Sunday, 2012-09-23

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kulveis gst-plugins-good somewhere?07:12
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* dm8tbr ponders if opus will get moved to plugins-good upstream07:16
kulveStskeeps: thanks07:17
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SuperpelicanStskeeps: May I ask what the workaround for the black screen problem in Virtualbox is (Nemo Mobile image)?07:22
StskeepsSuperpelican: sec07:23
SuperpelicanStskeeps: OK07:23
Stskeepshost-alt-f2 , su, password is 'nemo', zypper in mesa-llvmpipe-dri-swrast-driver07:23
Stskeepsand reboot07:23
* Stskeeps ponders if that's right07:23
Stskeepsno, not reboot, killall Xorg07:24
Stskeepsideally you need to run installer-shell07:24
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SuperpelicanOK, thanks will try later07:24
SuperpelicanCurrently have to do some other stuff first :(07:25
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KypeliStskeeps, Superpelican: I think it's just host + F2 (black terminal screen).07:41
SuperpelicanThe way to get to the CLI is the same in all Linux distro's right?07:42
SuperpelicanI'll do some searching07:42
Stskeeps.. ish :)07:42
KypeliSuperpelican:  -- look at the bottom07:42
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situMorning everyone08:20
* Stskeeps is having a day off08:21
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SuperpelicanRight Ctrl(my hostkey)+alt+f2 send my whole OS to CLI mode again :(08:35
SuperpelicanAlt+F2 didn't do anything08:36
SuperpelicanNo, I mean just hostkey+f208:36
dm8tbryour virtualization software should offer a way to send that to the guest08:36
SuperpelicanYes Virtualbox said my keyboard was "captured" by the guest08:37
SuperpelicanBut maybe pressing my hostkey for a second time "uncaptures" the keyboard again08:37
rcguhm.. aint that actually what the host key is supposed to do?08:38
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Superpelican"First press F1, then Ctrl and then Alt. Your host OS won't pick it up but the guest OS will." like: says didn't work either09:00
SuperpelicanMy whole system dropped to CLI AGAIN :(09:00
Stskeepsand adjust your host key to f10 or something09:00
Stskeepslinux is hard09:01
rcgSuperpelican, you are using virtual box for virtualization right?09:03
rcgiirc host key is just one of the control keys.. might give it quick try to just use the other control key?09:03
BostikStskeeps: from (nearly) anyone else I would accept such a blank statement, but when it comes to vbox and its key-sequence hijacking...09:04
SuperpelicanThe first time I tried it with left CTRL, but that also sent my whole system to CLI09:04
rcgmake sure that your keyboard is actually "captured" by the vm09:05
rcgso that keyboard input ends up in the vm09:05
Bostik"this one works here now.. oh sorry, we didn't cover that one so now you're on the console"09:05
Bostikrcg: I've had vbox capture *most* of my keyboard input, only to find that some ctrl-alt-FOO happens to hit host09:06
Bostikit's very annoying09:06
rcgBostik, i see09:06
rcgsorry, don't have virtual box here myself right now.. got my virtualbox setup at work09:06
Bostikit's also incredibly frustrating if you're enslaved to a box with crappy display hardware and flaky driver; a hung display thanks to "wrong" TTY blanking/unblanking is not fun09:07
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rcgiirc using the host key can trigger also something with respect to keyboard capture state?09:08
rcgwell, says you should just use <host key> + f209:09
rcgwhich should then translate to ctrl+alt+f2 in the vm09:09
rcgSuperpelican, so just try <right ctrl>+f209:11
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SuperpelicanBut pressing the hostkey (even in combination with f2) "uncaptures" my keyboard09:20
SuperpelicanI have already tried <right ctrl>+f209:20
SuperpelicanNothing happens09:20
SuperpelicanTried it again: succes ;)09:20
SuperpelicanThanks everyone!09:20
SuperpelicanWait is the loginname?09:21
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rcguser: root password: nemo09:23
rcgshould work09:23
rcgand, yes, the "normal" user is nemo09:24
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rcgyw btw09:26
SuperpelicanBut if I install something now, the next time I boot the Nemo image it gone, right?09:26
SuperpelicanStskeeps: what is the next step after installing the mesa driver? And killing X11?09:27
SuperpelicanOh, I see Xorg automatically restarts09:30
Stskeepsor run installer-shell if ypu have a hd in the vm09:30
Superpelicanwhat is a "hd"?09:30
SuperpelicanOh, so the command "installer-shell" installs the Nemo image to my virtual HDD?09:31
SuperpelicanThe fix worked BTW, thx everyone! :D09:32
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SuperpelicanI assume Nemo Mobile runs faster and smoother on real HW?09:34
SuperpelicanWell actually the browser is quite fast, but the UI is sometimes still a little laggy, but I think that's also because I don't have a touch screen ;)09:38
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SuperpelicanDoes Nemo Mobile Browser support Flash (I don't really care about Flash on Mobile devices, but am just interested as I heard that the N900 does/did support Flash)?09:43
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Stskeepsno, its a oss stack10:02
dm8tbralso the 'flash' on the n900 was probably this old flash-lite stuff10:04
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dm8tbrflash is dead, especially on mobile devices. thank $preferred_deity10:05
