pub.meego.com/project/monitor?commit=Filter%3A&succeeded=1&failed=1&unresolvable=1&broken=1&blocked=1&dispatching=1&scheduled=1&building=1&finished=1&signing=1&disabled=1&excluded=1&locked=1&unknown=1&pkgname=&repo_latest_armv7hl=1&repo_latest_i586=1&repo_latest_mipsel=1&repo_next_armv6l=1&repo_next_armv7hl=1&repo_next_armv7l=1&repo_next_armv7tnhl=1&repo_next_i486=1&r12:03
Sage_phaeron: too long url12:04
phaeronSage_: but it works if you click on it12:04
lbtnop  "is not a valid project name"12:05
Sage_ends there12:08
phaeronhmm appears fine on my side. oh well Sage_ it's your project12:09
*** andre__ has quit IRC12:09
*** phaeron has quit IRC12:09
*** jukkaeklund_ has joined #mer12:11
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC12:15
*** notmart has quit IRC12:17
phdeswerStskeeps, let's go through embedded.12:18
kulvebtw, why automatic kernel module loading doesn't work (on my) images before I've run once "depmod -a" after flashing the image?12:18
Stskeepsphdeswer: ok12:18
Stskeepskulve: bad kernel packaging, maybe12:19
phdeswerI expanded it to mobile already a few years ago :)12:19
Stskeepsphdeswer: how difficult is it to get a talk in?12:19
kulveStskeeps: I've packaged kernels now for gumstix and rpi and I've followed different instructions and both do the same..12:19
phdeswerNot very hard. And I asked you already if you wanted to help to be on the selection comittee and look for talks.12:19
Sage_Stskeeps: anything I can do for the arm unresolvable issue?12:20
Stskeepsmm, i could do that12:20
StskeepsSage_: sorry, got a bit sidestepped by some stuff related to my loan for my apartment12:20
StskeepsSage_: can i get back to you?12:20
Sage_Stskeeps: sure, probably tomorrow I'm continuing from that then.12:23
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer12:25
*** thetet has quit IRC12:27
*** andre__ has joined #mer12:30
*** andre__ has joined #mer12:30
*** niqt has quit IRC12:35
*** JvD_ has quit IRC12:40
*** slaine has quit IRC12:41
*** slaine has joined #mer12:42
Stskeepskjokinie: i'd really prefer a different mailing list for patches..12:46
Stskeepskjokinie: i'll make it part of my tasks to get one set up for you, but this will scare away people12:46
Stskeepshw adaptations are seperatefrom mer12:46
kjokinieStskeeps: ok, that's fine with me, let me know the list then12:47
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer12:50
*** faenil has joined #mer13:00
*** fossil_ has joined #mer13:01
cybettefaenil: survived first couple days of classes?13:02
faenilhey :) seems so :/13:02
faenilboring as hell...oh gosh13:03
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC13:03
*** merder has joined #mer13:04
cybetteI used to try to sit in the first row, so that I would't fall asleep; but I still did, right under the prof's nose13:04
faenilahah great :D13:04
faenilI'm usually late...first seats are already taken :D13:04
*** reels_ is now known as reels13:05
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #mer13:06
*** shadeslayer has quit IRC13:07
faenilhave to find some money for an SSD :P13:07
cybettefaenil: what capacity?13:08
faenildon't know...256?13:09
faenilshould be enough for a decent price13:09
faenilbut I have no money atm, so that's just only an idea so far :D13:09
cybetteit always starts with an idea :)13:10
*** shadeslayer has joined #mer13:10
*** ameise has joined #mer13:11
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC13:12
Stskeepspq: have you given any thought how we could share buffers in a wayland like fashion with libhybris yet?13:12
pqStskeeps, I haven't given it a good thought, but I'd guess we'd use the gralloc library directly, and wrap it to whatever structs the gfx implementation libs want.13:14
faenilStskeeps, just setup SDK from fresh ubuntu, got "Directory /var/run/dbus is missing in SDK root - please report this bug" when mounting13:16
faenildid anyone else get the same?13:19
*** yunta has quit IRC13:20
faenilI'm not entering the sdk, to avoid any side effect...13:22
*** jukkaeklund_ has quit IRC13:25
faenilI umounted and remounted again and the error didn't show...what can I do Stskeeps ?13:28
*** lamikr has quit IRC13:28
faenilalso, commands on the wiki aren't correct...zypper in -t pattern requires root priv...13:30
faenilshould I add -R to the zypper command?13:30
*** Superpelican has joined #mer13:31
*** Superpelican has quit IRC13:31
*** dakovaci has quit IRC13:32
*** ant has quit IRC13:35
*** ameise is now known as ant13:35
faenilokay, I guess I'd better ask when the chat is more active :P13:36
Stskeepspq: makes sense13:36
pqStskeeps, AFAIK all the interfaces are C, so we should be fine without C++... right? :-P13:39
Stskeepspq: i think sadly some of the interfaces are c++ objects13:39
Stskeepsat least when it comes to windows13:39
Stskeepsbut i might be wrong13:39
pqStskeeps, going into android libEGL or the hw libs?13:40
pqandroid libEGL is sad, yes, but I kind of hoped the hw libs would be C13:40
*** _Razor_ has quit IRC13:42
*** fossil_ has quit IRC13:43
Sage_lbt: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptation_Guide/Step_by_step should the pre-requisites be just install mer sdk?13:43
Sage_lbt: instead of saying spectacle, osc, mic, etc.13:43
lbtsounds sensible now13:43
*** _Razor_ has joined #mer13:44
faenilSage_, you know anything about the /var/run/dbug error I wrote about few minutes ago?13:44
faenilSage_, hi anyway :D13:45
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC13:46
faenilmm I'm starting to think you can't read me...13:48
Sage_faenil: hmmp... there is note in sdk installation page about that IIRC13:48
faeniloh ok :D I noticed I didn't get logged in13:49
pqStskeeps, I'm hoping the interface to hw libs wants ANativeWindow* which is also a C type.13:49
pqANativeWindowBuffer is also a C type13:49
faenilSage_, I did not read anything about that...also looked for /var/run13:49
pqtypedef struct ANativeWindow*           EGLNativeWindowType;13:50
*** phaeron has joined #mer13:50
Sage_faenil: moment13:50
Stskeepspq: hmm, true13:51
Stskeepspq: but there's some hook stuff13:51
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer13:52
pqStskeeps, yeah, there are. Some ref counting. They all seem to use the same C-compatible types in arguments.13:52
pqwe just need to implement them in C, using gralloc13:53
Sage_faenil: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Platform_SDK_and_SB2#Initialize_scratchbox2 Search: "mkdir run" that was what I recalled13:53
Sage_faenil: probalby a different problem13:54
faenilSage_, yeah...13:54
faenildon't know if I should file a bug about that13:54
pqStskeeps, that is the way I started the the weston android backend, and hit a wall only when android-libEGL wanted C++ objects. I don't see why we couldn't do it all in C.13:54
faenilSage_, also, the guide says I should be root when I "enter", but zypper in -t pattern still requires root and doesn't run13:55
Stskeepspq: well, that is what we can do with a good wrapepr built inside android maybe13:55
*** jukkaeklund has joined #mer13:56
pqStskeeps, you mean built for bionic? Do we need even that, can't we just build for glibc and use libhybris to link all the libs?13:56
Stskeepsi'm a little unsure of c++ abi13:56
Sage_Stskeeps: do we have any page about the different supported architectures of mer in wiki?13:57
StskeepsSage_: yes13:57
pqthere shouldn't be any C++ involved13:57
StskeepsSage_: i don't remember which. search for armv8el ?13:57
Sage_Stskeeps: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/OBS_architecture_naming ?13:57
*** stepiro_ has joined #mer13:57
faenilwho should I ask for the root issue?13:58
pqsure, android-libEGL passes C++ objects into hw lib functions, but I suspect they reinterpret_cast into C structs. Or hope. :-P13:58
pqbut if that fails, then yeah, we could always build the wrapper for bionic13:58
*** JvD_ has joined #mer13:59
Stskeepsi'm thinking reacting on eglSwapBuffers etc, so13:59
*** dakovaci has joined #mer13:59
*** stepiro has quit IRC14:00
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer14:01
faenilsudo zypper works, but the wiki says sudo should be automatic when you enter the sdk...14:03
Stskeepsyou need sudo inside the sdk14:03