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Bostikone could, out of curiosity, try how lightspark fares10:05
Bostikalthough I'd just take wrapper around youtube-dl since I suspect it's the prime reason for the request10:06
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dm8tbralso youtube seems to have a lot of stuff available as webm by now...10:08
Bostiktrue enough10:11
ShadowJKIt was full flash 910:11
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SuperpelicanWell I actually didn't request Flash, neither do I care that it's not supported (I personally think Flash is awful, the only reason I have Flash still installed on my system is because of, not all YouTube videos use HTML5 yet. As soon as they are all converted to HTML, I'll delete Flash)10:26
SuperpelicanEspecially on mobile devices you really don't want Flash10:26
SuperpelicanDrains battery and crashes a lot10:27
SuperpelicanWell at least that's what I've read10:28
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* ShadowJK has that adblock-css thing on his N900, makes every flash thing a tap-to-play box10:34
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lbtmorning all10:41
Sfiet_Konstantinmorning lbt10:42
* lbt looks at quickbuild some more10:43
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kulvethere was some talk about hardfp vs. softfp performance yesterday (or day before that). In quake the difference is 8fps (20 vs 28) which is quite significant, imo:
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ShadowJKQuake does use alot of floating point11:17
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SuperpelicanSeems like they're 2 terminals apps in Nemo Mobile Image: "FingerTerm" & "Terminal"11:18
SuperpelicanDoes anyone know why and what's the difference between the 2?11:18
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Superpelican***Superpelican wishes he had a smartphone to run Nemo Mobile on11:21
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SuperpelicanOh, that trick didn't work :(11:22
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SuperpelicanNemo Mobile has a really nice package management app!11:25
SuperpelicanI'm still suprised how much there is already done in Meego/Mer/Nemo Mobile system! ;)11:26
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SuperpelicanJust tested Nemo Mobile IRC app ;)11:33
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SuperpelicanInstaller-shell says my Virtual HDD is too small and my HDD has to be at least 3GB. But my Virtual HDD is 8GB!11:35
SuperpelicanMaybe I should create a Virtual HDD with fixed size? My current is Dynamic size11:36
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vgradekulve, thanks for the link to that hardfp banchmark11:47
kulvevgrade: np :)11:47
kulveCE:Adaptation:RaspberryPi works now somewhat. It boots and I managed to compile those hello_* examples from the firmware and they all work. I.e. some gles2 and omx examples. 1920x1080 big buck bunny played really smoothly11:49
kulvetoo bad I can't get anything else to work.. Like gstreamer11:50
vgradekulve, last ones I saw were . Which showed no real difference in a lot of benchmarks11:50
vgradekulve, did you compile on the Pi or in Mer SDK?11:53
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kulveon the pi.. (I'm too lazy to start wondering about SB2 yet)11:54
kulveI guess those examples could be added to gfx-rpi since they were quite simple to compile..11:56
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SuperpelicanRunning: "sb2-init -d -L "--sysroot=/" -C "--sysroot=/" -c  /usr/bin/qemu-arm-dynamic -m sdk-build -n -N -t / mer-core  /opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-gcc" as says still gives me this error: "which: no armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-gcc in (/opt/cross/bin)12:39
Superpelican/opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-gcc doesn't exist12:39
SuperpelicanFailed to configure /opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-gcc"12:39
SuperpelicanCould anyone help me?12:39
SuperpelicanI really want to get started building packages for Mer Project ;)12:39
lbtSuperpelican: did you install the 7hl version of the SB2-tools ?12:42
SuperpelicanI've already installed the ARMV7HL pattern12:43
SuperpelicanLike the platform_sdk wiki says12:43
SuperpelicanWait a second, maybe I've only installed the ARMv7L pattern12:43
SuperpelicanAnd not the HL pattern12:43
SuperpelicanGive me a sec12:43
SuperpelicanI think that's the cause12:44
lbtme too12:44
SuperpelicanBTW the Mer SDK saves it state when you unmount it, right?12:44
SuperpelicanSo I don't have to install all the stuff every time I use the SDK?12:45
lbtoh, yes12:45
SuperpelicanLbt: Thx, I've now succesfully configured SB212:45
lbtthink of it as a small VM12:45
SuperpelicanIs there a big difference between ARMv7L and ARMv7HL?12:46
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SuperpelicanIf I compile & build Python for ARMv7L it won't run on ARMv7HL?12:46
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SuperpelicanBecause SB2-init has now set ARMv7HL as target12:47
lbtyou can't mix the code12:47
SuperpelicanSo if I compile something for ARMv7L it will run on ARMv7HL, but not vice versa?12:48
SuperpelicanBecause ARMv7 has no hard floatingpoint thing?12:48
SuperpelicanI mean ARMv7L12:48
dm8tbralterego: thanks again. Now my ExoPC is no longer collecting dust but does something useful...