Stskeepssudo is for entering14:03
faenilso I  should enter with "sudo mer-chroot enter" ?14:05
faenilor I misunderstood your second sentence14:05
faenilor you just mean that it uses sudo automatically in the entering process, but then I have to specify sudo when I'm in the sdk?14:06
*** arcean has joined #mer14:06
faenilok, clear14:06
faenilthen the wiki has to be modified :P14:06
Sage_17:05.04 < faenil> so I  should enter with "sudo mer-chroot enter" ?14:06
faenilnvm Sage_ ;)14:06
*** arcean has quit IRC14:07
Sage_I'm using just "/srv/mer/sdks/sdk/mer-sdk-chroot enter14:07
Sage_without sudo to enter14:07
*** arcean has joined #mer14:07
faenilyeah so am I14:07
faenilI just misunderstood Stskeeps's sentence "sudo is for entering"14:07
faenilbut it's clear now14:07
faeniljust the wiki is misleading...it's not clear at all...and it's doesn't use "sudo" before zypper commands14:08
*** kontio has quit IRC14:08
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC14:08
* faenil is modifying the wiki, adding "sudo" in front of zypper commands14:10
faenilit was already there in most of the zypper lines...14:11
faenilbut not in the patterns block :)14:11
faenildone ;)14:11
faenilStskeeps, what about the dbus folder error? should I file a bug?14:12
*** chinmaya has quit IRC14:13
lbtty faenil14:14
lbtnb the "enter" is optional too14:15
faenillbt, yeah enter is the default option, read that :)14:16
faenilstrange I only had the /var/run/dbus error the first time I mounted...14:18
faenilgtg, won't file the bug about that right now, want to hear from someone in here before :)14:19
faeniljust to avoid filing useless bugs :P14:19
faenilbbl ;)14:20
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer14:20
Sage_how to refer to category in mediawiki?14:21
*** faenil has quit IRC14:21
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC14:23
Sage_ah, [[:Category:name]]14:24
Sage_missed the first :14:25
*** jstaniek_QFridge has quit IRC14:27
*** panda-z has quit IRC14:34
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer14:38
*** melonipoika is now known as herrrrrrr_melo14:40
*** dakovaci has quit IRC14:41
kulveStskeeps: Sage_ any hints what to look for making the depmod -a unneccasary? I've tried to compare kernel spec and my kickstart between sage's pandaboard work but couldn't spot anything too obvious..14:42
*** herrrrrrr_melo is now known as melonipoika14:43
Sage_kulve: I think it is possible just to drop it if you have /sbin/depmod present when building kernel14:43
kulvewhat do you mean by "drop it"..?14:44
StskeepsBuildRequires: kmod ?14:44
Stskeepsor how was it?14:44
*** veskuh has quit IRC14:44
Sage_Stskeeps: BuildRequires: kmod >= 914:45
kulvehmm.. My BuildRequires is way shorter than panda's. Let's add those.14:45
Sage_kulve: then just remove the %post depmod -a lines I guess14:45
Sage_kulve: see for a reference https://github.com/saukko/mer-kernel-adaptation14:46
Sage_kulve: I pushed the most recent kernel packaging updates there14:46
kulvethanks. I guess the BuildRequires is the issue. I was mostly looking at what's done during or after the kernel is built14:46
*** phinaliumz has quit IRC14:46
kulvethat .spec looks a lot cleaner than the "real world examples". I guess I'll just redo the .spec based on that14:49
Sage_kulve: well, I rebased most of my adaptations to that template already14:51
Sage_kulve: but yes it should be cleaner and fixes welcome if you spot some :)14:51
*** harbaum has quit IRC14:57
kulveit seems to assume bzImage for arm but I guess there's no way of knowing what to build for what15:00
*** spoofy has joined #mer15:01
*** beford has joined #mer15:01
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC15:04
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC15:06
*** pvilja1 has joined #mer15:06
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC15:07
*** NIN101 has joined #mer15:10
*** melonipoika has quit IRC15:13
*** pvilja1 has quit IRC15:13
*** FSCV has joined #mer15:17
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer15:22
Sage_kulve: the template shouldn't assume anything actually.15:24