lbt"yes" (approximately)12:49
lbtdm8tbr: rofl12:49
dm8tbrlbt: what? *innocentlook*12:50
rcgdm8tbr, lol.. next step down would then be a door stopper?12:50
lbtdm8tbr: nb .. is Merbot fully migrated now ?12:51
dm8tbrlbt: yes, the last step was the rproxy12:51
Superpelicanlbt: so it's better to set "ARMv7L" as target?12:51
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dm8tbrlbt: haven't tested meetings, but should 'just work'™12:52
lbtSuperpelican: the only reason to pick a target is to run on specific HW12:52
lbtmostly you'd develop in x86 and then once most stuff was done, rebuild+verify on your device12:53
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Superpelicanlbt: But I'm not a Python dev12:53
SuperpelicanJust an user who is wanting to use Python 3 on the upcoming Jolla Phone! ;)12:53
lbtSuperpelican: *nod*12:53
SuperpelicanSo wanting to compile it for all the Mer Project archectitures12:53
lbtit's an interesting choice for a first project.... quite challenging12:54
lbtbut that's fine12:54
SuperpelicanWell it all started with the question if Python 3 is available on Mer12:55
SuperpelicanMy first time building/compiling anything else then Hello World in C ;)12:55
SuperpelicanAlso once I've builded an .rpm package how do I contribute it to the Mer Project?12:56
SuperpelicanAnd could you tell me how to change the SB2 target to ARMv7L?12:56
lbtI think you'd be best trying to build the existing python locally12:58
lbtusing the Mer_Cort_i486 target12:59
Superpelicansb2-init keeps complaining about the architecture not being supported (already tried "armv7l", "Mere_Core_i486")13:01
SuperpelicanAlso what do you mean by "building the existing python locally"13:01
SuperpelicanIs it more difficult to compile & build Python 3?13:01
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Superpelicanlbt: I've extracted Python3 source and ran ./configure13:10
Superpelicanlbt: But when I try to run "./Makefile" it says permission denied13:11
SuperpelicanWhile I'm root13:11
rcgSuperpelican, you don't run "Makefile"13:13
Bostikmakefile is not executable, it's a recipe for "make"13:13
rcgyou run "make"13:13
SuperpelicanK, going to try it13:13
rcgbut i wouldn't too disappointed if things don't work out straight away13:14
SuperpelicanCurious for which arch it's building it right now13:14
rcgespecially considering that python is a fairly large project13:14
SuperpelicanWell at least my hardware isn't running hot13:15
SuperpelicanI've read about people asking on Ubuntuforums if they should put their laptop in the fridge ;)13:15
SuperpelicanWhile running make13:15
SuperpelicanIs there a way to check which arch it's building for?13:16
rcgwell, a pretty corny pun that just comes to mind is the: "ice maker"13:17
Superpelican"python" executable in my dir ;)13:17
SuperpelicanAnd lots of other files showing up13:18
SuperpelicanIt's done running make!13:18
SuperpelicanSo I'm still in the "making-directory", so if I run "python <myscript>" right now it will use my own python executable?13:19
SuperpelicanOr will it still use the one in /usr/bin?13:19
rcgyou should prefix it with "./"13:19
rcgthat will run the one in the current dir13:20
SuperpelicanGoing to try to run one of my first Python scripts!13:20
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rcgSuperpelican, just out of curiosity, why do you need python 3.x instead of 2.7?13:21
SuperpelicanWell I'm currently learning Python 3 (first programming language)13:21
SuperpelicanThey say Python 3 is best for n00bs13:21
SuperpelicanAnd I also personally prefer Python 3's syntax13:22
rcgi see13:22
*** _Razor_ has joined #mer13:22
SuperpelicanBefore I started learning Python I checked out the differences between 2 and 313:22
SuperpelicanAnd I thought: "At the time I'm finally to write real python software, all the libraries will be ported to 3" ;)13:23
*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer13:23
Superpelican*At the time I've finally teached myself enough python13:23
SuperpelicanWell I tried running my python script and it gives an error about ascii13:24
lbtSuperpelican: that's all very sensible ... but... tbh the difference between them is minimal13:24
SuperpelicanMy python script prints "²" and that's causing problems13:24
lbtat the point you're at now you'd be better off focussing on learning python 213:24
rcghmm, well, from my experience, if you wait for python3 to become "stable" as in "used ubiquitously", you won't need to hurry with learning13:25
SuperpelicanBut if no one uses python 3 it will never be used a lot ;)13:25
rcgthat's my paraphrased way to say that i believe "full" migration to python3 will take very long.. if it will be done at all13:25
SuperpelicanDoes anyone know how to fix the ascii error?13:26
SuperpelicanMaybe important to mention: I had this same error on my android phone with SL4A13:26
SuperpelicanBut after installing a new SL4A release it was gone13:27
SuperpelicanRunning my script with Python 2.7 results in the same error I believe13:27
rcgand if i may add... compiling, porting, packaging a bigger project like python3 is pretty challenging as a "beginners task"13:27
SuperpelicanMay I ask: what do you mean by "porting"?13:27
SuperpelicanIs there any porting needed?13:28
SuperpelicanI mean I'm aware of the meaning of the word "porting", but don't understand why it needs to be done in this case13:28
SuperpelicanBTW I'm getting this error: "Traceback (most recent call last):13:29
Superpelican  File "/home/jurre/Documents/Programming_Projects/Python_Programs/Pythagorean_Python/1.0_stable/", line 24, in <module>13:29
Superpelican    csquare_cpu = newquestion(score)13:29
Superpelican  File "/home/jurre/Documents/Programming_Projects/Python_Programs/Pythagorean_Python/1.0_stable/", line 20, in newquestion13:29
Superpelican    print("Calculate triangle side C with the Pythagorean Theorem/A\xb2+B\xb2=C\xb2")13:29
SuperpelicanUnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character '\xb2' in position 56: ordinal not in range(128)"13:29
SuperpelicanIt seems like it can't print the "²" character13:29
rcgi don't know.. but you will probably run into numerous pitfalls until you get a fully working, installable python3 ready13:29
Superpelicanwhich has the ascii name "/xb2"13:29
SuperpelicanWhy would I run in pitfalls?13:30
SuperpelicanAnd what pitfalls?13:30
rcgwell, i think you are already encountering the first one with the ascii issue13:30
SuperpelicanMaybe I should check the SL4A google code page13:31
SuperpelicanAnd check what are the differences between the SL4A releases13:31
SuperpelicanBecause I had the same error once on my android with SL4A13:31
SuperpelicanMaybe I can use their fix13:31
rcgbut i don't want to discourage you.. still i think lbt has a very valid point13:32
SuperpelicanWell I think I'm going to try porting Python 3 for a while13:33
SuperpelicanI'll probably learn a lot13:33
SuperpelicanAnd if it seems to be too difficult after all I'll stop13:33
SuperpelicanI can at least try13:33
SuperpelicanI'll always learn new stuff13:33
SuperpelicanSearching the web, I don't seem to be the only one facing this issue13:33
rcgsure, learning new things is always good :)13:34
SuperpelicanMaybe I should just change MY SCRIPT to make it better compatible. Lots of solutions are about changing python code. Not fixing your python interpreter13:40
SuperpelicanMaybe using print(".......²....) wasn't such a good idea13:41
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SuperpelicanReplacing "²" with "^2" is less fancy, but it lets my script run well with my compiled python executable!13:44
SuperpelicanAnd now my script also runs with python 2.7 interpreter13:45
Superpelicanrcg, lbt:So now "my" python interpreter is running13:50
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Superpelicanlbt: So if I would now like to package my python 3 interpreter, how would I start?13:53
*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #mer13:53
SuperpelicanNot expecting it to work straight away13:53
SuperpelicanBut at least would like to try13:53
*** _Razor_ has joined #mer13:54
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lbtSuperpelican: start with the python 2 one13:55
lbtthen replace the tarball13:56
*** arcean has quit IRC13:57
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*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer14:21
*** Superpelican has joined #mer14:22
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*** Superpelican has joined #mer14:24