Sage_kulve: https://github.com/saukko/mer-kernel-adaptation/blob/master/kernel-adaptation-sample.yaml#L2215:25
*** shadeslayer has quit IRC15:25
kulveah, it's define in the yaml..15:27
*** shadeslayer has joined #mer15:27
*** jake42_ is now known as jake4215:27
*** clopez has quit IRC15:27
kulveI don't really understand, why there's both yaml and specs always, so I just putting .specs.. (if they would be autogenerated by obs, that would be a different thing..)15:27
*** _Razor_ has quit IRC15:27
Stskeepsi sometimes wonder if spectacle could be turned into a handy ncurses app15:28
Stskeeps / active editor..15:28
*** _Razor_ has joined #mer15:28
* Stskeeps is going to try to see if he can boot mer/systemd over nfs..15:31
kulveSage_: should the .spec/yaml run "make oldconfig" after copying the config in place? In my case it didn't have nearly all required features before running "make oldconfig"15:31
Sage_kulve: it should not run it by default imo. check https://github.com/saukko/mer-kernel-adaptation/blob/master/README15:33
*** clopez has joined #mer15:37
*** notmart has joined #mer15:42
*** notmart has joined #mer15:42
*** jukkaeklund_ has joined #mer15:47
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC15:49
*** jukkaeklund_ has quit IRC15:52
*** phaeron has quit IRC16:00
*** faenil has joined #mer16:05
faenilback :)16:05
*** slaine has quit IRC16:08
*** phaeron has joined #mer16:12
*** lbt has quit IRC16:13
*** phaeron1 has joined #mer16:15
*** rcg-work has quit IRC16:16
*** phaeron has quit IRC16:19
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer16:30
faenilsb2 -t nemo-n950 -m sdk-install -R zypper ref           ----------->  "Can't open /var/run/zypp.pid in mode w"16:32
faenilI have to say I did not have all those problems last time I reinstalled Mer SDK :P16:33
faenilthough there's the fix in the Wiki page for this one :)16:34
faenilwhich is most likely linked to the other problem I had earlies16:35
*** smita_ has quit IRC16:42
*** vilpan has quit IRC16:45
*** talavis has joined #mer16:50
*** TuTizz has quit IRC16:51
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*** antero has joined #mer17:08
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*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #mer17:12
*** Sazpaimon_ is now known as Sazpaimon17:12
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*** pvilja has joined #mer17:14
*** Sazpaimon has quit IRC17:17
*** gimli has joined #mer17:17
*** faenil has quit IRC17:19
* zuh notes that the problem faenil had was step four of https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Community_Workspace/RaspberryPi#Step-by-step_Setup17:20
*** pvilja has quit IRC17:20
*** clopez has joined #mer17:25
*** Sazpaimon has joined #mer17:26
*** pvilja has joined #mer17:33
*** vgrade_ has quit IRC17:36
*** chinmaya has joined #mer17:38
chinmayaStskeeps, ping17:40
chinmayai want to look around the mer development17:40
chinmayai installed the application sdk17:40
chinmayasorry , the platform sdk17:41
chinmayafrom this wiki page , https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Platform_SDK17:41
chinmayai was working in the meego project and want to contribute to mer , by learning HTML5 , QML etc17:42
chinmayaso what should be the next step17:42
Stskeepsthat's good :) you can also look in our bugzilla and there look for tasks to do17:42
Stskeepsdo you have any devices by chance?17:42
chinmayai dont have any device17:43
Stskeepsalright, so, did you try to make a image yet?17:43
Stskeepsof any kind, like the SDK guide says17:43
chinmayai have completed all the steps mentioned in the above wiki page17:44
Stskeepsregarding qml, i think it's best to install qt sdk and try that out17:45
Stskeepsand use the already non-mer-specific guides17:45
*** calvaris has quit IRC17:45
chinmayaStskeeps, this is how it looks now in console http://wstaw.org/w/1nbB/17:47
Stskeepslooks correct17:48
chinmayahow to install qt and qml inside mer17:48
chinmayashould i install the SB2 ?17:49
Stskeepsfor example, yes17:49
chinmayawhen i run osc -A  https://api.pub.meego.com ls , it asks for username and password , and says HTTP error17:50