Superpelicanlbt: I succesfully ran my python script with "²" replaced by "^2"14:25
SuperpelicanMaybe it's just my script14:25
SuperpelicanStrange that it does run with the python3 package supplied by ubuntu14:25
*** teve has quit IRC14:29
*** teve has joined #mer14:30
*** vgrade2 has joined #mer14:30
Superpelicanlbt:What's the reason you recommend me to first compile the python 2.7.3 interpreter?14:33
SuperpelicanAnd not Python 3 straight away?14:33
SuperpelicanBecause of Python 2.7.3 is already in Mer?14:33
SuperpelicanSo Mer is already made ready for Python 2.7.3?14:33
*** vgrade has quit IRC14:33
lbtbecause you should understand and be able to rebuild the current version before trying to build a python3 package14:35
*** blaroche has quit IRC14:36
*** panda-z has joined #mer14:41
SuperpelicanI've compiled both python 2.7.3 and 3.2.314:42
SuperpelicanHow do I package them, lbt?14:42
Superpelicanbuild an rpm14:42
SuperpelicanShould I run
lbtyou start with the 2.7 packaging and modify it to work with 3.014:43
*** andreas32b has joined #mer14:45
Superpelicanlbt:running of 2.7.3 failed with: "rpm: -ba: unknown option14:45
Superpelicanerror: command 'rpm' failed with exit status 1"14:45
SuperpelicanWhere should I start trying to fix it?14:45
SuperpelicanShould I check 2076 lines of code :o14:47
andreas32bHi, the last months I've waited for the Spark/Vivaldi-Tablet, but I don't want to wait anymore... So I'm searching for a tablet with almost completely (^^) linux-support...could you recommend me a tablet? Could the ZENITHINK C92 be an option?14:47
Superpelicanandreas32b: I read that the Vivaldi project dropped Zenithink as partner, because they didn't listen good enough to the community14:48
SuperpelicanSo maybe it's better to not consider a zenithink tablet14:48
SuperpelicanI'm not an expert either14:48
SuperpelicanJust read it14:48
*** peavey has quit IRC14:49
andreas32bI've seen this, but don't know where exactly the problem is coming you know a better alternative?14:49
lbtAnnounce: Pre-Release of Mer Core : 0.20120920.0.1  was made last night and c.obs is well into rebuilding.14:50
*** blaroche has joined #mer14:50
*** peavey has joined #mer14:52
Superpelicanandreas32b:Sorry, I don't know an alternative either14:52
*** crevetor has joined #mer14:52
SuperpelicanSearching for "open source linux tablet" on google gave me this check the description14:53
rcgarchos g9 allows to install mer14:54
andreas32bI'll have a look14:54
rcgplasma active, i.e.14:54
rcgandreas32b, ^14:54
rcgin fact it somewhat supports dual boot14:54
rcgfor more information you might also join #active14:55
andreas32boh the g9 looks fine, thanks!14:55
SuperpelicanMaybe you should purchase an TI OMAP Pandaboard or anything similiar and build your own tablet on top of it ;)14:55
*** byako has joined #mer14:55
SuperpelicanOr Beagleboard14:56
andreas32bI just thought about ^^14:56
*** RhymeswA has quit IRC14:56
rcgandreas32b, but be aware that it still is in an very early stage and probably far from usable on a daily basis14:56
rcgbut for hacking etc. it is really nice :)14:56
andreas32brcg, I know... It shouldnt by a tablet for daily use...just for hacking and playing around14:56
rcgpersonally, i just tried the latest testing image and this one finally has somewhat working suspend/resume functionality again :)14:57
rcgandreas32b, right, i see.. i think for this it will serve you very well14:57
andreas32bOh, thats fine! I think the G9 is what I've searched for.. thank you!14:58
rcgyw :)14:58
SuperpelicanDidn't know it was possible to run Mer on an android tablet14:59
SuperpelicanThought that all android tablets had closed drivers14:59
rcgbtw. i just use the 8gb versions here.. i think that's really sufficient. also given that you can extend the storage via microsd card14:59
SuperpelicanWhich made it impossible to run other OSses on them14:59
rcgandreas32b, i suggest to start with one of their stable images (i use the one without hw-acceleration).. and then once you are familiar with the installation process switch to testing or even devel15:00
rcgit's actually very much straight forward but taking smaller steps probably saves you from some headache ;)15:01
Superpelicanrcg: could you help me to fix this error packaging python 2.7: "rpm: -ba: unknown option15:01
Superpelicanerror: command 'rpm' failed with exit status 1"15:01
*** panda-z has quit IRC15:01
SuperpelicanWhere should I start looking for solutions?15:01
rcgSuperpelican, i would suggest you to try if you can find the packaging files for python2.7 and then modify these for your version15:02
rcgalternatively, iirc the mer wiki has some information about packaging15:02
rcgyou should also make yourself familiar with the cobs and osc15:02
andreas32bhw-accel would be very nice!15:03
rcg <- that's the cobs15:03
rcgandreas32b, there are images with hw-accel.. however i dunno if suspend works - personally, i strongly prefer suspend over hw-accel15:03
andreas32bI'll starting with the stable images and then try my own configurations...15:04
*** Guest29702 has quit IRC15:04
Superpelicanrcg: What do you mean with "packaging files"15:05
Superpelicanrcg:I have found python.spec15:05
rcgSuperpelican, that's a start, e.g.15:06
rcgthen you should also get specify and search for information on how to package for mer15:06
Superpelicanwhat does python.yaml contain?15:07
lbtSuperpelican: hint or tip ... only ask a question after you've googled it and not found an answer :)15:07
SuperpelicanDoes Mer development still happen in the repo's?15:09
lbtwe still make use of them15:11
lbthowever we have our own OBS used for QA/delivery15:11
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Sage_\o/ prerelease done \o/ :)18:40
Sage_lbt: already in cobs?18:40
lbtlast night18:41
Sage_lbt: two worker machines in cobs dead?18:41
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC18:47
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remcan I have bluetooth in merSDK running on my ubuntu ?19:53
lbtthe SDK is not really an emulator or full VM19:55
remtrue: but is always good to ask / dream :-)20:01
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer20:01
*** Behold has quit IRC20:04
remI installed connman in merSDK and only error @ postscripting was: warning: %post(connman-0.78.2-1.2.i486) scriptlet failed, exit status 120:05
remsimilarly got: warning: %post(ofono-0.52-1.11.i486) scriptlet failed, exit status 120:06
remprobably meaning i cannot call in merSDK :-) ?20:07
*** ced117 has quit IRC20:07
Bostikprerelease ready? woo \o/20:09
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rcgStskeeps, ping20:13
*** vinsci has quit IRC20:13
*** vinsci has joined #mer20:13
rcgthat tearing bug in nemo was due to some wrong resolution in some config file iirc20:13
rcgdo you happen to recall which file that was20:14
w00tmeegotouch's device configuration20:14
rcgor even better know how the config file that will be used is determined?20:14
rcgah yes, it is in /usr/share/meegotouch/targets/20:15
rcgthx w00t20:15
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rcgw00t, do you happen to know if these settings are documented somewhere?20:34
*** _Razor_ has joined #mer20:34
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Sage_ Corrupted storable file (binary v2.7) at ../../lib/ (autosplit into ../../lib/auto/Storable/ line 398, at ./bs_worker line 74220:44
Sage_lbt: due to worker problems, I guess?20:44
Sage_there are some of those in nemo repos atm.20:45
Sage_worker problems == 2 dead worker hosts20:45
lbtI think we're melting them20:45
lbtI rebooted the 2 bad ones earlier20:46
Sage_I'll just rebuild those20:46
lbtusually the jobs are not affected by worker issues20:46
lbtmmm no timestamp20:46
lbt3/5 are idle now but no server issues afaict20:46
*** nsuffys_ has quit IRC20:47
Sage_cobs acts slow again, maybe publishing issue again?20:48
Sage_publishing issue == slow publishing at times20:55
* Sage_ zzzZZZZzZZZZzzZZZzZzZZzZzzz..20:55
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lbtphaeron: can you look at sometime21:20
phaeronlbt: looks ok21:25
lbtwhat I think I'll do is make a rolling release of Mer:Tools21:26
phaeronwhat does that mean21:26
lbtevery time an SR is accepted to Mer:Tools I'll redo the release21:27
phaeronso why not just use the project's repos21:28
lbtit uses the release process steps21:28
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