Stskeepsyou need to get a meego.com account and ask lbt, xfade to enable it17:50
chinmayaalso a mer account , for the https://api.ci.merproject.org , if it is required ?17:51
*** rcg has joined #mer17:52
Stskeepsthat's a seperate system and not really for humans :)17:52
chinmayaapart from the bugzilla , are there any current projects on mer , which i can look17:52
Stskeepswell, there's projects like Nemo and Plasma Active on top of mer17:53
*** FSCV has quit IRC17:53
chinmayaplasma active of kde ?17:54
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC17:55
*** kostaja has quit IRC17:57
chinmayalbt_, xfade , can you please create an account on https://api.pub.meego.com ?17:57
Stskeepschinmaya: they need your meego.com login17:58
*** Attie has quit IRC18:00
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC18:04
*** _Razor_ has quit IRC18:05
*** _Razor_ has joined #mer18:06
*** FSCV has joined #mer18:07
*** dm8tbr has quit IRC18:11
*** cristi has joined #mer18:11
Stskeepsevening cristi18:13
*** arcean is now known as arcean_18:13
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean__18:14
cristihi Stskeeps18:14
*** spoofy is now known as knypek18:14
*** arcean__ is now known as arcean18:15
*** dm8tbr has joined #mer18:15
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer18:16
*** knypek is now known as spoofy18:16
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*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer18:36
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*** mardy has joined #mer19:08
kulvecristi: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Community_Workspace/RaspberryPi19:09
kulvesome updates there19:09
*** sshaaf has joined #mer19:09
kulvealthough I just rewrote the kerne's .spec and although it did build, I haven't tested if it actually boots..19:09
*** jstaniek has joined #mer19:16
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #mer19:18
*** Sazpaimon_ has quit IRC19:19
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #mer19:19
*** Venemo has joined #mer19:19
*** Sazpaimon has quit IRC19:21
*** nsuffys has joined #mer19:21
*** sshaaf has quit IRC19:22
*** araujo has quit IRC19:27
chinmayalbt_, xfade , can you please create an account on https://api.pub.meego.com ? created a meego username -> chinmayapadhi19:29
cristikulve: cool!19:30
*** araujo has joined #mer19:33
*** araujo has joined #mer19:33
*** shadeslayer has quit IRC19:38
rcganyone familiar with upower in here?19:39
cristikulve: just a small hint,  instead of manually setting the git SHA you could use something like "git log | head -1 | cut -c 8-14" in the wiki19:40
cristidepending how many characters we put in the version string19:41
cristimaybe we could have an update script doing all that automatically19:43
*** shadeslayer has joined #mer19:50
rcgwhat is upower part of?19:57
rcgerr, systemd that is19:57
Stskeepssystemd is in mer19:57
rcgalright.. i tracked down the suspending issue in plasma active19:58
Stskeepssend a patch in gerrit19:59
Stskeepsjust saw in #active19:59
rcgright.. quite some time ago i did this but well.. lets see how much i remember ;)20:00
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:01
*** jluisn has joined #mer20:01
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*** chinmaya has joined #mer20:28
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*** chinmaya has quit IRC20:32
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:33
rcgStskeeps: right, took some time but i pushed the change to gerrit: http://review.merproject.org/#change,88620:42
rcghowever, you will likely find things i still need to change ;)20:42
*** blauzahl_ has quit IRC20:44
*** blauzahl has joined #mer20:45
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* ljp tries to remember how to use mic21:53
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer21:59
*** niqt has left #mer22:00
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* ljp wonders what main repo is22:15
*** tilgovi has quit IRC22:17
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